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REVIEWS OF Regal Independence Mall & RPX IN Massachusetts

Ashley Castro

I love this theater because it's usually not jam packed. The seats are comfortable, the staff is friendly, & the bathrooms have always been clean when I went!

Courtney Skillings

Always very clean, never crowded. Very open, friendly atmosphere and happy service. Good selection of movies.

Shane Rogers

This theater is awesome! I love the seats here--cushioned, reclining a little, and high back. The theater was clean and the staff helpful. When you purchase your tickets, you chose your seats--I haven't seen reserved seats in a movie theater in a long, long time. I would definitely recommend this place to a friend.

Shelly Landry

I understand things change but I ya e never gone to the movies and been put in a bad mood by people with seating. Just about every other row someone was arguing over seats I think assigned seating is just silly but call me old school ... not sure if the a/c was broken but it was at least 80 degrees the entire movie. I’m sad because I’ve grown up at the Kingston movies and every time I go there’s an issue

Derek Lambiase

The management was extremely rude. First off-we wanted to see father figures. I had my ID and my friends forgot his ID she would not let us in. She was rude and handed my money right back to me. We ended up going to see Jumangi we were 30 mins late because we drove 30 mins to see a movie. And we couldn’t see the one we wanted. SECOND.... I went out to he stand to get a cup of water and the manager wearing the gold name tag refused service to me. Maybe because of my race or gender i don’t no. The only think I no is that she refused to give me a glass of water. She said sorry you have to go to the fountain thanks. She was sitting at her desk with her feet on it and on her phone. I was nervous. I will never be coming back here agin. And I advise you to do the same I have spoken to other people and the thwarted and they agree. Disappointed

NOR'EAST SERVICES Marc Fitzpatrick

My go to theatre. They need to start serving cocktails

Amtrak Acela Productions

This is probably my favorite movie theater around and my favorite regal theater, they might not have fancy seats but the tickets are cheap and they have a huge amount of movies they play, they even play a few amine movies once in awhile.

otis hill

Nice seats. Overpriced.

Joseph the Music man

Great times fun moments

Heatha' Sweeney

I hated the seats and the surround sound wasn't that great but otherwise not too bad


Seen the movie Courageous it was awesome

Rick Shea

All the theaters are always clean. The seats are super comfortable. Assigned seating is very annoying since we always come early anyway. And noovie is a complete waste. RPX is incredible but very expensive,so we limit visits to a couple times a year.

Carter Pizano

Great Stores and cafes. Fun to hangout at.

Sandy Atkinson

Price of movies are way to high & uncomfortable seating. Staff unknowledgeable and what movie is in what theater

Mariessa Ragan

We have been going to this cinema for years. Just yesterday we went and they are trying to do assigned seating??? Unsure for what the reason is behind this decision. But to say the least it is a horrible idea. First of all to purchase tickets takes that much longer and then when you finally get your tickets that have an assigned seat, you finally get into the movie theatre to only find out people are in your seat. Of course I am not going to go hunt someone down to get into those seats, I will just find another seat. So what is the point of assigned seats?? We will not be returning to this theatre because of this.

Sydney Marie

Small movie theatre but very nice and comfortable. Nice staff. Clean.

Caroline Mori

food is expensive, but very clean theater. Great sound quality.sometimes rude employees.But over all great experience to a place i love going every year.

paula holdgate

So near to home and very confortable


I've seen many movies here and really enjoy the experience each time.

Joseph Barra

Nice theater.


Saw the Wizard of Oz here. It's your standard theater.

David Denayer

Great theatre. The RPX theater is almost like IMAX. And the normal theaters are still pretty good. The seats are comfortable and the theaters are always clean.

Anthony Burns

Always clean and staff is competent

Mark Buchholz

Upgraded their seating, theater experience was good, bathrooms were clean...

Quarantined Cosmonaut

My favorite theater! It's very nice experience RPX if you get the chance. Worth every penny!

Jessica Formoso

Huge improvement. I've been going to this theater for ten plus years. It was sad for quite sometime. Now with the recent improvements it can be compared to the notorious Randolph cinema. There is great stadium seating that allows you to see the clear screens from any seat. The seats are comfortable and able to recline. The food and drinks are consistent in price and quality.

Brian Alves

It's ok. The seats could be nicer

TW Skywalker

The RPX theater is the best.

John Fleming

Good movie times. Tickets takes professional.

Rowdy Busch

Great clean movie theater not many so cleaned and movie experiences are awesome love how can get great food there as well

Becca Donohue

Nice, clean cumfy theater

mark Dab

Cheap food sticky floors.

Dc Brown

It's an average movie theater nothing special but accessible for guest and a good place to see a movie

Archiss Typhon

Comfy recliner seats, good popcorn, no complaints.

Dawn Marie Hanaphy

Great new food memo

Bess Renahan

Very good theatre, clean and current movies. Obliging People working there

Eggs Eggs

theatres this good make me so full of joy when my family first came to america this was our first stop. the overpriced pocorn with not enough butter just makes me cry

Shawn Bumpus

Chairs are to small. Or I'm to fat... I'm still working that one out. All in all a good time.

Leslie Saben

There are a lot of great movie choices, and the seats are pretty comfy.

Jonathan Livingston

Tonight 70.00 at the movies got us a filthy theather , 20 minutes late starting the film and Noone turned the lights on when it was over ......

Aubrey Souza

Great thearee


RPX is great because now you can pick your seats ahead of time.

Kyle Sullivan

Went to see Avengers Endgame in the RPX theatre and it was amazing! Comfortable seats, big screen and perfect sound.

Mary Tedesco

Always liked regal in Kingston..

Josef & Cindy Martin

Awesome theater! Great seats, big screen, great sound, and very clean!

George Arponen

It's a movie theater.

Mary DeCosta

The movie was awesome the seats were not comfortable at all i have a real bad back ack from the seats

Gabriel Daher

A pretty decent theatre, probably the best one within 30 minutes of my house. My only gripe is that they frown upon the use of a fog horn during the films. Oh, and the prices at the snack bar are insane.

Allan Kornberg

Very comfortable suburban theater. All good. Usual fare.

Paul Cappadona


Heather Telford

Love this place! So much better than the old one!

Roxanne Ognibene

I had the best movie theater experience of my life last night watching Muppets Most Wanted, WITH MAX! Thank you so much to opening your heart and theaters for this special group of people. The movie was great, but the experience will stay in my mind and heart forever.

Christopher M. Sheehan

It's a good theater. They don't have recliners but you can reserve your seat and they are comfortable seats/stadium style. Like all theaters you can expect to pay a fortune. You can watch a movie in a variety of formats. They have regular digital to their top of the line offering with all the bells and whistles.

Bella Mitchell

this movie theater is amazing, it is so amazing and it’s amazing and the food is AMAZING

John Valorz

Comfortable seats, reasonable price

David Hansen Jr

The employees were very nice and went out of their way to help my wife and I. My was is disabled and in a wheelchair, and the employees pointed out an elevator and wheelchair accessible"spots" we didn't even know were available. Amazing customer service!

Ramtej S

Theater and quality of screen is good

Adam Lewis

Night showings to movies are always the best

Ray Plymouth

Great seats. Really the only thing in the mall worth visiting.

Benjamin Poulin

I couldn't say it any better than this reviewer: tvbuster 2 months ago - ★★★★★ Beautiful, recently updated, comfortable seats, a variety of screen sizes, this movie theater has it all! I have been to many movie theaters around the country and this one easily makes it to the top of my list. It's always clean and the staff are very friendly. The sound system in RPX is great as long as you like your movies to be loud! The RPX theater also has a massive screen so I would recommend seeing action / adventure movies in RPX. Otherwise the normal non-RPX theaters still have great sound systems and the picture quality is good. Regal also sells popcorn, candy, even food, but if you don't want to buy food in the theater the mall's food court is literally right outside of the theater entrance. I use my rewards card every time I go and end up earning free tickets, popcorn, drinks, etc. Highly recommend it

L L Campbell

My adult sons and I watched "Aquaman" on Christmas Day and it was a fantastic experience. We were not subjected to a gazillion previews ( a few but not as many as we are used to), the cinema was clean, the staff friendly (for having to work on Christmas) and the seats were comfortable. Prices are comparable to other theaters.

Steffanie Brady

The RPX experience is nice but definitely not worth $16.75. if you are will, for a little extra travel there are three other theaters around for nice/nicer accommodations and a lower price.

Liz L

It's a very clean theatre with nice updates and big screens with good surround sound. The restrooms were large and clean and the food was as expected very expensive but that's at any theatre. I will most likely return in the future and it's nice that it's right next to the food court.

Kristena M

Pricey. But fun times

John Manzoni-D'Arpino

I enjoyed the movie. The theater was clean and comfortable.

Jennifer Beirne Babb

Great movies, nice staff. Prices are a bit high but it's a quality theater. Could be a bit cleaner floors are always sticky.

Kenneth Oehmke

Small and cramped


Great theater nice and spacious. The older theatres are a little dated though

Tim Wakelin

Small, uncomfortable seats, an inch of water on the floor in the restroom, just a bad experience all the way around.

Janet Jones

I like regal cinemas in Kingston very much because of the seating and the various theaters. I love that they offer RPX and 3D. The concession stands popcorn is the best and the staff is very friendly.

Richard Tong

Extremely poor experience. Arrived at cinema box office was closed. We went inside and there was no place to buy tickets. No signs with movies, show times and ticket prices. Asked employee how to buy tickets and he told me I had to wait in concession line with people buying drinks and snacks. Line moved so slowly because people buying tickets had to pick out their seats on screen or people were slow picking out their snacks. When we got close to front of line our movie had already started. We gave up and left. Suggest you go elsewhere to enjoy a night out.

Twila Rhodes

Good place..bring your own water tho..almost 6$

Graham Dennis

Disappointed in Regal Cinemas because I was watching a movie there on my only night that I can see a movie and the fire alarm goes off! Rather than let us back in after clearing the area. First they told us we would be able to go back in a few minutes. Then they came back out and said we would be not be able to go back in. They then gave out some sort of pass to come back but I was not able to get one! Supplemental entry: I have since gone back to Regal and after reviewing the cameras, they saw that I, indeed, did not get a re-admittance pass so they gave me one. Nearly 2 weeks later (due to my busy schedule) finally saw the end of RED SPARROW, which was an excellent movie!!

Sstikky Fiingerr

It's okay

Justin McGrath

Always long lines at the ticket booth, 2nd weekend in a row the line went to the end of the food court. Tried going to the kiosks, both times we went, they were broken(wouldn't read anyones credit or debit cards!), overpriced concessions, RPX is nice, but the seats need to be upgraded to the newer comfy recliners most theaters are going towards these days, movie stopped projecting in the middle of the movie, feels stuffy in the theater, they need to upgrade their projectors or the screen, definitely not as clear as other theaters I've been to. Only reason my wife and I have been going to this theater was the fact they take MoviePass. However, now we've discovered the beautiful Flagship Cinema's in Wareham, MA. We'll be going there from now on. They're way better, and they accept MoviePass as well!

Janice Abatiello

Easy to purchase tickets at the kiosk instead of waiting in line.

Daniel Beshers

My favorite place locally for the movies. Complementary refills on large drinks and popcorn is a huge value and the staff are always helpful, professional and polite.

Don Wolfgang

I like this local theater. Go there for the refillable bucket of popcorn

Christopher Boehlert

I mean pretty much it's the standard movie going experience. nothing to complain about!

david samson

Best movie theater in Wareham

Justice Monaco

Comfy seats but sometimes loud audiences, once in a while i've run into a staff memeber that gave me an attitude.

Kara Michele

A lot of empty retail space but they had a really cute toy store and Macy's had some great deals

Erin! Otoole

good movie mary poppins was great

christopher andrews

Love this movie theater, from it's snake booth to the comfy seats

Ryleigh Edwards

Its a fun place and you can have family days at the activity places inside

Alex Hughes

Great movie theater. Friendly staff, comfortable seating.

Sarah Anzora Newbert

Lots of good movies here. Tickets and concessions are too expensive, but it's like that everywhere.

Melissa Seward

Annoying that you have to buy tickets from concession or pay a convenience fee to buy from app

J FryGuy

Not happy with assigned seats, seems to over complicate a simple process

Arthur Wharton

Great big screen. Great sound. Good seats

robert l brown jr

I love this theater not very busy during the week practically get the theater to yourself

Rose Drew

Nice place to go plenty to see

M Mak

Great staff

Dail Daly

Enjoyed the movie with good company.

Kevin Lane

Great place to catch a movie. Seats are comfortable and theater is clean.

Alan Dupes

It's a nice clean theater but I wish they had lounge seats.

Mallesh B

Comfortable can get seats on the day itself, no need for advance booking. RPX screen is great especially for VFX movies. Food courts is Just outside the box office with several options. Theater is kept clean and staff are friendly and great. Self ticketing kiosks are inside near customer support right in front of popcorn stall. There a photo booth and kids play area with games.

admiral ackbar

Rpx is great but unfortunately they stopped using Atom Tickets if they still used it it would be higher

Jose Padilla

Was ok

Z man

Can get really expensive. Was just okay for the money spent. Service was not great as they must be understaffed.

Diana Foster

Like having a clean theatre, close to home, and the convenience of parking. Also that there is signs NOT allowing smoking near the doors when entering.

Ann-Marie Martin

Great snacks and great movies

Breena White

Real nice chairs, clean and friendly place to visit. Finally they have real food choices, that's a plus. I just love the RPX theater. Definitely a great place to go.

Chris Long

My go to movies/cinema. They made some upgrades in the past and go a great job keeping up with it and not letting it turn into a dump like Patriot Cinema in Hanover. It's a great idea to but tickets in advance on your phone and skip the line. Which brings me to my only drawback. The line gets very long at times and they only ever seem to have one person at the window. Still deserves 5 starts though since if you are smart and buy ticks on your phone you can avoid this.


Great place

Synthetics F

Been seeing more and more movies ever since they refurbished the theater. Excellent seating, anesthetics and cleanliness. My favorite local theater to visit.


Beautiful, recently updated, comfortable seats, a variety of screen sizes, this movie theater has it all! I have been to many movie theaters around the country and this one easily makes it to the top of my list. It's always clean and the staff are very friendly. The sound system in RPX is great as long as you like your movies to be loud! The RPX theater also has a massive screen so I would recommend seeing action / adventure movies in RPX. Otherwise the normal non-RPX theaters still have great sound systems and the picture quality is good. Regal also sells popcorn, candy, even food, but if you don't want to buy food in the theater the mall's food court is literally right outside of the theater entrance. I use my rewards card every time I go and end up earning free tickets, popcorn, drinks, etc. Highly recommend it

Mark B

Theater is great but the tickets are WAY too expensive. We are seniors (80, 78, and 77) and the prices are getting way to high. It's at $9.25 when just a few years ago it was only $4.50 for seniors. And now they tell us it's going up again in January! Why aren't the ticket prices cheaper for senior citizens with a fixed income? And why aren't there cheaper matinee prices for seniors, for example the first showtime would be maybe $3 cheaper? It's just getting too expensive to go to the movies anymore.

Josh Schreibeis

Great theater. I used to avoid this place at all costs but ever since they revamped it, its a great place to see movies

digg dogg

Average moviegoing experience

Scot Paton

Pretty nice theatres

Angela Perry

Always fun!

Lindsay Bay

Denzel Washington equalizer 2 Movie is 30 minutes late no explanation from anyone at the cinema go to customer service the manager says not our fault that the projector didn’t work we had to call Kentucky I mean I haven’t experienced poor customer service not a free refreshments item nada not an announcement nada no good

Corbin B.

The RPX theaters are surreal. You've gotta come here for big releases like Avengers: Endgame.


Good sized theaters but its insanely expensive $12.50 for one adult ticket and the seats are not very comfortable. And they practically strip search you for outside food.

Matt Dibb

Very comfortable seating. Good quality theater. Wide assortment of current films. Convenient location to access from highway. Lots of parking, but some of it out of the way of the entrance.

G Bradley

It's probably been a solid decade since I've seen a movie at this theater (it was branded differently back then) and I'm am impressed with the changes. The assigned seating is annoying with low occupancy as everyone is crammed together in the middle - I'm sure it is helpful with larger crowds though. Regardless, this did not affect my experience. I was very comfortable throughout the 3 hour movie. The seat recline and cushion is really good. Leg room is adequate (I'm 6'2). Screen is big and clear and the staging of seats prevents any obstruction from the people in front of you. The audio was good too. I was pleasantly surprised and will definitely return. Well worth the price of admission.

Emmanuel Sampson

My refills for my Coca Cola was awesome and I saw two movies the same day not because I was bored but the theater was so cool and the sitting is so comfortable and friendly staffs. I’m sure going back to watch more movies as soon as I get the chance

Scott MacKay

Picking your own seat once you get in is a very important part of the movie experience. You can’t tell how far you’ll be from the screen. You can’t decide not sit behind someone tall. You can’t decide to shy away from a group that’s likely to be noisy. Whoever came up with this idea should be fired. The day I was asked to select my seat. I just replied: “ I’m not doing that” and left. I was stunned by the stupidly of this new idea. I’m sure it’s about giving on line buyers an assurance of great seats when they show up late. Those who show up late don’t see previews or spend as much at the concession. I’ve been going here since the day it opened and today was my last. Don’t hold on this ridiculous concept.

Peter Coombes

Sound and screen = 5* Seats = 4* (would have been 5 but other new ootions) Food = 3* (ok quality, expensive (very), but free refills on large sizes of drinks and popcorn)


I must be spoiled now that I've been to Randolph and Braintree because going here sucked.

xristina zeimbekis

Maybe since it was memorial day there weren't alot of people but it's always been a good experience here regardless.

Jim Ryan

Why hasn't Regal introduced reclining seats to their cinema in Kingston, MA? Locations at Fenway and Silver City Galleria now have the reclining seats, and boy what a difference! The Kingston theatre is very clean, nicely laid out, but the cramped old style stadium seating is a real turn off, especially for guests used to the reclining seats at Showcase Cinemas, AMC, and other Regal cinemas. It would be nice to see an investment in this location that offers beer and wine, as well as at seat dining. With more comfortable reclining seats this Regal cinema would be top notch!

Avery Tate

I love this place so much because the movies are a good mix between child and adult

William Caudill

Needs better seats but nice theater other than that

Athena Miranda

Lines move quickly. Employees are friendly. Theater was clean and comfortable.

Miguel Arias

Really good theater with excellent Popcorn (They give a free refill when you order a large) and nice cold soda (which also gets a free refill on the large size), although I wish they hired more concession help for the summer season. RPX theater is really good and worth the extra $. Seats are nice and comfy. Plenty of FREE parking but the mall it is located in is not the easiest one to get out of as the lights take too long and they stay red when no other traffic is coming in the other direction. All in all this is the best theater in the Plymouth area.

Molly Doherty

Friendly staff, very clean and modern including bathrooms, comfortable seats in the theatre.

Casey Avellino

Great theater.

Doug Brandt

Saw Bohemien Rapshody on the RPX screen, well worth the extra money.

Eddie Cellucci

Comfortable seats, very nice movie theater. Best regal I've been in so far.


Great place to see a movie

michael watts

Nice theater nice people absolutely hate the fact that you get assigned seating people walk in late and they can't find their seat and they're aggravated and it makes it miserable

Adam Goodspeed

Theater 17 has the worst projection screen Take some of that overpriced snack money and fix something

Loren Barry

It's a mall. I wish places would stop closing

Colin Higgins

Concession line was a bit slow; but otherwise an outstanding customer service & movie going experience everywhere else.

Betty G

I'm a senior citizen with sticker shock. What happened to $5 matinees?

Glen Clark

Inside mall, comfortable seats.

Steven Asplin

the movie started 10 minutes late. when it did start only the audio started. another patron had to inform staff to turn on the video after another 5 min.. pretty disappointing. i have never experienced that at a theater before.

Jacqueline Healey

Seats are a little narrow

Holly Torres

Love the upgrades to the theatre and the rewards program from your phone. Amazing for families to save some money

Pamela Cavagnaro

Love this theater! Download the Regal app for free stuff. Lots of food, drink and snack choices. Clean theaters and restrooms.

Kerry Kahler

Going to see a movie you expect to pay a fortune. However, each time I've come to this theater I've had nothing but issues. This last time was the last straw. Arriving 30 minutes early in order get seats 5 seats together and getting settled only to get moved to a different theater is very annoying. Not only did we lose our seats, but the movie also started later than expected. I surely will not visit this movie theater again!

Pat OBrien

Comfortable stadium seating, Great Service, friendly Staff/service. Very clean. Great Experience

Joe Spago

Nice place, friendly service

Karen Walsh

Always good, clean and with the rewards card, affordable.

Gregory Molina

The RPX is great. Sound that moves you and great picture quality.

DB Youtube

Good place to catch a film!

Ambreen Khan

Amazing screens and sounds. Better than the other theaters in the south shore.

Gary Parmenter

Best theater around. Managed well and the staff is always trying to make your visit great

John Fresina

Seats are a little crampy. The popcorn was over cooked and stale.

Haidar Al-Rubie'y


Alexis Brown

Recently changed their setup by having you buy tickets right at the concession stand. Went on a Tuesday night but it will definitely be a problem on a busy movie night

david destefano

Love the rpx, regal rewards is awesome to

myra berges

Comfortable & clean environment!!!

Sean Higgins

Flagship has better seating (standard)


Good place to visit. Clean.

Jon Snow

I never imagined that popcorn could ever get so expensive. For a cinema that does not have top of the line service, the snack and drinks sure are a bit pricey. Otherwise, the cinema is clean and they have a number of theatres that often provide multiple showtimes for the big blockbuster films.


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