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Where is Regal Berkshire Mall?

REVIEWS OF Regal Berkshire Mall IN Massachusetts

Al Lepicier

Nice theaters. Little pricey but great sound. Really comfortable seating

lyricalfrank .

Tho the mall is dead, regal is still my favorite place to go when a good flick is out, friendly staff great seats and nice clientele

Ron Beck

Stadium seating. Excellent customer service. Super clean bathrooms. The movie preshow is entertaining. Many delicious food choices. Rewards program.

Brian Campbell

The movies were fine, there is nothing else.

Damon Krieger

Nice place, good auditoriums, clean, good service I just had a problem because I bought my seat in the cinema and then someone came with the same seat Also, maybe a bit overpriced

Randy Stein

Centrally Located in Berkshire County. Large parking lot and reclining Comfort Seats in theaters

Deborah Dunlap

Ticket sales were quick and staff was friendly!

Jeff Gallant

Lost my wallet today after seeing Rogue One. I tore the theatre apart looking for it. I felt like I was on CSI looking for the most microscopic evidence known to man. 45 minutes later and I was empty handed. The custodian George came in and was able to find my wallet in all of 3 minutes. He saved me hundreds of dollars, all my credit cards, and a priceless family heirloom that I keep in my wallet. Furthermore, I spent a good amount of time with my face literally on the ground of that theatre looking under seats, and the floor was shockingly clean.

Kathy T Ragusa

Great savings on tickets Tuesdays and popcorn half price Tuesday.

Nana Woody

Friendly staff, clean theater, good popcorn!

Bob Hillard

Comfortable, reclining chairs, clean establishment. Typical pricey movies with high priced food.

Holly Johnston

LOVE the new seats! Deals on Tuesdays are fantastic. It would get 5 stars but at least 1/2 of the staff needs more hospitality training.

Aimee Green

Great place to go with a group of friends for a night out. The chairs are super comfortable and they can expland if you up the middle arm rest! Super awesome place to go on a first date. Also a great place to go to alone and see the newest films.


The most amazing theater, staff are all very kind, the seats are insane, (such luxury) and if you join you get half off one night per week! It really only end's up being around 5 dollars. Everything was great.

Aaron J. Fink

I've seen a few movies here in the past couple years living here in pittsfield. I won't compare it to the theater in Florida because that would not be fair in the least bit. But considering the area, this theater serves its purpose and all in all its a good place to go see a movie. The most recent movie i watched here was Venom and it was pretty good. I recommend the movie as well as the theater. Popcorns good, and the seats are nicer than most theaters.

Joshua Ward

Awesome seats clean area and the second reason anyone ever goes to the mall

Sean Beauhaire

When a friend and I visited the theater was cold, had to wear gloves and coat. Terrible experience and I will never go again.

Karrie Chapman

Went to 7pm movie tried going to get snacks at 8 guy says computers are shut down for the night. Really couldn't buy popcorn candy or drinks crazy. Won't be back

Robert Horner

Pretty nice theater, renovated recently and has recliner seats and good projectors. I usually see a movie here once a month. Pricey as most chain theaters are, but I always have a pleasant experience here.

Ron Kropf

Friendly, very comfortable chairs, great acoustics, prices are reasonable and management is friendly. Clean bathrooms as well.

Ed B

Nice theater with good seats.... If you don't get a broken one or one covered in food. They have started becoming laxed with cleaning theaters in between shows. Many screen have damage to them and need to be repaired as it affects the movie.

April Cooke

Movie theater like any comfortable seats beyond expensive food

Cyanide Jack

Great experience

Rod P

I had the place to myself and the seat lay all the way flat so relax and enjoy the movie

Damon McQueen

Regal Cinemas is a great movie theater. Has comfortable seats and is clean.

Jesus Matta

Nice place to visit


Most of the mall is closed. So you can only go to the movie theater and Target

David Babb

I love the upgrades to this place. Visited it about 3 years ago before the redesign and they truly did a good job. The carpeting need to be replaced in the lobby but hey... its a work in progress

Melanie Desmarais

Awesome theater! Best seats (they recline!!!), sound is almost always on point, and the picture is clear and crisp. Food prices are a bit steep, but they serve adult beverages!! Great venue

Ryan K

Book in advance best way

Jon Elliott

Really comfy seats

Cameron Sweener

It's closed, looks very abandoned and sad

Lisa B

Ready to purchase tickets online or leave of the theater if the line was long. Staff is always knowledgeable and helpful. Seats are comfortable.

Donna Rouette

Easy parking and comfy recliner seats

Jessie Gilligan

Had a great date night watching Wonder awesome movie. We laughed cried, and cheered!

Amy Chin

Dead mall. Nothing left. Don’t bother

jade hogan

Great place to see a movie

JOJO ladybug

Comfortable theators and nice people

Ashley Klein

Just watched endgame

Danielle Hoey

The reclining sears are awesome. We went to see a 3D movie and initially everything was blurry and looked terrible with or without the glasses. We alerted the staff who said they had to adjust the lense, but by that time we missed the entire (important) introduction. Even though we were the only people in the theater they wouldn’t start the movie over. VERY disappointed. They tried to offer free passes, but we don’t live in the area and at that point we just wanted them to hurry up and fix the issue before we missed more of the movie

Darrin Failla

Nice place needs a mall to go with it lol

Jes Corrow

I thought I had lost my purse in the theater (it turns out that I left it in the car) and the staff was SO amazing trying to help me find it. They were all so friendly and helpful. Regarding the theater, the seats are super comfortable, the walls between theaters are soundproofed very well and even if someone 7 feet tall sits in the seat in front of you, it doesn't obscure your view of the screen. I love this theater.


I love this theater!! The staff are always friendly and accommodating; the seats are super roomy and they comfortably recline. There are adjustable snack trays for popcorn and soda, not those outdated drink holders in the arms with no place to stash your snacks. (By the way, this theater has the tastiest popcorn of any theater I have been to - and I have been to many.) The chair arms can be adjusted to allow for even more comfort. The place is kept at a comfortable temperature and it is always clean and tidy. I would give this theater more than 5 stars if I could.

Candice Marie

Love love love this movie theater! It's got a small town type feel to it as there's very rarely ever any lines or seating that is full. The seats are incredibly comfortable and the movie experience is awesome.

Irene Kielb

Little pricey on their snacks,bathrooms were not clean and only one stall had TP,,no attendants to greet us,or show where to go


I only go here to watch movies. No where else.

Faith Manary

A great theater


Didn't like to pay too much money and don't like to pick our seats

Joe Channel

The movie sucked but the theater was awesome in every way possible.

Tara Melling

My husband and I have always enjoyed date nights including the movies. While my husband is a veteran we have always appreciated the military discount eligible to us. However, during our last trip to the Berkshire mall theatre, we were told there is no longer a military or veteran discount. Confused and shocked we paid the full amount for our ticket and continued our night. Just wanting a snack to munch on, I grabbed a small drink and a small popcorn....$15 was my total. We still had a great night in those Uber comfy recliner seats. We just might have wished for a more affordable night.

Sarah Gilman

love the seats. my son and i see a movie almost every week

Matthew Gaylord

Good comfort recliner chairs

Betty Burt

First time i been to the movies since the grinch that stole christmas came out the 1 with jim carey in it

Jessica Christman

Comfortable seating and clean facilities.

Ricky Burston

theater size expanded and even the closest seats are a comfortable distance from the screen

Chris Pultorak

The facility has been drastically upgraded since I was last here (2+ years). Had a great time. The seats are very comfortable. The movie was great. They offer 6 dollar movies on Tuesdays.

Thomas Mundy

Went MA on a rainy day go to see a movie.

james liles

Nice theater great seats management and staff are great

marilyn elie

The theater was fine - reclining, comfy seats - three of us in the theater for a "private" showing of Avengers on a rainy Monday night, in three D no less.. What could be bad, except maybe the movie. It was more like a giant brawling video game with an unexpected and unhappy ending than a real movie with developed characters and a plot.

Lois Calautti

Very comfortable. Love the reclining seats.

Dawn Grube

Its empty :(

geraldine casale

Nice theater

Mike Y

A welcome discovery on a ski trip with little or no snow. We saw StarWars here and it was a warm comfortable place, with large reclining seats and foot rests. Spacing between rows was wide; even with the foot rests up, people can walk past without you needing to move. A great value for an $8.25 movie ticket.

Luchon Family Channel

Great features. We had generously sized comfy reclining (non-power) seats. We chose our row and seat numbers before entering the theater. Very nice!

kayla keefner

Great movie theater

Albert Gardner

Easy parking. Prices have gotten high for the area.

Brian Holt Hawthorne

Wow. They have refurbished this cinema. The new reclining chairs with footrests are remarkable. Went to see a popular film at the last minute and ended up in the front row left (oh, did I mention reserved seating!). With the reclining seat I was able to enjoy the film from an angle that would have given me a sore neck in any other cinema!

joshua nealy

Comfy as f☆€k reclining chairs! They sell multiple types of beer! What else do you want?

CB McGuire

Concession staff is wonderful. The place smells, no matinee discount. Took my grandson to a matinee today and it cost $31 without the $6 water and $7 small pop corn. Thank God for The Beacon. This place is a rip off. I could have spent a lot less by going to a live theatrical production. Never again.

Cecy Pena

Clean, good service, nice seats

Edward Rothstein

Comfortable reserved seating

Kristy Fuller

Definitely my favorite place to watch movies

Marcy R. Stearns

Very comfortable seating, but prices were very high on concessions.

Tracy Holmes

Good theater but the mall sucks!


Recliners are nice and the fact that they serve beer is just a bonus

Preston Leigh

The recliner seats and reserved seating are a great feature. The staff are courteous and professional. The movie screen was a little small.


Nice wonderful chairs.

Jen Rose

Love the new recliner seats

John Nesbit

Good show. Comfortable seating.

Pete Perry

The corridor leading into the theaters stank, and a couple of the trashcans were overflowing! The theater itself was relatively clean and the reclining seats are very comfortable. Maybe they need to hire a few more workers.

Panda Person

Thia place is the best place to go see a movie. You can buy online or at the movie theater itself. The popcorn is delicious (and for those holding a vegan diet, it's friendly!) They have an assortment of candies, icecreams, sodas, and other unhealthy snack foods available. The tickets on Tuesday are also only $5+ tax! ($8 for 3D.) The movie watching experience is also amazing, complete with a giant screen for the movie, and big, comfy recliners that have movable cup holder for cuddlers and side tables to hold your things. There is also a regal crown club card, usable at any regal theater, that you can add up points from your visits for free rewards!

Sasha Bodossov


Vincent Garofoli

Spacious reclining seats, up to date technology, theatres and bathrooms, and normal movie theater food. Best venue in our area for comfort and convenance.

Christine Furcinite-Reynolds

Theater was nice, comfy seats. Only complaint is the cost of snacks.

Jaclyn Farley

For service and comfort you can't beat it, the best movie theater in berkshire county!!

Lillian Reynolds

Every seat is a great view and the seats are amazing.

Del Warner

Was pretty nice place, used screen 4

Pudgy Cadberry

I suggest this cinema

Phred Jenkins

Decent theater, not top of the line but the lounge chairs are comfy... Not fancy ones, but decent. They get all the latest movies, too, and you can reserve seats on line.

Theresa Atwood

Its always a fun time

Rich Keyes

Haven't been here in years, mall is closing stores left and right due to high rents from idiot landlords. I actually went to Target, not the theater but Google won't accept haven't been here for a response.

Heidi Zeitler

I absolutely love the reclining seats with personal table tops! And ordering tickets in advance makes it so convenient to pre-select the seat you want, so you aren't scrambling around trying to get a good spot.

William Barlow

It's really nice to relax in a reclining seat to watch a movie. Beer soda wine. A lot of choices.

krystal chesbro

Love these theater seats. Prices are a bit high, especially for food, but reclining seats and a small personal table and cup holder seem worth the ticket price. Areas are clean, bathrooms too. Staff are friendly. Movies are current. Parking lot is huge and free, handicap accessible.

Crystal Betters

Great reclining seats and movie quality. Would have given 5 stars but I'm a little disappointed that the projectionist turned off Avengers Infinity War last night before the end credit scene. It was the last showing of the night, but we paid for the whole movie and anyone who follows the marvel movies knows the end credit scene is a glimpse into the next movies.We were there celebrating my husband's birthday and I had to go home and find the ending on YouTube.

Marissa Farrell

I like the reserved seating and the reclining chairs.

Phil Townsend

Super comfy reclining seats, use the Fandango app and pay for your ticket and pick out your seat before you leave home

Derica Moreno

Fun and family friendly. You can enjoy arcade games while you wait for your movie.


Movie good popcorn good

Anish Bardhan

Best cinema in upstate New York!

Mary Jo Daly

Reclining seats in a very clean theater. This is a quieter environment than other local Regal Cinemas, making it especially family-friendly.

Brandy Whipple

We love this place we go there often they have recliners and tables and cup holders it's an awesome experience they have neat award system if you get the crown regal card for free. We go there at least once or twice a month

Shayne Spencer

Clean cinema, great seats and decent wine options too.

Rick Hopkins

Movie. Yay

Danielle Brunetti

Absolutely love the comfy seats! Our favorite theatre by far!

Vodrick VonLichtenstein

Crazy expensive, nothing special. Comfy chairs.

Al Barnaby

Good movie comfortable

Luke Fennelly

Best movie theater in the county. Fair prices and the recliner seats are comfy as can be. If I'm given a choice in where we go to the movies this is the only place J choose!


Excellent seats , everyone get their own arm rest, reclining foot rest also... (do kind of have to recline how ever or the screen appears too high above) movie price low/average compared to other theaters nearby. I like it, now Hollywood needs to make some movies worth seeing☺

David Schwartz

I rated it 5 stars for the recliner seats and movies they show are current, but the concession stand prices are a RIP off. The concession stand prices will equal or exceed the admission tickets prices; typical for all Regal Cinemas.

David Earle

Deducting one star for the number of previews prior to the start of the movie. The movie was suppose to start at 7:15, but due to the excessive number of previews, which had to be about 8 at least, the movie didn't actually begin until about 7:40. Other than that, and the concession prices, which others have complained about as well, my experience was great; I especially loved the reclining seat, which was very comfortable. Would I recommend Regal Cinemas? Yes, but make sure you bring enough money.

Rbot Winz

Really nice after they redid the theater super comfy and good seating

Arielle Ellis

The food is Expensive as hell for no reason. Poor selection. But the seats are comfortable

Robby Wallace

Very comfortable theater l, half price tickets on Tuesdays!

Sandra Stomper

The theater itself and the employees were great. Comortable place indeed! The only downfall was when I looked at what time the movie started, then I planned accordingly. I walked in and to my surprise they had beautiful reclining chairs! The movie was suppose to start at 1:35pm. At 1:55 pm they still had movie previews they were showing. I went there with a family member that lives in the area and had a two hour ride home. Glad I made it home before fully dark.

Ruth Methe

Great movies high prices

Tom Hartman

Don't eat the popcorn, was terrified to fart for 3 hours afterwards.... Awful...

Ella Austin

seats we super uncomfortable ,

Olivia Jayko

Chairs are comfy and service is good what more can you want

Isis Cabrera

It's great has reclining seat warmer chairs . Also great speakers . A mini arcade with drinks and beverages .

clifton stillman

Great movie great popcorn. Very well maintained theater with comfortable reclining seats.

Joni Waybright

Treat yourself to a lovely visit - back to Downton Abbey, now at the theater!

Michael Lavery

They have recliner chairs and beer! All theaters are clean and the screens are large. I hope the mall stays open, or at least the cinema

Bonnie Berry

It's a little more pricey Theater for admission tickets and snacks, but they don't charge for infants to be admitted and the parking situation is way better than the other local Theater.

Maeghen Moore

Prices are a bit much, but the new seats are comfy

Adam Clouthier

Cheap tickets, and they have wine and reclining chairs!

Jack Criddle

Great multiplex theater for the latest Hollywood releases - if your tastes are more for indie and foreign films, be sure to check out Images in Williamstown. As far as viewing comfort goes, this is the best theater in the area. Oh, those leather recliner chairs!

S Koren

Great theater and reasonable prices. Very comfortable seats that recline.

Krystle Gallo

The seats are great and the movie prices are reasonable (paid $13 for two tickets yesterday). However, don’t be enticed by the beer and wine. I got a Sauvignon Blanc and paid $11 for a tiny, half full glass (I brought the cup home and measured less than 4 oz). A complete rip off for an inexpensive wine, considering they probably charged me more than the price of the whole bottle!

Gina Capek

Love the comfortable recliners to watch the movie! I wish all theatres did this.

Dan W

We were in cinema 6 way down on the end. We could not believe how cold it was in the theater. I don't know if their heat wasn't working or what the problem was. I'm never cold but I couldn't wait to get out to my truck and warm up. It took away from the enjoyment of the movie. My wife feels the same way.

Thomas Sanford

Great family venue.

Ryan Gregory

My favorite place to take the kids to see all of the newest blockbusters! Comfy seats, tasty snacks & I love their rewards program, it's great for families who buy multiple tickets often. Usually earn 1 free ticket per month which I use to spoil myself for the non kid friendly movies

Rodger P

Wow, very nice because the seat allow you to lay back and there was no one there. This is the spot to watch movie in style

Shawn Henault

Great seats, good popcorn

casey ingram

Love the recliners and you can have a few drinks with a movie if you want.

Rose St John

Comfortable reclining chairs, movie was good, sound quality excellent. All in all a nice theater.

Crystal Bleau

Loved the comfy seating and large variety concession stand. Reasonable price for tickets

Dale Kramer

Good service. Needs a good cleaning. Were handing out free gummie treats for Halloween. Reclining (not the best) reserved seating.

Marian Sowa

Very comfy seats


Very comfortable with recliners.

Shaun McKay

Great family friendly movie theater. Also, they serve beer and wine if you're into that kinds thing.


I love the reclining seats. My favorite place to see movies

Jerry Maskill

Nice movie experience

Michaela Crowe

You can enjoy a beer (only 1 at a time), there is so much room for the seating area, reclining seats, a little table for your snacks, etc, and a cup holder.

Marie Locke

Great place to watch a movie. Mike L is awesome!

Devon Canery

Comfortable chairs... great movie

brenda whitman

Love this movie theater

Larry Pitts

What a great place! We drive the extra distance instead of going to the closer and more popular theaters in Albany. The reclining seats and extra room are so much nicer. The prices are also quite reasonable compared to other theaters. And a surprisingly good beer selection.

Paula Buerger

Comfy chairs and great movies!

Robert Dugan

Seats uncomfortable. Dieing mall.

Lucas Walter

The theater smelled terrible! Got right up and left! But very friendly people that work there!

richard joe hansen

Nice place, nice facility and location. Brought 5 kids, $50 for movie was ok, $10 large popcorn was expected, but $43 for 3 small sodas, 3 boxes of candy and 2 bottles of water seemed high.

Christopher Tatro

I love Regal Cinemas. The reclining chairs make it worth the trip. They always have a fantastic selection of movies at decent times. Theatres and bathrooms are always clean. One free large refill, always. There are discount days with the Regal app. They also serve alchohol and have an ok selection of wine and beer. Lines normally go quick and their is a kiosk for tickets right outside the main entry. It is reserved seating. Theatre size may vary.

Michael Knights

Prices are not that expensive

Chet Bush

It was great. Reclining seats, small swing table for stuff, and yes alcohol. Gotta come to MA more often!

Susan Gallo

Good prices and great reclining seats

Debbie Darby

I've never been here.


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