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1775 Washington St, Hanover, MA 02339, United States Located in: The Hanover Mall

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REVIEWS OF Patriot Cinemas - Hanover Mall IN Massachusetts

JoJo Laflamme

The manager is a rude person. She was very rude to me and my family. Do not do business with them.

Lolbit comic tv

I come here AT LEAST once a week with my 11 year old son. We both enjoy seeing all the new kid movies AND the new horror movies. He does not get scared easily and it is usually his idea on what movies we see. Out of all the times I have been here, I have never had a problem buying tickets. Today, an older lady at the ticket counter stared at my son and gave me a rude look.. then asked me are least three times if I was sure this was the movie I wanted to see. Yes lady, this is exactly the movie we came to see now let me purchase the tickets with my money. We will not be back to this theater again.

Coach Craig Smith

Yeah honestly it's really just OK. If you're just looking to watch a movie this of the place. The seating is that old school seating, with all school stereo sound. The lobby and the workers Are pretty efficient. But they're pretty fishing and customer service. Any time I've ever been there it's just been an absolute mess in the aisles common the bathroom But I'm not someone that can complain about that because I don't really care about that it doesn't matter to me. But they do have a good selection of movies That our current and up today.

erin byrne maness

It's just like the theaters of my youth...the 80's. That's okay. Not everything needs to be a leather recliner, $20 a seat experience. You get a good experience, great value.

Joan M

Good prices. Inside the particular theater I was in smelled like piss! Nauseating and had to leave.


What a nice movie theater. I've been going there for the past 30 years and have always had a good experience. The staff are friendly, theaters are huge, and the prices are very reasonable. Definitely go there for your next movie experience.

Abra White

Good local cinema. Could use some updates but prices are much better than others, and crowds are never too much.

Maryanne Stratton

Delaney Alden

Very nice staff. They also had fair prices and a good assortment of refreshments.

W Barber

Solid movie theater. No fancy bells and whistles. Clean, comfortable. Didn't hurt that Captain Marvel is a good movie.

Garret McCarthy

Theater was clean floors weren't sticky, an all-around enjoyable experience.

otis hill

Older seats in some theaters and some very small screens. Stadium seating Typical box type theater.

Joel Pelletier

Decent picture and layout, mediocre seats, bad sounds proofing between cinemas. Prepare to listen to 3 movies at once.

Delphine Feldman

Enjoyed having a theater so close to home and very friendly.

ramona hewlett

Lines quick, seats comfortable,and affordable

Jim Watts

Brianna Martin

I wish it was a littel bit clener . The bathroom smells bad. The theaters are small and dirty.

Ethan Rooney

Ian Welch for MVP.

Alvin Nguyen

Cheap tix for matinees

colleen macauley

Nice theater, outstanding staff, great popcorn

Wendy Verrette

We go every tuesday, special rate, always Entertaining

P Park

Nice place to see a movie but the popcorn is the cold bagged kind

Colm Mcdonough


Scott Beers

I am quite happy with the Patriot Cinemas. Although as any Cinema, the drinks and snacks are outrageously priced.

Spencer M

Plenty of movies to choose from, often some small releases too. The theaters are always clean. The food and drinks are ridiculously overpriced. Ticket prices are average. Super Tuesday is the best.

Anita Brooks

Libby Sergey

Vivienne Read

I LOVE the cinemas!!!! They let me and my friend bring in dunkin donuts and its awesome!!!! They were so nice!!!!!

Eric Carey

The theater had a bad odor and the floor was sticky everywhere you walked. The seats were outdated and not comfortable to sit in for even an hour. The only positive is that it’s usually pretty quiet. But then again, that’s probably due to its sub-par quality overall. No IMAX or RPX. The sound was okay, but nothing special. Overall it feels like a movie theater that hasn’t been updated in 10 years.


Jessica Rogers

Convenient location and never busy for matinee showings.

Bob C.

Good place to catch a flick.

Alli Zeoli

Great popcorn

Mark Buchholz

Best night is $5 Tuesday for all movies

Michael Vera

Great place

Jeff Mine

Showing its age. Needs some TLC to spruce it up a bit here and there.

Brian Keane

Not what I would call a luxury theater by any means, but it is nice enough, they keep it clean and the people there have always been nice. On Tuesdays, or "Super Tuesday" all movies are discounted to $5, so if you're on a budget, Tuesday is a great day to go. The concessions there are less expensive than most theaters as well.

Brian A. McEachen

Great place to see a movie! Great location

K Molloy

Love $5 Tuesday's

MaryKay Duffy

Lots of movie choices

kristina russo

Great bargain on Tuesdays, clean and good popcorn

Eric H

Nice theater with regular seating and prices aren't as outrageous as some of the bigger chains. Look out for their matinee specials to save even more.

Margaret Drislane

Pauline Murphy

Was there today saw Act 2, really good.

Bob Farrell

I hope they change their (Hanover Mall Improvement project) and leave this theater alone.

Rosemarie Lauria

Best price anywhere

Daniel P Mueller

very nice clean and the staff is soo nice and helpful if you have a ? and do there best when lines are long me and my son love comeing to you to see movies would not go anywhere else


Crew were very nice. Popcorn and treats we're good. Seats smelled really bad in the theater that Spiderman was playing in. Smelled like urine. Should be a lot cleaner for such a nice theater. Ruined it for me and my grandson.

Jennifer Bowman

Quaint little movie theater

Sudipta Talukdar

Good place to watch movie

Margaret Sato

Can't beat the $5 Tuesday matinee price. They don't have the most updated amenities of the big chains, but for me they're good for straight-up movie viewing. Yes, I would co.e back here.

aaron hazard

This place is huge. You should go there and see a movie if only to experience the amazing size of it

Ben Willis

Very nice movie cinema! They have very good up to date movies. I'm just sad that they don't have hotdogs, but they have really good nachos and popcorn!

Dawn Kennedy-Grady

Prices are ok, Tuesday is $5 movie special, service and the people that work there are pleasant, popcorn was good, it's just really old and kinda run down, the seats were uncomfortable and my son weights 55 pds he struggled with the fold up seat the whole time and was uncomfortable, besides that I'd take the ride to Braintree a little more money but totally worth it.

Matt L

Very friendly and clean staff is great

Chris Chubbuck

Austin Breadmore

$5 Tuesday is a way of life


Always loved Patriot cinema as a patron and a former employee. Very clean building,friendly staff,popcorn is always great tasting and ticket sales and concessions is very fast moving to get you seated for your show quickly. Love $5 dollar Tuesdays. All movies, All day... only $5 bucks!!


I like this cinema, it's on the more basic side, but the price is right although they keep creeping up in costs. They have one small theater there though that I dont enjoy, you can be in the way back and still have to strain your neck to see the feature.

Leah Bittner

S Achack

Thought I would be too spoiled with the new flashy theaters around to really enjoy this slightly outdated one. I've now seen 2 marvel movies on their $5 Tuesday deal and my expierance was fantastic both times. My only complaint and the reason I'm only giving 4 stars is their extremely loud commercials that play long before the movie starts which claim as the real movie trailers begin that viewers should be sure to arrive early next time so they don't miss out on "exclusive content". It's nothing but a bunch of cheap ad space commercials that are played so loudly that you can barely talk to the person next to you while you sit and wait for trailers to begin.

Margaret Drosopoulos

Great and fun for family's

Sara Kara Paulson

Ice Room Videos

It is a great experience. There are never lines and the food is not too expensive which is rare in a movie theatre.

Lynne Allen

They have all the movies I want to see!

Jacklyn Dorcile

Love coming here the price is just right for the kids

Leo Francisco

Matt Carvell

Decent place to see a movie wish they would upgrade the seats

Caroline J

Dark damp not cleaned enough

Pam Marquis

Many movies to choose from Well maintained Tuesday are a great value.

Dottie Peterson

Ramtej S

Screen Quality is good


Jerry MacDonald

Slow ticket line,very slow concession workers.Manager should step in when lines get long (get out of your office !!!)

Victoria Le Blanc

Can’t wait until they rebuild. Theaters are so disgusting, the seats are filthy. Not sure who has the bid for a new cinema when they knock everything down, but I pray it’s showcase.

Hannah Baum

Derek McDermott

Nice place

Michael McKeever

The theater I was in was small with seats that weren't very comfortable

Joan Gould

Good show pleasant evening

Patrick Desmond

Cinema is in desperate need of a remodel. Carpet clean but stained. Seats in cinema 3 stained and worn. Some are broken. Hardly anyone there for a 7:00 pm show on a saturday night. Theatre was cold. Had to keep our coats on during the show. Staff was friendly and the movie was good. We saw Boy Erased. Probably won't go back as there are better options in the area.

M Rama Poccia

Michael Grass

$5 Tuesdays are kind of my jam, especially when it comes to not buying into the Disney monopoly.


Theater #4 has had a jacked up screen for years. Theater #7 as a previous reviewer posted, the screen was green on the left side during the Warcraft showing we were at as well. You can hear the sound from the the adjacent theater which was a little annoying. The bathrooms smell like unflushed urinals and the floors are so nasty your feet make that sticky sound when you walk (you know that sound). The theaters need a good rug shampooing or at least a few gallons of febreze. The seats need a good cleaning as well.

Deloris Malcolm

Nice show and prices reasonably priced

Clint Somers

Older Cinema

Holly Caster

Edmond Nolan

It Was Great.

Stephen Santos

This theater smells like it needs a carpet cleaning and the screen is somewhat blurry (theater 7).

Nancy Bleam

Good screens, good sound. Lobby was messy and could use a vacuum.

Darrell Winquist

Excellent theater but snacks expensive

Sean Devine

Great theater. Wonderful staff and popcorn.

Laurie Bell

Love the $5 Tuesday option

Eric Visser

People often complain about this theater, saying Kingston and Braintree are much better, which is not entirely wrong, but the price here is key. Tickets here cost about half as much as the outrageous $15 AMC Braintree charges. Plus, the theater is usually much less crowded than others, and while the screen isn't the absolute greatest the audio is top notch!

Colette O'Connor

Red velvet curtains and all!

Jeffrey Squires

Smaller, little older theater, but still works. They do $5 movies on Tuesday, even new releases. Good for that!

Pamala Pellon-irwin

Nice little cinema.

Paul Papetti

Excellent inexpensive theatre

Alex Hochstrasser

Laura Mahoney

Going to see the nut job 2 today

luna wolf playz gacha

Its a good place to be and its fun to


Always a fun time

Kirby Mckenzie

Nice good price

Casey Smithe

Theaters are old and need to be updated. Make sure you look before you sit. Almost every seat has some type of stain on it.

Kristen Southwick

Gina Caputo

Tyler Chin

I have been to this theatre multiple times and it may have some expensive candy and drinks, (but we know where we get that stuff from anyways) however the movie quality is great, the seats are great, the staff is amazing, and the theatre is great!

Stephen Bennett

Great place to go to see a movie

Stella Liu

John Wallace

This 10 screen cinema is a great value in a convenient location showing first run films 7 days a week. Fun for all ages at a price you can afford. Don't miss bargin Tuesdays!

Tom Kay

Just saw "Peter Rabbit ' with Ben

Stephen Russell

Screen had glare in the center.


Just don't see aquaman, other than that great theater

dan deaton

great place to watch a movie great staff very clean except the prices on candy and pop corn a bit pricey wont buy any candy their when i can go to the dollar tree for the same stuff

Kaysin Enorai

I love their 5 dollar movie deal on tuesdays although they usually don't let you in the theater until almost showtime and the theaters are never clean.

Jonathan Castillo


Jen MacDonald

Very family friendly

Paul L

Great small theater, has discount on Tuesday tickets. I come here all the time!

Billy Barber

Great service

Cliff Alpert

Get there early

Danielle Clements

blizz noshed

Hanover mall 666 FTW

Ann Padden

Great staff that get you what you need fast and always the go-to place for my kids and I

James Marcel

It's a small theater with comfortable seating and reasonable priced snacks.

Tabitha Bedard

Nice place seats could use an update

Garrett Frank

You do a geart job.

Jonathan Carothers

Nice movie theater.

Hank Goldman

Nice clean comfortable and affordable theater.

Raymond Wilbur

Kira Rancourt

Its a great theater, its big and clean, but food is way too pricey.

Miguel Arias

Really like this theater. Seats are comfortable. They have bargain Tuesdays, staff is nice and friendly. Favorite place to see a flick. Just wish their large Popcorn came with a free refill.

Kevin Patrick

Had to drive an extra twenty minutes to see the Warcraft movie. Patrons and staff were both very rude. Once in the dilapidated theater, half of the screen had an annoying green tint and the audio was too quiet. Avoid this cinema like the plague.

Ryan cucinotta

Dirty trash everywhere

Roz Silba

I saw A star is born. Different from the one I saw in the 70's. It was great.


Still love this old movie theater

Tommy Lovering

The theater always smells but it a good price. They just need to update the place.

Katka Veselá

Tuesdays for 5$!

Nayla Chaves

LZD Bros

Great local place to see movies.

cat wu

It's an old theater but decent seating and ok price. Good selection of movies. Nothing special.

Rob Adams

Clean. Excellently staffes. This is now a fixture to the area given it's been there for over 40 years, and still going strong.

Seamus Lyons

Its a great movie theater and it has great service!

Giorgio Vumbaca

Rebecca Turner

Love $5 tuesdays

Ethan McCue

I watched a movie here once.

Kimberly Kirkwood

$5 Tuesdays. What's not to love?


Favorite theater... matinee prices daily and 5 dollar Tuesdays!

Michel Rbeiz

Sydney Hebert

Great service and great movies

Laurie Keough

I just went to The Patriot Cinema in Hanover today. It is a very nice place. Yes, the seats are old but you just can’t beat the price! $7 for matinee up to 6pm! First run movies too! Also bought a water and large popcorn for $10.75. I was pleasantly surprised! I will go back to this cinema again!

Luke Ely

Clean and comfortable

Joe Musso

Very good

James Spaulding

Older style seats, but good prices and clean.

Eric Benson

Never packed and ticket and snack prices are the best in the area.

Michael Cannon

Needs an update, place was a mess.

Raye LaPlante

The seats are old but the ticket prices are fine comparatively speaking. The refreshments are overpriced but just go to Walmart in the mall before hand and get snack there, they never stop you for having food.

D Haggerty

Ehhh not the greatest movie theatre in the area

Thomas Jones

Not a bad place. Not really a place to go during school vacation. Parents drop kids off and then go to mall. Lots of kids not much guidance.

Mayra Fleury


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