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1794 Massachusetts Ave, Lexington, MA 02420, United States

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Here you will see the opinions of people who are using the services and products of Lexington Venue (Movie Theater) in the area close to Massachusetts.

At present the business gets a rating of 4.3 over 5 and this score was based on 117 reviews.

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REVIEWS OF Lexington Venue IN Massachusetts

Myra Little-Porter

Standard old time small town theater. 2 screens, downstairs screen is bigger and better. Usual popcorn and candy. Sometimes a good place to catch a film that's been out a while that you missed seeing.

Ron B

Quaint old theatre

Chrisanne Murphy

RobB Edtech

Great little venue ... I forgot how hard the old seats are. We need places like this to see controversial films.

Matthew Neeld

Cool little theater! Prices weren't to bad on the snacks and the seating was comfortable.

Carmelita.Z. Senters

Fabulous local theatrr. Always has good family films. Can't be beat!

Katherine Moon

Jack B. Rochester

Venue recently upgraded to the new digital projection system, which not only improved the picture quality but the audio as well. It's so surround I thought someone was standing behind me speaking [I was in the last row, upstairs]. And the popcorn is excellent. Always freshly popped, unlike some chain theaters where it's popped somewhere else and kept in the back room in big plastic bags.

Alexander Chen

Blake Stover

Seats are more cramped than an airplane. Screen is the size of my TV. Costs more than the AMC in Burlington for a worse experience. Might as well drive a few minutes there instead.

Eileen Bauer

Firoozeh Parsa

I like here

Misha Quinn

Good for a small theater. It's really nice if you just want to relax, and not deal with a crowded theater full of jerks.

Antony Van der Mude

Classic old-time movie theatre. The sound system was great! Not too loud like other theatres.

Julie's bites

Small (8 rows) and the screen is only slightly larger than a large tv but stadium sitting. And no reserve sitting, which we like as we could pick our seats and move when we did not like people chatting loudly next to us.


Diurnal Dayz

Susan Cohen


- TheManWithThePlan -

I feel like it's too small, but its okay.

Grace Tetreault

Great experience

J Garrett

Well kept town theater

Brian DiVasta

Bob P.

Loved it! It was so cozy. It's an old fashioned movie theater. Brought me back in time.

Nicholas Wong

Great little local theater. You get what you pay for, so don't expect a modern theater with large recliner seats or an IMAX-quality screen. Especially worth it when you're a kid and your friend who works there opens the back door for you.

Christine Quiriy

I like this little theater, a lot. I prefer the small independent theaters that show movies I want to see, works of art on "film," or thoughtful comedies, which are getting harder to see even closer in to Boston. The popcorn is freshly popped; I wish they had butter, too, but oh well. A wider, less sweet drink selection would also please me, but I'm just happy they are there.

Emmy Suhl

Great local theater, great staff

Clint Haris

nice old school theater

Dave C

Renan Marx

Local, clean, modest like watching the big screen in the next room. Keep it going

Jim Z

Nice small theater, note upstairs is a smaller screen, and seats are on the rigid feel, not too plushy, but not bad for a small town cinema.

Andy Westwood

Comfortable and friendly setting for great movies that are an alternative to the megaplex boredom. Good restaurant choices nearby as well. Great!

Laurel Shortell

Friendly staff, fun Frank Sinatra music playing in the theater prior to the trailers, nice art house selection of movies, and festive decor in the main lobby. A great first experience that may bring me back for a second day in a row!

Lawrence Hui

Theater is on the smaller side. It doesn't have all the nice benefits of the bigger theaters that most of us are accustomed to. There is a smaller selection of movies playing. Seats are plastic and quite small, so it will become uncomfortable if you are on the bigger or taller side.

Melanie Sadofsky

Christopher Faylor

Comfortable, clean.

Joshua Rosen

It's a very small theater with small screens.

Norm Ostasiewski

Nice old style movie theater. Haven't seen one like this in years. Decided to see a movie there for the experience and my wife and I enjoyed it. The movie theater was pretty busy. The staff was very friendly. Would definitely recommend trying if you are in Lexington.

Maureen Meyer

Lexington Venue is all you would want from a movie theater in a town downtown. We went on a blistering hot day, they seemed a bit overwhelmed with the crowd and experienced some technical difficulties with the AC. Our movie started about 10 minutes late but they were informative and apologetic and I thought the temp in our theater was perfect and the volume well modulated (why are theaters so loud these days?). The bathroom was immaculate. I don't eat theater food, can't comment on that besides to say it seemed to be available. Anyway, the theater was chopped into smaller theaters up but not too bad by today's standards. Seats comfy. Floor clean, which is unusual.

michael rosenblum

Nice small town theater that shows only the best movies 2 at a time. Friendly staff.

Colin Minchom

Nice, idiosyncratic, local movie theatre.

Geoffrey Smith

Bob Milley

Wonderful, friendly local theater. Popcorn is great and refillable. Prices right. Movies always well-reviewed... no bad movies allowed. Audience tends to be mature and so few distractions. This is important to me. Manager/owner always on site to guarantee a positive experience. Best place I know in the region.

Elizabeth Valente

Peter Warren

Ed Preston

Awesome, traditional movie house. Sure the screens aren't huge like the chain megaplexes, but there's something unique and special about it, and if you're tired of the big budget tripe they show elsewhere, you just might see something you like here. The whole place, including the restrooms, is immaculate, and the popcorn is pretty good too!

Susan Murphy

Zack Kenin

Great small olde timely theater showing more artsy films.

Dr Jay Seitz

Nice, very friendly, small, uncrowded, New England theatre. Just sayin'...

Fahima Islam

Awesome experience!

Scott Kurland

One of the true hidden treasures of Massachusetts.

Mike Cherepov

The projection/sound system had problems throughout the show. No apology, no refund. This negates the convenience.

Tracy Shyu Foley

James Hudzik

Always solid menu & execution. New dish introduction would improve experience but probably means we go here too often.

Avigail Gans

Jeff A.

Small, clean theater. Can hear the other movie upstairs from the first floor cinema.

Rosario Ortega

Adorable place. Clean. Great pictures

Linda Oshman

We've been going to the Venue (former Flix) for the last 17 years. We love how small and comfortable it is. Strange to say, but the people who work there are incredibly personal. We, too, like the old-timey feel of the place.

Pete Fleurant

Very good price/performance. These kind of cinemas are few and far between. Oh, the popcorn ain't bad either.

Mark Shellrude

Quaint little theater with all the modern conveniences. Felt more like "going to the movies" than walking than walking into a huge complex in a mall or something. Enjoyed it.

Carole Ferguson

It is walkable from my house. That makes up for a lot....but even if I drove, I would like the place. I like the small scale, not fancy, not perfect but just fine...not accessible to wheelchairs (upstairs) but the larger theatres sure are, and downstairs is accessible. I want it to continue and will choose it again and again for the film selection and the small town location....and the walk to ice cream (Rancatore's) after the show.

Phil Jackson

Liz Kinghorn

David Hardy

Bill K

Unhappy today.We had planned to see the 3:30 showing of The Big Short today....but it got pulled. I wish you would state ahead of time on what date you plan to pull a film! Nevertheless, we really enjoy the Venue for viewing films.

Dan Pion

Dr Dap

A funky little theatre in Lexington center--the kind of homey theater you don't find much anymore. Screens are modest sized and seats are old school. But it's nice to visit a theater where the next time you go they will remember you And the hassle factor is low.

Joyce Dvorak

A.M. Brako

Nick Gall

A great local movie theater.

Tim Counihan

In town Indy theater. Good mix of movies.

Susanna Whitman

Enjoy food and hot & cold drinks in the lobby. Then attend an excellent film in this well updated vintage cinema.

Susan Doll

Never knew it was there. A great little place. Comfortable.

paige lawler

gr8 popcorn! ;)

Bennett Savitz

Nice cozy and convenient for people who live nearby.

Carl Popolo

Small and quiet. Occasional mice.

Mim & Rose Seabury-Linskey

Michele Barbieri


Stephen Camera-Murray

Chris Oakley

Nice old school feel, perfect spot to catch up on movies you may have missed the first time around, and the popcorn is delish.

Henry Lin

My high school decided to host a film festival at the Venue and the school's film club organized the entire event by themselves, including the ticket sales, the advertisements, and other logistics. Film club members had to personally donate a large sum to make the even happen. However, upon attending the actual film festival, every single member in the club was forced by the Venue owner, Peter Siy, to pay full price for admission. How could he make high school students who organized the whole thing pay for their own admission to their own event, and pocket all the profits himself? Needless to say, the Venue deserves NEGATIVE stars for their attitude and treatment of its local customers. I do NOT recommend supporting this kind of cheap, un-professional business.

Debbie Bassett

Excellent small cinema.

Tim Hays

Erik Svenson

Screens are small but it's a nice hometown theater experience

Ronald Calabraro

Cozy 50's theater. Good popcorn.

Laura Gimby

Nice theater. The young staff competent and likable. Place seems genuinely well-run.

Max Xu

Theater is well run and well-maintained. Bathrooms were immaculate (which isn't something I can say about most movie theaters, hah). Plastic cups by the water fountain is a really nice touch for customers who don't want to buy a soft drink. Definitely will be back again!

Elaine Ropi

This great little theater shows all the movies you can't always find at other venues. Thanks for that. But the popcorn needs work. Like swallowing sea water - leaves your lips all puckered from the salt.

Abby Covert

This is my favorite movie theater in the area! It's never crowded. It's well kept. The people at the ticket counter are super sweet. And it's just a cute little movie theater to go to and escape the busy world for a bit.

ping hou

Bill Sprague

So you live in Lexington, right? Isn't that just great. It's for the schools and you can walk to the films. Wonderful! And go to Ranc's after the movie and hang with all the other kids from Lexington. Great! So privileged! So entitled! The movies? Great. Saves me from having to drive to Coolidge Corner.

Guy Morello


Beverly Miller

Love this theater that has movies for grown-ups. Most of the patrons are my age (no longer young), and two weeks ago at "Gone Girl," a talky movie, the sound was so low that even my keen-eared husband had difficulty. Please turn up the sound!

Sheila Smyth

Carolyn Goff

Great local movie theater! We've been going to this movie theater for years and it’s wonderful. Reasonably priced too. Parking is only for 2 hours behind the theater so we park across the street in the muni lot for $3 for 12 hours. The theater is quaint with fresh popcorn, good concessions and friendly staff. It's super clean and all the rooms have comfortable seating. Two movies are shown at a time from early afternoons to evenings. Never big crowds and they show movies that you can't see elsewhere.

Kevin Koch

Katerina Ivkova

Eric S. Johansson

It's a nice little movie theater. Great source of eclectic films.

Nathan Shenoy

Great popcorn and awesome for a local town theatre

Christopher Capiau

Pavlik Mintz

A gem of a local theater.

Libby G.

Wonderful local theater, but lousy popcorn. There is no butter available for popcorn - only spray "butter" that you can spritz on. I love the buttered popcorn at the small movie theaters in Arlington, Belmont and Newton and wish the Lexington Venue would follow suit.


I like it here. Small theaters, but good local theater.

Bagavan S

gayle speck

Love most everything about this theatre except the female greeter's loud grating voice & the over-salted popcorn.

Sonja Witkowski

Linnea Ryan

Great small theater where you can find the best independent or eccentric films. Friendly staff is made up mostly of local high school students in need of after school jobs. Popcorn is never stale and there's a good selection of other concessions.

Dan Gutierrez

Anne Marie Brako

Great art movie choices; interior seats upgraded.

John Fiorenza

Never Crowded

Nigel Belton

Always shows great movies but when we arrived today the AC was not working and the signs for the movies were wrong and I had to request the young people to correct. The manager came and apologized about the inconvenience staying that the AC was to be replaced ( why not close the theatre and fix the problem?? ).

Seth Hardiman

Good popcorn. Good movies.

Ronald Mac Innis

Wish more theaters like that one were still around.

Lauren Delaney

Saranyoo Kelleher

Kathleen Moscillo

Howard Jaffe


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