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REVIEWS OF Leicester Triple Drive-In Theatre IN Massachusetts

Kathy Musiak

It's a cool place. This was our third time there. We used the concession stand and the food was decent. My kids had fun seeing a movie outside. The worst thing here: the bathrooms. They are dark and some of the stalls are actually broken. We will be back, hopefully soon!

Amanda Shilinsky

La Jjiggy Jar Jar Doo Dur Dur Dur Dee Dur

We waited for about an hour before leaving because the people were having difficulties playing the movie. I could tell they were trying, and that it probably didn't happen often, the food was a little overpriced, but good place to go nonetheless. I'd bring my children for sure! There were kids playing catch before the movie, so your kid would have something to do while the movie was waiting to play :)

Carol Ann Mead

Lisandra Roy

Mohamed Eldardir

good for a family time

Albert Ouellette

Its what an old drive in should be for family fun

Ryan Fisher

JULIE Larsen

Luis Jr rosado


Eylin Arias

There could have been a lot more offered for food. I've never been to another drive-in theatre so I don't know what else they could offer. As far as I can tell, they have two screens, and spots for parking. The ground isn't flat. There's some grass on some spots. Consider that when bringing something to lay down on. Also consider bringing a hand radio so that your car doesn't die or so that you can hear the movie (you might not be able to if you're laying on the ground and your car is running).

Fred Lafortune

Tabatha Lee

David Manning

I really wanted to go this drive in to try for the 1st time but the customer service and the editing of their Facebook page needs to be worked on. The weekend of 6-22-18 only one screen was scheduled to be in operation . They had had two screens in operation with the second screen showing their definition of classic films. There is a third screen, but has operated yet for the 2018 season. So I asked two questions on their Face Book page. 1) Was an attempt made this weekend to obtain any films for screen two. The reason I was asking is the double feature would more likely than not sell out and customers would have to be turned away without having an alternative. 2) The snack bar hours on the web site says 6:30 to 9:30. The drive in's that I have visited stay open until the start of the second feature and in the summer sunset is late and the snack bar would be closing during the 1st feature. Are these hours correct? What was their response? Nothing. The comment was deleted off of Face Book and an attempt to send and e-mail that had my telephone number did not trigger a reply from the drive in. So until a response,an apology or a change in ownership is made I will not give this business my hard earned money. I will support The Mendon Drive In, The Wellfleet Drive In,The Rustic Drive In and The Milford Drive In instead

Gume Vazquez

Don Nolin

Fun place to see movie and be outside at the same time. Family friendly atmosphere, without being kid crazed.

Michelle M Miles

Great place

Hailey Mendez

Devin Rochelle


Hands Down Massage Therapy

michelle ewans

Heidi A

Darrin Carrier

Nothing fancy. Kinda empty tho. So that's good.

James Laliberte

sean rielly

Could be better . Paint the screen and fix the sound

Jimmy Howarth

Torin D

Great price, movie should have started another 15 minutes later as it was just too bright to see well during that time. Great nostalgia though.

Xtine I

This place definitely brings back the nostalgic feeling!! Bring my daughter and going with my mom... 3 generations, one born in the 60's one in the 80's and one in 2000's...(*57, 32, & 5) if you were wondering!! But It's something and someplace we can all say we've been as a kid and went back all together one day!! Amazing. Not to mention the main screen with new movies (Jurassic Park and Ocean's 8) *That was the wknd following the 4th of July* and the other playing amazing movies as Americana as the drive in (American Graffiti and Back to the Future)... * Check their Facebook for list of movies! And $28 for 3 ppl to see 2 movies... YOU CAN'T BEAT IT!! Absolutely a must go to... One of only 2 in the state and possibly of Less than 10 in the entire country!!!

Jakob Osborne

Mosquitoes are unbearable. Concession stand not great closes early.had to leave early because of to many mosquitoes

Wade Gotham

The concession stand did not stay open long enough. The price was reasonable for a car full of people and 2 movies. The bathrooms were old and outdated but serviceable. You really need to bring your own toiletries if you want to make sure you can use the restroom and wash your hands and dry them though. The bathrooms did get stocked after the movies started but if you get there when the place opens you need to bring your own toiletries to feel better. You should also bring a flashlight in case you need to do any walking around during the movies. Your vehicle needs a good strong battery or plenty of gas because you will be playing the sound theough the radio for those people like myself who haven't been to a drive in theater in forever. The last time I went to a drive in, I saw the Original Star Wars. Overall though I had a great experience.

Christian Dudley

Worcester County Reviews

Denise DuBois

Mike Malone

Madelyn Mateo

Please do something about the protruding rocks and massive dips. You might need to visit a mechanic after a night at this drive in.

Waweru Jackey


The bathrooms need some tlc! They are disgusting! Everyone was complaining about them. Also the grass is super long could use a trim there. Other than that we like going there . Cant beat the price .

J Gannon

Best place to go with my children

Patrick Tucker

They need to control the patrons and leaving their headlights on. Makes it hard to see the screen with headlights in your face.

Christina Berard

Awesome place to go, and a very fun time !

Vicki Farnsworth

Marsha Young

Nice screens good snacks smiles on there face .clean land and good movies

Stephanie Thorin

Good experience

Justin Pensinger

Cabbien Asylum

Really fun but wished the food was a bit cheaper.

Chris Roberts

3 screens. Great movie line ups. Not many drive-ins left. Trying to support so it never goes away

1markyoung young

Victoria Prescott

Shrek and Donkey Slayerz Gaming

Jenny Nadow

Still a great place to visit ,and can't beat the price, even if the only real good thing the they offer is

Dave Mahlert

Great place, buildings like the bathrooms could use some updating. But great value for what you pay.

Taylyr Cabana

Michelle King

Jason Dinicola

Jaqui Bohn

Michael Benson

Up to 6 movies playing each night so if you don't like your options at one screen you can always park at another.

Scott Miller

Hillary Riegel

Kids had a blast. Good price and easy to park.

Robyn Brooks

Family friendly

Storm R69

Drive in with newer movies. Great

Caitlin Carrington

Jeremiah Ruell

Great times. Kids enjoyed playing until the movies start and the.staff was awesome

Lisa Delgado


Elyse Heise

Super genuine down to earth drive in

Robyn Zwicker

Family loved it

Tashena Marie

Patty Faron

The bathrooms are basic and old. The snack shack is basic but adequate and not too expensive. The best part is two first run movies for $25.00 a car load. So pack as many people, chairs, blankets and food as you can in one car and get a great deal to see two new release movies. The screens and the sound are very good. We will continue to go every year for as long as it's open. We love it!!

Angel Martinez

Heather Talbot

Dan Schonman

The only problem I had with Leicester drive in is they make a big deal about buying from the concession stand, but they don't keep the concession stand stocked. I went last Sunday and they had NO FRENCH FRIES AND NO CRAB CAKES. The food they had was good just really disappointed they were out of fries and crab cakes.


Cheri Cruz

Fun for the family, my only problem is they shut the snack shop down to early

Paul Gain

Great place

Nolan Ivers

Lizette's Life

Charles Anthony Leap

Experience is great. Prices for the movies are great, but prices for the food are way too outrageous. If they would only spray for bugs to keep the mosquitos down, it would be a lot better of an experience.

Heather Furtado

First time ever going to a drive in! The kids loved it!! Will absolutely be doing this more. Bathrooms are not the greatest but better then portable ones! DO NOT FORGET THE BUG SPRAY! The mosquitos are relentless

Odin Wolf

Been coming here for years. Its always a great time

Amanda LeBeau

Used to be a decent place to go, but it quickly went down hill. My boyfriend & I haven't gone once this summer because their only playing kid friendly movies on one screen. (Only one screen in a triple drive in theater is working.) They used to play 6 movies in one night. With one screen playing for kids & the other 2 for R rated films & now its only one screen . This weekend its Dora and Grease. Grease??? Why would we pay $29 for this? Dora I get, but grease?? I'm sorry, but ever since they switched owners this drive in is no longer a great place to go. I don't recommend it if your older than 12.


Tara Burns

Good old fashioned family fun.

Moe Terra

Chrystal Gillette

I have been going here for years. Always love it.

Lyn Abbie

I had such a good time but i wish they had subtitles for the little ones and for those who have disabilities

Matt H

Started coming here June 2012 and it has gone some what down hill. The Snack Bar is barely average at best. The bathrooms are run down and in need of some serious help. The staff is very friendly and the price still beats going to a theater.

matt hochkeppel

...nice entrance during the sunny day...a full of potentials to change up its image...

David Drapo


Nice place cheaper then going to the movie theater

Tiffany Lacroix

I use to sneak through the woods at the Leicester garden apartments when i was little i loved it and they have 3 big screens and good cell service in that area

Rolanda Nubuor

Serena Silberstein

x Levins

The only drive in around this area. Not many left in MA. They only had one screen up, but they had just be only opened a week prior. The price per car load increased to $29 this year.

Damaris Garcia

Tina Mead


Warren Burnett

This drive in has gone downhill. They started showing classic movies on one screen and new releases on the other. The classic movie screen is completely empty and the new release screen is always packed. They also don't keep the new movies up long enough. There on for one weekend. That's it. Also, if you write a bad review on facebook they will delete it and block you from commenting. That's bad business right there. Lastly, the concessions close way to early. Before they closed at 11 and now its 9:30. The only reason I gave it 2 stars is because your seeing a movie outside and its cheaper then the theater. However, the classics got to go if they want to make good business.

Robert Bennett

Nice place

Rafael Guevara

Its a good place just needs to clean bathrooms and cook more they barely have any food and nasty bathroom

Bo Kallel

Small screen and movies we're very dim concession stand closed 15 minutes into the first movie

Berto Cruz

Its inexpensive

Paul Colella

Great fun. Two movies at 25 bucks a car.

Kurtis Mayfield

Zach Of All Trades

This is an old school experience that is incredibly affordable, and the addition of a digital projector ups the movie quality to match that of any theater.

Matthew Smith

I wish there was a 0 star-rating because this is just no.


I love this place......state of the art cameras, nice retro experience, and the best deal ever. I will be there every weekend through the summer. The staff is awesome too! It's well worth my 40 mile drive.

Celeste Mattson

Family own and ran new and old movies snack bar is good and offers great variety only $28 per car for 2 movies

Vicki Mominee

Austin Hatch

Love this place :) Just don't forget big spray!

Lauren Leclair

Fun times but the bathrooms are appalling

Sang Truong

Roberto Escobar

Nothing like a double feature in the fresh air. Great price for a car full.

John B

Spyke P

Please keep this family tradition alive and support your local drive-in theater. The movies are great, the kids love the experience, and it's a good value for your $$.

Rochelle Hennessey

Larry Costa

Too expensive

Joel Martin

One of the few remaining drive ins in Massachusetts.

Anne Morse

Great place, womens bathroom a little creepy but usable, too bad though everything else is great including the diner at the entrance!

Scott Howard

It's old and could use some updating but still an experience.

Thrifed Cycle

Good for the movies, a bit dark to see at times. Bathrooms could really use a update, and toilet paper at least. More options at concession stand would be nice too, all they had was candy, popcorn, 2 burgers and one hot dog when I went in. But besides that it's worth it to go see the movies outside, and fun for the kids!

Alanna Le

So disappointed in this place. I decided to take my kids to a drive in for the first time and thought it was going to be a fun night for them. But the movie wouldn’t work and the manager was just nowhere to be found for the longest time with no one else to talk to or to do anything about it. Plus, only offering a pass to come back and refusing to give refunds? Are you kidding me?! Absolutely ridiculous!! I was even upset with this establishment before all of that even happened. Bathroom is disgusting. Cigarette butts everywhere and no soap right after you guys just opened for the weekend. Seriously?! Good luck trying to get all the unhappy customers from tonight to ever come back.

Andrew Johnson

I didn't think this place was very good at all. First of all, it's so run down it's ridiculous. The bathrooms are absolutely disgusting. I believe the other person about a staph infection...seriously. I could barely see the movie the screen was so dull, and this was after it got dark out. There was a lot of idiot teenagers there, running around during the movie, yelling/swearing or otherwise being completely obnoxious the entire time with NO respect for anyone else actually trying to watch the movie. I thought to myself, "Why would these people pay $25 to come here and do everything BUT watch the movie?" I didn't go to the snack bar, but I don't have high hopes for that, either. The only thing this place has going for it is that it's a drive in- it's cool to watch a movie outside by your car. Other than that, everything else sucks. Unless your some moron 16 year old with all your friends, then you'll have a good time! You won't be watching the movie. But hey!

Dinawolf Gamer

It was awesome plus they have food But.. Bring lots of bug repellent!

Taina Chula

dave rubino

Old fashioned drive in. Lots of fun but bring the bug spray!

Mark Gustafson

I love bringing my family here I really wish they would do a little bit more upkeep on the place but otherwise good old family fun

brad dumas

The only reason im giveing you a 2 is your bathrooms are disgusting and need to be sweeped out of all cobwebs and change toilet seats and a fresh coat of paint would help plus need to fix the psper towels and toilet paper dispencers you guy make enough money to uodate your drive in ive been going there since 1975 but dont want to go any more cayse of the bathrooms also your conssection stand need to have more food options to choose from you could pack the place to full capacity if you fix these things then ill bring my family with me again you should look at the route 146 drive in in smithfield rhode island

natalie cintron

N Potenti

Paul Spencer

Great fun for the family. We have been going for about 10 years. It's not very expensive, you watch two movies outdoors. sure you have to get past the dirt and mosquitoes which we have no issues with. We bring food, the concessions aren't great and are expensive for what you get.

Melanie Barber

Always clean, great atmosphere, one of the things I look forward to every summer.

James Samuel

$25. Screen great! Sound great!

Susan Flagg

My kids were able to grow up going to the drive-in here. Priceless. I'm grateful for their dedication to remaining open. It really has been a labor of love.


Carl Söderhjelm

Chris Hall


Zachary Martin

Matthew Ian

Jacob Warren

In brief: an okay way to see first run movies on the cheap. The food at the concession stand is actually pretty good - the jalapeno poppers and mozzarella sticks are especially worth a try. Don't let the fountain drink machine fool you, they only had off-brand cans of soda... similarly don't expect the advertised soft serve ice cream as only a small selection of bars were available. The field wasn't mowed and some of the poles still had electrical wires sticking out from the old audio system. There didn't seem to be any rules enforced... people smoking and drinking openly. Once the movies got going, the sound and picture was just about as good as any other drive-in. A mixed bag depending on what you are looking for. It's a pretty chill place and easy to make a nice night for a group of folks to enjoy the movie in a more relaxed atmosphere than a theater.

Jen Meg

Todd and I has gone there for years now.It's been there for years. Great movies to see! They updated the screen to digital.Now you can see everything.AWSOME!!!!!!!!

Hernando Borda

Angela Libby

$28 to see movies from the 80s and 90s??? When do the better movies start?

Kiana Rivera

Old and run down but still gives a classic drive in experience

Denise Dagle

Bruce Hamm

Dave Lawler

A a little run-down, but clean and they're making improvements (new digital projection, at least on screen 2). The screens are small, so get there early for a good spot.

Aaron E. Los

I have always been a fan, my folks used to take me and now I bring my son. Bathrooms could use a updating

Caroline Santayana

Christine Linnon-Oser

Elpatron Ortiz

It was a fun experience. Kids had fun but please dont forget the bug spray and something for outdoor bug repelint . The bugs r unforgiving. Just relax enjoy the time with my fam.

rose derry

Movie quality great! Concessions reasonably priced.

Jadie Meek

Quent Bruso

Nice drive-in. Good screens with lots of decent viewing spots and the sound coming through FM radio was excellent. Could maybe stand to keep the concession open a little longer but it was about the end of the first movie before they announced it so not terrible. Will go there again!


Great movies

ALEAH wetteland

Brian Embair

No food the bathrooms are disgusting the grass is super long. No drinks, the debit card reader "never works". If I had a choice of drive- ins this would be my last choice

brittany teixeira

way better then paying individually at a movie theater it has 3 screens but they dont use them all every showing. Alot of space. The concession stand could be better. There instant coffee isnt that good and they sell wal-mart brand soda cans well over priced.


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