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REVIEWS OF Jordan's IMAX IN Massachusetts

Paw Pol Bos

Love this sentimental place, located adjacent to a indoor playground (for kids all ages) with ice cream parlor and walking on ‘trees’ in full harness. I liked more the trampoline that they used to have before, where you used to jump to swing few times and land on the netting 3 stories down. But there is a musical fountain (water organs) with light effects - never gets old. The movie theater, next to super expensive furniture gallery, used to have this very annoying adverts before every show and an old style music from 60s played in a loop. We used to put our noise cancelling Bose headphones before the show and eye-masks, because it was accompanied by 20+ minutes of nauseating light show. The same thing for years and years on every show. That is why i started visiting Showcase Cinemas instead. Also there are no sit reservations so you have to be about 30min before the show to get good seats. There no direct exit by foot (unless you use elevator on the left right outside the exit door). The normal exit is through winding ways of furniture gallery!

KC Laxton

Best movie theater in the area when it comes to pure viewing experience, bar none. The concessions are also completely reasonable, no financial aid required. It'd be great if it had reserved seating, but that's literally my only complaint.

Cassandra Bowden

It's the BEST

Susanne Douglas

So we did enjoy our time. It is a long wait in line outside the theatre because the seating is not assigned. The snacks were fine. The seating is a bit more cramped than a regular theatre, so bathroom traffic is almost in your lap. The sound quality is amazing though and it was a fun overall experience.

Daniel OConnell

This theatre is excellent!!! It's too bad they only have one screen.

Naed Morales

I loved it! Sound and picture quality are amazing

Kenley Obas

Best. Theatre. Experience. Ever.

Sha Car


Joe Palandra

Incredible sound and video

Mohamed Fadili

if you're planning on watching a new movie, this is the place to go. highly recommended

sandeep amba

Best IMAX experience in USA!!!

ally kat

Very clean and respectful

Joe Frawley

Best sounding movie theater around.

Eliud Vazquez

I love this place specially the IMAX movie theaters is awesome!!!

Lindsey F

Love watching movies here. The screen size is awesome and the sound is so immersive. Just waiting for the day they do reserved seating like other theaters have started doing, so we don't have to wait in a crazy line for good seats.

Nambi Ritah

It quite and cool, wow it was really fun

Joshua Charron

Awesome theatre and they have recliners


Family loves this place.

Michael Taccone

The theater experience is wonderful, but the seating fight and standing in line takes away from it !! Issue tickets with a priority entrance ? Section specific ? Advance seating ?

Caitlin Gettler

Best movie experience, hands down. The seats are comfortable, the sound is amazing, and the butt kicker speakers add a cool element. The popcorn leaves a lot to be desired though...

Myra Little-Porter

Great IMAX experience - we go there for all the blockbusters. Terrific sound system including 'buttkickers' - a speaker in your seat that can make you jump if you're not expecting it. Weird location inside a furniture store but makes for some quirky fun before or after movie. Don't miss the Richardson's ice cream!

Mike Williams

Good furniture and love going to the Imax

Shan Achhiwala

A Good family place.

Mallika Rao

This place is a green for 3d movies. Watched Solo here. Good theater, good seating, good food. They also have some free posters and free photo booths for first day movie goers. The mall is a good place and we walk through a bit of the mall to reach the theater. So plan to be there ten minutes early. Good place to watch imax movies

Jim D

Perfect picture and sound. Hard to get to, but it's what one might expect with a theater embedded within a furniture store. Enjoyed browsing the store before the movie. General seating and they don't open the doors until 15 min before showtime, so be prepared to wait in line if you want the best seats.

Chinnasamy Arumugam

Nice IMAX theatre with laser 4K quality.

Steven Riendeau

New England's largest screen. No other cinema like it anywhere. We are so lucky to have this amazing theatre close to us. Even though I love an hour away it's always worth the drive.

Tobey Harman

Everyone’s been so helpful. I have to use handicap access and the staff have escorted me to where I need to go before the crowds. I really appreciate their assistance because it is not fun to have special needs and wanting to blend in. Thank you IMAX STAFF

Cameron Robbins

Hands down the best theater in the United States. Only 8 of these types of theaters exist in the world and it's right here in Readind, MA

Annie C Collins Suazo

I had a very good experience with Debra Coviello. She was my sales associate. She was patient, kind, easy to talk to, and super helpful. If I go back to Jordan’s I’ll be asking for her. She’s not pushy at all which I love. Ask for her if u want outstanding customer service

Alan Oliphant

Great place for a movie! Great sound & picture! And you can eat a meal if you want @ Fudrukers(not sure of spelling) restaurant which is great.

Peter Galvin

Great place to see a 3D movie

t nibbles

I watch the house with the clock in ita walls there

Rob Hunt

Excellent theater and staff. This is one of the only IMAX laser projection and 12 channel surround sound theaters on the east coast, which means it's one of the best theatrical experiences to be had anywhere in the area. Huge props to the owner for creating something like this, with no expense spared.

John Foster

Wouldn't let me into a movie because I had a backpack. I would have even let them search it, but they said they're not allowed at all. It was ridiculous. Is this a new rule I'm not aware of?

Sai Rudrangi

Loved the experience

Gregory Sawin

One of eight 4K digital iMax theaters in the world. Huge crisp screen, killer sound.

Chris Bynoe

Best place to see Marvel movies! And cheaper IMAX 3D than AMC.

Raya Stoynova

We enjoyed amazing time! One of the best places I've been

Armando C

This is the best movie experience you can get. No question. The best. I’m tempted to buy some furniture every time too.


Jordan's IMAX has one very very large theater with incredible sound and a insanely large screen. There pick in movies is ok, they also have a good refreshments stand.

Taylor Emerson

I absolutely love this place, by far the best movie theater, ever!!

Stephen Dysert

This is THE best screen I've ever been to. Memory foam seats with subwoofers in each chair. I always make a point to go early though. The screen is HUGE and it's a much better experience if you get a seat in the middle about halfway back. You don't want to get stuck looking up for two hours, especially if you are watching 3D. On opening night that means arriving a full hour early. But there's lots to do, and concessions are really really reasonable-many things for under 5 dollars. Jordan's is very proud of the quality experience they offer and it shows. Whether it's ice cream, Fuddruckers,a ropes course or art made of candy or a musical fountain light show, this place goes all out. For only 13 dollars a ticket, what are you doing paying almost that much for a lame screen somewhere else?

Zacharie McInnis

My wife and I went to see Captain Marvel yesterday, the movie itself was good, but the experience you get at an Imax can't be topped. The sound is loud, and immersive with the "buttkicker" amplifiers under the seats. I don't think the seats are as comfortable as the ones at the Regal cinemas closer to our home, but those recline, and I don't believe that would be possible due to the fact they would have to redo all the seating and would most likely lose some in the process. The employees at the counter were very friendly, cool little place to go, especially on a rainy, seeing how we killed 3 hours in the Jordan's outlet the theater is located in before the movie started, and there's also a place inside to grab a bite to eat before or after the movie. overall we had a great experience.

Kirthana G

Beautiful spot for a nice weekend evening! Mall has ziplines and obstacle course for kids! Loved the water fountain show, periodically for every 30mins!

Carol Pesti

There isn't a better theater to see a movie. Prices are reasonable for 3D IMAX.

Jason Barratt

The best theater I have every been to. Sound, picture, everything was amazing.

Bill Dennis

Great place to watch new movies

katherine HARAKE

Tourists visiting Boston should put this on their itinerary. Experience is mindblowing even mediocre movies are amazing here!

Tim Coll

Always a blast to see a movie in IMAX, popcorn is good. A little difficult to navigate your way the store to find theater, however. Make sure you arrive with plenty of time.

Katie Cambria

Purchased my ticket to the 10:15PM showing of Fantastic Beasts last night at the Reading location. I’ve been looking forward to the premiere of this movie all friggin year. And I wanted to experience it at it’s fullest potential. Last time I was at the IMAX, Beauty and the Beast was playing. It was 3D And it was absolutely phenomenal. Nothing can compare. So of course I wanted to see this highly anticipated blockbuster in IMAX 3D. Well... To my dismay, I was sadly mistaken. First off, no one was offered 3D glasses when entering the theater. I’m just confused because when googling showtimes as every other theater in the state had listings of separate showtimes for both 3D and standard versions. The IMAX website offers only one option, no alternative. It’s listed verbatim as, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, sans 3D following the title. Is this establishment not titled, “Sunbrella IMAX 3D Theater, Reading? I figured since all the other theaters listed the standard and 3D versions with separate showtimes, I just thought because, I’ll say it again “Sunbrella IMAX 3D Theater”. People go to the IMAX for this ultimate experience, seems illogical to show a standard version of such a movie. One of the most highly anticipated movies of the year, with highly anticipated magical special effects. It defeats the purpose of going to the IMAX. People who prefer IMAX, are looking to be blown away. To be amazed. As I was amazed seeing Beauty and the Beast. I couldn’t wait to experience the wonder of it all. The amazement. I’m beyond disappointed as I’m a huge Harry Potter fan. I drove out of my way to go to the IMAX, when Showcase Cinemas is right down the street from me, offering a preference of standard and 3D versions, reclining comfortable seats and just as comparable to IMAX. I’m a single mom. Being able to take myself to a movie that’s not PG is rare. I wasted my one night off by deciding to go to this theater. Who knows if I will have the chance to see it again before it’s gone. This isn’t just mere disappointment, I feel jipped, cheated. I feel they are misleading people. There should be some sort of stipulation that THIS MOVIE IS NOT IN 3D!!!!! Unacceptable!!!!! Even my popcorn sucked.

Lisa Archdeacon

great place to get furnature and the kids show is fun for the kids

Krlos Maze

Great image and sound quality

Punished Kerry

Black Panther elevates superhero cinema to thrilling new heights while telling one of the MCU's most absorbing stories -- and introducing some of its most fully realized characters

Dario Finkel

Just incredible

Michael Hudson

Great screen, of course. Seats which once seemed quite nice pale compared to most modern movie theater seating.

Amanulla Basha Syed

Great Screen and Great movie experience ✌️

Robert Murch

Imax is the only way to see a movie. The sound at this theater is mind blowing...and the screen is huge with sharp graphics and rich colors. My only minor complaint.....the seats are all in one row...there are no aisles in the middle. So definitely hit the bathroom before you go in....or you are going to have to say "excuse me" 25 times while you make your way to the end of the aisle. You could just sit near the end...but i have found the optimal seats are dead center in the theater.

sean noonan

One of the greatest places to watch a movie in IMAX I love this place of so does my family

Johnny Melanson

The only place I go to see a movie because the experience is amazing!

Zachary Grimshaw

Best movie theater I've ever been to and objectively the best movie theater in Massachusetts. Worth making the trip instead of going to your local movie theater.

Gururaj Sridhar

Great place. Fantastic screen. Popcorn is under $4 and reasonable ticket price .. which is a rarity in good theatres these days. sound system is mind blowing. please keep it this way.

Sanad Ishtiwi

Love coming here for epic movies! The best experience for movies in all of New England.

Darrien Chebator

Really messy and slow service

Ari Amiri

An awesome theater. Without a doubt the best movie going experiences in Massachusetts, and 5 bucks a ticket cheapy than seeing a movie in IMAX at any other theater.

Yogesh K

Good movie theatre

Michael Lewis

Great visual and sound. Often need to get there an hour early as they do not have assigned seating, and it can be hard to get good seats sometimes.

k h

Clean and upto date

Chuck Paone

Literally one of the best places on earth to experience a IMAX film. 4d sound system and projection system are world class.

Guillian Lobo

Nice place

Daniel Popp

Awesome experience best way to see a movie.

Jenn Daggett

Loved it,wish i was a kid again

Daniel Doe

State of art surround sound, comfy chairs, best 3D qualty and price better than most 3D theatre prices with fees. Seats way more than the sell tickets for, so always a great seat. Arrive 20+ m early.

Jarrett Gasparini

Still haven't picked up reserved online seating Method like every other so when you want a good seat to a popular movie you have to arrive an hour early. Picture is insane and concessions are cheaper than most.

Mike downey

Best movie screen in new England. Only downside is no reserved seating so have to get there early for big movies

Hasan Elsadig

Best screen in the state

Shawn Harty

Nice, small, big screen

Chris Cyr

Absolutely best place to see an imax movie especially in 3D

Jorge Mendes

Pleasant... quite comfy

John Kittredge

The picture, as always, is spectacular. The sound, however, has repeatedly been way too loud, most recently for Alita, when many people had their fingers in their ears during the excessively loud parts to protect their hearing. I think IMAX does it on purpose to give a better "experience," but all is does is ruin the film. I started bringing earplugs to IMAX screenings, but even that's not enough now to assuage the aural onslaught. Hey IMAX, please reduce the sound to normal levels.

Fino Caraco

Love going to the IMAX and getting a burger at Fuddruckers after the show!!

Stephen Paolini

Seats don't recline but they do rumble. Great theater.

Ashwin Rajesh

The IMAX 3D with 4k laser projection is something you should not miss

Jacin Halcyon

Absolutely the best place to see a movie. The only " Full Immersion" IMAX theater on the east coast and one of only 8 in the world.

Vamsi Krishna

What can i say!!! Bigger Better and Best of IMAX's ever seen. Experience was into next level. Big thumbs up.

hope travis

The theater was good but the concession stand left a lot to be desired the popcorn was gross

Brewha DeFeo

Best movie experience I have ever experienced. If you wanna feel the movie this is the place to go. Only other place you can experience a ride like this is Disney.

Erik Morrison

It made the movie experience so much better

Joseph Harmon

I love Jordan's laser IMAX. If you have not been.. Go!

Tushar Khandelwal

Best 3D experience ever! The amplifier embedded under each seat makes the sound & effects like no where else! Just mind blowing!

Caleb Lilley

My favorite theater for block buster flicks. Can't beat the laser projection and butt kickers!


Best place to watch a movie in Imax. Great this also is that you can bring in your own food from anywhere! Crazy but amazing!

Erika Hartman

Loved the experience, but the 3d glasses were not clean!

Warlord M

Best theater in New England

peter casella

Went to see Lion King in 3D. 3D wasnt working. Made the show run late. They gave us the $2 back for the glasses and watched it in regular. Should have been free IMO

Bruce Wollen

One of the best Imax screens around. Great sound system, including "buttkicker" subwoofers in seats. It's generally too loud though, at full rock concert levels. Digital Imax projection is crisp on the huge screen. Sightlines are good due to the steep auditorium. Try to sit near the middle if it's 3D, since the 3D doesn't work as well off-axis. The biggest drawback is seats. They are not very comfortable compared to many modern theaters. No recline, shared armrests, and a lump that always hits me in the tailbone. But, it's still a great audio-visual spectacle.

Lee Anne D

The most comfortable seats with that incredible hi-tech screen. When we are really looking forward to seeing a movie that comes out, we wont go anywhere else. Never mind you can grab some ice cream before heading in ;)

Daphne Girard

Place was very big and the imax experience was amazing..didnt really like the idea of a furniture store in it tho. But would go back again for sure.

Robert Jean

Way over priced. They wanted me to help pay for theaters...

Janet Hurley

Great show just wish u didnt have to stand in line so long....could let you in sooner

Cameron McIntosh

Nice place but do not like rumble in the seats.


Every experience I've had here in the last 4 years has been top notch. Every movie has been worth it to boot.

Athanasia Dariotis

I didn't go to the theater I was furniture shopping or furniture browsing we bought a bed there last year spent 5000 $ on it and although we don't look like glamorous ppl we really would appreciate if we didn't get looks from employees as if we don't belong there we can easily go elsewhere but we come here cuz we like it if u have a problem with how I'm dressed or the way I look u can also look the other way there r others willing thanks

Connie Dellarusso

Place is awesome!

drew Johnson

It was all good until they kicked us out the back.... but otherwise was all good...

tom oconnor

The best way to see a movie!

JJF 2381

This's the best IMAX theater in New England. I've seen many movies here and I've always liked it. Thing to know: The building is around back. It's not really visible from the road.

JustBeingHonest Zzzz

Had fun!

saravanan mariappan


Avik Mondal

Awesome experience of 3D movie I have ever had. Liked it very much.

Kittisak Srisoonthornthai

Best place to see a movie

Green plasma


Nelson Velez

Best place to watch super heroes movies

Thomas Jevon

Fabulous imax. Theatt

Rebecca Leeds

Very nice theater, not a lot of room in the aisles which is kind of uncomfortable but the large screen makes up for it

ie Yang Yoe

Truly the best IMAX3D experience in NEW ENGLAND. With 3D laser projector, crisp image & Thundering sound, comes with very reasonable ticket price. The only thing I hate is the long wait. Have to come very early, becuz it's a free seating cinema

Jeetendra Pujari

The best movie watching experience in Boston. Huge IMAX screen, IMAX sound and butt kickers. Only caveat being they don't have reserved seating and recliners. But for the price it is more than worth it. Make sure you arrive at least an hour in advance for popular movies or else u will not get a good seat.

William Angelli

The best place to see a movie.

Mike H

Great place to see a BIG movie. It's one of four real IMAX screens in the state.

William Fajardo

When here to see Avengers endgame. The lines are worth it for a fantastic movie viewing experience. Unbelievable images and sounds at the state-of-the-art IMAX theater. This is where we go to see all the big blockbuster movies and the price is only about a dollar more than a regular movie theater. Plus the ice cream is delicious from Richardson's. What's better than eating a big Sunday while watching a movie? Answer not many things.

Colin Faulkner

We saw Lion King and the floor shook and the screen was HUGE. They also sold a small popcorn that couldn't be used as a kitchen trash bag after. Just the right size.

Tim Callaghan

Great place to watch a movie, especially post release date. I'm not a fan when the theater is packed. Pro tip, grab Fuddruckers to go and eat in your seat.

Jeanne Satterfielf

Loved it

steven rancourt

One of the best imax I've been to

Joao Bruno Trindade

Great technology but not well clean.

Michael Macarelli

Best movie theater screen and sound system ive ever been to. The popcorn is personally not that good to me. Seating is not reserved seating so that's a negative about this Theatre. Seats are comfortable but a little small. Still give the theater four stars for the movie going experience.

Stephanie Nelson

Great theater, the 3d isn't worth it though. The glasses were dirty for my friend & myself. The sound is great, the picture seemed a bit blurry at times- but that may have been due to the glasses. I have only been the one time for the 3d movie, and only went 3d because the other times were sold out. I would go back to see another movie, just skip the 3d.

Carole Ferro

State of the art IMAX Theatre. Suggest buying tickets in advance on line. The place to see action movies.

Jude Douglas

High quality and affordable

Steve Lipofsky

Just WOW. The only IMAX with the new technology in New England (only 8 in the world. Super friendly and cheerful staff. Way comfortable seats, modest prices. Perfect low key lighting before the show. Just saw Dunkirk there. Just WOW!

Sandeep AR

One of the biggest imax screen with butt kickers!!! Best cinema experience ever !!!

Harrison Makofsky

They say it'll be the best movie viewing experience of your life, and for me, each time is.

Marco Hanna

Best. Theater. Ever.

Richard Bucko

Awesome!! Can't get any better.

Tasha Hight

Best 3D

Dave Gallagher

If you haven't been to Jordan's then you have not experienced true movie greatness. All seat positions are excellent. The sound and picture is amazing.

joseph bettencourt

I had a great experience and the staff was very helpful and nice.

Ken Jones

The screen is great. Sound is great. My only complaint is the seats. This is a furniture store... why aren't they the best, most comfortable reclining seats available? Also, you'll get lost finding the theater and leaving the theater.

Andrew Tauro

Best movie experience ever, at the Reading theater. If you are watching a big action flick elsewhere, you are wasting your money. Concessions could be better, popcorn isn't the freshest but OK. And seating isn't reserved, so come a bit early to get the good spots. But off-late isn't getting sold-out. The really large screen, very sharp, coupled with the awesome sound, and "butt-kickers" - amplifiers/sub-woofers under every seat - make you "feel" the action. Afterwards, can always grab a bite at Fuddruckers, or kids can enjoy the "beanstalk".

Duncan MacLeod

Best place around to see a movie in Imax. Not assigned seating so show up early for big movies like Marvel or Star wars for good seats, but don't go paying $20 at another theater for worse audio and video. Here $12 gets the best all around experiences for imax in the area.

Ty Tremblay

Best screen and sound in MA. No reserved seating, so if you're seeing a popular movie you might want to get there early.

Jason Healey

Imax is truly its own type of viewing experience due to the proximity to the screen and the completeness of the sound experience. Friendly staff, the ability to wander through Jordan's many levels and other venues makes this a top theatre choice, though grim movies will seem a little grimmer for the kiddies (personal experience) than maybe watched at home or in a traditional theatre.

Gabriele Manganaro

This place is huge. All the furniture you can think of

Tyrone Evans

Great deals! I appreciate the fantastic service received in selecting my new furniture.

Stephen Germino

Love the experience

Rob Caron

Nice IMAX theater, good prices (during the week at least). I don't like that I have to walk half way through the store to get there, and I hate that it isn't reserved seating.

William Williams

IMAX theater is the bomb, it's the only place to see 3D

steve germino

IMAX is fantastic. Worth the higher price.


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