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Where is IMAX 3D Theater at Jordan's Furniture Natick?

REVIEWS OF IMAX 3D Theater at Jordan's Furniture Natick IN Massachusetts

Patrick Yu

Love it here! The seats are really comfy and i’ve never had a bad experience here. Keep in mind though there are no assigned seats so be prepared to show up early especially if it’s a super popular movie!

Umakanth P

The best place to watch movies on the IMAX screen....

Debra Russell

Great experience for full experience of movies. Especially enjoyed 3D movies with special effects.

Eve Dejesus

A bit of a maze to get to the theater but it was fun

Avnish Singh

Although movie experience was amazing but it could have been better if seats will be little wider

Sky run

It is getting old, I have been going there for almost 5 years, used to be impressive but not anymore, last time I was annoyed by the mechanical noise comming from the top.

rams rich

First time going to an IMAX and the last. Pre made popcorn and pipe water tasting drinks made the family feel very ill after. The seating is average even with memory foam seating. Framingham amc 9 blows the doors off this IMAX! The lazy boy seating is like a bed and clean .

Agnieszka Mikolajczyk

My husband and I had a wonderful experience in a store. Our salesman was knowledgeable and he knows our needs. We bought a perfect mattress for us. But I am really disappointed with delivery. We have the worst experience ever....

Mark deSouza

We had recently gone to the Jordan's IMAX theatre in Natick, MA. Even though they claim to be an IMAX theatre, it is NOT one. After purchasing the tickets, they told us that it was not one. We bought a lot of food from the concession stand was going to keep the food, but just wanted a refund for the tickets. The manager who was working that night was horribly rude. This was on 9/5/10 for the 6:45 pm show. We decided to just watch it as they wouldnt give us a refund, even though the movie had not started yet, and the manager continued to be rude. Half way through the movie, they realized that some of the lights had to turned off. This further states how unprofessional they were. A bunch of thieves! I work for a school district, and we have students that go to the Boston area on field trips a lot. I will make sure that no one goes to this theatre, for whatever reason! We had plans of sending 3 classes to the new Harry Potter movie coming up next month. Thanks to how unprofessional the people at the Jordan's IMAX theatre in Natick, MA, we will not recommend this theatre to anyone! In fact, I will make sure they go to the MOS or any other theatre for a movie.

Joseph Ting

Not a bad seat in the place. Reasonably priced

Cristina De Andrade


Tim Holland

Love seeing movies here, will always go there over a regular comparison!!

Casey Sawyer

Watching a movie here is amazing, watching it in 3D is unbelievable!

Donovan Bailey

Seats are not very comfortable. Also no assigned seats. Pass pass pass

Da Unik

super comfortable seats. you have to go early so you get good seats because its not a giant theater. Excellent sound and quality. My #1 choice for big movies with a lot of special effects in 3D.

Patrick Egan

Great place, good prices and awesome sound

Alex Crumb

Excellent IMAX theater with fantastic sound. Never too crowded, if you get tickets ahead of time. Great for big 3D movies.

Jeremy Krantz

Came here a few days ago with the wife to go see 'The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug'. The tickets set us back $26 but it was all worth it as IMAX brings these types of movies to a whole new level with the incredible sound and gigantic screen sizes. Upon arriving there was a bit of confusion as to where to buy the tickets, but after a couple of minutes we figured it out and then joined the long line of people waiting to get in. You get the tickets at the same place you get your concession items. Nothing is indicated but we managed. We got in and were handed 3D glasses and after a few minutes of waiting around. the trailers began. Then a Jordan's ad for Tempur-Pedic and then more trailers but this time in 3D. And then, darkness, silence and the movie. All in all, it was a very enjoyable experience. The screen is amazing and the sound is great albeit a bit too loud. Oh and the seats could have a bit more support. 2 hours into the movie my ass hurt. Oh and you have to walk fairly deeply into the store to get into the theater. It's done on purpose obviously but how many people are REALLY going to be buying a couch on their way to a movie? Give me a break. Overall, I'd definitely consider going back for more movies in the future, but only big releases and the fact that it's easy to get too, right off of route 9 made everything worth it. It's a bit pricier than other movies, but it's a lot more immersive of an experience. The staff was very friendly as well which is another plus and the auditorium was very clean as well.


One of my favorite places to watch an epic movie. BEST seats, sound and screen. Fully inveloped in whatever you watch there. Prices are decent but well worth it for the quality.

Robert Blasi

Given the choice, I prefer the IMAX at the Aquarium. I don't like the Tempur-Pedic chairs here -- they feel stiff and uncomfortable to me. I also think they deaden the low-frequency "thumpers" in the chairs. It's a nice theater otherwise -- large screen, good sound, decent concessions, and it is steps away from Kelly's Roast Beef and the Jordan's store.

Shashank Tadepalli

Definitely worth watching a movie here..The screen is very big and the sound system is terrific especially the buttkickers...However, if you want a good seat, reach early as the seats are unreserved...

Mark Schlitz

Sound quality and seat kickers make this place 5 stars right off the bat. Screen is ginormous, seats are pretty comfy memory foam, and I've always had a good experience. I'd recommend getting your seat as early as possible though. While there is ample seating, the front half is just too close IMO.

Jose Luis Maldonado

- each Chair has bass kickers/vibe, (to make you feel like your in the movie, Hobbit in iMAX was Perfection) - each Chair has Tempur-Pedic mem.foam on your seat, back, & armrest. (you are never uncomfortable) - the Best Quality Surround Sound system you will ever experience(clear voices, clear sound, never annoying, never loud sound) - Best 3D you will ever experience(I especially love it when just before each iMAX 3D movie, they do a 10, 9, 8, 7, etc. countdown in 3D. That will NEVER get old for me.) - stadium seating: is the Most inclined movie theater you will ever visit, (this allows the screen to be seen lower, higher, and closer to the screen) Pricing is remarkably the same as your regular theater tickets. - The fit and finish of this theater is so perfect, I drive 1 hour and a half for my movies. I would pay more for this quality movie experience. Tickets are ALWAYS sold-out, so buy them on Jordan's IMAX website. Just finished watching, Avengers 2: Age of Ultron in iMAX 3D. It was awesome! Man... I need to move to Natick.

khuong nguyen

I Love the sound system in this theater. If you want a true 4 D experience, this is the theater for you. The seats vibrate with the sound system. There are surround speakers throughout the theater and speakers built into the headrest. The screen are ginormous. You can feel every explosion vibrating through your body. This is a great place to see any new release action movie. The cost is like any other theaters.

Sudarshan Rammurthy

This seems like a over hyped theatre. No recliner chairs, no reserved seating and not all movies are played in full screen... They play monotonous and annoying music before the movie starts, compared to AMC which plays advertisements. Would prefer AMC any day over this. If you don't arrive early ( 30 mins before movie starts) you might end up sitting in front row. Also, seats are so close by, you will feel crammed. Thumbs down for this place.

Hitendra Raulji

Excellent for 3d movies. Watched jungle book recently. Its like movie coming alive. Staff was very friendly. Found prices bit on the higher side, specially they charge for 3D Glasses which is not so cool.

Amartya Datta Gupta

Great movie experience! The butt kicker seats and the bigger screen makes for an awesome experience! Brought Dunkirk to life.

Kate Bradley

Hard to find the turn because street sign want posted, but enjoyed the experience!

Jim Lee

Assigned seating would be nice. Otherwise, it's great.

Rob Ouzounian

I went to see "Free Solo" which was mind blowing. Sound and picture were perfect. The reason for the 3 Stars is because of the seat comfort and the vibrating chair feature which, if I had been watching a more action-packed film, would have been absolutely distracting and annoying. The vibration level set to ultra mega and while watching a couple of the trailers, I thought the chair was going to take off at some points!! Turn the "butt shaker" feature off and I think the majority of patrons will be happier with the viewing experience. Also new non-temperpedic seat pads would be a good upgrade too. The seat I was in offered very little support and felt like I was sinking into it.

jean choquette

Awesome experience to say the least! Nicely set up for maximum fun! Great pricing on movies, good snack bar, very friendly staff, amazing seating with "butt kickers" I will choose imaxx over Regular theater every Time. Enjoy

Bryant Chang

Great movie theater and amazing IMAX projection

Skylar Joseph

Great theatre. Not badly priced either, considering its IMAX.

Marc Baghadjian

This theater is the coolest movie theater I have ever been to after the 4D cinema at Universal Studios Florida. Whoever thought of temperpedic seats, and sound built into chairs really desearves an applause. Love coming here. Wish every theater was a Jordan’s.

Juan Ramirez

The new upgraded Sunbrella theater is beautiful. The new memory foam seats are incredible and make the experience much more enjoyable. I love this place. Price per movie is also very reasonable.

Jillian Alberti

Very good movie theatre. Waiting in line to go in is different. Prices seem comperable to other theaters. The sound in the seats was neat and added to the experience. Would definitely see more movies there!

Sagar Sapre

I like their but kicking sound seats which gives the ultimate iMAX experience. Although seats are not as comfortable as AMC and has been the same for years.

Casey Comisky

Screen is laughably close to make up for the small size.

Donna Trice

It was very enjoyable to watch the premiere showing of Dumbo...then spend some time browsing in all the furniture displays.

Copie Harris

The Lion King was awesome in 3D. The theater is clean and comfortable

Jonathan Tidman

No better venue to experience a big scree movie. The action jumps out at you and all over you. First class for sure. Order tickets on line in advance to beat the rush. Easy to get to on route 9 in Framingham.

Steven O

It's a really great theater. There are other IMAX facilities, but none better. The most comfortable seats you will ever find on a movie theater. The sound system is beyond definition. Its simply amazing. The seats even rumbled when an onscreen explosion happens. Picture quality is top notch whether its 2 or 3D. If there is a new release that I want to see, I head here.

Michelle Reynolds

Seats are nice. But i sleep on a tempurpedic already. There for. I didn't enjoy the seat making my bum numb, and asleep.

Alex Herrera

I bought a dining table and 8 chairs with protection program, the table got some white spots and the customer service of "protection program" told me that was not covered and is almost impossible to use it. Bad experience.

Steven Gustafson

Best place to see a movie... Anywhere!

Andrew J

Amazing view of movies

Asif Paker

One of the best imax theater, love to see movies at this place. Parking is never an issue and its free.

Lisa Bradley

The seats are a little small, but the sound and the experience is excellent. The price is impossible to beat

Annie B.

I enjoyed this movie theater because when the movie is playing, the seats vibrate

Sugi Senthil

Very good theatre.. only thing I hate is the color(like a laser thing)they play before the movies.. it gives me a headache!

Fei Wang

The theater is good. However, the entry is terrible.

Sudheer Reddy Yata

Awesome movie experience. A must try theater.

Anastas Dancha

Awesome movie theater with humongous screen and good sound. Located in Jordan's Furniture store

Scott Szretter

Amazing sound. Great pop corn. 3d is also amazing.

Gowtham Suresh

Awesome movie experience. Must try it at least once

Sandip Kumar

Movie screen + audio is good. Butt kickers are good as well, but the seats are small n not great.

Alexander Gaetz

Ticket prices as good compared to other movie theaters. And let's you bring your own good.

Kamlesh Chhetty

Jordan's IMAX has one of the best 3D screens in the area. The seats cannot be reserved beforehand unlike AMC.

Mike Turco

I don't make it to the movies much but when I do I try to do Imax. The experience is awesome. Huge screen, massive sound system, and let me tell you about the buttkickahs... Concessions are decently priced however the tickets are a bit higher. I find the online service fee really annoying tho which costs them a star.

Bo Ye

The digital IMAX screen is lovely but the sound system is what makes this place stand out above all the other theaters around. The only one negative is that the empty seats can rattle a bit in response to the powerful subwoofers.

Sumit Ghosh

I live watching movies here. Apart from the huge screen and awesome sound, each seat is is equipped with "butt kickers", which takes the movie experience to a totally different level. Among the movies I watched here, I lived watching Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom the most.. the feeling of those kickers and the woofer was simply awesome. Kudos.

Sean Falkner

This is my go to location for movie watching. I wish there were more advanced IMAX theaters like this one. The only reason I wouldn't recommend is if you are a person that gets easily motion sick. The experience is immersive.

Prahallad Ponnathota

Location is great but smaller than reading ma iMax

chris chen

The best movie theater in Natick. Comfortable chairs. Big and high resolution screen. Wonderful sounds. Last but not least, reasonable price.

Syed Masroor

The seats are awesome and the sound effects are "felt" and heard :-)

Scott Carlson

Great immersive experience. Helpful staff, and slightly more reasonable prices than other theaters, too.

Mr Big

Great place to watch a movie . Very clean and prices are very fair

Neal Howland

Never had a bad experience here. Dunkirk on the massive screen was out of this world!

Peter Casparriello

$11.50 for an adult ticket. Popcorn and drinks way less money than AMC. Experience is awesome the way the theater is set up. Save money and have a better movie experience


The staff here was absolutely amazing the night of the Avengers: Endgame movie on the first night of it's showing (Thursday) at 10. I'm being specific because I can't remember the names of the people who helped us, but they were all working that night and were amazing. I had come with a friend and my mother that night, and my mother has M.S. and uses a walker to get around. As soon as we walked into the furniture section, a gentleman came right up to us and asked if we were going to see the movie. We said yes, and he immediately directed us to a shortcut where there was an elevator so my mother wouldn't have to walk that much. We were so appreciative. From there, we were escorted by a young man to a waiting area with a bench and was told that a young woman would come and get us to direct us to our seats for the handicap area for my mother. Everyone from the very beginning of our experience went above and beyond for us, and more specifically, my mother, and we couldn't have been more happy and appreciative for it. Thank you guys so much!

Henry G

The only way to watch a movie. The audio system is amazing, the screen is breathtaking, total immersion. This theater is absolutely fantastic. I could go on and on, and I will but it is something you have to experience for yourself to truly appreciate. With all that being said, being that this theater is actually in Jordan's furniture store, there is no place to get food. They have most of the snacks you want for your movie going experience. But if you want something to fill you up bring something with you. I have seen people have stuff delivered while they wait in line. And while we are on the subject of lines. Since this theater only shows big blockbusters there is usually a line. There is no assigned seating. And its first come, so get there early. Once you see a movie here you won't want to see another any other way.

Marina Marina

Always new good movies!

Cam Kessler

Great screen

Kristina Vieira

Great prices! Way better than amc.

Susan Horn

Best place for a movie. Amazing screen, tempurpedic seats. Vibrations with loud noises (on purpose!) CHEAPER than regular chain theaters!

Danny Wolf

Don't get too close to the screen with the IMAX 3D glasses. The glasses are horizontally and vertically polarized, which means that if your head is tilted (which happens naturally when you turn your head to see the whole screen) you see the image in triple. The sound is great though.

Kristen Olson

Went to Jordan's today with the intention of buying a sectional sofa and mattress with my husband, but we were made to feel so uncomfortable that we left. The sales approaches were over the top in the "sleep lab." We were approached by a woman who wanted to set measure us and stuff, but when we said no thank you, that we just wanted to look around first, we were given attitude. She said, "ok, but they all look the same." We left almost immediately after. If people want to look around, they should be encouraged to do so. We have bought many products from this particular Jordan's in the past and never felt so uncomfortable.

JT Jutras II

The screen is unbelievably huge. Movies seen here are that much more incredible.

Molly Simpson

OMG best experience movie EVER. (The movie we saw was good so that helped.) Anyway, it's a great theater with extremely comfortable seats that you fall into. The seats have this vibration thing so when there's a lot of action and excitement the seats vibrate along with the music. It almost feels like you are on a wild ride. Plus, the previews are short (usually only one for the next movie that will be playing). And there's a Kelly's Roast beef onsite if your hungry before the show. I never want to watch a movie at any other theater. Only 2 downsides: 1) It was really loud, like just a little too loud. 2.) They make you wait in line for a while before they let you in which gets annoying.

Matthew Simoneau

This is a great theater. You do have to walk quite a ways through the furniture store to reach it, though.

Andrew O'Connell

Always a great place to catch a movie. Comfortable seats, reasonable concessions, and the subwoofers under the seats are great for action movies.

Fintan Duffy

Superb theatre.

Yi Liu

Great experience

Christopher Howard

Great atmosphere. Wonderful people. They let you bring your own food and drinks which is awesome.

Ahd Ben kheder

Love the experience. The sound and 3d effect are crazy

Stephen crasco

The picture and sound was the best.

Akilan Chandrasekaran

Best IMAX Theater ever!!!. Seat's are amazing, definitely worth a visit for 3D movies.

Joshua Bruno

Best theater around... Huge screen, comfortable seats, immersive sound.

Rupesh Trivedi

Huge screen saw 1st time we don't have in NJ

Jacqui Roy

bad for disabled people. Handicap parking is at the main entrance of the store but the theater is all the way on the other side of the building. it's terrible.

Rammses Correa

Disappointing. Got there and although it's advertised as a 3D theater, it does not have any showing in 3D format. It's also one showroom so you will only have the option for one movie only on different times.

Kristen B

Great place to see a movie!

alpesh kothari

Best theater for watching 3D movies. Those vibrating seats are awesome!!

Tanya collette

Best theater around for children. Travel from worc ma area often to view movies here with the kids !!

Tiffany Wallace

Good place to enjoy films. Long walk through Jordan’s to get there & choice is limited, but quite comfortable.

Jim White

Giving it a star because the sound is better than a plain theater not nearly the Atmos quality but the tickets are cheap for a reason there probably is about 25 chairs with a decent angle and the chairs are also terrible like airplane seat size and space they might have every type of furniture but the theater isn't a strong suit bottom line spemd the extra money and go to a real theatre !!!!!

Jose Burgos

My favorite place to watch big blockbusters ..comfy seats , great screen great sound ... awesome prices

Kirsten Ulin

Went to Jordan's to see a price I want a air hockey table

koala 07

Goood view from every spot

Ammar Dheyab

Nice place, nice customer service and comfortable seats.

Luis Soto

Best Movie theater ever!

Andrii Yemelianov

Awesome theater! I love! Totally recommend!

Tyler Chaulk

It's always worth it to go to see a movie here. Especially since it's nearly the same price as a regular theater.

Ethan Elkin-Frankston

The theater is nice but the seats are a bit small

Carlos Vidal

Love the entrance.. good service, good sound, good location

Peter kukes

Wonderful fun and friendly staff. Really fun rumble in the seats and crazy big ol screen. Oh also Fallout 4 needs a synth Salem witch trials McCartyism mod. Also we're glad the concession stand doesn't have sushi.

Gib Brogan

An amazing theater.

Rob D

This theater is insane! State of the art presentation with temperature changes and seat movement depending on the film! They make you walk through the entire store to get to the theater, if you have a hard time walking you may want to make alternate arrangements

rishi modi

Saw lots of movies here and recent one was Infinity War...Only issue is that to reach to theater have to walk and go through the Furniture store and then reach your destination...little boring

David Mooers

Best way to see a movie! As a bonus Kelly's roast beef is on premises.

J. Douglas Morrison

I just went there to purchase furniture. A sectional to be precise. But it's an awesome store. Sales staff was friendly & not pushy at all. I'll do all my business with Jordan's Furniture from now on

Myster Mosely

It’s not what it used to be it’s all fake knock off furniture these days. It used to be an amazing place before it was sold. Now the Jordan’s are figure heads and there company is gone.

Matts Aby Jo


Dan Dahlberg

Great theater, and can't complain about movie quality! The seats can become uncomfortable over the course of the movie, and one of the seats had its cushion dislodged from the seat housing, requiring me to use a coat to not make it unbearable. There's no shortcut to avoid the store walkthrough like there is at the Reading theater. The seats at this location are unreserved.

Sean Mallalieu

By far the best place to view movie that I have found, best visuals and audio, albeit a little bit cramped.

Christine Oconnell

Bought our new coffee table online from Jordan’s in natick. Very easy process, emailed to see what time we could pick it up the next day and they answered back right away. When we picked it up the guys were great, loaded it in the car, another guy washed the windshield and we even got popcorn to snack on for the ride home! Excellent experience would definately recommend and do buisiness with them again.

Jeff Grocer

Excellent!!! Great ticket price and lowest prices I've seen for popcorn and soda!

Konstantin Bozhikov

Cons: A very long maze till you get to the cinema.


Best way to watch movie. The screen is so big the 3D is amazing definitely recommend.

Shanna Farrell

Picture and sound were great, but the rumble of the chair was too intense.

Kyle Gouvin

This is an amazing place to see a movie in all its glory and the sound is top notch! The whole building is amazing and take time after the movie to walk around and eat at kellys.

alex pina

I love this movie theater I always drive 45 min to get there for any movie. The screen is the biggest I ever seen

Michelle Brunson

Love that this awesome IMAX theater is so close! As the Leasing Consultant at Woodview at Legacy Farms apartments in Hopkinton I am frequently asked for recommendations by our residents who are new to the area! There are lots of movies that are just better, or must see, in IMAX! This is the place to go!


Comfortable seating, plenty of room!

Shawn Castonguay

Best way to see a movie....3D is awesome....

Russell Bisesi

It is one of the best theaters in eastern Mass.

Gary Clairmont

Comfortable memory foam seats with "buttkicker" speakers in the bottom, great sound that is not too loud, digital projection. Prices are surprisingly LOWER than Framingham 16 theater across RT 9, especially surprising considering the huge IMAX screen, I assume in exchange for the long circuitous walk through all the furniture displays to enter and exit the theater (a fair exchange in my view).

Kalathi Jagadeesan

Very nice theater...

Hannah Buhlig

A bit of pain to get to the back of the store for a movie, and really don't like the lack of reserved seating. My husband and I got there 10mins before showtime, and ended up having to ask a group to move down a seat so we could both sit next to each other. The sound quality is great, but the seats are uncomfortable. I'd rather go to AMC across the street and have reserved seating and a more comfortable experience (in the dine in - the regular seats at AMC are about the same).

Igor Lopes

Best screen to watch movies in the area hands down!!!

David Lewis

The trip from the furniture store to the theater itself was a bit of a maze but the theater is top of the line. It has a fantastic stereo system as well as vibrating seats for the louder sequences of each film. I saw Dunkirk there and there is no doubt in my mind that this was the best way to experience the movie.

Bill Tschantz

Great theater! Seats are awesome

Skynet 5

Butt-kickers make the movie seem like it's right in front of you, next to or even under you. Godzilla 2 was an epic experience.

Ao Usagi

This was the best movie theater I've ever been in my life! It was very easy to find it cause it has everywhere instructions how to get there

Benjamin Violette

Great movie experience. They recently increased fees and do not tell you the fee is for the 3D glasses. If you keep the glasses and bring them back with you, they will refund you the fee.

Dinesh Gundu

Went for Black Panther. Sound system is really good. Butt kickers was the best thing. Could not feel Dolby Atmos effect though. The seats suck! Feels narrower than airline seats, even the legroom.

Robert Merrill

Great place to see a movie

Noy Pettway

Good place to watch movies

Jody Shumaker

This is about the only theater I still go see movies at. Reliably good picture and sound for a reasonable price. Always good seating.

Nancy B

Other than the LONG trek to leave, I really like this theater. Wish there was one closer to me.

Tracy M

The theater really needs to be expanded to accommodate the larger screen.

Sijia Qiu

OMG this place is awesome! The only IMAX place near me. The screen is phenomenal!

Peter Heitman

3D in IMAX is always incredible. The seats with butt-kickers are very good.

Marie Resig

This is a great family activity.We saw the Hubble 3D,the price is more than an average ticket,but it's worth the extra cash. Fun time.

Justin Trombley

Huge screen, cheap for IMAX, comfortable tempurpedic seats. The major downside is lack of assigned seats so you often have to get here 45 minutes early to get a decent spot, as tickets are often sold out.

Joseph Neto

I love it place no better place to be

Frank Vincentelli

Great place for watching eye-candy type movies. Big screen, superb audio and in-seat rumble! Concession stand is typical for a theater (mediocre and grossly expensive), but that is part of the experience. After all, how can you enjoy space explosions without an $8 bucket of popcorn?

yz ds

Real 3D is NOT comparable to IMAX 3D AT ALL! Since I went to see my first IMAX 3D movie at this theater in 2015, I only go to this theater to watch 3D movies, except the Star Wars-Rogue One which I missed the play dates there and had to watch at another place with a so-so visual effect.

Paul Kerswill

Nice theater. Clean and comfortable.

Erin Roach

They should have a bathroom near the exit of the theatres since they close off the other door.

Barbara Miles

We never knew this theatre existed until this fall. We saw Gravity and Catching Fire. What fun. I love the theatre, the seats are very comfortable and I found just the chair I wanted for my family room on our way in the second time we went. Perfect!

LA Faille

The theater is great, but you have to queue up quite early to get a good center seat. The seats on the side of the screen often get a bit of distortion. The seats are comfortable. The price is reasonable.

Gentian Bako

Big screen - perfect for watching new releases

David Kelley

The imax is fantastic and the posturepedic seats are a great treat.

Gary Schnaper

Haha! Great!

Josephine D. Xiong

Basically same prices as a movie theatre and you get to watch a movie on a gigantic screen with surround sound and butt kicker seats! They always seem to pick good movies as well!

Ronaldo Pereira

O my God, this place is the best of the best.

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