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REVIEWS OF Flagship Cinemas Inc IN Massachusetts

Ruthanne B

Great theater! Comfortable seat. Good food

Robert Perry

Over the past 5 years this theater has made great progress! Highly recommend it!

Missy Fitzgerald

Affordable, large movie selection

Marie La Roque

My favorite cinema in the area for its cleanliness and you can choose your seat online and always fast service. The seats are full recliners and super comfy, just bring a blanket and enjoy the show. I love the movie selections and hope this place continues to operate for a long time. Just use your GPS to get there because the entrance is down a road and to the left, and the sign is obscured.

Ruthanne Baker

Great place. I hear no idea where it was. I will be back.

Ashley Hallett

Seats are nice and comfortable and the place was pretty clean but all the employees were pretty miserable and not friendly at all - as though they were inconvenienced by doing their jobs.

Glenn Sharpe

Very clean, nice reclining seats.

Terie Michon

We really love this theater! We love booking and reserving our seats online, walk right in, scan our ticket, and that's it. It's nice to go in a theater knowing you have the Seats you want, or at least having the choice of the seats you don't :). Even if you are late, you still get your reserved seat. The seats are COMFORTABLE, RECLINERS, Lots of leg, elbow AND tush room and you can buy a beer or cocktail and take it into the theater with you! We are going to the theater like once a week now because we like it so much. We need love on The Cape, but a be good theater is worth the 20 minute drive to Wareham. P.S.- usually not complaints, but what the heck was going on with the a.c. tonight? It's was ROASTING in there!

Truth Behind The Lies

It's not an absolute terrible place to see movies, relatively cheap tickets, friendly staff, comfy seats. The problem is that very frequently there are issues with the viewing experience, it's like the people working the projectors don't really care. It's not uncommon that movies will start with no sound, no video, they won't turn the projector on until the previews are already over, and sometimes they'll straight up forget to start the movie altogether. If the movie starts with no sound or no video they won't even restart the movie for you, you'll just have to deal with missing the first 10-15 minutes of the movie or however long it takes them to fix it after someone complains. This isn't just a recent thing that's been going on either, I've been going to this theatre for over ten years now and it's always been like this. I keep coming back because it's the closest theatre to my house and it's usually not very busy compared to other theatres, but the problems are very annoying, anyone that's been going to this theatre for a while has surely experienced it, I'd say a problem happens once out of every 3-4 movies I see.

joe ditsch

They put in reclining chairs and they are really comfortable

Daniel Silva

Prices are cheap and has nice reclining seats

Jane Cardoza

Nice theater. It's been done over since the last time I was here.

Harrison Summerville

I love the experience I'll go through that movie

Benji Matthews

It's cool for Wareham . At least we have a cinema.

Linda Poole

Went to see toy story 4, had a great time, wasn't crazy prices, I had 2 beers and we shared Icees, ate mozzarella sticks, popcorn and a hot dog. Everybody was happy, full and comfortable!

Wendy Verrette

Marvel movie outstanding enjoyed The recliners and buttered popcorn And did not fall asleep!

Jess Ray

Great seats.

Kevin Palma

Excellent theater, great seats.

Bill Jones

It was fine no issues movie theater nothing special

Rek da Knight

The remodeling of this theater is really good plenty of leg room and comfortable large reclining chairs with foot rest built in to them

Thomas Harrington

It was terrible. Plow guy told me I couldn't park in the parking lot. Ever. Like never ever. Most miserable person I've ever met. I will not be going back. Flagship you need to get a new plow guy cause the one you have sucks.

Diane Hershfield

Love this place. Big seats, good popcorn and a bar to kill time if you are early for your movie. Only downside- had to ask for our small theatre to be cleaned before our movie, popcorn everywhere.

Tatsiana Greenberg

Go there often. Good place

J Raye

So glad we found this theater. Used to go to kingston but this place is so much nicer, and it's less than kingston, and they have a bar.

michele haire

Absolutely, love this place! Has alcohol beverages, which is nice. Comfortable seats. Clean environment and professional employees.

Samantha Pelletier

It was a great experience, the seats are wicked comfy. Happy date night! #marriedcouple

Jaime McDade

Enjoyed a Friday night movie with the family in the comfort of Flagship Cinemas. A great theater, great service and good time

Annie Parsons

Wicked awesome after new renovations. Drinks aren't worth it because too overpriced but still an amazing experience

Mike Carlson

Nice theater, large reclining seats.

Mr Realism

Huge Theaters Great Sound Quality And Really Comfortable Chairs. I highly recommend this movie theater it has gotten a lot better. There is also a smsll bar in there. The Tickets Are Also Really Cheap. (I recommend Sneaking In Snacks Because The Snacks Cost More Than The Movie In The Theater) Hope This Was Helpful!

DeAnna Harris

Best movie theater for your money. Comfortable seats and clean


Great prices comfy seats


The renovations make this place great. The chairs are super comfortable, the theater is super clean, in the movie selection is exactly what you would expect it to be.

Maryanne Buckley

Best cinemas around!

Melissa Ball

Pick your own assigned seats to guarantee your prime movie viewing spot, and the seats have electronic controls to recline the seat. Plus it's only $22 for two adults to go! Popcorn doesn't appear to be fresh, but you can butter and salt it yourself and you make your own drink to your specifications. Clean, inexpensive,and comfy!

Garett Pennucci

Awesome reclining seats, beer and wine you can take to your seat.

Janet Rossi

Love the seats now a great improvement

Albert Mui

Very nice movie theater. Live the reclining seats.

Melissa Skinner

Possibly my favorite place on this planet!! I drive 35 minutes to watch movies at this location! Worth the trip everytime

M Redmond

This cinema was recently upgraded to include reclining chairs. The temperature is always very good-not too hot, not too cold. Popcorn is freshly made. There are coupon books floating around which offer some great deals. Love being able to book my seats online.

Yordano Jimenez

You get to reserve your seating and they have very comfy recliner seats!

Karen Disciullo

Great movie theater always clean seats are very relaxing, popcorn always fresh. Candy choices are great for the kids and your own self serve butter area for the popcorn a big hit with the kids.

Madison Darling

Great movie theater, I love the seats. I just had one problem they were messing up my tickets. I asked for a 12:45pm showing and they gave me the tickets but for a 1:30pm showing. I still really like this movie theater though.

Sherri Cote

Went here for the first time and I will say this is one of the nicest and cleanest theatres i have ever been to. Staff was very friendly, we even got to chose out seats when right when we purchased our tickets. We saw detective Pokemon and our experience was great. I will absolutely be back.

Brooke Salt

Favorite theater! Great customer service and prices are the best around. Seats so comfy. Very nice theater.

Kat Sharp

So comfy... loved the movie

Tony McGahan

Never too crowded price is right

Kristina O'Callaghan

Very comfortable. Love the seats.

Megan Magno

Love the seats! Can't beat the Popcorn Bucket Refill for $4. The Initial Investment of the Bucket Is Worth It!

Jeff Phillips

Only movie theater I go to now. Won’t ever sit in normal movie theater seats again!

Dan Lopes

Great place to see a movie. Quick access to buy tickets and the best seats!

Raeann Johnson

Great reclining seats, lots of leg & walking room and plenty of parking! A fantastic theatre!

Elizabeth Calvin

I haven't been here in a few years and they've upgraded all the seating to reclining chairs. Also they have digital check in so you can buy tickets online ahead of time


Quite comfortable and relaxing to watch a movie. The reclining seats allowed us to shift positions without bothering someone else!

Danielle Gilmore

They recently redid the theater and the seats now are super comfortable. Make sure to reserve seats ahead of time for popular movies, otherwise you'll be in the super front row (still have an okay view of the screen). Also the aisle seats are kinda crappy because the aisle lights are distractingly bright.

Dee Gee

It's a big improvement, but it's WAY too loud---mostly during the previews of coming attractions! We have to put our hands over our ears at times to muffle the ear-piercing audio!! Other than that, it's very nice.

Nicolette Cuoco

Great employees, customer service!

Marisel Hayes

Loved it recliners so comfortable

Liz L

I love love love this theater! It's just like watching a movie in the comfort of my own living room in my recliner. Be sure to pack up points with your Flagship Fanatic Card which will earn you free movies and food.

Tiara Vincent

Definitely the best theater in the area. Super comfy oversized reclining chairs. My daughter noted how she feels like we're the only ones in the theater even though we're not. And it was 15bucks for the 2 of us which is crazy cheap especially considering the quality of the theater. Even the snack bar is reasonably priced. Highly recommended.

Lunette Grojean

Ossom. Friendly staff. Good food and prices. Saw the mule.

Cathleen Voss

The renovation was so nice! I love the leather recliners and fact that they have a bar for the parents. We had a blast seeing Hotel Transylvania 3 there! Everyone who works there is so nice.

Troy Otter

Great movie going experience at a good price. Be warned the chairs can be loud when being adjusted, but if you are lucky with seatmates it shouldn't be an issue during the movie.

Neil Goldsmith

Always a good time

Jonathan Dallmeyer

A gem of a theater; it's always clean and well kept. Very modern inside too. You can tell that the employees care about the place and take their jobs seriously. Pig and Whistle has a nice little selection of booze and food (mind the 2 drink limit) for prices that are more than reasonable given the sticker shock at other theaters. Seats are comfy and recline with the press of a button, although my last visit I noted some leftovers in the seat from a previous patron; no sticky floors though! Sounds is great and the screens are large, projectors were bright and vivid.

Michael Maxim

This place has vastly improved since the remodel. However, it still feels like there's room for improvement. I don't know if it's the theme or the floor layout, but something feels off. Also, staff could use some personality and motivation. They rarely smile and seem to get really freaked out when it's busy.

Shannon Precourt

I love this movie theater bc it's NEVER crowded, the prices are good and when you buy your tickets at the theater, you can pick your seats! Also, the staff is super friendly!

KC 135

Great time! Very comfortable seats, recliners. Beer and wine if so inclined.

Charles Barros

Clean, cofortable reclining chairs

Michelle Goler

Nice out of the way theatre Done over nicely

Kevin Flateau

The new recliner seating is super comfortable. The movie presentation was clear and the volume wasn't too high.


Oh definitely my favorite theater good seating lots of leg room the food isn't the worst prices but could be better

Charles George

Great place for your viewing pleasure. Plenty of food and drink choices, great recliners and accommodating staff.

They call me Kaiden

It’s comfy and follow me on insta Kaidenm_06

Linda Sanville

Excellent theater. Admission is reasonably priced and reclining seats are very comfortable. Also there is more then ample room to walk by someone seated without having to climb all over them.

Frank Yang

Great seats that recline and the pitch be of the seats between rows is the largest on any theater I have been to. The only issue is that the movie was scheduled to start at 6:50pm which is when I would expect the trailers to okay. However, they kept playing ads until 6:57pm before the trailers started. No excuse for starting the trailers 7 minutes after the scheduled start time.

Fella Jones

place is great, real clean, awesome seats

Chine McNair

Great place. No hassel, no drama, just like all other movies theaters except they are smaller sho they cost less. You can actually afford to take a family of four to the movies!

Jim Zamecnik

Never been there. But I'm sure it's awesome.

Elberta Warburton

Comfy cozy reclining seats with plenty of space

Brenda Ireland

Turn ceiling lights down once previews start.other than that it's a nice theatre.

Craig Smith

This is a nice theater. To start, you can pick your own seats when you purchase your tickets, so you know where you're sitting, kind of like airline seating. Popcorn and candy is expensive, but that's true at any theater. The seats are amazing, basically a home recliner for every seat. The screens are nice and the sound was good. We'll definitely go back.

jeremy perkins

The theater has really taken a huge step forward, they have put in great seats and a bar for those who need an adult beverage at the movie. The price is right as well less then $10 to see a movie now a days is unheard of. I think it is worth your time to skip the big chain theaters and go to flag ship in Wareham.

Annetta Smith

Recliners food drinks etc good movies reasonable rates. My great nephew and I and sometimes other family will only go here

James Spencer

Very clean and comfortable theater. Staff is good too

Emma O'Neil

Good movie theater - the movie started later than advertised due to the fact that they were still cleaning the theater; however, it was worth the wait. The theater was super clean. The seats are very comfortable and I plan on returning here again soon.

Don Foose

Great place to watch a movie with family.

Billy Lopez

So much nicer, just wish they served hard liquor!

Lorna Carroll Carroll

Nice seating clean good food

Brandon Washburn

Much better since the renovation, recliners are confortable, staff are always polite, theatre is usually clean. Nice theatre to catch a movie

Caroline C

Saw Wreck-It Ralph here. The seats are really comfy and it's well priced but their business is mostly families so there was a lot of mess from spilled popcorn, etc. in the lobby.

Cheryl Denton

Great visit. Polite staff. Accommodating to a bag for the kids package as always had been.

Joseph Smith II

Does Flagship Cinema Wareham have Birthday Deals on your birthday only with a picture ID

Thomas R Varricchione

Comfortable theaters with reclining seats. Food offerings are what you would expect, except they now have a bar for adult beverages. Prices are better than other theater chains, though I don't agree with processing fee for tickets bought ahead of time on the internet. They aren't the only theater chain doing that and they should stop. They get assured revenue whether you show up or not. Why they charge for getting secure, advance payment is beyond me. Let the t by eater chains know that the practice stinks and should stop!

John Rogers

The movie theater has been renovated recently with a amazing modern feeling. The best improvement is the powered recliners. They break sometimes but are repaired quickly. Another great feature is picking your own seat ahead of time online and then you can pickup the tickets at a self serve kiosk.

Christopher D'Anna

Great local spot to grab a movie

Bill Asmussen

Mostly good. There is one employee there when we go on the weekends that is a jerk sometimes (Curt). Once yelled at us to leave while we were watching credits to see if there was a post credit scene. Could have just politely let us know that there wasn't one... The rest of the staff is great, however, and is polite and friendly. The theater is nice looking with the new upgrades, and the reclining seats are great.


Best of all the theaters I've been extremely comfortable seating

Jasper Does Stuff

Great movie theater, seats are comfortable and food is good. But there has been scares of lice so put your hood up or bring a pillow

stevanie cornwall

Love, love love this theater. Quick service. Comfortable seating. Amazing popcorn and food.

Mike Sears

The most comfortable seating the chairs recline all the way back plenty of room between people one of the most comfortable best movie theaters I've been to. and their IMAX theater is out of this world

Twixted Minds

Love this theater. Will go here before ever going to the mall any day

Douglas Sewall

Very clean and great family atmoshere

Threasure sparks

Five feet apart very good movie go check it out

Jordan Wilson

I love it! Flagship was clean and spacious. The seats were comfortable and roomy, the service was awesome and the food was fresh and surprisingly good. I will definitely be going there more often.

sky book

I come here all the time great service and great experience.

Jason Eldridge

Good theatre, friendly and reasonably clean. Free refills on drinks, which is nice. Warning...seats are a cell phone trap. Recline back and out they slide as there is a huge gap that allows the phone to drop under the chair an out of site.

Kimberly Cambra

The renovations they did are amazing! The theaters are clean and spacious and the seats are SO comfortable! And I love that they still have matinee prices in the afternoon (since MANY theaters don't offer that anymore).

kurt collett

Love the recliners to watch a movie in really comfy. Less people too only aboit 35 people per theater which is awesome

Kevin Curtin

Beers and a movie in reclining chairs can't beat it

sandee pike

love the seats and screens could have been warmer but may have been me.

Maureen Coughlin

Seniors only pay 775 to go to a show the seats are reclinable and they're so so comfortable but they said it was clean I love this place

digg dogg

It's ok. A little small and the seats could be better.

Frances Costa

Best seats and popcorn!

Kaitlyn Mahoney

Funky, tucked away theater. Very nice inside, clean, and they have alcohol service though drinks are served in plastic cups, othereise would give five stars. Seats recline and are very comfortable.

Isaac Dubin

Power recling seats are a nice touch

Lil Fit Vibe

Amazing experience I love how the large soda lasted the whole movie and the seats were sooo comfy ! We will def be back !


Amazing prices great interior and the chairs are super well made. I've been going here since I was a kid and I love what they've done with the place.

Therese Willey

Even though prices went up still comfortabld seating and not too crowded

David Ramos

Love the upgrades to lobby and seats. Hate seating arrangement. Don't think it's fair many days in advance to be able to pick seat position unless for large party or families with small children. Should be able to buy seats with the ability to sit where you want if you arrive first(theaters are small and first few rows suck). If you can't make it in a timely manner then it should be first come first serve. Either that or put a (little) discount/premium based on seat location.


The staff are super friendly here, food and snacks here are priced well, (for a theater) the seats are comfortable and it was an overall excellent experience. Al was very pleasant and nice to talk to and I enjoyed my movie. (Spiderman: Far From Home)

Peter Coombes

They have nice reclining chairs with plenty of room around you. just make sure you buy your tickets online ahead of time and select the seat that you want. The screen quality and sound quality is very good but they don't have some of the latest technologies.

Jeff Freeland

Reclining chairs....sold.

James Cornwall

Amazing new seating. Very cheap tickets. Well priced concessions. I havent tried the bar, but its there so probably worth checking out!

Gary Wood

The bar, although small and limited for food, was a great addition!

Chris Ohandley

Best cinema around, hands down

Jessica Wilson

My favorite movie theater!!

Glitch overlord

Really nice and lines are never long.

Tj Rose

Always clean and always a great atmosphere! When there's no teens around lol!

Jennifer Bowman

The seats of super comfortable love the reserved seating

Joel Graves

The best movie theater ever. It's not as big as an IMAX theater, but it's way more comfortable and cozy.

Jody Disbrow

I have always been treated well here and enjoy this theater every time we go. Can't wait to see the renovation! We're looking forward to the seeing The Grinch today!

Lana Nguyen

Have been going here for many years even before the new renovations. It has greatly improved with the recliners, bar, and drink station

Eddie Cellucci

Good prices, great spacious seating. So comfortable you'll fall asleep. Snacks, food, soda Alcohol, candy, etc

Bernie Combs

Upgraded!..payed and picked seats on line...plenty of parking

Paul Rossignol

The best theater I have ever been to, and the fact that it has the most comfortable leather recliner seats an sond so clear makes this movie theater #1 in my book

Deborah Dresselaers

Love this cinema . Comfortable seats, clean, food is great. They even have a bar in lobby so u can have a couple then watch your show. Staff are very friendly. I'll be back again.

Mariah Miranda

Amazing but comfortable chairs. Flagship theaters could be warmer. One more thing to recommend is you should have some sort of tray to put your food on while watching the movie.

solid moons clips

Seats r amazing

James Chartier

A great hidden gem of a cinema experience. Comfortable seats clean theater and restrooms. Affordable prices before 4pm and a free classic movie on Tuesdays!

Mathew Vyse

Beer good, popcorn great, seats amazing, helpful staff, other food horrible; four stars.

Shan K

Great prices, friendly staff, very nice upholstery. Only concern is the delay from posted start time to the projectors actually turning on.

Tina Fiore

Really nice little movie theater with amazing staff LOVE the recliner seats

Scott Frey

Nothing bad at all but nothings that great either

Bob-Patty Lavallee

Lots of leg room. Reclining seats!

Tata Terrific

Lines always move quickly. Even if it's a long line they put extra staff on. Much better than AMC in Dartmouth since they've done the upgrades But what is funny is reading these reviews and almost everyone says you get to order online and pick your own seats well that's every movie theater you go to now LOL


Seats are super comfy

Jena Cook

Love to have a close local theater that shows first-run movies and also has a great selection of a free matinee on Tuesdays each week. Freshly updated and renovated, always clean with comfortable and reclining stadium seating. You can purchase a large refillable popcorn pail with a lid and refills are just $4 each time you use it for the year.

Damian Kearney

This theatre has come a long way. After their renovations they blew the compotition in the local area out of the water. The offer an in-house bar, leather reclining seats with open isle for easily coming and going as needed. Bring the mids, bring your friends, or go solo! This place is well worth the visit!

Rebecca D

I just love how the theater itself has it own media and that's not just because of how loud the movie is but , the effect of how it sounds is just so heart-pounding and mind-racing . That is what makes a movie a " movie " and no matter how the live action of the movie is played , I have no DOUBT that people L O V E the theater .

George Frye

Nice clean theater all seats are reclining

Kayla Clark

I wish the arm rests could lift up. The customer service could be better.

Alex Taylor

Clean, recliners a very good movie theater

Matthew Law

Great theater. Was well kept and clean. The chairs in the theater are reclinable with a push if a button. Sound and picture quality were crisp. Very reasonable pricing.

Susan Simoneau

Great prices for tickets. Very comfy recliners

Rene Ramos

Great place to bring the family. The seats are super comfortable and the food options are not bad.

Kathy Zine

Such comfy chairs the movie theater itself. However when the cashier finally came to help us he didnt say a word and he just looked at his computer. Never once looked up then says "I'm waiting on you" ok well sorry buddy you looked like you were doing something on your computer and I didnt want to interrupt you!!! Piece of advice, say hello and how may I help you to your customer. Acknowledging the customer is definitely part of your job! Guy I bought my snacks from was pretty nice though, he smiled, so theres that

Lori Harrison

Decent prices except for popcorn was outrageous


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