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REVIEWS OF Emerson Cutler Majestic Theatre IN Massachusetts

Beatriz Andrade

such a beautiful place, the detailing is so lovely. if the lighting crew isn't careful, you may be blinded. I worked on a production there and it was a great time, lots of rooms for cast and crew :)

Aleksandr Ryabin

Awesome theatre with various performances. Good sound, unobstructed seating reagrdelss of location.

Mark LeTourneau

Beautiful and intimate space, with great staff though it is tight on leg room.

Hun Shim

Acoustics decor and atmosphere makes performance outstanding. Smaller than other theatres around

Josiah Hatch

Beautiful theatre. Seating was a bit confusing but one we were in our seats we had a great time

Rich Meegan

Magnificant theater. Very cozy, excellent sound and very comfortable seats.

Rohan Joshi

Well designed, acoustically sound theatre. Had the pleasure of playing an opera here. The backstage area/pit is crowded, but works well.

Angry Banana

Beautiful theater, 1903 architecture, and it is all so beautiful. Definitely go there.

Patrice Rogers

I witnessed an incredible play Born for this it has an amazing cast of characters and it has an awesome message and it's here until July 15,2018

Lee Adams

What a beautiful venue! This is a charming theater in the heart of Boston. Close to resturants and parking. I look forward to the next event they host!

Sherman Hanke

Great show, wonderful cast, charming ushers... Music was too loud

Karen Riek

A spectacular venue to see a show...a Christmas Celtic Sojourn is a yearly must see!

Walter Rosen

Saw A Christmas Celtic Sojourn. Fantastic show. Been going for 6 years.

Christine Hogan

It was The Migration the stage, drums, dancers was amazing and quick to get too

Yanting Teng

Wouldn't call it a high quality theater. Went for ballet but not very traditional. Their last two rows were horrible... Don't understand why they would sell such cheap tickets to compromise the audience's experience

Zina Nord

Very nice theatre.

Marissa Parkman

Seats were a little uncomfortable. Otherwise good atmosphere. The show was lovely, but that doesn't say much for the theatre as the show would have been lovely anywhere.

Andres Bonet

Clean venue clean bathrooms friendly staff

Lindsey F

Beautiful theatre and awesome time watching Potted Potter.

Robert Gillespie

Awesome show and venue.

Darya Denisova

Beautiful theatre. The shows aren't always great though.

James Eddy

I went to this theater for a graduation, but it was visually amazing. The seats were comfortable, and it seemed like there wasn't a bad seat. I would love to catch a show there some time.

Liam RBG

They have great programming. Caution if afraid of heights.

Thomas Cavanaugh

Great place to see a show.

Chang Jin Oh

I enjoyed the Magic Flute opera. The theater is very nice place.

Geoff Zub

Performances are well done and the theater look beautiful. My only complaint is that there is no atm in the balcony and the bar only takes cache. The other thing to note is there are no elevators.

Philip Moss

An elegant theater.

Naomi Ribner

We saw Born For This. Energizing, uplifting. Really enjoyed it. Beautiful theater.

Emily Montoya Barnes, Las Vegas Harpist

Absolutely amazing theater. Saw uncle Vanya here in the original Russian and it was a magnificent production, so fitting for this theater!

David Brenner

Beautiful Art Moderne space with Hollywood lights, curved arches and domed ceiling. Note that the dome causes reverb and poor acoustics near the edges, especially upstairs - try for center seats.

Larry Modestow

Great venue but can you have two people to sell snacks and wine at each counter instead of one?

Elizabeth Hill

So much fun to watch the Jose Mateo Nutcracker! The theater interior is beautiful.

Giulia Tonini

Wonderful theater and nice people

Dc Brown

It was a very Cool experience and the productions and great

Beth Gates

Beautiful theatre! Most comfortable seats of all the theatres in Boston. Small, but very nice.

David C Fauci

Beautiful old theatre completely renovated back to its glory.

Frank Gratton

Very nice theater. Seating is great no matter where you sit

A L Smith

Went to see a play. The play was great. I didn't walk around the theatre.

Jeanie Pearson

Very nice theater.

Rhadzilla Rex

It's a beautiful, historic intimate gem of the Boston theater district. A great place to enjoy a performance!

renata z

Beautiful theater! Visibility is good even from the mezanine

Dennis Levine

Great historical theater. Really good views from any seat on the building and the acoustics are good too

Emma Sutter

Beautiful decor and amazing events! I've only had great interactions with the ushers and servers. My only note is that the balcony has no access for the disabled and parking around can be very pricey.

Ji Mi

If you take pictures in the theater be prepare for extraordinarily rude ushers to come at you and make you feel unwelcome. We experienced that this holiday season from a man named Andrew. We won't be returning.

In-May Liu

Magnificent old world deco and comfortable sitting. Reasonable price for an intelligent high quality show (Christmas Celtic Sojourn).

Paul Daigle

Seemingly not a bad seat in the house

Kristi Sarchi

First time I have been to this theater. We saw Urinetown. Majestic is the perfect word for the theater. It is absolutely gorgeous. The actors were phenomenal. I will make the two-hour Drive Every Spring that I can to see what the students are performing. I cannot believe I didn't know this gem was here until this year

Eddie Tapan

Great theater each seat has a great view and the decor of the theater take you back to the old days.

Eve Cohen

Wonderful theatre.... wish it was used more by "The World on Stage". Acoustics amazing!

Terence Guy

The play was awesome (The Nutcracker) interior of theatre is beautiful

Danny M

Really pretty theater. Just avoid seats in the very back of the balcony.

Andrey Boyko

Nice small theater and you will be satisfied to see a play from any seat.

AnnJeanette Wetzell

I was very pleased with my experience overall. The staff were lovely and very helpful and the show we saw (Potted Potter) was fantastic. The reason I only gave it 4 stars is because there were quite a few tripping hazards around the stairs to get up and down to the Box Seats where I and my mother were sitting without any signs or warnings, causing us bother to roll our ankles multiple times. The chairs in the box seats are also quite unstable and made me feel rather uncomfortable as a bigger girl. Just a few easy fixes and this experience would have been marvelous~

Richard Gomperts

we watch one shows at this theater and the place was good, clean and the people working there was very friendly.

Michael Niehaus

Cool theater with good sight lines. Small enough to be close, but spacious enough to not feel clausterohobic. A gem of a theater.

Derek McDermott

It is a really nice and beautiful theater, we all had a great time. Theres parking in the area, but can be expensive, so plan ahead if going here. The lones to the bathrooms can get long, luckily i didnt have to go while there, but my friend did lol but seats are comfortable and theres not really a bad seat in there :-) staff was nice and friendly when we went as well

David Scharn

Charming, quaint, 100-year-old theater.

leo Chaharyn

Very nice place. Good acoustic. Can see well from balcony. The appointments of the theater we're really nice

Fran Yuan

Saw Born for This. Great musical performance, such talents and voices that soar

Chris Fox

Great acoustics, satisfactory seating in mez area.

Joshua Bonner

Fun cool place

Richelle Murray

It's a beautiful theater with very comfortable seats.

Max DeLuca

Great customer service in the box office!

Kyle Puzikov

Beautiful theater!

Deborah Gaul

the theater seating was excellent and the sound system perfect.

Temi Ogunbodede

This theatre is truly its name. It is absolutely Majestic. It is so beautiful! The seats are so comfortable. And even when you are seating in the Balcony, you can still see the people on stage clearly! I love this theatre!!!

Joan Kimball

Wonderful opera, beautiful building

Blaise Nothern Will

Gorgeous and cozy. Every single seat has a good view.

Ryan Welton

Beautiful, historic location that houses some world famous acts

Patrick McLaughlin

Beautiful venue, helpful staff.

sandra pelkie

Such a stunning elegant building I live in Boston and never tire going to Cutler read the history

John OConnor

I am giving one star to express my rating of their no photography policy. No photos means if you try to take a photo of the inside of the theatre an usher will quickly rush over and make you feel uncomfortable by informing that the "no photos" policy means no photos ever, If you bring an iphone into the theatre you risk being prosecuted. I am not kidding-take a look at the the warning in the program.


Beatiful theatre

Adam Solomon

Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous What a beautiful theater! Intimate with great sight-lines. The seats in the mezzanine were a bit close to the row in front -- think Fenway -- and I'm not a tall guy. Besides that, an incredible place to catch a show.

Jonathan Forsyth

This place is great. It's clean and the tickets are a good price. All the employees that have serviced me seem extremely sweet.

Elliott Berger

Nicely redone. Every seat is good

andrea bonney gould

Amazing theater. Great performances.

Jen Shaw

Great theater for shows.

Tamara Kenney

Wonderfully restored historic venue to see a show! Just beautiful!

Tu Ngo

Quaint and charming theater! Has the classical theater ambience with popular mainstream events covering broad spectrum of genre for everyone. It's nice to be able to provide our daughter with cultural exposure to the theater from the Barber of Seville to Potted Potter without breaking the bank since ticket prices are very reasonable.

Marilyn Richardson

Me and my neighbor we went to go see born for this

laurie quintal

Beautiful theater, newly renovated. Restrooms in basement are elevator accessible.

Chicki Phenix

I forgot how much I dislike this theatre. I have arthritic joints, so the cramped legroom will deter me from returning.

tamara almeida

Lovely show and the staff are so friendly.

Alan Goldman

Very good.

Adam K

Beautiful theater, wonderful time!

Kyle Sinclair

Great theater! Beautiful and ornate! We sat up in the balcony and it was still a great view and you could hear everything perfectly. I would love to go to another event here!

Sean Westgate

Outstanding venue.

Jorge Garcia

A dazzling, old-fashioned theatrical palace newly renovated for high quality shows

Jon Paul Prunier

The theater is beautiful very well-preserved the show measure for measure however was horrible the acting was fine but we did not know that it was all done and either Russian or Austrian so to go to a play just to read subtitles on a scrolling Marquee is not my a way of spending my money

Vada Danielle


adrienne smith

amazing décor, I love coming to this place

Ravi Dutt

Awesome interiors..reminding you of the golden time of theatres.

Stephen Speck

Saw the Nutcracker there on 12/2/18. Great performance but lots of kids making lots of noise and distractions

Marcia Lambert

Beautiful theater. Not a bad seat in the theater. Comfortable seating, plenty of legroom.

Laura Soul Brown

Unique, diverse performances and events

Dmytro Florov

Very beautiful and cozy theater. Great view from any point in the orchestra and awesome balconies..

shala benn

Little cold, but it was nice

Elva Nesbitt

I had an absolutely wonderful time. The play was very inspirational and I would encourage anyone to please go see it and be inspired to trust God.

Abby Larsen

I danced tree with Christmas Celtic Soujorn and the venue was amazing and stunning! They had an amazing staff as well!

B Kuffour

I saw a wonderful play there

Cam Morin

Outstanding architecture the creates such an amazing feeling while sitting in a theatre. Great location for a full Boston experience

grace dalessandro

What a beautiful theater! It's not huge (well I'm from New York) but big enough. The decor was well preserved and the sound projection was great. One caviat was that I wish the theater was sound proofed against the outside noise - even with the doors closed, the city life seeped in from the back. Hmph!

The Pless Family

Great place for an old building. Every seat feels close to tge stage. Gave it a four bc the batgrooms are in the basement and there is no elevator that goes from the theatre to the basement for easy handicap access.

Andrea Cafarelle

it is a smaller theater, but definitely feels majestic with its lush interior and amazing decorations on the ceiling and walls. i usually attend as part of the ArtsEmerson programs and perhaps my appreciation for the theater is enhanced by all the great productions that i have seen there.

Trickshot Gaming

It was an extravagantly designed, extremely detailed, beautiful theater. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there.

Mikhail M. Nitko

This theater is so beautiful inside. I'm not sure it matters what's on stage.

Xylene Graves

Very nice small theater. Staff were accommodating and very polite. It has a nice imitate atmosphere. Seats were quite comfortable. The bathrooms were clean.

shawanna goffigan

The seats are small but the theatre is nice

Gyra Design

I love the 7 Passengers!!

Dina Dimazo

.already did this review. Theater is amazing. Had a great time. Any seat in the house is good.

Jim Walsh

Enjoyed this venue. Was waiting for a member of my party in the front lobby past curtain call and after performance began. Staff was friendly and accommodating.

john eno

Boston's own marquee indie theater. Beautiful theater, lovingly and luxuriously renovated, with adventurous programming, and warmly gracious office personnel were especially thoughtful and accommodating.

Benjamin Guth

The BLO is great. Just wish they could secure a larger venue but the theatre is very good.

Nolan Kearney

Amazing theater with great employees. The building is easy to find and staff made experience very enjoyable. An audience member was being hostile, the usher calmed them down with no problems and went on with the night. Also, practically every seat in the place is a quality seat because of the theaters size.

Donna Perry

Beautiful theatre. Would go again

Bill Dickup

Stunningly beautiful theater. Amazing performance. Many future stars. Renee Gros was amazing!

MeganTrantelGml Gml

Martin J. Walsh ceremony was nothing short of a complete total fumble. Riddled with moron Biden whispering "I don't know what im doing twice" Boston City Hall members being instructed to after I say the word I state your name the idiots f****** all said the word I and then their name way too many people not following instructions to things all f***** up people whispering people not doing stuff right complete total f****** embarrassment. I could have had a better ceremony at the local gymnasium. Terrible inauguration unless your proud of all the screwups. This guy has a lisp right or he doesn't know how to speak correctly Walsh.

Tonia Barlow

Great seats, sound and performance was excellent

Andrei Lenard

Great Theater in Boston. They have a fantastic variety of shows (something is running usually), mostly performed by artists brought in by the Arts Emerson Foundation. They may do other things aswell. Seating is great, offering views from wherever you are, no blocked angles or anything.

Jack Bossom

Beautiful place to hear music and see a performance. Not enough bathrooms.

Mufaddal Jafferji

Incredible sound. Visually stunning theater with lots of history.

Shields McManus

Beautful, ornate old theatre. Affiliated with Emerson College. Large restrooms, unlike many theatres.

Caramel Kisses

The show was great however, I think the theatre is dated and the seats are really uncomfortable.

aurora hill

Very beautiful a little cold though

Natalie Hinds

Baby girl college graduation

karen Stone

Just saw Tosca. Although seats were back balcony, we still had great view because the pitch is steep. Beautifully decorated in old majestic style, but clean and updated. Balcony has its own restrooms, not crowded! Lovely show, lovely surroundings.

Jehan Bodden

Saw Born For This there today and it the most phenomenal play, I mean it was fabulous. And the seats were perfect and would absolutely recommend it.

Deanna Dement Myers

Beautiful grand space.

Johanna Meyer

Excellent! Celtic Sojourn for the whole family, music,dance,story telling a wonderful tradition.

Vikas Gupta

Beautiful theater with really cramped seating

Tarsha Bradshaw

One of the most beautiful theatres that I've seen.

Carrie Monestime

More bathrooms beautiful theatre

Rodrigo Nunes

Beautiful theater

Manuel Navia

The Cutler-Majestic is a jewel of a venue. We attended the 16th Celtic Christmas Sojourn there last night. It was a terrific feel-good program, perfect for the season.

Wendy Steinhilber

Such a beautiful theater, wonderfully renovated a true star!

Ming Pimhatai Koslowsky

Beautiful theater

Sandra Lopez

Really nice theater. There was two snack bars but bathroom were so crowded and the lone was super long. I advice using bathroom before the show or during rather than any break time. There is a parking lot for theaters a block away and is so expensive. If you are lucky you can find parking in the street but it will take time.

Catherine Luther

Beautiful theatre. It was described to me as a Faberge Egg. Yes, it is like sitting inside a Faberge Egg!

erocia banks

Seating view was very nice..

Claire Abate

Great evening out for the girls or couples. Take your family. we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Parking was a cinch, garage right down the street. The show was fantastic!

Patty Riske

Born for This was a powerful and beautiful musical!

Jaiy Dickson

Beautiful theater!

Boris Shoov

Great seasonal program. Excellent hall.

Leslee d

Well maintained, ornate, cozy theater.

Rick Peralta

This old theater has a great history, attract lots of great performances and has marvelous facades. It has been updated with lights, sound system and such. The bathroom is an adventure to find. Parking is an adventure too - take the T, look for a deal or bite the bullet. Lots of great memories!

Justin Alves

Gorgeously re-done...

KR Mercier

Classic venue not a bad seat anywhere


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