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106 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02116, United States

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REVIEWS OF Emerson Colonial Theatre IN Massachusetts

charles bosselman

One of the worst Customer service support ever. The place hasn't changed much at all. The seats were cramped and they were uncomfortable. The show was also excellent.

Tim Cars

Great venue

Elaine Shirron

We saw "Cinderella" & it was phenomenal!

La Jjiggy Jar Jar Doo Dur Dur Dur Dee Dur

Very nice, the speakers were loud and very visible. However the seats were a bit uncomftorable, I couldn't find a comfortable position. It was well worth the show though, I saw the illutionists, would recommend

Rick Morgano Sr.

One of the old theaters in Boston that have great character and atmosphere. Unfortunately the seats are a little tight.

Eric Paradis

One of the most beautiful theatres I've ever been in. Simply, a treasure that has been saved by some very smart people. Thank you to those who made that happen.....keeping it from being a victim of modernization. This place is as much of a star as the act that you will see in it.

Neon ExLine

Great place for a show! Be warned, however, there is no elevator for those who cannot walk up stairs, and the seats do not have any leg room.

John Kaspar

Smaller venue which makes it worthwhile. Very clean old fashioned theater attention to detail throughout the entire building.

Katie Ohara

Haven't been in a while. Recently got tickets for a show. They charged a $4 fee AND a $25 Service fee for buying over the phone. I'm handicapped, how can I get in to Boston to get tickets? I can barely get there for the show since I live 30+ miles away.

Andrew Cordero

Nice old theater that I'm glad they saved. Comfortable seats and nice views from most of the seats.


Was supposed to be refurbished after being closed a very long time. All the decades old massively stained carpets and seating fit only for grade schoolers otherwise leave your legs and knees at home.

Mario Longhi

Beautiful theater, but could improve on the management of the lines to get in.

Morgan Maxwell

This is the worst experience I have ever had at the theater. There has been a system error to see Cinderella and people who purchased tickets online are not scanning and people are being forced to go back to the box office to try to get new tickets. We have been standing in line for new tickets for over an hour already and haven't moved. Show was supposed to start 20 minutes ago. Box office is having people pay more money to print new tickets for those who didn't already receive new tickets via email. This one of the worst, poorly handled events I have ever seen. There is a group of us trying to go and cost almost $1000 between tickets and travel into the city. I will NEVER recommend this theater. UPDATE: The theater sold double booked tickets. We waited for over an hour and a half, found out we had a set of double booked, had to get new tickets, terrible seating and the show already started. Their own workers did not know what was going on.

Bryn Dews

Gorgeous decor, friendly staff. Only complaint is the seats are so close. Our knees were right against the seat in front of us. We were joking that people were shorter when they built the theater! We saw Moulin Rouge which has amazing sets and costumes... Fit right in with the native decor of the theatre. Fantastic experience all around.

Luanne Monahan

Recently refurbished. Lovely theater. Seats are small and very cramped. Wait service to your seat is a nice touch as are real glasses for your beverage (not plastic).

James Lach

Very nice theater. Seats are a bit tight for anyone 6 foot or greater. Alcohol is expensive. Climate control, at least orchestra center was very good.

Natalie C

Tried to see Moulin Rouge here but sadly the performances were all sold out. Called and spoke to someone at the ticketing booth who said I could come by and try to get standby tickets that night. Well, it turned out she was wrong because multiple employees at the counter told me they “never do that”. They were quite rude about it too. The security guard I met watched the the previous 8 performances and said many people don’t show up. Why they don’t allow the dozens of desperate people to purchase some of these seats is beyond me. I left the city unable to see this priceless show - even though seats were definitely available! Unfortunate and unnecessary. Not sure why they don’t adopt a better policy.

Alex Ratti

Sweet architecture. No phone service though - don't try to order a lyft.

stacy mastrangelo

Seating is tight making it mpossible to sit comfortably. NO leg room!

Christian Klein

Staff at entry were somewhat rude. Super militant about emptying all water from personal bottles before entry. (Only water fountain is first floor at far end of lobby from entry and around the corner if you want to refill.) Tight seat rows, so people with longer thighs will likely be uncomfortable. Many better theaters in Boston.

Rachel R.

Beautiful theater but uncomfortable seating - at least in the mezzanine it is. I'm only 5'4" and found these seats very tight. You also feel the movement of the people sitting behind you and hear their laughter/applause/conversation right in your ear. It takes quite a bit of concentration to enjoy the show. Our guests that had orchestra seats did not have the same complaint - they were more comfortable. But they had a different problem: I have season tickets for Broadway in Boston and got my guests tickets as add-ons. Apparently their seats were already promised to season ticket holders as well and my guests were moved to different seats a few rows back. Get there early because of security. Bring cash for concessions, at least up stairs.

Ryan Benton

I didn't even have room to sit. Tall attendees beware. VERY UNCOMFORTABLE.

Larry Modestow

Lovely theater. But if you are over 6 feet tall stand. Dress circle is un sit able worse than a cheap airline

Tracie Finan

The theatre is absolutely beautiful and exquisite but the seats are desperately needing more leg room. My height is 5'3 and I admit having short legs and I felt so cramped. I couldn't even move my legs once seated. I can't imagine anyone taller than me to be able to sit comfortably. Thank heavens the show Moulin Rouge held my attention and I could block out the discomfort of my leg circulation cut off. .

Brian DiVasta

Only reason I can't give 5 stars is the seating was clearly not intended to accommodate anyone taller than say 5'6" in height...other than that, the theater is great.

Brian Meifert

We saw Kinky Boots at the Emerson Colonial Theatre last night. Awesome show and a great venue. Our seats in the dress circle gave us a good view and we had a great time.

Ken Keefe

Went to see Kinky Boots and might have been best play/musical I have ever seen. Colonial is great venue but legroom is a problem.

Leland Berman

Not a bad seat in Orchestra section. Leg room is circa 1900, but otherwise the theatre is a gem; immaculate; a thing of beauty. Moulin Rouge, the pre-Broadway production was over-the-top unique, superb performances, dancing, music. NYC, better get on line for tickets, this is a monster coming your way.

A Greaves

You can dance in the isles, just watch the drop

Raina Menchetti

This theatre is absolutely beautiful, the acoustics are great, and the staff were bar none the most friendly and accommodating one could dream of encountering.

David Kennard

Enjoyed the amazing old theater, and a tremendous show, but the seats were uncomfortable with little legroom. There are a lot of stairs, some steep, which could be a problem for people with mobility or balance issues, or problems breathing.

PJ Gifford

Beautiful place to see a show with a few buts... There are no elevators so bringing my senior relatives was a challenge. Drinks are budget shattering. Seats are tight for anyone approaching 6 feet tall.

Jil H. Lesko

Gorgeous theatre. Seats are on the small side.

Meghan Sawicki

Gorgeous theater and amazing shows.

Don Saarela

This is beautiful elegant theatre. Front entrance make over makes it easier to find. A short walk away from Boylston Green line train station. Like 100 feet away. If you arrive early, some areas is nice to stroll around and see. You will notice addict's less than 300 feet away around the Park. They may try to panhandle money from you for their addiction. Plenty of parking garages all within 5 to10 minutes walk from theatre.

Scott Nevins

Redone.. It's beautiful. So happy we were able to see Moulin Rouge!

Matthew Arctic

Okay but this theatre is absolutely stunning and elegant. Moulin Rouge was a fabulous show and I hope everyone has a chance to see it (either in Boston or on Broadway) because the set was perfect and the theatre fit with the show so well! But I look forward to seeing other shows (though nothing compares to Moulin Rouge) at the Colonial Theatre.

Ben Matase

Absolutely gorgeous theater. The leg room in the balcony seats is not great especially if you have longer legs.

David Day

The renovation turned out nicely

Jonathan Kamens

Acoustics are very good, seats are close to the stage. But many of the seats are extremely cramped, and the selection of concessions at intermission was ridiculously lousy. Overall, the Opera House is a better experience, except perhaps in the really cheap seats.

S. Joseph Hernandez

This is a beautiful theater with traditional elements, combining to make exciting theater possible. David Byrne's "American Utopia" show was intimate and exhilarating.

Eric Trindl

This is an absolutely beautiful and historic building! A true step back in time. The acoustics were terrific even from side stage seating and the staff was friendly and helpful. I can't wait to see a theater performance there!

Lyn Silva

Theatre is beautiful. Seats are a little too close together which makes it a little harder for someone with a mobility issue. If someone in the middle of the row needs to get out, the whole row has to get up and move too. But we still had a wonderful time and would go back for another concert.

james maher

Comfortable..Hassle free.

Rebekah Stairs

The staff were amazing and friendly. The building is beautiful and there is a great view of the stage even from the balcony.

Toby LaRoche

A great theatre right off the Common. I saw a Pink Floyd laser show!

John Lippert

What a show! Moulin Rouge and the Colonial were made for each other. This show was fantastic, Aarona as Christian couldn't have been played by anyone better. Front row center balcony is the best experience in the theater. Well maybe the best besides the legroom.

Shawn Cohen

A bit over the top, especially with the gold cherubim. Decent seating and sound though the ventilation is curious.

John Salisz

They had some trouble with sounds and lighting tho.

Geno Desaulniers

This is a beautiful theater, we saw cinderella and it was pure magic from seats 1 and 3 in dress circle level.

Hyun S. Kim

Was there for the moulin rouge show and the theater was perfect. They had just gone thru a restoration and did a fantastic job. Everything is clean and shiny. The seats are comfortable as well with support and cushioned seats. Beautiful theater and glad they kept it the way it is.

Michael Sokol

Almost all seats have a good view! The pillars are small in diameter so they are not a big problem. The seats are quite close together, though, so if you're tall, be prepared for a tight fit and small leg room. I saw Moulin Rouge at the Emerson Colonial with my wife when it opened there and had a good time.

Erik Simon

Beautiful restored theater. Seats are cramped...if you are 5'10" or over you knees will be snug against the seat in front. Cushions are still comfortable. It seems all seats are good with regards to the view.

Tyler Spilhaus

The show was great, the staff friendly and stage was nice but if you have a size 13+ shoe your feet won't fit

Tim Carolan

Beautiful theater, but no leg room, and I'm only 5'8"

Hans Brink

Trouble getting inside, but we were still ontime inside the building. however we were not allowed in to the theater and missed first 10 minutes.

Deb Malouin

Gorgeously remodeled! Great staff. Moulin Rouge was fabulous.

Denise Rinear

Performance is excellent. Theater, not so much. Restrooms not renovated and the lines for women snake in front of the bar down the steps and back up the steps. No line at the men’s room.

Lauren Ripley

This theater could not be more beautiful

Daniel Call

We saw Moulin Rouge here recently. The seats are comfortable, the theater is small enough that views are good from any seat. The sound was great where we sat--halfway back in Orchestra. The bathrooms were large and well-lit. Concessions were ridiculously expensive, as one would expect. A bottle of water cost $6, but it did come in an extremely stylish bottle.

Michael Draper

This is such a beautiful theatre. We went here one evening to see Moulin Rogue and this theatre was such a treat to sit in. Already said before, this place is gorgeous. There are not too many bad seats in the house. So don't fret too much. Tall people beware.... : I would consider myself tall at 6'4" and my knee caps were right up against the backseat of the row in front of me. So you will be in somewhat minor discomfort during the show. All in all, awesome place.

Lean Solis

The theater is beautiful. The security/metal detector check not so much.

Jonathan Regis

Beautiful theatre. Great acoustics.

Patricia Makrianis

Love the old theater feel of the place and they bring in different and interesting shows. Their prices for drinks are pretty steep, so save having a glass of wine for after the show someplace else.

Elizabeth Walsh

Wow Emerson Colonial Theatre you really ruined my day. And vacation! I got my tickets months ago to Moulin Rouge, got a flight, booked a non-refundable hotel room and now the show I’m supposed to see is cancelled. I would love to reschedule of course but can’t due to money (again, non-refundable) and vacation time. I had been looking forward to this for months and am so upset that they sold me a ticket I can’t use. It’s nice that you say you will refund my money for my tickets but it won’t really make it up to me.

Jamie Baril

Beautiful place

Stephen Harte

Beautiful theater. Be sure to walk up into the balconies and check out the view from the boxes during an intermission. Lots of velvet and gold. Great sight lines as long as you are not on one of the edges.

Jillian McMillen

Beautiful theater, comfortable and fairly spacious seats.

Stephen Burgess

"The illusionists" was one of the best shows I've ever seen. Do not miss it!!!

Mick T.

Great venue.

Nick Minarik

Came here to see Moulin Rouge and was super impressed with the facilities, the organization, and the staff. The construction on the renovations pushed the start date of the show back and we had to re-book to a later show so we got stuck with partially-obstructed seats, but from the look of it the renovations were worth it. I would definitely come back here from NJ to see another show, but make sure to book center seats!

Elizabeth Egge

Such a gorgeous theater. Worth the visit from Minnesota to see Moulin Rouge. I can’t imagine there is a bad seat in the house.

Maggie Morio

We went to the renovated Emerson Colonial Theatre to see Moulin Rouge. What an incredible experience and spectacular musical production. The show is magnificent and the whole production is unique and special. The theater looks beautiful ,but the balcony seats are tight. No matter what, it was worth it every minute of it. We loved it and highly recommend this show before departs for Broadway.

Jordan Decker

Had a wonderful time at the Emerson recently. Moulin Rouge was incredible! The staff was very kind and courteous. The theater is also beautiful. We had seats in the front row of the balcony that were awesome, as long as you don’t mind sitting up and leaning over the (velvet covered) railing.

Carol Meehan

Wonderful theater! Great show!

Allison Beecher

I didn't get the chance to see the theater before it was renovated, but it looks incredible now. I went to see Moulin Rouge, and it looked like the theater was made specifically for the production. The details around the theater were amazing, and the sets were jaw dropping. The theater itself was very small and very intimate, but the seats were comfortable and we had a great view of the stage from row k of the orchestra. My only complaint was that there were just a few restroom stalls for the entire theater. We LOVED Moulin Rouge!!!! The performance exceeded my expectations in every way!

Beverly Azure

This theater was recently restored and it is beautiful. The levels are tiered, I don’t think there is a bad seat in the house. Saw David Byrne’s American Utopia there Saturday.

Deborah Genovesi

Gorgeous theatre and the David Byrne show was truly amazing. I like that they offer a few snacks and drinks. Would be great to have a gluten free snack choice available too.

Zoe Kennard

If you're not on the first floor, expect lots of stairs. Also, seats are very small. However, the theater itself is gorgeous and the size is perfect for a great experience. Went to Moulin Rouge (AMAZING) and didn't care that I was in the last row of the balcony.

John Maske

The remodel of this theatre is pretty incredible. It has an amazing turn of the century feel, with modern amenities. The only thing I did not like was the bar and merch setup. They are next to one another in the entryway to the theater itself and it makes for a very inconvenient and congested area. Once you get past that, the theater itself is remarkable. I would recommend anyone see a show here.

Gwendolyn Letson

Beautiful Theater.

Judy Vechmamontien

Great theater but for the balcony seating it was not easy to view what was happening on the extended stage ramps into the audience nor the side of the main stage when the performers where located there. Great show though!!!!

Jonathan Case

Great venue for illusionists.

Louise Daigneau

Beautiful Theatre. The balcony leg room is tight and there is now elevator but the place is a fantastic venue to see a play.

Dennis Dyck

Beautiful theatre with really great and friendly staff. Loved my visit and the atmosphere created before and after the show. Great shows as well!

Mike McCormack

Tiny cramped seats make airplanes feel roomy, the wallpaper and facade can't make up for them. Don't show up early, times are padded.

Andrew Conway

Beautiful theater but it all depends on where you sit. Go for the dress circle if possible. The balcony is too high and too steep. And on the sides, the seats are obstructed view even if they aren’t Christ and is obstructed view.

Jeanette Belmont

I decided to take myself out to see Moulin Rouge because I heard from so many strangers how fun and beautiful it was. It did not disappoint in the slightest. The Architecture in the theater is stunning, and the show itself was exciting and entertaining.

Rob Auster

Unbelievable talent.. The best but.. Their repitore was obscure.. With hundreds of classic Disney songs to delight a wide age range they sang songs that most had no clue where they were from. The performance showed off their incredible talents.

Katie McCarty

One of the most beautiful theaters I've ever seen. I loved seeing Moulin Rouge there bc the opulence of the theater seemed to match the lavishness of the production. If you sit in the balcony section go towards the middle even if you're a few rows back. We were in the 2nd row at the very end of the row and our view was occasionally compromised bc of it.

Sarah Fortino

We saw Samin Nosrat and it was a wonderful experience! Clean and beautifully restored.

James Norton

Loved seeing Cinderall here. great venue.

HSE Partnering Solutions

Beautiful Victorian, elaboratly decored small theatre with balconies etc...excellent views from all seating. Seating is a little tight. Great staff and guidance.

Don Peters

Beautiful restoration. Still have a bit more to do.

James S

Gorgeous building lovingly restored. The prices are crazy though. And nobody is kidding about the legroom. Anybody over 5’ is going to be in a great deal of pain. The distance from the front of my seat cushion to back of the seat in front of me is smaller than my hand...8” at the most. And its worse in the balcony. I realize that the physical construction of the steps of the upper levels limits what they can do, but its frankly egregious. That said, i have to support any place that brings the arts to Boston, so im sure ill be back, trying to find the secret spot where my legs will actually fit.

Brian Harvey

It's a nice older theatre, but the balcony seats are unbelievably cramped for a tall person

Mike Donohue

Small theater with almost universally good sight lines to the stage. They did a great job with the renovation. Be warned, if you are over 6' tall, the seats are going to be tight, like airline tight.

Mario Silvestri

Great time

Scott Penoyer

What a beautiful place, excellent acoustics

Janice Hunter

Beautiful inside! Great acoustics! So far every seat I had was wonderful

Tom D

One the best venues in Boston

Meredith Stone

Beautiful space and a great show!

Florence Clemenceau

It is a beautiful place. I had a great time.

Dana Zajko

Was planning on traveling from out of state to see Moulin Rouge when 10 days before my travel date, they cancelled the show. Disappointed doesn't begin to describe it. They said they would be in contact with everyone that had tickets in 72 hours, but they never called me. Instead I got an email saying to email them back because they can't get to everyone. (Wow I feel so important thanks) So now I have to take a refund for the tickets because I can't make it up there later in the summer.

EvelynD4 doTERRA

Seats are do crammed. Not comfortable. Seating staff is excellent but management was not helpful or very compassionate. Play was funny

James Kelley

Great theater. Not a bad seat in the house.

Jacob Kisor

Saw Moulin Rouge Here and it was fantastic! Beautiful!

Nathan Homka

Went to see Moulin Rouge, the theater is absolutely beautiful and the show was incredible. I was in the balcony row D, and this is the view, it really seems like there are no bad seats in the theater, except for the very edges, which look like you may lose view of a small portion of the respective side of the stage. Drinks are expensive and it gets a bit toasty inside during the summer, but if you have the chance to see a show here, be sure to take it!

Stacey Quandt

Gorgeous cozy theater with multiple bar areas. The cocktails are more interesting than the Boston opera house. There are frozen drinks. Also offer unreal chocolate candy. Seats are comfortable but during winter it would be best to check heavy coats.

Amanda Cheng

Beautiful theater with a gilded and mirrored lobby that reminds you of Versailles. Theater is small enough where you can see the stage really well even at the top two rows of the balcony. Seats are really cramped though, so don't bring large bags. You also have to go through security and dump out any water.

LorrieJane Steward

Wow ! Great place... Friendly staff,shows outstanding!

Peter Manderino

Amazing shows and friendly staff, but painfully bad legroom. Due to the age of the building is a little difficult to get around at intermission.

Michael Johnson

Beautifully restored historic theater bringing in nationally and globally acclaimed Broadway shows, musicians, performers and comedians. Was lucky enough to see and be part of the renovations from the technology side. Probably the only time I'll be able to stand on a stage in such a gorgeous building. Cant wait to see some shows in the renovated theater.

Greg Thomas

Beautiful old theater

James Frustaci

Saw the illusionists, had an amazing night.


Best ever loved it with all of my being

Basil Dave

The theater is beautiful, opulent and very classic. We watched the Moulin Rouge play last night in the mezzanine level and the show was spectacular, spectacular. That said here are some criticisms and tips (if you get a chance to see a show here I highly recommend it): 1. The seats are small and cramped. I believe the orchestra pit seats are bigger but they're very expensive. 2. The bars are jammed and you may not make it back to your seat in time for the show to begin during intermission... There is a beer and wine bar and a liquor bar. Both only had two bartenders. So plan accordingly. 3. The attendants are very helpful but strict about letting you in before a number ends. If you hit the lavatory during a scene, expect to wait outside until the scene/number ends. 4. Do not park at the lagrange st. lot unless you like having your car crapped on by homeless guys. 5. Be prepared to follow the herd when the show ends. It's a large theater and a large entrance/egress but an absolute truckload of people.

Daniel Gerow

Beautiful venue, and amazing performances. I definitely recommend the colonial theater

Nick Curcio

Beautifully restored venue. Definitely a theatre palace from a long gone era. Good views from most everywhere in theatre. Very good sound. Could use more bathrooms for men and women.

Mary Chris Kenney

Clean,historic, excellent acoustics, very accommodating staff

Anthony Trofimow

Spectacular venue. Great production of Moulin Rouge

Kelly Coburn

This place was absolutely incredible. Beautiful theatre, amazing show! The staff was extremely friendly and accommodating. My friend and I had to come straight from the train station (after a very long day of traveling because our bus was delayed...) and so we had our luggage. The staff was so kind and they let us put it in an office, even though they explicitly state on their website that they have no bag check. We were the ones inconveniencing them and they we still amazingly kind and willing to help! The show (Moulin Rouge) was absolutely amazing and the kind staff really made our experience great!!!

Jason Strachan

Seen chris daughtry perform it was really great experience I sat in the balcony and still felt really close

Kristen Cox

Saw Moulin Rouge here and that was amazing! The theater was old and beautiful but possibly as things are with old theaters even the 8pm show was swelteringly hot.

Jayne Chen

The architecture in this building is breathtaking and beautiful. The staff was friendly and helpful. We watched the Illusionists and the show was amazing and engaging. At times we were at the edge of our seats in suspense and at other times was laughing so hard tears were running down our cheeks. The Illusionists was awesome!

Joe Mc Clure

It's a really beautiful theater and not too big. All floor seats are great. The aisles are a little steep, but that means the row in front if you is low enough to see over. Not great for tall people to sit particulally comfortably.

Trev Carter

Saw David Byrne's American Utopia show here and it was incredible. Great, old theater with a lot of charm, most seats seem great for viewing. Just a warning, if you book seats in the upper tier, there is a bend in front of the front row to the railing that blocks the view slightly. Other than that all seats are great!

Dixon Redesigned

The seats are pretty small and uncomfortable. The drinks were concert price $12-15 for a beer $18 for whiskey and coke. $8 bottle water. However the venue is small enough to keep it fairly intimate. The staff was extremely polite and helpful and you could tell they were happy to be there and enjoyed their jobs. I would go again.

Chris Hart

Theatre is beautiful, sound is great, but there is NO LEG ROOM! We aren't even that tall. Everyone around us was also complaining. If you are more that 5' 6" tall, or are short wasted, you will not be able to have your legs in front of you, and the seats are narrow - so you really need to be friendly with your seat neighbor.


First time there the show was nice easy access

Kiola Luminatz

The play was wonderful, Everyone was really kind, it was a wonderful visit.

Anthony Cadet

Nice theater to bring the family to see shows/Performances. Very elegant theater, rich history, and you feel like you're back in the 1900's sitting there.

Oleg Pokotilov

Very neat & elegant theater but charged $6 for warm bottle of water

Kathryn Sheehan

The theater looks a little dingy considering it was just remodeled. They definitely need more ushers. And i was disappointed their scanners didnt work for my mobile ticket, so they made me walk back through the crowd to get a paper ticket.

Haris Lefteri

Great space. Got to see Moulin Rouge there yesterday. Phenomenal show and set!

Robert Morrissette

Interesting historical tour of this beautiful theater.

Carlos Vargas

The balcony seating is really, REALLY tight. We are about people and couldn’t imagine how anyone above 5 foot 5 can sit in the seats.


Recently remodeled and looks great, they have had a bunch of quality shows here since reopening. Certainly worth going here to check out any show that suits your fancy.

David Sheehan

Great venue but seats are tight my knees were touching the seat in front of me

Robyn Diamond

Had a fabulous time with my daughter!!

Scott Grabauskas

I'm about 6ft tall and 200 lbs. The seats were borderline too small for me and definitely too small for some of the taller folks. The rest of the place was great unless you had to use the restroom. All in all, the show we saw was fantastic, so make your sacrifices for the performing arts. It'll probably be worth it.

Graham Higgins

American Utopia- Great show

Megan McMillan

I'm sure it's a gorgeous theater but the way in which the postponement of Moulin Rouge! has been handled is inexcusable. Like many others I am not from Boston, and was specifically going to Boston on a short trip to see this show. I was alerted by email that the show I had chosen was canceled due to a construction issue (not their fault I totally understand that). BUT what I have an issue with is I get informed through email that someone would be in contact with me in 72 hours about my tickets. That's 72 hours in which tickets were still available online for other people to purchase. I'm one of the lucky few who has a chance to see one of the other optional shows if anyone ever gets back to me. I had to call 50+ times around 11:30am to even get to hear the hold music. I had to place my phone number on the hold list and they said they would call back in the order they received calls. It's now 2:15pm. Someone suggested to contact them through Facebook. I did earlier today at 9:20am. Finally someone responded at 12:05pm asking about my order number and which show I would like to switch to. Once again, it's 2:15pm and have not gotten any other contact. I feel for the customer service reps having to deal with this but, really, they should have taken down the ability for new people to book for shows until they have gotten in contact with everyone who was affected by this.

AccuSpect Inspections

Saw a Rogers and Hammerstein musical. The Theater was well cared for, nicely restored. Was able to move about theatre with relative ease even with a full house.


Newly refurbished, opulent, comfortable, great sight-lines from rear orchestra (for David Byrne's "American Utopia")

Benjamin Wulf

this place was amazing, and i loved the play that goes wrong! how did they make the study collapse?

Jade Ansell

The stairs are a little awkward and the seats are small and tightly packed, but such is the way of older theatres. The space itself is absolutely beautiful and even up in the balcony you have a great view of the stage.

Jacob Camp

Awesome theater, saw Cinderella there; it was a well done show

Tara Kennedy

The renovation of the theater was well done; the theater retained the charm and intimacy of the old playhouse despite a refresh. The performance I saw was a warm up for Broadway, proving that the Colonial can handle perfomances of any caliber.

Jillian Lassiter

Loved this stage!! The seating was easy to find bathrooms were clean and lines moved quickly. Drink prices are high but to be expected. Amazing show

Christopher Libby

A great, beautiful, old theatre without a bad seat for viewing, it would seem (though the leg room is awfully tight).

Mindy Ziehler

Beutiful theatre dodnt seem like there would be a bad seat in the house

Brittany Havers

Really beautiful theatre. The upstairs balcony area is a bit boring but the staff is very friendly and we saw Moulin Rouge! The set was amazing.

Austin Holloway

Beautiful and recently refurbished. Acoustics awesome.

Elise Bechard

Gorgeous theater and amazing performances! Recently saw Moulin Rouge and the balcony was a sweat box. Don't recall having an experience like that in the past, but people were desperately fanning themselves with programs and the whole place smelled like a locker room.

Wayne Williams

The theater itself was great, with regards to the decorum and sound quality. The production of Moulin Rouge was also spectacular. However, my seats (balcony) were horrible narrow. So much so that my knees hit the barrier if me legs weren't too one side it the other. By the end of the show my knees and ankles hurt bad for being Twisted in such awkward positions. I realize these are the inexpensive seats, however you shouldn't have to suffer to enjoy a performance. I am average of average weight and height at 6 ft.

Brian Pfohl

Theater is lovely, but the rows are very tightly packed together, at least in the balcony. I was not able to sit with my knees straight in front of me. Saw The Play That Goes Wrong, which was wonderful!


Emerson Colonial Theatre en Massachusetts
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