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REVIEWS OF Cinemaworld IN Massachusetts

Fran Guertin

An older theater but in decent condition and clean. Matinees are only $6.00 and their popcorn is decent.

seasun santiago

The popcorn was cold and stale and for the pricess they charge popcorn should be fresh and it was only 2 in the afternoon which means that popcorn was probably made the day before. DO BETTER CINEMA WORLD!

Realism at its Finest

Great sound, great seats, Matinee is only 6 bucks per person, and the best theater in the area.

Bruce Wayne

Popcorn has not been as good as usual but the staff is always friendly !!

Beth Evans

They have new chairs. More comfortable

Ana Araujo

They offer things like candy for a VERY good deals! I love their quality over all, this place rocks!!!!!

Alex Coonor

Employees are nice great prices. But I rather spend more money for silence and a enjoyable experience. I went to see Halloween worst experience of my life bunch of young kids talking being so loud?!! it’s like they don’t check id’s for r rated movies And no ushers come to check and make sure kids are not inside or people being loud I could not even get in to the movie like I wanted to. A lady even walked out mid movie due to how frustrating the situation was. I don’t blame her if it wasn’t that I wanted to watch the movie so bad I would have also.. I rather go to leominster! Fitchburg nothing but trashy inconsiderate people!! I will never return again

Xavier Montero

It's clean it's cheap and its friendly love itm

Jimmy Ramos

I've loved coming here since I was 10 and its remained the same, talkative employees, clean, medium-large sized theaters.

Marcus Perry

Good movie

Michael Mueller

Great neighborhood theater. Very reasonable prices, very clean & comfoable seats.

Moe Ryan

- Real nice seats - High quality screen - $6 Tuesday all day - Good prices on snacks

Rob King

Been going here for years. Much cheaper than other theaters and employees are all great people.

Mike Tyson


Pituki D

Great place to watch a movie


Our favorite cinema! Cheap ticket prices and consessions are fairly priced too. They also put in all new seats and they're very comfy. You can also bring your gourmet donuts coffee here and drink it.

shelly kandil

The people are very friendly and courteous at all times. The best movie place to go in my area. Thumbs up!!

Barbara Anderson

Good selection of movies.

Omar Perez

I have been coming here since they first opened and still enjoy coming here for all of the new films!

Anthony Antoine

Very clean place workers are friendly good customer services

Diane Orlando

Great matinee prices, comfortable seats

Karen Waqin

Awesome chairs and movie

Jennifer Maguire

Love the new seats!

Michael Andujar

Great place but the ac is turned down

Sean Goodrow

Aggressively medium. Great for Fitchburg.

Raul Soler

Always loved the movie's

Shannon T

Loved it! Prices were great

Lps_ BlueBell

Cinema world is our go to theatre. It’s cheap and has great popcorn. The theaters are always clean and staff are friendly.

Dohel Asencio

awesome affordable clean and really comfortable seats. Love the MUG root beer.

Edward Sargent

Chairs are fairly comfortable but need some work. Some screens have off color stains, a couple projectors tend to be a bit skewed. Audio in most areas are good, but at least one room has a couple blown speakers.

Paul Desmond Jr

Good budget movie theater. Seats are ok. Some theaters are better than others. Some days the theaters are clean, sometimes it looks like the ushers haven't cleaned up between shows. Price generally outweighs the negatives. If you are willing to travel and pay more, there are nicer options.

Spencer's R US

Love this place for my family we go and have a blast. The best seats and sound around and their concession stand is lower priced and they DO NOT knickel and dime you for extra cups or if you need a little extra they don't charge for every single pennies worth they are for the customer

Jessica Gomez

Prices for movies are reasonable. Great customer relations. I didn't buy food at the stand. It too much. But I brought my own coffee. They don't have a problem with food that they don't have there. At that time they didn't.

Elizabeth bouchard

Been going for years comfy but the kids that work there could be a little more professional

Steve Brow

Not a bad theater. Small, cheaper prices. Cleaner then some of new state of art places. Staff always in good mood what makes you feel more comfortable.

Greg Breton

Decent place to catch a movie. Theater isn't the best but it is not terrible. Prices are very affordable.

Wendy Mattis

Great priced first run movies....pop corn is good too!

RJ Dimacale

Did not show up for school field trip

Ann Lowell

Great movies affordable family prices

Carrie Jacques

Comfy seats clean place

Peter Lillie

Awesome theater and the matinees are a no-brainer. As in most movie theaters the floors tend to be rather dirty in theater, but this does not really detract from the experience. Awesome sound quality as well so if you are going to a movie and looking forward to the soundtrack you shall not be disappointed.

Maxwell Whipple

Easy to get you overall okay


Great small theater. Best theater in the area. Much better than leominster. Very clean and friendly staff.

Bill Miller

I really like the fact that you get to put your own butter on the popcorn. The staff is always friendly and when it's busy there is plenty of help. The new seats are wider and more comfortable than most theaters. One of the biggest pluses is that there's no need to wait outdoors if there is a line in inclement weather.


Cool movies

Liana Tau-Golden

Never really have had a complaint. Quality movies. Decent admission prices. Nice seat.

Catalina Garza

It accommodates parents with children. Staff is pleasant and variety on items sold. Bday area that they have to again accomadate parents with children celebrating a special day.

Dan Kilpatrick

I go here all the time. Movies are cheap. But they dont like to turn on the a/c in the summer & heat in the winter. Seats are ok. I still go because its close & cheap. Good theatres are 20-30 miles away.

jim bird

Great theater

Inacio Goes

It was okay. Not very busy for a Halloween movie. I know a little late. Lol

John Jeffrey Padula

I like Cinemaworld. Pretty basic old place but the seats are good and so are the prices.

Samantha deManbey

Cinema World usually has the latest blockbusters to be released. It has decent prices for tickets. Discounts for seniors and on matinee shows. However, their movie selections are very limited. If something is not a sensational success financially, then it will usually not show up there.

Nancy Kamau

Love this theatre... Seats are big and comfortable. Prices are low.

GM Rex

Convenient location, okay prices on tickets. Concessions could be a little cheaper

Kevin Daigneault

Great variety of movies. Comfortable seats and the best bang for your buck.

Nicole Gilford

Good seats, clean restrooms. Affordable prices and good staff. They have a deal on Tuesdays; matinee prices ($6) all day.

Stephen Cunningham

Great ,fantastic great employee moral

Craig Cox

Freindly & clean happy place.

Norman Cole

Comfortable Seating!! Nice theatre and Staff

Connor Murphy

Great theater, love walking here from school, and the $6 matinee is great.

Karen Brennan

Love it !!°

Cheryl Grant

Great place for movies, just wish the no cell phone rule was adhered to during kids movies. Sitting near parents playing with their cell phones during movies is very distracting.

James Tasca

Nice place to go for a movie.

shawn digeronimo

Good prices, Good Showing, Good people, Good Food For anyone looking for a good movie

Jonathan Roy

Good foos


I liked the place. Good quality, low price.

Justin V.

Very relaxing.

saul rodriguez

Awsome place to watch movies at a great price



Shelly Felix-Rodriguez

Love the new seats! So compfy and very clean. Also, thank you so much for showing Paul, The Apostle of Christ and I Can Only Imagine. It is a bummer to have to go to Worcester to see movies and I like to support my local businesses! Keep up the good work.

Joel Underwood

Just viewed the film Overcomer, Excellent, thought provoking, reality check of how short, fragile each of our lives are, why each one of us is here in this world, and how everyone of us are in desperate need of a savior from ourselves and the coming judgement of Our Creator the Lord Jesus Christ. Highly recommend viewing this film for yourself....

The Enduring Warrior

Really good experience. The gift cards work unlike some other places, the snacks are cheap, and the arcade games are fun. No 5 stars because there was a little bit of talking, the candy choices are low, and sometimes the popcorn tastes like cooked cabbage. YUCK!

Da G

All in all its an ok theater but If you wanna go see a movie in Fitchburg this where you go. It does have a nostalgic feel to it. I've been coming here for a long time and I can't really say anything bad about the place

Barbara russo

Not a recliner in site yet this is my favorite cinema. Prices can't be beat. Staff is friendly, it's clean, games for kids to play, all new movies when they come out. You can bring in your favorite coffee shop coffee. The BEST place to go locally to see a movie.

Via Horgan

My school scheduled a private movie, they never showed up to let us in.

Jorge Perez

Comfortable seats at reasonable prices.

Aurley Bible

Went to see Incredibles 2 sold out everywhere but here. Theater was clean seats comfy plenty of boosters for toddler

Lucas Almeida

Nice place ok price and friendly sraff

Aniyah Smith

Got kicked out for screaming in a scary movie. Over priced food just like any theater. Not the best theater but only one that's close to me so I got to make it work. really comfy chairs tho. just remember to not scream during a scary movie. might as well not laugh in a comedy or cry in a romance.

Jamie Eichelberger

Already reviewed.


Nice theater. There was a nice sized arcade in there along with comfortable seats.

jason gonyea

Very comfortable seating and friendly staff.

Gisela Dellmuth

Great place bringing the grandkids to the movies and have some popcorn..

Charmain Brideau

Saw a movie with the kiddos on a rainy day. $6.50 for a matinee, which was not too bad. The staff was very friendly, theatres and bathrooms were clean, and the leather seats were comfortable!

Madmatt D

This is an old school local cinema we should support, very basic but clean, comfortable and good staff.

Laura Bradley

Clean. Seats are comfy!

Haley Hannon

Cinema World is clean and the service is awesome. I love it and it has the best movies. If I would you I would definitely go there.


Only $6 for matinee, and great seats. Food is obvious expensive, this is a bit of a given.

angel bonilla

Loved it . il be back again

Mrs C

Small cinema but just fine

Scott Knowlton

great place to see a new movie

Michele Siegmann

Cinema World has better prices than most cinemas nearby. It also has many theatres - so it can show a variety of movies at one time.

Curt Burnham

It's the Burg, what you expect? Cinemaworld is OK. Nothing great, no reclining chairs, no great sound, no great food and don't expect it. This place is OK, good for a cheap no thrills movie. It's the Burg!

Ihar Kukharchuk

Easy to buy tickets online and get in, fast serving and cozy auditoriums

Zuleyka Lugo

Great people! Good prices and a cute little arcade.

None Yah

A lot of parking, cheap tickets, featured new show time movies and a arcade. Seats and interior of theater need updating. But overall a good theater.

LorrieJane Steward

Great show place.

Kevin Erickson

Another decent small city movie theater with cheap prices. You'll easily spend more on snacks than a matinee. Most theaters are decent size with some smaller ones in the mix too. Seats are comfy and the place is clean.

Mark W Paro

This theater shows all new movies but is starting to show its age. Still shows early show on Tuesdays

Ted Turner

Good movies, good candy, senior discount!

Sherry Charland

Clean theater and screens, not terribly cold or too loud. Popcorn was fresh, staff was helpful and bathrooms were tidy.

freddy 22134

Never opened to let us watch a movie.. complete waste of an hour


Nice local movie theater! The seats are comfortable, usually not super packed, snacks reasonably priced (at least compared to the other even-more-expensive movie theaters), and we like the discounted movie tickets on Tuesdays. :-) My only complaint is that the movie trailers that are played before the movie starts are DEAFENING. Way too loud. To the point that's its uncomfortable. I've noticed this at a lot of movie theaters. Why do they do this?

Chris Tompkins

Lower prices, comfy seats small theaters.

Adam Hooper

Cozy theater

Edla Pappas

Older but comfortable .Reasonable prices


Good place comfy seats

Don Peterson

Smaller but nice theater.

Ana Reinoso

Is good I love go there is close home and the people work there they gentleness.

Lillian Strange

Nice place, comfortable seats. Warm in the winter, cool in the summer. It even has a tiny arcade for the kids.

Carol Landine

Clean, sound was great! Movie was funny! Employees were very nice.

Natalie Soto

Wow! My husband and I went to see a movie for our 15th wedding anniversary and it was so nice. It very clean, the staff was very nice, not too full and the seats where so comfortable. We will definitely go again.


You will easily pay more on snacks than tickets. On famous movies like Star Wars, you can view an early showing sometimes the night before release, which i am a BIG fan of. Their seats are nice, the theater is kind of messy, but isnt every theater? I have never ran into a problem of people talking through the movie or any disruptive behavior like that. All in all a good place to watch a movie.

Samantha Nye

Great movie theater for the whole family, Better then it looks from the outside for sure

sylvia pacetti-poirier

Hot and uncimfortable

Steven Gelman

Kelvin is an outstanding manager. Personable and will go out of his way to assist you with anything. Great theater.

Vadim B

Theater is clean. Kind of old school but nice

Michelle Desjardin

Reasonable ticket prices.

James Braunlick

Great location good people that work there and greet service

Lance M

Great popcorn here.

Lincoln Park

Right down the street the wife and I love the movies

Lydia Piermarini

I always have a great experience at Cinem World! Great price for movie and snacks!

Erika Grover

Small theaters but good

Mike Malone

Good seats

Ronald Ekstrom

Always clean and all theaters remodeled with incredibly comfortable seating. They'll get you on the snacks but don't all movie theaters.

Anthony Troche

Hobbs and shaws was amazingly


Popcorn that does not taste stale ! Warm theater in the winter!! Sales people are nice! Bathrooms clean and smell nice. Chairs comfortable and floor is not sticky !!

Kim Cole

The best popcorn! And prices are pretty goid.

Nicole Richard

Absolutely terrible experience tonight. Went with my husband for our anniversary and of course ages weren't checked prior to a million very young teens entering a rated R movie. And God forbid any of them unplug for less than 2 hours. Flashes going off thru the entire movie and the talking what's the point of spending the money to see a movie to talk thru the entire thing . I remember when people that worked at the theater actually went into the theater And checked on things. But apparently too much to ask nowadays to make sure every patrons experience is a good one.

Evie Anderson

This is the best movie theater, the seats are comfortable

RJ Does Random Things

Did not show up for school field trip.

Todd shattuck

Popcorn is freshly made. The prices are good. The theaters are new and very comfortable leather seating.

Lady Lor

You get what you pay for. The ticket price was good. But the theater room we were in had no air condition and they didn't clean the room. There was still popcorn on the seats.

Jason Collins

Good seats, nice staff. Much better than Entertainment Cinemas by the mall, since you don't have to listen to a horde of middle-schoolers talk through every movie.

That Guy Levi

Much better than they were when I was a teenager. Not a bad theater.

Jack O'Connor

Very good

Omar Milio

Had a good experience going there, really good, to hang out with family and friends there!


Small town theatre but with great seats and sound.

Marie PoshLady Estey

They have great seating very comfy..prices on tickets are great

Todd Gatto

The prices are just right, and everything is clean and updated

Mike Berry

Great price for movies comfortable seats and great snacks

Bor S

Great place to see a movie! Never had a problem seeing a movie here. The movies always run on time and the place is usually clean. They have the usual cinema food which is priced as you would expect from a theater. There's also a small arcade here as well. I suggest this over the other basic theaters in the fitchburg-leominster area. Obliviously, if you want a more immersive movie experience there are others but this is the best deal for new movies.

Lin Diollo

Prices are fair. Employees are amazingly nice.

William Velez

Good and related

Cheryl Walsh

Great place if you want to freeze to death.

Chris Fleurimond

Small theater that is organized and clean. Wouldn't want it any different.

Bev Peña

I'm glad there are still movie theatres like this one! Small and affordable! They still have matinees and popcorn doesnt cost an arm and a leg! They have a mini arcade. My family and i go often and love it.

Phil Jones

First run movies. Recently renovated seats. Better price than Worcester.

Aly Perez

Needs to be cleaned and employees should keep up with the rules... parents drop of their kids and they act uncontrollable. Not good for a romantic nite on weekends

Maria Brogna

They made excellent upgrades.

Micaiah Colon

Good movie theater. Good sound quality.

Cat McGowan

Lost my vape there, but the new seating is fabulous and the staff is friendly and professional!

Diane Maria dos Reis

Great theater! Movies and snacks are priced right! Amazing employees!!!!!! So glad we were able to find this place while on our business trip! Very relaxed environment!

Tara Sargent

Great place

Jordan Budzinski

Never showed up to let me watch my movie as they said they would

Aiden Coutu

Just watched the new Spiderman movie. I just went there to watch a movie so I'm satisfied.

Randy Stacy

Great place for afternoon matinee or night. Movie selection is usually good and up to date. Reasonable concession prices. Very Comfortable seating

Daniel Evans

Service and cleanliness of the facility is outstanding


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