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REVIEWS OF Cinemagic IN Massachusetts

Preston Gibson

I go to the movies a lot and this cinema is the closest to me, so I've been here a lot. The employees are polite and courteous, but the theater itself needs help. All of the movie screens are in need of cleaning. There's nothing worse than stains on the screen! There are flies in at least 4 theaters (the last 4 times I went here i went into 4 different theater auditoriums, 2, 6, 7 and 8, I saw flies flying around in front of the screen. Two of the last four times the popcorn was stale. One of the last two times the coke was flat. I wish I lived closer to a cleaner theater with better concessions.

Amanda Bushway

Will absolutely never come back here! Small Popcorn was $7.50, tasted old, and a half hour after the movie was supposed to start, the screen was blank. We told them several times. unbelievably horrible place they run!

bille .

First time there. I enjoyed everything about the place. Seating was great. Polite staff. Sound and screen were great. I cannot imagine what the one and two star reviews are all about. I was almost going to avoid the place after reading the reviews. I am glad that I ignored their comments. This could be the best cinema that I've been to. I will definitely be back! p.s Just saw that they received the Gold award for Best Cinema in the Union Leader Best of 2019.


Typical, overpriced food counter, sometimes hot and stuffy for matinee as they clearly wait to turn on the air...[hello? Its summer] until movie starts. I would advise to watch out for a "creeper element" in regards to teens/children attending without parents or adult---I had an experience where I was approached in the theater last summer by a sketchy guy looking for something that I was not so into to put it mildly, and moved my seat, leaving shortly after and got rain check, after my complaint pretty much was to a 17 yo "manager" Its run by kids, so don't expect much.

JJ Defeo

Not so good, worse food, same prices and worse seats, and less space then AMC... Just take left, hop on 495 (2nd interstate you encounter!), then get off at 213, then get off at the first exit, go right then take the first right into The LOOP shopping center. will take you to AMC in Methuen... SO MUCH BETTER.

Eva Marie Solak

Pros: Clean, very comfortable Cons: overpriced

Diane Naoum

Theater is comfortable the movie was a bust

Kevin Field

Love It. Great Seats in IMAX

Randy Adams

Nice big comfy seats that recline!

Vincent Palumbo

Clean and convenient.

anthony hunter

Very nice seats.

Thomas Duffy

The seats were dirty when we came in. Popcorn on the seats and trash in the cup holder. The bass from the action movie nextdoor was very distracting. After our one and only visit, I would not recommend seeing a movie here Especially skip this place if you aren't seeing a loud action film.

Todd Joyce

Clean and comfortable.

Bobby B Good

When I went during the weekday it was perfect. I had the whole theater to myself. I think I even got a senior citizen discount and I'm not even old enough. Another thing is the seats recline, bonus.

Ann-Marie Lowe

Came for my birthday to watch give feet apart was the best movie ever. Strangely it was pretty busy for it being the morning and there was only 1 person working and 1 trainee watching who btw was basically looking at everything but what he was being trained on. Thankfully my husband went to the little self checkout areas that everyone else seemed to not notice and got our tickets otherwise we wouldn't have made it to the movie.

Chris Skwarlo

I don't know what new seats people are talking about. Our theater had rigid platic covered seats with hard springs. They were low to the floor and barely reclined. The seat adjacent mine made squeaking noises whenever the person moved. I seriously considered leaving early for a refund knowing I could enjoy the movie more comfortably for the same price at another theater.

John Hanks

Nice place to watch a movie

Chris Lonsberry

Good prices..great experience!

Stephanie Garyait

Not as comfortable as most theaters now but the prices are much more affordable

Tiffany Elizabeth Dolphin

Me, my fiance, & future father-in-law went to see equalizer 2 today to celebrate his birthday and about an hour and fifteen minutes the screen goes black with the sound still on, giving away crucial information about what we've yet to see... Only to find out it happened to every screen and that they were trying to fix it, however they would not rewind it for us because it would delay the later show times of the night, but what about us? We're there customers now? They did however give us inconvenience tickets that we can't redeem online or at self service station only at confession stand so if we want good seats next time we better show up an hour early... Another inconvenience if you ask me.

Jerry Harrow

Excellent popcorn. Pricey like all theaters. Stadium seating with clear views.

Joe Deveau

Ok not very comfortable

Jason Walsh

New super comfy seating, reserved as well. No more having to get to the theatre early to get the good seat. Popcorn has also improved lately. Great movie theatre.

Ben Minch

Comfortable chairs, but I think they need to clean their projector windows because our movie was super blurry:(

Morris Beal

Great seatting

Alex Hill

Nice leather seats, big and comfortable. Good popcorn, great price on soda water. The best part? Reserved seating!

Lawrence A. Carnevale, Sr.

Luv it.

Pete Kapsimalis

Surprised they have completely reclining seats and in that position plenty of room to move in isle.

Christine Cooke

It's close and not too expensive. It's perfect for my family and we can always get a seat!

Howard Zolot

Thw seats were comfortable and the acoustic sounds were good.

Robert Bolton

Great Time!! Excellent power-reclining chairs!

Administrative Assistant

New recliners rock - but we bought two tickets to one show and received a ticket to that show and then one ticket to the next show. We were able to sit in the first show, but be careful with the new kiosks. They aren't quite accurate.

Eliud Vazquez

They update their seats very clean comfortable to be.

Madeline Alt

The seats are very comfortable. The concessions didn't wow me...I usually like to get popcorn when I go to the movies, but it didn't look very fresh, particularly since it was pre-bagged.

Fisher Manda

Seats are awful but the price of the tickets are cheap

Maximilian Ma

A little dated, but never crowded, with a great loyalty program.

Catheryn Burke

Great seats and I love that you can reserve seats

Jose Grullon

Nothing like beers and a movie staff is friendly and understanding

Yael Kaner

Comfortable seats and clean bathrooms

gordon kirsh

Comfy recliner seats wide selection at the snack bar

Katrina Klardie

Seating was nice and comfortable. Staff friendly and helpful. Concessions is where I'm a little aggravated. Pay 19 dollars for one soda, one popcorn, and a candy. Honestly not too bad for a theater, but the popcorn which is the main item was stale and a little burnt tasting. I mean we pay good money for it, it should taste phenomenal.

Kenneth Streck

We love it there. Great service and great seats.

Ron Campbell

I drive from Vermont, because it's an awesome theater. Very comfortable recliner seats. Great picture and sound

Aren Bloom

The food is anything but good.

Kevin Thillet

It got better now that they have new recliners chairs.

Cobie Yung

It's a movie theater; you get popcorn, and you watch a movie. Nothing to complain about, nothing to shout about.

Jon McCombs

Great place to watch a movie

Bry Lacoste

Great movie theater. Unfortunately this is one where you have to pick your seats when you pay and we go last pick in the very first row. But fortunately you can lay your chair back like a recliner!

David Hammond

Ad astra great flick

Karen Finn

VERY OVERPRICED. pop corn stale...i had a 30$ gc and it still cost me 45$$ on top for 3 drinks and 2 popcorn. Go elsewhere

Matt S

Very meh movie theater.

Nick Tulip

Comfy seats good prices and obviously "You'll love Cinemagic"

Jordan Hill

Use to like this theater, until today.. don't have a showing up on your site then when we walk in say we can't buy tickets for it because we need to go through a "Atom app" when it doesn't say anything about this on your website. I'll drive the extra 15 minutes to go to AMC in Tyngsboro. Better seating and cheaper concessions there anyway.

Andrew Schnellinger

$21 popcorn and $18 soda, what's not to love

Secret Horse

Much cleaner theatre than I expected - one of the cleanest of southern NH for sure. The only problem I have with them is their archaic, backwards, asinine, convoluted ticketing system. I bought my ticket online. Normally, at, just about any other venue, you can show them your phone screen and you're good to go. Not here. I had to go to a self-serve computer, which was offline, so I had to get in line at the ticket booth. By the time I was at the front of the line, I realized there was no human. It was another broken computer, offline again... No one was getting a ticket apparently? So I had to get into a THIRD LINE and redeem my ticket from the concession stand. Are you kidding me? Why? What's the point of selling a ticket online if you are gonna make people wait in 3 friggin lines? Not to mention, buying online COSTS MORE! THEY CHARGE A CONVENIENCE FEE! This is not convenient!

Randy Brooker

great new reclining chairs and reserved seating!

Nikhil Karkare

Theater is good overall. Seats are comfortable but not reclining. Screen is smaller than what I expected.

Gina Geary

The employees at this location are amazing

Cathy Durham

Do your job. Stop making up popcorn. 20$ a bag

Terry Harple

Great place to see a movie eat good popcorn and have a beer

Julie's bites

The seats are only comfortable if you lay down. I prefer to sit and the seats were just not comfortable if you are short (like 5'4") the backs are too far and the head rest is the wrong place meant for a tall person. However, stadium seating is nice.

Whitney Lamarre

I have been going to this movie theater for many years. I have always had a good experience. I really like the reclining seats!

John Abbott

Good sound and very comfortable and clean ..

Jay Patterson

Closest place to us proximity-wise so we will go here on occasion - but with the advances to movie theaters over the past several years, we will often travel further to take advantage of lay-flat leather recliners, IMAX, etc. Decent little theater otherwise.

Katherine Ruth

Love the new stadium reclining seating! They also updated their concessions stand and added self checkouts to purchase tickets. Makes going to the movies a very comfortable and easy trip!

Shan Chen

Very comfortable reclining seats and plenty of leg room in this theater.


Love reserving seats ahead of time!

John Grey

Always a great place to catch a movie. The food there is overpriced though

Amy Mcdonough

Love the recliner seats and choose your seats now. More food and drinks too. Huge bonus

Gordon Sims

Movie theater with a few video games.

Carey Hurlburt

Saw Unplanned, the movie, nice recliner seats, comfortable and clean

Filippo Napoli

Mad comfortable yo

Drew Nichols

They have a cool build your own skittles mix machine being installed. It looks promising. They've recently added recliners which is nice to compete with the UA across town. However, the ones I sat in reclined at an odd angle making it hard to see the screen without lifting your head up, and I was in the dead center of the theater. I was barely reclined - If I pulled up any further the legs would have gone down.


I didn't want to rate it at 1 or 2 because employees in theaters are nice an all. The way theater lays out is good, seats are comfortable. What gets me very irritated is that it costs about $17 for a large drink and popcorn combo (with candy) and tickets were $12. Awfully expensive. Lower the price and I will add another star.

Michael Hayes

I went to see Last Jedi yesterday at 5:30. Bought my tickets online, picked our seats, thought I was all set. Got to the theater at 5:15 went to the ticket kiosk and it told me to go to the ticket counter. Went to the ticket counter, that used to have people behind it, but instead found more kiosks. Tried those, same result. Went to the teenager taking tickets who told get in the concession line if I wanted to talk to anyone. 2 lines, a dozen or so people waiting in each. By the time I got to the front it was now 5:40. Another 5 minutes before the girl behind the counter could get my tickets to print. At one point she had her head in her hands, shaking it like this was a regular occurrence. By the time we got into our previously reserved seats it was after 5:45 and we'd missed the first 5 minutes of the movie. The place was filthy, trash everywhere. For the ticket and concession prices being charged the management can afford to have more than a few employees on hand on a busy night, and maybe an adult or two amongst them. To many other choices in the area to bother with this dump again. To bad, used to be a nice place. No more!

Lance Manion

Luckily nobody attended early show ..

Evan Kirk

Pretty cheap, all the new movies

Scott Farley

Great seating and great staff

Peter Kline

The ability to pick your seat ahead of time and just stroll into the movies is great. Was able to pick up best seats in the house for a movie the kids wanted to see and the super comfy seating is just great. Of course at close to $80 for 4 people is a lot but if you don't go to the movies often its fine.

Kyle Taylor

Nice theater with high quality sound and picture. Arcade area is fun for after the movie. Best popcorn out of all the NH cinemas!

charlotte moriarty

Great way to spend a raining day

Nick Quinn

Great movie theater. They let you pick your seats ahead of time so you don't have to worry about getting there before the crowd. The seats are very comfortable.

Bruce Denis

By far the nicest cinema I have visited in my life.

Ty Goldberg

Always good for movies.

Bigbang Chevy

Not crowded clean handicap access


The only movie theater ive enjoyed in NH (im from NC) the seating has been upgraded to recliners and the food is good. I loved the fact that i could prop up my feet, and eat a pepperoni pizza and watch a good movie. The quality of the projection in the theaters is top quality. Nice big screens and great surround sound. I believe that all their projectors are digial. Ive ran into some theaters where they weren't and i felt like i couldn't get into the movie, but I've never had a bad time at Cinemagic. Totally worth the hour in a half drive to go and watch a movie.

Jaclyn Cole

WOW! We went to see In a Blink of an Eye. The documentary was really good, but the seating in the theatre was phenomenal. Leather recliners! Doesn't get much better than that! Be careful, you just might fall asleep in those chairs, they're SO comfortable!

David Andrus

I guess it had been a bit since I've been here but the new seats in the IMAX made for the most enjoyable movie experience of my life, sitting on my couch included. Worth every penny

Robert S.

Theater 5 - moldy broken ceiling tile, co2 level below standard, sweltering 80 degree heat in full theater, trash receptacles overflowing with items left on floor, body odor and stale popcorn smell, non reclining seats and filthy carpet. Also, concession refused service 5 minutes after close even though theater was 80 degree heat (just needed water) I will never be back. Can’t blame the kid for the concession, but the conditions were so hot and had a horrible headache due to inflated co2 levels. Just go to AMC Tyngsborough.


The new recliner seats are awesome.


I Always enjoy seeing movies here!

Dennis Keane

Too many commercials. Cinema was great, but movie was scheduled to start at 2:20, but didn’t start for 20 minutes later because of all the commercials. If they want to show commercials while people are waiting for the movie, fine - but don’t eat into the movie time.

Jaime Miranda

Good place for movie

matt clarkin

Solid theater overall but very pricey in a time when most theaters have much more comfortable seats, half the food we asked for was out of stock as well which didn't help.

Joy E

Good seats. They boast correctly. The logo makes it look like they are selling fireworks but that's just a design critisism.

A. M.

Clean theater! Our movie cut out near the end but was quickly restarted where we left off!

Tamis Schenk

A very nice theater. Comfortable seats. Excellent concession area.

Theo Dubus

Not the worst place, but tickets are over priced and the theaters haven't been renovated since the late 1990s


Nice place. Ok prices

Melody M

Great movie theater

Scott Perry

Nice theatre but a little slow

Jewels Kanter

Very nice comfortable and staff was kind. The only reason for not 5 is the popcorn is outrageous in price and so were the drinks. I am sure this won't change in any of the theaters.

Joy Ruppelt

I don't like the idea of assigned seating. The fact that you can't change seats if your friends are seated elsewhere bothers me. Other than that, the place is clean, the snacks/popcorn are delicious, and the screens are big!! :)

cash powers

Clean theatre, serves alcohol and food. Concessions are pricey yet they have a wide variety.

Susan Powers

Watched film today that was out of focus. Told staff two times about the issue and got the answer "we're working on it." Every trailer, ad, and the film itself was out of focus from beginning to end. After 2.5 hours of this, I had a headache. Guess I'll be going to another theatre next time.

Zachary Caruso

New seats the recline. So amazing short prevoews but its to be expexted due to the lack of tjoughts going into movies now a days.

Bon Qui Qui

Overall quality is nice and speedy, seats dont recline that well.

Benjamin Stanek

To make a very long story short me and my wife were issued rain checks by a Manager that said I have to write an expiration date but they will always be good for such a horrible situation. I went to go use one today and first off to buy tickets from a human you have to wait in the same line you buy concessions in. When I finally get up there all the seats were taken. I asked how then if everyone pre buys tickets online can I ever get a seat? Their answer, I have to show up an hour before the movie begins and hope still I can get a decent seat by a manager named Ashley. People behind me were confused as well as to where to buy tickets as a husband went in one line and a wife and another. Horrible customer service skills and abilities. So the end result is I am ripping up my 2 free movie tickets Cinemagic has lost a customer for life, over 2 movie tickets... If I could give them zero stars I would. I hope someone in upper management reads this and takes appropriate action.

Rocco Giusto

Did everything a theatre should.

Heather Fortnam

Once upon a time this Cinemagic was shiny and new. Once upon a time they must have had more customers. Now it's a bit run-down and shabby. The workers often seem to be a little "lost". They have an extensive menu for a theater, including things like nachos, ice cream, and hot dogs. Stick to the popcorn. The other stuff is barely edible and they seem very thrown for a loop when you order it. Which makes me believe it must be old and scary in the "kitchen". There is usually only one person at the counter, so get there early if you want snacks. I do love the new(er) assigned recliner seating. Overall, it's still a great place to catch a flick.

Courtney F

Watch out for massively expired food and beverages. Their orange juice was a brownish color and had a best by date of October 2018. A year beyond. I noticed my sour patch kids were stale and they also had a best by date of May 2019. It's halfway through September 2019. Overall theater experience was subpar. The chairs don't recline at all despite being nice leather chairs. The projection only stretches to half of the screen with big black bars on all sides and it was out of focus until I left the theater to tell an attendant. For $13 a ticket I expected better.

Patrice Price

Floors were sticky and it was the 1130 showing.. staff was nice tho.. volume was kind of low in the theatre

Allieya DePaolantonio

This is my favorite movie theatre. I always go here. They keep the place pretty clean. I love they added more to the menu!!

John Roche

Terrible place to see a movie. Everything is waaaaay overpriced, and seats are old rigid seats that aren't comfortable at all. Left before movie ended because the smell in the theatre made me nauseous

Holly Good

The chairs are a huge disappointment. They look comfy but don’t recline. It’s about one step up from sitting in an airplane when they tell you to put your seats up.

Bacon Dew

Saw The Mule, great movie and Cinemagic was great too. Staff was helpful and nice, place was clean and neat. Chairs in theaters are comfortable and theater was clear and loud

Mary T

Love this movie theater! They have the comfiest seats ever.

Jonathan Kiley

The theater itself is usually pretty good. They have assigned seating here when you buy your tickets, so that can be a problem for last minute large groups. It was decent but I'll never understand why they don't run through with backpack vacuums to make this place clean for each movie experience. Especially if I get there early enough and I'm told I can't go in yet cause they are cleaning.

Keegan Chasse

ATTENTION!!! Enjoy great movies here without side effects! Like that one time at the drive in's , 1973 nova fogging up the rear view mirror, 10 years later I take that side effect with me to the movies here for a great laugh!

Robert Goodwin

Good theater, great reclining seats. Concession prices are outrageous of course, like all cinemas I could get soda and a popcorn there or wait and buy a steak dinner somewhere else for the same price.

Justin price

This was an awesome movie theater they had great prices for tickets and food I normally spend 80 bucks at a movie theater here I only spent 28

Charlie A


Sonia Livingston

Place is decent. Only issue was getting a frozen daiquiri, took almost 20 mins to get it.

Adil Jagmag

Very convenient location. The theater has assigned seating. The seats are stadium style and quite comfortable. The tickets are the same price as other chain theatres. The refreshments are a bit pricey (I guess all theatres try to make their money this way these days)

Scott McCartney

Seats are comfortable, and I like the assigned seating. Missed the first 10 minutes of my movie because I had to spend 30 minutes in line waiting to get expensive popcorn and drinks. When I expressed my displeasure, the kid behind the counter said, “Yeah, you’re the fourth person to tell me.”

Dave Banks

The wife and I go nearly every Tues for the matinee show, when we can get the new recliners they really improve our movie experience!

Joshua Rosen

It has those recling seats that most theaters have now. I hate them because you can't sit straight up. They are great for teenagers who want to make out in the theater because they can lay almost flat but I'm a senior and I'm long past that.

M Diaz

We came for a 12:30 movie. As of 12:50, the movie still hasn’t started due to technical issues. No one came to the theatre to tell us of the issues til 12:48. We have a theatre full of impatient kids! Ps stale popcorn

Brian Congo

Reclining chairs,sell alcohol and have 3d movies. Fast service, plus arcade, and candy machines.

Lisa Coates

Didn't seem very kept up

Paul Scannell

Dude, those seats are awesome! Just a minor flaw, don't take a nap before the movie. Have someone wake you up, that is how comfortable they are. Get there early to get snacks or wait in the LONG lines just before movie starts. Team up if you do, the seats are assigned. Try it out. Enjoy the movie!

Trucinda Phillips

Staff is great, customers left all of their cups spilled popcorn and candy all over the floor. Mom had no control and was on phone most of the night. Kids were obviously uninterested in the movie. Very distracting.

Melissa LeBlanc

We really like the new recliners!

Jason Keyser

Clean and streamlined. I like that you can order tickets and choose your seats before arriving and then just print them from a small kiosk. Nice leather recliners too!

Dean Brewer

I love cinemagic it is truly the place to be when it comes to movies.

Larry dumas

not so fresh popcorn

Katie Leishman

While I like the ability to reserve seats and the seats are comfortable, I've been there 3 times now, and every time I've had an issue. The first time, my friend slipped in a puddle of water in the ladies room (no warning sign present) and she twisted her ankle. The staff were total morons about what to do. The second time I went, I saw a very serious movie with a lot of dramatic silences but we could hear the booming explosions and thunderous music from the theater beside ours. Very distracting. This last time, I was sharing a large bag of buttered popcorn with my son and my husband on either side of me so I kept the bag on my lap. About halfway through the movie, I finally realized that the bag was leaking greasy butter all over my new pants and my shirt and hands!! When my husband went to get a replacement bag for the refill that we paid for, the kids behind the counter almost wouldn't give him a new bag and they had to call a manager out to get a new bag!! After the movie, I showed the huge grease strain on my pants to the employees, but once again, they just acted like a bunch of morons and offered no apology. I'll be looking for a different movie venue next time.

Tim MacLean

Only had one concession line open so there was a really long line. Other than that the theater was nice

Paul Senk

Nice facility with 10 theaters. Good popcorn snd other foods.

Miange De Leon

Not my #1 recommendation but it's a nice cinema

Lisa Palmer-White

Trash barrels were over loaded, women restroom floor covered in paper, toilet was clogged and 2 stalls out of toilet paper.

Melissa Antul

Comfy seats and 8$weds makes for a great rainy summer day!

mark palombo

Nice movie theater. Concessions way over priced but that's to be expected. 5.00 bottle of water


Very Nice & Clean Movie Theater!

Fred Rice

Your average theatre - expensive snacks, good seating, 'nough said

Ryan Mulligan

Never really had a bad experience here. It's pricy, but most theaters are nowadays. Gave it 3 stars because of the occasional case of trying to buy popcorn and the employees are nowhere to be found. There are some employees here that are very good but others that disappear

Christina VanderClute

Great movie experience!

Sonja Shine

Prices have gone way up. Even for seniors. Trying to pay for those new seats?

Carol Chaput

The place was dirty. The nacho chip machine had so many hand prints..

Shawna Tinkham

Renovated space, very comfortable

Cindy Taylor

Went to see : Anabelle welcome home.. was pretty intense ...envirment was clean x comfortable in reclining seats

Ashley Robin

Great theater ! Always have tickets and nice quite relaxing theaters. No lines and no waiting ! One of my favorite theaters!

Ali T

It's a decent movie theater that is clean and comfortable. It's usually not crowded which gives you nice time to enjoy the movie. I like the higher volume of the movies compared to other theaters. The seats do not recline like other ones in the competitors', but it is still acceptably comfortable.

Deborah Cherrier

The movie started playing No Audio so I complained and they fixed it but Wow! Even though the movie was finally fixed and I loved the movie (Rocketman), I Don't want that experience again, so Goodbye Cinemagic!

William Calderwood

Large parking lot, easy access. The seating is getting dated but comfortable and clean.

Zaneta Braswell-Ellis

Popcorn is fantastic. Best around.

Lucy Cote

The sound was great, the picture was clear, and the snacks fresh. Who could ask for more.

Alen Culum

Very comfortable seats and great place to relax and enjoy the time out.

Richard Joltes

Generic theatre/cinema location. Clean and well maintained with lots of parking.

Kelly Jean Smith

Great place fun family time

Peter Capano

Cinemagic had a few problems tonight. An ad stayed on screen while the previews ran and then the screen wasn't all the way open until ten minutes into the feature. Seats are great, plenty of room.

Tristin Chartier

The new chairs at much appreciated

Tim P

Clean facility, decent concession although popcorn could have been a bit more fresh, lots if tiny pieces. Less commercials prior to show would he nice. I'm not likely to arrive prior to start again.

Jared Steele

Movie buff. Quaint little theatre, where it is actually medium to large sized. Stadium seating still as of 2017.

Debbie Choate

Good concession choices, comfortable seats, clean restrooms.

Paula Furlong

Not my favorite theatre. They do have comfy seats now. Not reclining. A lot food offerings but expensive. Be aware the popcorn bags leak butter. I was sliding in it on the way to my seat.

Laurie __

Comfortable seating and room to move around.

Gail Ouellette

The movie Pomp is what we saw. It was just ok not great.


Great, clean, non sticky theatres with comfy recliners. Only downside is staff will allow new born children to attend R rated movies with their parents, thus ruining the entire show if it happens.

Brad Cartier

IMAX was great! Seating was fun and the screen and sound were terrific! Pricing is a little high but the food prices are better than other theatres

Martha Lucas

Clean comfortable seating. Easy to use kiosks to purchase tickets. Friendly staff

Lisa LeBlanc

Perfect! 5 people total in the theater

Linda Kelleher

Nice clean movie theater

pat morse

Very comfortable

deb cassidy

A full on theatre with terrific sound

Cindy Brackett

Planet of the Apes was good!

Sue Sears

Good movie location

Gayle Darrell

We went to see Avengers last night. The door to the theater said,”no heat in theater.” It was June 29th! It was sooo hot we asked them to put air conditioning on! No air movement at all. $45.00 for 4 tickets, and I could not focus on movie it was so uncomfortable in the theater! Never again!

Dino Romano

Good little theater. The management should pay more attention to movie goers who are texting during the film. A very bad distraction.

Heyitspeytonnn 12

Dylan was very polite and approachable!

Robin Kobrenski

Quite little place.

George Duke


Jennifer Maszczak

Great theater but snacks are way overpriced

April Robinson

Best movie theater

Monica C.

Theater was nice, clean and staff were friendly. Just wish they would do their usual walk into the theaters during the movie to check on everything. Had two loud mouth girls next to my mom and I who harassed us the entire movie all because we accidentally sat in their seats (they showed up over a half an hour late, but we moved over for them) They were constantly talking/yelling and was even filming parts of the movie/taking pictures with the flash. Other than last night, every time I come here I have a great experience.

Jayarr GamerSon31

Love it, best theater in Salisbury

Travis Grimm

I love the theater and everything about it, i just wish Alex R. got paid more for his hard work. Plus it smells like updog throughout the theater. For that reason I can only give it 1 star. (I'll be back once he gets a raise)

Jack Armitage

I always love Cinemagic. It may be a little shabby at the edges, but it is a classic movie house and does its job well. And there is never a shortage of seats!

Jeanna Getchell

Uncomfortable seating and they need a better sound system.

JonAl Moore

Too expensive, good seating though.

H Junkin

2 senior tickets = 17.50; 2 popcorns and 1 small coke = 21.00. Wow, we've just made our last stop there

Michael Gignac

Great experience, IMAX. However, expensive; $16/adult. Also, $10 extra to reserve the seats, which the 7 of us had to to ensure we sat together. Food lines went quick, very organized.

Blair Cochran

Added some better food options

Sherry Perkins

Comfortable seats


Theatres could use an upgrade....seating especially. More variety at snack bar, like AMC theaters.

Noel Morin

Old school theater. Doesn't have the modern amenities of a new AMC but also didn't have the absurd price tag either. Stadium seating and reasonably priced concessions make it great for a rainy day family movie.

Ann Bordeleau

Great place to see a movie. Lots of parking. The seats were comfortable. Good movie selection. Competitive prices. Couple reasons for only giving this theater 3 stars. First, the pricing for drinks was outrageous. $5.99 for a 24 oz bottle of water. Really?!?! Even airports charge less for a larger bottle. Second, there was a problem with the advertisement reel they played prior to the previews. Something like that should be checked often. Not only because advertisers are paying good money to have their products on the reel but also because people with sensitivities to light will have issues with the screen going from light to blank constantly. I had to close my eyes until the reel was over because I was getting dizzy and a headache from watching less than a minute of it.

Irene Karantonis

Overpriced and everyone got sick from fries and mozzarella stick


Seats comfortable but do not recline and legroom is not great.

Cody Siders

Do yourself a favor and take the drive up to the hooksett cinematic. The seats here don't recline and no leg room.

Michael Cohen

Dirty theaters. Rude staff. Movie cut out in the middle and they wouldn't offer refunds: only rainchecks. Save your money and go elsewhere. Or don't. Honestly you'd be better off just not seeing a movie then seeing it here.

Derrick Loughlin

I couldn't put the popcorn on my lap because the was so much butter soaking through the bag. Everything else was great!


Anime night for Akira was great! Lots of options for snacks, comfortable seating, & great screens.

Debra Bouley

So torn in my opinion of this theater. #1..IMAX was fantastic, seats were the most comfortable ever. But we were there 20 minutes before the movie started, and missed (without exaggeration) roughly 17 minutes of the actual movie waiting for a freaking cheeseburger. Not previews...MOVIE. It wasn't freshly made with a crowd of people asking for them. This was for a microwaved cheeseburger. I'm not even complaining that it was a microwaved burger, because it was pretty dang good. I just think its re-goddamn-diculous that we missed so much of the movie for something that we watched take less than a minute when they finally got someone to do it.

Gabe Shakour

No IMAX but some of the screens (like 11) are big enough and slightly curved to make the viewing experience very similar.

Momo Reese

Still out-dated a bit but pretty good

jay key

Much better than the other theater in Hooksett!

Ezra Carter

Awsome cheap prices!

Tom McGrath

The place doesn't change much. I have been going here since elemtsry school I am now 22. And just saw spiderman. Compared the the other cinemagic around this ones a bit iffy. But I still enjoy comming

Andy T

They still have the older style seats here. They do "rock back and forth" a little, but pale in comparison to the theaters with the big recliners. They do offer discounts for children, military and seniors. Average snack bar, and the Sylvan street Grill restaurant 2 minutes away.


Love this theater

P Ferwerda

Bought tickets online. Easy to pickup up online tickets. We like the comfortable seats and the fact that we can select them... Takes some of the stress out of going to the movies if you're cutting it close on time.

Marcey Mason

They have updated some of the inside which made a big improvement!

Alexander Downey

This is one of the best theaters I've ever been to. It was a great experience. The employees were very nice.

Joseph Beaulieu

Initially looks rinky dink. Small theater with lots of charm and good seating. A favorite when I'm home.


It was good, clean, and not crowded. Just pricey. Had a $20 gift card and still cost close to $50 for me and my 3 kids

Bruce Behan

Nice to have in the immediate area.

Jimmy Doherty

Kick back and enjoy a frozen sangria in a lazyboy chair and enjoy the quality you expect from imax i watched Aladdin with my kids and it was a truly cinamagical experience i was truly in awe

Janine Fatyol

Overpriced! A small popcorn and a small soda was $13!! This is why people Netflix and chill!!

Amber Fixler

Comfortable recliners. Even close to the front you have a pretty good seat

Cody Smith

You'll love cinemagic! Seriously thou great movie theater cheaper than amc but at the cost of amazing seats. The seats dont recline. They are comfy but dont recline go figure.

Andrew Baines

1 star cause the seats were comfy. First time back at this theater in years. Didn’t know about the “upgrades” that took place. Such as new kiosk, new online ordering and new seating charts. Family got tix from someone as last minute gift, physical copies, we show up walk in and take a seat. Didn’t know they were assigned seats and management found out. Came over and didn’t acknowledge me or my mother, but instead began harassing my daughter telling her to move. Some words were said, and I’ll leave it there. This is on top of waiting in line for 30 minuets for snacks and drinks too. So already I’m a bit frustrated. So overall just not what it use to be. Poor management, poor layout, very unprofessional staff and just a bad time. Never going back and it’s no wonder people wait for digital releases. Good movie though...

Brandon Whitcher

I typically have a very pleasant experience at this movie theater, although tonight I saw a movie that has been out for a few weeks "Spiderman, Far From Home" so it was shown in theater 3 which is the smallest of the rooms. The picture was fine, but the temperature in the room was very warm, almost hot and humid. To their defense it was a hot muggy night, but it was almost unbearable. I felt like I was sticking to the seats. And I'm sure others were the same way since I noticed some people sitting up a few times. Besides that, the over-priced popcorn was very good and sound quality is great. Still will be my go-to theater. Hopefully the other rooms have better A/C.

Syed Shah

Nice place but Seats does not lean down :(

Jeannie Morley

Not as up to date as some theaters but still really nice

Brian Whitney

Took the family to see the new Toy Story. Clean place, as always. Friendly staff. Cost a million dollars. Like all other movie theaters. Great experience and the kids loved it so worth it.

Espe Otter

I love going here! Everyone is always so friendly and helpful! The theatre is always looking so clean and well put together!

Rony Peterson Jabour

The cinema is fine, but this people should be kidding about the price they charge for things to eat. $6 per bottle of water. This is money to buy 2 cases. This is ridiculous. You’re in Salisbury not Las Vegas, not NYC. Staff was nice.

T Lockwood

Surprisingly nice for a small town movie theater. Seats are super comfy.

Pat D

Nice theater was able to drop kids off to watch a movie with no worries

Edwin Huff

Great seats. Very comfortable. Sadly the light was so dark my wife was hit head on by a guy going down the stairs as she was going up to find our seats. Nonetheless, great sound and once settled, great movie..

Anthony Luckern

The reclining leather seats are very comfortable and it's well laid out very spacious also the serve beer and wine for those of age so great experience in my opinion definitely would recommend this to my friends

Alex Hilazyo

Great movie theatre! Staff is very nice, food is good, and the theatres are clean and comfy.


Not expensive and nice staff

Torane Hull

With increased food choices like milkshakes, hotdogs, and ice cream along with beer and wine we have enjoyed coming back to this theater. What originally drew us back was the remodeled leather recliners. Cinemagic has done a nice job bringing their theater up to date!

Mel Vanders

One bathroom was closed because "they were out of toilet paper" the other bathroom had rolls of toilet paper on the floor!! The next time we went and saw a rated R movie and people had their kids with them!!! I'm the back row, not sure how old they were but they sounded young and were loud! The parents or whomever they were, we're talking to them like they were in their own house! Staff is nice. Theater is falling apart.

Jessica S. Tomoda

Good cinema, but the chairs is so much desconfortable.

Joe Woodbury

I used to go here all the time. It's a pretty good place, it's easy to sneak in candy lol

Colin Coleman

This theater is fine, but when I went on Sunday, it was clear no one really cared about the theater. There was popcorn all over the floors, and trash everywhere. The chairs are comfortable though, and appeared clean. I would go back, but they should really focus more on keeping the place presentable.

Christopher Clinton

Food is poor quality and overpriced. Also, the theater smelled dirty and seats badly stained.

Jason Uhde

The new reserved seating and recliners are great!

Diane Hebert

Got right in and had my small dog with me on vacation and due to storms we decided to go to the movies. The staff didn't even say a word I was so grateful... My friends and I watched a good movie and I didn't have to worry about Fefe in the car or camper during storms... Thanks again cinemagic

Jazmine N. Gulezian

Decent theater.

Charles Dunn

Generally a good experience. Less expensive than the full reclining seat theatres. The seats are comfy enough, but they didn't recline at all. The concession stand is really expensive, and for some reason people seem unable to get popcorn back to their seats without dropping half of it so the place is not very clean at times. All in all not a bad experience, but the fully reclining theatre seat places are worth the extra expense.

andy p

They charge to much for everything. And they don't. Accommodate you at all poor attitudes just worst experience ever. will never go there again

Jay Chandler

A great fun night.

Kevin Goyette

Very confusing when you walk in, nobody at the box office to ask questions too, just self serve checkout kiosk, so if you want to pay cash for the movie tickets, you are out of luck. There was popcorn littering everywhere on the floors in the lobby and in the hallway to the theaters. The trash barrels we're overflowing everywhere. The bathrooms were in terrible condition, sticky floors and teenagers smoking in there. I did like the new seating in the theater itself, but overall a very disappointing experience. Several better options in the area if you want to go see a movie with a personal touch.

Steve Cook

Self serve ticketing makes for a longer line than necessary. Seating is comfortable.

Michael Farago

Food and drinks are way way over priced but other than that it's great

Earl Burlstein

Clean ,plenty of cinemas.average theater prices. Comfortable seats. Good place to see a movie.

John Luke Mills

Nice laid back place. Good discounts at off peak times.

Kristin DeCaprio

Movie tickets are SO cheap compared to theaters like AMC or Showcase!!! But word to the is ridiculously priced! ie: 1 bottle of water is $4!!!! Btw seats do not recline. I looked everywhere online trying to find that out, so I figured someone else might find that useful. Its pretty much like the older movie theatres from when us moms were kids...basic but does the job!

Tim Walton

Small screens but I was able to see the movie I wanted to see.

Jennifer Edwards

Great theater, great service. They NEED to get better about cleaning the theaters between shows. There was popcorn on my seat, a drink in my cup holder and a LOT of densely packed nasty crumpled napkins in my daughters cup holder. Luckily I had napkins to use to grab them and move them. Ick!!

Donna Kellis

Good place to take family, it’s clean, and the staff is friendly. It doesn’t have reclining seats but they are comfortable. I’ve been a couple of times and plan on going back.

Zenajah Claxton

3 ignorant, young staff members I dealt with. I know exactly what they were doing but the angel on my right shoulder told me not to cause a scene. Lucky them.

Billy Deveau

Good atmosphere, comfortable seating, a bit pricey on the snacks and drinks

CM Jones

The theater isnt crowded but it was expensive. 2 adults 2 kids $43 on a week night and the seats aren't even great.

Thomas Howard

Great family theater.

Audrey McCarthy

Very stale popcorn which is unfortunate because its very expensive. Threw it away.

dustin greenwood

Dont like how you have to pick yoir mumber seats... ot shpuls be frist come frist serv... great graphics plus 3D is nice


Better now with the reclining seats

Josh Hayward

I just saw a movie in the Imax theater, the seats are comfortable and recline. The screen is huge! You almost need to turn your head to see the whole thing! Lol

nancy pollard

Nice movie theater. I like the stadium seating.

Bob Soucy

Came here with the wife and a child we were babysitting. First of all no free refills is rediculous for these prices. We spent like 30$ on a medium popcorn and two drinks. I went back and cut the line to ask for a n empty small popcorn bag to share with the child and was told it was a dollar. Whatever, I guess you need to make a profit on your 5¢ bag. I pulled out a dollar and was then told I had to wait in the line again to order an empty popcorn bag. I understand that there is a line but I didn't think an empty bag was to much to ask for really quickly. Maybe you guys can't afford the cost of an empty popcorn bag but I can afford the cost of driving to AMC for the free refills.

alayna warriner

amazing service, good quality movies!!

Joseph Ricard

Nobody's even checking tickets. Garbage theater. As in garbage in the aisles, the bathrooms. Piss odor in the theaters. Projector is not on 5 mins before the show. Everything is overpriced. Men's bathroom has stalls missing locks. A good place to watch a movie if you hate your life, or enjoy patronizing places where the managers have learning disabilities.

christian page

Easily One of the best theaters in new Hampshire

John Urquhart

It was good but little cold

mommy cass

this was the worst of the worst as far as movie theaters. So the service could only get worse if someone berated me. It was this new guy and their was this kiosk and I asked the kid "how do I pay?" Our movie had just started and in a few short mins. the movie was due to start and comming attractions would end. The new guy (they told me he was new) IGNORED my asking for help figuring out how to pay. I simply asked "do I pay you or use this kiosk and how do I use it?" he literally didn't answer but then said "I am new I don't know how it works." his co worker on the other register was on the phone ignoring us talking about her hours. I was starting to get super stressed out when a kind and polite girl with blue hair smoothed it all over and helped me. The entryway smelled of popcorn and the flavoring/cooking oil used to make popcorn. But it wasn't normal or healthy. I felt my throat CLOSING. I don't ussually have this type of allergic reaction but somehow the cooking oil/or chemical they use to clean popcorn popper or the flavoring for popcorn itself caused me to gasp for air and cough forcefully. To be honest I should have left and called the board of health on them...but instead I literally covered my fave with my hand squeezing my nose shut as I left out the entryway. It was the loby that was bad like this but the theater was fine. The seats were awful and don't recline. I read that when you wok with strong artificial butter flavor that you can get this condition literally known as popcorn gets into your lungs. I have gone to other theaters without a problem at all. Whatever ingredient they use in their popcorn is a danger to my health never mind what it could do over long term exposure. They really need to look into this. I could not breathe without gasping and coughing.

Laura Murzyn

I don't go to the movies often because it's so expensive, and last night's visit helped solidify that reason for me. First, tickets were $11.25 each and you don't purchase tickets from a human. It's self-serve only so don't show up without a debit/credit card for your ticket. Small popcorn...$6.50 small coffee...$2.50. Theatre was practically empty. Any wonder why?

Dan Smith

I like the reclining seats.

Dominique Dube

You'll love cinemagic

Melissa Witt

Clean, and lots of parking. Seats aren't that great. It's hard to recline. Service is good. I will go again.

Eddie Montgomery

Overpriced tickets, especially for a matinee show, overpriced snacks and food (I'll stick with Chunky's for both-much better atmosphere) and it was 90 degrees inside the theater. Just really uncomfortable. I definitely won't go back there to see a movie.

Robyn S

Great small town movie theater.

Rick Stallings

Watching movies in IMAX is my favorite. From the giant screen to the insane sound system this theater doesn't disappoint. The leather reclining chairs and the ability to grab a beer are definite bonuses.

Tom McD

Great, comfortable thetre

Robert D, Marhefka

good times

Jimmy Jay

Worst seats. I could barely make it through the movie

Salvatore Albano

Decent theatre, gets the job done if you don't need IMAX, huge screens, big seats, etc... Moderately priced, and the theatres are usually pretty empty, so you can get a good seat


Theaters are very nice. Assigned seating. Seats are very comfortable. Only bad part there was no heat in the theater even after we told people who work there about it.

Bea Kelsey

Very quiet in the afternoon but staff was nice

John Harrison

Good movies showing. Handicapped parking available. Typically high prices.

Bobby Leveille

drinks and snacks overpriced but love their new seats

Flora Lee

Comfortable seats!

Ashley Gloeb

Great theater! Seating was comfortable leather. If you are introverted or hate talking to people, they have a self check out to buy tickets. All seats are reserved, so need to show up early and be stuck watching ads. Food was good, though I didn't see any salt to add to my popcorn, and it wasn't the hottest popcorn I've had. Every person we interacted with was friendly! I don't know if this is the norm, or it's because we were seeing something that had been out for a couple weeks, but there were only 3 trailers before the film (compared to as high as 7 elsewhere) so that was nice! Restrooms were very clean!

Jim Marshall

Very spacious seats, great sound and good refreshments. Prices seemed in line with other places. Sound was a little loud but not was shattering

B Unit

Great atmosphere. Great seats, they recline, and plenty of leg room. I will definitely go back.

Katie D

Love the seating, the selection of food choices, beverages, etc. But OMG the prices are off the wall. Also, they have self-service ticket kiosks, which are great, but you can't pay with multiple gift-cards (tried to pay for 2 tix with 3 $10 gift cards, ended up needing a real person to help anyway). Lastly - they NEED more help on the weekends. Trash was overflowing when we got there... and when we left, we had no option but to put our trash at the top of the pile of trash that was heaping over the top of the barrel. I guess what I'm saying is, for what you pay for the movies and food, they could probably afford to hire a few more people to keep the place tidy.

S Gunther Schmidt

Clean, soft seats and good movie!

Francine McGaughey

We've been to this theater a couple of times while visiting in the area. Comfortable enough, and the restrooms are clean. Convenient parking lot. A little pricey, but they give a senior discount and an even better discount for military.

Robert Ayars

My preferred theater in the area. They're tickets are reasonable, the seats are comfy enough and the service is solid. Nothing way over the top, but for the price it's a great option.

Heather Duszny Collins

We ordered popcorn, candy and a drink, AKA the super combo. When we pointed it out to the kid ringing it up that it should be a super combo, he said "oh well you have to say you want the combo before, i already put it in separately." Then we get into our seats and the previews start. With no picture. We could hear them but that was it. We waited a few minutes then my husband had to go out and say something. The picture finally came on as the last preview ended. As we were leaving, we had to hold the doors for people coming into the theatre, somehow the doors were locked and no one could get in. Stellar crew on tonight! You really know how to pick 'em

Dana Valerio

This place was disgusting. The floors and seats had food all over them and it smelled. The place itself looks closed down. And the popcorn was old. Very bad experience. Will never go back!

Bob Rea

If you're going to turn the candy counter into a kitchen, have people preparing and different people fulfilling easy orders. Why am I standing in line to pay for a box of candy while one person makes hot food for groups of people. This really will make me question choosing this theater again. On the plus side, I like reserving my seat and the chairs are comfortable.

Drexel Wright III

Great value. Screens and sound is perfect.

Alexis Merrill

I will travel over an hour just to go to this movie theater. My whole family loves it!!


The only negative thing I found were loud audience members, but there's nothing they can do about that!

Tabby Jay

Great movie theater excellent comfortable reclining seats good environment I would recommend going again

Dav id

They have beer the same price as water...... What a place

Stephen Denis

Went to see the Lion King 2019, a movie that is all about the experience. This theater lacked that. The audio was really bad in the theater. Felt like I was watching it on a TV where the sound came from the screen. The theater we saw it in had a screen that flickered during the film. Popcorn was also stale/burnt, getting the sense it had been sitting there for a while. Felt a theater would be ready to go for a premiere weekend, Friday night.


Awesome seats. Great sound.

Alexander Nicholas

The best seat around ;)

Faith Witham

Me and my fiance watched men and black here we had the whole therter to ourselves we bout two drink s wich came out be13 bucks or so kinda pricey and a little warm in the therter but over all I love how empty it was haha so I gave it 3 stars

Sarah Bahr

For some reason the seats get uncomfy after a while despite being recliners. Good prices on tickets though.

Janice Angell

Nice movie theater but old seats

Joanne King

There was no heat in the theatre. I had to cover up with my coat. When we got to our seats there was some kind of oil on our seats and quite a bit of oil on the floor right in front of the seats. We had to sit somewhere else. I told 2 of the employees & they never did a thing about it. But the movie was excellent

Gail Bergeron

Great movies and comfortable seats ❤️

Dan Murphy

Wayyy overpriced food and very slow service. But the surround sound sounds good

Eileen Hubbard

Great new seating. Clean and cozy.

Shirl Richard

Saw the movie Overcomes, Excellent movie. Highly recommend

Shane Price

Clean, easy entrance and exit, enjoyable experience

Diane Sweeney

Comfortable seats, decent food, good value!

Sharon Bornas

The prices are high on the food but reasonable for tickets. I like the reward program they have because I get free stuff frequently.

mandy macomber

Seats were so uncomfortable we left the movie early

Heather Middlemiss

Amazing experience! Great seating big screens.... loved it

Hawkers Burn

Excellent experience on the matinee. A little pricey on the food but not bad.

Ed McCann

Great theater with reserved seating, comfortable with great views.

Wow Ok


mark couture

Friendly staff. Good ticket prices.

Marcy Silvia

The place was great. What wasn't great was the woman with the baby and screaming toddler to see a 7pm show on Friday. Totally ruined it.

Timothy Lewis

Floor was nasty. Seats covered in popcorn. I told the guy to sweep up the mess and wipe down the greasy seats. Some girl came out and swept the popcorn under my chair without saying a word and walked away. Never coming back to this unkempt craphole.

Jason Lees

I think they forgot that people were in the theater. It was obscenely hot, and they never dimmed the lights for the live broadcast I was there to see. Seats were nice though.

Mark B Ouellet

Smaller theaters inside with lots of room, no cramped theater here!!!! Leather seats that lounge. Great view from any seat

Donna Smith

Can you give 0 stars? At 5:00 showing of The Greatest Showman. Arrived 20 minutes before showtime. No one to take/check tickets. Theatre FILTHY. Food all over seats, floor. Not just popcorn but sticky stuff too Who's running this place?

Liam the Memelord

Reclining seats are nice.

Hannah Drouin

This is a good theater, clean, comfortable, modern and good customer service. A little pricey though. I usually go to Regal in Hooksett because this place is too expensive.

Anthony D

Great seats this is the way I want to see a movie. Comfortable seating not crowded reclining seats and no distractions.

Jamie Elgie

Theater in general seems slightly worn. They have comfortable large leather seats which are nice but they don’t recline unlike many newer theaters. That said it is nice to be able to book your specific seats in advance. They serve alcohol if you feel the need. Aside from that it is very typical fare though they have a skittles vending machine which my kids were stoked about.


Only place around with IMAX. Best seats and good popcorn!

Akyria Vey

I really love the IMAX 3D seats! We went to see Avengers End Game which is a 3 hour movie. Everyone was comfortable and really enjoyed it. The reason I gave 4 stars is because all of the 3D glasses were spotted and dirty. Maybe stained? I wasn't really able to clean the spots off myself, but there was only one spot in particular that was slightly distracting. I will go again but definitely bring something to clean the glasses with!

Maria Caron

I had fun with friends and family watching The Meg.

Ron Calabraro

They have IMAX

Tara Trapnell

Our go-to movie theater. Typically pretty clean with good movie selections and comfortable basic seating. Priced a little higher than other theaters.

Dianne Kennedy

Seating is good for handicap access, Clean. Prices are higher

Victor Bazarov

Went there with kids to see a PG flick. Bought tickets in the lobby, the console is relatively straightforward, takes CC. Seats comfy, reclining, controlled by a button. Amphitheater seating, good sound. Lights at the walls (illuminating the steps) *could* be dimmer - one shone into my left eye, at the edge of my field of view, the whole time - I wished I had blinders... It was a Thursday during a school break, a 5pm show, and the parking lot wasn't full, so we managed to park reasonably close. They do have ample parking, though.

Jessica Adair

Seats were uncomfortable, service was slow, bathrooms were dirty

Joseph D Prive

Come to find out they renovated. Now recliner chairs and select sesting like regal in hooksett.

Gmail Email

They only play 1 to 2 trailers before the movie which is great! Sure beats AMC that play nearly 35 min of trailers - that's exhausting. This place is bare bones; seats and screens and some munchies (I don't buy due to costs.) That's it, that's all you need. I barely go to the movies but I do keep this place in mind always because it's less packed and again, they only play one or a couple trailers before the movie.

Adam Waller II

I have been coming to cinematic my whole life. The phrase “you will love cinemagic” has always rang true for me. However, my last experience was very poor. I went to see Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. Me and the boys were supposed to enjoy it. However, the picture was very blurry the whole time. The scariest part of the movie was the picture quality.

Christopher Gaudet

Good place to see a movie. A little hard to find but overall a good experience.

Marcos Rodriguez

Best movie theater around always have a great time

Matthew Pierce

Good popcorn. Good seats good sound good screens ok pricing

nancy mitchell

This place is fabulous! Pre-bought tickets, big comfy reclining seats, plenty of leg room, We loved it! Will be back soon!

Chris Freeman

Honestly the theater was great. Very clean very big and spacious. The seats are amazingly comfortable and the movie we saw was great. Excellent snack selection and even can get alcohol if you want. What killed it for me was advertisements. They ran advertisements overlaying the credits and after credits scene for Spiderman. This is disrespectful to all creators and contributors of the movie. Not to mention a disappointment to marvel fans who could not view the scene because of a laundry detergent advertisement.

Rebecca McGrath

I very much enjoy this theater. We went and saw Captain Marvel with the kiddos the other night. Comfortable seats, good selection of snacks. However, that you have to print your tickets and bring in because they make it so complicated to download each individual ticket to your phone is aggravating and send behind the times. Additionally, I thought the prices of popcorn and water were more expensive than my local theater. I will go here again, but more than likely will not purchase a water for $4.50 again. (Regardless of if I or my BF purchases it.)


My girlfriend and I saw Bad Times at the El Royale here. Prices were competitive for a matinee showing. They had a good variety if concessions, comfortable seats and adequate parking. It's located in a strip mall that's very easy to see from the road, and they have a glod selection of current movies, swing by.

joe marciszka

Great place to see a movie

Maryann Mueller

Saw the Lion King!

Scott Proulx

New reclining seats are super comfortable, almost too comfortable!

Zachariah F

Good movie theater. Where I always go

Jen Dahl

It was amazing! My kids and I loved the imax theater

zemoira z

The place is really run down but people's are nice, it's cheaper than other places, and the movies are the same

mike wood

Usually good But occasionally the service is spotty and disorganized.


Theater is pretty clean. The girl at the ticket/concession counter, Brianna, was very nice. No more or less expensive than any other theater. I just don't know why there is always someone sitting in the seats we choose. It's not rocket science, people!!!!

Tommy Lhussier

Seats could be a little more comfortable but the sound was good and the picture, clear!

Joshua Walsh

I always love going here. It is so close and always has the movies I want to see.

Joseph Cox

Good theater. Always too expensive for food though.

Michael Cipolletta

IMAX is awesome!

JB Golden

Chairs do not recline. Sound quality and volume are hit or miss. It isn't as comfortable as their local competition, but it does tend to be less crowded and that holds some appeal for me. Not a bad second choice for a theater.

Alexa Sinclair

My most recent visit was to see Dark Phoenix with my boyfriend. I waited 20 minutes for a hotdog I odered and it ended up being cold. I requested a refund from the manager, who seemed to have been bothered by the task of refunding a product. He began to explain the difficulty of refunding conssesion items. I told him that our movie has already started and if I was informed of the wait time on this ONE hotdog I would have not purchased it. The manager agreed to work with us after the movie was over. We came out after the movie was finished and had to request the manager, who was sitting out back. The manager, Nathan, presented us with a 'general ticket' voucher (that expiers in 2 months) in replace of the hotdog refund because he could not/ did not want to figure it out. We obviously took the voucher that was worth more. I feel as though instead of empathizing with us he was just trying to brush us off. I understand the staff is young and there customer service skills are still being formed but even the manager seem surprisingly careless and nonchalant. If the manager of the establishment does not care, why would the employees?

Alex Shippee

Most of the theater is great, but the primary Men's bathroom is more often than not, disgusting.

Tim Bridge

Seats were good, and the theatre experience was good overall. One of the few issues was the placement of the toilet paper dispensers in the men's room. They are low enough, and close enough to the toilet, that you have to sit down like a Formula One driver sliding into his car. It's a tight fit, and uncomfortable. Also, the men's rooom only has two stalls, and three urinals. It leads to waiting when the movie ends... So much that i was having flashbacks to concerts at the Worcester Centrum in the 80s, where people would piss in the sinks because of the shortage of space at urinals. Thank god i didn't see any of that at the theatre... But there were some irritable people..

Noel Cutler

Great theater rooms! Lines were super long at concession counter but it's worth it.

Mary Catherine Albenzi

Always clean and the food is good.

Jeanine Baberadt

This cinema is easy to get to, has lots of parking and the theater I was in was quite roomy and comfortable. I didn't even need my sweater.

Troo Review

Overpriced snacks and drinks, most of the seats are broken and recently has started to smell like something died in the ventilation system. However Cinemagic has a great little arcade and the staff is nice.

Matt Daoust

Great theatre but I will no longer be a patron. They do not allow me to exercise my second amendment right and I refuse be a sitting duck like those poor souls in Colorado were...

Air Bus

Nice and friendly staff members. Definitely going back in future .

Lauren Ritter

Clean, comfortable seats (although they don't seem to recline), and good sound quality.

Shannon Libby

Love the seats, still to pricey for the tickets and popcorn. Definitely a better value of you go to a matinee.

E Chase

as advertised, comfortable chairs with footrests. has spacious theaters and nice disabled seating. screen was great and overall good condition. helpful employees

Jonathan Sit

Fairly decent movie theater.

Eric Crowe

Nice theater... everything is billed as IMAX, but its really noy

Russell M Poor

I am so happy

Tina Currier

Great local theater just wish the chairs were more comfortable.

Krtin Akkineni

The movie experience was fine however the ticket kiosk would no work even though I tried multiple and it took 15 min for it to finally work so I missed 15 min of avengers endgame.

rick lamson

Loved it ! 2 other people it was like a private showing

TomLee Mullins

It is a great place to watch movies.

Bridget Mancia

Love this place

Donut Shorts

me and my mate went and saw the spiderman movie it was really awesome great service even though food and drinks were kind of expensive the movie quality was amazing over all great movie theater

Ally Mahoney

The new theatre seating is amazing! My boyfriend is 6’4” and he fit comfortably! And even fully extending the seat, people still able to walk by in front of him. So much extra space. I also enjoy the new system of choosing your own seat - it helps in allowing you to see if you can all sit together instead of chancing it.

Martina Follansbee

Very helpful young man helping us. Theatre not too loud or cold. Great experience!

Ryan Seale

Pretty good movie experience. Refreshments are a tad epxensive though.

Zachery Hurley

Alex r is a great worker he deserves to be paid the big bucks for his efforts and his dedication to the company. Peace out what's up.

Jim Lapine

No reservations seats, which is wonderful.

John F

Stadium seated movie theater. They're all the rage and this is good for the southern NH or northern MA area.

Sterling Freeman

I like the theater, seats are comfortable. I will give a 5 when I feel they can be more realistic with prices. I know things are expensive these days, but that doesn't mean we should have to be gouged in sales.

David Poslusny

Very clean and comfortable.

Carol Cohen

Non stadium seats, but large enough that it wasn't a determint. Food cost more than tickets, but same as everywhere else. Parking is close

Jim Gedeon

My favorite spot.

Phillip Pirrup

Stadium style seating arrangement. It's a good place to visit for a movie. It's almost like any AMC movie theater though.


Great theater just updated seats to recliners just need to clean them better.

I love my cat

Always good movies and clean. Snacks are pricey. BYOSNACKS

chrissteve x

Movie cut out in the middle offered raincheck but they won't accept them if the movie listing says "no passes" what a joke add that in with the astronomical cost of the so called "refreshments" a large popcorn and drink x2 is more than two movie tix go figure anyway i've been bringing in my own food and drink for years sometimes you have to beat the man no matter how small the victory thanks for coming in......................still

Tammy Danis-MacLeod

They need to put in recliners

E. Stephen Curator


Lizete. Frobese

It was excellent

soupbowl bandit

Seats squeak during the movie

Donna Lavin

The place was clean, needs new rugs though. Very pricy food.

Brendan Bohl

Nice seats, great sound system, and good service. Prices a little high, but to be expected in a movie theater.

NE Performance Mustang

Fun family time!

Patrick Flynn

Not too shabby. Comfortable seating and good quality picture and sound. Ticket prices weren't too bad but food cost was a little steep. Overall it was well worth it to enjoy watching a flick there. Now if they only had an option to get people talking to shut the hell up.

Lauren Glowacky

Expensive movie tickets and the food is way too overpriced.

Sean Connolly

This place is the reason Frankie is a Negroid Child. For that, I am very thankful.

Alex Cal

The movie sucked the cinema is great nicest in Northern New England

James Hilderbrand

First visit; we're from Columbus, GA & not new to AMC. Nice facility, weekend crowd, Gr Son reserved tickets for us. Enjoyed the movie.

Doris catauro

Love the living room chairs

Charles J.

Clean. Plenty of parking. Good customer service. Bad cell phone service (the entire theater and lot is a dead zone). Their recliners don't recline as much as other places I've been. Still, a go-to theater in the Manchester/Concord region.

lisa klasman

A hot mess of disorganization. Long lines, some redundant, lack of clarity, short staffed. This was getting into the actual theater. Once there, the seats were comfortable, visibility excellent. I don't think there's a bad seat in the house.

Lacie Weeks

Amazing recliner chairs! Well worth the trip from where ever you are coming from:)

Mc fids

Great setup. They really nail the setup and execution of seeing movies. But they try in every effort to get every single cent out of you. It is way too expensive. They abuse supply and demand. Seems greedy or corrupt to me

Maryellen Grelle

Wonderful cashiers

Tomoko Nakajima

i watched Zookeeper's wife 2 days ago in this theater. since i went there at 12:30pm show on weekdays, it was almost empty in the theater room... haha

Beth D

Recliners are an amazing game changer in going to see a movie. The last time I was at this place over 2 years ago I was disgusted with how filthy it was... well tonight was no different.. they really need to have less employees standing around looking cute and hand them some sanitizer!

Bridie Pearce

Anazing chairs. Excellent service and great sound.

Deborah Shepherd

Easy to get to this theater. Great to have the reclining seats and big screen. This option gives plenty of walking room in the rows. You can reserve your seats ahead of time online. There is a processing fee, but you get to pick your seats and know if a show is sold out. Unless there is technical difficulties this place usually runs on time with very few previews.

Connor Hawkins

Movie was good, but the people at the front (concession) seemed to not know what they were doing.

Fernando Matos

Awesome experience. Cinemagic IMAX is in next level.

Mindy Ziehler

Good movies and always clean

Jennifer Gittzus

Went for a special "date day" with my husband while the kids were in summer camp. There was audio but no visual for all the previews. I went to ask about it and was told there were only two managers on duty and they would "get to it when they could" and " there's nothing I can do about it." Got fixed just during opening credits but not confidence inspiring.

Rebel Scum

Poorly managed and maintained dump.

daun renney

Good movies. Theater smelt like pee. Go concession stand.

Leslie Rice

Love that they put in the recliner seats

Dani Rae

Would give 5 stars if the screen didnt go black for the first 10 minutes of the movie and 70% of the previews. We had to listen to the beginning of toy story 4 without seeing any of it and they couldn't pause it. Theater 14 and 11 had this issue same night. Props for restarting the film. I'll be back so long as it doesnt happen again.

Sam Scribner

Great and not to crowed

Suzanne Brown

Small popcorn, $7.62!

Craig Fountaine

Way over priced, food was terrible, seats were rather uncomfortable and screens were outdated as well as the rest of the theater.

Daniel Deluca

For a big chain movie place, its pretty nice. The only reason I dont give it a 5 is because the prices are high for movies and for food, but I guess the nature of the movie industry now a days. Great place to watch a movie.



Leif Young

In other words this place continues to degrade respect for people with disabilities and don't care about closed captioning... I am furious with this company in Salisbury that don't even upgrade it's chain... simple ... I would go ALL THE WAY OUT TO METHUEN TO SEE THE DAM MOVIE!!! So can we SUE THIS CRAPPY PLACE???

Juan Pablo Ceballos Garcia

Great movie theater with many showings!

Alex Bérubé

The updated seating to recliners was a well done improvement. The chairs are very comfortable to the point where at least you have a comfy place to sleep while your girlfriend watches A Dog's Journey. They seem to do a good job keeping the place clean, too, so no sticky shoes. *Tip* Their Wicked Ticket Wednesday deals are a nice deal to take advantage of! One con is that, like every theater, their concession prices are high enough where you need to take out a personal loan to get enough food for the whole group However, they serve beer so after enough of them you'll enjoy the movie more and forget all about the impending credit card balance induced heart attack.


Obviously like any movie theater I think prices are ridiculously high but service is good, movies are always good. Though I don't understand why they don't play movie trailers at the beginning anymore? That was always one of my favorite experiences when going to the movie theater, now it's stuff like car commercials. Also, their seats are not comfortable

Eileen B.

Lovely place, nice staff, pricy, but cool with the recliners seats. Download Atom App, it is even easier to just scan your QR Code and be on your way to the auditorium.

Robin LaBerge

The renovation looks great. Seats recline and are super comfortable!

Amanda McGuire

This theater is usually disappointing, but tonight was a new low. My boyfriend and I decided to beat the heat and take in a 5pm showing of Spiderman. First strike was the concessions clerk. He greeted us with "Yeah?" and was chewing on a wooden spoon he'd gotten from god knows where the whole transaction. He was also scratching his head and handling our drinks and popcorn without gloves or even a hand washing after. Gross, but whatever. First half of the previews had audio, but no video. Sadly this isn't a rare occurrence at Cinemagic. For the past few months I've had to leave the auditorium to let them know there wasn't video or the overhead cleaning lights were still on. Movie was great, we leave to continue our day, and find out my boyfriend's wallet slipped out of his pocket. We'd been gone not even 20 minutes, so we thought we'd call to give them a heads up, come in, and pick up the wallet right? WRONG. The manager claimed she couldn't send someone to check for the wallet in the 8pm showing because the movie had started, and that we'd have to come back at 10:20pm when the movie was over. Keep in mind, this was at 7:55pm before the screening even started. We spent two anxious hours in the parking lot, wondering if the wallet was gone for good. At 10pm, my boyfriend went in to try and reason with them again. He was again told we had to wait until 10:20p. Fine. At this point, the ticket taker offered to go in and look for the wallet. The manager told him no as well. At 10:18p, the ticket taker again asked if he could go in to look for the wallet, and again was told by the manager that he had to wait 2 more minutes until 10:20p. At this point, it was evident that this woman felt the need to prove some kind of point. Thankfully, his wallet was sitting on the seat right where he'd left it. It would have taken 5 minutes for someone to grab it for us. This made two things evident: 1) The manager could have checked to see if someone was even sitting in those seats and chose to be difficult for no reason, and 2) The theater obviously wasn't cleaned between showings, because someone would have seen the wallet sitting out in the open (we were in the first stadium seating row behind the handicap spaces). I have no idea why the manager decided to behave in such a way. We were courteous and not asking for much. We just wanted to know if the wallet could be recovered or if someone made off with it. What we didn't need was to have our Saturday night ruined by being forced to spend 2 hours and 20 minutes in a movie theater parking lot because of an easy mistake. We won't be returning to either Cinemagic theater. I was willing to overlook the other annoyances (filthy bathrooms, soap dispensers without soap, stale popcorn, rude employees, constant sound and video issues) because the theater was convenient and a fun way to spend the occasional afternoon, but this incident was way over the line, and we are done.

debbie ledoux

It's a nice theater

Brian Donovan

Good movies, but $$$$ for popcorn and soda's.

Joshua Block

Nice local theater with a half dozen movie selections. Screens aren't the very big ones, so if you want the Big Screen effect you might want to go to The Loop, or Danvers.

Theressa Horton

They need to turn some heat on. I had on my winter coat with two layers beneath it and was still freezing

Mark Mccarthy

Great friendly staff

Ronald Ramseur

Was my first time experience you and the movie they're close 5 for the first time and I probably will go back again


Love the new heated/cooled reclining seats

Wendy Marini

Auditorium was great especially with the new larger rows and reclining seats. No more standing up if someone needs to get past you while you're seated. But it seems they lessened the sweetness on the sodas as opposed to how they were a few months ago. They've been getting more and more carbonated. And the new sangria machine was out of order.

Martha Fazio Carter

Easy access

Nancy Stadler

I'm giving this place 5 stars because not only do they comfortable seating, less expensive matinee pricing and clean theaters, but they serve healthy snack packets in addition to their candy and popcorn. I was able to get cranberry, but, raisin mix with a Vitamin water! Imagine that! Thanks Cinemagic!

Julian Savage

Great food, staff, seating, furniture, posters on wall, trailers and GREAT movie screens!

Brian Beauman

Found this to be the nicest of the surrounding theaters. Clean, new, nice food/drink selection (including actual food and alcohol), and comfortable reclining seats. Will return.

Ray Whitley

Clean, comfortable and great experience at the theater!

Matt P

Great theater, expensive as all are, but they serve booze now so theres that

Barbara Depalmer

Comfortable seats. Nice theater. Not to far from Rowley.

Rob Caron

This is a fine place to see a movie, and the seats are quite comfy. It's very dated, and worn, and the food isn't very good. Some of the screens are quite small, but the audio is decent. If it was cheaper to go here, I would have rated higher, but it isn't-it's just as expensive as any place else, so if you can avoid it and go somewhere else you should

Jackie Murray

Awesome seating, Dolby digital surround sound system and Huge Screen!

Thomas Lee Mullins

I liked the variety of movies. The seats are very comfortable. They have more than just popcorn. The prices are reasonable.

Nicholas Meuse

Very nice clean and comfy theater and the 3d imax is the best 3d in NH in my opinion

Jason White

They sell beer, I didn't buy any there but I did enjoy a nice beverage with my movie and for that you get 5 ☆

Priscilla St Francis

I loved reclining back in the chairs, and just enjoying a movie and some popcorn.

Lilly Stephan

Theaters trashed , I have never seen a theater dirty at the beginning of the show. Worse than that where the seats. You could lean back but then you would be shot forward and stuck in an perfectly upright position with your knees jammed up. I do not know who put the seats in or who thought they were appropriate for a movie theater but it is an absolute joke. Also went to a late show.... Went out for me a refill not a soul in site..I had to reach over the counter and get my own drink.


Great picture and sound, very comfortable seeing seating

Stephen Gagnon

I had to wait 2 hours to check for my wallet because company policy was not to go in and check once the movie has started. We had called 10 minutes prior to the movie starting, and they refused to go in and check citing this policy. When we arrived at 8:20pm after the movie had started, we were informed they would not go in and check. Mind you our seats were row D where the rail is and we were the only ones in that row, so it would not have been difficult to check without disrupting anyone. When I inquired if someone would go in at the end of the movie to ask the potential patron in the seat if they had seen the wallet, I was informed that they would not disturb the patrons. They would instead have everyone leave before they would check. They stated it would not be done till 10:10pm and they would not check till then once again citing the policy. I came back at 9:50pm politely asked the manager to wait at the table, and was told the movie would not get out till 10:20 pm. At 10:24pm I was allowed to go in to find my wallet in plain sight on the seat, which I am to guess was empty the entire time since calling at 7:50pm 10 minutes prior to the movie starting. This is not the first time in the past year that I have experienced issues with this cinema. During one visit, there was insufficient heating and I needed a jacket because it was so cold. During another visit, audio and video were out of sync until 40 minutes into the movie. This time when we arrived, the employee taking our order was taking a wooden spoon in and out of his mouth while he served food. The price for 2 large sodas, and a large popcorn were approximating $23, and the popcorn bag was half full of stale popcorn then finished off with a half scoop of fresh popcorn. A company can choose to have what every policy they want to practice, but this last experience has me choosing to avoid Cinemagic for future business.


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