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REVIEWS OF American Repertory Theater IN Massachusetts

Julie Martin

Mike and all performers were great!! So much fun! (Could have done without standing in line next to guys at urinals in order to wait for a bathroom stall though.

Cally Ackley

I personally did not enjoy this, but my friends that came with me loved it. So although I would have preferred to read the original mid summer nights dream, I'm glad my friends could enjoy your performance. Thank you!

Casey Andrews

The shows here are quite innovative and extremely inspired but unfortunately the staff are terribly rude to the point that I felt targeted—verging on racism. The shows at the Oberon have been very upsetting experiences for me and my friends, and while I have enjoyed shows at the A.R.T, I would not recommend any events at the Oberon.

Caitlin Trethewy

This place is amazing

John Brothers

Some of the best shows and performances I've ever seen happen here

Katie Lantz

Very cool space. Saw The Moth — highly recommend!

Tom Wilson

Never been disappoint with a show there. They use the space well and have a wonderful system with friendly staff and performers.

Kerry Molloy

Th e donkey show was so much fun!

Annie Jang

Their Cirque of the Dead show was really fun. I'd love to go see more shows there. Also, be sure to take advantage of coat check so you're not holding a bunch of jackets on the floor, there's very few seats on the floor.

Gege Nyamgerel

Mind blowing show!!

Alexis Allen

Always a great time

Colin Scotch

Had a phenomenal time seeing the Donkey Show, the show is energetic, engaging, and just over all very fun. The cast is incredibly talented and entertaining. The drinks are excellent and the staff is lovely as well. Just be prepared to be on your feet dancing for the duration of the show! On a more serious note (with a spoiler, so be aware), the show is based off of A Midsummer Night's Dream, and having it in a disco club setting can really highlight how uncomfortable certain parts of the story are (specifically Oberon and Puck making Titania fall in love with a donkey). The cast performed them phenomenally, but if you are someone who cannot watch a scene where an unconscious woman is drugged against her will without experiencing extreme discomfort or trauma, be aware that these themes and scenes will be present in the performance.

Alexis Marie Pelletier

Great experience

Alice Ursella

Xqua Xqua

One of the iconic theater in Boston. Great shows !

Bessie D Smith


Very unfriendly staff. Just pure racism. Wow

Amy Chiang

Great experience here!

Ryan Luis

1) Use Goldstar 2) YAAASSSSSSSSS.

Mark Sabalauskas

The second stage of the American Stage Festival, a cabaret space and black box theater which often features more experimental works.

Steven Nguyen

There is always a fun show

Patrick McGee

Great atmosphere! Very welcoming and fun environment.

Nicole Hicks

Large venue with really amazing shows - I've been there for dance nights, sit-down comedy shows, and traveling acts. All unique and enjoyable! Bathrooms are coed/trans friendly

Jasper Let me tell you something

The show was great!

Moira Duncan

Sunshine Jenna

WOW!! SOOOO GREAT!! The Donkey Show is soooo fun! You will dance before, during and after the show. There are really great dancers and singers that perform 70s based musical acts and the whole thing is fun, funny, and just wonderful to watch. The performers are wearing glitter, big afro wigs, rollerskates, pasties, etc. Note FYI: you will be standing for the duration of the show. There are a few premium seats that are at tables, but all general admission ticket holders will be standing the whole time. you turn to face different sides of the room every few mins. Have fun!


I went for the Donkey Show and it was an incredible experience- I cannot wait to go again!

Maria Kontos

Awesome venue

Dustina Hooper

Attended a burlesque show and had an amazing time! The space and the staff were fantastic! Will definitely return for other events.

Danillo Leite 82

Excellent mid-sized venue. The staff is friendly and helpful. There is a coat and bag check between the entrance and the theater. A large bar takes up the wall opposite the stage. There is seating on a mezzanine (small tables) that provide a nice view of the stage and floor space. I greatly enjoyed my time at OBERON, and look forward to finding more excuses to visit again!

Elizabeth Dreher

I've gone for a number of different shows, it's a decent venue. Bathrooms look reasonably clean but smell like urine, so a deep clean might be needed. Bar is good, service is adequate. Their black walnut old fashioned is my favorite drink there.

Evelyn Hagan

Beautiful safe venue with amazing shows. A man walked up to me and nonconsensually put his arms around me and a bouncer walked right up to him and said if he touched another woman he'd get thrown out. Seriously, absolutely amazing.


Amazing and unique performances

Anna Winestein

more fun and stimulation for your brain than the usual bar, and more drinks than your usual theatre. this venue, part of the american repertory theater is an interesting place to see a modern interpretation of midsummer night's dream and get some dancing and drinking in at the same time. they also have other shows, but i haven't see those.

Elizabeth Remigio

The drinks so good and the show so funny!

Robert Chmielinski

Funky place

Adriana Hernandez

Saw the Donkey Show; so much fun!

Sophia C

Love it here! Amazing shows! Great environment! Worth every penny!

Matt McArthur

Amazing place, incredible quality of space and programming. People who really care. Go see something at Oberon!

Julissa Gomez

I went to the Donkey Show. Very different and entertaining

Iñigo Lorente

Funny place.

deedra magee

Lots of fun! Highly recommend it

Timaree Schmit

I've had phenomenal experiences here! Top notch quality and a lot of fun!

Danny M

A versatile performance space with a fun lineup of events. I live coming here for drag and burlesque shows. It's good to buy tickets well in advance, since the venue is a bit on the smaller side.

Wes L

Great theater hosting Club Drosselmeyer in December. There is a large bar serving cocktails and drinks.

Eli Gelfand

the coolest!

luree nikias

Great performance space with a cool vibe.

Alyssa Holmes

Excellent mid-sized venue. The staff is friendly and helpful. There is a coat and bag check between the entrance and the theater. A large bar takes up the wall opposite the stage. There is seating on a mezzanine (small tables) that provide a nice view of the stage and floor space. I greatly enjoyed my time at OBERON, and look forward to finding more excuses to visit again!

Wendy Laboy

The Donkey Show was a great night out. Very interactive. Shakespeare meets Studio 54!!!

John Converse

The dream palace of entertainment

Johnny boy

what a fun theater. i went to see the show Mount Olympus and it was a fantastic time. the place isn't huge but that's a plus when seeing a show with audience interaction and so many moving parts to the show. the bartender's were very nice and attentive and all the staff really seemed to want everyone to have a great time and really enjoy themselves. i would definitely recommend seeing shows here

Mark Alcarez

Great shows.

Brian Watson

Quirky venue, great for intimate performances. They host very cool events.

Shernita Smiles

Black Love was a wonderful show.

Daniele Ramella

A relatively small club with a wide dance floor and a large stage where they perform some shows (we went for a James Bond themed drag queen show). Very few seats though. The bar has the standard drinks. Staff is friendly. Parking is only on-street which may be hard to find during an academic semester, when Harvard's students are around.

Ethereum 6-2017

Ambience, unique experience, friendliness, and great venue for a small audience. Somewhat cramped seating arrangement.

sajid ahsan

A really compacted nice theatre

Justin So

Jarritt Sheel

Great venue for live performances!

Betsy Russell

Love this place! The 80's disco feel is here!!!

Samantha Moores

Small but fun venue.

Raoul Duke

Donkey shows are illegal in this country

Gwen Inman

Saw "Miss You Like Hell" which was a phenomenal show that this venue seemed perfectly suited for. The drink list is good, and anytime you can drink in a theater is a good time.

Sativa Unger-Laffin

Lovely preformances

Karen Piatt

Always a great night out!!

susan matos

Absolutely amazing! Enjoyed the show and will definitely be back!

Derek Sanchez

I attended a private party at this place. The space is very nice everything is clean and well made

Adam Lipkin

Best local venue for experimental theatre. Also a great bar.

Danielle Pagan

Small intimate spot, great for a burlesque show

Andrew Keenan Richardson

Good dancing. Show was excellent.

Adam Solomon

Great performance space. I've seen a number of shows and concerts in this location. Some great local happenings occur here. The Boston area needs a lot more venues like this for local artists. The bathrooms are clean and neat, coat check is efficient, and there's a bar right there. Parking can be an issue in the neighborhood, so plan ahead on that count.

John Weber

This was a pretty good venue to watch a musical performance. We came here to hear the Lula Wiles CD release. The concert was great. I have to ding Oberon on their bathrooms however. I know it's trendy and all to provide all gender bathrooms, but does that have to be the only alternative? Do women really feel comfortable seeing me trying to pee at the urinal? I would prefer to use a male bathroom myself, but that's not an option at Oberon. I think a venue like this should want to make all their guests feel comfortable including those who prefer the old fashioned gender segregated versions.

Linda Lomas

Great show. Seating was cramped and visibility was poor. Chairs were like sitting on rocks. Crowd was very friendly.

Seamus Reynolds

Love all the crazy and wild shows at Oberon! And of course the drinks, too!

Danillo Leite

(Translated by Google) Excellent mid-sized venue. The staff is friendly and helpful. There is a coat and bag check between the entrance and the theater. The large bar takes up the wall opposite the stage. There is seating on a mezzanine (small tables) that provide a nice view of the stage and floor space. I greatly enjoyed my time at OBERON, and look forward to finding more excuses to visit again! Great place of such average size. Staff is friendly and helpful. There is a coat and bag check between the entrance and the theater. A large bar occupies the wall in front of the stage. There are seats on a mezzanine (small tables) that offer a beautiful view of the stage and space. I really enjoyed my time at OBERON, and I look forward to finding more excuses to visit again! (Original) Excellent mid-sized venue. The staff is friendly and helpful. There is a coat and bag check between the entrance and the theater. A large bar takes up the wall opposite the stage. There is seating on a mezzanine (small tables) that provide a nice view of the stage and floor space. I greatly enjoyed my time at OBERON, and look forward to finding more excuses to visit again! Excelente local de tamanha médio. A equipe é amigável e prestativa. Há uma verificação de casaco e bolsa entre a entrada e o teatro. Um grande bar ocupa a parede em frente ao palco. Há assentos em um mezanino (pequenas mesas) que oferecem uma bela vista do palco e do espaço. Eu gostei muito do meu tempo no OBERON, e estou ansioso para encontrar mais desculpas para visitar novamente!

Peter McCullagh

Awesome theater. The staff here is great and those who perform seem to love so doing it here.

Annette Wozny

I had no idea what to expect when I bought tickets. It was an experience ! A dance party with a show in the middle. It was a bit hard to keep track of what was happening and what was going on. I should have read a summary of mid summer night's dream before going

Angelene Leavitt

Imagine a club except also Shakespeare... the show is amazing, the people that go are fun, and there is a bar as well as reserved tables. It’s something that everyone should see at least once.

Fabiola Almazan Olivar

Cody Pearce

I saw the Donkey Show here last week and it was a wild and whimsical time. This was my first experience with immersive theater and I must say the balance between story and audience participation was top notch. The show was seamlessly integrated with a general club-going experience, complete with a full bar. Great drinks. Great atmosphere. Would definitely recommend.

Richie Batista

Had a fun date here, the show was a little strange but in a good way I recommend grabbing seats early, I had to stand at the bar for the whole show. The lighting designer Andy did a great job!

Alexander Pulido Marin

Great place

Dan Fountain

Christopher Taylor

Best space for some good clean or dirty fun in Cambridge.

Corinne Bennett

Great place to see a show. Drinks are expensive. I got confused by the unisex bathrooms.

Shane Bushey

Cozy venue that shows a variety of live theater. Seating varies by show, but there is a coat check, bar, and table service.

Jason Raffi

Kathryn Day

A grerat space for the ART and everything they do here does a great job of retelling stories to be perfect and as though they are happenign in a club. Which I love.

Previous Phb stuff

The one time I went there was debatebly the greatest experience of my summer, vast bar and dancefloor, always great acts performing and you'll be sure to leave with a smile!


Great spot never have a bad time.

Michel Hilani

I went there to see the Donkey show. It was a great performance and the venue is really cool. Overall amazing experience!

Kitsap View

staff was professional polite and kind, the audio was good, the show was amazing the drinks were well priced and good

Paula Billups

It's not a bad venue - very club-like atmosphere, limited seating for performances, somehow manages to be slightly uncomfortable at all times. Bag checks and ID checks are also not pleasant. Staff generally is not that friendly. Drinks are nothing special. I only go when Boston Circus Guild is performing but if they found another venue I probably would never go to Oberon.

Shay Curran

Great shows, great staff

delivery cold stone

Feride Yatman


Nicholas Alunni

The staff is very good. The shows vary depending on what is showing. Parking can be difficult so plan to take the T or alternative transportation.

Rebecca Tang

Saw the Donkey Show and a 1-time performance art + music show here. Donkey show was fun and both were certainly interesting. I think it's a convenient spot for Cambridge residents to enjoy a different night out vs the usual dinner/drinks.

Lauren Sullivan

Tyler Hill

David Barrett

Went there for a story slam reading. Fun event, great venue.

Rachel E. Mansfield

I mean I work here so I'm slightly biased but it's a nice venue with a great range of shows.



The Oberon is a unique theatre space that plays host to a variety of quirky shows. The performances are almost always audience-interactive, utilizing the stage, dance floor and upper cat walk for an anything-but-ordinary theatre experience. Prices are always reasonable for the actual shows but the drink prices are OUTRAGEOUS--that is the one downfall.

Bobby Guliani

Loved it :)


Kathryn Sheehan

One of my favorite venues out there! The shows are always fabulous, and they change the seating based on the performance. Drinks are delicious, but this time they definitely could have used one more bartender, as we waited a looong time for the bartenders attention!

Kevin Kranzky

The Donkey Show was an unforgettable experience! Trying to find anything like it anywhere else has been difficult. Looking forward to doing it again sometime in the future. Great venue!

Teena Eggleston

Loved Dragon Cycle

Walter Hope

Don't bother seeing the current show unless you like puzzles.... boring! 12/2018

Barbara Rodriguez

Tyler B. Osgood

Such a good time!

Errick Davis

Fun, interesting shows that support local art

Lynds Jones

A great space to see a show, whether it's the trial, musical, or circus.

Steve Greenfield


Zhao Jing


Nicole Hanafin

Just saw the Batman themed burlesque show here. Had a great time! The preformers made full use if the venue and it was easy to get a drink at the bar as well.

Tim Mc

Nice atmosphere. Table service was good

Alexandria Goff

Amazing. Hilarious. Energetic.. amd great food!

Christina M

Bobby Borenstein

Tina Prevost

Lakiah Clarke

Max Metzger

An amazing, fascinating theatre.

Liam Fitzgerald

Saw an amazing show, but the staff was INCREDIBLY rude, unhelpful, and condescending.

Donna Eck

This is a horrid place. I am very fine with gender neutral bathrooms, but i object opening a door and see men at the urinal. the sign says everything is private. Not so. I hate this building. When i asked the person at the desk about it, she pretty much told me "tough" i will never go to any venue here.

Charles Uchendu

Tons of fun

Wendy Huang

Venue was pretty nice.

sean guerin

absolute muck

One Monzta_HD

Julius Wade had an excellent play here... Sweeney Todd

Sheraz Choudhary

All the events here are unique and interesting. I don't feel like I am in politically-correct Boston when I go here.

Lisa Corkum

We've seen several shows at this venue, loved every one of them! They're usually interactive and unlike anything else I've been to in the city

Morgan Louchen

Rudest staff ever! Our band took a whole day off from work to play this place for free. They made us check in 6 hours before the gig, and then had gear set up that they tried to charge us $75 to use it even though we had our own stuff. We got a huge attitude from them when we refused. For the rest of the night the stage hand was rude and snappy, even yelled at one point. Complete unprofessionalism.

Michael Huang

The Donkey Show was vibrant and fun.

Matthew Hogan

Favorite haunt.

Carla Cermark

Loved it!! The performance amazing as always

Sunessa Schettler

I always see outstanding creative shows here. It's a one-of-a-kind theater space in Harvard Square, definitely worth seeing.

Jessica Silverman

Great spot for original and interesting shows. Came most recently for burlesque, but it's an excellent spot for all sorts of theater. Food and drink accessible nearby, parking is a little sparse but doable, easily accessed by the T.

Jesi Mac Leod

Great setting, beautiful theatre

marky bucknam

it is cool

Frank Papsadore

What a fantastic party!!! Dance, sing, drink, dance some more, and enjoy the show!!

S. Wasserman

The greatest art and queer friendly art/ theater space in all of Boston/ Cambridge

Julian Gershwin

great club with great shows, a good place to go if you have an open mind, as this is not a place for church goers.

Charissa Roberson

Christopher Calley


Mark Towler

Great, alternative shows at reasonable prices. Drinks are creative and reasonable as well. Donkey Show is brilliant!

Leah Palmer

Huge venue, 2 big all genders bathrooms. Great staff behind the bar.

Mandy Hong

Great performance space. Saw The Donkey Show, unforgettable experience!

Daniel Milbrandt

This place is great. The staff are always friendly, the shows are always fun and engaging, and its one of the best places in Boston you can see a drag show.

Justin Alves

Always have the best new shows.

Felipe Salas-Ogilvie

Wonderful venue great parking area if it's a Sunday night.

Harley Egerton

I was blown away by my experience here.

Rebeka Gabriel

Went to see Wig out! AMAZING

Anh Dinh

Great show! A must see for disco/theater lovers!

Beyonder Domela

Jiana Daco

Went to see The Donkey Show and had a blast. This piece of disco theatre was exactly what I wanted it to be!

Duke Pycko

Great show, lovely staff


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