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REVIEWS OF AMC CLASSIC Londonderry 10 IN Massachusetts

Victoria Cornier

22.00 for 2 sodas and a popcorn. Highway robbery! Cheap movie tickets at $13 but you paid the price having to sit in the most uncomfortable seats ever! Literally like sitting on the ground but at least on the ground you could shift and move a bit. These chairs did not allow for any kind of movement. The theater smelled of mold as well. Update the seats and get that place cleaned up. Definitely will not be returning.

Jordan Smith

"1 word "AMAZING" it has great seats great food and amazing nice staff i recommend going there!"

repzard99 .

Prices are good, food is basic theater, nothing to complain about there. Now, we really have to discuss the seating issue. The seats really need the modern armrests that raise. I admit im a fat man. Not big enough to take two seats but definitely too big for these seats. I literally fight to wedge myself in, its laughable but extremely uncomfortable to the point of pain. I go here because its local with great ticket prices, but please update the seating

Logan DeTour-Rowan

The movie selections are great, and D-Box is always fun. However, the staff is hit or miss. I've had great service at the counter at times, but half the time I get an associate who is either in a rush to get me out of the way or one who would rather just not make eye contact while waiting on me and my family.

Susan Burke

When choosing seats we discovered empty liquor bottles, trash, soda cups, popcorn all over the floor. This theater appears as though people go there to do things other than watch movies. I took pictures and am sending them to the management. Sadly, I wouldn’t be surprised to find used condoms, or other paraphernalia laying around on the floors of this filthy theater. I spoke to an employee as we exited, but all she said was that they didn’t have an usher on duty, and that the manager was going in to clean the theater herself shortly. UPDATE: I reported this mess to the corporate offices. They apologized and sent two comp tickets. We went to see a movie at this theater very recently (3/20/16) and sat in the same seats. The area is now very clean, as was the entire theater.

Cheryl Phelps

Nice clean theaters good service

Shawn Flanders

Cheaper and not overcrowded like the others.


This place has gone down hill since it was taken over by AMC. I don't know why, because AMC theatres are really good, normally. This one is filthy in every theatre. They do not clean them well, in between movies. They are always out of some kind of food, mostly pizza.. The hotdogs are over cooked and placed in hard buns. The only good thing about this one is the low prices before 5:00pm and on Tuesdays.

Ann-Marie Lowe

Great prices, clean, all 8 of us only payed 40 for aqua man which was great to watch. Best choice for a way to celebrate my son's birthday!


Went to see the lion king. Theater smelled like urine, could hear the movie playing next to us and the people in the hallway. Staff was friendly but I’d definitely recommend going elsewhere.

shakira marquis

The movie was great the prices were fair and the staff was pleasant

Robert Brown

I don't know how you can sell tickets to an Amazon preview event and not just have the ability to scan tickets. They can do that at all of the other theaters in the area.

Abigail mell

Great staff, great movie quality but snack stand is very pricey.

gary tuson

Great local movie theater I paid under 5.00 dollars for a movie

Joel Logiudice

Just ok. Older theaters have tiny seats. They have the cool Coke machines though. Movie did not fit the screen. Very odd....

Mark Smith

Great theater, however their was only one person working the cash register. If your going to have to purchase tickets at the concession stand maybe have more employees working!

Jeffrey Slowick

Great place to go see a matinee.

Tara Johnson

This place has gone down hill. Trashy like crack alley. I watched a kid take 5-6 mins to break down a box. Lazy. Smelled like puke in one of theatre 2s row. Garbage was over flowing. And still after the movie it was full. What are they telling their employees to do? Who are they hiring? The manager needs to step and fix this. This is Londonderry and not up to a nice review.


Great prices. Chill atmosphere. Nothing to complain about. Close to a lot of stuff in Londonderry.

Keith Mac

2 or of the 3 men’s room urinals were broken and 1 out 2 of the stalks had no locks. Went to see DCI in the movies (5 1/2 hours) and they decided to shut down the snack bar before intermission. You could leave and get something since they had locked the doors. Knowing this I might have gotten something earlier or brought a drink (no wait can’t bring a drink from the outside).

Lois Taylor

feet stuck to the floor, ugh - movie, staff and ticketing was good

Denzil Mitchell

Clean and inviting

K Ma

We enjoyed the price for the kids summer movie . but didn't enjoy freezing our butts off. the AC was way to high made us feel like we were sitting in a meat locker. would love to take my grandson out again if you could fix the ac problem.

Bud Wilkins

Very small venue, outshadowed by Tyngsboro a landslide. Cozy buy seats do not recline (like Tyngsboro). Besides that, not bad.

Amy James

Great prices

Angela Burnette

Great movie!!

Linda Abbott

This is a good place efficent helpful could be cleaner

Ryan Camara

Movies are up to date. How ever the rest of the theater is not. Seats are old. Nothing like a true AMC.

Britt Spooner

This is my favorite place to go to the movies. The prices are far more affordable than all the other theatres in the area and the rewards program is fantastic. The staff is wonderful and it's never very busy, which has led to many great experiences here.

Ilias Dragone

Just saw the biggest box office hit of the year in it first week of showing for under $7. Can't beat that! At that price I'll see it several more times and take some of the other movie choices too.


Satisfying prices for movies

Shannon Foose

Fun place to good clean and friendly staff

nathan wilson

Pricy but other than that great movie theater overall nice staff. Decent movie theater in general they just forgot to clean it before the movie.

Jason Johnpier

Old School Sitting

Gary Cote

Affordable, for sure. But old feeling with very uncomfortable seats. Theater was a mess; most areas appeared uncleaned.

William Marquis

Parking lot pretty full but plenty of spaces and plenty of seating. Never stood very long in line, also quick checking in. Seats a little stiff and uncomfortable after awhile.

The Random Rider

Fairly comfortable chairs average counter service speeds

Maureen Kelley

Can see and hear very well from anywhere. Good selection of movies. Was very cold in the theater.

Kim Dale

Love this hidden gem! Never crowded, clean and great location


My favorite movie theater! I’ve been going here since it was the apple tree/ carmike. The employees are really nice, and the theater regularly gives really cool offers. I come here every year on Christmas, too.

Haley Robbins

Over 30 minutes in commercials. Movie start time was 7:40. It’s 8:15 and we’re still watching commercial

Greg Bouchard

nice seats. theatre was too cold temp wise. to be fair it was one of the coldest days of the year. mgmt should have turned up the heat though.

Ira Sabran

Having been spoiled by reclining seats at other theaters, seating was stiff and uncomfortable. Though tickets were purchased online and confirmed via text, we still had to wait on a long line to receive paper tickets.

Annette M. Gomez

Nice and clean.. Employees are nice and helpful..

Susan Witham

I love this little cinema. It is never over crowded and it is comfortable!

Kyle Landry

Been going here since before it was AMC, still a great theater and friendly staff. Always a good time with friends and family here.

Courtney Costa

They almost didn't let my 17 year old brother into an R rated movie, with his ID!

Rick Cagle

Watched "Black Panther" with the D-Box tech. Great for the fights, explosions and swooping flights. Distracting when every basketball bounce rocked my chair. I doubt I'll bother to do that again. But the movie was excellent!

Ryan Grawin

Decent movie theater. It is probably better off under the new management. You are best off if you can see a movie on one of the larger screens.

Parker Leonard

Great movie theater. I alway come to this AMC. Nice employees and Nick is very helpful. I highly recommend this theater and definitely join AMC Rewards!

Michael Doyon

Great theatre with very reasonably priced tickets!!

Fakundo Duarte Apan

Relax,calm and perfect to go with my kids!!!!

Shalina Glenn

Me my spouse and 3 children watches Goose bumps 2 movie was great but late start of the movie. As for the clraniness of the theater the theater we were in smelled like piss and had wrappers and pop corn on several seats. We also order Perk cameo for my 14 yo and the lady wasnt trying honor the coupon. He also purchased a hot dog that was cold was told they sit and roll on a roller that keeps them warm. Very disappointed for 43. Dollars later. Not happy.

Mar's Spits Bars

Relatively small place, slow service but not slow enough to make me late to the movie. Overall enjoyable experience!

Heather A

Friendly staff is the only thing that gets this place 3 stars. This AMC is very outdated compared to others I have been at. The seats were old and uncomfortable. The floor was very sticky, and the place even has an old musty smell to it. Definitely not my favorite AMC experience.

Christianna Miller-donaldson

Very good but super cold in there dress warm

Jess Nolin

Nice but needs new seats

Nick Scott

Theaters are old there was no ac when I went there on a 100 degree day

Jim Brooks

nice local theater. You have to butter your own popcorn now. 25-30 minutes of previews AFTER scheduled movie start time.


Nice place, kept clean, only reason for 4 stars is the seats arent very comfortable, and definitely not meant for kids as my 7 year old could not sit back in the seat or it would fold up on him, also could have used more help in concession line, only 2 workers took more than 20 min in line before the movie.

Tony Guerriero

Slow service and place smelled like sewer backup

Elizabeth Monteforte

From the parking lot to the inside, very dirty and rundown. Literally could not find a chair that wasn’t stained. The lobby floor was filthy. Only came here because the time of the movie was better. I will go to the later time at Five Star next time

Carol Ann Demetrio

Came here to see The Meg today at 3:55pm. We had to watch all the previews with no audio. The movie started that way too, until our son and some other people went to tell an employee. That was fixed and we watched the movie. When we got up to leave we realized that all of the backs of our shorts were wet with beige stains. We couldn't feel it while we were sitting down. Looks like someone poured cola on several seats because we found other damp seats around us when we checked. It might have been done a day or so ago, but still was damp enough to ruin our shorts.

Ezra Kovacs

Sat in the theatre for 45 minutes with a blank screen then they came and told us they couldn't figure out how to start the movie and we had to leave.

Eric Salcedo

Behind 10 years. Had one employee behind ticket desk to service an whole entire waiting room. Old and outdated building, needs remodeling inside. Service line for food also undermanned. Don't go here.

Shannon Harris

Nice theater in a beautiful area of new Hampshire.

Laurie Brosor

Time for new seats!

Christopher Matheson

Love AMC Theaters. Great selection of movies, loud sound. A List makes a huge difference. Love this place

Chuck Paone

The theater really shows its age. AMC recently bought it. Hope they renovate. It's a shame really as the location is really good and the place is popular.

Kathy Wolff

Love the discount days! People like us on disability can enjoy a movie also

Udaya N

It's a nice place for movies. It's pretty far for us to visit regularly but it waz a gud experience

Jazzie Davis

This is an older theater so expect to have smaller seats but it was clean and the staff is very nice there. And the price is reflected being an older theater. It's also nice because it's rarely crowded.

Amanda Cooper

Here's what makes this movie theather better than any other. Sign up for the AMC Club. It takes 5 minutes. You add your email and you get a card that number. On tuesdays the movies are only $5 all day and all night. Wanna see it in 3D it's only $7 a person day or night. Plus you earn points to get free popcorn or drinks. This is the ONLY way my family and I go to the movies anymore!!!

Devon Loughlin

Very expensive snacks. You could order take-out for the cost of some popcorn and drinks. Otherwise a great theater.

lindsay vago

AMC reward points don't consistently work. Staff is friendly. Theater is well maintained.


This movie theater is an excellent movie theater. The chairs are comfortable in the atmosphere is great. I would go here any time. Also they have specials when it's cheaper to go so you might want to check that out.

Jonathan Chagnon

Only went there because of the movie time and proximity to home. Had to wait in line even though I purchased tickets online and the staff were in no rush. Screen had many scratches. Surprisingly the theater was too warm. Usually it's too cold. If you have a choice go to Derry or just about anywhere else.

Film Deck

This is a great movie theate. AMC classic is the best type of AMC theater.

Andrew Kalns

Needs more employees

Dat Mann

The movies started 45 minutes late and people were smoking in the bathrooms. However my popcorn was so great I could have sworn it had decended from the heavens to bring judgement to all other popcorns. I shall take my popcorn bucket and use it to build a shrine to the popcorn for all the non-popcorn eaters to see and make them feel bad. Then i will disassemble it to get really good popcorn for cheap. THEN DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!


Enjoyed our visit. Long line. to get in but no issues. Enjoyed our movie.

Ronald Owens

The movie was good and they even had the moving chairs.

Gina Occhipinti

Bought tickets online through Fandango for It at 8:05. Got there late at 8:15-8:20 and the doors were locked. Called the theater and they said they couldn't let us in, even though we had our tickets and even though It is almost a 3 hour movie. Was pretty bummed out but went back the next day and the manager gave me free passes (after they couldn't be refunded) which was nice.

kshitiz bista

Was in the hall an hour early to get the right seat. Theatre staff came at the last minute to move me telling me that the seat was already reserved. Bad and dirty theatre! Worse service!

Shyla Maskell

It was great and so much cheaper than methuen. But the chairs were a little stiff and uncomfortable

Elizabeth Gill

Great for a retro movie theater. More comfy than expected but concession lines were very long. They were doing tickets at concession so we waited 20 minutes for popcorn and drinks. Only 2 people working and no priority line for stubs members. Get there early of you want snacks or skip it unless you want to miss the beginning of your movie

HydesGoSeek _

Thanks to the folks at this location! The theater was clean and had ample parking. We were actually here to retrieve a wallet I had lost at a theater in Indiana. The folks here got me the wallet right away and even offered us some great advice on vacation spots nearby.

Sheila Garvey

Terrible theatre. It was literally walking in the dark to get a seat. No floor lights to help climb the stairs. No kiosk to print out reservations. Bathrooms totally outdated. Regular popcorn is nearly $8! $6 for a soda! Movie was scheduled to begin at 2:30; instead audience had to put up with loud movie previews of upcoming movies. I would never go again to a movie in that theatre.

Cristine Mazzaglia

Not crowded at all on a weekend and the lowest prices around. We really enjoyed it there.

Hjannette Lebron

AMC classic very old seating they are now upgrading to certain seats with d-box. Staff is great. Not much to choose from the concession stand not much at all. Prices are wonderful for tickets not the concession stand they are a bit pricey for the lack of not having much. They definitely need an upgrade hope they get it soon.

Charles Dunn

This theater used to be the family owned Appletree Cinema. Now it's part of the AMC franchise. The franchise doesn't seem to have invested much of anything in the theater, but they did raise the prices. The prices are up to where the reclining seat, bring your concessions to you in the theater are, but without any of those. Don't get me wrong, it was a decent movie going experience, just way overpriced. At least the place was clean, and the staff were willing to be helpful if not terribly knowledgeable. In all when it was the Appletree we loved going there. Today, just another theater, that's way over priced.

Krishna Chinnadandluri

Theater seemed old. Seating is also old fashioned and not so comfortable. Sound system is not that great as well.

David DuCharme

Loving the $4.99 price on the weekend matinees.

Skye Leonardi

Movie was good but the theater was super gross. It seemed as though the were just waiting ohh ng till the end of the night to clean. There was popcorn everywhere old empty bottles. And they had a mesh screen hanging over the top part of the the movie screen, and didnt fix it until about halfway through.

Joseph Renaud

It has been almost 15 years since I went to this theater. It was quite nostalgic to see that nothing changed except for the entrance. It was like walking into a time warp. Very well preserved! Me and my best friend got to see Power Rangers together and were the only ones in the theater!!

Ryan Nolin

The listed movie time is not the actual start time. The ads start before the listed time and play for a HALF HOUR before the movie starts. I suggest showing up late for the listed time...

Jude Walters

Went 2 days ago The Entire place was FILTHY! I will try it one more time. Stuff happens right... I have been there a few other times and thought it was good.

timm haskins

I've become spoiled with theaters with assigned seating, as the Londonderry 10 does not offer that. However, the theater has very comfortable and wide seating and is very clean. Lines can be significant at the small concession stand. The soft drinks are self serve, through one of the Coca Cola Freestyle machines. However, there is only one, and the line for that can be frustrating especially after the longer wait at concessions.

Aaron Dwight

Theater was great, staff was very nice and courteous to everyone. Saw Captain Marvel in the D-box theater and D-box was a really great experience, would not suggest for smaller children. One pet peeve I had was that the seats weren’t labeled.. made a few people upset because we were in the wrong seats.. just might suggest aisle and seat numbers to be visible.

Nancy Boardman

A great place for movies

Denise Wilson

While we love our local theater I am occasionally concerned with cleanliness. We always have a good time and really enjoy the staff and service but sometimes I really notice the need for a bit of an update. Maybe they could find a way to spruce it up without a complete reno? They're doing the best they can with what they've got for now

Chris Kowalczyk

Good for a movie theater seemed clean. Concession stand was slow so go early if you want something.

christian page

I great option to see movies

Josh Prestigiacomo

Not a bad movie theater, but not even close to the best. It needs a lot of updating and could be cleaner. I was hopeful that when AMC took it over, things would get updated, but so far not much has changed.

Mavi Fashion

It's a good theater, I will go there soon.

Keith Bagley

Convenient and relatively cheap.

Alex Paulino

The prices are more affordable than larger AMC theaters. This is one of their "AMC Classic" models so they don't have the fancy reclining seats and IMAX screens and the speakers don't seem as loud but it's a solid local theater

Joseph Saling

AMC taking over hasn't done much but raise prices. I ordered my tickets in the AMC app ahead of time but there is no reserved seating and no place except the ticket booth to get your tickets. We still had to wait in line and this was after paying the $3.50 convenience fee! I should have asked for a refund. Oh well. I hope there are plans to update the theatres with the reclining seats like other AMC locations, but the very first order of business should be a ticket self serve kiosk!!

Ben Montgomery

Cinema was cheap to got to, which is a plus, but you also get what you paid for. Had to wait in the rain for 20 mins to get a ticket, and another 15 for snacks. When the movie played, the sound cut out 10 mins into the movie, and they spent the next 15 min fussing with it only to have to restart it. Sorta screwed my experience of the first half.

Ryan Williams

While my first experience here with DBOX seating was very positive, the overall theater experience was lackluster. Average at best, but certainly not up to AMC standards. The line at the concession counter was agonizingly slow, 10 minutes to order slow. Not the best idea to staff a single person behind the counter on a holiday. I know how that sounds, but theaters typically thrive on holidays. But that's a minor gripe compared to the movie watching experience. As I mentioned, the seating was immersive (albeit not that comfortable, understandably), but the picture quality was just rancid. There were hazy black vertical lines across the entire screen and the entire film had a grainy blur to it. The entire time I couldn't stop thinking about how much better it would look on my BluRay at home. Don't expect much coming here.

Randolph Carter

Good selection at the concession stand but taking the second mortgage on my house to pay for spring water and a box of M&Ms was difficult! Next time, cargo pants with deep pockets))) Seating for a long movie is uncomfortable after an hour but the theater is clean and staff is friendly

Rhonda Zodda

Inexpensive, super friendly workers and awesomely fresh popcorn! Long lines at times but worth the price.

bob kinkaid

Came ten minutes before the movie started, and the lines went kind of far back. We missed five minutes of the movie. Ehh... Good enough.

Jay Gibbons

old, dated, not good

Corey Jungkman

Seats aren’t big boy friendly

matthew spoor

The price per ticket is actually pretty reasonable. The theater itself was ok but for some reason the sound was way off. It was way too quiet. We went to see Avengers and we had to strain to hear but could literally hear the walls shaking from the next movie over...Pikachu! Something wrong with that situation

Tyler Reynolds

Checked Fandango last night and the theater was showing a 1:15pm showtime, but when I got there today 15 minutes before they were completely closed.

Erin Elizabeth

Prices are cheap still... I love cheap lol

Cheryl Wolczok

Saw a great movie. Good popcorn. Theater and bathroom very clean.. Girl at the counter even suggested something I could change my order because it was cheaper for me Will go again, no question.

Alexander Knots

Fine theatre. No assigned seating. Kind of cramped but cheap and gets the job done.

Erin McCarty Wessling

Seats are extremely small. Room the movie was in was filthy. Never cleaned before the next movie started. Screen is good sized and sound is fine. I know it's a small town theater but come on... Take a little more pride

Tracey Wilcox

The movie was great! But the theater it's self was filthy. We got there right when it opened so the fact that there was popcorn, candy, boxes from candy and hardened soda all over the place was just disgusting.

Buzz Zimmerman

Great place to see a movie on a budget

Anthony D'Ampolo

Great prices for movies, great prices for snacks. Awesome staff and clean theaters. Can't miss catching a movie here.

Darren Martin

Nice classic movie theater not too expensive

Joshua gile

This theater is outdated. The seats are falling apart. The popcorn is not fresh and they don't do extra butter anymore. The two theaters in the back arnt bad but the upper theaters are terrible. Some seats are duct tape off and arnt bolted down all the way.

The Pless Family

Cute little theatre. AMC took it over and it did an okay job with it. Still feels tight though since they did not re-do the seats. But service was great, and rest rooms were clean although old.

Jessica Whiting

Sign up! Movies before 4 are $4.99. Love the popcorn bucket! Refillable!

Mike Lowe

Went to see the release of Aquaman with the entire family! Great movie and it was less than $40 for a matinee of 2 Adults and 6 kids! Recommended over any other movie theater and we live in Manchester! Go figure! #BetterThanChunkys

Katy Bernard

This is the most unwelcoming theater I've been to. Isles in theater 9 were so slick. What the heck is on the floors? Seats uncomfortable. $40 later (after popcorn and drink). I'm not impressed.

Pete Langlois

Great local movie theater. Doesn't have the awesome seats like some of the other AMC theaters though. Get the AMC app!

nani's life

The movie was good quality and prices where on the low side, but no one was there so we did not have to come early to get seats

Neil Van Wagoner

Classic style of stadium seating theater with affordable ticket prices. The seats are comfortable, with cup holders on each arm rest.

Stephanie Nelson

Not the most impressive AMC or the cleanest- but passable. They seem to have taken some steps to clean it up I dont know if it's been quite a year since AMC took over this location, but it has improved slightly from the previous company.

Patricia Short

Love this cinema.!

Jim De Paola

Small theaters, but good place to watch a movie.


Decent movie theatre for the price. The screens are a little low quality though.

SarahLynn McGrade

Wouldn't take free passes we got a couple months prior due to a movie playback issues for almost the whole movie was freezing, skipping, scrambling. Said they were expired allready, but most people don't go to the movies that frequently within 2 months and all ready expired? And one employee said to see them after the movie ended for some free passes, then when we did, the manager didn't agree to doing so and was reluctant to even give us the passes when they're was only one other couple in the theatre that they should have to reimburse in some way if a movie is that disrupted.

Chuck Rand

Just saw Jurassic World:Fallen Kingdom. Movie was awesome and the D-box seats were great. We had to watch over 45 min.of previews. Not cool. Ticket booth operator couldn't multitask, and concession stand wasn't the best. You had to get your own soda, butter and salt your popcorn. I'd rather drive to Hooksett then go back to Londonderry

Joshua & Elizabeth Foster

Went to see avengers end game for my daughters birthday. The floors were really sticky..but the prices are great.

Malik Earl

Great seats and leg room bring a coat strong AC

Michelle Montemorra

Good location. Set back off the main road.

Margo Pendlebury

Incredibly overpriced for what you get. I ordered my ticket online, had to pay a "convenience fee." For who? It wasn't convenient for me. Still had to stand in line to get in. One person behind the snack counter for which I paid a lot of money for oversized drinks and popcorn only to throw most of it away. No stadium seats. It's close to our house so that's it.

Brian Doheny

Eh it's basically an old movie theater that AMC took over and didn't want to update much. Decent movie theater but not great

Paula Morel

Tuesdays there is a promo for $5.00 tickets for seniors. Up to date movies but like any other theatre the cost of snacks and drinks are outrageous. Plenty of parking.

Cody Lewis

After spending $41 (including a $6 "surcharge") on 4 tickets we still had to go to the box office to retrieve our tickets, that no-one ever collected (we literally could have just walked in for free, which is the only way I'll go back to this theatre, for free) We arrived to one open concession stand and a line to the door (Sunday 6pm). I purchased a medium popcorn and medium fountain soda for $14, I was handed an empty cup and dry popcorn and was told the "self service butter" was around the corner, next to the SINGLE self service drink fountain. I waited at least 10 minutes for the 4 people in front of me to butter their popcorn at the SINGLE "self service butter station". I then waited more time to get my drink from the one drink fountain. Eventually I found that the machine had no ice at all. We found our seats and I was quite distracted by the odor I can only describe as stale cigarettes, my girlfriend then pointed out the dust on the curtains and how dingy the place looked. We watched our movie in uncomfortable seats with only 3 interruptions from staff walking in front of the screen. I hadn't been to this theatre since I was a kid but next time I will travel farther as to not give this place anymore of my money. 0-10, would not recommend.

riley beauchesne

I loved it, when you enter the building you just feel home!

Ralph Ramirez

Last night we've watched the "early man". We had a nice experience.Mike was very proactive and polite.Mike is the symbol of " best customer service"

Chris Lunetta

Theater getting run down. You now have to wait in line to get popcorn, then wait in another line to butter your own popcorn and then wait in a third line to top off your popcorn if you like butter half in the middle and of course wait in line a fourth time to top off your popcorn with butter. Oh yea. Don't forget a fifth line as you have to fill your own drink too. So now it's 3-5 lines if you want a drink and butter on your popcorn. I have no idea who the genius was that thought that was a good idea. Alrhough I get the full yiurbown drink, it all combined just confirms customer service is most definitely not a primary concern.

Eddie Torres

My daughter loves going here for movies with me. The refillable popcorn bucket had her sold! Great Value on 5 dollar Tuesdays if you are an AMC stubs member.

Anthony Duck

Friendly Staff. Nice theaters and good ticket prices. Can't be beat!

Scott Evensen

Person on duty was very pleasant professional and helpful

Richard Page

Clean theater snack prices a little high but ticket prices were good even for 3d movies.

t micheal v L

Grwat seats fresh popcorn good choice of movies..musy sau helpful staff when i had to ask for info

Deborah Caron

First time there and from the get go I wasn't pleased. I went alone to see if I would bring my grandchildren here. Floors very dirty, seating area still filthy from I would say the night before as I was there early. Didn't stay to watch the movie after all that. Would NOT recommend. Wwnt to an IMAX instead. Disappointed.

Michael K

This is a good place to see a movie with affordable ticket prices. Sure, they seating isn't as comfortable as AMC's Tyngsboro or Methuen theaters but the tickets are priced a few dollars less to compensate.

Alfie R

The staff always seems very friendly towards guests and are happy to answer any questions. Prices are what is expected from an AMC theater, so I do not judge this location primarily based upon the price. Only complaints I had are that the location is fairly out of date. The building does not have a very good frontward appeal, and the inside is fairly bland-looking and inexciting compared to many other theater choices 30 minutes away. I would recommend sprucing the place up to increase interest and the chances of guests returning.

Brenda Pease

LOVE, LOVE LOVE seeing a movie here. No fancy seats or pretentious food and beverages. People actually work here selling tickets and filling your popcorn for you and they're pleasant to you while doing it!! We go to the movies at least twice a week and that can get expensive, since this is a AMC Classic theater you can see a new movie for no more than $7 and that's not just a matinee price that's every day all the time. Last week we ventured down to Tyngsboro and the matinee cost us over $20 and that was with using some of our rewards.. We'll never go back again.. Yesterday 8/4 we went to Cinemagic you can keep that theater as well. No human to sell you a ticket you do that yourself and it was $17 for the 2 of us (for a matinee) Yes we love this AMC Classic theater and the staff that works there..


AMC CLASSIC Londonderry 10 en Massachusetts
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