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7710 Matapeake Business Dr, Brandywine, MD 20613, United States Located in: Brandywine Crossing

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REVIEWS OF Xscape Theatres Brandywine 14 IN Maryland

Alvin Flores

Came here to watch Avengers. Was pleasantly surprised that all the seats were recliners so you could watch the movie as if you were at home. How cool is that? Definitely coming back here. Got myself the free membership card.

franzine sickles

Movie not great but theater nice

Elsa Malloy

Has reclining seats..Lov going to this theater

Kenney Holmes

Good movies, slow service

Tanya Baytops

I was the only one in the theater! It was great

Scot Evans

Great theaters, just need to get better quality seats, or keep changing out the ones that show wear.

TiAnna Freeman

Usually this place is ok. Went today for Lion King viewing and the place looked horrible, as far as cleanliness not to mention customer service was terrible. Only 1 register open concession stands were super long managers walking around but not lending a hand to employees which clearly was needed. Missed the opening of my movie due to volume of people and the theater not accommodating people in a timely fashion smh.Will not go back

P. E. W. D.

Nice and quiet. The patrons are respectful of one another. Need repairs done on some of the reclining seats. We sat in 3 of them looking for one to function properly. Finally just settled on a broken chair so we could sit next to each other. Popcorn is served in an open box tray. Can be a challenge for younger ones to steady, and a contributing factor for continuous floor sweeps in order to keep the place clean.


We love this theater. Never too crowded and the seats are very comfortable

Jason Wright

Clean and has a large venue ....plenty of space too

Sasha Farmer

Good movie theater overall. The only bad thing is later in the evening it’s crowded and u have to wait a long time when you are trying to get in to the theater. The concession stand takes to long. But the theater rooms are very nice and comfortable. I wish they could take the bats down though it gets in the way. I love going to this movie theater because it is so close to home, I’m line 15 mins away. I think it’s really nice and convenient.

David Bixler

Stale popcorn. Dirty drinks area. Some of the screens have blemishes, dropping the quality of the movie. Bathrooms almost never clean.


Great place. Love the seating

Patrick Wilkerson

Question? Most importantly, how is sound system? I would like to see “Green Book” with my family. I don’t want to waste my time driving from Lexington Park (30.0mi) Thanks!

Anthony Cheatham

The most comfortable seats, it's the only theater I'll go to now

The Truth

Always clean..biggest screen in the DMV.

bryant southerland

The seats are always the best

Maria Mieles

Wonderful place. I was in the middle of the theater in a nice recliner. Al I need it was the remote. LOL

L Mills

The worst theater I have ever visited. Popcorn was burnt, you have to pay extra for marinara sauce for mozzarella sticks, we picked assigned seats but someone was sitting in our seats, no ice, the drink area was dirty, something was wrong with the original movie scream so we had to move to another. The self service was working after it directed you to it to get your tickets.

James Stringfield

My favorite.

RB &Co

Secret life of pets 2 fun times in the reclining theater seating...

Fritz Duval

Seating is the best! I was in heaven, sound,picture and ample parking!

Chrishawna Worthy

Comfortable recliner seats.. excellent customer service.. take a jacket it's chilly like any other movie theater


Love the seating but food cost too much

Dre Johnson

It's no AMC damn sure not an El Captain. Ok let me not be so judgmental of this establishment, it's a decent movie theatre with good seating recliner chairs and most the theatre rooms are good and fairly clean, you don't even notice the small cosmetics defects once your show starts. My problem weren't the staff they are as helpful as any young adult trying to earn a decent wage in this country, my problem were the customers.... does anyone remember Rivertowne Commons AMC before the re-re-opening. Yeah you do... then this is Xscape. The kids, the ratchets whewww Chile... I'm messing with you. Lolz but go on the weekday when the crowds are smaller and you can get a decent seat. Food a lil pricey but it's the movies when is it not. Enjoy your Show... bawhahaha

Desiree Harley-Vines

Nice...needs some updating, but overall good

Corey Campbell-Murga

It has great potential and wonderful atmosphere, but need to check the movie reels every so often.


Went to see Superfly, Saturday night. It was a good movie enjoyed it; not crowed. Movie theatre is clean, has La-Z-Boy, reclining seats very comfortable. But theatre Door 4 was humid and hot extremely uncomfortable; no AC and also there was no water. Water outage in Brandywine, MD.

Zainab Okuneye

Always an experience to look forward to....the reclining seats are the bomb!

John Flatley

Clean theater, easy to get in and out. Reclining seats. No reserved seating, first come first served. Large variety of snack bar options. Friendly staff.

Ashley Gratiano

I usually don’t write reviews however my experience today was super disappointing. I arrive early to our movie which was scheduled for 345 I stood in line for popcorn and a soda for 25 minutes!!!! 25 min in line for popcorn?!?! There was only one popcorn machine working, there were 6 people behind the counter including the manager and still not moving the lines. The lines for concessions were all the way out the door!!!! I am absolutely sure that no one got into their movie on time. When I finally was able to go into my movie and sit down I had already missed the whole beginning. Will not be returning to this theater should of drove up the road to Waldorf.... lesson learned

Budda Worth

Very tight theater good place free moves on Halloween

Mike Ryan

Great sound system

Brian Cooper

This theater has matinee before 12pm. Tickets are like half the price. People are hip so get there early if you can. Screens are huge. Not the neatest theater though. High traffic theater.

Alicia Mobley-Russell

We've been before with no issues, but we did 3D version of Lion King. They kept having problems with the 3D movie at the beginning so the glasses didn't work properly. There was even a moment when they tried to fix it and it was like flashing back and forth. It gave me a headache. Had anyone been probe to seizures, I am sure there would have been a big problem

Renee Gray

Excellent. You can now choose your seating. There was not a crowd and we were let in the movie 30 minutes before it started.

Maddie Elise

First, when I walked in, I saw trash all over the floor, the lines were very slow and long. When I walked in the theater I was very excited to get a seat, but then I look over to my left and see almost all the seats had big cracks in them, it was very unpleasant. I had to put my own jacket on the seat to make me enjoy the movie. When I got home, immediately I put the jacket in the dirty clothes because it smelled like sh*t. The next morning I felt horrible, I’m sure it was from the seats and the environment in the theater, also my friends that were with me, are not feeling there best. It was very humid, sticky, and all around disastrous area of living. In conclusion if you have any medical discussed problems, I would not recommend going to Xscape Movie Theater. Thanks for reading. Thank Xscape Movie Theater.

Emanuel Wright

The outside of the theater looks good. The lobby looks good. The concession stand was neat, clean and the staff at the concession was great. However when I turned the corner to have my ticket ripped I watched the ticket taker spitting openly into the trash can....YO WTFreak! He didn't even say "oh excuse me or sorry about that.... nothing. Then I walked into #11 and THE SEATS NEED REPLACING!

Sha Prock

Always a nice theatre to come to. Very updated and pleasant to be.

Anthony Harris

Nice place to see a picture show

HannaElizabeth Johnson

I love it. It's my go to movie theater. Nice big screen reclining chairs and very clean theater. The only thing I hate about this theater is the bars are too high and it kind of cuts out the image when you're looking at the screen.

x3n_ arise

Comfortable seating. They need to keep soda area cleaner

Antonio Haskins

It's sad that this theater is really not that old but, due to poor management, it's starting to look run down! For examples, leather seats are really worn, long wait times at concession stand, movies not starting on time, technical issues when movie is playing and more. I don't enjoy going to this theater anymore and will have to start going back to Virginia. I use to like going to this theater because it is close to home. I don't understand how this theater is rated at 4 stars. The theater also is filthy!

Dymond Thames

Nice reclined seats

Barbara Dejarnette

Sooo cofmfy

maryvn christmas

Still a great movie experience..great seating and sound quality..

Shevron Moore

It was very crowded but fun...

Donovan Inscoe

I felt like the screen is too wide so I have to turn my head to see most of it and I had people staring at me more than other theates because of the way the seating is set up. Other than that, great service.

Ted Peterkin

It was a good experience, the staff was very professional and the establishment was clean. The popcorn was hot and service lines were handled efficiently.

Chrissy D

Nice and clean. The popcorn was really good

Pam Baylor

Service was good at the concession stand the young woman that took are tickets was pleasant The theater appeared clean

Andrew Lee

The place is a nice environment to watch a movie. My experience there was pleasant though it was a little messy. There are reclining seats which is a plus and the sound quality was good

michelle savage

This theater was a great addition to the area. In the beginning, clean and well run. I went to see Green Book (awesome movie) with hubby and elderly mom (wheelchair). The entry wheelchair accessible door was blocked. The individual theater door was not propped open. We had to hold it while pushing the chair. This was well before the movie started. The seats reclined nice but were warm and dirty. Staffed seamed unconcerned.

Evan Somerville

Great atmosphere. Clean building

Frank Bugett

It's convenient but the staff could do better job keeping it cleaned.

Ricardo Howard

They have began refurbishing the reclining chairs. So very comfortable.

Nathan Tidd

Xscape was the pioneer for the higher-level theater experience in the area with some of the nicer features like reclining seats. It's been a few years now, however, and some other theaters nearby have been playing catchup. The recliner theater isn't a premium anymore, and more of an expectation. The nearby AMC at St Charles Town Center is likely their closest competitor and quickly got their (noticeably smaller) theater updated to match this which made it less special. The age of the theaters are showing as well, as my group of 4 managed to sit in an area where three of the seats' recliners just didn't work. Other than that the theater is still nice with a huge open lobby and nice big screens. The area around Xscape has been developing nicely so this theater no longer seems like the only business open in a big empty lot.

Teresa Luttrell

Love this theater! Nice leather recliners, huge screen

Kirk Degler

Pros: (1) Plentiful parking (2) Comfortable seating (3) Several movie choices Cons: (1) We visited on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. One of three ticket kiosks were working, and one employee was selling tickets. As you might imagine, ticket purchases/pickups took forever (2) A small number of employees were working the snack bar - I believe maybe 3 when we first got in line and maybe eventually as many as 5. As you might imagine for a 14 screen theater, that was insufficient and the line grew to well over a hundred customers long. (3) With the limited number of employees, spills and messes were not cleaned up. The floor was sticky and filthy. So thankfully we arrived about 50 minutes early, as we ended up needing nearly all of that time to purchase tickets, snacks, use the restroom, and get our seats. To be fair, my family has had good experiences at this theater in the past, but today was disastrous. One more visit like that and we won't be back. There are other theaters in the area that are just about as nice - and that I have never seen so poorly managed.

Andre Rivers

Always a great time !

Andrea Casey

Love the movie.

Xtreembandmanagement suseen

Reasonably price foods, with a great selection. Bathrooms were super clean. The reclining seats were roomy, and comfy. Great selection of movies. Outside display is clean. Trash cans convenient outside. Super amount of parking. Nice and lit, saw security cruising by, so that's a good thing. Very conveniently located off highway, with shops, restaurants all around. Staff was very spot on. The kiosk was open to purchase tickets up until show starts. But, I always get mine at concession stand with my snacks. BUT always be there about 15 minutes before show starts to get in on time. Theatre was clean. Adam seemed to have a great crew working, and he worked to back them up to get the line moving. All with smiles on their faces. The ticket taker was melancholy but very professional and directed me to my movie room. Experience here was perfect.

Loretta Payne

Gave my son a party and it was a great party room to have cake after the movie.

George Brooks

Great time out w the wife SAW US, *****

Africa Konjo

The service I received was horrible. Aside from that the theater is nice and the seats are comfortable.

jacqueline Robinson

The children love those chairs the kids these days are something else ❤️

Bilateral Collateral

Staff is always friendly and this place is well kept for the most part. Concession can be a little slow, but nothing too crazy. I always enjoy myself (and those cozy chairs) here and its great for families as well.


I love this spot...the seats are the best! Only thing is... I don't think they should allow adults with babies and toddlers in adult movies after dark/late night.

Cora Johnson

Spending time with two oldest granddaughters

R. D.

Nice movie theater with comfortable seats and big screens. Food prices are highway robbery.

Steven Gates

Need to have theater better clean. Also, frozen drink wasnt great. No, the frozen drink was just Awful.

Rona Richardson

Theater was clean and staff excellent. Keep up the good work Xscape team.

Dale Jenkins

Absolutely love this place! Especially the reclining seats. Plenty of parking and afterwards plenty of eateries to go to. Clean and comfortable environment. My go-to place on the weekends.

Richard Rowley

I will give them 4 stars now , last time we went half the seats didnt work. They have since replaced all the seats and the place looks cleaner

Roy Van overbeek

The movie quality is good. The seats were a bit worn down. And the staff didnt really feel like being there. Other than that the theater is very clean and well kept.

Iris Somerville

Love this theater. Reclining seats, clean, great customer service.

Donnie Johnson

Nice environment, comfortable, and great Audio Video.

Antoinette Walker

Great Seats and Food

Sharon Love

I always have the best time when I go to the Xscape theater 14. it's always clean and not many people. And that's the main reason I go to the movies, because I don't want to be around a whole bunch of crowds of people. but I usually go on seniors day. And yesterday, I actually went just because I missed seniors day because of all the rain on Tuesday. But overall I truly enjoy going 2 The Escape movie theater and I try not to miss going every single week. That's my rating for Xscape Theater 14. Sharon Ash. 8.23.2018

Larry Austin

Best in the area. Clean, nice staff.

Amanda Meyer

The reclining motorized seats, clean as a movie theater can be make this a theater we like going to. The staff is always courteous and helpful.

Oliver Beckford

Beautiful theater recommend you try it

Chad Chad

Pg worse movie reserve seating

alfreda Williams

Great movie theater great seats, clean. Would definitely return.

dennis osburn

Time that I went staff was great no question prices are to high have 4 kids ..shame I love the going to see on a big screen and the feel of the music and deep bass during a action seen oh well I have patience and a big tv decent sound system

Jennifer Mohr

This was our first time to this movie theater and it was a really nice experience! It wasn’t crowded, lines were fast, it was clean for the most part, it was a very good experience!

Latoya Sills

Only had one cashier open the cashier needed help with something . The manager came to help, while helping the cashier leaned on the counter resting her head on her hands as we stood in line. What should have happened was the cashier help the next in line while the manager finished up with the customer that needed help.

Natalie Dominique-Smith

Love Xscape. Sorry to say, but there seats are getting trashed. I sat in the middle upper row of seat, and almost fell thru the seat. I just moved over one seat and reported the problem after the movie.

Don J

Great movie theater very clean.

Jeff Reemtsen

While the theater was nice and clean and the movie was awesome, I had issues getting my ticket and into the actual theater. I had ordered my tickets online and was forced to use their automated machine to collect my tickets. Many other theaters allow you to use an app on your phone to get past the ticket taker. NOT THIS THEATER! This probably wouldn't have been an issue if there had been more than 1 working station, but alas, the other 2 were not working and I had to wait in line as two ladies took forever making their choice of what to watch and when. Then when I got to the machine, it didn't just let me swipe my credit card that was used for making the reservation. I had to type in a long confirmation code in order to get my tickets to then run across the lobby to get to the ticket taker to get into the theater. This in turn, made me miss all of the previews that I actually do enjoy watching to see what is coming soon. If I hadn't been forced to wait in a crazy long line for the only working machine to get my tickets and then be faced with a poorly created software interface this would have been a much more pleasant experience. I think I'll be going to any other theater in the future to avoid this ridiculousness.

Frank Hayes

Lovely theater and active team; however, the place is slowly coming to a fault in upkeep. I don't see this theater staying nicer much longer.

Joellen Jarrett

Clean, comfortable seating. Good concessions. Convenient parking.


I've come to this therater several times. It's a nice theater with comfortable reclining seats. Like most movie theaters, the food and drinks are overpriced. I've only had the popcorn and it didn't taste that good in my opinion. It's always been clean when I've been here. The customer service is pretty good.

Kevin Cole

This is by far one of the best movie theaters in the DMV area! Spacious sofa like seats and a very comfortable atmosphere! I highly recommend this theater if your a movie goer, def is worth it!!

Sonya Williams

Always enjoy having the ability to go to the movies so close to home.

Maureen Jones

The best place for movie entertainments! During the summer the local summer campers come to enjoy a morning of screen movies and concession goodies. I enjoy coming by myself or with my family to relax in reclining seats and eat the kids snack boxes.

Melissa chaillet-phipps

Seems to bey favorite theater around, clean busy on werkends of course but they get you through the line quickly

Diamond Tomlinson

Today Was The Worst Day Of My Life There Was A Mouse In The Sweat Next To Me Eating My Sons Food I Am Terrified Of Rodents

Ricardo Stewart

Now I really love this place now the last time I was there was a fellow sitting beside me with his cell phone on but it really didn't bother me but there beautiful seats they recline all the way back the food is very hot in there I recommend take a pocketbook and take your stuff with you because it's just too much in there I think the world is 550 or something like that popcorn is high you know it's a good movie those very loud very clear picture you'll enjoy that recommended highly

Shatia Thompson

Not always the cleanest but the overall experience was good.


Large recliner seats! No getting up to let people go by. Yes! Love it!

LaTonya Johnson

The movie theater is terrific. Laid back leather seats very comfortable. Felt like I was watching a movie in my own home with family. Everyone was very friendly and polite. I will definitely be back very soon to see The Joker and the new Chadwick Boseman movie. Can't wait!! And most importantly very clean bathrooms. That's definitely a big plus for me! Kudos to Xscape Brandywine Theater!!

Remona Doggett

The concession products are waaaay too expensive. Especially the popcorn. And they don't even use the good Orville Redanbacher brand.

Melody Miles Haynes

Super dirty. Convenient staff is horrible, u can tell that the employees are not trained properly and have no idea what there doing. This could be a great movie theater. I wish AMC would come and buy this location.

John Stewart

The movie experience was excellent. The lobby and concession areas (especially the beverage station) could be cleaner.

Karen Williams

Wonderful movie selection and the seats are better than home....

Jackson Bowler

Great seating that is first come, first serve so be sure to get there early.

Jose Martinez

Seats are worn out, hardly any people on a Saturday night which is strange. Other than that good place to go to watch a movie

Clarence Winchester

I want to take the time to thank Ms. Brandy and her staff at the Xscape Theatres. I brought my 7th grade students today to see the movie "A Wrinkle in Time." Ms. Brandy was so accommodating. Her staff was courteous and she served us all in a timely fashion. She made sure we were comfortable and that the movie time was conducive to our needs. In addition, her staff was very complimentary of my students. I overwhelmingly give her and the theatre five stars and look forward to working with her again real soon. Thank you Ms. Brandy for making my students experience one that they will remember.

Paris Reed

I like this theatre! It is always clean, has good snacks, and all the latest movies!

Amira Young

I love the prices of the movies and the seats that recline. The staff is nice too.

The terriblegamer

It was alsome and the chairs are comfy

Pauline Cook

Took my 4 yr old twin grandsons to see Aquaman we had great seats and popcorn was warm and fresh! Movie was amazing!!

Arait Reklaw

Awesome experience. I love the concession and ticket set up! Easy and pleasant experience. Very nice customer service!

Nicholas StOurs

They have frickin reclining seats

Tonya Hawkins

It was okay. The movie was a bit loud and my seat was broken. It should recline but didn't. I was disappointed because that's one of the things I look forward to at the movies. To be able to sit back l and recline. Surprisingly the theater was clean though.

Linda Harris-Proctor

Had a wonderful experience. New, plush recliners, clean & close;)

T Bridgeman

The theatre is good and the seating is comfortable. They could do a better job of cleaning the self serve drink station as it seems to always be a bit messy.

Desha Casey

I have been to this location several times in the past and never had any issues. However, I went to see The Lion King in 3D on Friday and the 3D appeared not in sync. I was able to watch the majority of the movie without the glasses (I know right) usually without the glasses, you are not able to see any of the movie, this was not the case. The couple next to me mentioned 3D issues as well. Also, the surround sound was a bit off. I was looking forward to seeing this movie, is was very disappointed and will not be returning.

Danielle Johnson

If you love watching movies in a recliner, this is the place for you. The concession stand set-up is weird. You come in and walk to the other side of the room to buy food, then walk back across near the front door to get napkins, straws, etc... then BACK across the floor past the concession stand to get to the theaters. Crazy...

q snyder

Movie started at 8:10 we arrived at 7:45 to get a good seat but they wouldn't let us in until 8:05 when they finally finished cleaning, and it was still pretty messy. Seats looked pretty worn and there were still peices of popcorn on the seats. Luckily I was wearing a hoodie so I put my hood up so my head didn't touch the back of the chair because it looked greasy, on the flip side there was only about 5 people in our showing. I wouldn't return.

Bill Senior

Very comfortable theatre. Seats are soft but worn out a little. Sound system was great.

Joseph G.I. Joe

Good clean movie theater.

Neomah Roberts

Very nice theater but can be even nicer if they keep up with keeping everything clean. Overflowing trash cans and dirty floors are not appealing.

Irene Coley

Don't stop prices it all good for young and old

Skylar Rainbow

I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! Went here on July 10th to see Teen Titans Go! To The Movies for a special free summer movie showing. Went into theater 7 which was the Xtreme theater. BIGGEST SCREEN I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!!! Literally the whole wall is the screen! Reclining seats as well which are super comfortable and look like new. Very clean theater as well, in the lobby and the room. And although there were camps there, they were well supervised and not bothersome at all. I had an amazing Xperience here!

Patricia Steward

My first visit was great enjoyed being there.

Marshanda Pyle

Whenever we visit, we always get great seats, theaters are free of debris, and staff is pleasant.

Joe Dixon

Nice team members and comfortable chairs. But for a weekday matinee, not many tickets customers, this place is filthy. As I stood at the concession counter I looked around and noticed the large amount of popcorn on the floor. A closer look yielded dirty glass and sticky counters. Several seats were passed on because I could clearly see they were uncleaned. The movie itself was enjoyable.

Michael B.

Very nice theater. Comfortable reclining seats wide enough to accomodate 'large' guests. Typical movie theater food and drink choices with high prices.

Roxanne Tucker

Love the movie they need more direction from AMC.:-)

Thomas Smith

Very comfortable, clean and great choice of folms and showings.

The Vester Family Vlogs

Good place to watch good movies all day!

Kelli Cofer

Just learning how to reserve seats. Movie was excellent

S Lawson

I ordered tickets for the movies for all of my group. 2 people couldn't make it. The manager refunded me my money with no issues. I love hassle free systems that are in place that value the customer.

Sayuri Sai

Cacao Theater in Brandywine is the comfort zone of all movie theaters, in my opinion. The atmosphere is nice, nothing fancy, yet you enjoy being there. I love to kick back, recline in the seat and watch my favorite stats on the screen. It's almost like watching at home, just a bigger screen.

john hicks

Great place to visit. Very knowledgeable employees.

Kevin Walker

On 7-4-19 (4th of July) Employees all seemed to be in bad moods. Especially at the concession desk. After dropping money on tickets, food, drinks & candy. Toy story 4 went to a black screen after 20 mins into the movie. To make this story short, no one ever came into the theater #9 to let anyone know they were working on it etc. I had to run back & forth from the theater to the front, back to the theater to let people know what the deal was. Atleast 30 mins or more go by -I said something to another employee that took me to the manger & he supposedly had no idea the movie wasn't playing (in theater #9) but insisted he would do something once he got #8 fixed. I said can you atleast come in #9 and make an announcement. He said he would or someone else would. About an hour later everyone left except us and another family. The movie came back on for approx. 5 mins then went back to a black screen. While walking out, another family told me they got credited back for the tickets. So we stood in line and asked for the credit. The manager said I fixed it -the movie is back on...That's when I pretty much lost my cool..My response was yes the movie came on then went back off, you would've known that if you or someone came in #9 and checked on us, & also you would've seen everyone left so what's the point!! I tried to explain to this very young man that as a manager you need to go above and beyond, even if you asked someone to do the check. I said did you follow up with the person you asked? He said no because he had a million other request. I said listen man I understand & see what you are going through, but I gotta be honest with you, this was the dirtiest and the most disappointing trip we've made here. Not only are all your employees seem to have attitudes, the soda machines aren't working, only one out of the 3 or 4 butter machines are out, and trash is eveywhere (in the concession area, in the halls, and the theater itself was the worst). I said man if you need help you should be talking to MGMT for help. He just shook his head and said yes I did, several times. Then I really felt bad for this young man because a man (w/his family) got real stupid with the manager stating he wanted his money back for his tickets and for his food. The manager kept stating they don't give money back for food and the man got really irate! It was bad. I could tell that young manager was scared! The guy that wanted his money back started yelling and acting a fool so bad I grabbed my family and rolled out. By the time we got in the car to leave, several sheriff cars was pulling in. I hope that guy didn't put his hands on that manager. I just feel the employees that night were really the problem with a very young inexperienced manager. I don't know if the place was understaffed or just a bad group of poor attitudes! I mean how can you work at a place and sit there and not help pickup trash or offer help to your manager or to the customers you know are upset? Very Very Disappointed! I hope they get things turned around. Seem the last few times we've gone to see a movie the place was going downhill! Good Luck!

Sarah Frank

FREE family-friendly movies during the summer, Monday-Thursday at 9:30am, and $3 popcorn and drink combo — so fun. We love going! And the big posters make for fun pics, too!

William Garnes

Great place to see the latest releases. Plenty of show times, comfortable seating, clean theaters and restrooms.

WT Actual. . .

Love the menu offerings. I had the spiciest chicken tenders. Very satisfied!

Natasha Williams

Was dirty & pricey but the customer service was good.


This place is really not that clean. I don’t feel comfortable eating here. The woman at the concession stand gave us cups that had stuff in them! Had to ask for different cups that are clean (as far as I know). AND THEN, I ordered nachos and the container had something brown in it. Don’t even wanna know what it was. I will only come here to watch a movie, not to order food though.

A. Beatty

Visited this theatre on a weekday (early) to see one of the latest movies. I wasn't disappointed but not impressed either. I wouldn't be caught going to the theatre after 2pm because the soda dispensers are self-serve..what a mess I'd imagine that to be while everyone is crowded there trying to get drinks. But, in the theatre's defense, it was clean and the folks that worked there were nice.

Free Spirit

Why are all the seats so worn? Why is it so dirty? Who is allowing this to happen? I used to love this place when it first opened. Now...i kinda want to avoid it. There was popcorn all over the floor. Buttered seats....i mean if I came to slip and slide, it wouldn't be in a movie theatre and it wouldn't be with a stranger's grimey butter hands. can tell this staff doesnt like their job very much. I just wanted to see a movie with a reclining seat. Not wonder if I'll walk out with a staph infection. One thing I'll say is, the bathrooms were pretty clean..and so were the halls. Could've been my one theatre I was in. Not sure how the other rooms look.

Brenda Bowen

A little pricey for popcorn sodas and snacks but great theater seating.

Brian K

I last saw a movie here about a year ago. What a difference a year makes. Last year, the recliners were broken and the bathrooms were filthy. Not now. They have gotten their facilities in order. No qualms in going back. I recommend the matinee showings.


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