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Where is Westfield Montgomery?

REVIEWS OF Westfield Montgomery IN Maryland


Very nice mall. Well kept. Good food selection. Movie theatre wasn't very well kept. Wish they had better stores but overall not bad.

JD Witorsch

One of the last surviving malls in the Montgomery county area and for good reason. The mall itself is super clean and easy to get around. The actual stores are very nice and there are a variety to choose from, from designer brands to little gift stores. I garuntee you'll find what you're looking for if you pop your head in.

Curian Habate

I love that this mall and is still thriving. Fun to walk around inside and remember doing that in a mall elsewhere frequently during my teen years. It helps that this mall has very popular stores and great food …

David Rogers

Great upscale stores. All sales people very friendly. L'occitane and Body shop

Priyesh Patel

Go here a lot. Lots of food places. Constantly adding new stops to visit. Mall kept clean all the time.

Anna Masica- 240-423-7000 RE professional

Go to mattress warehouse and use the most honest and reliable sales person – Jeff

Margaret Taylor

Very nice shopping mall has everything.

Mariama Sey

Everything is available here. Also visit the Oasis center to meet education groups (elderly) and make new friends.


Clean. Food court is always good decent stores.

Rie Cherie

Great open indoor space.

Richard Lewis

Food Court is above average.


Very nice Mall. My one complaint is that the trash containers are right at entrance one and they stink

Jory Lee

Love the mall, great place to hang with the kids when weather is not friendly. The food court is very variety, got my favor bubble tea store in it

Richard Eshelman

The renovation is superb! Mid day and the place was full of people from all over the world. Lots of bags being carried means people are buying. I've been looking for malls to collapse. This one proves malls are far from over. Well designed and managed. A winner all around.

Naveed Pirzada

A micro version of the malls we are used to in Dubai but loved the on site Bar and the hospitality there.

1212r12 .

Food court is awesome and modern! The rest of the mall is kinda splotchy with some spots feeling modern and nice, while other small passages feeling empty and needs some catching up to do design-wise. Other than that, I think it’s a solid mall to take some buddies to, to grab a bite, chill, and watch a movie.

Henry Tatum

Big fan! Hadn’t been here for a long time so it was great to reminisce on good times. It feels a little quiet during peak hours. I wish more advertising was done to bring people in

Paris Hollingsworth

Love this mall. Good food options. Great place for date night. They have virtual reality gaming too.

Tarron Harris

Beautiful place with plenty of places to visit inside. Must go to at least once!


One of the oldest and best shopping destinations in the DC area. Thia place os still good.

D. Bruce Brown

It's a mall, trying like all the others to remain relevant in the era of Amazon.

Blake S.

A great place to go with people to get a wide variety of food options met and make everyone happy.

nyeema seaward

The food court alone was enough to make my day. So many great choices, I could have stayed there forever. The stores are awesome!

Adam VanGorder

What a mall. I went for the LUSH store, which was great. Plenty of options for shopping.

Sonya Deloatch

Nice mall with unique shops.

Mayuri Koka

Very big and spacious place. Food is good, bathrooms are clean, and staff is very helpful and nice.

Mark Hinton

Nice atmosphere and a wonderful place to shop and dine.

Tafari Boozer

Great mall went to the newly redesigned Apple Store its very nice and big inside, the staff are great.

Ben Kim

Improved a lot over the years. Seems predominately a fashion mall. So if you're in to that sort of thing

Shark Tank

Great mall! It's always super crowded but I'll usually have some great luck finding a parking spot near the theater. They have an amazing food court with a plethora of resturants and plenty of seating. Lots of great stores and shopping! The supreme VIP store is a great place to grab some hype products.

Kathi Duffy

Love the quality of shops to pick from and some good restaraunts includin Bobby Flay's new hamburger joint.

leatrice da conceicao

This place smells bad all over. It must septic problems.

Boopathi Murugasamy

Mall is good and we went to spice 6 and food was really spicy we couldn't able to eat.

George Bedford

The only mall still standing in Montgomery County. They have a much improved food court and a top flight movie theater.

Baraqua Amina Levy Belle Khan

We were here a few weeks ago for lunch. The mall has a large variety of stores, it's clean, and well lit. We enjoyed our lunch at the McDonald's in the food court. The food was fast, hot and fresh the way fast food should be.

Sunny Wallace

Great mall. Be warned, Ly?t will get you to and from but Ub?r will cancel rides repeatedly

Christina Blanchard

Quick service for return item. Easy to use my Home Depot app for my refund

John Scott

Love this mall very affululiant area and they have everything thing you could want in a mall.

Ivonne Sanchez

Very nice shopping mall. The food court has a variety of healthy (some unhealthy) food. All good food, great stores, and a nice ambiance.

Miran Yang

It is very family-friendly and has a beautiful food court.

Hussein Awala

Great mall. Nice food court and a lot of good stores.

Nicole Hammonds

Went to Lucky strike great time awesome food!

Z Danko

Love the distribution of snacks like Lolli and Pop and Auntie Annes!

Katherine Ciacco Palatianos

Malls are dying, but this one still has some nice "brick and mortar" shopping, walking, and people-watching opportunities. Good security and cleanliness to compensate for the few closed/boarded up shops.

Wayne Zhang

Nice settings and busy Mall. Food availability in food court is great.

Jane Bates

Locating and finding product was very easy and quick. The stock is fantastic. The cashiers are happy and friendly people. Will be back.

Viktoria Mejía Rojas

The mall is nice. It has everything you need when you visit the site. The food court was clean. Love the Tesla place and the test drive of the models!

Robert Corbie

Nice mall...worked here from 1986 to atmosphere.

Melanie Gresco

Excellent selection. Very knowledgeable sales team. We purchased an incredible quality mattress for the absolute best price. We will definitely come back for our future needs.

Clova Smith

This mall is huge. Their family bathrooms are amazing as well as their food court.. sadly there are no plus-size stores like Torrid or Ashley steward. Plus size person and I just don't feel represented in the mall. There are stores that have plus sections but when you look around the mall it's geared towards skinny people of a fair complexion.

Tova Katzoff

The mall itself is beautiful! Every store in it share one very important detail, good quality.

im riogrape

amazing. AMAZING. i went in the morning and i could only visit one shop, Macy's. it was soo big and had alot of trendy shops.


Very, very clean mall. Bathroom was very clean. The family bathroom besutiful, no place to trash the paper towels, after washing your hands.

Sandra Awodele

Really nice mall. Easy to get lost because the maps aren’t consistently placed in the right places. Food court has many options and stores are really nice. Parking space is mediocre in the garage and could be bigger.

George Kinyera-Apuke

Exquisitely laid out. Easily navigable.

Wing-Mei Ko

Great variety of food vendors in the food court, including Indian, Mexican, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, American, and more... There are some restaurants on the lower level as well.

Nicholas Klank

As far as premium shops go, this is one of the best in Montgomery County. It has an ArcLight movie theater that serves more than stale popcorn and nachos. It has a Crate and Barrel, a Macy's, and a bunch of other high-end stores.

Brian Lewis

It was a Monday night so should be expected, but quick, friendly service and the food was great. Clean and relaxing, cool place.

Wenwen Fan

Great place for shopping. Food court has lots of choices. Restrooms are family-friendly.

Amy Anderson

Cava is a great Middle East food place in the mall

Alberto Levy

Standard shopping center in an urban setting. The usual stores with the usual merchandise and the usual food court

Tahereh Sedghizadeh

Lovely place and good custmer Services with most kind people also very good prices

Stefanie Sun

Great shopping mall with a yummy food court and a movie theater!

giancarlo guillen

With electric ladders . accecibility for wheelchair.dinning room . Macys ,Nostrom, Zara. Big restaurants like cheesecake factory , urban plates.

Jeff Harthoorn

One of the last decent malls in Montgomery county. This place is 10x better than the lakeforest mall in Montgomery village. Still a good variety of shops and the food court is pretty decent for today's mall standards.

Kate Steller

Our own very beautiful mall. We come here every time to do shopping and most importantly now, shopping for Christmas. managed to grab an attire i have been longing to buy my mum today. Great variety of shops and restaurants to grab something to eat. Now i consider my Christmas shopping done and merry Christmas everyone!!!

Mitch Baker

Great selection of stores pretty much every brick and mortar brand there is high-quality as well

John Nicholas Mavris

No message chairs and expensive movie tickets with old non reclining seats !

Chun Li

Honestly the best mall in Maryland! Love their design and the wide variety of stores!!

Duduzile Mabuza

Easy to navigate and find my way to the store i like

Rex Mathew

Nice selection of shops with high end anchor stores as well as a diverse group of smaller shops

Tom B

Fine for a mall. Parking is ok slightly better than Tyson's parking. Good food court with a ton of options

María Ízaź

Pros: Mall is nice, great food court, great stores, and great atmosphere! Cons: always packed and have to park super far.

Mike Rogers

Overall great shopping mall with plenty to do. The Tesla store is always a really cool place to visit

Sam Bentley

Tysons Corner is the undisputed leading high-end mall around the Beltway, but this is probably second, with stores like Apple and Tesla. It had a Sears until recently, so now it's missing an anchor-size tenant as the retail apocalypse continues. There are billboards promising a "lifestyle destination," which sounds to me like Westfield, the landlord, doesn't know what to do with the space. Interesting times in retail.

Alice Holland

Love the mall...and food court service was good

Mitch Bell

This is a clean and well appointed mall. All the majors plus some unexpected treats. All the big cell phone providers are here and in the same area so you can compare very easily.

Angelique T.

Nice place to shop. Beautiful stores except the customer service at Nordstrom dhoe department

Sharon Couts

Very clean, Lots of room for walking exercises.

Jay D

Love me some Montgomery Mall. Nice and clean and so many stores. Let’s talk about the the eatery has so many places to eat from and the restaurant cheese cake factory, good but there drinks


Big fancy mall comparable to Tyson's mall. I'd say this is the Tyson's of Maryland. There was a red carpet rolled out in front of the info desk. I walked down it and felt like a movie star. Asking the person behind the desk was much more fun than talking to Alexa and Siri. I asked her what the weather was like and she was like, "um........." It was a fun 5 second chitchat. There aren't any TVs in the restrooms though. *sigh...* One of these days, I'll find a bathroom with TVs.

Suvra Roy

It is a sprawling mall which I visit most often for its food options.There are some fun and games options too. Other than Cheesecake factory and some other big restaurant s, there are lots of choices of outlets in the cafeteria including Chinese, Japanese, Philly, Thai, Indian, American and Bubble tea. There are some major outlets like Nordstrom and Macy's. The atmosphere is good and the area is well spreadout.

Marc Neilson

I love this mall. They are constantly upgrading and trying hard to stay with the times. With the renovation of the old Sears store underway, it's gonna be even better. Additionally, the food court is brilliant!

Anthony Price Jr

Lots of good stores and activities.

seckateh .

Very nice mall with lots of variety and an amazing food court.

Maurina Elenga

Great mall with great stores and restaurants

Tracie Cannon

Nice mall. Need to add more stores. The Food Court and Movie Theater are really nice.

Andrea C. Morris

Clean mall, never really feels too crowded. Food court had an excellent selection.

Ileana Lapp

I dont like malls much . I just come here for cheesecake factory .

Emma Hill

Love this mall, great food court, great shops and department stores plus an awesome movie theater !

Amelia Sample

This is a large and exciting mall! It has pretty much any store you can think of, with a large food court that has a variety of different restaurants to eat from. Next to the food court is a movie theater, and in the basement is a bowling alley. Scattered throughout the mall are small snack shacks like Auntie Anne's. The mall is always full of people at any time of day.

Tiffany Brevard

Great suburban mall with movie theater and Lucky Strike bowling alley. I love shopping in the Nordstrom and Zara stores. There is a nice variety of restaurants in the food court and throughout the mall. There is plenty of free parking and even a valet car wash (pricey).

Shashi Bellamkonda

Have seen this Mall change a lot for better. Nice stores and they recently introduced a concierge service for restaurant reservations. Other than shopping, you have the choice of bowling at Lucky Strike, watching a movie at Arclight Cinemas, getting your nails done, eyebrows tweezed, phone repaired or just hangout at the coffee shops - Starbucks, Espresso, Kung Fu bubble tea, Aroma coffee. You can get to the Mall by bus and parking is plenty and free.

Lucy Song

Fun place to take a toddler on a day when outdoor play is not possible. We enjoy the food court area (especially the Kebab place) and just roaming around...

David Platt

Montgomery Mall is exciting, varied and a fun place to shop. I shopped at the Apple Store there and found the staff at Apple store helpful and experienced. I would gladly return to Westfield Montgomery. Two of the best restaurants at Montgomery Mall are Sarku Japan, for fine, well-prepared Japanese cuisine and Ruby Thai, which serves tasty platters of Thai food along with soft drinks. I have dined at both franchises. This Mall is a savory place to eat and an entertaining venue to window shop or purchase items.

Wendy Lee

Cheesecake factory was the best today. Asian chicken lettuce wraps and the skinnylicious chicken pot pie. All under 800 calories. Whoop whoop

Adam Chornesky

Literally over 75 stores in 1 place. Great hiking territory. Lots of restaurants, Macy's. Ghoulish fun in the Halloween Store. Get festive at this one stop store!

Katie M

This mall has some very high end stores as well as your everyday mall stores. The mall is very clean and looks top notch. However, the little play place there is really torn up and dirty. I do appreciate the family bathrooms that are clean and have actually have enough space for a family to change diapers and whatnot. Never too crowded either

Austin Graff

Westfield Montgomery is a surprisingly nice mall. It feels recently renovated and the food court is more fancy than other malls. It has high ceilings, perfect light and plenty of good food options from Cava to Chick-Fil-A. I won't make a special visit here, but if you live nearby, it seems like a great option for shopping and a quick meal.

Chris Ramirez

Loved the theatre and plaza. Very nice looking. I loved the pavilion and dining area.

Aldon Green

Beautiful shopping mall. Full of of all the popular brand stores.

Paul Marcano

Pretty solid mall. Has all of your standard array of stores plus some niche extras. Good variety of food. Movie theater and bowling alley are a nice touch too. The mall is massive. It'll take you a few hours to walk around. It is extremely clean. My only real complaint would be the difficulty of finding a bathroom! Besides that, every thing was pretty solid

gusgusgeol .

Best mall around without crossing the bridges and going to tysons. It has done a pretty good job of staying relevant. Not a pain to get to and free parking.

Jeanie H

Macy's has nice products but need organize things here ,some clothes was on the floor and wasn't hang on the hangers ,so I told the staff about that ,they seem aware of that ,maybe no one working today All the shop in this mall very busy, nice organize and most store have good selection on sale . New store I find call Nespresso they have great coffee mechine and taste so fresh . California pizza kitchen have good deal shake and bake pizza you can get for 5$ if you order any one of dishes.Nord strom organize nicely and all the shops service is good.Chaevy Chase selling Accura's Vehicle 2019 on ,it's very nice car inside and out side.

Sean Duggan

Great place for family shopping and dining or to see a movie. The food court is a bit eclectic and the stores are what you would expect from a higher end mall.

Tyasia Staton

This mall is wonderful!


Great place to hang out with friends and family. Very good restaurants and food and stores to shop. I recommend this mall 100 percent.

Kris Thomas

Everything is clean and nice with unique shops like Tesla Motors. The only reason I give it 4 stars is that everything is spread or and you will likely spend more time walking compared to other malls in the DMV area.

Sophia D

Lots of places to guy whatever you want or need. I reccomend visiting the food court, the cinemas and enjoy shopping at the many places in the mall.

Anita curry

Pleasant shopping on Sunday evening - not crowded.

Keyli Tirado

It was a calming and relaxing place to go eat. I’ll be sure to come and visit again .

Annie Ramirez

It's a nice mall and very good stores selections plus the food court has many options.

Kalule Martin Mugabi

Great, I like the fact that they have lots of parking space.

David Haines

I really like this mall. Lots of unique places to eat and you can shop to your heart's content. Parking was easy. Movie theater is great. All around this is a fantastic mall.

Maria J.P. da Silva

Mall has gotten a smart uplift. It is more modern and sleek.

Ragad Alotaibi

This mall is close to DC and VA. It’s huge and has a lot of stores. Very spacious and modern.


Mostly go for the food court. Ruby Thai is,my favorite. Great food.

Ryan Le

Very stylish mall. Movie theater 10/10.

Jordan Walker

Great place to hang out with many great stores, restaurants, theater, and bowling alley! Clean and safe place to spend some time

robin covington

The Macy's store was way too hot! The mall was cooler, but not enough. Good stores.

Sean Vitale

Beautiful Mall mostly came for the food court while I was at Glen echo Park for Capital City SwingOut!

The Sycamore School

Favourite mall to shop clothing items for the family.

Ilya Lobanenkov

Sending email to the guest experience manager.

Erin Kraus

The Westfield Montgomery mall is a treasure! I grew up in an area with much larger malls, but they had so much less to offer than this one. It has a little of something for everyone, has a wide-variety of food options in the food court, and isn't packed with people on Friday nights.

Heather Berry

I used to love this mall. It sucks now. Some of the stores are too high end while others are random shops that don't even belong. Parking is always awful. Expect to walk ALOT!

MarioR Pataquiva

Improving with new stores. Good options.

Neomi Dekel

I love shopping there!

Tom Kimbis

It's an updated mall. Great cinema. Upscale shops. A mall.

Habib Hamidi

Very impressed by the food court. So many options and the food is great.

Jan Svensson

Large mall. Have almost all that you need.


Alot of great stores

Alan Richardson

What a great bar, friendly staff, and so many tv's, but not one facing the bar. But lovely people, just watch your sports at a funny angle at the bar.

Syed Mehdi

Great mall, the Tesla showroom here is also awesome.

sindu Killamsetty

Good mall. But it does not have a wide variety of stores. Love their food court.

V Ladyv

Great mall, no high end stores like Gucci or LV but definitely quality service and stores the Macy's inventory is the absolute best. The food court is on point great variety all in all my second favorite! Dessert mall in SD is #1 only because they have a Gucci outlet!

Julie Hall

Great selection of stores and food (food court is large with a great array of options - plus there are a number of great restaurant options throughout the mall). Movies and Bowling on site as well. didn't see much of security, which is maybe why we (and others) were approached by a women asking for money.

Hailey Smith

This is the nicest mall in the area. I loved going to all the shops in here.

Jacqueline Andersen

I worked there for a while so i know it well. It has an awesome food court, a unique movie theater, and tons of great shops. If you're into malls, i definitely recommend it. But, as usual with shopping, steer clear on the weekends if you don't like crowds because Montgomery Mall is busy this time of year!

Chutuo P

The Sears Outlet used to be like a milestone of this place. Seeing that store close is a constant reminder of how the shopping landscape in this country has changed dramatically with the Advent of e-commerce and the people like Amazon. I mostly come here to get massage but inevitably I watching the big Sears store doors closed is a big setback somehow. it's almost personal.

KG Rocketman

It's a mall. What can I say? I've visited this mall many times in the past decade and, while it is always clean, bright and inviting, with each visit I've seen fewer and fewer shoppers. In the middle of the day it's like a ghost town. I'll never know how (some of) the salespeople keep their spirits up. My last few visits have been solely for the purpose of checking out sizes of things that I then buy online, and I know I'm not the only person visiting for this reason. I don't know what Montgomery Mall can do to reinvent itself, but there isn't much more time to find an answer. Again, it's a mall. Full stop.

Ed Gordon

A very nice mall that has stores which cater to a lot of your needs. Very nice food court with a wide variety of food.

Mike Tran

This mall is very clean with modern design ascents inside. There are many stores and restaurants to visit and an abundant amount of parking spaces in the garages and outside. Stores can be easily located with the big signs and many maps inside the mall. Conveniently Placed Bathrooms.

Timothy Hoffman

The Westfield Montgomery Mall is alive and charged with energy thanks in great part to it's Refresh of the food court and to ArcLight Cinemas. The space is amazing, wide open and filled with light, plenty of seating between an impressive variety of restaurants. This mall is an excellent example of success, well done!

TrésorS YYY

It is a mall people, am not really bug on commenting or fussing about those. I went there to buy few things, which i did. Nothing spectacular, usual stores, it is clean, kids friendly one could say but it is a minion compared to Mall of America that i am familiar with

Tim Benedict

Nice mall , they had some nice high end stores and very clean on the inside. I don’t like the small stores in the isles that are all trying to give you samples. I was killing time in the area and had fun walking around. Nice mall. Very similar to fair oaks or Dulles malls.

pancham patel

This Westfield mall has a lot of good collection of the stores.

ThE cHoSeN FeW

Great mall. Can actually see stores up and downstairs.

Jim Bradford

This was my first visit since 1986. The mall looked very nice, spacious and clean. I wanted to stay and look around but my visit was business. So my time was limited. I will definitely come back soon.

Av S

Very classy with great area and shops

Nneka Prince

The upgrades to this mall are WONDERFUL. My new favorite old place to shop!!

Nokia Tesco

Lovely mall love the shopd

Susan Gray

A nice collection of higher end stores anchored by Macy's and Nordstrom. However it does not have a bookstore, another anchor in better malls.

Wesley Held

Still a very lively place, especially compared to other malls in the area. Food court has lots of great options.

Malcolm Andrews

Has all my needs in one convenient place

Khaled Elsheikh

I love this mall. They have improved it so much over the years. It's a great shopping experience now

juliana gugu

Just loved it! Every thing at around the corner! Good stuff and affordable!

Robert Jones

Trending restaurants, great movie theater, very well maintained. The new URBAN PLATES restaurant was OUTSTANDING!!

Madiha Azimi

Great variety of shopping needs and food.

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