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75 W Main St, Waynesboro, PA 17268, United States

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REVIEWS OF Waynesboro Theatre IN Maryland

Kim Tartaglia

Clean. Friendly service. Comfortable seats

Matt Poyner

Erik Diegel

Cozy seats, not very crowded.

Darrin Clem

Nice place

Mark Lane

All the trappings of the classic movie theatre experience for a great price. Bravissimo!

McLaren 302

Michael Snyder

Ethan Lowman

Major changes =

constance archer

Wonderful place. Clean comfortable seats and a quaint small town feel.

Stuart Lego

Clean and comfortable. Our family loves watching movies here!

Mark Grim

The staff are very friendly and theater kept clean. Thank you.

John Colunga

New Ownership has done nice renovations and made this a great place to visit once again for locals. The classic theatre will be missed but all things come to an end and the improvements and staff are welcomed upgrades by plenty of locals.

Randall Sylvester

Comfortable seats, good movie

Mark Spangler

GREAT a Tuesday prices

David Kane

I love gymnastics alot

Charles Anderson

Lovely little theater. Very clean. Not too many people. Parking was great!

Shawn Royal

Love this place. I've been going here since I was little I believe I saw the lion king here when it first came out. Since the renovation it's a real pleasure to go to. The seats are comfortable the concession are reasonably priced as well as the tickets. Add to all that free refills on soda and popcorn makes for a grate time for anyone wanting to see a movie.

Tina freeman

lovely community theater affordable concessions great sound wonderful projection every thing is very clean love the comfy seats great ventilation although bring a blanket it does get rather cold in the summer time. i love it cheaper than litersburg and for the same thing the sound is better than litersburg i think. thank you for renovating this theater waynesboro really needed it. a lot.

Shawn Morris

The Waynesboro Theater in Waynesboro, PA offers movie goers a decent, locally-owned/operated alternative to viewing movies in the big chain theaters. I was in attendance for the movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Ticket prices are very good here. Concession stand prices are not as high as the big chain theaters. Seating was okay although I noticed some soreness on my backside towards the end of the movie. The picture on the screen suffered from a strange issue where there were wavy lines appearing in the upper-left corner of the screen. This impacted the viewing experience to some degree. Another issue was the room temperature of the theater. The HVAC was either off and the theater became quite cold or it was blasting hot air and it became quite warm. Overall, I give the Waynesboro Theater three hot buttered popcorn buckets out of five.

David Fitz

Charles Dawson

Great remodel of the theatre!

Peppy Star

zegon Wicked

Sean Titus

Small-town theater (with highly comfortable seats) showing first-run movies. Often showing free or low-cost movies on certain occasions.

Joseph Gardenhour

Nice place. Very clean. Comfortable seating. Helpful staff.

Jessica Schroyer

A nice clean, updated version of a small town site.

Emmalee Bechtel

Taylor 사랑해Watts

Lana Orr

Lovely small town theater. Fresh popcorn. Family fun.

Kyle Gatton

Since the redo it is actually quite nice. Should visit the website to learn about its past.

Debbie Ketterman

My second time at this theater. Employees were very friendly and attentive. Film League bi monthly movies was showing a classic, Kung Fu Hustle. My biggest complaint about the theater is that since the makeover, it seems as if no one really cares about the condition of the floors or counters. Once you move away from the ticket counter, you start sticking to the floor. The counter is greasy and looks as if it had been a while since being cleaned. Also within the theater itself, same problem, sticky, dirty floors.

The Quality Glassmith

Clean. Modern and comfortable seats!

John York

Polite staff, Clean lobby and theater!

Joseph Putman

Great small town movie theater, great value, venue equivalent to large franchise but with that hometown friendliness

Jakob C

Little people go however everything was splendid from the service to how clean it was.

Larry Laupert

James Okeefe

David Clement

Love this place and so close to home.


Louis Tweed

Leslie DeMott


Took my family on the 2nd day after the renovation and was very impressed with it. Staff was nice and the seating was very comfortable and up to date 7.1 surround sound system sound great! Glad to see this reopen and look forward going back and see new releases in the future.

Christina Mabry

Natalie White

Pleasantly surprised with this small little theatre. Will definitely go back.

Shae Marvich

So friendly and clean. Free refills on soda and fresh popcorn which means alot with the grandkids!

Becky McJonathan

This theater is fantastic. Friendly service top notch seats and sound. How wonderful to have our old theater reinvigorated. New standard for saving theaters

Kathryn Odum

have always loved and closed i was very upset but when i heard leitersburg was going to renovate.ot i was ecstatic leitersburg is my other favorite theatre. so i bought a seat to help get the theatre opened again and wow it's awesome love it love the kind Of. movies they show here lots of kid movies..2 blocks from my house I'm very happy. brought my grandkids here from the 20 yr old 16 yr old and now the 10 yr old yay

Ali Fortmann

Robert Meyer

The personnel are great and the place is clean

Lesley Poole

Derek Bennett

Aaron Henson

Ron Benedict

Jennifer Zellmer

Tyler Dunn

I love it, I been going for more than 20 year's,

Caitlin Peyton

Dawn Gollery

Dan Jensen

Great little theater. One screen, but great experience

Eugene Knepper

Very enjoyable after noon watching the movie today. Thanks

Tanner Matthews

Great new seating and affordably priced. Renovations have changed a lot. First run movies. Film League movies have been great. $5 Tuesday’s with $1 popcorn. Free refills on popcorn and soda. On street parking or parking behind the theatre.

Josh Peters

What an amazing facility! The chairs feel like lounge chairs: plush, wide, massive cup holders, wide arm rests, and fantastic reclining ability. The theater was clean, well light when the movie was not playing, and the sound quality is spot on. The staff was friendly, restrooms clean, and snack area well stocked. I have memories of the previous theater when it was in a bit of a rough shape, but the renovation has done miracles to it. Will be back!

Jacob Showers

A small theater, wasn't very clean, with few staff members. Which to be fair, it is a "small town theater" so take that with a grain of salt. It's an alright back up to your normal theater of choice.

Emily Balazs

Bigmark McLaughlin

Great little theater, everything is very nice, once you get through the slow ticket line, that's also the concession line?

Michael Thola

Small single theater that fits a little under 200 people. The seats were clean. The staff attentive and polite. A good alternative to the gateway in Gettysburg if you want to beat the crowds

Jane Peatling


Tj Bibbs

Steve Hess

Nice place for a movie

elephantlverjp .

Shane Rouzer

Newly renovated, comfortable seating, great projection and sound quality.

Emily Warne

you honestly can't beat the prices and its really the only thing to do in this little town. The movie has occasional malfunctions due to the age of the projector but i honestly can't complain. I think its wonderful :)

Matthew Staley

Saw Aladdin there. Great family atmosphere and just what Waynesboro needs.

Olivia Raum

Sammy aj

Randy Tuggle

I'd give 5 stars if only they would show horror movies. They refuse to do so. Play horror movies for late night visitors and you'll have a 5-star theatre. I'm being sincere.

Corey Hesketh

E Mack

Victor Derveloy

Staff is friendly and polite, theater is clean, the sound and picture quality is good, with great concessions.

Shelby Lenker

Nice, clean, plenty of room between rows, recently updated, great popcorn friendly employees. My family & I were there to watch American Graffiti, the movie shown for the bi-monthly Pop Movie program. Which by the way is a fantastic idea! Next Pop Movie night in August is Warriors. We will definitely be there. Thank you.

Shirl Aubright

Chad Rooney

A great place to enjoy a movie.

Old Man Skeletal

I think its a nice place to go with freinds. I suppose you could go alone, but why?

Carrie W. Lane

Since the renovation, this place looks amazing. Great job! The price isn't bad, and they run new releases.

Brett Cashmere

Excellent hometown theater! The service is always fast and friendly, the place is clean and well maintained and the seats are comfortable. Highly recommend this theater if you live in the area. Easy to walk to downtown and always playing the newest movies. Prices are great as well compared to other local theaters.

Carmen Fox

Good times, good prices and lots of fun.

Donya Brown

Erin Johnson

Nice, not to busy but a bit pricy.

kenny miller

Great theater

Lisa Hubbard

Josh Manges

First time I've been there since they remodeled, I was very impressed. Nice, clean, modern facility in excellent shape. Took my nephew to see the new Spiderman movie, we really enjoyed ourselves.

Cameron White

Brenda Thompson

Love the renovations. Quaint and comfortable.

Fernando Quijano III

Matthew Mulgrew

To anyone who doesn't already know the old theatre has been entirely renovated and you can finally go see a movie without having to worry about stepping in something gross. They have also leaped into this century by allowing you to buy a ticket with a credit card so that's pretty swell. Basically a massive improvement to the entirety of Waynesboro. <3

Christine McClure

it is a wonderful theater i personally love the sound equipment in there and the seats as well concessions ant as bad as liters burg theaters i love this theater and this is the only one i will go to from now on out.

Curt Wengert

Comfortable and fun place to see a movie.

Jimmy Leggett

Kevin Williams

Awesome renovation of a classic Waynesboro establishment

Eliud Ortiz

James Brown

Only one movie shows at a time, but prices are fair and it's a comfortable little theatre.

Brian Walker

Susan Keane

Sara Holden

Thomas Marsiglia

Went to see Wreck it Ralph 2. Great movie for sentiment. The theatre is great. Concessions were offered before purchase of my ticket. Wasn't feeling a sweet tooth tonight for the food, so I didn't get any. The aroma was spot on. Bathrooms very good condition.

Corey Monroe

Free refills on drinks and popcorn

angie palme

Recently renovated. Seats are comfy and prices are better than most big chain theaters. Single movie theater. We'll be visiting more often. I didnt give it a 5 due to needing to dodge the door to the ladies room while waiting to enter the next show.

Jason Wilson

I am pleased that the Waynesboro theater was completely renovated. They did a great job with the Audio and Video and it is very comfortable. It is awesome to have a modern theater within a mile or two of my house. Lastly, the staff is great and the consession prices are more reasonable than most theatres. Well Done!!!

Paul Gladhill

They remodeled this theater it has leather comfortable seats the staff is a plus it's never too crowded very awesome place and comfortable great for families

Bill Pees

Susan Wilson

The clerk was very helpful and friendly. The popcorn was fresh and my son enjoyed the different flavorings available. The movie started right on time and it was very good. The sound wasn't overly loud, unlike other theaters. Overall, we had a great time!

Tim Peiffer

Jaime McKown

Scott Rock

Rod Irish

Jessica Romine

Such a lovely atmosphere. Small town theatre. Great up keep. Nice people.

Andrew Brown

Kelly Fitzgerald

Love this place. People are always very friendly.

isaac littrell

Great movie prices, but the snacks are well you know... "movie theater prices" last I went it was 3 or 4 dollars for a bottle of water. The seats were nice, the sound was great, but expect to park a half of a block away.

Rebecca Cross

mary contreras


A nice hometown theater. I enjoyed seeing Spiderman movie there. Seats are comfortable and it's kept pretty clean. Tuesday discounts are great.

S Kather

First visit since the remodeling. I saw Ant-Man and Wasp on Saturday at 5pm showing. The ticket and food area were clean but spartian, not much choice other than popcorn, candy and soda. Only 5 people in show before me and my show only had 10. Seats don't recline but are comfortable with drink holder. Don't think there is Dolbe sound and screen felt distant. Not sure how they stay in business with poor turnout for movies.


Nice and clean with comfy seats

Tom bennett

Elaine Dodson

Shanna Borell

Small space, and the theater seemed to a lot of light while the movie played, but positive experience overall.

Stephanie Richardson

Perfect small town theatre! Great modern layout and comfy seats!

Emily Mottley

I love going to this reconstructed theater. Bringing local history into the modern time there is seldom a wait and the theater is suprisingly not packed most of the time. A great thing to take the kids out for mid-week for a treat and have most of the theater to yourself. It is within walking distance which makes this a mini-adventure, letting us peruse nearby shops afterwards on main Street.

Chris Allen

Carl Frick

Modern theater with a small town feel!

Delton and Charity Lehman

A great small-town theater with super comfy seats

Carol Dennis Betts

Crista McLamara

Good price considering you get refills on popcorn and food.

Dennis Carbaugh

Silens Nox

I can't really give a review i just walked by it.

Johke 3

It was very 'cozy' with good prices ,but every 20 minutes into a movie the screen would go blank for 10 minutes. They have also recently closed for unknown reasons.

Joe Shepherd

Great hometown theater. Newly renovated, good movies and great prices!


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