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REVIEWS OF Regal Potomac Yard IN Maryland

Thom Downing

I’ve just gone here for the last time - it's clear this place has no interest in improving in any way. The service is generally slow and there never seems to be anyone in charge - as if management is always out back catching a smoke. The food is definitely a few steps behind AMC offerings, both in selection and quality. The theatre in which we saw our movie smelled awful - dank and moldy - a combination of sweat and stale popcorn. The floor was sticky and the seats were very uncomfortable, in some cases broken altogether. I’ve had the same experience in the past. I hate to abandon this theatre as it’s walking distance from my house, but I’m no longer willing to spend my $ there when I can get much better amenities (reclining seats, food) for the same price a few miles away. If the chain was willing to invest in an upgrade I might be willing to give it another try. However, as Virginia Tech is soon to start building their Innovation campus on the footprint that includes the theatre, I’m going to guess that they’ll make no improvements and will continue to decline until it’s shuttered altogether. Kudos to their management for replying to the Google comments. If only the chain itself was willing to take some action to address the ongoing and repeated negative reviews.

Hannah Degn

Easy parking! Just missing the reclining seats

Oksana Podorovskaya

The worst movie theater I went so far. You can’t charge the same price for a tickets when the theater is back from 90s. People were not lying. The cashiers are super arrogant. I mean guys, I don’t do anything wrong to you trying to buy popcorn. Never ever again!

Starr Chase

It was okay bathroom clean and movie theater was to,the ticket guy was nice the rest of the staff needs to check there self to smart and rude and prices are very high ,when I went to get my refill on popcorn the large one they put the popcorn bucket inside where the popcorn was very unsafe to me as far as health wise don't know where people sit or do with the popcorn bucket. To cheap to invest in bags like other movie theaters do they give you a new bag and I looked in my second popcorn bucket it had so many popcorn Kernels like they were in a rush to fix it they really need to fix this problem and recheck their staff because without people going to that high as place that's how they get paid.I had to trash the popcorn before?

Jamel Stubblefield

Service was slow even though the place was empty and the popcorn was frozen cold

Rebecca Gilmore

First I'll say that I wrote into Regal's corporate customer service using the link that is posted in the default response to most of these reviews over a week ago and no one has responded. Putting my experience below. Now that I've read more reviews of the theater I see our experience was not unique - poor customer service and technical problems with audio/video playing out of order in the theater. Long version below... I wanted to share our experience seeing Us at Regal Potomac Yard. We walked into the theater and were one of two groups. The screen was off but we could hear audio, and it quickly became apparent that audio of the movie was running from halfway through the film with nothing on screen. I exited the theater to advise the employee at the entrance. I explained to her that it sounded like audio from well into the film was playing. The employee paged her manager to restart the movie and offered to refund our tickets, which we accepted. When I told her that we used Fandango credit she told us that she could provide movie passes to use at any Regal cinema, which we said was fine. As she was preparing the passes she decided to page her manager and we asked when the movie would be restarted. She replied that the movie had already been restarted, so we quickly left so we could see the movie from as close to the beginning as possible. After the movie, we returned to the front desk to collect the passes and the employee paged her manager and said that her manager would need to decide whether to issue us passes. I asked why they had not had that discussion while we were watching the movie and she did not have an answer. We waited off to the side while she continued to issue tickets for arriving guests for ten minutes and then asked how much longer it would be. She stated that her manager, Mario, was working the concession stand and he would step away when he had a moment. I walked over to the concession stand and asked him if he was going to issue the passes. He threw his hands in the air and said he was busy with the concession stand and didn’t know when he would be able to step away and walked away from me. I followed him to the part of the concessions area he walked to and asked if there was another manager there we could speak with and he said he was the only manager and then walked away again. At that point we just left because it was clear no one had any interest in rectifying the situation. Now that I’ve seen the movie, I know that the audio we heard was thirty minutes into the screening. I’ve never been to a movie where something like that happened, and given the type of movie we saw it was a pretty major spoiler. A lot of our experience seemed like a a combination of poor customer service/common sense problem solving compounded by understaffing. I don’t understand how the movie ran with the timing so radically off, but after guests have to leave the theater to tell you it needs to be restarted, the least you can do is wait for the guests to get back to the theater to restart it. It also seems obvious that if you are attempting to fix a mistake, you can use the time that we are in the theater to do so, but at the very least you should not offer passes and then change to ‘the manager needs to decide whether to issue them to you’ after we return to collect them. At first I thought this theater was overwhelmed with the surge of crowds seeing Endgame, but now that I’ve read its reviews it seems they are poorly staffed and operated in general. Small examples are that they have no one to check tickets at the stand that is normally used – instead the person at the box office calls after people who walk past the unmanned stand to see their tickets. This is not a good system, but if you’re not going to have a person there, why not have a sign that says ‘please show ticket to box office attendant’?

Uliana Velch

Super long lines to get 1 soda and popcorn Lines last on a stage 10 min On Sunday afternoon only 3 ppl working with 25 pole in line. Manger was asked to help, but she preferred to walk out of the main hall into unknown... “ amazing customer service”

Kendrick Perkins

I had a pleasant time going to Regal Cinemas. It’s not luxury - but it’s not not luxury. The parking is plentiful - a huge plus in the DMV area. The staff is helpful most of the time. Big issue I had when I first tried to theater out is that you can’t pick seats. So if you’re coming for an opening night to a blockbuster - get there early.

Mindy ODonnnell

The women’s restrooms were absolutely despicable. No soap in 3 of 4 dispensers, toilet paper and used paper items all over the floor and countertops. I did not post photos of the clogged toilets but can share them with management. Ridiculous.

Susan Wadleigh

Easy FREE Parking. No lines. A bit dated but served us well. Lots of food options directly outside theater.

Sergio Rosario

The sound of the cinema is very weak, also in Avengers Endgame the screen has a black spot in Cinema 12, to be in such a great location needs improvement.

Denise Burgess

The signs on the marquee were wrong and I missed the first 15 minutes of the movie. Management’s response “oh they didn’t change the signs last night.” It’s 1:30 in the afternoon. For 11 bucks I expect better service than this.

Cher B

Large, clean theater. I've always been curious as to why the temperature is always so cold in most movie theaters. Even in the winter...hmmm...But other than the uncomfortable temp & overpriced concessions, this place is great

benicetomeok .

National Community Church has their services here on Sunday morning. They try to interact with you the best they can, offer small groups, books, child care during service, a cup of coffee and a doughnut...appreciate all of this. But, and this is squarely on me, not them, the stadium seating didn't bode well for getting to meet my neighbors sitting next to me after the service. It may be the general population too, D.C. people are a bit reserved in having random conversation compared to Midwest.

AK 05

My experience was good. The employees were nice. The Theater was very clean. There were light on the stairs so you know were to step.


I have had no issues with this theater. It is a good, local theater. Don't expect reclining seats or flip - up arm rests. Do expect friendly, courteous, and happy to serve staff, whether in free refills of large drinks/popcorn or in assisting with questions. Do expect special screenings like the Miyazaki movies, Broadway plays, or anniversary specials of old movies like the Sandlot. Do expect longer lines on Tuesdays. These are cheaper movie nights, so prepare yourself for a short (10 min wait) in line, or do e tickets. They serve beer and wine (unexpected bonus).

Mark Brown

Great theatre and want to give it a better review but every time I come the concessions stand is the most deplorable experience known to man!!! Management, DO Something about this!!! Hire kids who care about their job and move faster than pond water!!!!

Daniel Cox

A bit outdated of a theater. I go here because it's much quieter of a theater with easy free parking. Movie ticket prices are normal despite not having assigned seating. Discount Tuesday not as good as AMC $5 Tuesday. For going to an opening night movie I would recommend going here as it is hardly ever sold out.

Johnny Tank

While vising the East Coast my kid decided we should check out the Ready Player One movie at this location. The theater was clean, service level of the staff on point, food, drinks, quality of the movie picture and sound were all perfect. Had a great experience with the family, yes we dragged the family to see it… A must go to place to check out any movies!!! I am a Regal Cinema reward member and visit many Regal locations; felt this particular theater definitely exceeds my expectations!!!

Don Princo

Great family oriented place to enjoy the movies with the family.A lot of parking and great workers who go out of their ways to be helpful. I was pleasantly impressed.

brian d faulk

Clean environment, employees were not friendly they actually appeared to be angry. I asked a question where are forks I didn't see any around anywhere, talk about mad. Yelled they are over there pointing left where I just said there were none around where they should be.

Benjamin Dawes

The layout of the theater is awful, gets crowded easily. The Lobby smells like burnt popcorn and the chairs squeak.

Ricardo Ramirez

Big theater, we didn't have the lazy boy style recliners, but the seats were still comfortable. Popcorn was well seasoned, soda tasted like soda. Friendly staff. Good parking. Overall, a good theater.

TL Tyler

Love the theaters, but the vending is consistently awful. Unbelievably slow, so no matter how early you show up for your movie you always feel like you are in danger of missing the beginning just trying to spend some money on popcorn and drinks. Pathetic!

Mstr Leo

Great location and friendly, professional staff.

Shawn Zahir

Nice theater, good food options, ample parking. Only lacking assigned seating/reclining seats.

Jakenna Mitchell

Really clean location, with friendly/helpful workers. The movie theater was alright, I love the fact they had a police officer sitting right outside the theater and the parking lot is well lit it's never too crowded. My husband an I went to see the new Halloween Movie an I expected it to be packed but it wasn't. Maybe not the time we had gone 9:55 p.m. anyway the only concern I have is I wish there was more than one exit. It was so irritating trying to leave out of one door. Thank God nothing occurred because we would've trampled over one another.

Marion Wilson

Midday good time to see a movie Peaceful.

Kay Dee

No comfy recliner seating. Popcorn was super fresh and yummy - though they dont have the butter and condiments for you to DIY. Mostly clean. Took a while to get customer service though the place was literally ghost town, and workers including managers were right there talking doing nothing. Bathrooms were clean, so thats always a huge plus.

lady k.

Meh. It's old. No assigned seating or reclining chairs. Decor needs an update. But for X-Men DP, it was ok.

Vincent Mcqueen

I saw Godzilla at the Regal las6 night fantastic.

Philip Tull

Last time I ever see a movie here. Stood 10 minutes concession stand land and it hasn’t moved. Left because the movie was starting. The concession stand line is ALWAYS too long and to slow. This is on top of no reserved seating. Never coming here again. Go to AMC courthouse instead!

Yevgeniy Shcherbakov

We came visiting the DC and had some free time. Decided to go to the movie theatre. It is a nice mid-sized theater with a decent selection. The location is great. Plenty of free parking. Great food selection. They also serve beer and wine. Not all states allow this, so FYI. Prices are pretty much like everywhere. The servers are slow. They had like 10 people working yet lines were looooong. Overall it was a good experience.

Lisa Anderson

If this wasn't the closest Regal to my house I would need to have come in here again. The last 4 visits have been the same. Allow 20-25 minutes to get through the concessions line. They only have 1-2 people working and the line is long. There are people behind the counter just hanging out. The girl who took my order was complaining about how long the line was because that meant she couldn't leave early. The manager was hanging out behind the counter too not doing anything to improve the customer service. This is my last time here.

Mimi D

I am theater spoiled. The seats were uncomfortable. The snacks were limited. No coffee! The staff was nice and was clean. But I will go somewhere else next time, since the ticket was still $13.

Ariel Lopez

Worst theater in my 38 years of life. I have been to third world countries with better seats. They are also notorious for closing early during the week regardless of the show time or tickets sold. It has happen to me, I had my ticket on my phone and the security guard turned around and ignored my knocks at the door. My show started at 10:50 I was at the door at 10:45. When I was let in after 5 mins of knocking the GM didn’t apologize she told me it was a mixup of showtimes. A theater business is based on showtimes. Very sad day

Toya G

The seats don't recline

Mike Rogers

Not a bad place to catch a movie but there are always out of draft beer

Jeffrey Gore

This is the second time I visit Regal Potomac Yard when the sound whent out or the screen whent blank

Fritz Duval

Theater needs an update. Has that old creepy feeling. We went on a Monday afternoon, so i guess thats why it was creepy(lol). Saw Godzilla in Room 12. Great sound, seats suck!

Patricia Vasquez

I'd say this is an okay movie theater. Clean theaters, annoyed looking concession stand workers, stale popcorn. They also don't have reclining seats at this one so I tend to not visit as much. It's gotten much cleaner over time. Good for them. But there are better theaters around to visit.

Caitlin Portase

the staff was not helpful at the concession stand and had little to no urgency helping customers. We stood in line for several minutes while staff talked and chatted instead of assisting people waiting. The theater itself wasn’t very clean and smelled of mildew.

Grant T. Tyler

I will not really recommend this place to watch a movie. The place is now old and needs some serious improvements. The crew at concession works fine but could serve a little bit faster.

Tom Mueller

Went to see a movie at 1130am, to find out they don’t open doors till 1130. After entering the movie theater at 1130, we couldn’t even purchase tickets or food/beverages due to the manager upstairs “counting money”. Regardless of them being behind from the minute doors were open, they still started the movie at 1130. Poor service, won’t come back. Recommend going down the street to AMC

Enrico Taroni

A good movie theatre

Karen Glymph

The movie didn't start on time

K.A. Naylor

Great place to see a new release. Not as many crowds/plenty of seats

noizebatch nine

- movie was nice - the price was normal for going to the movies - the popcorn and pretzel wasn't good at all - seats in the theater weren't comfortable - the staff was probably the most unfriendly people in any theater around the DMV area I've been too and super rude, one girl after paying for food and drink she just threw my recipe at me and rolled her eyes after asking for cheese for my pretzel - I wouldn't recommend this place till the management hires better people to run it. - I've been to this theater about 6 times and will not return or recommend it cause every time I go I don't have a good experience at all

Paolo Peralta

Been seeing movies here since 2008. Great theater. Food has improved. Service is always pleasant. All these years coming and never had an issue of any kind.

Kevin Bunn

Not going back here- Went to see Hellboy (2019) at 2pm. Just as the entire storyline came together, towards the end, the screen cut out. Audio still worked, which began to ruin what we could not see. Nobody came to fix it after another customer went and told the employees. So I left, getting my money back. Not the most well kept theater either. There were maybe 4 employees working, 1 at the register, 1 scanning tickets, 2 at the concession stand. Nobody was working the problem. An entire theatre of people are now waiting about 5 min each to get their money back

Danita Colbert

When I visited this location, the theatre in which my movie was showing clearly hadn't been cleaned after the last showing - there was quite a bit of trash on the floor & at some of the seats. I informed Richard Queen (manager) about 25 mins before the movie was scheduled to start. He assured me he would send someone to clean the theatre. At 10 mins before the movie started, I approached him again, & he said he would clean it . Eventually, he came into the theatre, looked at the trash, & left. A few minutes later, another gentleman came in, moved the trashcan from the middle of the floor, & left. The trash remained.......

Jared Wall

Seats were noisy and old and uncomfortable. For $13 bucks a ticket I would think they would have better seating. Sound & screen quality were good.

Keren Rovelo

I liked that its a small theater, good customer service and clean. Lots of parking and convenient location in Potomac Yard.

Elizabeth Newton

The quiet after the storm...the beauty of going to the 10 o'clock showing. Great location and parking makes it an even better experience.

Insan Nanjaya

Let's watch some movies...

Joy James

This movie theater has decreased in quality tremendously. I remember this theater use to be the "go to" place but not any longer. It has not kept up with the modern decor and tech times. Such as reserving your seat, reclining chairs, waiters etc. The seats are so stiff and uncomfortable. My husband and I solely went here to see 'Us' due to our preferred movie theater being full. I guess I'm not alone regarding my perspective as there weren't any crowds. In our movie screening, there were only 10 people in comparison to 100+ seats. That says a lot for a movie's opening weekend. The bathrooms are also grotesque. Hopefully this theater takes a turn for the better.

Godtheson Thomas

The seats don't recline but, it's still an amazing experience!

Hector Bucaro

Really nice theater better than average movie theatre

Travis Alvarado

It was a nice theater but the bathroom is always broken. Sinks, standing stalls and even the sit-down ones. Staff is very friendly and helpful. Never can go wrong with this place. Its close to everything near by. Great way to spend an early before noon time. Take a date and have a little fun.

Mark Cunningham

Big lobby,even has beer,many theaters, seating better than some but not recliner or chose your seat.

Bradley Siburt

Slowest theater known to man for getting snacks/drinks. You will be in line for 20+ mins garaunteed. Theater is old, seats are olds carpet is old. Went to see Lion King and there were 3 babies crying non stop, with other customers making comments to remove the crying baby, parents didn’t and it was just crying non stop. They don’t have employees posted in the theater to make sure people aren’t on their cell phone. Asked for a refund and manager just had a “I don’t give a crap” attitude. Definitely will never go back here again.

T Banner

$6.95 on Tuesday. I think that is about the only reason to go to this venue. They don't seem to care about painting or keeping it very clean. It was not terribly dirty. Just not very well kept.

Wiz Kid

The movie theater worked out great for me at my time of visit. Theater number eight (8) was clean. The seating could use a little updating to keep up with the competition. I had an enjoyable experience. The parking lot is free and has many spaces. You can even go shopping or dining afterwards.

struggle sports

Great service. Clean & quiet theatres

Bryan Cannon

The staff seemed okay but nothing really stood out. The theater itself, meaning the room with seats and a screen was quite comfortable and had a great sound system. The lobby seemed a bit run down though.

Brad Sickles

3rd time I've experienced technical difficulties with showing the movie. Another late start.

Antoine Harrison

I just saw capt marvel here and as always Potomac yards has always been a great theater for me. Service and facilities were and has always been a great experience.

Myles Shank

As a filmmaker I want to support local theaters but the experience here was rough. We had to clear the trash, half empty sodas and popcorn away from and off of our seats as the entire theater wasn’t cleaned before our movie began. The room was warm but when the AC turned on, every tile in the ceiling of Theater 9 sounded like it was lifting up and was distracting from even an action movie like the Avengers - End Game. Also, I noticed during the trailers that there was a dark smudge in the bottom left corner of the screen. I think it was either on the projector lens or the glass that the projector light passes through into the theater. It was distracting enough that I wished I just rented or bough this movie on Apple TV and watched it at home. Guess I’ll try a few of the other local theaters until this place can literally clean its self up.

O Johns

This movie theater is ok,but concession stand have only 1 attendant and 6 people on line. 3 more attendants for the concession stands just stood around to talk. So I never got popcorn... for my movie.. very disappointed

Kaitlyn Massa

I only agreed to go to this theater because of the discount movie Tuesdays and because I had a regal giftcard. When I arrived, the line for the ticket counter was long, so I tried to use the kiosk. I discovered that then that the discount only applied to regal club members, so I decided I would join the regal club and registered on my phone while in the theater lobby. The kiosk wouldn't take my club card number, so I decided fine, I'll just pay full price. I first swiped my gift card, and then attempted to pay the balance with my credit card- the machine froze and displayed an error message. Frustrated, I then waited in line for the counter. When we finally reached the counter to order our tickets, the cashier informed me that my gift card now had no balance, because I tried to use it at a kiosk. She was rude, condescending, and when I expressed frustration over this she said "Oh, never use a gift card at a kiosk", but how was I supposed to know that? She was entirely unhelpful about my now empty gift card, offering no solution. I informed her that I would like to try using the regal club card I just signed up for to at least get some discount on this fiasco and was told that it wasn't in the system and "takes some time", even though I was holding the confirmation in my hand, she would not apply the discount. Ultimately, we were running late to the movie we were trying to see and I decided to just swallow the cost of the movie and try to sort this out at a later time. When we finally made it to the theater, the seats were some of the most uncomfortable movie seats I have ever had the displeasure of sitting in. Any attempt to adjust to get comfortable was met with uproarious squeaking that made it impossible to move without bothering everyone else in the theater. It was raining outside, and there must either have been a leak or terrible soundproofing of the theater because the rain could be heard over the audio to the movie for the duration of the film. I do not plan on ever returning to this theater. I should have just gone to AMC Hoffman.

Sinan Abood

It is good but it is due for better chairs like other movie theaters.

Harley Johnson

Tuesdays are a great movie deal, especially if you have a regal card! The place is always clean and the food line is never bad. The lady who cooks the food is always friendly and chatty. I have never found someone with a bad attitude. Also, the place is rarely packed so it’s easy to find a seat and not be crammed.

Jason S

Dirty theater. Soda cups and popcorn buckets all over from previous show and super long and slow concessions line. Amazingly slow!!

David Branch

It would be better if they had the reclining seats like most theaters

Bartholomew Lyons

Paid for snacks ahead of time to skip the line, but saw no visible sign to do so. Other than that, helpful staff. Popcorn good without butter


This movie theater business is sorry and the service is sorry. Very poor customer service. Went to see Superman 40th Anniversary but the projector wasn't working so disappointing for a fan who never saw it on the big screen. Regal Potomac yard you have poor service. I will never spent my money or waste my time here again.

Timothy Mooten jr

Great loved it 1st time i went 2 the movies and was comfortable.

Michael Hayes

Awesome! Safe! Clean. Men's bathroom need updating. Sometimes clean. Great location. A lot of parking space. Gives military discounts.

Terence Jones

Always have great experiences at Regal! All the staff at the ticket booth and concession stands are extremely polite and courteous.

Emily Gantner

This place has horrible customer service. They don’t know how to do their job right. They say for food that it will be done in 5-10 mins but it took them 15 mins to get the food out to people. They don’t know how to treat their membership customers either.

Matthew Healy

Went in for an early show and was unable to get a beer at the concession stand as the employee working was not certified to serve alcohol. I was told to move to the other line to receive service. In addition to refusing to help, the second individual at the concession stand was intentionally unhelpful and quite rude. The manager was pleasant enough while issuing my refund however.

Benjamin Holland

Not fancy recliner seats like most theaters are doing now, but it's stadium seating and plenty of screens.

Alayna Boyd

The best part of a movie for me is popcorn and M&Ms. On a Saturday afternoon, in the summer, on the weekend of one of the biggest releases of the year I was told this theater was out of M&Ms. I just got popcorn and went back to my seat. Then, I decided I still wanted chocolate and I shouldn’t let it ruin anything. But the theater is out of Milk Duds. Very disappointing experience. UPDATE: Kids in front of me are upset because they are out of Nerds.

Anna Sumner

I went with a friend to see Jurassic World and it was pretty busy. Lines for tickets and concessions weren't too long. There were a lot of families with over sugared children in the lobby, but thankfully my movie was not disturbed. I would definitely recommend going early on peak nights to get a good seat.

Eric Medina

We live near and it's a convenient, quality theater. Concessions can be a little slow on busy nights.

Linsay Culver

I went here recently and found it pretty pleasant. Seemed like an older theater, but it wasn't crowded. The staff was nice. I was able to get my ticket, popcorn, and get kiddos seated about 10 mins before movie started. Wouldn't mind going back.


Theatre was nice. Concessions took forever. Will be better when they add stadium recliners. Parking was excellent

La Nay George

It's time to change the seats out. My seat and my Mother's were broken


The only thing is concession lines are a little long, bit customer service is excellent.

Francis Campbell

As far as movie places go not bad. Prices are typical but for seniors still think they're too much. I dont buy snacks at the movie, way to expensive. With nearly $34 for admission for 2people the only good thing was the movie had very few people initially so we got to watch "Endgame" and hear every word. Rest rooms were clean but no option for paper, only air dryers available. Miss the old days of a triple feature and affordable snacks! Yep I'm old

hans harris

Movie was good.. concession was not opening time and there was only two people working in the whole movie theater.

Jacob Westerfield

Great place. Always has plenty of seating. Affordable food. Keep it up guys!

Melissa Sisneros

Hire more concession staff, please! The lines are crazy long and I just want to give you guys my money and watch this movie.

Evan Alper

They pretty much have all of the mainstream movies and even a few select documentaries. The only reason I'm not giving 5 stars is because like most movie theaters, the food is way too expensive.

rah btw

Had a nice timeeee

Vanessa K

I actually haven't been here in over 7 years. I live 2 miles away and it would be really easy and convenient for me to come here, but I drive across Old Town to the Hoffman instead. I read the reviews to see if I wanted to give the theater another chance when the subscription service comes out, but I was complaining to my companion after the last time I went--again, over 7 years ago--about sticky floors and broken seats, and the exact same words were in a review from 2 days ago. I hope AMC takes this place over and updates it.

Aaron Hamm

Great Theater! Clean and concession staff were friendly.

Chakida Bell-Powell

My dad loves this theater. It's never really busy when we go

Veronica Watters

Love the convenience of this place but the wait time at the concession stand is around 15 minutes at off times.

Gary Carter

Need more staff for food service other than that a excellent place for family to enjoy movies

Paralee Massie

It is a massive place. But, Regal at Chinatown is way better, at least the seats are better. The service is better at Potomac Yards though. The consessions stand line moved quickly, however, I paid $6.50 for a beer that they poured in a cup. Kind of strange.

Antoinette Nakia

This is my go to theatre during my lunch break. It's convenient, close, not too crowded during early hours and the staff is friendly.

Brendan Bunn

I was just fine with the theater until at the climax of the movie, the video projector went black while audio continued. There was no response from the staff and there clearly wasnt a projector engineer on station, just minimal staffing. I saw the lack of response so I immediately went to get a refund. Unfortunately for those that followed, there was only 1 person handling both refunds and ticketing new customers so people had to wait to get a refund. Poor amount of staffing and no response to unplanned technical errors. I will not be returning.

GxNnS 㟼

It was excellent I was able to watch The Lion King the real life movie and boy was it enjoyable and amazing the movie was. Also I'm talking about the remake of The Lion King. Either way it was amazing. Thanks Regal for adding these types of movies in. Keep it goin :)

Hiram Brewton

I come here often & always have a pleasant experience. I usually come to shows early during the week. The times I have attended during more popular hours, I still had a quality visit. A upgrade on the seats would be great.

Daniel Simpson

Lots of parking, decent beer selection, staff is okay just not super friendly. Not the cleanest or comfiest movie theater I've been to though.

Gina Berges

Today may 5th spent 20 minutes in a line for popcorn staffing was so bad unfriendly staff morning so slower than a turtle no napkin at all when i told the kid behind the line he just looked at. To make matters worse the movie is not working no manager in site. Neve had such a bad experience.

nick alfisi

Theater is okay in general. But you couldn’t find a slower behind the counter staff. And I know they only move that slow because of what they get paid because for 8.50 I wouldn’t move any faster But holy moly half of your three hour visit to the theater is standing in line waiting for your drinks/food

Bill Birsic

Legitimately the slowest concession lines I've ever experienced. It was ridiculous. Theater quality not horrible, not great.

Marc Galiber

Manager let an injured lady work the register for food. Not cool.

Lorna Davison

Comfortable chairs, stacked for easy viewing.

Ben Dizon

I ordered a chicken sandwich. The employee says, wait 30 minutes. I return to pick up the chicken sandwich during the movie... after 15 minutes of waiting.. the employees say.. "they are too busy come back in 30." I return again in 30 minutes.. this time with the line REALLY long.. I ask for the chicken sandwich again... and they say they can't serve it they are too busy. AFTER the Avengers movie...3.5 hours after ordering the movie... I return to get a refund. There is a single long line. The manager opens up a second line... as the main line attempts to break off... customers who weren't in line cut into the second line. The customers call the new customers and the employees and the employees don't do anything. They say.. 'stop complaining.' I remain in my line... until I talk to the employee and ask for a refund... he then says... talk to the manager... I can't help you... IN THE OTHER LINE. I wait for the manager to service the customer and ONLY THEN do I receive my money back. Poor customer service, poor employees and poor management.

Edward Lawson

Whatever happened to Matinee prices? I went to 10:25 AM show.


Missed some of my movie waiting 30+ minutes for a burger & fries for my daughter.

Lateisha Young

Nice movie theater

Mike H

Trash! This theater is outdated. The concessions are always slow, and the screen room themselves are just dingy. They reek of dampness, and mildew. Along with that, the chairs are uncomfortable. They're the old fold down seats. Restrooms typically always have something out of order, and are never clean. We recently stumbled upon AMC courthouse, and much rather go there since they're both about the same distance away. The chairs there are updated, it's clean, and you can actually reserve seats before arriving. Used to be a regal fan, but this theater seriously needs to update and move forward if they'd like to remain relevant.

Frank Wojnar

Concession was slow. Theater was warm. Volume was too low. Plus is the stadium style seating is very steep so the viewing is not an issue.

Lizz Davis

I went to see an early release of Booksmart (Random, but the movie was SO funny! I would recommend that. Haha). The movie theater wasn’t my favorite. I think I will be sticking with AMC. The process to get our tickets was super easy since I bought them online. We just used our phone and printed them ourselves. The lady who took them and told us where to go was very rude... Then when we got to the food area there was no clear line or even a clear indication of where you should be waiting. Once it was finally our turn we order and they were out of almost everything we wanted... (If you get the Cheetos popcorn, it is basically a one person serving and no one told us.. So heads up!)... The theater wasn’t the best either (Again would probably go to AMC) but the movie was great! All and all, don’t expect too much from here... Not the best in the area.....

Ryan Brown

Went to see End Game. Sound wasn't on of part of the movie. Curtain never opened the whole way. Watched a 2019 movie in 3:4. Manager was sauntering around but never did anything. One of the worst experiences I've ever had at a theatre.

Samantha Deadwyler

Visit this location once a year during the summer with youngest child's day care. Although movies are much more expensive then when I was a kid. I enjoy the cleanliness of the establishment and helpful staff.

Lavetta Barnes

Nice movie and clean

claudia virginia alarcon

Customer Service needs work. Foul language is heard and used. Communication is lacking. Not enough Cheese dip for Nachos.

Scot Wilcox

Ticket purchase was easy via Atom for "The Cold Blue" special screening. None of the three readers accepted my bar code, so I waited in line for the cashier. For snacks, there was one cashier initially and a line of 20. I went into the theater to grab a seat and then came back to two cashiers and marginally shorter lines. The film started a few minutes early, but the sound cut out and then the screen went black and the lights came on. Nothing happened, for a long time. Two customers called the front office and several others went in person. We sat in silence for 10-15 minutes until it started up, halfway through at first. After a minute or two, they rewound it and we got to see it from the beginning. It was relatively quiet, especially given the primary audience was likely to be older with some direction connection to B-17s and/or the war. The film was decent, but the theater experience was lacking.

Shawntia Middleton

Nice theatre in a nice location, but was hoping by now it would be upgraded with modern amenities (recliner seats, eating trays, etc.)

Hillary S

Standard theater, no big chairs but that's ok. Clean, friendly.

Nodrog Knarf

Worst movie theater in the area. They always seem to put the oldest and slowest person at the counter to sell tickets. Marblemouth Mabel is the worst. Everyone working the concession stand lacks social skills. They are dumb and awkward. The theater doesn’t appear to be staffed to accommodate the large big event movie crowds.

ameha dessie

The room # on my ticket and the movie name on the door was not the same. The bathroom was very bad to be used. All the employees I interact with were great.

Josh Miller

For the price this place is great. The seating is a bit worse than other establishments but on Tuesdays their tickets and popcorn deals are awesome. My girlfriend and I can see a new movie for $20 which includes the largest popcorn and sodas available. It also helps that their movie times are perfect for us to go right after work and miss the late evening rush.

Mpanwar .

Stadium seating. Beer, pretzels, popcorn. New releases.

Nelson Zavaleta

Bathrooms need attention most of the times, other than that theatre looks nice, and organizes.


Went to see detective pikachu, the place was nice and clean, good service, enjoyed going there.

Emily Ly

The only time this Theater beats any others is on Tuesdays when tickets for new movies are ~ $6. If you're a member of regal cinemas, it's half off the large popcorn on Tuesdays as well. Otherwise the prices are comparable to theaters in the area. The movie theater is older so don't expect leather seats and spotless bathrooms. Lines usually move quickly for the concession stands. They also sell candy, chicken tenders, hamburgers, and alcohol. During the summer they also show kids movies for $1 during the day on Tuesdays.

Tyrie Williams

Very clean, tha best I've seen. Staff r very nice

Trinity Williams

The seats are really uncomfortable and small. The movie was really loud. I know they're supposed to be but this one actually hurt my ears. The popcorn was good but really greasy, not buttery.

GoukitoX .

Where is the suggestion box for goodness sakes!?!? This theater has it's charm and appeal because whenever I go, I can pretty much always get a ticket. And there is abundant parking. The screens themselves are mostly in good shape, but a couple auditoriums have a noticable "blemish" on the screen. A rather nagging one was noticed today in Audit #9. The problems I have with this theater extend to some of the staff/staffing. They tend to hire a lot of unenthusiastic young folks, that just DO NOT have enough hustle in them. Slowly getting stuff that should be quick, like drinks, nachos and popcorn. There's one lady that shines on the staff, Judy I think. If your movie starts in 10 minutes and Judy's on staff, you'll get it in 9!! The other issue is that sometimes, they're understaffed and the concession lines get long. But again, a staff that is trained and managed to hustle and work efficiently would still be able to handle it. I would personally speak with management one of these days, if I'm not pressed for time. It all starts from the top. When I retire, I jokingly say to myself... "I'm going to get a job here and easily get employee of the month." I mean, the job is offered in front of every movie they play. Might as well take them up on it!

Buddy Wolf

People kept talking and laughing during the movie. I came with friends to watch the Nun and a rude group of people would not stop talking and laughing even after we asked them to be quiet. After the movie no managers were around and the theater was basically closed. I'm not sure if I can reccomend this theater to anyone based off of my experience. Every other experience in the theater was good except when the movie started to play and that group of people started talking.

James Taysom

It was clean but there were several things that were in disrepair in the bathroom and snack bar. The theater itself was good.

S.R. Foster

Not the best threater...popcorn cold

Jermaiine Middleton

What is rather old need to get new reclining seats. For the price you pay you would think they were more up-to-date


Place needs to be remodeled compared to other regal's! Needs the recliners seats and a bar!


This place is a disaster; lazy concessions staff, stale popcorn, broken urinals / toilets, and filthy theaters- tearing it down would be an improvement!

Gary Mansker

Outstanding, friendly people and clean throughout. Movie Overcoming was a real blessing. God Bless

Lyz Moore

The place was filthy. Theater three smells like urine. Our beverages were terribly watered down, especially for 14 bucks for two iced teas. They offered to fix it, but then brought us sweet tea which we can't drink. Then when we asked for the right beverages they told us they couldn't fix it and just refunded us. The management was incompetent. I would never go to this theater again. Ugh! Gross! And the bathrooms were an equally disgusting with used feminine pads laying around. Toilet paper strewn about. Full garbage cans. Don't come here ever.

Devon Steven

Desperately in need of updating. The whole place smells like mildew and many seats aren’t comfortable due to overuse and under maintenance.

Daniel Fritz

We waited for our movie to start for 40 minutes after the start time. No one told the movie wasn't working asked them 4 different times they said they were working on it we finally left they refunded the movie tickets tho.

Monica Williams

It was a Tuesday and I was the only customer in line! The service was very, very, very slow like it is when they are extremely busy! Customer service is definitely not a priority to them. The whole staff need training on meeting the customer needs, how to be efficient, and how to multi-task.

Adrian M

Fits the bill for seeing a movie in this area. Outdated interior but it gives it that nostalgia. Discount Tuesdays are a must. Always plenty of easy parking.

Randy Robison

Plenty of parking and never too crowded.


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