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11380 Bulloch Dr, Manassas, VA 20109, United States

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REVIEWS OF Regal Manassas & IMAX IN Maryland

Jim Turner

It would be super nice if this theater got reserved seats and comfy recliner chairs.

debbi sessa

This theater is OK. Its seen better days.

Ruth Mullin

Seats were old and uncomfortable when I went.

Daniel Hall

Clean theater, friendly staff. Consessions understaffed though creating a long wait.


Although the place is common, the rules aren't enforced such as people recording movies when they're not supposed to...

Hecling Sanchez

Very good experience here. The seats were very well spaced and comfortable. Though the volume was too high for a movie which I found annoying at times. Otherwise I liked the experience.

Mark Dunbar

Very good theater. Best concession value.

Ian Foose

While the IMAX is good the theater is a little dated, if you are going for an IMAX movie then I would recommend going out to the Regal in Gainesville.

Lorrie Andrew-Spear

Nice theaters. Clean and spacious.

Rhea Butler

Great service and new deals, but everything is expensive.

Juan Pellicier

Regal Cinemas has an app where you earn credits as you visit the theather. The app states 15,000 credits will give you free ticket. I went with my family and the person as at box office asked for my regal account. I have her my phone and she scanned my card. She told me I had enough credits to get a free ticket so I asked her get me the free ticket. Come to find out she charged me 17,000 credits. When I inquired she told me that if I asked for the free ticket at the box office it was 17,000 credits to encourage people to use the app. Nowhere on the app or the box office this is stated. Encouraging app use by stealing 2,000 credits of people. Way to do business.

Tondanena Carter

Very pleasant

Michael Ransom

One of favorite movie theaters. Always seats never really to packed. Staff friendly good vibe


The theater was packed but what I'm complaining about is that the security did nothing to remove people who didn't have tickets stay and those who paid were stuck not being able to find seats because of these individuals.

Gary Connor

Worst seats in any theater in the area.

Ernest Pino

Very nice place to meet with friends and enjoy a movie.


First time to this theatre. don’t like having to choose your seats like you do for a concert. i feel once you buy your ticket then you can choose when you walk into the theater. seating was tiny. not a lot of room. but it was clean, staff friendly and snacks and drinks were good. prices ok

TJ McMahon

I've been to this theater countless times and it's one of the best I've ever been to. The staff is nice, they have a wide variety of food and drinks, and they have an Arcade. I would highly recommend this theater for not quite as popular movies, but when it comes to big movies, I prefer a smaller theater. Opening day for movies is sometimes crowded, and sometimes not, you just kinda have to get lucky. All in all, this is a great theater and I will continue visiting it as long as I live.

Melissa Barnes

Always clean and great movies

allen huffman

I meant to give you a 4 star. The experience overall was good. Knowing its not entirely your fault. But I believe things are just getting a little to expensive. Considing most other theaters have upgraded their seating. The seating makes you feel a little stuffed in place unable to fully relax and enjoy. Otherwise the movies and system itself was fairly usual.

Mary Kirkpatrick

Food can take awhile, but otherwise friendly service and clean.

Nicholas Anderson

This is a huge movie theater! Always plenty of seating for even the largest box office openings. Even when you are making your booking last minute (thank you MoviePass). For quality, the projectors appear to be very high quality. Similarly, the sound system was nice, but it was too loud for me. Hopefully my visit was just a fluke! Regarding creature comforts, there's no reclining seats or bar service. But that's perfectly fine with me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I love visiting this movie theater.

Bipana Pokharel

Great place for movies.

Habib Alam

If you enjoy paying more for a movie, coupled with less than great quality seating (standard stadium cushion seats. Nothing fancy), all topped off with pretty average customer service; then this is the place for you! Not a terrible theater but not that great either, just a happy medium. A solid 3 stars. But the only reason I gave it 4 star (and I continue going here) is bc there's no reserved seating and often times it's pretty empty. The extra cost for a film and OK seating tends to keeps out the riff-raffs. So it's barely ever crowed, and I like that. PS. Also there's a secret menu you can order from at the concession. They'll try and deny it at first saying stuff like "I don't know what you're talking about" and "Look I've told you, we don't have a secret menu". But if you're patient enough and persistent, and maybe slip the employee 5 big ones they'll eventually give in. At which point you say these words exactly "I'd like to order the hotdog from the secret menu. With ketchup. But hold the bun." And well... I won't ruin the suprise but I think you'll like what you get

Priscilla Miles

Very Good Movie!

Emanuel Haynes

The best place to getaway, to getaway.

Asish Subedi

Fun place.Helpful staff.

Pria Rlbinson

Great movie went to see little But they ran out of kids boxes and it took us like 15 minutes to get in and they gave me a diet soda instead of a regular. Maybe it was for the better

Saad Ali

Desperate need of updates. Old seats, audio / video systems, decor, arcade the list goes on. Feels like a discount theater but still charging premium prices.

Debby Beaver

Great place to see movies.

Sherri Lennox

It's a clean place. Plenty of movies Plenty of food.

Ron Tassa

Movie's here are great

Raqib Mahmud

Clean and nice place with huge cine hall


None of the seats are upgraded and are very uncomfortable. The popcorn is always stale and often the "surround sound" doesn't work well.

Sofia Kalaitzakis

Ordered tickets online and the staff was Friendly

E.Allan B.

X-Men Dark Phoenix was somehow out of focus while watching it in 3D!! I never watch 3D movies so I wasn't sure if it was the 3D glasses or the actual film.After switching glasses about two times I finally ascertained that it wasn't the 3D glasses. Somehow someone didn't turn the 3D affects on.So after losing close to 30mins of the movie the Regal employees fixed the problem.I would definitely like a free ticket to see the movie again seeing as I spent so much time back and forth changing glasses!!

Dawn Hayford

It's almost never crowded. Great place to see new movies. IMAX and 3D options as well. Also the employees are really friendly and helpful!

Adriana Tobar

This place is never full. The movie theater has yet to be renovated .

Michael Travis

Wishing for better quality nachos/cheese at concessions, big hustle to order a beer too...I cannot get 2 for my girlfriend and I have to wait for manager to get it since workers are under 21 and cannot serve you alcohol.

Jermaine Keller

Slow and not very clean, food on the floor everywhere in the lobby. Not prepared for big movie releases

Jimmy Harris

Love these seats!!!! Wonderful and clean

Sarah Montgomery

Sound was loud but not great. Seats were old and scratchy. Very slow but courteous service buying tickets and food.

Maggy Pye

Expensive, but what movie isn't these days. Clean and not crowded. Staff seems helpful, told me about a discount I could use.

Robin Hollyfield

Great service clean theater and bathrooms

Anaiz Q

Got through the ticket line pretty quickly and the cashier was nice. Bathroom was clean as was the rest of the areas visited. My only complaint was when I got in line to get popcorn. There was confusion and inconsistencies how they took people's orders and 4 people cut before me. P.s. go see grinch if you need a nap..

Miriam Irigoyen

3 people in front of me and Took me 20 min to Order 2 popcorns and 2 sodas


Best cinema in Virginia

Kim Whatley

Theatre was empty for 1250 show which was great for my kids to able to be kids. Food is expensive like any theatre. Theatre smelled like super dirty feet when we walked in. Could have been better since it was first show of the day. Service at concessions was also very slow.

Keto Sanchezu

My husband and I always come here for movie dates. Nice and clean place with friendly staff. Only downside is the concession area takes awhile.

Jill MacDiarmid

The snack bar is insanely priced. Need some training on cooking the personal pizzas. My brother and I have had raw pizzas and for Endgame got cold pizzas. We always ask to cook it a couple minutes longer because of the raw pizzas. We asked the same when we saw Endgame, and I could not believe the middle of the pizza was cold. Both of them!

Stan Moore

Good place to watch movies. Prices average and seating is fairly comfortable. Not as comfortable as theaters with reclining seats but good enough.

A. Jones II

Yes this is an IMAX theatre but, the seats are dated and non reclining. There is a full concession stand. The building is dated as well. But still a good time to be had.

Casey Fenton

Clean, calm, crystal clear.

Ty I

Left after 15minutes. You can literally feel things crawling on you in this place. Unless you have a HAZMAT suit or don't mind fleas and bedbugs, don't go here. Spend the extra $2 in gas and do yourself a favor and go to Gainesville Regal.

Robert Britton

Fun love this movie theater

Jason Franklin


George Cremeans

Saw avengers in imax. Theater screen was good. Seats were uncomfortable and it was a late showing so staff had no sense of urgency.

Aasylumm Iinsanee

Love this regal small out of the way and just busy enough to stay in business.

Joni Stevens

Very clean as movie theaters should be. Not busy for a weekend. Movie was way too loud for the amount of people though.

Yolanda Montgomery

Love this theater. Staff is very nice. I wish they popped more fresh popcorn. My was a bit stale today.

Srikanth Kanuri

Watched a movie today in IMAX. I was a huge theatre. Got a decent seating even with last minute booking. Would have been great if they accepted movie pass for imax as well.

Josh Bosh

Great theatre and nice location. I would give it 5 stars if they had reclining seats.

Ashley Branch

No one monitors the theater so there was a crying baby throughout the film. Large groups of people were entering and exiting the film from other theaters I'm assuming to get a two for one deal. The concession candy was atrociously expensive at $4.95 a bag. Seats are extremely close together. Overall, poor excuse for a Regal theater. Will not be returning.

Catalina Clavijo

Friendly clean cinemas.Liked it

Robert Shon

OK movie house. It is over priced, We were also disappointed to find our gift card was expired. Who knew, they could just keep the money, after a period of time. It is probably a published policy, not as widely advertised as their reserved seat chart. Think carefully, before buying gift cards from them.

Nate A

Discount Tuesdays are the best deal in town.

Kellye. D Scott

Really enjoyed my movie. Even though I purchased wrong movie..The manager gave me a pass for Serenity. Which was amazing by the way. A must see. My opinion. Then I ordered pop corn ..coke. And cheese sticks. After finishing movie because I get a refill..I was able to switch it out with an Icy... Robert was wonderful..his customer service was on point... They made my disaster out to be great.. Thanks again. I can't wait to use my ticket for another movie in the future Thanks again Smooches

Stephen Taweel

Went to see the avengers endgame at this movie theater on Sunday night, and was the worst experience that I ever had at a movie theater. We got there at 6:50 for a 7:15 show, and the machine that prints out online ticket purchases was down (waited 15 minutes in line to get tickets). Then, they only have 5 people working the cash registers to purchase popcorn, drinks, etc. The lines where so long for each cash registers (almost to the entrance of the main doors). We waited 45 minutes in line to buy popcorn, then we said forget it because there was still so many people ahead of us (so under staff and unorganized). I was looking forward to watching this movie, but the experience of the movie theater process really disappointed me. The movie was great, but the movie theater experience was horrible. I wold not recommend going to this movie theater at all, I know that I will NEVER watch another movie at this Movie theater again.

Carson S. Isaac

Great movie spot for sure!!

Preston Smith

Great place

Johanna Devon

Not my favorite theater. I never feel safe hear. A lot of the stores in this center have closed. The theater need to be updated.

Augustina Sarfo-awuah

It was very educative movie

Jorge Martinez

Good place to watch movies in Manassas

Kazi Poran

I rarely go to Regal as I find AMC to be much better in terms of the size of the screens and better seating. We went to watch an IMAX 3D movie and the screen was much smaller than the AMC in Tysons. Also they need to upgrade the seating to have more space or even add the new reclining seats like AMC in Tysons have.

Clair Munns

Was a awesome movie and entertainment

Maria Maria

I love that they have 50% discount Tuesday, but some of the seats have a funky smell. And they have overpriced food, but overall nice place for a movie on the big screen.

Stephanie Oni

Great movie theater. Every Tuesday, all movies are $6.45. They can turn the volume down just a little bit. Otherwise...awesome.

Jackie Stugart

Typical theatre. Nothing too exciting. Had the theatre alnost ro ourselves as It was pretty slow, but it was a Sunday. There was nothing playing at all for about 10 minutes when we entered the theatre.

Donner Correia

Overall clean roomy seats but way overpriced snack bar.

Carl Willis-Ford

A mixed review. Convenient location, but if you go see a 3D movie, expect to get 3D glasses with water spots. If you have issues, don't expect to be able to talk with a manager...they are hard to find and if there's one out in a public area, they're usually chatting with someone and ignoring customers. That is my experience. This is one of the few theaters in the area that hasn't gone to the recliners and reserved seating.

Andrew Walsh

It's a bit older compared to some of the newer theaters, but typically you can get great seats.

Mandi Loomis

I got my group's tickets a few days before our movie. That night, 10 minutes past starting time, with nothing playing, we asked an employee if the theater had been changed since the printing of our tickets. He assured us that no, it hadn't, that they'd start it right away. We watched an hour of advertisements and movie trailers, to finally see at the beginning of the movie that it was indeed a different movie than we had purchased. I appreciate that the manager moved us into a theater that was about to play the movie we had come for. 20 minutes more of advertisements and we got to begin. All in all we were there over 4 hours. ... I did reach out to regal cinemas as invited. The response: "We do apologize that our preshow advertising was too long for your preference." Uh... Thanks?

Bill Jacobi

$13 per ticket, auditorium style seating. Clean, fine theatre but less value than the theatres offering lazyboy recliners for the same price. And get there early if you want to get good seats for popular movies, you know, the way it always worked. Even with the regular seats and unreserved seating, expect to pay a convenience fee on one of the apps. Mine was $6 for 4 people. No big complaints, no big value.

glenda shmenda

I just went to see a movie here, in theater 13. It smells like pee in there and the air feels SO WET. They had one small dehumidifier in the whole theater, and the little bucket was full. Based on what I saw at in theater 13, I think it needs to be gutted. It feels and smells old, in a not endearing way. I still saw a good movie (blackkklansman, really great, would recommend seeing it, but not here), so two stars.

Javad Shahriari

Love the theatre . if you wanna see a movie and don't care hang out in lobby. Not really anywhere to sit comfy. Needs major remodeling . but you can't beat there Tuesday movie special all day low price.

Ken McNeill

Standard movie experience at a Regal theater. Seats were comfortable, facility clean, etc. Would go to same complex again.

YiLu ValMartin

It's clean and close to home.

Aden White

10/10 nice duck claw machine

Brayden Colding Sr

Great theater and my church is located here. Staff is pleasant and accommodating to your needs Light of Life Church meets here every Sunday at 10:05 we'd love to have you join us

Antoinette Nakia

My "all time" favorite theatre!! Low key and the theatre is well kept and never over crowded!!

Amanda Milowski

Great theater

Stephen Cella

Worst staff ever! Wasted my time and the staff is lazy and incompetent!!

Manivannan Shanmugam

Neat, well maintained theatre.

Cara Finn

Large, clean theater with great seating. Very comfortable.

Dwight Nichols

Seats in theater 12 are tight. Luckily the movie was good or rating would be lower.

Yamilet Almeida

Super loved.

Dustin Potter

Needs better seating.

charles sewell

Clean and comfotable multi-screen theater with modern up-to-date technology.

Tristan Scott-Ledlon

Prices were a bit high for the experience. For 2 military tickets and 2 children it was 44$. It did not have any new amenities such as reclining seats, but the staff was very nice.

Shannon Carner

Good place, decent cleanliness.

Dr. E. K. Brown, I.

Enjoyed Godzilla movie

Charles Jackson

Always cruise past this place, thought to check it out and enjoyed the theaters. Clean and we'll taken care of. Employees were all very happy and helpful.

Tj Thompson

Service was terrible..

Jacob Morris

Typical regal will have unnecessarily high prices on snacks, but everything else is a 5/5

scott anderson

Ticket prices are high and the seats are uncomfortable. Otherwise pretty standard theatre.

Hariom Singh

Good place to watch movies. Prices average and seating is fairly comfortable. Not as comfortable as theaters with reclining seats but good enough. We had fun though!

Christopher Hanson

Great alternative to fighting theaters closer to Arlington. On opening weekend we were still able to find IMAX seat in the middle, same day. Admittedly I’ve sat in more comfortable seat (reason for the 4stars) but this was worth it to not have to deal with bad seats in the Springfield locations. Bathrooms were also cleaner than most theaters.

Gordon Hood

It's a very nice building, however until they add the large recliner seats I probably won't go back. After visiting the one one in Springfield and the amount it costs if I can't be as comfortable as my home I will just wait and watch it on my home theater. If you haven't tried the one in Springfield I encourage you to do so. Awesome experience.

John Schwartz

One of my favorite Cinemas for a quick flick. Not the flashiest but always friendly staff and a good viewing experience!

Michelle Thilking

Much nicer than I remember. Seating is comfortable too.

Drew Palanzi

Empty.... kinda nice

Altamash Memon

Seats are pretty stiff, don't recline, hardly and space between adjacent rows, and screens are small.

Osman Osman

Theatres fours seats are a bit tight. Also not crowded. Pretty good Regal.

Anthony Prete

In a world where we have "luxury Loungers" and, big reclining chairs. Old style cramped and uncomfortable movie theaters can't possibly still charge the insane amounts that they do, yet Regal consistently finds a way to overprice the movie experience. The only saving grace to this theater is there's reserved seating. but other than that, it has the same big screen and sound system of any other movie, same overpriced food and drink. There is a bar (which has become more common these days). But why pay $14 to go here and sit in an uncomfortable cramped chair with 150 people, when you can go to Cinemark in Centerville or Fairfax where they have luxury loungers and pay $14 to recline with plenty of space and only 50 people.


Nice place. Clean.

Chyris Alana

Great movie theater with ample parking and seating for movies. Never had a bad experience in my many years going here.

david johnson

Its an older location, but clean and well kept. It is open seating, which was a bit surprising after so many places reserve seating lately. The staff was friendly and helpful. We will be back.

Zyiad Mutawy

I used to put up with the following since Id come often for the 5 dollar Tuesday movies, however since thats now gone: 1) Bathrooms are rarely clean and or smell good. 2) Sometimes there is a crowd of obnoxious teens that come in, sit in the back and ruin the movie where there were multiple complaints and they weren't removed for a while 3) Concessions take forever. It should not take me 13 minutes to get popcorn at a 10:15 showing and there are only 3 of us in line. 4) The prices are 50 cents less than Fairfax Corner which has RECLINING seats that are MUCH more comfortable. I would make the effort to go there or Gainesville and enjoy the shopping center there.

Cody H

It is clean and not very busy. Employees are freedom and wait times for concessions aren't long. There is a very small arcade with around 7 different games including pac-man. The theaters are clean, seats are pretty soft. Cost is pretty high for food and tickets. $5 for a drink, $20 for an IMAX ticket

Danniel Rodarte

Clean, great popcorn and great experience. Although we'd like some more selections for 3d imax experience. I would recommend a light sweater just in case you get to cold.


Found rhe seats in Theater 3 a disappointment after being in other theaters that had either power recliners or far more comfortable stadium style chairs. Also the popcorn was burnt tasting and was full of partially popped kernels.

Chris Shankle

The concessions are so slow. ニガ

Elizabeth Dixon

Just got done trying to watch the Lion King. Several families left the theater because of a crying baby. Had to be less than 18 months old. The people never left and no one came to ask them to leave. It seems like they pre-pop the popcorn the day before too. Horrible theater.

irJohn Hunt

well kept cinema. usual high prices for movie snacks. nice waiting area with games to keep the kids distracted during the wait. seats in theatre are good but pre-show stuff was more than 20 min long.

Lorene DeLeon

Nice and clean,and nice to see they hire mentally challenged people

Makena Freeman

Needs up grades, theater was dirty!

Rogelio Roper

On a big movie release Friday night, to have only one popcorn machine working is kinda sad

kiri sins

Best movie place ever and they still had my hamster thing left there

Elizabeth Murphree DC CCST LAc RMT

Love this theater! Fun getaway to the movies.

Kat Klemp

The concessions were a little pricey as with theaters but the movie was great. Loved Toy Story.4

TCB_ Bdog

I love the movies you play popcorn is good and so is 3D movies 5 star

Ivan Paredes

I like it, it does not have assigned seats, you can seat were you please.

Chris Latham

I wouldn't go here again. The auditorium reeked of pee. It was disgusting and difficult to enjoy the movie.

Billy Roberts

This place is so cool. I like to watch a movie here as there are not many people at night. I believe there are many customers afternoon as it's close to community college, but it's so nice at evening time. Price is reasonable too. You will not be disappointed.

Philip Aiyenuro

Great and spacious,parking was also great

Emmanuel Coleman

These theaters are clean with comfortable seating and that's all that matters to me when I go

Daddu Kumar

Finally, a decent IMAX, good service, and clean theaters.

Sam Borgstrom

Great theatre. Always enjoy movies here. Fairly priced, and good movie time range. Last time, however, there seemed to be no staff behind the food bar so we could not get popcorn for our movie. Nice place though.

Gregg Holman

Nice facility, adequate parking, near I-66 but hard to locate at the end of largely vacant strip mall. Friendly staff but Regal has a state of the art theatre two exits down.

Michael Holmes

It was a smaller theater, but still very nice

Casey Roberts

Went to theater today (Saturday, April 27th) to see Avengers: Endgame. After waiting 15 for concessions and not moving, and only 4 of the 12 counters open, I gave up, so another $15 they lost of my business. The tickets I bought were apparently assigned tickets, but no one is enforcing it, unless they show up 15 or more minutes late for the movie, so my seats were gone, and I had to move from the ones I could find. Seats are regular size, and the IMAX 3D ticket was $21, plus $4 convenience fee to use the app and loyalty program. When movie tickets cost as much as a live music concert in DC, I have an expectation of better service and ability to spend money than I experienced. Frankly, today's experience has put me off of this location. Cinemark in Centerville has luxury loungers for $16.50, and so I'll probably go there for the other premiers coming out this year. RealD 3D vs. IMAX 3D differences are minor, at best, and if this theater can't move people through concessions (movie theaters' main profit source, which makes my experience even more frustrating; when people make it difficult to give them my money, it tends to make me question why I've giving them money to begin with) on opening weekend of the biggest projected movie of the year, I'm left with few reasons why I should return. Basically, living in the D.C. area, I'm used to traveling to get to wherever, and so what's another 5-8 minutes to see a movie. Pass if you have a choice. UPDATE: Just attempted repeatedly to call their national customer service line to discuss my experience, and the review I just left here. Instead, Regal's customer service number hung up on me. I guess customer service only matters Monday through Friday. So, yeah... I think I received the message loud and clear... UPDATE (2 May 2019): Regal Cinemas' national office did get back to me, and offered two tickets. I'm updating my review to reflect this update, and that the national office did listen.

Michael Mancil

Great place to watch a movie. Very good theater space and sound

Brenda Facemire

Good movie

Missy Baker

Customer service at food counter was EXCELLENT!!


This Regal is mine and my fiances go to for date night every week. We are greeted politely at the ticket booth, receiving our tickets quickly everytime. The popcorn is always delicious! Can't wait to go back.

Lokesh Ch

Many theatres and quick bute snack options inside. Combo ofders and discount available

Patti Hutchins

Clean movie theater. Helpful staff

Otis Veney

The iMax theater was excellent

Zachary Mindheim

Coming from Silver Spring MD where I haven't been to an outdated theater in YEARS. Came to Manassas to visit 2 Silos but was unfortunately rained out, this was an absolute shock.... The seats don't even lean back. My pregnant wife was so uncomfortable the entire movie we actually choose to stand for part of it. The staff did their jobs (nothing I wouldn't expect) except for two cleaners who felt the need to hold the theater until 20 mins before showtime and didn't even sweep the floors.

Jammie Sulli

I know it has been few years since I came here, and now I can say that the next visit will be so much closer lol Had the best time. Although it was full of people. Good place and I can recommend visiting. Fun fun fun

Robert Moran

Only reason it doesnt get 5 stars are the seats are uncomfortable. In a IMAX 3D theater they should recline.

Eva Arreaza

It is a very bad place to go duty and very bad customer service. The lady who is the manager did not want to give other tickets for my twins 6 year old birthday because they did not like the movie . When I explain that and say that they did not like and we left that if we can be able to watch a other movie . She said not. It is so mind and bad to do . Nobody gift me money for trash in that way less for my twins birthday. It is so bad and I do not go anymore to that location.

Meghan Warner

If I could give them a zero stars, I would. I’m a larger woman and thinking, like most theaters, their handicap seats would be larger. But noooooo, they were small their normal seats and when we tried to speak with the managers if they had anything to accommodate a larger customer as myself, they were smug and just said Nope. I’d have even been happy with a folding chair. But nope, they were smug and being jerks about it. I nearly had an anxiety/panic attack bc of them. I even almost started crying because of how bad they mad me feel. I REFUSE to EVER go to another Regal again bc this isn’t the first time this has happened. This is a warning to anyone who may be over 150lbs, their seats are smaller than ANY other theater I’ve ever been to and the management just doesn’t care.

Patrick Daley

Pretty good

Belkys Judith Sánchez

Very good experience here. The seats were very well spaced and comfortable. Though the volume was too high for a movie which I found annoying at times. Otherwise I liked the experience.

Chris Mamalis

Large movie debut , no organization to the crowds of people . Not enough staff at all . Simple orders drink /popcorn took forever . So no customer service at all. Doesn't take a fortune teller to up staff for certain opening weekends!, Wrote this review thirty minute ago . Still on same line . WTH


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