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REVIEWS OF Regal Gallery Place & 4DX IN Maryland

Jeff Kryger

I like this Regal a lot. Nice central location, easy to access from the Metro. Tons of things around it for before/after. The theater itself is nice, modern seating/sound system, and good concessions (with alchol). They even have a 4DX theater, which is an awesome experience. It is almost like a theme park ride, as the whole thing is interactive, with the seat moving, flashes of light, wind blowing, etc. A lot of fun.

The exploitation of Retro Rob

Marvel + 4dx = great damn time

Ana Hilda Angulo

The staff at the popcorn counter was rude, and enough to make sure my husband and I do not return to this regal location.

Nikki Lange

This theater is really cool! First off, the mall is beautiful which means it's always nice to walk in and look around. Second, it's got one of those new 4DX theaters that's 3D plus motion seats and other effects to fully immerse you in the movie. The prices are on par for a big city. The other theaters are pretty comfortable and they have a good selection of concessions. Plus the staff is very nice and helpful.

nicole smith

Seems like TSA having your bag checked! Concession stand refused to cook a cheese burger!!

Chez Black

Very clean, very professional management team. Concessions staff a little distracted at times.

Steve Tetreault

The facilities are pretty nice for a movie theater, but both of the theaters I went in had power-chairs that the weren't working. But the sound and picture were both good.

Thomas Jordan

I do like this location. Comfortable seating. Easy access by metro. But, I'm taking stars away because the movie was close captioned and I did not see a notice about it. The subtitles we're really distracting. It took me a about ten minutes into the film before I was able to ignore them. Not trying to sound like an a**. It just was a surprise. I was not expecting it. Wish there had been a notice ahead of time so I would not have been caught off guard. Second reason I deleted a star is the film was too dark and the color saturation was too low. This was my second viewing of Captain Marvel and the first time I saw the film, the picture was perfect. The colors were crisp and popped. I saw it at a different theater the first time. A real shame since the visuals of this film are very cool, if you could see them.

Toni Luv

Clean theater. Good customer service. Seats were very comfortable but popcorn tasted stale...otherwise a good experience.

K Lopes

Regal Cinema add Gallery Place redid their theaters so that you are comfy and recline in comfort to watch, listen to and be totally engulfed in a 3D or 4D experience. It's one of the best theaters in DC outside of the Smithsonian IMAX experience. Come, you'll really enjoy the experience.


Theater is above a club that had a large police presence at the door, didn't make me feel safe

serenity oh

Very exciting, lots of free refills

Ben Kararick

Recliners and plenty of space. One of the nicest theaters I've ever been to.

Jeremy Mueller

Pleasant experience at Regal, comfortable reclining chairs, friendly staff. Only complaint is that when you purchase tickets online, they don't make it super clear when purchasing that you might be getting tickets to a showing with subtitles. Perhaps it was my oversight, but I usually have diligent eyes, and I overlooked this. Just make sure you don't buy tickets to a showing with subtitles if you don't want them!

Stephen Steele

The Met Opera has come to the Regal and theater 11 has the sound system to support these powerful live performances simulcast from the Metropolitan Opera house in NYC. With the new seats, reserved as well, and the nice people, it adds up to a fine time. Full breadth Puccini. Note: We are not as optimistic about the Encore offering of older recycled operas for the Fathom Events Series because of old and inadequate production values. Current Met Operas, Highly Recommended.

Christina Northern

Nothing like going to the movies!!

Kick Butt Memes

Amazing service i crashed through roof on jet blue amazing flight

Charles Pino

Regal cinemas always delivers! I held back the 5th star because of the recliner chairs. Though the seats recline nicely, they're set up like an airplane where you share the armrests with the person next to you.

Deborah Hill

Nice theater. I will be back. Parking was free

Michael Naccache

Theaters are often dirty, long lines and slow service for below-average concessions. Location is only plus compared to other DC theaters.

Ted Porter

Spacious! Love them recliners, baby

Isaiah I-Say-ah Walker

I love the new stadium seating that is now available... I've been coming to this theatre for many years now and I will continue. The younger crowd that hangs in the area can be a deterrent but it's not as bad as it used to be , especially in the winter time... The movie prices are decent and there is a nice selection of restaurants in the area to visit b4 or after seeing a movie!!!

Sam Bays

Low key Monday night on vacation, clean facility and quick service.

Kevin Wendell Jones

One of the best theater I like going to. Parking get validated for 3 hrs


I really enjoyed the 4DX movie! Now I wanna watch all movies in 4DX

Lewis Gautieri

4DX- complete, annoying distraction from the movie. A gimmick. Yes you're on the edge of your seat- not because of the thrilling movie, but because you're afraid of falling out of your erratically moving seat. We were going to leave, but tickets were pricey so we stayed. Nearly everyone in the theater was unimpressed.

tania morales

This theater was very nice. Reclining seating and the theater its self is very good. The consetion stand is on the 2nd floor and they serve all kind of beverages.

Martina Johnson

Was nice and clean I enjoyed the movie it was a good atmosphere recliner seats.

Hannah Rand

The women’s restroom had no toilet paper in any of the stalls. None in all 8 of the stalls. Also my movie was cut off at the top. But I did get free parking, so that was a plus? Though the movie did cost way too much to have to provide my own toilet paper.

Toure B

Went to see Glory for the 30th Anniversary. Movie started 45 minutes late and took another 45 to fix sound quality issues. Now one came to apologize or offer refunds.

Willow Herbold

I'm deaf, went with other deaf friends. They were willing to have open caption for us, which was amazing. This place has really nice chairs, I gotta say that.

tobi okulaja

State of the art cinema. Love it!


Lots of activities going on there. Bars, restaurants, movies & ice cream... can't beat it!

GoodConsuma I.

My first visit at this theatre and it was great. I will come to this one more often! The seats are everything! And parking is free! That's a hot commodity in DC! The garage is free with your movie ticket purchase. Awesome!

Eileen Nuzzo

Seats were comfortable. Theater was clean Staff were sub par. Not friendly and acted like they didn't want to be there.

Stacy Ruffin-Smith

Great movie experience...I want to see all action movies in 4DX.

Kitty Champlin

I like this movie theater because it's easy to get to. The seats are comfortable. Of course the prices are very high but that's everywhere now.

Laura Garces

Clean theatre. Had a long wait to get my food after I ordered it but overall good experience.

Miss Faith

Great atmosphere and great service at the concession stand. However they started playing the wrong movie for 10 minutes. That threw me off.

Arleen Forbes

I enjoy going to Regal Theater it's always nice and clean

Eazyy MMzz


Patricia Valeria Valenzuela G.

The chair's movement of a 4dx theater is too strong and after a while annoying. Didn't like it at all.

Colin Freas

I wish I could upload videos. For the last half-hour (literally: we got here early for our movie) there has been an incessant beeping coming from the concession counter. I can't imagine it's not an OSHA violation. I feel bad for the youngsters working behind the counter, who now have a large gap in their hearing.

Victoria Garzillo

Nice seating. Comfortable. Clean restroom.

melonidior .

It was clean and nice, but i didn't see why a 4 year old had to pay the same as a senior

Ahmet Selcuk Can

The theater is in the heart of the City. It is also next to the NBA basketball court. The area is busy and crowded when there is a basketball game. There are many places to eat around the movie theater. The seats are comfortable and Popcorn is tasty.

Jacqueline Valone

Nice improvements and reserved seating

Larry VP

Love watching movies on 3D or 4D. Love the space and the atmosphere of going to the movies at Regal. So, go and enjoy!

tabitha carroll

I enjoy going to the movies here

Janella Stroman

Customer service at this place is so bad!! My sister and I had to wait downstairs for almost an hour just to buy a ticket. And when we asked employees for help all we got was rude short answers, “oh somebody should be there” “you just have to wait”. And I mean waiting isn’t the problem but the rudeness of the employees were. There was no one in the ticket booth the whole time we were waiting, we nearly missed our movie. If we hadn’t been from out of town and knew where another theater was we would have left. Worse movie experience EVER!

Rodney Ford

My favorite theater in the area. Right next to Capital One Arena off the metro. Very busy area. The theater were all upgraded the nice plush leather recliner seats and reserved seating. Very clean theater. Ushers actually patrol the theater a few times per movie to check for phones and make sure everything is going smoothly. Only issue is the theater will either be very cold or very warm, no in between.

Naa Mills RE Matchmaker

Love the reclining seats, every time I visit from NY I always stop here.

LaDrica Winston

Movie was good!They were slow at concession and not enough workers!Manager didn't want to open up another register even though he helped with filling orders.I missed all previews before the movie!

Jessica Peraza

I came here for the first time with my 2 daughters to experience the 4D movie. After switching/changing seats 3 times, I realized that these theatre seats need some looong overdue maintenance. I think the idea seems really cool but the seats jerked instead of smoothly transitioning. And I know these scenes weren't supposed to be in a jerked fashion. It even make loud clicking noises as it jerked. I had to leave the theatre to get some one to come see for themselves before I was allowed to switch seats, only to experience the same jerks but at different strengths/levels.. there was such a long time lapse before the next jerk, that the guy left to attend something else and I had to leave the movie again to go find him so he could feel it. There was never an apology or anything of that sort for all the problem I had even after paying all that money for each ticket AND having to leave the theatre multiple times to question the 'ride'. I don't get to take my kids out that often so it was a pretty big disappointment for me. But not even a fountain drink or anything for my trouble. I would recommend visiting such a place when newly built or in an area/establishment that keeps up with maintenance. Especially for $20-$25 per ticket!!!

Virgo477 .

The sangria and frozen Coke with Crown Royal Vanilla was awesome. The seating is plush also.

Anna Sumner

First-time visitors will find it surprisingly large. Their movie selection is always good. The concessions menu is also diverse and offers everything from the classic movie snacks to beer, wine, and Jack and Coke Icees. Seating is updated and comfortable with the giant recliners that seem to be all the rage right now. My most recent trip was to see a matinee and the service was pretty good. They did not remember to retract the curtains completely so the edges of the picture were cut off. Which was annoying but didn't ruin anything. Bathrooms could have been cleaner but I have seen them be far worse. Saturday nights you might want to carry a couple napkins just in case. Overall, I love this theater and would highly recommend.

Daniel Willison

Allow me to bring my beer from bar Louie, and you'll get a 5. A lot of theaters now serve alcohol, but since you don't have a bar I should be allowed to bring in.

Eric S Scott

Comfy recliner seats, WIDE armrests!

Karen Saucier

The sound in the first few minutes of our movie was off but they started it over again and everything was fine. Chairs were comfortable and staff was professional.

Shaq Williams

This is by far the best movie place in the world. The 4DX is just amazing and is worth every penny that you spend on it. The staff was very nice and the refreshment area is getting better and offering more and more. A little to much in my opinion. No one wants a hamburger while your watching a movie. lol

Victor Ortiz

Best cinema ever!

James Lott

Cleanliness: The theater was dirty, with popcorn and trash in our preselected seats and soda spilled all over the ground. The walkways in the theater and even by the door leading into it were lined with discarded popcorn, plastic 3D glasses wrappers, and other trash. We asked for it to be cleaned, and had to ask again at 5 minutes before the showing. A person came in and cleaned our seats specifically and nothing else. Then, during the previews, a cleaning crew came in and continued to pick up trash and sweep. They were out when the introduction credits started rolling. Equipment: The aroma dispenser smelled like rancid oils every time it went off. It was highly distracting Three of the water misters would eject water straight up into the air like a small squirt gun and would do so out of sync with the movie. The seats we ended up relocating to (due to cleanliness issues) were malfunctioning when they tipped forward, moving in very jerky motions when all the other seats were moving smoothly. The air hose at the bottom of the chair was not attached and repeatedly whipped against my legs in a painful manner. About halfway through the movie, the fans attached to the ceiling on the right side began swinging and banging against things, making loud metallic sounds whenever they engaged. To top it all off, the theater indicated that the movie was 3D, but it was not.

Terry Moore

Very nice venue. Wonderfully clean. Bathrooms were spotless. Recliner seating in the theater was very comfortable. Sound system above average and no noise bleed over from adjacent movies. Snack bar prices what you would expect, but can be reduced if you have a Regal card. Great movie experience.

francis fields

Nice entertainment.

Theodora Okafor

I have been going to this theater for 6 years now. And I love how close to the metro this movie theater is, and its closeness to many different restuarants. Awesome location and I love the new reclining seats and appreciate the assigned seats too.

Weekend Warrior

I got to the theater nearly an hour and half early for the advanced screening of spider Man which according to my ticket was in theater 10. Stood in line for an hour to be 2nd in line to go in, while theater staff didn't understand how to control and organize the line. Then they announced that there was 2 theaters showing the movie and split the line. Then staff told me to go to theater 11 instead of theater 10 which made me lose my place in line, then just as I got in, they let theater 10 in. That then forced me to sit in seats on the lower level to watch the movie. All that time was wasted. Truly a terrible experience.

Emma Hill

This theater is located downtown DC, you select your seat and the popcorn & soda is oversized - the sound quality is fabulous and they have 4DX the newest in theater entertainment. ..

Melissa Ralph

Electronic reclining chairs... yes!

Thomasine Atkinson

The Averagers wwas great

Francis Lenard Samonte

This Regal cinema is definitely so much better than the one at Silver Spring. The seats are all new with the cool reclining chairs, the theater rooms are pretty big, and the place is pretty well-maintained and lively. It's also right in downtown DC and near the National Mall, so it's a plus. But, as with all the other cinemas, the food is waaay too expensive here, so keep that in mind.

Ajohnique Davis

Love this movie theater. Really clean and comfortable.

Lauren Nimmer

Food trash,drinks trash, movie was good but drinks were not good did not have any flavor tasted like water.

Breeze Riley

This movie theatre is actually quite nice. While I don’t love the Chinatown area this is a good alternative to the Atlantic Plumbing/ E street Landmarks if they don’t have what you’re looking for or you want a bigger screen/3D. They offer reserved seating and have the cushy reclining seats. They even serve alcohol now! Knocking a star since concessions is often understaffed.

Sierra Hale

Ok service not the best but has recliner chairs which was nice


Great experience ... seats are super confortable. The food they serve is not the best though but I guess it is true for every cinema right ?


Clean theater. Reserved seating with reclining chairs. Easy to get to. They were having issues with their card reader so snacks and drinks were cash only at the time but this might have been a fluke for the evening I went.

Paralee Massie

Nice experience with my daughter. The only complaint I have is that the lines were long for concessions.

tacanton .

I only go this regal theater due to geographical convenience near work in DC. Nearly everytime I go the concession stand is out of popular food items such as burgers and hotdogs, in the afternoon and early evenings! The concession staff is not customer service friendly and unapologetic. Several of the reclining seats don’t work and you can’t change seats since seats are now assigned when you purchase them. It’s the worst regal theater in the DMV area.

S Robin

Good movie. Theater was a little chilly.

Monte Ruffin

Customer service here is not very good. Its the only theater in the DC area that offers 4DX. The 4DX can be hit or miss depending on the movie. The maintenance of the 4DX theater room isn't always properly maintained which also effects the experience of the movie. When its good its great, but when its bad its horrible.

Jessica TJohnson

There's no other place like Regal, every time I'm there, it's fast service.

Jay Dub

The 4D theater was broken.

mynus devlin

4dx is amazing....

FeliPe pino

Great seating bad food, all style cinema. One cashier that does everything, even checks the amount of plastic butter they put on top of popcorn as well as drinks. No refill. Poor selection. Please update yourselfs!

cubanangel1985 .


Christina Sauser

4DX!!!! One of the only ones in the US! If you've ever wanted to try one of these 3D interactive ride-like theaters, you have to go! On top of that, they upgraded the food and drinks. Not only can you get Cheeto flavored popcorn, but you can get cocktails or beer. They even have frozen Jack & Coke. Seriously awesome theater

Sharee Brooks

Since the renovation of auditoriums here it is amazing. It is truly comfortable and spacious. They have great wheelchair accommodations as well. They also offer some movies in 4DX. Yes it is more expensive but if you go on a special occasion, it is worth the experience if you appreciate a little kinesthetics with your movie. Please note if you plan to order actual food outside of popcorn or nachos, the wait for hotdogs, chicken tenders, pizzas, burgers and fries can be longer than expected so give yourself at least 10-15 mins before your movie starts. And yes the food is pretty good.

Vincent Cropper

Bold & Beautiful and comfortable seating

tana santiago

beautiful cinema. purchased tickets online and selected seats. No long lines. There is a bowling alley in same building that is more like a club with DJ and small arcade. definitely a five star

Michael Brockway

Great place to see a movie in the city. It has very comfortable seating.

Tonia Woodley

The theaters are clean. The only issue is they serve food here but do not have trays on your chair in the theaters so eating is not the most convenient. The staff is also quite slow when it comes to service so get there a little early.

lataya ebron

A very good one time experience but not for that price.

Danny Dotson

Enjoy every time I go to Gallery Place in Chinatown great atmosphere great environment

Felecia B.

My first movie visit at this location, tickets are purchase on the first level and the theaters are on the second level. They actually have a concession stand that serves beer and food. Nice size theaters to enjoy the show. This location has a variety of other shops and entertainment inside such as, Lucky Strike, Starbucks and restaurants to actually enjoy a meal right here. Take advantage of the underground parking lot and have a great day or evening. A gallery right in the middle of Chinatown.

James Latney

theatre's crowd was small(4pm showing), allowed to choose my seat at the ticket counter. reclining seats. overall nice break after leaving work(job#1) before going to work(job #2)

Doro H.

Very comfortable seats, but compared to other cinemas small screen. Therefor I recommend to not sit in the last row but rather in the middle of the room. Also do not buy nachos as both nachos and cheese sauce are not tasty!

Devan Green

Reclining seats are great and the smaller theatre is cozy!

Tennille Rich

Great time with family. But do bring some EXTRA coins if u planning on getting food.

kwesi gill

Been coming here for years. The new layout while it may look nice has been a tougher experience to enjoy. Came to a movie 30 mins early and there were only two servers present thus creating very long lines. During peak times have enough staff. In my opinion the prices have gone way up just to be able to say the seats reclined. To me they had a good thing going before. Tickets were cheaper, service was faster and it wasn't such a hassle to get a seat to the back of the theatre. As the saying goes "if it ain't broke don't try to fix it."

Az A

I saw the lion king twice in 4D and the effects were okay (the back “ticklers” are a bit aggressive). The seats were making some noise while they moved, but it was okay overall. But then, I went to see that Fast&Furious in 4D and the movie shutdown halfway thru! First, an employer came and assured us that the movie would resume where it left off. But then? They told us the film would not resume. Very disappointing, and a major waste of time!

Emele Faimanu

I use to be a regal employee and it was exciting for me to visit regal in DC until the employees were being so rude. Smh

Ricardo Stewart

I've been here numerous times to go to the movie it's really nice inside it's the problem outside you got Riff Raff hanging all around McDonald's and around the area inside no security that will keep them away so you got people lingering around there you got to be careful when you go down there okay

Troodon Rex

The best movie theater in town.

Grace Burkhart

This theatre has the comfiest seats I've ever had during a movie, they recline!! Overall was clean and well marked. The sound and picture quality was great as well. Would definitely go back.

James H

4dx is the best you experience everything in the movie well worth the price of admission and this is one of the only in the area with it.

Love Lacy

Pretty good movie theater to come to especially for screenings since it's right next to the metro. Love the recliner seats. You can fully enjoy the movie and be comfortable.

Robert Rounds

Stadium theater setting with plush reclining seats. Very good selections at snack bar including burgers, fries, hot dogs, pizza,as well as the usual assortment of candies and sodas. Plenty of room to stretch out. Best on week days as weekends can be busy.

Chido Enweze

Was my first using 4dx and was cool. Wouldn't recommend it for bigger ppl tho

Trystin Lamereaux

Probably the best theater I've ever been to. The 4D theater is something very unique and if you have the chance to see a movie in it you should do it.

Sade Hinton-Morris

Probably my favorite movie theater in the area. It's super convenient to meet friends that take metro and parking is validated if you want to drive. They also have 4DX which is really cool...well if you see the right movie. I'm thinking something like Jurassic World would be an awesome movie for that experience. And if you use the Atom app you can reserve your movie snacks ahead of time. The staff is usually either friendly or unbothered and I haven't noticed a problem with it being untidy in all my visits.

smart kitty

It's very nice good experience clean bathrooms good customer service

Taija Hammett

The workers need to put more into the customer and Lee's into their side conversation that have nothing to do with work

Zeyu Hu

The best theater seats I have ever had, it basically turns into a lie flat bed

Lolita Brogsdale

Movies prices are high. O like the $5 dollar movies better


Was clean and the reclining seats were cool. However every quiet scene you could hear the theater next door.

Samantha Eastman

Love the seating arrangements and the fact that it's a clean movie theater! It definitely was an awesome experience. I am very pleased and will be returning.

Ike Smith

They have the nice reclining seats!

Hilda Kroll

The seats are very comfortable, the screens are big, the movies are current and the location is great. I'm looking forward to seeing what the upcoming subscription service will be like.

Michael Dominick

Great theater downtown! Right next to where the hockey and basketball is played if I'm not mistaken

Katherine Neal

Comfortable seats, nice environment.

Mark A. Boyce, Sr.

Nice location. Multitude of activities nearby. Public transit friendly.

Taundaleah Millhouse

The seats are SO relaxing, I fell asleep (took a nap, and resumed watching the movie).


I went to see Aquaman in 4DX. I purchased my tickets online so entry was very smooth! There were more concessions workers than usual so I didn't have to wait for beverages long. Walking into the theater was intresting as the theater had not been cleaned since the previous film. Trash and food litered the floors and isles. Got there about 20 minutes before start time and chairs where already moving! **Tip : If you are going to a 4DX movie eat before you go! After movie started our chairs stopped working. Thankfully there were open seats so we slid nearby to get full affect. I loved the movie and the effects. Will definitely be back!

Byron Whitfield

Great place to enjoy movies.

Malcolm Holloway

Good theater. Reclining lazyboy chairs. Good theater foods.. especially the nachos they've got bigger bags for the tortilla chips, and jalapenos (: good date spot.

Tatiana Salas

I love the size of the chairs, they are very comfortable.

monica obaga

I'm a staunch believer in center - center when I'm at the cinema, but I got stuck with front seats the first time I went. I was hugely relieved to discover that they were huge, plush reclining seats haha. Now I choose to sit there haha.

Joe Ryan

Very nice place. Good service and nice theaters.

Michael Ross


Eric Morris

Good centrally located theater with all the modern amenities. The concession line can get long so prepare for that. Around lots of dinning options in Chinatown

Brandon Richardson

You can buy drinks here! Solid movie theatre otherwise too

Bayete Jackson

Had a good time here

Eric Suh

Clean and fun. The staff could be a little friendlier, but I'm giving 5 stars for the 4-D experience. If you haven't seen a movie in 4-D, I highly recommend it. I watched the Grinch with my 8-year old and her friend, and they loved it. It is a bit pricey though...roughly $25 a ticket.

Miss Butter

I went to see Little at the 11:15am screening Friday. The theatre was clean and well lit. As I was walking up, I didnt see a ticket person to scan my mobile tickets so I waited at least 7 minutes to have a person to assist me. I was having trouble scanning my tickets with my phone which was an additional 2 minutes until the ticket person assisted after seeing me struggle. She proceeded to tell me the movie was to the right but didn't tell me a number. My guest and I went all around the theatre to find the movie but couldnt find it. So we came back around and asked which theater because we cant find it? She proceeded to say I told you and you wasnt listening, I said to the right and then said the number real sarcastic. I said you never mentioned the number you just said to the right and I Was Listening. She was an older woman that was very disrespectful, argumentative and old enough to know how to speak properly without haste. I felt belittled with her yelling across to me in that manner. I didnt see a manager onsite to report the behavior. I just left disgusted after the movie. As I left I seen the ticket person leaning on the console where you would receive the movie goers. I really like Gallery Place because of the convenience to both job and home. I also give away movie tickets specifically for this theatre to my commercial tenants throughout the DMV but with this behavior I may need to change up.

Veronika Garner

Great Place To Catch A Movie

Alex Keckeisen

This is a review primarily for the theatre's 3D 4DX movie experience. And let me tell you: IT IS WILD. We went to see Captain Marvel in 3 D4DX without fully knowing what it is, so when the seats starting FLYING AROUND, vibrating, punching us in the back, and spraying water at us, we were a bit stunned to say the least! What could have been some kitschy ploy to tack on to an otherwise good movie, 4DX really enhances the experience when you're flying in an airplane with Captain Marvel or getting punched in the back by Orlando Bloom. The 4DX experience goes FULL THROTTLE, so be prepared!

celia williams

I love this place! And their 4dx is AMAZING! Regal Cinemas in Gallery is my goto theater and I have no complaints!

Kennisha Bell

Great customer service

Lotus Wellness

One of the best place to enjoy or spend long time in Washington DC. The location is so perfect that you can get metro in a walking distance. You can have any international restaurant's around even if the area called Chinatown. The street shown make the area more interesting. The cinema hall is so many and wide even the chairs are flexible and can be a bed. It like sitting on the business class flight chair. Good light systems and sound system. They allowed me to take cooked food and drinks from there cafe. And the price is fair. Love the place so much

Corena Watkins

It was clean and I loved the reclining seats

Brittney Elward

We are on vacation to DC and went to this theater it’s terrible. The people who hangout here are not good quality people and some of the staff seems not very attentive. We were watching a movie and 2 large groups of people in the theater were non stop talking, yelling and laughing. My husband and I waited to see if it would quiet down, but it just kept getting worse so we went to the guest services desk and ended up waiting for 20 minutes because nobody could find the guy that was supposed to be working the desk. We did get a refund, but we lost the service charge since we ordered online. Bad experience all around.

Mark Pearly

Best theater I have ever been to

Wilton Madison

Very nice movie theater in the heart of downtown NW DC. Comfortable seating, friendly employees. Patrons come to see a movie and know what to do to not only enjoy the movie, but make sure others enjoy it too. You won't find phones going off or loud conversations here, just people who want to enjoy a movie. It's downtown DC, so parking is expensive

Danielle Williams

Nice clean theater and lots of refreshment options, however expensive. Comfortable reclining seats. I came for a matinee at 11:30 on a Friday and there were very few people. I misread my ticket and thought it said 11:00, showed up at 10:45. I headed towards my theater but was told to wait in the lobby. They were really rude about it. It wasn't what they said, I completely understand that I was early, it was the attitude with which she spoke to me. The movie was supposed to start at 11:30 but it didn't begin playing until 11:45. Not sure what that was about. Overall it was a decent experience, maybe I just came on an off day.

Tischa Cockrell

The 4 D feature is a spectacular touch. Wish they lasted a bit longer.

Rachel Clover

Those reclining seats are amazing!

Luis Perez

Nice place to see movies. Service, as usual, will depend on the mood of the teenager attending.

Chris Lundquist

Decent movie theater. Like that it's conveniently off the metro and easy to get to if you're near the middle of the city. I also enjoy the comfortable recliner seats and the fact that you can order beer or cocktails to take into the theater with you. The movie I went to see was a little deafeningly loud, but after speaking to the staff, they fixed things and turned it down a bit.


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IPIC North Bethesda
IPIC North Bethesda
Movie Theater - Maryland

Movie theater

Old Greenbelt Theatre
Old Greenbelt Theatre
Movie Theater - Maryland

Movie theater

Landmark's Bethesda Row Cinema
Landmark's Bethesda Row C...
Movie Theater - Maryland

Movie theater

Regal Bel Air Cinema
Regal Bel Air Cinema
Movie Theater - Maryland

Movie theater