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REVIEWS OF Regal Dulles Town Center IN Maryland

anne Erine

Love the recliner seats

Jay Flemming

Reclining seats are now the standard for me. One of my favorite theatres to go too.

Spartan 351

Love this place! This is one of those theaters that the chairs are leather like and recline. They're also pretty big and has plenty of space in between. More importantly, you can reserve your seats!

Steve Zehl

You just can't beat the reclining seats, like lounge chairs in your house, so nice for movie watching. Sounds systems are great, good, big screens. But like all movie theaters, they charge stupid money for any drinks or food. They don't have to do that, but people buy it anyway for who knows what reason.

Mike Elgaen

The only thing preventing 5 stars is the overall prices of concessions at movie theaters in general. Not their fault but I just cant do it.

Sean Shecky

Convenient location, very nice and comfortable seats, good service with multiple cashier lines. I will return, and deserves 5 stars. Regarding owner/company the food policies are insulting, - I asked for water in cup and was given only small cup with no lid, I asked for larger cup with lid was told no per company policy. Similar issue with getting an extra popcorn bag, I could only get a tiny little one. Don't tell me the cup with lid or larger popcorn bag cost 2 cents more that requires a policy implementation, it's obvious they just want you to buy a $5 water or more popcorn, but want to look like they are being nice. FYI, I can walk into any restaurant, smoothie shop, or cafe, and ask for an extra bag or cup with a lid and they give it you. Dumb policy that just makes me remember to bring a bag or jacket with a water bottle and snacks to avoid the food all together. Thanks for the reminder

Lavasha DuBois

My first time in this theater. I come to this mall all the time but never this theater. But I will definitely be coming back. They have a bar at the front to order adult beverages. Dont let the small concession/front area fool you. The theaters are large and spacious. They have full reclining seats with trays if you are eating. Such a comfortable movie going experience. Makes you feel like you are in your home on your recliner watching a movie. Also gives you plenty of space between you and the next person.

Annie Grooms

I did not know you allow drunks in here. I came to see Halloween and had to find an empty seat because the gentleman that came in behind me in seat k2 was drunk and stumbling all over the place. Plus he smelled of Alchohol. If this is the service i receive for coming to a movie i won't be back...

Karen James

Great seats, friendly staff

Earnest Holcomb

Excellent movie, the theater is clean and the people are courteous

Tommy Pipes

The ticket purchase was as expected. Movie presentation was flawless. Video and sound were more tha adequate. The seats get a 9/10. My one concern was the burger with onion rings I ordered were cold. Tasted good but all of our food had to be delivered to our seats and my wife's chicken sandwich was the only hot item. The loaded fries we shared were limp, cold and soggy. But overall a 7.5/10. Next time we will grab a bite elsewhere.

Javi Oliu

This is a great theater. It has reserved seating and they are recliners. The seats are really comfortable. The concession stand has the usual snacks that you can find at most theaters and the prices are pretty good. Really enjoy watching movies at this location!

Samer Tayar

It’s great movie theater the very comfortable chairs:) it was big screen I enjoyed the movie.

Monica Tollander

Great place, real nice employees and great seats and sweet screen and sound

Krys M Gatmaitan

Definitely one of the better movie theaters in the area. Most movie theaters we've been to are basically first-come, first-served as far as seating goes, which very may well be the best way to ruin your movie date night, especially if you fail to plan ahead on Star Wars premiere night. Seriously speaking, I would think that most people agree that the reserved seating option is much more convenient and less stressful. Regal at Dulles Town Center not only has reserved seating but they have comfortable recliners! Plus ticket prices are not terribly expensive here either. PROTIP: you can purchase tickets for screenings in advance at one of the automated kiosks located just inside the lobby, no need for any human interaction! PROS: Leather. Reclining. Reserved. Seating. ...and they come with their own swiveling personal tables! Priced relatively lower than other theaters in the area, plus there's a shopping mall attached for more things to do on date night. CONS: food selection is just average, where's the gourmet burger and adult milkshakes?! (Go to Alamo Drafthouse if that sounds like you, but you'll want to come back to the welcoming embrace of the leather recliners!)

Heather Carboneau

I would like to see more staff monitoring the movie goers use of cell phones. We paid for a ticket to see a movie not to be cell phone police. It's not appreciated.

Matt George

Love the half off Tuesday movies and one of the best movie theaters in the area. Leather recycling chairs

Sandy Ward

Nice seats very comfortable. Clean parking is free and good. Offers a lot of different movies to choose.

Phillip Reiss

Clean and well lit. Snacks are fresh and you can actually order a regular meal and a drink here.

Rick Logue

Great movie theater experience

The Elvis imposter dellatti

It's awesome my famliy loved it there. The hot food takes a long time to do.

Tariq Malik

Comfortable recliner seats; enjoyed watching Aladdin!

Daniel Claggett

This theater was really nice. Comfy seats and the visible security was nice.

Aaron O'Brien

Nice seating, make sure to order tickets early to get good seats.


I thoroughly enjoy visiting the Regal Cinema because they have comfortable leather chairs. The ticket availability on-line or in person hasn't been a problem even on opening weekends. Although, I prefer the different array of foods, coffee, and snacks offered at the Alamo. Along with the climate control. The Regal Cinema still offers the basic movie snacks for a fun enjoyable night. Friendly staff as well.

Simon Gima

Nice theatre in mall.

Heba Elshourbagy

Big theatre, very clean, comfortable recliner chairs.

Lisa Thomason

Great seating, friendly staff.

Eddie Herrera

Love the reclining seats and reserved seating. Great sound. Good rewards program.

William Martinez

They have recliner seats that are very comfortable, there is a variety of different foods and drinks besides the very good popcorn. The place is always clean, and staffed with friendly employees. Located inside the Dulles Town Center, it makes it easy to go shopping before or after a movie. Definitely, my first choice when watching a movie.

Justin Smith

Still has the new theatre smell! First, You get to choose your seat, which are leather power reclining loveseats. Second the screens are big, sharp and the sound is earth shaking. Third it's part of the Dulles Towne center mall. Hands down the best in the area!

Bob B

Great place to catch a flick

Amratash Khare

Good theater. Slightly high sound for kids

imtiaz ahmad

Nice place for movies. It is in the shopping mall which makes it an attractive place for movies.

James Kennedy

The most relaxing cinema experience Ive had yet.

Javier Mery

Love the seating so comfortable just like being home very very comfortable love it

Lazy Luke

The area has been clean every time i’ve Been there great theater

Greg Garnhart

I have only had the pleasure of visiting this location once, but it was one of the best movie theater experiences I have enjoyed. Due to its fantastic Mall location, finding cheaper snacks is easy. The bathrooms are small, but very well maintained. Perhaps more importantly, them movie theaters themselves are very well maintained. The seats Sorry, the seats are so great they need their own paragraph. The seats recline. By recline, I mean you push one of two buttons to make the seat move either up or down. Picture yourself in a lesser movie theater, watching the latest blockbuster hit, wishing your feet were off the ground. In this theater, that dream is not only possible, but encouraged. If you have not visited this location, I suggest that you clear your Saturday night schedule because this is a location worth visiting.

Jeniffer Tovar

It's an easy place to go to watch a movie. Never seems or feels crowed. Comfortable seats. Easy in, easy out. Although, at the end it can be expensive.

Rebecca White

I have not had a bad audience for a movie. The seats are adjustable recliners and very comfortable. Stadium seating and not a bad angle if you sit in the upper section (which I do). Staff is very friendly and polite. They do have a bar but I haven't used it. I enjoy coming here as does my mom. :)

Izzy Lee

They weren’t to me and my friend they threatened to call the police since we had Starbucks drinks. Which may I add WE FINSHED.

Micol Durham

Love the seating in the theater. Large reclining, comfortable chairs with food tray. Food and drink options are good too.

Otto Burgess

This is one of the better theaters in the area. Tuesdays are cheap night. Combine that with at&t take a friend to the movies, and you can get two seats for less than $8!


This is the best theater I've gone to. I really like the seats that they have a very comfortable. They are kind of like sofa seats. I enjoy how they can recline pretty far back and the fact that they are electric is really nice. Everyone was friendly there, and it made it a pleasurable experience. I will certainly be back at this movie theater.

Jennifer Hulsey

Great safe service. Always clean theaters. Thank you.

Thorsten Walter

I love there seats. The personal has always been nice and polite.

Yinna Morales

I like this Cinema, great location, nice and comfortable chairs. Recommended

Antonio Bl

Very nice place to go watch movies employees are very nice especially a manager her name is Sophia she have very good customer appreciation experience

Brian Carr

Nice theater and kid friendly.

Sofia Battle

The bartenders are inexperienced and rude. Completely inappropriate behavior.

Diego Gonzalez

Regal Cinemas at the Mall is the best experience. Very quiet and relaxing like no other place

Jesse Godfrey

Seats were comfortable. My Daughter and I enjoyed the movie we attended.

Angel Negron

Great cinema

Josh Bosh

Not sure if it is just me but the theatre has been way too hot the last couple of times going. The heat needs to be turned down.

Richard Ramlall

Cinema with reclining seats as well as a place to have drinks and sandwiches and usual snacks inside including a spicy chicken sandwich with fries that we always order . They will cut it in half if you request but sometimes they forget so check the nice box they pack it in before you take it inside. Also condiments are located where you pick it up. Bathrooms you enter as well as inside. Seats are quite spacious. Normally we all take sweaters as it’s cool inside but this weekend with temperatures around 100 degrees they were not required. Located on the upper levels by Seats .

Ashley Lopez

Good movie theater reclining seats the seats are all assigned when buy the ticket

William Cues

Super comfortable recliners make watching movies almost like home. The volume was a little over the top, especially the previews when not a lot of people are in the theater.

Patty Z

Clean and spacious seats. Small theaters make the experience more intimate so it's nice

Kevin Noble

Theatres are clean, food comes out relatively quick, best movie watching experience in a 10 mile radius


It’s located right in mall. Also great food and recliner seats! Also go on Tuesday where tickets are $6!

Maheen Ahmed

Comfortable seats and close to restaurants, if you want to do food and a film

James Chong

Comfy reclining seats and clean environment!

Ramiz Saei

This cinema deploys the best technology of today to show us a movie, the picture and sound is great. it is always clean and neat but why they did not score full 5 star? Three things: interference from adjacent theaters due to thin walls, unnecessary expensive popcorn combos and sagging chairs but if want to see a movie they are my first choice..

colby midkiff

What kind of Garbage is it that a 19 year and his younger brother cant watch a movie and you people deny them their movie!!!! When the 19 year old Male is a legal adult for his younger brother!

Kesa Harris

It's cool! The only difference is the recliners have a tray table on each seat which is nice and frees up your lap.

Josh McKinney

My family loves the reclining chairs and the space we have while watching a movie at this theater. The only negative is the floor near the concession line is always dirty.

Su Meck

Comfortable seating! I love being able to pick our seats!

Jeffrey Nyhuis

Love reserved seating and the seats are worth growing here.

Adam Turner

It suits my needs. Movies. Food. Space. The seats pretty much have to be reclined in order to be super comfortable.

ironmankmf .

They ran out of popcorn before the movie started and didnt offer anything as a substitute. Awful service. :(

perri fraino

Had to go get someone to start the movie! Otherwise, pleasant experience, clean theatre and comfortable telling chairs.

Jason Walling

Nice seats that recline. Very clean.

Kristy Sellers

Love this theater. Good concession selection, comfortable recliners and always clean. Been here many times and never disappointed.

ima Lulu

The best movies ever :-) I go there almost every week, very clean and comfortable.

Drew Bars

Amazing seating, and very well kept.


The place is neat and cool for teenagers. if your looking to impress love of your life then dont take him/her there. There are better movie theaters to go to.

Tom Shepard

If you take everything that is included, the location, the atmosphere, the employees and the overall ambience it may be the best theater I've been to.

sachin makasana

I have been here multiple times now and enjoyed myself Everytime. The screens are great with good, comfortable and clean seating. Staff is very helpful. They can make the location of food court a bit better but that doesn't take away anything from over all experience.

Linda S

Just love the reclining chairs in this theater. I don't think I could go back to the regular type now. You can make your reservations online which is a very good idea since the more popular movies tend to fill up quickly. There are lots of things you can buy before the movie including alcoholic beverages now. You can also take your alcoholic beverages into the movie with you. All are fairly expensive and you will end up paying as much for a movie and popcorn and a drink as you would have going out to dinner. Not cheap. And of course you cannot bring your own drink or anything else in with you. I do not go to the movies very often but if you're going to do it, this is the way to go. Book and pay online and you can use the barcode on your phone as your ticket.

Sheila V.

Love the comfort of this theater! A great place to relax and unwind.

Jasmin Perez

Comfortable seats and clean theater.

Cary Osborne

Great movie theater with lounge type seats that adjust for comfort. Good snack bar and sell drinks plus some food.

ReG Show

Best theater in town in my personal opinion and experience

Vaneza Perla

Love the seat. The lines was quick and the service was great.

Alexandann Johnson

Best seats in the state. Also Kyle the concessions attendent is a gem. Give that boy a raise.

Fernando Viladegut

The best cinema seats.

Chase Orton

One of the best theaters in Nova. The seats and the sound quality make this a great pick. Location is nice as well being in the mall and close to many places to eat before a flick. Not in love with the bar and staff there, my only gripe, seem a little rude and bothered. Overall a fun place to view a film in Dulles. Recommend over Regal across street, Cobb Leesburg and Regal 16 nearby.


Online tickets option, seat reservations, clean, easily accessible from inside the mall or from large parking lot outside. Bar provides drinks to take in theater. Food, refreshment lines move quickly. Good staff.

Kevin Jones

Great location. Always friendly and helpful staff. Never to cold like a lot of theaters and the seats are super comfy. I stopped by the bar for a hot tea on my way in. Bathrooms are always clean well lit and will maintained. I always have a great experience there.


Clean and nice smelling. We don't usually come to Regal since its not the closest theatre to us, but it was near where we were going to dinner and we have never had a bad time at a Regal. Friendly and helpful.

Jorge Gonzalez

Very good hamburgers and nice seating

shari poinsette

Good seats, clean bathrooms servive was ok this time at the bar and consessions. Cheeto popcorn was cold

Marc N

Nice movie theater. Enjoy the recliner seats, and the reservations you can make. Makes it a good experience with no @stress”

Big Ted Wentworth

Very nice venue, convenient parking, comfy recliners. Wish the food trays folded down, but otherwise a very decent theater experience.

Dan Dailey

The best in the area

Ruben Ayllon

Pro: I have been going to this cinema over the past three years. Enjoy watching movies and earn rewards. Also, within the years this is by far the best place to relax. Reserve seats & recline chairs. Con: sometimes this place gets dirty by not cleaning the floors or chairs. Not a problem just have to clean it myself lol.

Pramathesh Halder

Very spacious and comfortable reclined seats.

Tonia Rhodes-Pierce

Excellent theater but the young man at the alcohol bar wasn't nice or happy. He gave the impression of not wanting to be there and dealing with people.

diana suits

Great place for a movie the regal cinema is a nice choice for fun and affordable entertainment. You can get a pretty decent sized snack that is remarkably tasty good plus a huge variety of the sweet treats and candy that you expect to find. I love the wide aisles and reclining seats for the comfort of my home at the wide screen experience. I don't like the lengthy previews but it doesn't deter the overall experience.

Frank Nienhouse

Meant to give four starts not three.

r c

Excellent big recliners, and you can drink in the theater....don't have that where I am from

Ahmed Nounou

The cinema experience is great, but the popcorn was very salty

Amels Phone

Love the recliners and enjoyed several movies there.

Berry Chhouk

Regal Movie theater @ the Dulles Town center mall one of my go to favorite theaters. Went to see the NEW Halloween Michael Myers movie with a group of friends. 11pm showing kinda late but the crowd is better in the evening. We order drinks @ the bar, popcorn was still fresh and layered of course. I saw security presence which is a (+) feel safe. Always had a great experience here.

Dana Sciandra

Even though there is a nice theater located closer to our home, we prefer this cinema due to the comfortable recliner chairs. I give it 4 stars because those chairs are starting to show their age and use, where the footrests and trays that extend over the chair are becoming uneven or loose. Still our favorite place to see the latest flicks.

George Wessells

Loved the seats always nice and food always good too!!

John Lee

Best place to see movies. Recliner seats plus munchies.

Bill Wells

The best theater ever. Reclining seats with ample arm room. Bar in the lobby. Pizza and chicken tenders are freshly cooked. By any measure the price of popcorn, drinks, and candy is outrageously inflated. Go the the kiosk by the Food Court and stock your pocket if you have an urge for candy. Absolutely join the Regal Cinema Club and get points good for tickets and food "upgrades".

Mary 2016 ASHBURN

Very helpful Staff. I am slightly Disable, and use a Walker Aid.

Laura Mae

This is one of the better movie theaters in the area, but it has the limitations of any of the mainstream ones. The location is convenient, the kiosks work very well, and the reclining seats are comfortable. You're not going to get the sort of experience you have at the Alamo, where there are no commercials, food and alcohol is served in theater, and quiet is demanded. They do not have the sort of independent films you get at the Angelika or specialty programming of Countryside. But if you don't care about food and wish to see a blockbuster it's a great place to go because it's clean and comfortable.

Pavan Kumar

The theaters are clean and located inside the Dulles Mall visible from street and there is lot of parking next to the entrance. Lot of shopping and dinning places close by while waiting for someone. Seating near concession place for parents waiting to pickup children. Restrooms are available at the waiting area.

Michelle Thilking

Great seating and delivery options for the ultimate in movie awesomeness.

Paloma Prothero

This movie theater is really expensive, much more than others near by, but what you pay is for the convenience of being in the mall.

Christopher Tinker

Love the seats, and it wasn't crowded. Nice


I don't like this there they give give 1 position but said to do 3 person job. And there very bad guys works who didn't do there own work they do other person work and when nobody came to buy something they talked with manager so loudly because manager was also there age.

Stella N

Love the recliners there..makes watching a movie so comfy and fun. Hot food always seems to take forever but they bring it to your seats if you want.

Amy Draffen

Comfy seats, lots of choices, assigned seats. Food is pricey (but that's always true at movie theaters).

Ranjeet Rajanala

Very Clean and nice theater but its very pricey compared to the alternatives, must be a Mall premium

Cayleigh W.

Love the recliner seats always the best.

Joseph Willis

You have to try this movie theater! It's definitely somewhere you want to go if you want to watch a movie.

Sabrina N.

My favorite theater in Loudoun County. Absolutely love their comfy reclining chairs. Staff is friendly and theaters are nice.

Osama Hussein

great space and seats


The movie started like 20 minutes later

Kathy Shue

Nice theater. Reclining seats, reserved, good pitch so no problem seeing over others. Restrooms clean. Good sized screen, not one of those barely larger than home. Food I've priced, but typical of theater prices.

Keith Estes

Comfortable reclining seats. Friendly service. Convenient to the rest of the mall, and lots of parking. Surprisingly cheap matinee tickets.

Brandon DesLongchamps

Two urinals in the men's bathroom, even more expensive than normal theaters and even more bloat commercials at the beginning. Will try to avoid in the future.

Mason703 C

Great Time as Usual!!! Staff was Very helpful this evening as well!!!! **Added a vid of myself riding!.lol


Volume is a bit loud and they seem to want to play trailers for 45 minutes after the movie is supposed to start. Seats are extremely comfortable though, and don't have a hard bar between the loveseat, so cuddling is pretty idea. 4/5 would go again.

Gaelan Shively

This was a decent theater. The seats were comfortable and the audio/video quality were fine. Unfortunately when we ordered snacks it took forever to receive them. The food was cooked before we ordered so the most it needed was to be thrown into a microwave, but the staff chose to serve popcorn to a large group that was behind us before getting our food ready. As a result, we were waiting for ten minutes when we really did not need to.

Fudou Akio

Almost 5 if there was less trash on the seats

Leon E Burrell

Avengers end game was good

Trent Blackburn

This is one of the best theaters in the area due to its ridiculously comfortable power reclining leather seats and full bar. The food is on par with most theaters and the staff are friendly. Additionally, I love the reserved seating for every movie so there's never any issue getting a good seat. The surrounding area is plentiful as well as it's located in the Dulles Town Center.

Javier Sanchez

Good place with comfortable seats and good food and drinks.

Philip Cowgill

Has recliner seating, very nice interiors.

Alex Kaz

This is a great theater again! The seats are seriously very comfortable. The sound and movie quality visuals at Regal Dulles are great. The theater is kept clean. Popcorn and soda are consistently good. The staff has always been friendly and helpful. Thank you Regal Dulles for fixing the squeak sound in theater 4. One negative: The theater's exit signs within the theaters are green in color and are very bright to the point of annoyance. If I am sitting on the side of the theater I find myself trying to block out the the glare from the exit sign. Human eyes are most sensitive to green light. AMC uses red color exit signs which are adequately visible but are not obstructive. Regal, can you change to red color exit signs within the theaters? This would improve the movie experience.

Jorge Zaquitzal

This is a newish movie theater. Really great and friendly staff. After shopping all day you can relax with a movie and a beer! Theater rooms are really cozy as well not too packed and the seats feel great! Full reclining seats. Now you can use the Atom app to buy ticket so you literately now can buy your ticket and walk straight to the guy who rips the tickets and head to the theater. No need to go to the counter or food counter unless you want food. Also, a bottle of water is like 5 bucks. Bring your own bottle of water.

Pai Nam Cheung

Expensive on snack and drink, ticket is good price, seat are comfy

Jason Adams

The movie theater itself is excellent. Great seating and screens. The staff leaves much to be desired. Very slow customer service and the staff is not knowledgeable about the Regal Rewards Program. Not very helpful or friendly either. I won’t come back to this particular Regal ever again.

Berkeley Batie

Great theater and a great experience every time. I really enjoy going to the movies still thanks to Regal.

Melissa Dukes

Great evening out! Good concessions, with friendly service, comfy reclining seats in the theater and clean restrooms!!

Darkman! !

I had to pay for a free ticket. I don't know how that even works but I wanted to IT pretty badly. Janet was awesome though.

Mels Holmes

I love this theater. Use the kiosk inside to get your tickets and pick your seats. The concession staff is often new and sometimes cannot find what I want but they always try and are always polite. The theater is immaculately clean and the atmosphere relaxed and pleasant.

Joyceann G

The staff at great and the seats are perfect. The theater is keep so clean, perfect place to enjoy a movie! The effort shows.

Taneel Harriott

Awesome!!!love the movie theater

Jailyn Bunting

The chairs are really nice and the sound goes throughout the room

Martin G.

The seats are comfy, but do not fully recline. I am not sure how I feel about the personal table top per seat. The only main detractor was that it was crazy hot in the theater. I am used to being frozen out at the cinema, but this place has us sweating.

Matthew Sharpe

I've been fairly pleased with the Regal Cinemas in the mall. Staff is friendly and counter service is quick. They have a menu with hot food that you can wait to pickup. Theaters and bathrooms are usually clean and the seating are nice reclining seats with small tables attached (seems standard for a lot of these types of theaters now). Alcohol is available at the lobby bar (not sure if you can bring it in or not as I usually don't drink).

Genderson Hernandez

Love that it has recliners and its pretty clean all the time, never once saw a mess and they have a bar inside.


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