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REVIEWS OF Regal Countryside IN Maryland

Michael Tripp

Clean and a very good theater. No crowds.

Bharti Thukral

If you are looking for Bollywood, Punjabi or South Indian movies, it’s the place.

Fredrick Ferguson

We were about to give this a 5 star but unfortunately the concession stand is very poorly run. The food is fine, it tastes great actually. However, the time waiting for the slow staff to make our order was border line ridiculous. Faster, better trained staff would probably make them more money. For a staffer to tell me they are out of jalapenos for the nachos just because he did not want to get any out of the back, that is just unsat! When I told him to get the manager all of a sudden they had them in stock!!

stephen pereira

All types of movies they show its gd..

Ashrita Konchada

Good experience n good sound effects

Michael Vella

This is a nice theater. Its not crazy expensive like the Alamo. Its kept clean and service was fine at the food counter. They also serve beer and wine that you can bring into the theater. Overall this is a nice place to go see a movie when you want the theater experience rather then staying home and watching Netflix.

Sujan kumar Ghosh

The best place for movies in sterling area. So many options at 1 place. The tickets are reasonable and its relatively emptier then other places.

Katherine Link

It's okay but not compared to the other theaters around the area

Romit Mathur

Good place to see hindi movie, ample parking space however this place needs renovation.

Ravi Shankar Srinivas

Excellent place to watch Indian movies.

Gautam Ijoor

Good theatre for Indian regional movies.

Mia Jackson

Very nostalgic, great customer service, plenty of parking! Although they could upgrade their payment system to allow tap to pay.

Vivasvan Chebolu

Half way into the movie, the fire alarm went off and the entire theatre was emptied out. Not really the best maintained theater!!

Chris Jey

Good theater and sound system, I give it 4 stars because it lacks recliner seats. Parking is plenty and lot of eating places around.

Honey Bahl

Good for watching international movies, specially Bollywood movies. Seats are not comfortable, but overall it's ok.

Misti Minott

Nice. Huge theater.

Lashaana Bell

Could've smelled better

rachit vijay

The ticket counter person was really unprofessional. He didn't even ask me to present my regal crown club card before printing the tickets, he was busy texting someone. When I asked to scan my regal crown club card, he refused and told to redeem it using an access code on the ticket which seems to be not working. Soo Soo Soo unprofessional. Beware of that little guy with spec's. Other customers care people are good, they asked for the code to scan while paying for the beverages.

Aslam mohammed

Tuesday deals are always good..

Alec DeBussy

The theater seats weren't recliner seats, but that is not something the staff have control over, and I am here to talk about my experience. The staff here was very friendly, giving me fair and quick service in both ticket sales and food sales. I showed up a minute before the time the movie was supposed to start, and was able to miss none of it because of how fast the staff was in getting my order. Not only did the staff patiently deal with my rushed order, but they got it correct first try, and made everything perfectly. The food was quite delicious. The movie wasn't that great, but my experience at this theater was amazing and I would definitely return again!

Rolandus Dove

Low crowd, very clean facility. BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY

Raymond Mueller

Coutryside is one of two Regal Cinemas in Sterling, which allows them to show more movies then just the most popular releases. The theaters are clean and neat and a great alternative if you are not looking to have food other then popcorn and snacks.

Hunter Rawlings

Always training new people. Did takes 15 minutes to get. They are nice, but it's impossible to get to your movie quickly

Daniel H

Regardless of the lack of renovations it’s a clean theater and mostly empty. The staff are very friendly and helpful with any questions you may have. The theaters are clean and the quality is good for the price of the standard seating. If you are planning on seeing imax or 3D go to Dulles they have better seating and it’s just down the road.

Denis Bermudez

If you are going to sell beer, honor the wrist band. I get it, this is not the Alamo Drafthouse however, why you got to ask for my ID every time I order some beer? Why you got to lock down the beer after you server? Have it ready man, my movie is running! I'm missing out. Just saying!

Colleen Huhn

Typical movie theater. Popcorn was good.

Ryan Borrell

They may not have those fancy chairs but its never too crowded these days.

VigyBoy The Budget Traveler

Cramped seats will be noticed at once you enter. No seat numbers to follow.

Cory Laws

Good and bad. Almost zero vibe/ambiance; pedestrian at best. But not crowded, and usually a good selection of movies with comfortable standard seating.

Todd Reese

Theater was clean, but house lights were too bright.

Amit G

Best place to watch hindi movies!!! Perfect place for a weekend movie time..

Swetha Mandala

Good theatre.We always prefer to go to this theatre with family and friends.

Richard Davis

A great theater to see South Asian movies, with many choices. If a film is supposed to have an intermission, they don't skip it as other theaters do, which is usually badly needed by an old guy like me.

Rose Rainoff

I would enjoy it so much more with recliner seats, please!

Cathie Freeman

It's a fine theater, however I have trouble walking long distances and my theater was way down the hall. After coming out I needed a place to sit while my son got the car. An employee of the theater, Arnold Palmer (seriously that was his name,) found me a seat. Instructed my son where a close back door was and personally walked me out to the car. What an excellent example of customer service. He should be commended for helping.

anudeep kowluru

Decent theaters.

Santoshi Yadav

Good place for bollywood movies

Jose Vargas

They could use more diversity in their staff which would improve their service because it feels like it's family run without the family service

Etude of Memories

Clean and nice place to watch movies

Binit Nagori

Movie Theatre is nice and clean. Hope they have recliner seats in the near future.

Aniruddh Som

Lots of audis , fun movie experience. Seating not so great.

Ram Charan

Good place for Indian movies

Squid Assassin

Been a good 6 years since I was at a regal theater because it's a bit of a drive but other theaters have forgotten how to make popcorn thankfully regal hasn't will be seeing all movies here from now on

Amith Hulikal Narayan

Good place

Josiah Rentschler

Probably the best theater for the ticket price. Once a screen seemed off and I informed a manager and they fixed it within a few minutes before the movie started. This is my go to place when I want to see a movie and not spend $15+

Nathan Miller

Popcorn on floor, dirt on the screen. Not impressed.

Anjani Bommadevara

This is our destination if we are in the mood for an Indian movie ( Telugu, Hindi).We have been going to this theater for about a decade now and never had a bad experience but the reason for this rating is because they now have monitoring while screening Indian movies like personnel to check food or randomly stand in the theater while the movie is playing and the staff is pretty irritating. they block the few for quite a few people,spoil the experience, make comments while the movie is still playing and basically treat us like they are doing us a favor by playing that movie. We pay good money to be there and we should be treated with min respect and courtesy. Very disappointing

Rosalyn Cousar

I am a movie buff. The Regal Cinema, Countryside, is a great place to enjoy a good movie. There's always an amazing selection of movies to choose from.

Phil Dalencour

It's ok. Does the job. Kind of sad that they have as many theatres as they do and yet even with new releases it's basically empty. Good and bad for those who want to movie go. There doesn't seem to be the luxe seating many theatres have swapped up for or the ability to register seats which is a change I've appreciated. But again there sound is good. The theatre rooms are good. It's just, "good".

Vivek Mishra

Good place to watch hindi movies

Parshwa Jain

Nice, clean and comfortable seats. It is very well located and reasonably priced. The food counter has alcohol too

Neha Goyal

Sitting not so comfortable

Debasish Chowdhuri

Staff have no clue about food and snack items. Place is old. Desperate need to renovate pls.

Alice Matthiesen

Impressed by how large the theatre is. Nice theatre with reasonable ticket prices.

Sundas Abrar

Good place. Reasonable prices.

Rekha Patel

What great location and seats are very nice

Manohar Vankayala

15+ screens and every screen has it own speciality


I love this theater. I could just as easily go across the street to the one at Dulles but that would require planning ahead and reserving a seat. I love being able to go to a movie at the spur of the moment and still find a good seat. This theater is rarely crowded, everyone is very nice, and the seats are certainly comfortable enough to sit in for a couple of hours. I don't need reclining seats. The concession stand costs the same as others in the area, so I am not sure what other people are complaining about. They serve wine and beer now. And they have discount Tuesdays! I believe that tickets are half price every Tuesday. Can't beat that!

Reyan Patel

Not the best. But decent and clean place. It could be improvised in terms of music quality, screen size, sitting comfort and over all movie experience.

Belal Mahmoud

Everything was nice and easy except finding the place. There are 2 surrounding shopping centers, then there is the cinema located behind them both in an obscure location. Even with GPS it took me an extra 5-10 min to find it

Sandeep Josan

Nice place to enjoy variety of Hollywood and international movies!

Brian Carr

Doesn't have a lot of the amenities that most of the newer theaters have. That said, the theater is fine and it's less expensive than the other ones.

Joel Cornell

A solid theatre with good deals, friendly staff, and a range of theatre sizes.

DR. Pallavi Rai

Amc is much better,the seats were just fixated,they didn't even move an inch...quite uncomfortable.

Ravi Acharya

Nice- little too far

char minar

I was very surprised to know that this theater does not have a chip reader so they can take the debit card with chip. The ticket issuer try to take manual it does not work like this. They have to update their system. The seats are not reclining n Very uncomfortable. Need to upgrade them too.

Niraj Palsule

Variety of ethnic movies, great price and welcoming staff (especially Danny).

Leena A

Its ok

Zoiria Khan

Great savings on Tuesdays 50% off

Vijay Sale

Enjoy the Tuesday discount price.

Cristobal Alvarez

It's a good theater, with a good selection of food and drink

Jennifer Jackson

Clean. They have a summer movie program for kids which is great. BUT...they don't turn sound down or keep lights up. And...while the credits were rolling, they left the lights down. With all of the extra moms and kids in there, it would've been helpful. When I asked a staff member if they could turn lights on, he said it's all on a timer...there's nothing I can do about it. As I write this, I keep taking stars away from my initial rating.

Rahul Panchal

Good place to watch Bollywood movie and Hollywood as well. Seats are very comfortable and service is good

shyam csg

Just okay. Not that great of ambience.

Raja Bandi

Enough parking spot. There is no seat reservation. Seats are stadium style and are ok. They should upgrade to recliner seats and seat reservation should be implemented instead of first come first serve. Enough food and drink choices.

Andy Hughhs

It's an older theater and rundown a bit, but it gets the job done. Shows a good selection of mainstream, indie, and Bollywood movies if thats your thing. Only thing I really don't like are the smaller theaters.

Sohail Khan

Good selection of movies, nice atmosphere.

Kevin Price

It's good, but they compete against themselves--they have another theater (Dulles) a mile or two away where they like to put the first run movies instead of here. The other theater is even more expensive (though any theater in this area costs a fortune).

Parrish Blackwell

The theater was clean, comfortable, and well appointed. Five stars if not for the parking lot being so strangely located. It's off to the side of a restaurant. Who wants to compete with their patrons for parking?

Abhishek Bhaskar

Good for Indian movies.

Nigel Lockett

Movie quality was great, food was fresh. My only complaint would be the smell in some of the theatres the carpet needs to be cleaned really badly. It's kind of hard to enjoy movie and look beyond the smells

Vaijanath Madugolkar

Nice movie theater. But I felt popcorn and coke was little expensive.

David Coleman

This place really needs an upgrade. 20 years ago this place would have been ok. That said we had the theater to ourselves. The place was clean and the staff nice. But if another of the area theaters has a movie I want to see I am going there. Only reason to come here is if you cant find a movie elsewhere.

Prasanna Katti

Probably a good one around to watch a movie.

Jean Paul Diaz

I like it because is always seats available.

Ruth Cole

Daughter had a great time watching Incredibles 2

mashiat fatma

Good theater especially for Indian movies, although seats do not recline. Tickets rates are average and pretty cheap if you go at off times.

Judy Smith

Seats are not as good as Worldgate. Not reclining. Also, a little bit pricey for daytime.

Nilanjana Choudhury

Only place near ashburn to watch hindi bollywood movie.

Asan Sad

Does this theatre supports movie pass? Am looking for an Indian movies

Ashkan Kazeminejad

The manager at this place on Sundays is AWESOME. ABSOLUTELY AWESOME. I am a VERY LOYAL Regal Rewards member and he helped me through something VERY WELL. VERY WELL DONE.

M Jayanth

So far So good. No trouble yet :)

Trushar Patel

Watched a really good movie, Badhai Ho!

Kumarjit Basak

Seats are good. But no recyclner & no assigned seat number. Otherwise cinema complex is good.

shari poinsette

Very clean. I was surprised how nice it was BUT the seats give u no leg room. Change your seats and I will watch all my movies at your theater

Stephen G

An aging theater that they have taken care of. Still comfortable with a wide selection of movies.

Amir Manraj

Even though there are other cinemas closer to where I live, I come here because they show Indian films. My only complaint is that this cinema doesn't have reclining seats like other ones, such as the Regal in Arlington.

Daniel Hill

This is one of my favorite theaters. We were there today with grandchildren. But we jist discovered a problem. We did not know that my daughter had bought us tickets- we came a bit layer & bought tickets- so we ended up paying 2 times-. How do we bet a refund? We could not get the number - only the general information number.

Ryan Dolce

Went in to see a movie, stopped working a little bit past half way because if projector issues, so they gave me two free movies passes! Now that's some great customer service. I'm not even mad I didn't get to see the rest of the movie! Lol

diana suits

Clean and friendly staff is what makes them stand out from other THEATER companies. The variety of cinema features presented offers movie goers a great choice for all kinds of entertainment. The snacks are not fantastic but reasonable price for your traditional food products and the food is served fairly quickly depending on how busy they are.

Richa Gupta

Very useful. Kid friendly. Birthday party spot. App points earn u free popcorn. Large popcorn is refill free, best part :)

Rebecca Bellamy

Good deal for the kids

Umesh Bhatta

was too hot inside theater

Dilip Upadhyay

Visited Regal cinemas at sterling, watched movie manikarnika . Staff extremely polite and courteous. Theater movie hall , and restroom were clean . Will keep visiting for other movies too .

Harini Jayaprakash

For Indian movies best place to regal We visited at least once in a week..


Hidden Gem

avishek ganguly

Parking slots are extra small, forget about minivans SUVs even difficult to park standard sedans. Leaves exactly 8 inches on either side. Movie theatres are average, neither good nor bad


Great theater

Greg Fontaine

Plenty of movies and showtimes, best place to use MoviePass as there are always decent seats whenever you show up.

Hifsa Chatha

Awesome place to watch Pakistani and Indian movies in i think whole of USA but definitely in whole of virgina

Vernon White

Nice movie theaters

Daniel Rendon

Very empty for a theatre. Enjoyed the movie. Be ready to fork up 10$ for each popcorn.

Mick Ahluwalia

Stale popcorn and flat coke... no one on duty that could have done something I guess but young kid in court kid was apologetic.

Siddhi Patil

Bad screen seating distance, no air conditioning, popcorn was bad too. Very bad experience.

Isaac Bowser

If you want to have a quiet theater yet mildly dirty this is the place

Krunal Kulkarni

nice place to watch movies but not recliner chairs but very clean and friendly staff

Gary Kim

Danny at concession stand was the absolute best.

Nandu Menon

Parking is good. TIckets are cheaper than other places. Plenty other language movies. Especially Bollywood. Chairs are not very comfortable. I found the same in AMC too. I go to this place almost every week.

Donald McCleary

Awesome experience and good prices. Food prices were much less than other theaters.

Craig Sablosky

Easy parking, nice facility, clean and staff is always very friendly. Chairs are comfortable - I don't need a lazy-boy to see a movie. Concessions prices seem to be the same as any other movie theatre. It never seems crowded so you can get a great seat without having to reserve in advance and pay extra. Tuesdays are half price which is a great deal. Top selection for seeing a movie!

Ranjeet Rajanala

Cheap n Good collection of Indian Movies. But Seats are Old n don’t Recline

sharar payne

Staff has horrible attitude. Even though they aren't ever really busy they try to rush you out of every line from getting your tickets, to getting food. It's ridiculous! You're better off going across the stree to Dulles

Yousaf Sheikh

Kinda old but great place to go watch foreign desi movies...

Vince G

Always great selection of movies and friendly staff.

Arun Panjabi

Satisfied. All men's restrooms do not have partitions between urinal pots. Privacy is hampered. Have been requesting uptown GM level. Nothing is being done. Otherwise every thing is 5 stars

Tom Davis

I love my senior discount! Food always tastes great, staff are always friendly and since this theater's always empty I get to enjoy my movies peacefully with my wife!

bhupinder kaur

You can go there to watch movies.this is good cinemas to watch movies.eating point like subway is near by.

tom gera

Excellent variety of movies, especially Indian movies.

Gaelan Shively

This place was a bit cheaper than the other theater in the area. The seats were the old style theater seats which were not as comfortable. However we were served promptly and courteously so I would still recommend this place over the other theater.

Vivek Bhargava

Great location for Bollywood movies!

Arjit R.

I’ve loved this location for a long time but it’s been declining in recent years as traffic has moved to Regal Dulles. I just saw Avengers here and auditorium 14 had the worst audio I have ever heard in a theater. It was so quiet, elements of the score were lost. Whispers were clearly heard. I’ve never been in an auditorium that quiet. A disappointing way to experience an event film. Won’t return here again.

Rahul T

This is a 1980s theater with no push back seats. A fountain soda costs you 6$, they sell beers inside and again the beers cost 4x the cost you pay outside. Parking area looks dangerous as there is no monitoring around it. On the whole - I would give this a 1 star. I go to a theater to relax,not to sit uncomfortable, not to pay for unreasonable prices for food.

madhusudhana basavaraj

Nice one for desi movies

Ramachandra Sattigeri

My goto theater for watching Bollywood movies.

Diego Ureña

Cheap and comfortable, way better than Alamo or other around. It just not modern or chic but sometimes just traditional is the way to go.

Ashok Matoria

Enjoy bollywood (Hindi) movies here whenever I go with friends or/and family. And half price all tuesdays saves some in pocket!

Chase Youngblood

To start, the parking is terrible. Like it was an after thought. The concessions offered a lot of variety and the beer/ wine is a bonus. The real issue is the seating. Old, small and non reclining. Reminds me of a center seat on a budget airline.

Ana Garcia

Love the customer service, the food court impeacable clean

Krishna Rao

Ok place. Outdated seating and facilities.

Sudhir Durvasula

Clean, comfortable seats and good sound.

inayat ahmad

It’s nice place for watching movies theater is in shopping center if anyone get little bit early then movie schedule timing they walk in shopping center and kill time easily

Carissa Grindstaff

Place is not crowded and staffs are so nice.

ann marsden

This a great neighborhood movie theatre. They have a nice and wide selection of current movies, it's clean, the staff are pleasant. Now that there are other, newer and fancier theaters in the area I still enjoy coming here with the added bonus of less people and shorter lines. A nice night out and it is close to some good restaurants.

Raghunathan Gandhi

Theatre is good but pricey!

Sravan and Sushmitha's

Regal countryside stadium cinemas is best , it has arcade , nearly 20 screens

Jecky Patel

Nice and spacious! Good amount of movie choices available for all the moviegoers.

Shankhajit Ghosh Dastidar

Not the best maintained or cleanest theater but a variety of movies (including current mainstream Bollywood, South Indian, Punjabi, Pakistani) are played here.

Suzanne Ainey

My last visit to the Regal Countryside in Sterling was a good one. We were able to pick excellent seats, easy in & out, found decent parking nearby and the staff were helpful.

Rakesh S

Good place to watch Indian movies. It has stadium Seating.

Will Martinez

Been here a lot for work outings. I don't like it because seats don't recline and tickets cost the same. I do however like the fact they have family restrooms for those that need it.

SalRiz RIz

It's a good cinema....they don't have a recliner seats. Price also $ 1.36 higher than other cinema. Usually Tuesdays you could watch movie for $5.00 but here you pay $6.36 and plus tax...

Suparna Kundu

Could use some more food options to snack on

shazia Masood

Good service

Bruce Johnson

Still a good theater, but showing its age.

Harun Or Rasid

People are so annoying.


I go there for Hindi movies. It’s a old theater but they play lot of Hindi and Punjabi.


Very quiet theater and very good customer service


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