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REVIEWS OF Regal Ballston Quarter IN Maryland

Colin Taylor

It's a really nice cinema in a building site. Be warned

Sonta Johnson

Reserved seating. Audio too loud.

Jeff Kryger

The theater itself is pretty nice. Reclining seats, large screens, good sound system. It's always been pretty cold in the theater though when I've been there. Variety of food and drink options, although I've been underwhelmed with the quality the last couple times that I've been. There's a ton of construction going on at the mall so getting to the place is a bit of a challenge. That's not the fault of the theater, but it is a bit of an adventure trying to make it out for a night at the movies. It does mean that the theater is basically empty every time that I've gone, not sure if that is a positive or negative though.

Hannah Jordan

Easy parking, super comfy reclining seats! What more could you ask for?

emma schons

Reclining seats, good head and leg room. Water is close to $5.00 , you may want to get tap haha. They are really improving also paid $1.00 to park in garage.

jovan lewis

During spring break the popcorn machine was broke. Very disappointing!

Superstar Kels

Nice movie theater. Good customer service

Aileen Dollete

Visited here to attend NCC when I was in town. Easy to access the $1 parking on Sundays (for 3 hours). Motorized reclining seats with swing out tables.

K Cotton

The reclining seats are second to none. We had a fantastic experience.

David Stewart

Construction is almost finished, so things are returning to normal. Good theater.

Raakin ROll

I am reviewing this in 2019 post renovations. This mall has gotten a significant facelift. Haven't had the chance to see what the store offering is but surely look's promising.

Zachary Ackerman

Pretty good movie theater! The seats are great; fully automated recliners that are super comfy. The food selection is also typical what you'd see anywhere else, and prices remain high as you'd expect. Only negative is that the screen sizes aren't quite as big as you'd expect given what the norm is nowadays. This is clearly rooted in the age of the theater and its original build. Most of the rooms just aren't wide enough to fit bigger screens.

Rick Anderson

Good food.

PeterSu Copley

This ia a great movie theater located inside a mall. The tickets are a little pricey and there arw a lot of steps to go up and down to get to your show. The seats are comfy and the floor clean, the sound is clear and not too loud.

Gopal Samant

A first for me in the decades of going to the cinemas. The movie started and the lights were never turned off. After the movie had started I had to actually run down all the way to he ticket counter to get someone to turn it off. Not a good experience for sure.

Trevor Bryant

If you're seeing an early matinee and the theatre isn't yet open, don't panic. The theatre hours on Maps and websites aren't currently reflective of when the staff opens. The theatre opened 20 minutes before a 12pm showing on a Monday and there was ample time to get seated. Otherwise, this is a large theatre with reclining seats. It's been a Ballston staple all through the near-decade reconstruction project.

Manavi solanki

Newly made . great functional recliners !!!

steve rudis

Small theaters with very loud sound. No one at box office need to buy your tickets at kiosk that does not take your regal card.

Deborah Cox-Roush

goid theater seating concession area dirty lots of employees just standing around. trash all over concession area. movie was great

Zack Schwartz

I see movies twice a month at this location for the last year or so. A year ago, they would be 3 out of 5 stars at best (never seemed like they had enough staff to man the concession booths and clean the theaters). But over the last year they've done a 180 and really improved the experience and staff. Getting up the elevator is still a challenge due to all the mall construction, but there isn't anything the theater can do about that. Nice to see this location pull their act together. Keep it up.

Sam Serhane

My favorite place to take my son and watch a great movie

Mike Borszich

Concessions lines are always ridiculously slow.

Andrew Tuohy

Finding the place during construction wasn't a problem. Having one incompetent cashier unable to clear a line of 5 ticket buyers in 10 minutes was a problem. No, the ticket kiosks weren't an option. I left and went elsewhere.

Russell Mosier

Best movie theater around. Huge seat, clean, easy in and out parking.

Wayne Evans

Love it!

Debi Lovell

Went to see the movie "Long Shot", when we got there, no lines, just a few folks at the concession stand. When we went to the theater, what a nice layout. You find your seat, and the are full recliner seats, roomy, and you have a little table with a cup holder that swings so you can bring it on front of you if you need. Boy the seats are comfy. Its roomy enough if you need to get up, you can comfortably get out while the other folks ate fully stretched out in their recliners. Want to see a movie, you will love it here!!

Kristina Middleton

The comfortable reclining seats and individual trays are what make navigating the construction and chaos of the mall worth it for me.

Dien Truong

The mall used to be so rundown, but the theater was always nice. The chairs reclined and were very comfortable. The mall has been renovated and looks so much nicer! I can't wait for the stores to open.

Armin Urban

Meanwhile a little older theater but still okay. Parking in the garage is not free.


Very comfortable chairs, I use their rewards programs and get free pop corn and soda very often. Customer service is great.


Seating was comfortable and the room was spacious. The audio from the movie was quite loud but ultimately the surround sound was nice. Getting to the theatre can be a hassle your first time, as it is located directly within an ongoing mall renovation.

Alexis Higgins

This is a strange place. They've been doing renovations on the mall that this moving theater is in for what feels like forever so it's a bit of a hassle to get to. However, because of that this place is never crowded! It's a normal movie theater, early 90's vibes, updated seats, high schoolers working the stands etc. Last time we went the projector wasn't working, but they handled it very well and exchanged our tickets for a different movie and they gave us each a free ticket to come back another time. I do feel bad for the staff as the construction must be making their lives utterly dull, but I'm sure it will be a madhouse once major renovations are complete. Enjoy the solitude while it lasts!


Very good movie theater. I really enjoyed the seats they were spacious and comfortable. Some thoughts although the seating is very nice ticket seem to sell very fast and a lot of the good seats are gone quickly I started off wanting to see a movie at 1 p.m. and didn't get to see the movie with good seats till 9:30 p.m. However I had a great time. Just know that if you want to see new movies that you have to get your tickets fast.

Hillel Weinberg

They figured out how to moderate the sound level from deafening to reasonable. Great seats.

Kelly Snyder

Nice theater but on the last three visits at least one of the seats doesn't work.

Fabiula Maughan

The movie theater it self is great but the costumer service is far from good.

Joelar Jordan

If I could put 0/5 stars I would. This was the worst theater experience I have ever had. 1) The theater is under construction and you have to walk through the dusty unsafe construction area to get to the theater yet they still want to charge you full price. 2) The seats are sticky and unclean. 3) The screens are the smallest I have ever seen. 4) DONT throw your parking ticket away with your movie ticket, there is a $10 charge to get out!!! Like I said, worst theater I have ever been to. DO NOT GO HERE!!!

Paul De

solid theater renovated with recliners and reserved seating, but some screen issues that have gone reported and not fixed, as well as not enough and untrained employees might mar the experience. saddens me thinking of its glory days, with three levels but now-empty concession stands.

Quinn V

The air conditioning was barely on in our theater, we were sticking to our seats, even after notifying them originally before the movie started that the AC wasn't on. The seats fully recline and are huge, which is great!

Leslie Nguyen

Love the seats and the parking garage is so excited to walk into the mall.

Sharon McKenna Gundrum

This place is under construction, and seriously, they should just close. Just close your run down, beat up theatre until its ready. OR, offer reduced ticket prices, something to show your customer that you actually care if they enjoy themselves. With as expensive as the tickets were, to sit in a very warm theatre, with one "temporary" concession stand located nowhere near the actual movie, and only three people even working, our experience was fairly awful. Getting to the actual theatre is perilous, as you traverse creepy stairwells and elevator banks that are in places only framed in. Slightly knitpicky but the curtain was stuck at least a foot in across the screen - just adding to an already frustrating situation. For the amount of money that it costs these days to go to the movies and get a popcorn, the experience should be better.

Bali Adawal

The theatre is good and they run a great selection of movies. They have the recliner chairs with pre-assigned seating The mall is under renovation so access to the theatre is thru a construction zone. But once you are inside the movie watching experience is good

Paul Donaldson

Has comfortable reclining seats. I would prefer watching a movie on a larger screen.

Steven Horneffer

As long as you don't suffer from acrophobia you will like this place. After a ride up a three story escalator your theater is pretty comfortable. Parking, while something moviegoers in Florida expect to be free, is reasonable for DC area theaters.

John Koehn

This is the worst theater around. The parking is a nightmare. Go anywhere else.


Best movie theatre ever! Excellent service from all the employees and managers, but David is my favorite.

Tianna Fonz

The theatre is pretty nice overall. The parking is easy and reasonable. The recliner chairs were very comfortable. It was a busy Saturday afternoon and they were not staffed properly at all. We waited 30 minutes to get a popcorn and a cone. Luckily we got there early since it was new to us and we had the time. The concession area was a bit dirty and looked older but our popcorn and drink were as expected.

Howard Louie

Please finish construction. It feels eerie walking through the half constructed spaces with covered walls etc and exposed beams etc.

Bharathsimha Reddy

Seating is very comfortable. Refreshments are good.. Watch your foot while reaching to the hall as construction materials maybe lying around. Parking spaces are paid. Lots of parking spots available. Renovation under way and lifts to go upstairs are limited. Make sure you are 10-15 min ahead to adjust. New paint job being done so has a strong smell in the parking lot.

Syl Jacob

This place is right next to where I stay, but I’ve always headed to the AMC in Courthouse plaza over the past couple of years. Was the first time I went here yesterday, only because the movie I wanted had no shows at the AMC Everything was bad Seats (ended up with a stiff neck and the seats/swivel-desk were dirty) Sound system Size and quality of the screen And the worst part was : NO air conditioning $14 tickets get you a real nice experience in any other place. This one is a tear-down Do not let the ambience of the mall give you the impression that the theaters good. Head out to an AMC Most people give this place stars because of the short queues The reason the queues are short is because people have already been here and had a terrible time. Don’t let that mislead you

Nodir Zakirov

Nice reclining seats. Plenty of parking space ($1 flat rate). Buy tickets in advance, as the seats are assigned.

Phillip P.

Seats are great but I’ve been to several movies recently there (not my choice) and the projection has been very dim. Ruins the shadows and brights in the movie being watched. This was especially true for Solo and Infinity War.

Gregory Frandano

So I love with place. Great seats. Great sound.

Ravi Acharya

It’ll be amazing once the renovation is established

Hal Eldridge

Definitely upgraded since last time I was there

susan chomsky

Still under construction the mall is shaping up nicely. Clean and open, filled with light. The theatre was really empty, prices comparable to other theaters, super comfy seating.

Rebecca Burton

This place is always a hot mess. The employees are polite, but it's such a shoddy theater. On this visit alone: my seat was broken (their answer was to say 'I'll let the manager know' and otherwise ignore it), the screen cut to black for 10 minutes (luckily just during previews but someone had to go tell management because no employees had noticed), AND, worst of all, you could hear the movie in the neighboring theater the entire time.

Cristian Rubio

Good experience during early show. Mall has been redone. Much much better. Loads of parking. Love the reserve seating. Finally! Wish I'd taken pictures. The ones here are out of date. Oh and they serve beer and wine!

Naren j

Movie place yeyy

Pete Perry

Great movie theater, although the lobby needs some updating the interior of each theater has now been updated with the super comfortable reclining seats. Always some good films and plenty of parking in the mall's garage (5th floor of garage closest to the theater).


I had a pleasant experience here. I am still reminded of visits from years past. I have always liked the location and the changes to the mall and theatre are refreshing.

Reaching Higher

Clean and great experience.

Jane L

Regal Ballston is just fine. Theaters have reclining seats with little slide out tables and lots of extra room to walk down the row. Only issues I have are that the temperature is not comfortable more often than not... It's too hot or too cold or humid and cold? It's weird. Also sometimes there's not much staff and you have to go to the food counter to check in which takes a really long time. They have some of the cheapest matinee prices, though, so maybe that makes up for any shortcomings. My ticket was $7.45.

Blake Carter

Movie theater staff sucks. Started the movie and only sound was on. Missed 5 minutes of the movie. Didn’t offer me a discount or anything. And the building is ghetto AF. Hopefully after the remodel is done it’s better but my worse theater experience ever. And I’ve been here twice.

Crystal Epson

Finally got to check it out. Love how close it is no need to drive to tysons anymore

Steve Delassus

Loved the reclining seats, great sound and picture.

Priest bailey

Big icee

Mary Mayberry

Nice movie theater. The manager even fixed our problem with someone having our seats who were not going to move for us.

Patrick Quinlan

Not a good experience. The theatre was super hot. I was sweating in a t shirt and shorts. Also, you could see the red glow from the exit sign on the screen. Would have been better on my TV in the living room. I will be heading to the AMC in courthouse from now on.

Yezenia Jesie Patillo

Staff is helpful and it’s always clean, you can’t ask for much more at a theater


Saw Deadpool there on 6/9/18 theater 6. The main voice track only came out of a left speaker... a really far left speaker not just left of center. Also half way through the movie the fire alarm went off and we had to leave. They started the movie again but we weren’t able to get back in time through the construction maze that’s going on right now. It was a false alarm and as soon as we were out the exit doors movie staff said we can go back in. So we had to go around the building and back through the escalators at Macy’s and they already restarted the movie. False fire alarms probably happen often with all the construction.

Nick Tomeo

There are a dozen other theaters within 10 miles of this Regal, go to one of those. 15 minutes through a construction zone to get from the garage to the theater (9 waiting for an elevator). Then three minutes to get through the ticket check in line. Then 13 minutes 29 seconds to get through the concession line. Then 'management' only allows a single alcoholic beverage/person at a time and, since by this time our movie had already begun, I waited in the line alone so the rest of our party could go in. Management apparently cares enough about me to make sure I'm drinking responsibly (there's also a 3 drink/person daily limit), but not enough to properly staff their establishment. Other quibbles worth mentioning. The hallway outside the theater was painted in popcorn when I went into the movie, and it was still there two hours later when we all left. Seriously understaffed. The theater itself was exceptionally warm,.must have been 80°+. And, the guy behind me had a broken chair. Don't waste your money waiting in line. Go to any of the other great movie-showing establishments in the area.

Maame A Darkwah

Not my favorite experience at a movie theater. It's a cute place, but the items are very overpriced. Even for a movie theater

Denis Gallegos

I've always liked this theater. Ev3n under construction it was still running. Great place for fun movies...

Carollei McMillin

This is Ballston's best-kept secret for a chill movie-watching experience. The theaters are small but are furnished with giant recliners. despite the current construction and the fact that our movie started late (everyone got free passes because it started 20 minutes late), it was great (partially because we're always late). plus we took advantage of the cute $5 photo booth. go there!

edgar lee

The ticketing was great. The place was clean and the team members were courteous. But you can't have both urinals in a men's room broken on premier Friday night. That's an emergency work order.

Ratings Are Important

They're in the midst of a termination of the entire mall, so it's hard to review. The reclining seats are great. The sound system isn't great, but I'll assume it'll be upgraded in the reno

David Office

Great movie theater. It has the super comfy leather seats. Plenty of theaters The only bad thing is the construction. So it's a bit tricky to get to for your first time there.

Peter Mugo

Nice new joint in Arlighton DC.. great music and a food court

Nichole Vales

I visited this location during renovations, the fire alarm went off during the movie and we had to evacuate. We received a refund and went to eat and returned later to try again. The fire alarm again went off so we decided to try another theater. When we cam back a few hours later, we explained that this was the second time that day, showed receipts and we were given another refund and passes to return. The staff was obviously stressed and under pressure but handled the situation very well, were understanding and and apologetic.

Ryan McWhorter

On the middle of construction in the area make getting to the theater difficult and makes getting tickets and food difficult. Seats are ok but screen 9 was awful and blurry all around the outside. It’s a theater to see a movie nothing special about it.

Paul Marcano

Very nice Theater. Nice reclining front row seats. Good food. There was a buzzing, a loud buzzing sound, throughout the entire movie. It was most notable during quiet scenes but it was enough to ruin the moments. This was in theater 4

Cliff Wheeler

It's a really nice theater and I thought the service was good. But thumbs down to Regal for over 30 minutes of preview ads and coming attractions.

Jared Reni

The staff are generally nice, but somewhat helpless. The theater is understaffed and under-attended. The facility is comfortable, but feels old, almost like a haunted house in an abandoned theater. All things considered, this is a great theater to come to if you have a movie pass. Usually get good seats that recline with little notice.

Ram Mohan Reddy

Great theater. Be sure to reach atleast 15 mins before the show, bcoz the directions aren't that great. Looks like a maze.

Niels Swimberghe

The screen quality isn't that great and the screens are small. It has a nice cozy feeling though that you won't get from larger competitors.

Han E

Ballston is undergoing changes but sparing the theater. It will probably be in their next phase. Presently, the theater is far behind in technology. The screen is really small and audio is still 7.1. Yet, the ticket cost is still high and parking isn't free. I won't be back until the construction is done.

George Junca

Love the reclining chairs and tables for food

Truongson Huynh

Management has a dim view of customer service. Facilities (e.g., auditorium, screen width, concession area, bathrooms, etc.) are outdated and shoddy.

Sorina Aquinde Calero

Came here with my husband and little cousin to watch AVENGERS endgame. It wasn't a bad place. The chairs aren't as comfortable as other places I've been, but still manageable. When standing in line to get food and drinks, they aren't exactly very friendly. When the movie was over, we all needed to use the restroom since it was a 3 hour long movie, and when we came out of the restrooms ALL the lights were off in the whole place and you couldn't see where you were going and there was completely no staff around to help or assist or check. Not the best experience, but if I have no other choice, I'll probably be back.

Dondré S

This theater got a lot better with all the new construction. It's a pretty good theater now. It's connected to the mall and there are a lot of food options around.

Will Beatty

We want so badly for this experience to be good. The theater itself isn't bad - the real reason for this review is the concession stand. They go at a snails pace and clearly weren't staffed enough for opening weekend of Star Wars. We've ordered alcohol both times we've gone in the past few months we've been and every time it's like the concession attendees have no idea what to do. The employee let out an audible sigh when we ordered our drinks and fumbled around with the register for what felt like ten minutes. The line backed up really long and he made mention of the folks waiting after he had to restart our order when he messed it up. Regal should train their employees on cash register efficiency and how to ring up alcohol purchases.

Alex Sedlacek

Comfy seats.

Jason Hart

Sound was waiting to loud on Ads (ear pain) then went silent for 5 minutes of the movie. Was difficult to get a refund. They could of restarted the movie and or responded about the volume.

Conor E.

They seem to always be understaffed, and on a busy day it can take a long time to get your food

Santhosh Kumar

Nice place to watch movies. But, I don’t like the drinks product over here. We tried different ones, lot of times. Coke, sprite etc etc. still the taste is not good. They need to change it seriously.

Joe Walsh

As other reviewers have noted, construction in January 2018 makes it a pain to get into. Allow an extra ten minutes for the elevators. Once there, it is a good theater with fully reclining reserved seats. The downside is that there are limited number of seats so movies sell out frequently. We saw Darkest Hour from the last seats available in the front row. While not my preference, because the seats recline it was OK. Once construction is complete in late 2018, this should be a great theater surrounded by lots of good restaurants in an open air mall.

Ricardo Stewart

Can't read it no hard because I don't remember going in there don't even know where the place is

Sarah Cornett

For the sad nachos they gave me it was kind of pricy. A thing of tostitos and evermelt cheese with a water was $12.00. In the picture it looked like the cheese was already on it.

Nichole Frederick

Broken tables and recliners, run down, slow counter service, filthy bathrooms with half the toilets clogged.

Shaun Masavage

Cheap prices, clean theaters, cereal convenient location, and nice employees. It's a bit weird and seen more active days, but honestly it's a hidden gem in what's become a prime location and area.

Karen O'D

Still open during the renovations. Easy access via metro too!

Jaclyn Byrd

Love the recliner seats

Isaac Black

This is our favorite theater in the area. I haven't been this cinema at morning or afternoon time, however, it's always clean and no long queue evening time. Food court's turnover is pretty fast too. popcorn is fresh and Awesome atmosphere in general! All the staff have outgoing characters and helpful.

RJ Ryan

Went to the Sunday 10 a.m. showing of "Yesterday." My seat wouldn't recline, so I moved (fortunately plenty of empty seats). When the movie started, it was unbelievably loud. I had earplugs with me, but even using those the noise level was ridiculous and I couldn't stand it. I left right away and got a full refund. Seats are comfortable and getting a refund was easy, but I can never return to this theater. So disappointed.

John DiConsiglio

The first time I went to this theater there was no sound. The second time there was no heat. The good news: Staff will happily give you complimentary tickets. The bad news: You have to come back to use them.

allen mayo

Movies are great could use an escalator inside there.

Sachin Joshi

Really nice theater !! It's a good experience to watch movie here !

Amal Janati

It’s Really Comfortable And With reclining seats and you can charge your phone in the theater

Wesley Stone

Wesley was extremely nice, want to be his best friend, Managers are awesome, employees are the greatest in human history, I would live there but I am not homeless. The movies are now my favorite place on earth

Timmy Cameron

The theater itself is fine. You have all of the expected concessions, and more. The films run on time and I have never had projection issues. The seats are all recliners with trays. The main issue with this location is the lack of staff. There are ever only 2 people working the concession stands at once, so if it gets busy, expect to be in line for upwards of 20 minutes!

Kate Sutliff

Nice move theater! Pretty clean. Staff is nice. Great location as the mall gets re done. You can recline you chair and get your assigned seats. Parking costs a dollar likely will get up as the mall gets its upgrade.

Kevin :v

The best movies theater ever

Corey Saunders

Nice size theater.

Matt Carey

Pretty good experiences. Movies are pricey, but which places aren't? Good seating. Better experience now that the Mall has reopened.

Emily Shouppe

The right side of the screen in theater 7 was blurry the entire movie. Asked the theater to staff to check it out, but they blew it off. Totally unacceptable.

Jeff Tong

This place like the mall could really use a remodel. The place feels like you're in the 1960s. It doesn't help that mall construction makes getting in and out quite a hassle, the elevators will take forever. You can park in the garage and do get comped but unfortunately most movies are longer than 2 hours so you'll still have to pay for parking regardless

Lauren Waite

This is a reserved seating movie theater that takes moviepass. The chairs are the kind that fully recline. The theaters are pretty small so definitely get there early or buy tickets ahead of time if it’s a popular showing

Pooja Karki

A very good movie theatre. Easy to get to. Very close to the metro

John Williams

Comfortable seating

Katrina Ryan

Worst movie theater. Do not come here. Staff have ZERO sense of urgency & you will be waiting in the concession line for a very long time....because they move too slow. Only way I’ll come back is if I have my own drink & snacks with me.

M Goldberg

Really nice theater. Seats recline and come with a front tray for food and drink. Good space. Not cramped. Clean.

Todd Allgier

Went to see a movie there in the brand new renovated Mall Regal Cinema. It has reserved seats. You know the kind. They lean back and get real comfortable. Well they don't in a brand new movie theater. A number of them didn't work. And you really can't sit in them without reclining to watch a movie because push your head front and you get a crick in your neck. Fortunately it wasn't that full. I have to try four or five other seats Iuntil found one that worked. If you plan to go there I'd wait it out. They were good about it though they gave me a free ticket to come back. I'm going to wait. LOL.


Took My three year old to see his first movie. Can't think of a better theater. It's never too packed and the seats recline soooooo amazing.

Will Rubens

Good movie theater.

Gina Montminy

Lion King was great. Comfortable reclining seats.

Rez Alborz

I like how the mall was updated. Everything seemed brighter and nicer. The movie theater was also bright and new looking.

Peter Copley

Great movie theater in the mall.

Manasi Suryavanshi

The theatre area is clean, staff friendly, screens with bit seating space, and extremely comfortable recliner seats!! However, currently this place is under construction so finding way into theatre was tricky (it is via the Ballston parking lot, follow the walkway inside and to the left you’ll see a board with businesses in the building and directions).

Gyan Janoon

Just watched Crimes of Grindewald. It was unbearably hot in the theater, but we didn't want to miss the movie so we stuck it out. We notified the manager, Cleavon Moore, afterward. He gave a condescending look to my wife and was like "what do you want me to do about it?" Then he said we should have told someone during the movie. Garbage management. Never going here again. Terrible customer service, Cleavon.

Warner Ball

A hidden gem in Ballston. Parking is $1 and they show great movies. The seats are almost fully reclining and I have been 3 times in the past 4 months. You can get beer/wine and it's standard movie prices. Never a packed theater and great popcorn/concessions. Love this place!

Theresa SJ

The good: This theater is in a great location and the majority of the staff members are very friendly and professional. The bad: They are woefully understaffed and non-ticket holders routinely just walk in because they don't post employees at the two entrances to the actual theaters. Sometimes there is one employee out front but usually, anyone can just walk in which leads to finding people sitting in our purchased seats. So far, we haven't had a problem with telling people they have to move but I don't have confidence that we could even find a staff member to handle a dispute. There were 3 movie crashers in with us the other night and they talked loudly throughout the entire show. The seats are often full of popcorn and other food debris too. The popcorn is way oversalted too. I understand that movie theaters are part of a dying industry so I am not hopeful that any positive changes are coming any time soon to this theater. But, they could really improve movie-goers experiences by hiring more people to work the critical positions needed here. This location should be a gold mine with the amount of foot traffic to the mall. Management really should recognize that they have been phoning it in with the skeleton crews and lack of oversight/cleanliness. This place feels abandoned.

Thomas Adamon

Nice seats, cheap parking, and convenient. I half-think about moving into the new apartments over mall every visit

Andrew Robert

The theater was recently updated so has great seats and new food/ drink options

Michael Wood

Love the reclining chairs here! So comfortable!

Megan Kalocinski

Went for an afternoon weekday matinee for a kids' movie. Theater was empty, but employee selling tickets at concession stand was super kind and gave my son a free treat for his birthday. Seats were super comfy and reclined. Theater was clean and we had a great experience.

Mia Rodriguez

The movie theater didn't seem to have ANY air conditioning when we visited last night. It was very warm, and that mixed with leather seats was highly unpleasant. The concession area also didn't have any stations with salt or condiments to top off your food and snacks. I don't think I'd return if I can avoid it, unless they make huge improvements after the renovation in that area is done. 2 stars for plush recliners and decent popcorn.

Michelle Nam

Came here for opening day and everything went so great. We were able to get in super fast with using digital tickets. Our seats were easy to find and super comfortable. The sound and visual display was amazing and made the whole experience that much more enjoyable! Tucked away in a small mall and conveniently located a block from the metro. Will go again soon!


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Annapolis Harbour Center
Annapolis Harbour Center
Movie Theater - Maryland

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