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400 N Center St, Westminster, MD 21157, United States Located in: TownMall of Westminster

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REVIEWS OF R/C Westminster Movies 9 IN Maryland

Sandra Rigler

lethal three800

The only theater I go to

Jeff Gingco

Great job on the renovation!

Justin Norcross

Just went to this theater for the first time. The food was fresh and the reclining seats are amazing! So comfortable and roomy. If IMAX was added you guys would have all my business! We'll definitely be coming back here.

Wanda Lemmer


Kathy Miller

New recliner seats are nice

Megan Clinch

This is so much better than the regal. Staff was friendly. Seats are comfortable.

Cassandra Freeman

Amazing theater other than them running out of pokemon cards to give out the seating was amazing

Gregg Radach

Kenneth C

Matt Werking

Thomas Miller


Amy Morrison Baker

Very kind and generous owner/manager!

Tamara Medeiros

We are so excited to have RC Theatre in the mall now in Westminster. The new seats are excellent I like reserving ahead. The staff is friendly and it's a pleasure to have a comfortable close theatre. We used to drive up to 45 minutes to have better seating!! Thank you RC!! Tamara M.

Jillian Sasser

They dont give the option to purchase tickets online via giftcards and when I called for help they did not resolve the issue and offered no solution. Sucked the fun out of wanting to go at all.

Keith Brennan

Jesse DeCruz

This theatre has really improved recently. Adding reclining chairs and plenty of space between rows. Also you can purchase your seat position online. Great improvement.

Sherri Ottinger

Ryan Blarg

nice seats good crowds semi cheap

Hannah DesJardien

James Wamsley 8

Ron Drager

R/C Great job with the remodel as I am glad I went to a movie to check it out. I was going to other theaters vs the one in Westminster (closer to my home) prior to the remodel, as it was very, very dated. I will be back.

Ruth Whittenberg

Love the reclining seats. Lots of room.

Richard Locke

Comfortable seating but small theaters

Neil Wrona


Betty Haines

Wasnt there

Sheyla Finkner

Brian Klaus

Came here today to see ugly dolls this was my first time here since 2007 and wow this place is a lot nicer. So ticket prices are $11 which is pricey but the reclining seats are super comfortable. The theater I was in was empty so even though I was assigned seats I got to sit wherever I wanted. I would say if the first two rows in auditorium 3 are the only seats left pass and wait for another showing. The front row you are looking directly up and the screen is blurry that close up. The 3rd row back was perfect fine though and other auditoriums may have a different seating layout. The recliners are by far some of the most comfortable I've ever sat in and they have nice wood style laminate on the floors. The concessions are a few bucks cheaper than the big theater chains and the staff is certainly much friendlier here than the staff at the big theater chains. Honestly the place is super nice but considering the price this still wont be my go to theater. I have amc a list so I can see 3 movies a week for $21 a month so if I was to see a movie every week here it would cost me twice as much and many times I see more than one movie a week at amc so yeah. While not my go to theater its certainly the nicest and a great place to take your kids since there isn't a long drive.

Sharon Spicher

Much nicer now that they replaced all their seats with recliners.

Lisa Miller

Great theater - especially now with big comfy recliners.

Howard le roux

All new seating. Great

Sharon Martin

The most relaxing place to watch a movie .

Marge Wickes

Lovely place!



Andrew Taylor

jesse holland

Movie theater

Alisha Luscher

Love the seats here..small but super comfy

alex angell

Michael Giron

Stuber was very funny

Unfocused Clover

Karen Berner

Westminster theaters now have recliner seats in each movie. Such a pleasurable and relaxing way to watch a movie. I feel like you get your moneys worth.

Jeanne Hurdel

I go here all the time.Very comfortable seating. Very comfortable recliners. Friendly staff

D Fulp

Recliners! Lots of room for big people, 6'5" and 5'10". Plenty of elbow room! Would have got a 10, had the bathrooms not been so far away from theater.

Hillary Greenberg

Very friendly and accommodating. Free refills on popcorn and drink. The manager actually walked us to ours seats carrying our drinks because my friend and I are handicapped. Plus the seats in theater were more comfortable than at home!

Debbie Eppley

Comfortable seats.

Nathanael Kennedy

David Martchek

The Theatre has been closed, do not go.

Marion Carter

Very good..

Stuntman 57

Raquel Chevere


Rachel Stubbe

The Updated Reclining Seating (Think Lazy Boy.) Makes this theater a new favorite.

Julian Delaney

Liz Lohr

Andrew Nork

Great clean theater and friendly staff. Very comfortable power reclining leather seats as well

Juan Cortez


Google wasn't sure where the ntrance was, but once we found it, we had a good time. Seats are comfy!

Nik Gripton

Chris Pierce

Craig Zentz

Great place to see a movie. It has large recliners

Chris Subock

Keith Wrenn

Updated seating worked out nicely now just redo the concession stand

Carolee Roenicke

Close to center st how I go home. Movie attendants very helpful.

Kristy Dean

Mariah Hill

Michael Sullivan

The newly updated theatres were surprisingly nice. Very clean, modern looking considering the age of the facility. The new recliners are so comfortable and spacious. The staff was extremely friendly. Even the bathrooms were delightfully clean. This will be my go to theatre for most movies. They only fall short when it comes to competing with other theatres that offer the Dolby HD Cinema experience, which is only worth the drive for movies that demand that type of experience.

Kenneth Anderson

Linda Zuskin

The new reclining chairs are wonderful! Folks working there slwzys friendly. Only 4 stars because the only bathroom is good distance from where the movies are shown.

rae gruder

Great movies

Amelia Ocampo

First time that we where there. My kids love this place. Definitely we are going back.

Rachel Burke

Since the remodeling this is one of our favorite theaters to go to

Concerned Neighbors

Elizabeth Lacey

Comfortable seats and a great screen!

Walter Swann


Nice theater, however some of the workers can leave the attitude at home, considering I’m a quiet person it took me aback. Cashier 25014 needs to be fired

Robin Kelleher

Love the new seats!

Octavia Shaw

Great theater !! My first time there and I really enjoyed myself. The reclining chairs are so comfortable I almost fell asleep. They don't have a large selection of snacks to choose from but you'll forget all about that once you pay the low ticket price. So get the nice hot popcorn with the extra butter and drink like I did, recline that comfy chair and have a great movie night !!!

Kdog Rant Channel

Went to watch the new Lion King, and it was absolutely amazing. I fell in complete LOVE with their reclining seats. If I hadn't been so engrossed with the movie, I'd have fallen asleep from being so comfy.

Cathy Lee

This movie theater was AWESOME! You pick your seats when you purchase tickets and the seats are power recliners. There's only like 6 rows per theater and there's a ton of legroom. Screen is totally visible above people sitting in front of you. Wheelchair accessible to boot. Definitely worth the drive from PA!

Patrick Bowersox

This location used to be over priced and uncomfortable to watch a movie at. R/C came in and changed it up. I love the new recliner seats. They are very comfortable even for a 3 hour movie. The prices are much better now. I spent $27 to take the kids to Spiderman last week for a 7pm movie. I can now say that this is a great place to see a movie.

Chris Gardner

James Giambrone

Scott Krell

Dylan Hostetter

Karen Burgess

Confusing where to pay for our tickets and could only pay with credit card, other then that we had a great time. Theater was clean and the recliner was comfy.

Matthew Tedder

Mark Nettleship

Great popcorn Good price and all recliners seats

Nephere Evans

Ticket prices aren't too crazy, which is a plus. The recliners are super comfortable. The only real con is the price of food and beverages.

Eddie Mayhew

Roomy, clean, good movies...

Sara Alt

Great local movie theater. Newly updated seating.

Eth Cri

I was there and there was bugs in my popcorn and when I try to return it they wouldn’t let me. My kids are 16 and they wouldn’t let them watch a r rated move

Lyle Sutton

The new power reclining seats are very comfortable. The sound system really brings out the lows while the voices remain clear. With the small theater sizes, it's now a great place to see a movie.

Kasey Enright

Jennifer Williams

Very comfortable and nice

Sarah Lynn

Seats are a great improvement! Cant wait until they upgrade the sound system and screen quality!!

Brian Boussy


best movies

Jocelyn B

The recliners are so nice! We went to see the secret life of pets 2. The kids loved it. I loved being able to lay back and relax! Part of the Westminster mall.

Jackie Howard

Peyton & Other Humans

Maloons Salomon

Charlie Ruckus

So much better after the remodel. New seats are nice. Assigned seating is kind of a pain.

Tammy Green

Jacob Oswald

Staff is made up of easy going, approachable people. They handle their jobs professionally, while also being incredibly friendly at the same time. Rc’s actual theaters are much higher in quality compared to a lot of other local theaters. The clean reclining chairs make the experience all the better.


Cherra B

Great popcorn, great seats. This is my new favorite theater.

Kelly B

First time going to this theater in years and happy to say it's my new favorite!! It's so comfortable! Tip- choose a seat further back, they are closer than you think.

Jonah Zabik

Great reclining seats and very quick service

Roger Taney

Very nice. The reclining seat are great.

Christine Justice

The new reclining seats are amazing

Sean Watson

Love discount Tuesdays but it's warm in the theater and the sound is just ok...was kinda low when I went to see john wick 3 and end game. Still though...100% better then regal.


Theater is much improved compared to the previous management. New fancy seating, clean updated theaters. Price is good.

Skyler Griffin

Great movie theater!



Rene Forsberg

Awesome renovations. Very comfortable seating for movie goers.

Sandy Martin

Donna Torbit

Brian Curry

kim fornaro

Very Upset with this location!!! I normally go to Hanover but someone told me I had to try this Theater because of the reclining seats. We took our grand kids once & thought it was pretty cool to have the reclining seats so decided to take some family to see the Lion King for my 2nd time. I bought 6 tickets online and accidentally bought the 3D. I called in and they told me they can't do a refund over the phone but assured me I could come in the next day to get a refund. I decided to just go ahead and order the right tickets so I could make sure we have tickets & seats together knowing I was going to get my refund the next day. I spent over $140.00 in tickets in one day!!! My husband went in to get the refund the very next day and was told that they on't do that and all they can do is give us rain check tickets!!!! We were very upset!!!!! I will be seeing the Lion King but will no longer come back to your Theater and will be letting everyone I know not to go there!! I Still Want My Refund!!!!!


Perry Jones

We have been to this movie theater numerous times now. Most recently, we were there to see Aladdin. Every time, the theater has been clean and the employees have all been very nice and helpful. It's nice to not have to go to Owings Mills, Gettysburg, Hanover or Frederick just to be able to have a good movie watching experience.

Taylor R

The new recliners are really nice but still the same small theater.

Ian James

It's a cute little theater and they will 100% endorse refilling your drink as you're walking out of the movie

Jacey Coward

We had fun and this was our first time here. Clean, comfortable, and the staff is great!!

Ashlie Brown

Max o.o

Paula Burton

It was grrreeeaaatttt!!! They had ICEE's and yummy and salty popcorn. And the new recliners are awsome! I can lay back and watch the movie. But the candy is like 3-4 dollars.

Theresa Keller

Love the updates! Looks good! Missed coming here over the last few years. Hope they keep it this way! Will definitely keep coming back if it stays clean and well managed!

Jack Fine

Great experience. Big comfortable recliners. Lots of room between seats for snacks. You have to select your seats, which is good. You can make sure that your group can sit together. My only wish is that there were a way to buy tickets online.

Emma Baublitz

I like the movie

Robert Smith

The new seats are great!!!

Nick Minkowski

New ownership, better than before. Now with reclining seats, come and enjoy a movie.

John Radcliffe

Easy, quick way to see a movie while lounging in a recliner... once you learn how to reserve your seats ahead of time.

Thomas Federline

Very nice movie theater. Very. Comfortable.

Margarette Hudson

But really, can I just live here? The recliners are so soft & squooshy, you almost want to fall asleep. Bring a blanket and settle in for the best. On another tip, Godzilla... horrible acting by people, Tyrion Lannister I'm so disappointed in you. Eleven, your haircut is ridiculous. And Vera Farmalarmadingdong... you destroyed Earth. That's why King Gidorrah ate you.

Alicia Boehl

Denise Wible

Love this theater. Great seats friendly people

Michael Johnson

The renovated theatre with recliners makes this a theatre that I will now frequent! Price is very reasonable, and good access. Theatre is also clean! Movie screen and sound system are very good too!


Great seating!

Cindy Wroten

Love the recliner seats

thomas abbott

Honestly this movie theater is great for what it is. A local movie theater, cheap, comfortable seats and a solid staff of nice people.

Cara Mogavero

I appreciate that they upgraded to reserved seating with reclining seats. However, you can hear people in the lobby talking from inside the theater and you can hear the air rumbling when it turns on. Definitely took away from the experience. This was also my first experience with a theater that isn't stadium seating. The theater felt very flat.

Richard Zentz

Nice theater, awesome seating, new screens, very clean.

Michael Resau

Love going to see movies here now. The remodel is a huge difference. Big comfy chairs that lean back and dont impede others from passing. Sound system still seems to be lacking but does the job.

Mandi Brown

Pat Wood

New recliners are awesome!

Justin Wyatt

Terrible experience. Dont take your family


Caleb Livesay

Aimee Fasick

This is the theater I have been seeing movies in since I was 5 years old going to see MY GIRL, the first movie I'd ever seen in a theater. I am now 34 years old and still seeing movies here as well as bringing my 2 children too.

Jamie Walsh

Worth the money since the remodel

Kim Abel

Very nice since they upgraded each theater. Happy to be able to see movies close to home again!

61 Fergus

Michael Norgavue

Jeremy Wilhide

Kenneth Bauer

H Wool

Jennifer Smith


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