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REVIEWS OF Phoenix Theatres Marlow 6 IN Maryland

Kimberly Jamison

Rude people and rude management. The games are broken.

Deschawn Cromartie

Wow very good we had a good time

Jared Handon

This is a $5 movie theater and it has its ups and downs

ladydee 72

Considering you're paying $5 for up to date movies...what are people has concessions, decent service, and seats. Is it the best...of course not...but its $5! If u want grand...go somewhere else and pay $20.

Yao Tyus

The whole experience requires weighing pros and cons. The movie, when it's non-3d, is $5 per ticket. You can't beat that. The bathrooms are disgusting. The concession stand is ridiculously poorly-run. You would think that since the admission is so cheap that the concessions will be on point, (because that's where they make their money). However I waited in line so long that I just left the line and went back to the theater. All in all, four of us went to the movies, a brand new movie, for $20. The pros outweighed the cons. As long as you're not willing to sweat stepping in pee or not getting popcorn it's great.

Danaya S

Its an ok movie theater

alaysia B.

I was trying to enjoy my movie and I seen a mouse

Arkeem Ali

Alot of kids but staff was nice

Victoria Strother

It good


First time I've been there and it was okay the theater was quite small but for the price I understand. The only con was that their credit card system was done so I wasn't able to buy snacks.

La la

I guess you get what you pay for. Where do I start? Hmm the staff are nice, but goodness gracious, CLEAN THAT PLACE UP!!! who is in charge?? Like hire some people who know how to clean and want to clean. Walking through there spraying air freshener ain't gone do it. Buy some cleaning supplies. Clorox bleach spray would help with the odor and it kills germs and bacteria. Please do something about that. Other than the nasty dirty floors and bathrooms, everything else is cool.

Tiffany Stevens

Me and the kids have been going here for yrs and yrs. You cant beat $5 movies all year round. Just add $3 for 3d shows. Just awesome

Janee Pitts

Movie was great. Watched Madea Family Funeral. Missed part of the beginning due to long concession. They could have opened another line

Tim Moore

It's a good place for the price.

Patrick Pinkney

Cant beat a $5 movie price!!!

Robin Hawkins

My experience has been great When you are on a budget, it is a great night out with the kids.

Ella Barnes Williams

Great place to go when you're on a budget and great customer service

Torri W

Great price but dirty bathrooms and the feeling that nothing has been cleaned for a while.

Ms. Branch

Nice place. Quality of the movie was off because it showed very dark. During the dark scenes, it was a strain on my eyes.

Deborah Wimberley

Good places for seniors. Movies are $5. It is clean. Hot dogs are $2. That is a great deal. It also a great deal for family

james harvin

The theater stinks. Men's restroom was filthy.

Edgar White

Very clean environments the staff was very pristine on showing and helping me to get to my movie

MeKola Shelton

I like it because it is in expensive. The staff always nice. But it is always sticky on the floor. It makr s me scared to eat the food ir go ti the bathroom. Fix that problem. Plus y'all need to update

Tarneshia Rogers

Very Affordable only $5 ea. Movie per person. $15 for me n my 3 kids (ages 10, 8, 1;No Cost for Baby)

Tim Xman

Me and my family have been coming to this movie theatre for years and we’ve never had any problems

Makaya Hall

The floors are always sticky, the popcorn is terrible. It smells and the employes information you with the wrong information.

mikel myles

Great price to see any movie that's out.

Maria Hairston-Purcell, Real Estate

I know its the neighborhood theatre and folks may still relate it to the antics from back in the day, however a movie for 5 bucks is a deal! Opening night is not the night to go but if you can wait a few weeks to see the movie you will get great seats good food and not a whole lot of chitter chatter. Way to go Phoenix for bringing the theater back to life! Did I say $5 bucks?

Cass Morris

This place is where the ghetto people go. I went to go see a movie here a few days ago and some ratchet hood-boogers was flashing lights in the theatre while the movie was playing. Last time I will come here again.

M P Peters

It's a very affordable theater. Good movie selections.

P Bro

Awesome experience for an awesome movie at a Great Price!!

m Farmer

Much nicer place then it was many years ago and the $5 movies helps a lot

Anthony Holmes

It's a nice affordable movie theater. I use to drive out to Virginia to go and Watch a movie. It's not necessary anymore I rather support our local movie theater's. Please just give them a chance. It was a better experience than I thought it would be. I would come to later shows for certain movies.

Mikale Mcrae

Had a blast with my daughter concession prices are kinda high but it's a $5 movie plus the seats could be closer to the screen

Elisha Palmer

Love this place. The price is amazing

Corey Campbell-Murga

Pretty good place to visit. It's perfect small groups bringing children. Inexpensive.

Antoine Jenkins

The movie was great for me and the kids and we loved the service keep up the great work

Ron Briscoe

Good movie slow concession stand

La Ke-Ke Htown

I love the fact that I don't have to pay an arm and a leg to see a movie with my family. I go every week and it's normally 8 or 9 of us at a time. I would not go to the movies if I had to pay as much as other movies theaters changed. Its clean and the seats are comfortable. I love it! If the owner or manager keeps selling tickets for only 5 dollars, they will be here forever.

GoodConsuma I.

Enjoyed the movie for $5. When I arrived, the theatre was clean. The lady gave me fresh popcorn. I didn't have any complaints.

Terri Bell

FWIW customer service rocks! And I'm not an avid movie-goer anymore, but FINALLY bags provided at the theater to share your popcorn. It only took my lifetime lol great stuff for $5!

Bruce Newton

Snack and popcorn employees rude

Costello Flynn-Bey

Always the Best

Nichole Wilson

Needs to be remodeled, especially when the bathrooms! Yuck!

Juanita Love

Great staff, customer friendly atmosphere, bathroom clean, and theater is clean. Thanks

Lisa Sneed

Its a dud... the seats are filthy. I had to bring something to cover them before I sat down. I don't think they ever clean or sanitize them

Joyce Edwards

Theater was surprisingly clean and seats were very comfortable.

Budda Worth

Flat $5 rate is hard to beat and the movies all be current. The concession stand is a little high but with the low cost entry it's ok. Try to get your ticket for an early show if possible as evening movies tend to sell out!!... And fast!

Gloria Ogbonnaya

I gave you a 3-star because the theater is very dirty and needs to be cleaned. The carpeting, tile floor and the seats are very dirty and sticky. That is probably the reason the place had become rodent-infested previously. The $5 ticket price is very appealing.

James Richardson

The theater was actually nice and clean, the crowd was very quiet, we watched The Widows

Demetia Patton

Hey I was wordering has anybody reported a missing phone

daveyandspring CA

Not worth the discount. First you have to stand out in the cold to get tickets. It was not clean. We are new to town and other patrons literally brought towels and plastic bags to sit on. We saw Dumbo. The patrons are a huge problem. I’ve never seen people behave so rudely at a picture show. I swear two were engaged in life acts behind us. Cell phone lights and talking through the entire show. As we left there were multiple police cars and they were detaining unparented children for bad conduct and fighting. I’ll never go back.

Chanell Glenn

Popcorn was old. Manger was nasty

Charnese Graham

5$ movies what more can I say

Phyllis Proctor-short

Good seats just cold were we sat.

Steven Holiday

Not the best movie theater in town but how many theaters are in this area that's $5 and have $2 hotdogs?... exactly! No one's doing that ish. I love this place.

Cathy Young

Needs a little touch up for better words+and the restroom need maintenance and sanitation

Monique Williams

This was my first time going to a five dollar movie theater. It was great at first until I paid $6.85 for a large drink. The floors are very sticky and the seats are very uncomfortable. During the whole movie my family and I felt very itchy as if something was biting us. So thank you for the five dollar movie but we do not plan to go back!!!!

Living Righteous

Very interesting Gem... Need staff training from Owners starting with managers to ticket staff.

Jerrè Smith

Cheap small ghetto theater. Nothing special. Just a great price on movies.

mpatrick86 .

Cheap! Which is good. Not the cleanest, but they do sweep up and things. Just a dated theatre.

Twins Funlikecrazy

Thee worst experience.. No air conditioning in our theatre. Stale popcorn.. Never again.. I felt like i was going to pass out literally. Told management basically was told because the show was sold out the air was not working. Craziness didnt offer any accommodations

Lisa Surles

This place the snacks and popcorn is way too expensive and the lights are to bright while the movie is on. Other than that it's a nice place to see a movie. The movie prices are reasonable.

Nysheka Mack

Honestly some money shouldn't be saved. When we got in the movie theatre the screen was black. Literally, I had to get the manager to start the movie at 7:28 .THE MANGER TURNED THE MOVIE WITHOUT A SORRY FOR YOUR INCONVENIENCE OR ANYTHING. NEVER AGAIN. LAST TIME WE CAME IT WAS NO HEAT. THAT'S IT FOR ME AND MINE. NEVER AGAIN! Okay it's now 759 and the movie is showing t.v commercials. Old Navy and Syfy upcoming shows. It's buffering. This is totally unacceptable. Waiting for maanger to get a refund.

Duane Harper Sr

Seen 3 movies in 2 weeks. Definitely will return to see more. Can't wait to see new concession stand.

Tonya Thomas

My Sistah-girlfriend's and me just saw the movie"Little." We enjoyed it. The theater was very clean.

Priscillaq Wilson

Vowed I would never come back here because a broken & sharp armrest sliced my hind parts, but I'll charge it to an isolated incident, and I have since returned. Nice, basic average moviehouse. Great if you have little kids cause it's cheapo tix prices.

kelly davis

Can't beat 5 dollars, but the floors are always sticky. It could use a thorough cleaning

Britani Pinkston

Not too bad other than the constant smell of urine. Theater was tidy and the movie started on time.

Dovette Little

Nice atmosphere

Hannah Thompson

You get what you pay for.

Lynn Moore

I really enjoyed the movie john wick it was.nice and clean popcorn was.nice andhot soda was nice and cold loved loved it all

Anthony Davenport

Fellow movie-goers were very talkative throughout the entire movie

Queen Enigma

Came to see Aqua Man!

Reaching Higher

It's wonderful to be economical, but at what point will Black excellence come to this theater. When people pay 6.00 for Nacho's and cheese, we would love to know that "Shaquita's" hair is not in the cheese. The counter at the concession stand looks like someone's germ nightmare. Again, I grew up coming to theater and I love it, but can someone help these folks here in Marlow Heights.

Alaya Moore

Great place

Esther Blackwell

Affordable theater to view the latest flick. I love they have a popcorn and drink combo with one refill and u get a bag of candy as well. You get what you pay for but being that my husband and I have a few kids, it makes going to the movies less of a burden than before.

Melvin Gilmer

Best 5.00 Dollar in the DMV... Great Seats...

S Gayles

The place is not that bad. I was leery because of reviews, so I went for a 4pm show during the week with less people. The service is not friendly, I bypassed concessions and tried to avoid the bathrooms. The theater was great with comfortable seating, not luxurious. Which for $5 is fine with me. The theater was clean and not overly cold or hot. The sound quality was perfect. Definitely visiting again.

Maggie Young

Love the price for the lastest up to date movies.

Nina Rose

It was nice and clean. Fully staffed and the staff was polite. I'll go back..

Lawrence Ridley

Okay, but floors are sticky, good prices only 5.50

Stacie Thomas

You can't beat the prize. It's needs some updating but the movies run just as good as any other movie theatre. But management doesn't really handle your request right away. I missed an hour of my movie because of a fight that broke out and have yet to have a resolution. Otherwise great family atmosphere.

Thomas Harris

Only theater I go

J Luvly

Great place for a last minute movie. Staff is always nice and helpful! The floors needs major attention, we call this “the sticky floor theater.”

Milton Lewis

Not the place to bring booshy women that's for sure. But if you just want that theater experience for the low... this the place to go. You're spending 5 dollars... dont expect greatness.

evonna matthews

Good job keep up the good work popcorn was excellent movie theater was playing people at the at the service counter was nice and friendly

Michael Thomas

Yo!!!!! You get what you pay for, but at least i saw the movie.


Peace. At $5 per person, this movie theatre should be sold out every show. Seats are comfortable and employees are friendly. They usually make available all the hot movies every hour or so on the weekend. The expensive places with the fake leather seats (Oxon Hill/Alexandria) are uncomfortable to me. I usually buy my tickets hours ahead though. And get there early because the snack line can take 10-20 minutes. PEACE.

Trina Scott

I am a American actress, there was a movie premiere at this movie theater. The name of the movie is called conscious battle. It was very nice calm clean the bad friends was lovely not bad for a place that was $5 to see any movie that you would like to see if I didn't live so far I would go back.


My favorite theatre however could use some improvement!

Teresa Young

The movie sucked!


Cheap tickets don't go if you're bothered by people yelling at the screen and unruly children

Ginise Mason

The worse, I will never return to that place

Maxine Blocker

Enjoyed the theatre. It was clean. Not too noisy ( saw kids movie).

linda fraley

I love the price and see all the new movies

Maria Morris

The volume in the movie was so low I could hear people whispering on the other side of the theater. I will not go here again. Low budget movie!

Valeta Jones

Early morning movie w grandson

Melvin McNeil

Great price for great movies

R. Shemika Smith

Why am I still sitting here 35 minutes later waiting for my movie to start at 3. I can accept 15 min for previews BUT DAMN YALL PLAYED THE SAME PREVIEWS. SMFH

Vincent Cropper

My favorite movie theater. Can get pretty rowdy on weekends but during the week it’s quiet

Frazier Smith

Excellent Movie Theater.


It is an amazing experience for you and ur kids... get premium if u have a special guest with you because you get to be surved food... also don't judge the food by its title

Rajeyah At-Agri

Not bad and small building but not deaf friendly but good thing it's really cheap to buy a tickets


I appreciate the cost of the movies but some of the employees customer service sucks.

Gwendolyn .Green

It's great if your trying to be cheap. They charged me for a 1 year old. Other theaters start at 3, which ultimately would have been the same price of a better theater. It stinks they don't clean well, the food is over price for hot dogs, popcorn and candy. And they attract a lot of undesirable people such as crazy and homeless people coming to relax for 5$. Next time hell no, I rather spend more for something decent.

nakita settles

Needs to be updated again good price though people wants to recline now

dream maker

So affordable I love it

Malaysia1218 Williams

They need better staff. But they are trying to update.

Michele Roseboro

I love going to the movie theater always clean staff is always friendly and the price is only $5 and they always have all the latest movies there

Naomie Martin

Nice place to see a movie. Very clean.

Deonjalo McGirt

I finally found a $5 movie theater! This place is great especially if you have kids

Telea Johnson

It was great in the movie room but the bathroom was a mess there were no paper towels and in one of the stalls there was no toilet paper so all the girls had to keep passing toilet paper

Raymond B Randolph 3rd

Best $5 dollar spent on a budget. Staff is friendly and helpful.

Marquia Thomas

Best food deals

Donna Hines

I like this location. It's convenient, the staff is courteous but it's always a tad bit too cold. I keep extra blankets in my trunk for me and my little one so, we're always Movie Ready

Ms. T Morgan

I only gave 1 star because last weekend I watch a manager and a customer that was handicapped get into a bad argument in front of me and she called the cops and had him, the kids and 2 others removed from the theater. Leaving the kids in tears over some nacho cheese that cost a $1.

Susan Pulluaim

We had a good time, ,the theater was nice and clean

Brittany McDowell

Ticket prices are a steal for new movies. They do make up for it in concessions. Seating is fairly clean and plentiful. I do find even if you go in the day time, there are likely to be crying infant/toddler/kids in the Rated R movies. Staff is generally pleasant.

Donnell Carter

Great Movies

Rochelle Marie

Theater #2 smelles mold. It may have been flooded recently. I know the price is only 5 dollars but i shouldn't have to sit through a mold smell trying to enjoy the movie. Also, the womens bathroom floor was wet. Disgusting. The only reason i used it was because i really had to go. I just couldnt escape water today smh


Enjoyed watching the upside! It is a great movie place to go to.

Yolanda Epps

Great movie prices!!

lei lei

My viewing experience was pleasant. Though the food was delicious it was a bit overpriced

twisted leo

Great service n cheap prices for tickets

Jocelyn Alexander

The Theater's website offers differed from what the offers are at the Theater.

Mary Gray

T00 many parents holding conversations with small kids during the movies.

Christopher Matthew

I have had an overall good experience at this theatre. I will admit some of theatre room floors were sticky to walk on but other than that I’ve had a good experience. They have promotions that can be very helpful if you pay attention. I can get popcorn and a movie ticket for less than other theatres in the area. I’m glad Phoenix is Open!

Food Consumer

Clean and nice atmosphere!! Better customer service would help..Do anyone smile these days?

Miss Jones

This is the worst theatre ever but its cheap. Dont touch anything.

Ronnell Fields

Can't beat the ticket price - $5!

Melodie Hawkins-Brown

Really nice cheap $5 movie theater for the whole Family

Rodriquia Liggens

The price of tickets are great and cheap. However they have big sighs posted that they don’t go by and then they have a long line to get food and the foods not ready making us miss some of the movie very inconvenient. Next time I’ll slenf more money to get better service!!.

Evangeline Chase

Step back in time when you go to this theater. It have not been updated this is one reason the price is low $5.00. However the movies are the same and after every show the employees clean the theater very well!!! (BEST KEPT SECRET!!!) Come here enjoy a show for just $5.00!!!

Antoinette LaVey Williams

Ofcourse it's nice to go to a brand new movie for $5 when it is $13 everywhere else, but the people left it a pure MESS. I felt sorry for the workers who had to clean it after the movie was over, especially when there are trash cans EVERYWHERE. Other than that the snacks are decent, and they have some good food options as well. I will be going back.

amr hamed

My car got stolen in the parking area i won't forget this experience

shahidah dodson

Big mistake to come at night. Ppl talked thoughout the entire movie. It was at least 10 babies in the theater and the cried or talked during the film. It wasn't a cartoon but it was kid friendly.

Shelva Hendrix

Kids enjoyed movie I enjoyed price

She did that

Not enough luxury for the high priced food

Karen Boler

Time to update the interior.... especially the restrooms. Better and brighter lighting in the foyer can go a long way. Either carpet or daily cleaning of the theater floors so that your shoes don't stick to it as you walk to find a seat. But, "KUDOS" for bringing first rated movies at an affordable price to a community that may not necessarily have the means nor the finances.

Micky Payne

Shaft was good funny and worth going to see.

Tania Lewis

Its was nice

Rita Carswell

Seating ,parking,staff was fine and the Bathroom were clean with supplies. They need to communicate with a purchase of a large soda you only get ONE refill.

Eulanda Robinson

Great price but not very clean and the floors are very sticky.

Keisha Gary

Great price and movie quality is nice but a big thumbs down on eating anything!!

raishod pickett

Go there all the time thanks for unleashing Childs Play movie

Abu Imani

Daughter Daddy Duo Enjoyed The Upside the movie w/Kevin Hart

grace kelly

Great historic theater

Kevin -el

Nice place to be next to the hood 5 all day not mad shoot out big brother G- Grand auto

Nicole Coates

Their food is always sticky in the theater and concession to high

Kobi Montgomery

It's decent $5 movies really can't bet that

Kenneth Windley

The are getting better

keith miller

Went to see Dora with my GF and daughter we were the only people there so it was a wonderful experience

Epicness Productions LLC.

Anybody who rates this place more than one star is w lie. My theater was so dirty you could literally hear the mice moving around. The screens are really small and the theater isn't even set up like a theater I describe how uncomfortable I was and how awkward the seating is.


Dirty. Attendee behind food counter had horrible attitude. Front not kept clean...trash all over floor. Best thing about this place is the price


Basic but chill. For $5 you really can't have no complaints.

Maxine Mack

It's clean. Quality and latest movies and the coolest thing of all is that it's only $5.50 that's tax including but now far as the popcorn and other stuff is still high price. No surprise there lol. Save yourself a pretty penny and come check them out

Jamari Savage

Please be careful when u come here and purchases thing from the cashiers they will over charge u if your not paying attention, trust me I know what’s going on!!! After they count they draw at night after they shift so they can pocket the extra money!! and it was roaches and bugs in the BathRoom It’s so ghetto in there !! this is nowhere I would wanna take my kids never take my kids there again 3/9/2019 I rather pay top dollar they are trash and the guess make it even worst


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