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REVIEWS OF Leitersburg Cinemas IN Maryland

Megan Knarr // VioletStarshineArt

Amazing little local theater. Amazing VIP seats and great titles. Film league is an amazing deal on older, classic titles. My favourite theater.

Rebecca Boldyga

The only theatre I go to! Real people who care. Atmosphere is relaxing and welcoming. And you can't beat the VIP seats!

Anthony Wolf

Love this theater and the VIP seats only drawback is the theaters with the trays attached it's hard for bigger people to get in and out of the seats other than that its great

John Franklin

Great theatre, and the standard that it's competition should strive to achieve.

Tony Hemler

Wow! First time there!! Wow reclining seats made it easy to sit in the very front!!! I’ll definitely go back! The prices were very reasonable for tickets and snacks no high market gauging!! Thanks to my friend Tyler I’m glad I went.

Elspeth Senz

I bought tickets online which took a couple days because initially the website was not showing that Toy Story 4 was playing. Otherwise, online purchasing worked well once the movie appeared. When we got there, no one was there to check them and show us which theater. Theaters also were not all labeled, so I had to go into each one to see which one was playing the movie we wanted to see. Staff at the concession stand were talking to each other while I was ordering and also did not explain that the popcorn got free refills. Trays in the smaller theaters were tilted and in a weird position that couldn't be fixed. In general though, the theater was clean, the movie played, and kids were happy.

John Murphy

I actually really enjoyed this cinema. The chairs are very comfy and are power recliners. The ticket price was cheaper than I expected. Very clean theatre and nice staff. It's a gem in the middle of a corn field lol

Rafael Torres

Big comfortable seats, freshly popped popcorn!

Sharon Benoit

Great theater. Friendly staff. VIP seating is Fantastic. Free refills on popcorn though there’s always ample amount the first bag for me!

kuz Rhyne

Vip seating is to DIE FOR! BUT when its 83 degrees outside, word of advice, turn the a/c on 8n the theaters!! And anyone who pays 7 bucks for a small bag of popcorn, hey i e got ocean front property in oklahoma to sell ya too!

Phil Folk

Like the reclining seats,very clean and great staff.

Emily Barnes

Greatest place around. Cheap but elegant. Awesome popcorn. My favorite place to spend every weekend!

Jacob Stalnaker

The best movie theater in Washington or Frederick County! Don't waste your money at the Regal.

Kellie Swor

I really like their recliner seats, it's very comfortable.

Nathan Ross

Always gotta go VIP and get a cherry slushie. Popcorn is dank as well. Worth the price.

Nathan Retherford

Definitely the best cinema in the Washington County area. Skip out on regal and go here, the theatre experience is solid and the prices for snacks arent gouged to 6 or 7 dollars for a small soda. The VIP seating is also really comfy and spectacular. It's worth the drive. You get fairly spacious seating that is extra padded and has the option to lean back, and is typically not much more expensive than the regular tickets.

SoftAsCashmere83 .

My favorite Movie Theater... Staff is always great.. As mom of 6 I'm a lover and the $5 Tuesday..

Roy Philistine

Good variety of movies. Clean and worth the money to see a movie. Love the VIP theaters because, the awesome seating

John Powell

Look, I've been coming to the Leitersburg Cinemas since the days when it was a drive in. Through the different owners, the price hikes, I've been loyal through it all. I just sweated through a showing of SpiderMan. It was like there was no air conditioning whatsoever. I was so uncomfortable in my VIP seat, I felt like leaving. Dont skimp on the AC, folks. If you do, you lost me.

Joe Giardino

The best movie experience ever!

John Hills

Tuesday's are the best...$8 VIP evening tickets includes free popcorn (with refills :)

Deborah Valentino

Big, comfy, push-button leatherlike recliners. What a treat! Ticket prices are 7.50 and rise to 12.50 at night. We love it! Treat yourself and go!

Jeremy Forrest

It's always a great experience especially the VIP seating. You get your own recliner to lay back and watch the movie.

John Colunga

Slowly expanding and growing the inside. Always a great selection plenty of screens. VIP chairs are awesome. A little trouble online once in a while but other than that always a great time. Huge parking lot and rightfully so.

Patrick Kennedy

The best theater around. VIP seating can't be beat.

Jim Weiger

Recliners are great and very comfortable

AC Maeve

They're doing renovations there currently seems to be making it more cohesive. In the smaller theatre i was in tonight they replaced the chairs. My only problem with them is they now have trays to set your snacks but the trays block half of the seat so if you're not a stick of a person it will be hard to sit in the chair initially. I peeked in and the two bigger theatres they still have the older reclining seats but idk if they're changing the out or not.

Tasha Allen

This is the ONLY theatre to go to. It's been around for forever. It has $5 Tuesdays (Where the tickets are 5 bucks and the popcorn is a dollar). If you get a certain amount of popcorns and get your ticket hole-punched, you get free popcorn. It's a great way to spend a few hours with your family. Beyond awesome.

Seth Crumpton

Awesome movie theater! VIP seating is the way to go when watching a movie! Very relaxing. My go to place to see a movie. Love getting that $1 popcorn on Tuesday's and that butter dispenser at the end of the counter, oh yeah!

kimberly wareham

Great place. Nice seats (VIP ones atleast), decent prices. Love the free refills on popcorn and drink. Wish there was even more VIP showings and that it didn't cost extra to book online, could use another bathroom also.. but over all it's a good place to go.

Samuel Gregory

Great place! This will be are new place for movies and the reclining seats are excellent. Next time I'll get a beer!

Bogdan Marinoiu

Verry clean and the staff was great. My kids enjoyed. We will come back again.

Jenna Newsome

Thank you for my birthday present, Leitersburg Cinemas! I loved the birthday gift of Captain Marvel for free in the comfortable and relaxing recliner seats. I will come back every year!

gracieful2020 .

Comfortable chairs. Clean. Pleasant staff.

Melissa Alexander

This cinema is a gem. I did miss getting VIP seats for Endgame, but the atmosphere that night was incredible. This cinema goes all out for big movies. Local artists do special work for them. Local businesses can have a stand. I also like the option to be able to purchase an alcoholic beverage here.

Jim Minter

Great place to watch movies

Chase Heckman

Comfortable seats good volume and great popcorn

Sarah McDougall

The VIP theaters honestly have the nicest, most comfortable reclining seats I've ever experienced in a theater. Totally worth it.

John Earley

New seating is great. Always a good experience at Leitersburg Cinemas.

Zachary Gould

Awesome Cinema, especially the VIP theater seats. The prices are also unbeatable.

Melynda ballou Austin

Love tge VIP option feel comfortable with little to no interruptions

Emrich Matusky

It's a solid set up. Choose your seats at counter, quick concessions, very comfortable chairs. I go a couple times per year.


Love the VIP and free refills on the popcorn

Talysa Linton

Great place for all ages

Amanda Hoover

Great prices for movies and comfortable seats. Love that you can pick your seats ahead of time and not have to wait in the ticket line.

Tim Berkley

the seating is good. bathrooms are horrible, so dirty you just don't to touch anything smells bad. lobby area always looks messy. they jus need to clean the place up.

Heather Sprankle

The movie prices are great. But they charge a fortune for a drink and popcorn when you get in there.

Teresa Hoffeditz

Most comfortable seating Ive ever set on!

Gail Stewart

Movie and a food truck. Great atmosphere, pulled pork, grilled chicken, Mac and cheese, Cole slaw, potato wedges...quite good. My daughter and I are and watched Dirty Dancing the original movie.

Joyce Shives

Love this theater. VIP seating is the only way to watch movies. I miss the dinner and a movie they used to have each month. They were wonderful!

Wanda Lease

I won't go to any other cinema. Great price, clean, great VIP seats (haven't used non-VIP seating), great time line-up. Can't find anything I don't like about this cinema.

Brenda Bryant

This is my favorite movie theater. Five dollars admission every Tuesday for ALL movies before 5pm including new releases. VIP available at no extra charge; big reclining seats in a medium sized room, comfortable temperature. You get to reserve where to sit. Tasty $1 pop corn. Friendly service. Employees clean showing rooms immediately after every movie. Neat lobby. Loyalty program. You can earn free movie tickets and popcorn. I saw "Little." It was interesting with a good message. Although it wasn't as funny to me as I had expected. But was still an enjoyable experience.

Andrew Wood

Lietersburg Cinemas is the best movie theater in the area. The VIP showings are the best experience. Love being able to lay back in a comfortable leather recliner and watch the movie. Matinees are great priced and the refillable popcorn and drinks are great.

Jill Henry

Good selections of recent run movies. I almost always go on Tuesday nights. Great deal...VIP seating which is not tight together seats but nice comfy recliners. You also get free popcorn. (Suggestion to the staff...the popcorn is too salty. Yeah I know... cause you want us to buy drinks but it's not healthy for anyone!!!) Sometimes I bring my own throw to wrap around me. Sometimes the theater is to cool especially in the winter. The staff seems nice. They are quick to clean up the theaters. The bathroom are also pretty clean. The place seems always busy and quick to sell out tickets. So get them ASAP!

Shelby T

Wonderful VIP theater. Went on a Tuesday, took the whole family to a movie before 5. The tickets were $5 a person and popcorn was only a $1. The VIP room has extremely comfy electric recliners. I highly recommend the upgrade to VIP room on any day or occasion. I definitely plan on returning with the whole family again. Restrooms were clean and the staff was friendly.

Misty Winck

I always loved the movie on leitersburg. they are always very cleaned inside and the bathroom to and nice to

austin lynch

I was here only once seems to be fairly modern nice clean big seats never had a problem

Xplays gamesX

Nice theater overall fairly clean and big enough your not on top each other

Alex McCurn

Love the VIP seating, some seats even have a little table. Even if the VIP is sold out, you're not crammed. They also sell beer.

Brittani Parson

Always clean and we saw Toy Story 4 in the VIP seating!

marybeth gardner

Helpful friendly staff and VIP seating all the way loved it

Aubrey Lizabeth

Omg the VIP seats were a nice surprise! They recline!!

Alexander Harvey

The recliners were especially nice. The popcorn was a little burnt however.

Luke D plays

Seats are nice. Good price. Good concessions. Looks like they are currently remodelling. Recommend raising the screens just a bit as my son couldn't see the screen completely as the seats in front of us cut off the bottom. We managed during the movie by lowering the seats in front and found out after the movie that there are boosters.

Michael Yahraus

I think, since their sale to new owners, they might be having troubles. Last time I was there, a customer was complaining about how hot one of the theaters were, and that it was smelly. Today they had to inform customers all day that they are out of SALT AND BUTTER... I mean, WHAT? Is this real? Reason: their supplier couldn't get any. So, they don't know how to use the internet and find some???

Trudy Barlow

The better seating was sold out with seats near each other so my date and I had to see it in a cheaper theater but it was still clean and comfortable and we got to sit together and enjoy the movie and not be crowded in-between a bunch of people the seats were comfortable and we enjoyed it very much.

Zody Hershey

The only problem that I have is the seats are very dirty, my whole family was in the VIP section and we all had extremely dirty pants when we left. I think they should take the time to clean each seat in between each show. And they were out of TROEGS beer and that is unacceptable, keep a good stock in good beer. But we do enjoy this theater

Jesse Puffenberger

This is one of my absolute favorite theaters to go to! The staff have always been friendly to me, the concessions are great, and the VIP seating is the best idea ever! Seen a lot a movies reclining in those special chairs. Definitely recommend!

Dan Burkhart

This theater will ruin you from ever going anywhere else! The VIP seating is the only way my wife and I will watch a movie anymore! Electronic recliners, spacious seating, leg room for days, and a great snack bar. Huge parking lot! Wish they had one of these in Chambersburg bc it would make a killing! Matinee pricing is 5 bucks for VIP and on Thursdays you get a med popcorn with VIP ticket free. Oh and they have popcorn flavors for free at condiment yeah don't go anywhere else to watch a movie!

Reggie Jones

The VIP section is the spot. Nice easy chair feeling. Nice portions on the candy as well. Overall a great place for movie night. Oh and most of the people, patrons and staff are super friendly.

Patrice Wallace

Don't use for a boring movie. The comfortable reclining chairs will put you to sleep in no time.

Dan Jensen

Big theater. They serve beer. Best to see a movie in one of the main screens

colleen martin

I am responding to the issue someone else wrote on here about moving people after the movie had already started on VIP since you are a little confused. We saw the movie Breakthrough for VIP (great movie) but the service was awful. Knowing the movie was new and would sell quick we ordered tickets online, we PURCHASED 5 of those tickets. I saw there was only 8 seats left. 2 of them being handicapped seats and the other 5 regular seats . We walked in late because we were led to the wrong theater 3 times! So once we were in the right one , the seats we ordered were not available. There was 4 seats in the back and two upfront. The 5 of us split up. Someone was actually in our seats . But aside from that .. the biggest issue I had was you guys made a mistake and put it on us and the girls were going to kick us out of the movie .. do the math .. 8 seats left , we bought 5 REGULAR seats, and 3 women walked in (LATE BTW) and then complained someone was in their seats. Basically there technically was 3 seats in the theater ! When they purchased the ticket someone sold THEM the handicapped seats. Online I did not order them there was no reason for it! She only checked our tickets , so as teenagers , I felt like we were targeted because she didn’t bother anyone else in the theater. She was very rude. She asked me very rudely if I was handicapped and after saying no she said well you purchased those seats so that’s what you need to be in but I did not ! Later on I looked for the seat of my ticket number and it wasn’t a handicapped seat . She told me I needed to sit there and I said well there’s no actual seat so what do I do sit on the floor ? And she said if that’s the seat I purchased yes. I told her that no one in the theater was in the right seat and she said rude that I should’ve came and got her then. But you all are failing to realize they sold them two handicapped seats, (accidentally I assume) but tried to tell us we bought them . We were the last ones in the theater. Everyone else was already seated. I bought 5 of the 8 tickets left and the three remainder was with them . They created a big commotion as well just for the woman to say they would come back later. I had a receipt for each ticket. It was my first VIP movie and I was excited but this made it very upsetting. I would have probably just left but I knew she was wrong , and I was told there wouldn’t be a refund , even though I had proof of purchase for my 5 tickets !


This is my favorite theater to go to, but not a fan the new chairs in theater 10. The smaller seats are not as comfortable as the chairs in the other theaters and now the aisle is on the far end - making you have to trample through more people to reach your seat... Wont purchase tickets again if the seating is like theater 10 - as they really detracted from the experience.

Kathy Edwards

Great movies free refills great seating

Brenda Pine

Love this cinema. Only one I go to. Great prices. Good place to take the kids.

Austin Rains

This place is awesome. I will have the best memories of watching superhero movies at this place for a long time or even forever. This place is the best ever!!!

Cassy Baker

Nice screen size. VERY comfortable VIP seating and the BEST price around. Just saw Captain Marvel at 10 am on Saturday. Great Experience.

Benjamin Clancy

Since they have remodeled the place, it's very nice! Free refills on all sizes of popcorn, and the VIP theater lounge chairs are amazing! The regular priced theater rooms are okay, kind of small but not terrible.

Lee (Cell)

Hagerstown smells like urine. Mmmmmm!!!!

Bill Tolleson

We were in the VIP seating. Super comfortable. Great views of the screen. We had a great time.

Brittany DeSeau

Love this cinema center they are fantastic seating and pricing. Drive 30 extra minutes to go here!!

Erik Nilsson

Bought tickets weeks in advance for opening night. Some computer issue double sold 3 seats in our group. I'd recommend calling to verify you actually have seats.

Derek Campbell

Just A great place to see a movie... Plenty of parking and on a Friday evening, VIP tickets are only $12.50 per person.

Lunabane472006 .

Very clean. Everyone was friendly and helpful. Seats were super comfy. We had a great time. Food is entirely too expensive though.

eric plume

Always a great place to watch a movie My latest one there was Endgame. The theater may want to add some WD40 to the seats. The noise from everyone moving was kinda annoying. But 5 bucks for a movie ticket and 1 dollar for popcorn. No one can beat that.

Christopher Roles

VIP seating is the most comfortable way to go to the movies!


VIP chairs are amazing and I love them. They also have great popcorn and they have these flavors of seasoning for them that are really good.

Ron S

Best movie experience in the Hagerstown/tri-state area. Love the recliner seats!

Michael Bass

Very nice, the seating was very comfortable.

Misty Gvozd

We seen the movie IT and I think it was to over the top

Susan Harris

Best movie theater ever

Stacy Brown

Very family friendly atmosphere,clean and the staff is very helpful . Also free popcorn on Tuesday when seeing matinee movies 13752034

Really enjoyed the movie and will return to see more.

Michael Greathouse

I drove past this theater for a while before this year when I saw Aquaman of all movies. And let me tell you, I haven't been to any of my regular movie theaters since. It has a nice atmosphere, and so far I haven't seen one of their theaters dirty yet. An added bonus is that the popcorn has been freshly popped the past few times I've gone

Christopher Rutherford

Great theater all around. You have to love the VIP seats.

Don Weeks

Theater 6 today 9/21 no air conditioning, if they knew the air was broken they should have closed it or let us know before the movie. By the end of the movie, my whole family were not feeling well. It was hot and there was no air movement. Besides being very uncomfortable, it could have been very dangerous.

Teresa Maloney-Smith

Love this place. Great value.

Robert Owens

Best prices and popcorn around!

Tracy Williams

I hate movie theaters at malls. This is an old fashioned, stand alone theater with smaller viewing rooms and great lounge chairs. Great movie viewing atmosphere.

Angela Figard

Fair priced n very comfertable .way better than valley mall

Randy Tuggle

Must be getting really tight under new management. Concessions on far end close early, prices exceedingly high for snacks, plus you'll walk really far to use a restroom or get a refill on anything. Never again.

Randy Martin

Has gotten better over time. Remodeling the inside.

Kaite Rundgren

This is the best movie theater of all time. It’s seriously amazing. They have these VIP screenings where you get to sit in a giant cushioned armchair that reclines until you’re practically laying down. That is the only true way to see a movie once you experience it. The place is always really clean and organized. I would absolutely recommend this place to everyone.

Ej Cooper

Nice clean facility. Bathrooms could be a little cleaner. Friendly staff! I don't think they show trailers before the film though.

Chris Brooks

Nice theater. Need to do a better job maintaining the facility.

Robert Carpenter

The VIP seating is nice and they typically have events for big movie releases. Great theater.

Nicole Barstow

Cheaper than going to Regal. Decent prices

John Millard

This is by far the best theater as well as close to the customer service and response time when requesting it I have recieved from any business. Love the theater as well and how wonderful it looks, then the prices cannot be beat. This theater not only is customer friendly, but family friendly for all ages. Thank you so much for the business experience you have given to not only me, but my family as well.

tonya eyster

Super comfortable seats with lots of moving room.

Carrie W. Lane

Always a pleasure, love the comfy recliners, good prices too.

JOSH Howell

Great place, good seats, good prices for movies. Soda and popcorn are just as rapey as any other theater.

Shane Vitko

VIP seats are great and Tuesday prices are even better however the size of the screens and audio could be better.

charles bell

Nice and clean, VIP seat very comfortable, concession stand very convenient, good popcorn.

Donya Brown

Great experience! We were in the VIP room and it was comfortable and very clean!

Geraldson Valme


Zachary Keller

This is my go-to theater and has been for years. The VIP experience in itself is so worth it. Fair prices and always a pleasant time.

Esteban Banda

Great movie theatre. Love the VIP seats. I can't see us going back though... you have to create an account and give up some of your personal information just to buy a ticket online now? No thanks.

John Willard

A great place to catch a movie. Low ticket prices and comfortable seats.

Chodian Nelson

VIP area is clean. Non VIP area smells. very inexpensive movies on certain days. I think they have the best popcorn.

ramon mena

Overall good experience. Need to replace the regular seating very old and worn.

Kati Olson

Love their reclining seats and free refill on sodas.

Josh Manges

I always been a big fan of the Leitersburg Cinemas and have been attending under different ownerships over the last twenty-ish years. Right now, it has hands down the best management since I've been attending. A great deal of pride seems to be taken in offering the best service.

christie sarver

We love this Theater! The VIP seating is the best! Also pricing on snacks are reasonable. I recommend to everyone!

Becca Burford

VIP or go home...your own personal power recliner, bottomless popcorn, H2O, soda...or have a beer.

Gary Bonadies

Super friendly staff, prices very reasonable, everything clean. Great experience overall.

Cynthia Hilton

Great theater experience great popcorn and snacks available

Linz Sharp

This is the best theater in the area. VIP seating allows you to pick your seats when ordering online. Comfy chairs and the snacks aren't as over priced as most places.

Victoria Moyer

Very nice Cinema definitely go there more often

Michael Black

I like this theater very much. I just wish people didn't take there shoes off in theater

Nancy Benson

The BEST movie theater around! I have been to numerous movie theaters, I have even been to ones that are an hour away from this place, no other compares. It is WORTH the drive! The prices are much better than Regal Cinemas, they are extremely affordable. Free refills on large popcorn and large drinks. YOU CAN PUT YOUR OWN BUTTER ON YOUR POPCORN! If you watch a VIP movie, you will have recliners as seats.... THEY ARE AMAZING. They have buttons on the side that you can use to adjust the seat to the perfect setting. The theater also lets you bring your own blankets to feel snuggly during the movie!

Steven Seaward

Perfect small town movie theater. Tuesdays nights are the best- $8 VIP tickets that comes with free popcorn

Dylan C

The church they host every sunday is a rather... pushy one... I heard a lot of "God is the only way for you to be truly happy" and "If you love god, You can pay the church to support it and God"

angie palme

VIP seats are the best. Not a bad seat in the place. Clean. Great sound.

Michael Matthews

Great prices for recliner seating (VIP). Good location too with plenty of parking and easy access. :-) I would travel from Frederick to go here.

Carolyn Peeples

Had a great time. Love the Tuesday night special. The only thing I thought was that the con sessions were a mess. Popcorn and garbage cans full just looked like they were busy all day and no one cared up at all.

Erin Napoli

I decided to go to this theater because of the reclining VIP seating. My friends and I were excited when we arrived and we discovered that since it was a thursday and after 5pm, we got free popcorn with the purchase of our tickets. And also free refills on our drinks which we all got ICEEs. The staff were all very helpful and the entire experience was wonderful. It is an interesting location to have a movie theater in the middle of nowhere but I love it.

Vanessa Pittman

It look small but it a decent size. A very big parking lot and my ticket was a decent price. It a kid friendly movie theater.

Jon Moody

My favorite theater within an hours distance. Reclining seating for most theaters and I never hear other movies through the walls like most theatres.

lou ellis

Awesome theater love the VIP reclining chairs!

Iris Puga

I sistem and chairs realy good

christian milburn

Always a pleasant experience and comfortable seating

chip Brown

$5 Tuesdays is great and bottomless popcorn and drinks too.

Barry Martin

This is the place to go to watch a movie. Comfortable chairs that recline . Only 4 stars because the popcorn and other food is too expensive.

Amy Belliotti

I love Leitersburg! The ONLY thing I don't like is that the ticket you get are receipts and not real "tickets." The only reason it matters is because I took my son there for his first movie and didn't have a ticket to put in his scrapbook. There's just something nice about the old fashion tickets.

Toni Smith

Very polite service and free refills on drinks aswell as popcorn


Love the VIP theater. Seats are so comfortable. Staff was friendly and helpful. Popcorn was fresh and delicious. Very reasonably priced. The theater is clean and well maintained. A great place to see a movie. I can't wait to go back.

Stephanie Richardson

Since facility went under new management, it has been transformed into a very nice, modernized theatre. AMAZINGLY comfortable VIP seats, regular theatre seats aren't bad as well. FREE, that's right, FREE refills of soda AND popcorn! They have cheaper matinee prices, although their regular prices aren't bad at all. Friendly staff. Clean facility. They also host fun events with vendors and such, where you can win great prizes. Alcohol is available as well. Will definitely keep returning!

Tessie Guyer

The back of the seats are too tall for short people. My 76 year old mother could barely see the big screen

Andrew Vonstein

Love this place but it seems like they have turned up the sound recently. Where before the level seemed perfect... now it seems sound is being cranked up like it is at other theaters... that is bad.

Laura Barnes

I love this theatre. The VIP seating is so comfy, and people bring blankets to cozy up during the movie. Prices are much lower (for entry and snacks) than other theatre choices in the area. Staff are polite and helpful, bathrooms and theatres are always clean. Highly recommend.

Alisha Curtis

Clean, nice small theaters. Delicious butter for the popcorn..... I'd come here just for the popcorn. Worth the drive. The only theater around showing the diverse film we wanted to see. I enjoyed this place.

tim reese

Great theater. The chairs are so comfortable, the reclining seats are awesome. Small theaters but that's better in my opinion. Not too many people in there to ruin it. The $5 Tuesday deal is great as well. Will definitely go back if my ex will ever let me back into her life, I doubt it though, not after what I did.

Nicole Wahl

Love the beer and reserved seats

michelle vidal

Nate displayed superior customer service.

Sari Kress

Always a great experience when you go to Leitersburg! Highly recommend going on Tuesday night and sitting in the VIP section. You'll get your own small popcorn as well as relax in comfy recliners. Staff is very nice and accommodating! You'll love your experience and so will the kids!

Noel Koontz

Ok I was all for Leitersburg movie theater until they changed out the VIP seats for smaller more crowded VIP seats..I was sitting so close to another person that I almost grabbed his drink by accident it was so uncomfortable that I really couldn’t enjoy the movie...Also, they added these small tables I guess somewhere to put your food..However, they don’t easily lift up so you gotta squeeze your way to sit in your seat.....I’m not impressed Leitersburg and I just want the old VIP seats back please.....

The Dude 415

Love going to this place always clean and the VIP seating is awesome!!!


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