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Where is Landmark's E Street Cinema?

REVIEWS OF Landmark's E Street Cinema IN Maryland

Hannah Degn

Fun movie theater vibes! They have a lot of great movies that play here and the location is fun! It can be tricky to find street parking though and the seats do not recline.

Scoe Sixtray

Good location, above average food and drinks selection.

Dorothy Yuan

A very nice theater. The best part is the provision of free ice water to discourage the purchase of one-use plastic bottles!

Brad Johnson

Pretty cool theater. They play mostly foreign and indie flicks. It's not the most up to date theater in the area, but they have a good bar selection. If you're looking to see a more recent indie movie they'll probably have it.

Yaisa Strickland

Much bigger than it looks outside. Caught a great independent film mid-week but looks like there's a variety. The theatre we were in was small but it felt intimate in a good way and every seat was a pretty good seat. Seat cushions could be updated but I will return for the great customer service. Last, parking was a little confusing. Apparently, they validate from a parking deck around the corner on 11th St but parking attendant said that was weekends, not weekdays. Weekday deck $12 or street parking.

Piotr Sternalski

They have a lot of great movies (commercial and artistic) that play here. Great range of drinks including wine and beer. If you are a fun of popcorn you will enjoy a freshly made. Unfortunately, the seats are not comfortable. However, the screens and sound are fine.

Ken Ferrell

Best theater in DC! Get there early for popular movies, as seats are first come first serve. Staff is always friendly, and they have great beers.

Christopher Martin

Good venue for small run films. Clean, good selection of snacks and beer too

Philadelphia Amaechi

The best so far

Paul Frechette

Downtown, no parking, good selection of food

Demetrios Festa

Honestly this may be my favorite movie theater in the DC area. I’ve recently become a big film buff and E Street Cinema always has a great eclectic mix of movies showing. They also host a number of special screenings and special events throughout the year. The theaters and bathrooms are always clean, the staff is nice, the theater is very metro accessible (10 minute walk from Chinatown), and they have a good selection of drinks and snacks. I’d recommend trying one of the Italian Sodas, they are super good! They don’t always get the big blockbusters but for someone looking for more artsy movies this is the place to go!

John Shiffler

Older style theater. Easy to book online. Seats were comfortable.

Kristin Pedemonti

Amazing selection of films. Kind staff. Comfy seats and all sorts of beverages and eats!


Great theater and variety of snacks. The theater is always clean and well-maintained. I highly recommend the monthly midnight movies. Unfortunately, the staff is horrible when it comes to customer service.

Mitchell Dobbs

My favorite theater in D.C. It's just around the corner from Ford's Theatre. The seating is old-school, not the huge reclining chairs you see in the new mega theaters. What makes this place great is that the theaters are small and have a very intimate vibe. And they always have the most interesting, lesser publicized films. You can walk in as any time of day and pick something you've never heard of and chances are it will be fantastic. Friendly staff with concession stand that serves alcohol along with normal movie items. The only restroom is outside the lobby and it can be a long walk from your theater, so go before the show.

Abel Prada

Very good movies (artistic most of them); not too many people. I love it. My favourite theater in DC.

Andrea Larson Perez

The Landmark Theater group gets most of my business! The E Street location is close to Metro Center stop and nearby shopping and restaurants. I suggest purchasing your tickets online prior because shows sell out and we have been disappointed - once! The concessions are really good and offer a good variety, including beer and wine. Comfy seats, too! Check out West End location for their Capital Classics.

Yaida Ford

My favorite theater in Washington DC

Stephen Steele

Mostly thoughtfully selected films. Recently pushed up a bit with improved seating. Yay, as well as good drinks including beer and a unique effort to provide specialty foods (beyond the obvious) which brings them to five stars. A diverse and smart audience. Some nights at Landmark that are arguably artsy and a great refresh from Regal. Recommened.

Felipe Antunes

Great cinema! Good film selection. Just buy your tickets in advance, because it gets very busy, particularly during the weekend.

Ted Porter

I always enjoy this place, a very special part of the District, some gr8 memories

Eva Hambach

Medium size theaters with comfy chairs. Nice selection of movies, food and drinks.

Gary Clark

Great, usual films. Nice bar, snack area and comfortable theaters. Recommended.

Will Iam

Theaters are mostly small and quaint. Good selection of independent films. Alcohol sold here which is a plus for a date night.

Roniqua Jeffries

This is a quiet little movie theater tucked away on E st. The theater I was in had maybe 10 rows at most- which was fine considering the movie has been out for awhile. I was maybe in the third row and able to see the movie without straining my eyes or neck at all. You can buy tickets from the window or at a kiosk. We were a little late but the movie wasn’t sold out. The snack bar has a great selection of snacks and they sell beer and wine. It’s an older, no frills theater but overall it was a great experience.

Andrew Morris

Super cool theatre for art/indie/doc films, as well as normal popcorn fare. I went for the Rocky Horror event and had a blast. Great spot for dates or just to hang!

True Moxie

The cinema itself is nice, but sometimes there's a strong or unusual odor. Not sure if it's some of the patrons or the theater rooms.

Steven Romero

This is a favorite theatre. The concession snack and drink choices are good. The staff is nice. The movies are different than mainstream. It's easy to get to by metro.

Ane Gummel

Arthouse films and a full bar. What's not to love?

Jomar Palaypay

Good cinema although the seats feel like they need some update.

Chris W

BIG theater. Lots of movies being shown. Great selection. Popcorn and drink stand. Great downtown DC location.

703 Toyota

Great little movie theater for independent and international films. Add 25-30 min to you timeframe if you plan on parking on the street

Sam Cook

Wonderful theaters, great place to catch a movie.

Mike Wagner

They play limited release movies and serve beer, wine, and more gourmet-styled food than the chains do. That makes this place exceptional. Enter through the front doors and you're at a kiosk or using the human guest service employee to get your ticket(s). After that, you take stairs/elevator down into the dark basement where your cinematic experience begins. Bathrooms on the right, concessions on the left, and your theater awaits you straight ahead. Go there and have a blast!

S Royster

Multiplex downtown, a few blocks from the arena. Broad selection of movies, many without spandex. Rocky Horror on weekends. Full service snack stand with wine bar. They were showing animated shorts during Grammy season. Some houses are small, so look here for movies at the end of their runs. Restaurants in area, too.

Daria Shlenkina

One of the cool places to see independent movies or some Oscar nominated ones! Give it a try.

Gabriela Sousa

Awesome place, very good combos and a very friendly staff

Shafer Thompson

Places like this one makes me think that there is still chance for cinemas on 2018. Cool, well managed, and have some cool films. I am about to become a regular here.

Robert Judson

love the Theatre and their art films

Damien Markham

Some of the theaters are particularly small, and some are placed at strange angles within the building. The shows that they screen, however, and the weekend cult classics that they lean into, as well as the rather exceptional service and *generally fine layout plan, make this cinema spectacular.

Samuel Pauley

It’s nice that there is an indie cinema in DC, plus they serve alcohol. :)

James Wright

A great cinema! Wide selection of films including a consistent number of limited release/arty choices. Fantastic range of drinks including craft beer, sparkling wine. Clean and well run. Freshly popped corn. The seats are not as comfortable as some other DC area places - I could feel the metal springs through the well worn padding - but the screens and sound are fine. Overall a good experience. Will be coming back.

S. Roth

I love the unusual movies I see at the E Street Cinema. The building is well maintained and attractive. The staff is courteous and attentive.

Charisma Wooten

Very nice and clean.

Garrett Cordell

Medium sized movie house that plays independent movies and foreign films. Nice bar with high end concessions. Stadium seating in a few theaters. No reclining seats.

Anthony Critz

No spoons provide luckily but my fellow movie patrons provide

Ellen Williams

Only one set of restrooms that are not with the theatres. You have to go back out past where your ticket was taken. No reserved seating. No recliner seats.

Molly JC

Usually better movie selection. I always check what's playing when I'm in D.C.

Rodney Ford

Very clean and very modern movie theater. Full bar and plenty of snacks at the concession stand. Only thing keeping this from being the best theater ever is reclining seats.

katelyn moore

Unique and independent movies, with some regularly scheduled cult favorites. Full bar and good concessions. Small theaters, so don't wait until the last minute to grab a seat, but always a great time!

Sophia Ch

Love the range of movies.

Jay Dingman

Great theater with a great selection of snacks and a really good drink selection!

Shreya Tulsiani

Love this theater! It shows great movies

jeffery smith

A really great place for viewing independent films

Sick Lid

Always the best foreign films, the best beer and wine and the coziest theaters.

Blanca Badgett

Renovated Cinema. It’s beautiful! Wonderful and friendly staff. Great selection for snacks and drinks. The viewing rooms are small, but cozy. Seats are comfortable and old school - no recliners here, which I didn’t mind. An easy 3 minute walk from Metro Center.

David Koehler-Stanescu

Nice arthouse with enough screens you can see what you'd like as a walk up usually. Good snack options, the fastest concession line I've seen, and genuinely kind staff.

Latif Doman

The only way to watch a movie. Very comfortable and the other movie-goers are into good movies too. Great date.

Naomi Shelton

One of my favorite movie houses in thecity, but I'm anxiously awaiting new seats.

blue peter

Live this theater. A diverse group of people. Very nice.

Reggie Cox

The best venue to see independent films and have a bottle of wine at the same time. One of my favorite places.


Love the film selection here. Please keep em coming! Also love the rad food options and the lobby space

Renate Mitchell

Favorite movie house to see international, documentaries and offbeat comedies. This is the only place I really like the previews so I can decide what to see next. I also like the cider selection which was delicious.

Brendan Brady

You can’t get reception down there so no one is on their phones which is great. Also makes me think of Bruce Springsteen any time I go so bonus points for that.

Michael Kakaire

Very good independent films

James Hudson

Love this place. So happy there is a theater in DC that shows non-blockbuster type movies

Sock Socky

Very clean theatre, friendly staff reasonable prices. This theatre is also huge, not sure how many screens there are but it is several stories. Clean bathrooms also...that is worth big in my book. Nothing worse than a awfull theatre bathroom. This place is definitely a four thumbs up, and a recommendations to friends. Keep up the good work!

Matthew Klein

Love the environment and the people who work here. One of the best movie experiences in DC!

J Mil

Its expensive but nice.

Rey Guevara

A unique theater with a lot of soul. I always stop in when I’m in D.C.

Kristina Mosby

Very nice venue for private screenings & events, however it smelled really bad. They need to change the carpet & clean the grease trap...

Adam Bender

Cool downstairs theatre for indie and art films. Good concessions with beer and great snacks.

Christopher England

This is an excellent place to see a movie. They often have independent movies as well.

Joseph Nelson

I want to see and support more and more black Indy films

Yee Wong

Great selection of foreign, indie films, with wine and beer available. Smaller screens though and chairs do not recline

Wilma Ward

Not a very big theater and they start the movies right on time. This was my first time there & because I was looking for parking I got in the theater 12 mins late and the movie had already started. Most movies get started 20 mins later due to previews. It's hard to find parking there and garage parking is expensive. The only reason I went to that theater was because the movie "If Beale Street Could Talk" was only showing in selected theaters and that was the closest one to me. It's nice & clean, but not worth me going back there.

John Heinemann

Funky arthouse theater with a pretty great concessions offering. When I got Movie Pass, I thought I would be going to see a ton of blockbuster films at the bigger corporate chains, but mostly I've just gone to see some fun indie flicks at E Street Cinema. Love the vibe and the selection.

CydCherise Fields

Wonderful place to view a movie


A bit of an old theater, but nonetheless lovely for a night out in the city. The theater has a solid beer selection including mead, too! Besides regular movies, they have showings of The Room on a monthly basis on the weekends. These are great opportunities to watch the cult classic with friends -make sure to bring plastic spoons!

Amy Steele

This theater is very cool! The movies/films/documentaries shown here are all so good that you could pick something at random and be satisfied with the experience. The location is much larger than its outer facade would have you believe. You can't reserve a seat, so getting tickets early and showing up early might be the thing for you if you're picky about seats, or on the shorter side. There change in vertical height for the rows is small, so you could be stuck with someone's head blocking a portion of the screen. Alcohol is served here, and there are free flavored powdered toppings for your popcorn. I'm looking forward to my next trip!

Elizabeth Rosenberg

This is one of my favorite places to see independent films. The seats are comfy and the whole theater is clean. The staff is friendly and they often have cut outs for movies that you can take a picture in. The seats are not reclining seats and are still very comfy.

Jerrica Proferes

I love this place! It's location is easy to find and it's walkable to food and shopping for before or after the film. I love their drink selection! The theaters are outdated, but it's not the worst seats I've ever sat in. I love the movies they offer here, and I just enjoy supporting historic places like this. Tickets are cheaper than a traditional movie theaters also.

Cyrus Family

Nice intimate theater with a great sound system. They sell alcohol and have tasty popcorn. A superior outing.

Love Lacy

Great place for independent films and host of lots of film festivals. Although kids are there it's not too often. It's definitely a theater more for adults. There's a nice bar with a variety of drinks and concessions has way more than your typical movie theater snacks.

Jennifer Beilman

Love the theater, but every time we've went there were rude people in theater - talking, on cell phone or eating super loud.

Alex Dixon

They always show the most interesting movies here. It's a gorgeous space.

Carl May

Great theater showing films you generally dont get elsewhere.

Koushik C

Great selection of movies not found elsewhere.

Paul Vella

Amazing popcorn, friendly and knowledgeable staff and clean theaters. The necessity to ask for ID for those who look well over 21 not only slows the service process, it's just wrong.

David Billotti

I'm a very recent NYC transplant. I was looking for a place that felt like the independent movie houses at home and--while I'm aware it's a chain--I really like this place. Great atmosphere, nice staff, and a bar downstairs.

Marko Durovic

Awesome spot for indie movies and non wide releases, as well as some amazing documentaries.

Bert Thomas

The best! Great theaters, great staff, great location, and a glass of wine. What more could you want? Seats are also well-tiered so that those in front of you don't block your view. Theaters are smaller and more intimate, perfect for the more independent movies they show. I always pull up their showtimes in Rotten Tomatoes and choose something in the 90's.. can't go wrong!

Carrie Dellesky

Good mix of mainstream and blockbuster movies, as well as independent and small release films. Variety of concession foods and beverages, including craft beers. Comfortable theatres seats, good AV. Bike racks right out front.

Ruth Pazmino

Outstanding in every way ! Love it ❤

Ian Carter

Super convenient theater downtown DC, however the seats are older and screens/projection not updated to the new standard.

Noah Swint

Great service and cheerful attendants. My one complaint: no cell service. Would it be possible to work with Att, Verizon and TMobile for in-building microcells?

Catrice Barnes

I like this theatre. I went here for the first time for a free screening. I've past this place so many times and never really notice it. It's nice and clean here. Popcorn was good! Nacho cheese and pizza could've been better. Other than that, I recommend coming here! This is coming from a true Washingtonian!!!

Hilda Kroll

There are only a handful of places in the DC area where you can see foreign and indie films. This is the most conveniently located for me because it's close to both the Blue and Yellow Metro lines. The seats are comfortable but don't recline, making it more likely that I'll stay awake for the entire film. It would be nice if they had a special senior day or other little perks to compete with other theaters.


One of the best theaters in DC by far. Almost always preferred over any other theater if you were looking to see a movie with a smaller release. Drink prices are what you would expect at a movie theater in DC so can't complain there. Theaters are always clean and taken care of. Quality is always met as well. Would recommend

Zufan Alemayehu

Also located in Washington DC ,this joint is a real good one. From the spacious parking to the good popcorn it is a movie-hollic’s dream to be in such a theatre. The security in the place is also remarkable. But the only issue I had was the sound which was nothing but pathetic.

Timothy Oliver

Nice old style cinema. Great for seeing movies that don't need glasses and a bunch of sound and visual effects. This theaters are for visual immersive storytelling.

Matt McLaughlin

Good location, good movies, and nice staff, but theaters are dated and sight lines inside them can be bad. My friend made us move seats once to get a better view and almost made us move again until the guy in front of us moved over one.

Arthur Jameson

This cinema is awesome. It was my first visit but definitely won’t be my last. We went to see a new Wes Anderson film and loved the atmosphere of the place they had a pretty full bar and popcorn stand. The options were definitely a step up from normal AMC locations. They even had a pretty decent cappuccino! The movie quality and audio quality was decent as well.


Always great movies! My last good one: "THE PEANUT BUTTER FALCON"

Michael O'Connor

Seats could be updated and bathrooms are far from theaters. But always a great selection of movies.

David Woodhead

We like the variety of Indie and foreign films here. The wine and beer selections are good, with prices on average for a movie theater.

Walter Teague

This is a decent theater, the only problem is their food and drinks are three times as expensive as they should be.

Ty Williams

They serve beer and wine, so I'm happy.

Jean AbiNader

Underappreciate fine arts Cinema that has broader appeal than it appears in terms of selections. Great downtown location. Try it...

Stéphanie VAL

The selection of movies is nothing less than awesome in downtown DC were there is no other option for independent or foreign movies. Large selection of food and drinks (full bar) if you want to bring something with you while you watch the movie. The place is accessible through transportation and the parking under the theater is $12. Really worth going!

silvanus slade

Old theater that has seen some refurbishment and looks all the better for it. Very clean with a very polite and professional staff. Although it's a casual place, they made me feel as though I was somewhere upscale. There is no stadium seating or reclining seats and no reserved seating either. For those of us who grew up without these amenities in movie theaters, you won't be put off by the lack of them here. This place just simply has too much charm and character. Great place to catch a movie alone or for date night.

Todd Johnson

Independent and niche movies in smaller underground theaters. Also serves light meals and alcohol.

sic i

Great selection and bargain prices

Allison Lau

Favorite theater in the area. The Landmark chain tends to play more artistic films (won't find too many blockbusters here). They have fun special events ex. cult film showings. Great location in the city (public transit accessible). Snacks and alcoholic drinks available for purchase (sweet potato tater tots are delicious). The theaters are on the smaller side and the seats are decent. Student discounts available. I love that they show the Oscar Nominated short films (live action and animation) every year!

Glenn Reimer

Great venue that's very TARDIS-esque. Wonderful layout with great amenities.

Riana Dolenz

Love this place! It’s a go to for independent films and the food is delicious.

Jacob Thayer

One of the best movie theater experiences I've ever had. Their popcorn is some of the best (real butter)! Good bar selection and clean.

Cole Kalenak

The theatre is always a good experience. It has plenty of food and drink options. It is always reliable to provide my Indie films that don't show in the other theatres. There typically aren't many crowds and every time I've gone I've never had a problem with noise or people on their phone during the movie


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