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Where is Dulles Town Center?

REVIEWS OF Dulles Town Center IN Maryland

anne Erine

Love shopping so this sorted me

Steve Zehl

Malls are dropping like flys these days, will be very sad when they are all gone. In the mean time, Dulles mall is a wonderful mall, clean, big, lots of stores, decent restaurants, lots of easy parking, easy to get to. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Mohammad Mashiour Rahman

Nice place to hang around with family and friends.

Lorri York

Beautiful Mall. Lots of stores to choose from. Great experience.

M Lavín

very complete and relaxed experience

Reuben Puyogao

We always go here for shopping!

Pradeep Varadan

A nice place to shop with a variety of dining options that are essentially fast food. The place is maintained spick and span with constant cleaning staff moving around. The place is very toddler friendly with a indoor mall train (doesn't run on track), a wonderful carousel, a kids play area designed upon the Washington Nationals and last but not least, a fun ride for kids called Happy Rides.

Zac Berry

Very fun spot, lots of shopping and restaurants, usually pretty busy. Most shops are inexpensive, great place to meet with friends

Wayde Saffield

Great place to hang out

Leonid Tsoi

Way less crowded than any other malls in DC area, although has similar variety of stores as you would expect in the shopping malls.

Udaya Sandhya

Great mall. Have lot of options to shop. Food courts from different countries. Over all very good

Ian Foose

Amazing place to shop near Dulles airport, especially if you don't want to go to Tysons or Fair Oaks. There are a lot of upscale restaurants and stores as well as a movie theater.

Ravi Motwani

This is very good mall to spend time with range of shopping outlets and also have trains & other rides for kids near Starbucks. Atmosphere is clean and tidy with ample open parking space. Also time-to-time, year around they keep organizing kids friendly events like Magic Show, Live Reptiles show, Halloween parades,Touch-A-truck kind of events etc.

Akhil-Ranjana Agrawal

It's a nice Mall. We went with our grand kids and they had lot of fun in there play area and food court area. Thanks for keeping neat and clean and taking care of even kids activities

Jaime G.

Not a busy Mall in comparison to the other ones in the area, too many empty stores but the anchor stores still there. Plenty of parking and places to eat

Dinesh Kathait a kids play area inside foodcourt

Ruhi Sonmez

Very good I like it.

Sandy Ward

Great shopping mall. Offers a large selection of stores to find all that you need. Has a great food court with plenty of seating. Also has restaurants for a nice lunch or dinner.

Nick .

Nice big mall. Has all that you need for your weekend shopping

Megan Thayer

Seems like a great mall. A ton of shops to choose from and a lot of restaurants in the area.

Kyle Damron

Bit pricey but worthwhile

Cora Hollingsworth

It is a very nice mall with many places to shop at

Saint Dervareid Hawkins

I LOVE having breakfast here when I visit family in Virginia. I wish they were in Atlanta and surrounding cities.

Karim Baz

Needs a more diverse set of stores to attract customers.

Ashwani Sharma

It is an excellent shopping center

Ambika Anandham

Nice Mall. Don't work to JC Penney abusive manager. She needs Human Resources training


Very pleasant atmosphere and good crowd. It has a nice aura.

Brandon Davis

Great mall, easy parking. We frequent this mall because it has a decent food court that is clean and the best part is the children play area and the adjoining carousel which is only $3!

Ravindra Babu Alla

Good shopping center. Kid friendly, do checkout the kids play area next to sears. You can leave your kids for a fun filled play time while being taken care by experinced professsiknals for 10$ an hour. Merry go round, animal rides, train ride among other attractions for kids.

Javier Mery

Dulles regal theater is fantastic their seats we love them and they have Tuesday special

Kenneth Kline

Shrinking mall. Still better than an outdoor mall


Had really nice food court as well as a load of nice clothes stores like H&M, VS Pink, Forever 21, Hollister, and PACSUN

Gregory Ralph

PF Changs wasnt very clean.

Bes Star

This reviews for Macy's only. I stood in line at Macy's for 35 minutes. This is ridiculous there are four registers and two sales Clerks. I was number 15 when I first got in line. Not one time did anyone get on the intercom and ask for more cashiers. Maybe they didn't have any, maybe they didn't have the authority to ask for more I don't know but I think it's ridiculous. On a better note I found some really good deals...

Abdur 1025

Great variety of shops four different things and crafts gardening confectionaries close well as some home improvement but sometimes can be packed and hard to find employees depending on the store

Jeniffer Tovar

You can find the stores that you want and the restaurants that you love. There's the Movie theater. Easy parking.

Mary Trussell

Clean, easy parking. Good variety of stores

Pragadeesh Kumar

Best of every department, from electronics to clothes to tasty food. In an outdoor mall kinda setup. The centre Court is always bustling with some kinda events. Also there are huge sized chessboards and other games.

Lisa A.

It was very nice. Alot of good stores to shop.

Dimitrina Doutcheva

Still a fun time to shop and find something for everyone.


Nice town center close to airport for people who are transits in Washington , cheesecake factory is the highlight and highly recommend to be at and enjoy dinner


I love this mall it's a very clean Mall. There's a lot of different variety of shops there. I like how I can go to different name brand stores in one location. probably one of the best malls in the area and my opinion. I will definitely be back to this mall when I'm in town.

Eddie Deleon

Very clean nice mall, great stores and it has a Taco Bell in the food court!

Kelsey G

Too many stores are closing, and the mall is basically empty on weekdays. They really need to bring in better stores to be able to compete with Tyson’s or Fair Oaks to avoid a full closure. I’m glad some of my favorite stores are here, but I worry that they will end up closing too.

Zonara Choudhry

I love this mall. They have every store you want all in one place. Nice food court. Nice parking and a theater.

Greg Wagner

Dulles Town Center is a well maintained, clean space with plenty to occupy you for an extended afternoon. It offers an uncrowded and casual shopping experience and much easier access than the two major malls further east in NoVa. Several major anchor stores, major brands and solid food choices plus a multiplex cinema. Plenty of parking, well lit and family oriented, it continues to be a major gathering space for LoCo and regional residents.

jhoann's Vlog

Very good mall, there's enough parking space and clean bathrooms. Too bad Nordstrom is closed in this location. Lots of store to shop around.

Dess Cheru

It feels like you are outside because of the way the interior is designed. Besides shopping, a place to take a break at or just a walk.

Hilmar Thor Aevarsson

This is a good shopping mall. Like most others. It has a few restaurants in the near surroundings. There is a good selection of shops there.

Vineet Yadav

Good place to hangout. Lots of option in food court. Small play area is good for kids to spend an hour or two. All major stores are their for shopping. Carousal and small train is something kids really like here.

Austen Hernandez

Not one of the mega malls you would think. But has all the things you want, not much extra. The food court is very unique and offers niche restaurants

Katherine Padilla

I love Dulles town center. It is a great place to spend a day. Starbucks in the middle with lots of comfortable seating and additional seating all throughout the mall. 3 laps around the mall gives you a mile walk. Then a coffee and muffin at Starbucks or cinnabon. Read while enjoying breakfast. Then a person could window shop, check out the movie theater or a dozen other things.

Sergio Machuca

A big size mall that has major department stores and a decent size food court. I would recommend it.

Jerrett DeWispelaere

Not to busy, easy to get around, well layed out

Reyan Patel

Very good location. Good food court. Clean Toilets. Enogh parking space. They always have some exciting festive theme decorations.

Evan Springer

It is a decent mall. Clean. Diverse food court. The shops are a little expensive though.

Geraldine Sueldo

Clean and heat customer service. I had only have dinner once but love the bar to go get a drink after work

Paulina K

Fun, free place for little kids (under 42") to burn extra energy ..but careful about other kids and adults there. Once this lady stepped on my 18 month old and didn't even apologize, not very grown up behavior.

Shahriar Masum

Nice mall. Not very big but they gave Macy's Sears and JCPenney.

imran Khan

Nice and beautiful place and shops. Food court has some very nice dishes they cook . I got no complaints for this place . It was simply nice the food the area and the service.

Unique Serenity Services

Awesome love the changes they look.

Geoff Kassover

Old fashioned mall...tired and useless.. Sears and Macy anchors between the others holding in somehow.

Lisa Yi

Love their Thursday morning Kids Club. It is a very clean mall and there is a large play area in the middle of the food court.

Harry DeMayo

Very nice mall. Stores i went in were all stocked. Service in smaller stores was definitely better than in the large stores.

Kevin Noble

Just great. Well kept stores, great variety of stores, great food court, and the movie theatre is really cool aside from the managers overworking minors.

Umer Ahmed

Nice mall , usually less rush than other malls. You can actually find sizes

Abdullah Sofan

Nice medium sized mall.

Michaela Mendez

Its dying......still has some great stores in there, but hardly any pedestrian traffic

Wendy Latham

Great mall has pretty much everything.


Went in the mall by movie & out quickly

Drew Bars

Very nice mall, and not too small. Amazing food court, and helpful information desk.

sheila k

Love the fact it's not a strp mall

Lam Duong

Dulles town center has improved greatly over the last couple years. With their movie theatre really being the crown jewel of the mall, you can definitely meet your families shopping needs at Dulles Town Center. The centers hosts a large food court that is great for the family with a lot of options as well. Although it’s really never crowded where it gets annoying, it’s becoming more popular everyday it seems like.

Boi Mc. Facto

Great variety of stores and restaurants. Good service and atmosphere.

Raquel Hernandez

If you want to go to an empty mall, go to Dulles Town Center. It's not my favorite though, it's a bit old fashioned and missing something

jharcn .

The mall is still clean and in good condition with several major anchors and lots of big name stores. A few open storefronts, but seems almost entirely occupied. It was not busy because I was there late. Some stores close at 9pm, others at 9:30 weeknight.

Adem Çağdaş Kandemir

Regal cinema is awesome also shopping center too

Sharon McCollin-Brewster

Easy parking never too crowded if you go around 11am or so


A great place to meet up with friends and have fun! Definitely recommend visiting it!!

Kavinayaa Kannan

Great place to spend the day. Kids play area is clean and fun. Good variety of stores. Food court has a variety of cuisines

jen smith

Excellent service and made the whole phone replacement so easy!

beryl foreman

Stopped to shop on the way to the airport. Nice clean quiet mall. Open until 7 on Sundays.

Philippe Lacoude

It is by far my least favorite mall of the region but it has Sears and a few other shops. From time to time, it is not possible to avoid it. The best amenities are actually the 5 or 6 restaurants around the mall that share its parking lots: Red Robin, Red Lobster, Mimi's Cafe, Cheesecake Factory, Macaroni Grill...

Valentino pinckney

Great shopping

Dianna Calenzo

Clean & well lit. Could use more public restrooms

Mario D. Prada

It's a nice mall, we spend a good time there throughout the year. Special events are fun.

John Beall

The day I went it was busy and parking wasn't bad either. I only had a hour to look around so no time to really Shop. Plus all of the Anchor Stores were still in operation!

Lova Mitchell

Pros: - Good quality food court (Chick-Fil-A; good Kebab, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Pizzeria, Taco Bell, Ben & Jerry, etc...) - Huge parking - Good selection of stores Cons: - they are charging for buggies ( $8 for the doubles) - bathrooms are sometimes dirty - expensive train rides ( $ 3 per person, they charge parents even if they put the kids on the laps, the carousel only charges kids) - really enjoyed the plane playground better.

Jeremy F

Great indoor mall. Went to the movies and Verizon store as well as my family picking from several good choices in the food court all without having to leave the air conditioning.

E Cornish

Adequate parking, inviting atmosphere, a wide variety of stores and services. A diverse shopping population.

diana suits

So many things to do here you can get a great meal go to a movie a shop for your family, even get your eyes examined and snacks to enjoy on the side walk cafes

Tony Colucci

Exceptional experience on 31 July. Santos Martinez was extremely helpful in our purchase of new LG phones. He was extremely patience and excellent at explaining all the options and alternatives. After our decision, he completed all the transfer from old phones to the new ones without a hitch. Also, explained to us what he was doing and how the new phones would be provide new services not previously available in old phones. Great experience! Highly recommend Mr. Martinez.

Jay Dub

Great place to charge your electric car and get food!

Cristabel Rocha

Not crowded like other malls. Parking space always available. Free wifi throughout the mall.

Nancy Krystofik

Being at the Santa Display Christmas of 2018 was magical- I swear that Santa was so realistic. I was there with my 6 month old granddaughter, her pictures are precious!

Paul J

Just a mall, like all other malls. Hopefully one day we'll read an article titled "millennials kill malls" to follow up with all of the other junk institutions which thrived before their generation.

Mitch Rodia

This is an okay mall. There are absolutely huge amounts of parking here and it is easy to get in and out of. There seem to be a lot of stores here that are off brand and the mall seems kind of "worn". It could really use an updating and for someone to fix a lot of the issues. If you need a quick shopping trip, this place works but if you want to just walk around and shop, Fair Oaks is worth the extra drive.

Robbi Walker

Ran in fir a hot minute! Very nice and clean!

Edith Davis

The people are fantastic. Always friendly and helpful.

kits VA

Sad to see Nordstrom gone. Still decent mall with few good stores and great theater. Only place in the area where you can eat Popeyes spicy chicken sandwich and Chik FIL a spicy chicken sandwich on same table.


My always shopping place plus the other outlets in Tyson corner area. Virginia is a lovely state especially the DC area. Every year I go there during the end of Feb for shopping.

Selvamohan Neethiraj

Nice place to shop; good place to spend family time ...

Brett W

On the smaller side for a mall. A good number of food places within walking distance. No problem finding parking when I went.

Robert Carter

Love this mall, always so alive and great place to shop.

Mark G

A very convenient mall for all families and has many well known stores in addition to food court and restaurants.

John Heddon

Love this mall been coming here for years. Kids love the small train that drives around the mall.

Omar K.

Mall is great. But the directory inside the mall is not clear and no one helps you. When you got kids you need to reach the place as fast as you can before they lose patience.

Adrienne Alexander

Peaceful, clean. Good stores.

Jennifer Delcid

This is a decent mall. Not as big as other malls around the area but has most of the basic stores. It also has a newer movie theater which is nice. Parking can get a little crazy during the weekend.

Marty Barron

Never knew they had a cheesecake factory and a pf changs.

matt cahill

Easy parking every shop you would want

Lorna Shanklin

Cinnabon, Auntie Anne's and a movie theater what more could you want! There are some cute specialty shops too. The food court has a lot of options as well.

K Nelson

Reliable for fast pick up items but you should pick another mall if you're looking to do major shopping.

Matt B

Very well laid out and good selection of stores. Lots of parking and mall access. Food court has excellent options. Great for families with little children as well.

Arvind Mandra

Nice place with clothing stores having fresh stock. Not a very big Mall.

Sidney Jones

It's a beautiful place to shop and eat just have a good time with family and friends alot of great places to eat for you and your family and friends.

hafiz ahmed

very nice mall great environment

Ryan Nichols

This restaurant serves delicious food and wonderfully crafted adult beverages.

sourabh kumar jain

Nice and only mall in reston

Kristy Smith

Easter Bunny and Santa visits are quick and easy here. It is clean and has lots of activities for young kids (train, carousel, play area, daycare place, etc).

Meghan Janda

Nice, smallish mall. Has the usual mall stores and it's not super crowded, so it's pleasant to visit. They've got a playground and entertainment for children, a few coffee and tea stores, as well as decent restaurants.

Marc Aldrich

Excellent center for shopping! A little bit of everything!

Charles Teague

It's a really good mall. Has everything you need and plenty of room for kids to run around!

Michael Cousins

Great place to shop, get something to drink or eat or just walk around

Ronald De Leon

Great shopping mall with lots of stores nice movie theater and huge food court. I think the food court is better than even Tyson corner mall and there is a lot of restaurants outside the mall to try if you want a sit down and be served.

Timothy Fife

A nice place to shop. A variety of stores and the food court is pretty good. Parking isn't an issue, normally plenty of parking. The movie theater is comfortable and has a bar for adult beverages. Normally a clean and friendly environment.


Don't buy things from here they will rip you off. So I bought earphone there for 39 dollars and the return is 30 dollar and at other store are like way cheaper. Don't waste your money at the mall this mall suck

su mon

This is small mall with some good shopping options and its particularly good for kids since they have a train and a carousel ride and a small play area for kids....they have some cute red benches for toddlers to eat...and they have some good eateries...every thursday morning they have a show for kids which is free of cost...i usually go there for pictures to jc penny studios

Jake Marshak

Great mall. Decent selection of stores. Really good food court.

Carl Conway

Beware of roving packs of the undead. They hunger for your brains and gift cards to Abercrombie & Fitch.

Steve Trask

Good variety of stores. Furniture store has some good items

Patricia Nixon

We Enjoyed all the Stores and restaurants And Shopping was Wonderful

Blaine Chitwood

Awesome spot for a variety of stores and food.

Sri Yalavarthi

Such a lovely a place to spend the day. Great food at affordable prices and amazing branded outlets. Highly recommended!

Lainor Ng

One of my "FAVORITE PLACE" to visit, especially Macy's my comfort store!!

John Tyler

Nice place, really like the decorations and architechture. Gives the place an upscale kinda feel. The area under the atrium is really inviting to relax and have a Starbucks.


Sad to see this place slowing down. It's a great place to meet friends and hang out. Tons of stores for just about anything you might want to buy.

Huay Din

Clean, bright, and had tons of trendy and novelty stores.

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