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Where is Cinemark Fairfax Corner and XD?

REVIEWS OF Cinemark Fairfax Corner and XD IN Maryland

Kathy C.

Large and lovely theater! Clean, recliner seats, large screen. Good experience.

Eric Huynh

Nice and comfy reclining chairs, making it a great spot for couples. Arm rests have another cup holder under the conventional one that is attached to the arm rests which I thought was cool as heck. Be sure to take advantage of 5.99 discount day every Wednesday! They will charge a $1.50 online ticket fee if you do order ahead of time like that.

Revathy Swaminathan

I luv to see movies in this theatre with family. Recliner makes it comfortable and also most of the Indian movies are played here.

Oana Cioabla

Mr.Bransford is great! He is very helpful and makes us feel like we're visiting a friend! The cinema is very clean and the seats are super comfortable!

Luis Luna

I was really disappointed with the supposed XD experience. This was my first time in the XD room, I constantly had to lean forward to hear, this was ridiculous. I think my livingroom's TV sounds is louder. I don't even have external speakers. Over priced for a poor experience, It was a real shame. Only 2 self ticketing kiosks and no one in the counter. I might switch my membership to the AMC.

Pavan M

Good sound system for indian movies.

Nova Fine Homes

Good theater and location. Bathrooms are starting to show their age though...

Sandra Lane

Love this movie theatre- go all the time. The seats are luxurious.


I've been to this place for several movies and I love it. The sound is very great and the seats are very comfortable. Popcorn is always good, place is nice and big, best theater in the area.

Caroline Maunakea-Hammonds

Great theatre, conveniently located with surrounding shops and restaurants. If you are military and order online tickets you can go to the service desk for a price adjustment, which I find very nice. Good place to catch a flick.

Frank Groblewski

New and clean with comfortable recliner seating

Shreyasi Dutta

Very good theater with plush seats available,clean and comfortable,always go for the reduced day prices its pocket friendly

Juan Ruiz-Gonzalez

XD IS AWESOME!!!! Food and service is good

Nick Altman

Good theater, near Fair oaks Mall, and very comfy seats

Fellipe Miqui

Pretty good for watching movies with your friends. The food is a little bit expensive though.

Debbie Winter

Generally I enjoy coming to this theatre; I consider it my local theatre. However, when I recently came to an early Sunday evening movie, there was a menacing looking guard, dressing in black with jackboots, armed with multiple firearms in the lobby. Really? Seriously? I felt very uncomfortable and the intimidation seemed over the top and so very unnecessary. Will choose another, safer theatre from now on. Seriously Cinemark—bad call.


Seat was so comfortable.

Ajith Joseph

Fresh popcorns!

Lionel Hayes

This movie theater has tremendous rats running around all over the floor. I saw over 5 rats Running around. Running up and down the stair way. It is terrible. Im never coming back. I would not lie.

Thomas Unander-Scharin

Nice seats and a great movie:Green Door

Paris Morton

Been coming here since I was a teenager. This place is always clean, great shops and the fact that it has a chipotle makes it perfect! Always come here for discount days.

Thoburn Freeman

My favorite movie theater! With great reclining chairs and huge potion sizes so your food/drink lasts the whole movie

Bart Hill

The seats are very comfortable, and the theaters are well designed. They have a no backpack policy though, so you can only carry a small bag inside. The discount tickets are offered on Wednesday, very good value.

Fitzhugh Kirwan

It was excellent! Me and my son had a blast. Big up Captain Marvel.


One of the best theatre in the area. The seats are really comfortable and the screen quality is outstanding!!

Austin H

High quality theater. Parking is usually fine but on Wednesday evenings it can get a little more difficult to find a spot.

Aravind M

Best place to watch foreign movies in 5star comfort seats.

Frank Bertrand

Great theater seats and harmonious atmosphere. Quick concession purchase and large lounge to sit and talk. All in all a wonderful experience.

derek hall

Nice location. It's a clean theater with plenty of food / snack options. You can even play arcade or grab a drink and bring it to your seat. Reserved seats that recline

Kluge Iam

Movie plus medium popcorn and soda (that's half filled with ice) will run about 30 bucks a person. I must be spoiled by newer theaters, because I'd forgotten how much having to share armrests with neighbors sucks.

ashwini pv

Very nearly maintained. Comfortable recliner chairs. Had a great time watching movie with such a relaxing environment

Givon Forbes

Comfy seats. Decent amount of food options

Atif Hassan

It's a nice modern theater. The have plush recliners and and big screens. The only issue is that they don't use Atom Tickets, so it's not gonna pop up when I search for a theater.

Jessica Drollette

Great theater but they have the speakers too low and every time I ask for them to turn it up they never do :(

Lura Wh

There was a threat and within seconds the security took control of the house although there was a large police response requested but that was after the security had cleared the auditoriums. The management gave use refunds and passes due to inconvenience. Overall excellent work by the theater. It was a chaos but handled very well

Eid Farha

Nice place. Good theater and comfortable luxury loungers

mindo pino

fairfax theater i got profiled by the guy name ron. he saw my moms phone with snapchat open he though we were recording. instead of asking to check he rudely shout and sent security. the security came and professionally and nicely explained what the situation was. we apologized and so did security and was nice. ron could have done the same and not profile us. ron was very wrong i will go to court for profiling against me


This chain of theaters has a policy that does not permit patrons to bring a bag larger than 12 x 12 x 6. I find this abhorrent and disrespectful to patrons. Feel bad for the employees that must enforce it.

Jody Fellows

When did movies get so expensive? Comfortable chairs though.

shivaram challa

Normal theater. Big comfortable reclining seats.

Kwang-bok Kim

The movie view is wide and pleasant. The screen is very big. Sounds good, too.

Tiff Cruz

The management and ticket staff are rude. They act as if answering questions is not apart of their damn jobs. Other than that the pricing through my job is better than any other discounts and prices and decent prices on drinks and popcorn. There is an arcade and bar available that are also very accommodating. Comfy adjustable seats and usually good seat selection available.

Tylir Penton

Impressive theater!

Jermain Ray

This Theatre was kept pretty clean. This was a first time visit for me at this location. The seats that recline are very comfortable, I think I'm going to visit again.

Richard Bagaporo

One of my favorite theatre to watch movies. The fact that they have recliner seats, clean theaters, good selection of food and drinks


They have real food and Starbucks. The Starbucks drinks cost the same as a...well...starbucks. they give you a lot of food if you order. Also, they have a bar. The theaters have recliner seats.


They've upgraded their theater and the seats are amazing. Going to the movies is a whole new experience, nice reclining leather seat and every seat has a good view!

Jay Fernández

Has great movies; has bad food!

Timothy Soehnlin

Enjoyable as always. Clean with clear picture and good audio.

Samantha Dean

Love the reclining seats. Great food options from three different areas, and you can take your drink to your seat! Employees were smiling, restrooms were clean and manager Mr. Scott was very helpful when we had an issue with our tickets. Overall a wonderful experience.

Tyrell Sanders

Clean place, nice reclining seats, always a good time

Yu Cho

Good recliner theater

Tom B

Very nice shopping center with good movie theater and a variety of restaurants. Does get busy and parking outside of the parking deck can be competitive. Parking deck is 7 levels and never full.

Susan Fitzpatrick

Great seating and popcorn

Micheal Andrew

This review is directly in response to Debbie Winter’s review I own one of the small shops at fairfax corner and i visit the theater at least 2-3 times a week. I can assure you there is NO “menacing looking guard, dressing in black with jackboots, armed with multiple firearms in the lobby” there officers are not some clown like yourself and are highly trained and professional. I am sure they have more education and make much more than you. Did you get kicked out of the theater? I am very sure Cinemark is not losing anything if you dont come back. nobody likes you liberals anyways

Ruby Parchment

Might be okay if you can walk. But I wouldn't know. I'm in a wheelchair, ended up not seeing Black Panther. 5:30 pm, the eight (!) handicap parking spots were taken. (Didn't become available till 8 pm.) I nabbed a 2-hr. spot, but movie tickets we got were for 6:25 pm. Was informed that the parking time limits are enforced. My companion a non-driver, so we decided that he would see the film, while I stayed with car. Back to the Buick with our popcorn, burger, hot dog, + drinks. They did refund my ticket. But I don't see how eight special- needs parking spaces are considered sufficient for a huge theater complex. Why not add the sides of the gigantic box? Aren't there disability access laws?

Zeek Taganashi

Thia place is juat the best. Rises the bar on food beverage and hospitality. You dont find many places like this but that dose cause it to be somewhat crowded on its busy nights Hit the bar inside and try the margarita!! Swing by the concession for a bacon burger n chilli fries before your next show

Shaun Frenza

We love the Wed night movie deals. Great shopping plaza overall

Richard Heathcote

Clean. Great sound and visuals.

Elad Mealem

I really like this cinema! The seats are comfortable couches with an optiin to remove the barrier between couple who want to wnjoy the movie together. Wednesday are 5$ tickets. Although there are limited number of movies we really enjoy this cinema. If you are a couple who go to cinema at least once evwry two months, do the membership thing! It is worth that


The theater is very hot.

Mark Bonatucci

Awesome theater - one of the RIGHT places to go when you want to see a movie in a REAL movie theater.

tomaf .

Their google page sux. when I click on all the other theaters, a page comes right up with a listing of all their movies, but I can never find Cinemark Fairfax Corner's movie listing from their page, i need to go do searches for individual movies playing in fairfax and go through several links to find it at their theater. THAT SUCKS!!!

Chris Hammerle

Great popcorn and awesome seats!

Russell Almond

I work there


The theatre has wonderful seating and great sound for action movies. There's plenty to choose from the concession area

Yajaira Salguero

First time here an enjoy my time.


Comfortable seating and large selection of recent movies. Theater snacks are expensive as always but that's to be expected.

Claudia Platero

Bad service at the snack store, Lady with a bad attitude.


Absolutely the best theatre in the area in every possible way.

Loretta Schulz

Huge place. Has food. Comfortable seating. Good sound system.


Great theater with now upgraded reclining seats. Can't beat the matinee prices and discount on Wednesdays.


I really like this theater! Unrestricted sightlines no matter who is in front of you, great concessions including coffee, and very comfy chairs. Will be back.

Danny Diaz

This is the local theater right down the street from me, so I go a lot, mainly b/c of convenience however it’s poor quality control has me drive as far as Reston sometimes to goto a better theater. I’ve seen the supervisors yell at employees in front of customers, the bathrooms are frequently out of order and you can even smell them from the lobby area, other than that concessions are fast turn around

Mahal Chaya

Near the mall and other good and decent restaurants, etc. More ample parking space. Cinema good XD experience not IMAX but a big screen.

Amy Wong

Why dont y ou u show movie times? Why make me hunt

Brad Sweet

Great theater offering updated theaters and lots of extras. They have the new style of reserved-seating reclining armchairs with built-in food and drink trays. Lots of options at the snack bar, and a cocktail bar open at certain Showtime. Some newer arcade games and large, clean restrooms. They also have party rooms for kid's birthday parties. Easy to park close to the theater, and there are lots of great walkable options for dinner or a drink before the movie.

Regina Thomas

The best as usual best

Jedi Starwalker

I love these theaters. From the luxurious seats to the great location. Plenty of dining in and around with a great selection of films to sit back and enjoy those miscellaneous days off.

Darlene Futch

Nicest theatre in the area. Very comfy seats.

Jonathon Aslanian

Love this movie theater. I specifically drive here from Manassas because the theater is always clean and the seats are very spacious, comfortable recliners. There's also a bunch of nice shops and restaurants in the same area (Fairfax Corner) A+

Brian Mercer

The theater was fine. Individual recliner seats, assigned seating. Good temperature. Not to loud. Of course there was a baby there because someone didn't bother with a babysitter but I can't hold that against the theater

Sean Vandenberg

Great movie theater. I really enjoy the $5.25 Wednesday ticket day!

Kevin Wal

This is my favorite theater. Friendly staff, popcorn was good. loved the bar and the bartender. Was very impressed to see multiple armed security officers with very friendly attitude in the building even after it was closed. bathrooms were clean and parking lot had plenty of lights. excellent place if you want to go alone at night. very very safe

Terry Dorn

Terrific theater and personnel. The recling chairs are absolutely wonderful.

Jehuty Rivera

Military discount, recliner seats you select at purchase, great food and located near restaurants. What else can you ask for in a movie theater?

mdpattni .

Good location & snacks

Cory Flett

Awesome theater clean and the seats are the comfiest around highly suggest going here

A Andersen

Fantastic theater in a great convenient location. Big screens and high quality seats.

taylor spruill

It's great. Biggest and nicest cinema I've ever been to.

Charita Gunter

Clean theater with lines that move quickly.

Nolan Wood

My first time in a Cinemark theater, and I have to say I was most impressed with how clean the place was. No long lines when I arrived (around an hour or so before the movie - a brief re-release of Pokémon the First Movie), and it had a nice variety of shops around as well as a good number of places within walking distance of the theater. The use of digital terminals for those who purchase tickets online is most helpful. 10/10 would recommend to everyone at least once.

surekha ragavendiran

I bought 2 tickets for Sahoo Tamil version from Cinimark website for 9:30 pm special show on Aug 29th. Online went there ang got ticket that shows same on theater 8. But they show starts 10 pm and they screened Telugu version. I wasted 50 dollers. Bad service

Hai Truong

Spacious, clean. Overall pretty good

Saurav Jain

Lovely place to hang out with friends. Great ambiance

Vivek Chulani

This is a great theater which also shows international (Indian) movies. It also never seems to be too packed. They also do reserved seating for all shows. All auditoriums have recliner seats and they also serve alcohol at the bar after 5pm. Only thing missing from this theater is ice cream!! It is also located in a really cute area as they are restaurants and shops located right outside.

Brian Barna

Deluxe theater with power reclining seats. Lots of great food options nearby.

John Schwartz

One of the best theaters around!

Louis Zhang

The seats are large, comfortable, and reclining. The selection of movies and prices are good. The place is well kept and clean. What made this place exceptional, however, is the management. My friend had a medical emergency, and the general manager handled it in a very professional and polite way. She was very understanding and gave us refunds when we decided that we no longer wanted to watch the movie.

Bill Erskine

Great stadium style reclining seats, excellent quality screens and sound, ample parking, good hours, plenty of restaurants nearby, there is even a bar inside.

Brent Harvey

Comfortable reclining seats. Proper volume. Nice theater.

Susan B

Good movie theatre, comfortable seats, but long concession lines. Spent almost 10 minutes in line.

Criis Neal

Neat and clean everytime I've gone there.


This has become our go-to movie theater. It was recently renovated so now they have the newer reclining seats that you can reserve online. There is a Wednesday special with cheaper movie tickets that we enjoy taking advantage of - parking in the area gets pretty crazy on these days though, especially in the summer. Consession stand and employees are always great too.

Ibrahim Fethi Aras

Theatre is really good. Seats are so comfortable. There are 3 things I didn't like. Toilets weren't clean. Audio was too low I couldn't felt all the atmosphere. The beverages and all the other stuff are too expensive. If you are not going to piss during the movie and u don't like popcorn. Also not high volume. Place is godlike.

Danielle Smith

Very comfortable seating. Recliners and lots of leg room.

Morgan Stevens

New chairs were a nice touch as I haven't been here in a long while. Military discounts available.

Morgan McCarthy

The manager made me hide my backpack in the bushes or I wouldn’t be allowed in the theater. Due to a new bag policy I wasn’t allowed into the theater useless I somehow got rid of my backpack. Since I’m a broke student who lives far away I didn’t know because I don’t frequent this theater. The manager made me get rid of my backpack or I wasn’t allowed to see the movie. Since I came to the theater on a bus and it would take 2 hours to go back home I had to go outside and hide my backpack in the bushes. My backpack only had my wallet, canteen, and notebook which I would have gladly let them search. It was no backpack or no movie.

Amanda Rollins

Comfortable reclining seats. Quick concession lines, good selection of candy/food.

Allie Nadeau

Always very clean and on time with the movies. Love that its close to Ben and Jerrys!

Alice J

Reclining chairs are the best

Monica Rodriguez

Love this movie theater. Always clean and I love the stadium seating

Mike Weiner

Beautiful theater, clean floors, not the warmest greetings from anyone in the staff, even when we attempted some happy chat with them, but the popcorn was fresh and delicious and the Coke was cold and fully flavored. We'll definitely be going back!

Hector Director TV

Very comfortable seats I highly recommend everyone head over here on Wednesdays as they have $5 movie nights

Jimmy Spencer

Ffx corner has a great theater. Modern, comfortable, reclining seating. Assigned seating is also a nice option that's quickly becoming the standard. Nice selection of treats if that's your thing. Admittedly it's not something I do, so I can't speak to the quality. Most likely standard movie theater quality (vastly overpriced, but decent). Great selection of mass market films, and showings tend to extend longer than other local theaters. Just saw a film that has been out for quite sometime and FFX corner was the only local theater still showing it.

Lex Stanger

Clean, nice area, standard a/v, standard concessions (nothing special here, so base rating of 4 stars). The recliners are great, unless you are seated in an upper row. Every row has a privicy wall (awesome!), but the wall is so tall that it cuts off some of the screen--especially for smaller viewers and children. This would be fine if they had boosters, but they do not (minus one more star). Three of our children couldn't see the bottom 1/4-1/3 of the screen from their own seats. The staff was sympathetic, but please order a few boosters. Please!? These are commonplace at most theaters we have visited.

Praveen Kannan

One of the best theatres in the Northern VA area

Vamsi Krishna

Big screens and amazing dolby sound sytem

Austin Southern

Best theater in Fairfax. New seating is great.

James Murray

Love the large recliner seat. Everyone always friendly and helpful. The rewards program is the best.

Jennifer Edwards

George the manager was WONDERFUL ! He suggested a great deal for me and my family when we bought our popcorn and drinks. He was so patient with my kids when they kept changing their mind about what candy they wanted. Excellent service, clean restrooms and auditorium. Five stars.

Carl Dimons

Not good. Didn’t enjoy

Brandy Plunkett

Love it. Just as good as the Fairfax location.

Sandeep Vatturi

I was most impressed with cinimark was cleanness No long lines when I arrived. There was a digital terminals for those who purchase tickets online, once enter the code, you can get tickets. Good quality theater, Everything is clean and organized.

Eric Seo

I've been going to this theater for for years and still having a sweet experience. Seats are comfortable (I believe they upgraded to recliners a few years back) and very easy to enter and exit the building. No complaints whatsoever. If this theater could improve over time, I think having a bit louder audio for the speaker system might be better because I personally LOVE experiencing the nostalgia and basses especially when watching an action film.

Robert Moran

This is my favorite theater. Great service, reservable seats, decent food and great screens.

miko topo

I have gotten harassed while at my office, in meetings, when I’m out with family and/or friends— I don’t think I can go through a week without some A$$$ trying to ruin it for me. Unfortunately, it’s reality that I’ve learned to deal with. I report it, call it out, snap back, everything we’ve been taught to do when you’re placed in this uncomfortable situation. I’ve emasculated men in seconds who think they can pull one over me. I NEVER tolerate it. Friday, however, was a new low for sexual harassers. I was harassed while I was shopping at fairfax corner. Seriously. Read it again. I was at the corner, shopping. Worse, after I called him out on it and left the store, he decided to follow me. Thankfully, I went inside the theater and security removed the guy from the building and walked me to my car I AM SICK AND TIRED OF THIS $$HHIT. Please, continue to speak out, challenge inappropriate behavior, and report it. This type of behavior is unacceptable. We should all do our part to continue to create a safe environment for women, EVERYWHERE. NOT THE THEATER FAULT BUT JUST SAYING

Riad Khattab

The movie theaters is great as 14 theaters are the movie options fantastic very comfortable seats I like to go there more often to see movies I love movies it's just hard to find a parking sometimes when the weather is nice and there are a lot of people in that shopping area especially pedestrians is very hard to navigate at night otherwise the movie theaters is great


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