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Where is Cinemark Fairfax Corner 14 and XD?

REVIEWS OF Cinemark Fairfax Corner 14 and XD IN Maryland

Hannah C

Love reclining chairs and clean theater.

Letta Boo

It was really good

Revathy Swaminathan

Best place to watch movie with kids and eldres. Their service is great

Tim Shaw

Staff seemed to be very confused by the online ticketing process and purchasing. Management was called and got it situated. Seating and isle ways are the best ive been in.

Luis Luna

I was really disappointed with the supposed XD experience. This was my first time in the XD room, I constantly had to lean forward to hear, this was ridiculous. I think my livingroom's TV sounds is louder. I don't even have external speakers. Over priced for a poor experience, It was a real shame. Only 2 self ticketing kiosks and no one in the counter. I might switch my membership to the AMC.

paul gill

Clean, comfortable, expensive theater and the movie, Jurrasic World, was silly, boring, and featured terrible acting. Watch movies at home.

Pavan M

Good theatre and good sound system

Nova Fine Homes

Very nice movie theater with very comfortable reclining seats.

Victor Guerrero

Easy to reserve and pick up tickets, without having to speak to a human if you don't want to. Very comfy automatic reclining seats with the press of a button. Convenient parking all around the theater. Great shops to desserts or snacks or restaurants to grab meals nearby.

Jake Jacobs

Like many newer theaters, there are no bad seats in the house. Parking not too bad and many restaurants nearby for before or after movie eats.

Shreyasi Dutta

Plush comfortable seatings and nice cool movieplex

Nick Altman

Have seen two movies here and I recommend seeing a movie in their "imax" style theater. The reclining seats make it amazing to curl up with your boy/girl friend or spouse and just watch a movie. The arm rests between the seats come up as well.

byron rodas

Movie seats are great but the food court needs more help. I order cheese nachos and not many choices for toppings I would like to see steak, chicken , tomatoes added to the menus toppings would be great and make the experience better

Fresh Pulp Magazine

Staff was polite. Recliner seats awesome. But let's not pretend a paltry 20 percent discount for being a loyalty member actually takes the edge off $4.51 water. That is exorbitant.

Aravind Thyagarajan

Nice theater complex with good sound systems and in the summer, a good place for kids to hang outside

Tracy Berkley

Great place. Plenty of theaters to choose from and not overcrowded. Can't beat 5 dollar movies.

Kate Sullenger

Favorite spot for movies! Seats are comfortable and popcorn is always fresh.

Brandi Ruff

Nice theater. Clean, courteous staff, comfy seats, great sound & picture quality. I usually eat before going to the movies, so I can't speak on the snacks but it seems to have a good variety & it smells good.

Gary Connor

Large multiplex. Tues special for seniors is nice. Sound spills over between theaters.

Joseph Gnanaprakasam

Awesome theatre. Nice advantages while using movie club!

Ajith Joseph

Fresh popcorns!

Shirlita Lee

Nice and clean went for 2pm show and that is not matinee

Yoon Yi

Cheap movie days are amazing and good seats

Aaron Norris

The XD theater was great, amazing picture and sound that you can feel!

Jessica Hutchinson

Seats all lounge, concession stand wasnt a long wait and a clean theater. Place inside to have a dinner if you didnt eat a restaurants all in the shopping area

Deric Tilson

This is my go to theater in Fairfax. Discount tickets on Wednesdays.

Duane Forte

Our favorite place to see movies, on Wednesday $5.00 restrooms are always clean.

John Shaw

Recliner seats, terrific sound quality, food of all kinds

Bart Hill

Great movie theater. Came here a few times. Love it every time. The reclining seats are extremely comfortable. Would definitely come back

Kids Anyanwu

Expensive but definitely a good date for ya girl.

Tonia Copeland

Make sure you go see Aubrey in the bar. THE BEST mojitos. Comfortable seats in the theater!

Nishrin Primaswala

Great Location and comfortable chairs.

Betsy T

I drive 30 minutes here from home every time I go to the movies because I love this theater.

Fatima Lubrino

Plenty of parking, close by eatery places while you wait for your movie. Clean and great place for movies

derek hall

Movies are good here. Concessions, drinks and reclining, reserved seats.

Cassandra Bertelson


Jeff Fetgatter

This is one of the nicest theaters in the Fairfax. The have the motorized reclining chairs with generous walkways in front of them so you don't have to bother people getting in or out. It's a little pricey but definitely a good movie experience.

Sarah Tozer

It took a while to get through the concession lines. Bathrooms were not very clean and water was very cold to wash your hands.

Chris O'Donnell

Plenty of options. Recliners. Great shopping center while waiting for the movie. More expensive than other theaters.

Maloupu Watts

The chairs lean back and there's a large variety of food offered at this location. Much to my surprise, they even offer a black bean veggie burger. While I wouldn't say this place is well known for its food, it definitely ranks up there on the movie theater list - with everything considered.

David Samudio

This cinema has a classic vibe to it, I have fond memories of it. However, XD although being superior to standard digital theaters has nothing on Dolby Vision, but the price.

Robert Korczak

My favorite thater of all. Great comfortable seats, great sound and picture quality.

BigBear Tech

The movie was great. Very clear audio, and the seats are so comfy

Theresa Kusznir

Icee. Good popcorn. Reclining seats.

K Alam

Great place for a movie. Recliners and nice and quite. Also they have food options to go with your movie.

Faez Dabestani

I've been to this place a lot. Its one of my favorites. Depending on the movie and the time, it does get pretty busy. Overall it's very convenient. The seats are those leg lifting reclining kinds that let you be super relaxed, and there is still some space for people to walk past you with the holders up!

Arlene Wagner

Always a great place to watch a movie. Comfortable seats, stadium seating.

Aneesh Mathur

This movie theatre to me doesn't seem to have too much of a speciality to me, there is nothing special here that stops me from going to a different theatre. For one thing, I have a preference of seats in a different theatre but this one is closest to my house so this is my go-to. A pro to this place is that it has pretty large size projections, and the theatre it self is massive.

Moe J

i like the area there is also good option out side for quick shopping and walk

Olivia Fines

Stadium seating. Huge theaters. Lots of food and alcohol options for grown-ups. plus, you get to pick your own seat and they recline.

David Burke

Great seats and theater. Love the reserved seating

william schouviller

The reserve your seat option is great. The cinema was clean, comfortable, and spacious.

Shay R

Great experience.

Tiff Cruz

Very typical theater. Very clean location. Comfy seats and wine bar available. Ticket prices are good and they accept Tickets at work or discounts. Food processor are a bit high but average within the industry. The staff is usually very helpful and polite.

Shawn Masters

Large comfy seats, clear sight lines and the floor isn't theater sticky. I don't look for all the extra things at a theater like a bar, party room or fancy concessions area. This place has all those of your looking though. Like all movie theaters today, the reserved seating takes away from the classic spontaneity of going to see a movie. We probably see fewer movies these days because there just aren't good seats available by the time we look. This theater isn't any different, which is a shame.

Brian Korten

If you purchase tickets online you have to pick them up at a kiosk using your confirmation number, vice presenting a QR code, which is my preferred method. The food and beverage here is where they make their money, just like any other theater, but the real winner at this theater is the recliner seats; they're kept clean, and are so much more comfortable than your standard movie theater seating.

genesis sanchez

love the new seats !!

Wayne Bryant

Okay if you're going to the movies and paying $13 a ticket like everyone else and have to sit in the first row why do they have to make it so damned close to the screen. Would it have killed them to back it up 10 more feet?!!

Brian Carr

Movie started 30 minutes late with no explanation. No refunds offered.

Mira Kidemu

The seats were the Best! Never seen such in a movie. I enjoyed the movie. It's a great place to catch a movie.

Jason Lee

All of their seats in this theater are leather recliners. Regal in Fairfax Towne Center also has all leather recliners, but they have not renovated their interior as well. I'm not really sure why they show so many Indian films throughout the entire year. There is ample parking and it is a great theater. I would visit it more if the rewards for Cinemark were more like the Regal's nearby (Fairfax Towne Center). Cinemark's rewards don't get you *free items* like popcorn or drinks, they get you *discounts* on popcorn or drinks. Hopefully Cinemark will step up their rewards program. I would say Cinemark

Douglas Novinger

Fantastic seats. They recline and have a foot rest! Super comfortable and plenty of room.

Timothy Soehnlin

Clean, well maintained, and generally of high quality.

selector sound

Wednesday 5 dollars any regular movie is super cool

Umair Farooqui

Nah, it's smelly and not well maintained. Also the recliner are low quality!

jimmy ward

ONLY place to see a movie

Nguyen Lieu

I often go to watch movie on Wednesday since they give discount price for customers no matter how hot the movie is. The important thing is to remember booking the tickets one month ahead if you choose to watch hot movies (such as Avengers movie).

Daniel Ognianov

Fairfax 14, one of the few places I feel inspired to see a movie now days . Thank you.

Donna Walker

Nice place. Nice seats. Always very well kept

James Lavelle

The line was not too long, only a few seats left, sat up front. The concession line moved quick. The movie Crimes of Grindenwald was very good.

Christine arne

Great facility, wonderful seating, and now I know they're both Regal & Cinemark affiliated. Awesome !

Steven McIntyre

Seat are very comfotable!

Google User47

Clean, great sound, reclining seats. Spacious

Shaun Frenza

This is a solid theater. It's not the most fancy, but it's a good establishment and we always have a good experience.

Megan Brancato

Awesome fun, tasty, it even has a bar/restaurant inside, pricey

Johanna Devon

Love Cinemark Theaters. Lounge seating. Belong to the club. So worth it. Always saving something.

Alejandra Villanueva

Not personal to this theater but like all of them the food is a robbery. Go on Wednesday for cheaper tickets.

Wes M.

With the automatic recliners and other extras, you would think this is going to be one of the best movie experiences ever. Sadly, it's not. Workflow & crowd control we're not a part of the process in the layout of the concession area. Food prep, order timing, staffing, & a sense of urgency would work miracles for the "hot bar" food area. Dropping french fries after the burger is made and getting colder by the minute is just poor training. I know the Fairfax folkes love their Starbucks, but a movie theater is not the place to have a ticket taker act like a trained barrista.

Alex Nguyen

As usual great seats if you order ahead. I could do without the service charge though...

renikia smith

Was looking for dine and movie. There wasnt any dine. Then the real food did start til 12. And i called and check to see if it was dine and movie and they lie. I was looking for a place like Plano and got a AMC.

Russell Almond

I work there

David W

Excellent theatre but as with all local cinemas you would think a commission based system at concessions would motivate quicker service.

Tim Tetz

Lots of movie theaters to use in the region. This is one of the better ones. Not much great parking, so go early or get a ride. Lots of options for food and beverages before and after the movies in the neighborhood. Comfy chairs, clean floors, and bright lights. Go on, get out of your house.


Wide selection of movies and comfortable chairs.

Roxane Holmes

Nice recliners senior citizen discount and a movie club.

Lenore Nilo

Great seats They recline

John Mills-Hearne

Seats recline but not as much as regal's springfield towncenters.

Regina Thomas

Oh this place is to die for. I love it the seats are like heaven. It's never overcrowded and it's so full of everything/ games ' restaurant ' wine ' beer' children's fun room' children's birthday party room. Yeaaaah

Gg Tt

Good place to catch a movie. The reclining seats are great and comfortable. The sound system is great as well. Of course, no one is a fan of the high prices of popcorn and extra long previews at the start of each movie. We love visiting this theater on Wednesdays due to the cheaper ticket prices.

Becca Boo

The most uncomfortable chairs I've ever sat in. They put in recliners recently, but they barely recline and the seats are so hard that both my husband and I finished of our butts being numb. Definitely sticking with Regal Cinemas from now on

Darlene Futch

Very comfortable seats! Popcorn is great.

Manuela Daniels

The employees at this theater are not the friendliest. We went to a pre screening and part of it were some free goodies. We had to have the tickets printed first. The young man printed them and ripped them and mumbled which direction the theater would be. I asked if we could go to the table with the goodies before going in and his answer was, "If you want." Since it was our first time at this location I asked, "You will let us in even though you already ripped the tickets." There was no reply. He just looked at me as if I were an idiot. We went to the table got the goodies and went through. The ticket guy didnt even look at us. We got in line at concessions. There were approximately 5 people in line and only one line open. There were probably 5 people behind the counter but only one register open until we were next in line. Once there I asked if there were anymore of the refillable 2019 cups. I'm not sure if it's because I'm Hispanic but the manager spoke loudly and slowly to me to explain there weren't anymore. We got our stuff and went to the theater. The seats are not as comfortable as other cinemark theaters. Their luxury loungers do not recline as far and just are not as comfortable. This location is not one I plan on returning to...and I am a movie club member.

Sean Vandenberg

Great movie theater. The $5.25 movie day on Wednesday is wonderful.

Drew Byrd

Good reclining seats. Multiple great restaurants right next to it. Great date night location. Men's restroom always dirty and have overflowing trash. At least one urinal always has a trash bag on it in different bathrooms each time. That means it's broken.

Mike Kroner

Great place to enjoy a movie.

Terry Dorn

Great seats, popcorn, screen and sound system.

Jehuty Rivera

Comfortable reclining seats, honor military discounts w affordable snack bars. Cant ask for much more.

Sarah Christy

Be aware that there are pony walls every few rows and my 5 year old could not see the screen because of the wall in front of her. I had to go request our seats he changed.

William Roddy

Half price Wednesday is great. Excellent seating, sound system.

Shavonn Taylor

Nice theater, tucked away and not too crowded.

Jay Gami

Great movie hall.

Eric Edge

While I enjoy the reclining seats they've recently installed, they don't seem to do the best job cleaning up between screenings of movies. Also while the bathrooms are functional, the smell needs to be addressed and one of the urinals has been broken for years with yellow caution tape used to discourage use. It currently sits on the floor in front of a hole in the wall.

JM Kwon

Classy theatre with reclining seats. Loved it!

Trina Putnam

Luxurious reclining seats. Very clean and well kept. We love this theater. Reserved seating required. For popular movies on weekends the seats fill up so it's not recommended to just show up before the show time. They do have an app that allows you to purchase seats online and reserve ahead of time. There is a fee, however, with this service (fee waived if you're part of the movie club). Also, if you eat in a few of the restaurants located in the center, you can purchase discounted movie tickets from those establishments. (California Pizza Kitchen and Potbelly for sure. I haven't asked at other restaurants.) There is a lot of food available in the lobby - including burgers and chicken tenders. It's typical fast food and the quality is pretty good though the prices are a little steep. They do offer a monthly movie club in which you get 1 ticket for $8.99 per month plus the option to purchase 2 $8.99 tickets per day for any regular (non-3 D) show. Also club members get a 10% discount on food purchases and can purchase and reserve seats online with no service fee.

Vance Doescher

Comfy reclining seats, however prices for snacks and movies are outrageous.

Neasie Boggess

Very nice theatre. No complaints.

Mikhail Edwards

This is and still is the best plaza I have been in. The aura there is always live and fresh. There are restraunts to eat at, a eyeglasses place to get your glasses and eyesight checked, a movie theatre to watch the latest movies, and more things. Always a great place to swing by for some self time, on a date, or just going out with the family or friends. Amazing place. 12/10

Arra Super

This Mall is my love/hate. I can shop here at economical stores, while passing uber priviledge stores. If your black, customer service can sometimes be trash, depending on the store. They forget your Dad may be an attorney or your Mom a diplomat. Js

Dave Kendall

The prepay, seat selection process works well. There are good combos at the refreshments stand. The girl who took care of us was great. She bonded with us on our football team and offered us free popcorn. The seats are good and comfortable. Definitely a solid modern cinema experience.

Abhinav Gupta

Arcade inside the cinema

M Cole

Fairfax Corner has a theater offering 14 movie selections at any one time. They have been offering Wed afternoon discounts, so check their site for info on show selections. What's perfect about this location, aside from the theaters with Directors chairs and reclining comfort, is not only is there a Ben & Jerry's right across the plaza (yum!), but there's a nice selection of restaurants for sit in dining. There is now two huge parking garages for easy access, and optional curb parking too, but those are marked for 15min., 1hour, and 2 hours. Local security keeps an eye on those there are a nice selection of shops and a Red Door Salon when you're in need of a little pampering! ;)

Ellen Garnett

Good but can get crowded

biruk esubalew

By far my favorite movie theater, customer service is very helpful

Peyton Starr

Have been to this place several times and planning to go several more. The food is excellent— the burgers are AMAZING, actually. The bathrooms have always been clean. And the staff is very friendly and attentive on weekends. The ones during the weekdays seem a bit unfocused but still do a great job. I’ve gone to a couple of older movies on weekdays and had the theatre all to myself a couple times. Best time to go in my opinion.


I love this theater. Always clean and never too crowded

Criis Neal

Always clean.


Great experience with the facility. Except refrigerators were locked when tickets were sold for 8:45am shows.


Very nice theater, clean, friendly and efficient staff. Management very responsive and attentive

Shannon Schlademan

This theater has Starbucks coffee and tea as well as a nice assortment of food other than the usual movie theater food.

james arcieri

Very comfortable reclining seats and with the ability to reserve your seats, you don’t have to scramble to arrive early.

Prakash Gautam

This is my go to place for watching movies. They also have early show discounts. Seats are comfy.

Muskan K

Reclining chairs, very spacious and discount Wednesdays!!

James Kruszka

Very good movie theater. The have the best prices of all movie theaters in the area. Greta service and they have the really nice seats and couches. Thet are also around a ton of restaurants that are very good.

Pradeep Kotari

Good seats. Big screens. Best movie theater in town or should I say Cinema.

Wayne Hill

Awesome place to catch a flick

Perry Russ

New improved seating ... courtesy by staff It makes going to the movies fun again. PARuss

Berris McNamee

Every thing you need in a movie theater

Patricia Cordova

It was empty. Got good seats.

Tamara T

Once theater with reclining seats, but parking is not the most convenient.

Michael Holmes

Nice comfortable theatre

Chris Johnson

Big private seats which are great for kids.

Andrew Ayre

Go to movie theater. Very very comfortable seats. Food and drinks are, as usual, exorbitantly priced but it's a movie theater so what do you expect?

Todd Whitmarsh

Brightness of screen poor, image clarity poor. My tv at home has a superior picture. Sound superb as was the seating.

Raghunathan Gandhi

Best theatre with recliners. Tuesdays 5 dollar deals are the best.

Elbars Kurban

Great movies.


I'd never been here before! I loved the reclining seats!

Bill Slayton

Great parking, clean and family friendly facilities. Super-comfortable seats!!

Ashok Preetham

Good screens

Jose Mendoza

This has been my go-to movie theater for two years now. Their theaters are always a top-notch cinematic experience and have had little to no complaints for them thus far. The only issues I've had is that sometimes the bathrooms are dirty, seemingly unsanitary, with a few broken urinals here and there. We had one issue where the movie tickets we pre-ordered were seats given to other people because of system malfunction (the kind general manager helped us through that issue). But, overall, still a top-notch movie theater. Highly recommend.

Daniel Getter

My girlfriend works here <3

Robert Moran

Love this theater with the reclining seats and also reservable. It's one of my go to theaters.

Rakesh S

Great for watching movies. Recliner Seating is very comfortable.

SueinViennaVA .

I loved this place! Today was my first visit to a "modern" theater. The seating was SO comfortable! And I loved all the space between rows. I have bad knees so having to stand in the "old fashioned" theaters, to let people by within my row is even more painful than annoying. There is ample room here so you don't have to get up. The theater was very clean. The ladies room was clean and not crowded. Everybody working there was very nice. It was a relaxing and enjoyable experience!

Riad Khattab

I love the seats very comfortable.

Dre Walker

Nice recliners. Good sound system. $5.25 on Wednesdays. Can't beat that!

Mohammad Schultz

Great Cinemark theater. Reserved seating and food is great.

Bhasker Dave

Actually, probably a hair above three stars so generally a good theater. Offers all the usual amenities of modern theater offerings (e.g. stadium seating with reclining seats, reserved seating. alcoholic drinks, extended food options) but nothing spectacularly better or different than most. It is in good repair without the failings of a lot of other theaters (e.g. torn seats, abused bathrooms, dirty theaters, etc.) Prices are comparable to others.


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