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REVIEWS OF Cinema Arts Theatres IN Maryland

padma prasad

Cinema Arts Theatre has a quiet old world charm about it. It's not a flashy place, has a lot of history as part of Fairfax city, feels like I have stepped back in time; and it goes on bravely defying trends and screening art as well as popular movies.

Kathy C.

My favorite theatre! Small and clean, with easy access. I love senior Wednesdays!!

Rebekah Evans

Had a great experience, seats are super-comfy!

Cindy Fithian

Simply put - FAIRFAX CINEMA ARTS is my favorite movie theatre!! Best prices for both tickets and concessions. Smaller, intimate setting - no long lines. You can always find parking. Great popcorn (I love the "white cheddar" topping). You can choose ice cream or non-fat yogurt in your Smoothie - my fave is Cappuccino with non-fat yogurt. You can also get hummus with pita points, sandwiches, gourmet coffees, candy and cookies. AND, best of all, the owner, Mark O'Meara, wants to know what movies YOU want him to get - so sometimes he will be standing at the front of the theatre, and we rate the trailers by clapping and cheering...or not. (And, you may find him personally filling up your popcorn of charge.) When I want to see a movie - I don't think "What movie do I want to see?" I say "Let's see what's playing at Fairfax Cinema Arts!!" A Forever Fan - Cindy Fithian

Achyuthan J.R.

Not a bad place to see a cinema! Morning shows are really cheap, good price. Of course audio quality is not as good and the theater is old, but good for students. They also offer discounts for students


Much cleaner than it had previously been. Very nice staff, good prices.

Jonathan Stetson

Nice place, a bit dated. The seats rock, they don't recline, but are comfortable none the less. We are regular customers.

Penny Hendrix

My husband and I love seeing movies at this little cinema complex. They select a great variety of blockbusters, indies and foreign films. They have discounted pricing, as well as morning showtimes. I also choose Cinema Arts because of their seating. They have newly upgraded larger seats, but still traditional seats, not the huge, lay-down seats the large theaters have gone to. If you don't like laying down with a theater full of strangers, you'll appreciate Cinema Arts. Its a great, traditional movie-going experience!

Liz maer

Great theatre..shows top movies. I like that they hire so many young people. Wed shows have special prices for snrs.

Hannah Wolff

Great selection of films, showing many that other theaters don't. Really enjoyed my time there.

Ricky Triplett

Good seats... Comfortable, great leg room. Good fresh popcorn!

Andrew Kuchling

A 6-screen movie theatre that concentrates on arthouse films (independent movies, foreign films, documentaries) with a few blockbusters mixed into the schedule, especially in summer. In 2012 the theatre upgraded to digital projectors and Dolby sound. The concessions are varied: as well as the usual (popcorn, candy) you can also get cheese and crackers, granola, and sandwiches. It's a great little theatre, and means you don't need to travel all the way to downtown for intelligent movies.


Clean; comfortable seats. Always have interesting films. Owner likes to receive opinions from customers on current and future films.

Pat O-C

I love this theater because it is independently owned. What other theater do you get chair the, Bunderburg Ginger Beer and the owner in the theater asking should we get this after a preview after he filled your popcorn bucket as he walks the aisles of the theater?

Alonzo Wind

Nice art house theatre with usually more diverse choices

Aaron Patton

Disgusting, outdated, ghetto theater - smells like an ash tray. Hasn't been upgraded for 30 years, nothing is digital, the screens are small, the seas are old and nasty and not on a slope so you can't see the screen if someone sits in front of you. The staff are social outcasts and degenerates. This theater makes my skin crawl. You'd think because of all this it would be much cheaper than a normal cinema, but it's not.

Patrick Dixon

Cool old mall theater

Ray Duda

Great local theater. Films not shown in the large chain theaters.

Irem Dogancali

good spot for cheap indie movies. seats are extremely uncomfortable. toilets are dirty. people who work there clearlyyyyy do not care.

Karl Berger

This is a great independent movie theater. Best movie popcorn in Northern Virginia.

scott meek

Sweet hidden spot. Big comfy chairs. Lots of room. You have to know this place is here to come here. Totally hidden. Nice staff - all teenagers and post-teens. Solid choice for watching a movie without mad crowds.

jette Hansen

Best little cinema around. Not a chain. Family run and owned. They have done some recent upgrades and seating is now on par with any of the big theaters. Food options are amazing and they really care about their customers.

Jim Andrukonis

Locally owned by a great guy, Mark O’Meara, who aims to please! He’ll fill up your popcorn and ask you your opinion of the coming attractions. Try getting that kind of service at the big chains!!!


Smoody was good and was good movie as well

John Hall

The movies are great and often hard-to-find stuff. The theatre itself is very tired.

Kathryn Masson

Great place to come for an interesting movie. Sr. prices reasonable, popcorn cheap, owner great guy who shows what audiences want, comfortable new seating! Go anytime!

Thoburn Freeman

At $10 for a ticket you can’t beat the price! Although the price of the snacks is another story. $4.50 for medium popcorn and $4 for a small drink.

matthew clark

The customers are routinely ask for their preference in the screenings during the previews. The concessions are reasonably priced in the movies include some flicks and I cannot be seen elsewhere. This is one mom and Pop I can support because the product is good

Eleanor McPhail

Always pleasant. Great movies. Small town feel

Marek Zalewski

One of the few remaining privately owned movie theaters, showing good films. Features a family atmosphere.

Will Singleton

The theater is re done and prices aren’t bad, locally owned business

Timothy Yeaney

Our favorite movie theater in DC metro area

Karen Kahane

New seating, comfortable and clean. Excellent selection of movies, good popcorn. Run by people who love movies and want to make people happy.

derek hall

The seats lean but they don't recline. I don't think they do 3D showings ever but their ticket prices are never above $12 and they have senior discount days. They also have more than just popcorn and Candy to take into the theater, like sandwiches, different kinds of beer and smoothies. They also make it a point to show more of the indie / less than blockbuster movies there. So that's a plus for the true moviegoer fans.

Maura McCarthy

Great value! While it is not fancy it has fair prices, terrific popcorn, and comfortable seats that are well spaced. The movies they show are high quality art and documentaries.

Tom Prichard

Cinema Arts was extremely generous and helpful in enabling us to show "The Heart of Nuba", an inspiring documentary about an American doctor in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan. Not only is Cinema Arts a great part of the community, but they have the best assortment of flavored salts for your popcorn!

Patricia Leininger

I love the movies here and now that they got new seats, it is really comfortable, too. I love the popcorn here, too.

Lourdes Charnoff

My husband and I enjoy going to the movies every Wednesday and sometimes Saturdays too, they have a good selection of

Carola Bruflat

Great selection of movies - always and really good popcorn!

Wendy Kitmacher

Nice "little" neighborhood movie theater. Not reaĺly little, just feels intimate. Great selection of current movies, as well as some artsy choices.

Jeff Parnes

Like the fact that this place shows films not playing most other places in Fairfax County. Plus there's almost half price senior tickets all day Wednesday. The seats are comfortable, and the snack bar sells alcoholic beverages. What's more to ask?

Ryan Pfeffer

Better food than most theatres.

Lea Fegley

I cannot understand the overall positive reviews of this place. Although service was pleasant, the facility is run down and trashy. I paid $12 for my ticket and have been to many dollar theatres that were better kept than this place. It feels like it's about to fall apart. +1 star for nice seats and uncrowded theater. -4 stars for awful carpets, trash in open trash cans, cleaning supplies in hallway, clearly a lack of storage space with random boxes, etc at front of theatre room, and unkempt, smelly bathrooms. I love that its independently owned, if it still is, but I won't go back until I see some basic but much needed renovations done to clean the place up.

Reid Griffin

New seats good price

Eleni Halstead

Good movies, reasonable prices, comfortable theatre

Root Stem

Great little hole-in-the-wall feel theatre. smells like that cheap popcorn with way too much butter. Currently transitioning all the seats in theatre #1 (and maybe in the others as well into very comfortable, new seating. I'll be back

Helen Magee

Great small theaters at a really great price. Great seats too!

Alec Scheller

Classic charming and has a wonderful early 90s aesthetic. Cool young crew that reminds me of the movie clerks. Cool place to watch an independent film. We need more places like this.

Scott Preston

❤The only place in town where one can see a real movie with intelligent literary content. The audio tends to be BETTER here than it is at some of the newer theatres, because it is balanced better for the human voice. This theatre is a gem. It reminds me of the famous old Circle Theatre in D.C. near GW university where, back in the day, you could see intelligent films with an educated audience. It is the only place that I know of where you could see the Academy Award winning short subject films in Virginia. I'd love to see repetory theatre come back.

Fred Cassiday

Comfy seats and great senior prices.

Laura Lyon

I love this theater! The people who run it are incredibly personable and do such a great job :)

Simone Erchov

Great local spot owned and staffed by community members. It's nice to see how many high school kids are supported through work here. The owner is a kind soul and interacts with patrons regularly, enhancing the movie-going experience.

Michelle Ouimet

There is no theater better in the area. I have been going to this great movie house for 14 years and it is a weekly or daily ritual sometimes. No kidding. I would not know what to do for my movie fix without Cinema Arts. The quaintness makes it a great experience. Thanks you for your loyalty to all your customers. The quality of your films is amazing! Mark- thanks for your emails on future movies and your great updates that just pleases me to no end. Your information allows me to plan my movie ventures. Please continue forever and I will continue to go to all your showings whenever possible. Thanks. I am not Michelle Ouimet... But .... Lourdes

Meyer Jeffers

Great little theater with good service

lisbelalopez .

Great international, or independent movies, that other theater won’t ever show . I loved the place .

Jim Frenette

Great price for around here! Concessions priced good too!

Zaira Mendoza

It's priced about the same as upscale theatre at 12$ a movie. The seats aren't comfortable but we made it work. It's not that crowded which is nice. Although it's not terrible, for the price, ide rather go to a Cinemark with reclinable chairs.

Samar Khanna

Although needs some updating, always an interesting selection of films and the seats are big and comfortable. Like this better than the big theatre chain movie houses- a real local mom and pop feel.

Edie Byrne

Good parking, comfortable seats, senior pricing on Wednesdays.

Ron Schmal

love this place. friendly atmosphere made so by owner, great selection of movies and good audiences


Great place for a matinee. Ticket prices are very reasonable.

William Parks

Sitting here waiting for Rogue One and I realize I haven't been in a theatre like this in a while. It reminds me of simpler movie going experiences when I was a smaller boy. This theater is amazing and deserves your patronage over the monstrosities. The smoothie I bought my son quickly disappeared as well :)

Lesley Renee

Best movie theater in NOVA! Best customer service, concessions, and selection of top notch movies!

Kevin Crummett

Nice theater. Comfortable seats

Richard Arieff

Nice, intimate, good n friendly staff. Wednesday is senior day. Half price tickets. Great deal.

Aditya Sarkar

Has a pretty good selection of movies, with maybe an occasional popular movie not being shown for some reason. The screens and sound are good, and the staff is very helpful. It's nice that they offer discounts to students and that food and tickets are a lot cheaper than at surrounding theaters. Easy to grab a bite to eat before or after at one of the nearby restaurants.

Carol Wellen

Five stars for the movies, three stars for the theater. Theater itself is old, but staff is friendly and they always have movies that just aren't available in other theaters. Theater is always clean.

Dib Dias

Old mall cinema theatre. With a good installations. However the sitting lacks steps to ensure better view.

James Lavelle

Very good theater. Went to see "Tolkien". The theatre are very clean, and the food is good. The films are very good also. A great place for a time out, or a date night.

Barbara Bear

Great theaters - I see more movies there than at any other theaters!

Nina Mara

Friendly service all around. Excellent popcorn with real butter you can add yourself. New more comfortable seats. There is a senior citizen discount.

I.E. Xam

Great place to see indie and foreign films. Upgraded seating is very nice. For seniors go on Wednesday for reduced ticket prices. Refreshment stand has loads of choices.

Leah Whittaker

Love, love, love the staff and the feeling of community they share. The prices are great and they work hard to deliver a wonderful experience to all who enter!

Dan Dellapenta

Seniors day is Wednesday. Only $5.50!

PL Donohue

Love, love, love this cozy and friendly neighborhood theater!

Carol Anne Elston

Lots of hard to find movies!

Dave Baldwin

Great artsy neighborhood theater. The owner was viewing the preview trailers with us and taking a voice vote "Should we get that one?" while walking around refilling everyone's popcorn.

Kathleen Miller

I love this theater. Very nice owner. Saw The Chaperone and it was very good. Written by Julian Fellows of Downton Abbey fame.

Tempie Tavenner

Although an older theater, Cinema Arts has an ambience about it that locals just love. An easy to get to theater with a relaxed atmosphere makes it always an enjoyable experience. A wide variety of movies to choose from and plenty of snack choices keeps me returning regularly. Senior Day on Wednesdays is enjoyed by the older crowd who greatly appreciate the reduced rate. Thank you for our local charm.

L. Jack Gray

A great place to see current movies....

tomaf .

I haven't been there yet, and I can not find a list of movies and times on their page, so I may not go at all. :-(

Andy Sanderson

All-time favorite local movie house! Great films, reasonable prices, friendly staff. Always something worth watching (and a nice break from the multiplex theaters with tons of noisy teens and little kids - just sayin').

Hansei Kai

Good selection of movies, spacious seats, lots of parking, nice restaurants close by. An excellent option for everybody

Scott Musson

Good local theater with exceptional films

Kevin Oliveira

Great theater with fantastic prices and popcorn (I'm personally working to try all of the salt varieties soon.)

Patricia Wilson

Comfortable chairs. Great popcorn

Sam Jeong

Great screen and sound!

Drayton Heard

Wonderful family experience. Clean amenities, and friendly service.

Joanne Aaronson

Great seats. Good price. Hard to find in a strip mall

Larry Lipman

This is a great movie theater. All movie tickets are only $6.00 for the first morning show, usually around 10am. If you like interesting, independent films, including the occasional foreign film, this is the place to go. But, they also have first run, big studio movies, as well.They even have a movie club. The refreshments are more diverse (great smoothies) than the chain theaters and more reasonably priced, by far. Also, there is the added feature of a very good pizza place right next door, for a quick bite after the movie. Try this theater, you'll like it!

Meghan L'Abbe

My all time favorite movie theater in the DC area!! Shows the same movie's ( sometimes more variety) as E Street and Bethesda Row without the herd like crowds and the crazy price. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

Harry Davidson

At first when I tried this place out I thought "Meh, nothing special." But the longer I stayed something felt different about this place and I couldn't put my finger on it. It mainly shows artsy fartsy films for the film buffs but also a …

Maureen Wesley

Read the recent 1 star review based on customer service and had to reply. I've been going to this theater regularly-on average once every two weeks for five years. Only one time, attending a 10 pm minimally staffed showing, was I less than pleased with employee attitude/service. I've lived in cities with some of best Indy theaters going and Cunema Arts, with its reasonable pricing, size of amiable staff, and most importantly, the variety and sophisticated choice of films, is a among them. This theater is a god-send for suburban Fairfax film lovers. This review is my honest and heartfelt thank you to the owners for doing the hard work of keeping this cinema paradise on earth.

Fairfax City Reporter

Located on Main Street of city Fairfax, Cinema Arts features the most popular and latest movies. A good picture and audio quality, clean seats, great customer service, discounts for seniors, students and children and even a delicious snacks bar makes them a top choice for anyone looking for an unlimited entertainment.


The theaters are damp. Moist. Humid. But they have a nice selection of movies.

jack willmore

I have enjoyed this theatre for 40 years, ever since high school. One of the best elements is movie selection, they consistently bring movies for the educated and intelligent patron with emphasis on a nice balance of mainstream, indie, and foreign films. Movies and concessions are discounted and the staff is exceptional warm hearted. Kudos for current management.

Michael Pease

Best movies

Mark W

Small independent theater. Knows its audience and shows good films that you might have missed. Lots of seniors. Few teenagers.

Linda Pellegrino

Older theater. Prices cheap. Senior discount Wednesday all day for $5.50.

Kevin O'Neill

Great choices of movies. Very nice staff. Right close to The County Buffet and also to a Pizza Place to get food if you do not get concessions inside. The prices are really quite reasonable especially compared to Hoffman Theaters.

Rita DiTrani

A wonderful asset to the community, the theater brings in "art house " and foreign films as well as studio blockbusters. Great snacks and a warm, homey atmsphere.

gareth bond

Always the best with movies

Michelle Gutierrez

Staff is awesome. Location upgrades are outstanding.

Darren Dbm

We love the movie experience at cinema arts

christopher geoghegan

Great arty's theatre, refurbished seats, sound system, senior night. good snacks, beer, coffee, check it out!

Cinda Kerns

I drive past 3 other bigger, newer theaters to go to Cinema Arts. They show the kinds of movies I like to see. Their prices for both movies and refreshments are low compared to other theatres. They have real butter for their popcorn, and you put it on yourself!

barbara king

Unassuming, I like the casual community feel.

Jeanie H

Clean nice place to enjoy the movies.

Steven Ralph Bringhurst

Good price

Mary Walker

The best thing about this movie theater is that they have great movie and variety of foods. They have great selections of movies, comfortable seats, yummy pop corn and snacks and affordable price for the movie tickets. The place is clean especially the rest rooms. Plus,the staffs who worked here are nice and friendly!

Paul Moran

Support Cinema Arts! What's not to like? It's independently run, the owner is very customer conscious and tries to offer the lowest possible prices, there are special prices for seniors, students, club members. Yes, they show the major blockbusters, but that's not ALL they show. They regularly run foreign films, "art house" films, documentary films, sponsor film festivals and even invite local film makers to show their work. You won't find much of this going on at AMC or the other major chains. There have rocker seating, low priced food choices, and the owner is often on site ready and willing to discuss anything you'd like. If you have a choice, make it Cinema Arts.

Tyler Garling

Nice hole-in-the-wall theater that goes for quality over quantity. I love the indie films they show because it's hard to find other theaters in the area showing them. It has a throwback feel to the days where movie tickets weren't averaging …


This little place brings art house movies to us folks in Northern Virginia to include myself from the Haymarket area and I am so grateful! It was a time of mourning when the great movie houses like the Key Theatre in Georgetown shuttered its doors. Cinema Arts helps fill that sad void. We need more cultural films from other countries as a vehicle for art and entertainment for those of us who enjoy foreign films. I am very grateful this theatre is still going strong with a mix of American films documentaries, mainstream fair and foreign films. A gem in the heart of suburbia!

B. Esstman

Love this place and the guys who run it!! Always great films, plus the indies and others that are difficult to catch. We used to have to schlep into DC for the good films, but now they're right here.

Merry Adler

Excellent films which is why I go. However, It could use an upgrade throughout - new carpet, paint and just a new ‘face’ and even more people would flood the gates! As stated, I go to see the films.

Joaquin Del Cid

Peaceful and quiet.

Louise G

Peaceful place to see a good movie. Upscale audience for Art Films and atmosphere is very civilized..never rude. love it !

Robert Sedaker

New seating. Love this place

Elizabeth Mull

This theater is tucked into the back corner of a shopping mall and it's locally owned / managed, which is a rarity these days. They have great movies -- both the high trending ones as well as Indie films -- and at $10.50 for peak move times, the price CANNOT be beat. Even the concession stand is well priced -- I got a medium drink and a small popcorn for $10.50. With the economic price point, it's easy to see why some of the seats are broken or clearly well beyond their "best used by" date. But if you can overlook the cosmetic flaws, then you won't have a problem with going here. Especially when the owner walks around during the previews and replenishes your popcorn for FREE and asks the audience "Should we get that movie!?" after each preview. A great experience for those penny pinching movie goers who value downhome experience versus the prices of a flashy megaplex.

google R Reviewer

very comfortable chairs. very clean.

Susan Cohen

My husband and I have been coming here with our friends for years because they always have the most interesting movies, and because the owner greets you and makes you feel welcome. It is a wonderful local friendly movie house; and the new seats are really comfy! Beer and wine is available now too which is a nice addition to your popcorn!

Mari Pappas

Love this little, independent theatre! Great selection of films, comfortable seats. I may even love it most for what it is not: seeing a movie there isn't the nerve-wracking, over-crowded, over-amplified assault on your senses and pocketbook that the mainstream theatre chain experience has become.

Lydia Elias

Located at fair city mall, this wonderful theatre sits. A nice spacious theatre packed with numerous screens and halls. The cinema is fairly above average. What I admire most about this specific theatre is its modernised facilities and spacious nature

Phoenix Films

this is just a charming cinema small but wonderful and old and beautiful

Keith Estes

New seats are very comfortable.

Rebecca Vasquez

Movie time.

Ed Robichaud

Nice art cinema, good seats, sound & selections

Livan Z

A good local cinema theater, polite staff, no bad screen, friendly to the people who use Moviepass. We have already used Moviepass to watch 18 movies from May, it's sad to know Moviepass will go bankrupt probably.

john pan

Best movie popcorn in all of NOVA

Hilda Kroll

An independent movie complex showing indie and foreign films you might not get to see anywhere else in the area. Instead of just upgrading the seats, patrons were given a chance to sit on different options and management chose the one …

Leon Leon

Great collection of good quality movies

Andy Gillis

I really like the upgrade of the seats. Very comfortable.

M Carrillo

My favorite Cinema! Good movies and good prices on popcorn and sodas.

Amy White

this place was kind of hard to find and even when we got inside it was hard to find the ticket booth. it was 90 degrees outside, not sure what the air conditioning was set at, it was cool but also clammy which was gross. everything is very dated and mildly dirty. also I guess there was a photographer advertising portraits or art- there were large framed photos of children everywhere which I found very inappropriate. we didn't have any problems with seeing the movie we wanted to see though

Jean Safer

Great choice of movies.

Laura Nelson

My favorite theatre in the area. What I like best is that during the previews, the [owner?] will poll the audience to see if he should get that move. Great idea! The last time I was there a few weeks ago, he was topping off people's popcorn while they waited. Can you get this kind of personal service in a multiplex? I don't think so!

Zufan Alemayehu

This old thing has served us well for a good number of years and I’ve always liked the movie experience here. It has always been a good spot for family fun

Anthony Thomas

Everytime I come here it isn't crowded and that I love. Everyone is so nice as well!

Stacy Brasfield

A little treasure, particularly for film connoisseurs, with plush, roomy seating, a nice selection of snacks, and beer and wine!

Robert Ritchie

Best 1st run movies selected by movie goers!

Mia Mini

This independent theater screens an excellent range of popular and art-house films. It also used to have the most uncomfortable seats around. Now they're the BEST. Five stars!

Maria Schwab

Always quaint. Great popcorn.

Sarah Guy

Dated and in need of a bit of love, but a good place for indie films not showing at bigger theaters.

Jared Purcell

Some of the problems in my experience were in the responsibility of the theater and some weren't. It's a minimum standard quality theater, quality sound but nothing outstanding. lots of noise from the audience, loud talking, moving around, standing with phone lights on. The audience ruined the expected experience, discourteous and plebeian. The owner came in before the show refilling the rest of the popcorn to those who bought some. There was a lot of trash on the floor, and cupholders and candy in the seats. There was also a foul smell. I don't expect this business to do well in the future unless some changes are made. It's not worth the 10$/12$ to see the film. I don't plan to return to this venue. The owner is trying hard, but it's not enough for what matters.

Rez Alborz

It was an old school type of theater. Non stadium seating and the strip mall it was in was desolate and kind of creepy to walk in.

Shane Frasier

Great theater that shows great films.

Julie Moffett

Love this friendly little neighborhood theater! Great variety of shows, brand new seats and cute concession stand with decent prices. Wonderful experience. Will visit often. :)

David Woodhead

We enjoy this theater with a neighborhood feel for its Indie movies and 1st run mainstream films. The owner/manager does a good job of engaging customers, notifying people which films will be showing next, and has been known to walk in the theater replenishing people's popcorn. Concessions are about half the cost at chain theaters.

Stephen Carwile

its a great place to watch a film Chris and I love it the coffee is wonderful and the cheese and crackers are a hit with us just wish we could buy tickets online THANK YOU for this wonderful place a gem in Fairfax

Ken Lam

Clean and nice seats. Good prices and offbeat selection plus mainstream movies.

Erin Tobin

The Customer service was heinous. My husband, mom and dad and I went to the theater on December 20th to see Bridge of Spies.The concessions person was beyond rude and tried to hurry us along as we picked out what we wanted. Whoever the girl was that was wearing a sweatshirt while barking orders at my family and me not to enter the theater "until she said so" was the worst part. She was belittling, annoyed, rude and seemed like she had some place else she'd rather be. Over all it seemed like the staff wished we weren't there so they didn't have to do their job. The only nice person was the ticket taker.

Ed Auer

Not too crowded good theater

Sean Hoar

Love the coffee available in the morning matinees. And Sunday morning for $5.50 can't be beat!

Brian Kelly

It's the type of experience and feeling you should get when you go to a movie. Big box theaters you get lost in everything crowds, all the bright lights it feels messy and commercial. This place fits and feels just right. This may be weird but I wish I could see The Goonies here. It's intimate theater where you just want to watch great new movies as well the classics..... like The Goonies. Thanks guys!

Suzanne Spatz

I love seeing movies here on the weekends! They have mainstream movies as well as smaller, independent films. Seats are basic, but comfy.

Paul E Dodaro

Unique movie selection. Great popcorn

Richard Chobot

Senior Wednesday - $8 for 65+. Great movie selection. Six screens.

Saliq Khawar

My brother was in a movie started at 9:50 pm I got here at 10:20 pm asking them to let me buy a ticket to catch a movie with him and they tell me they are closed. Then the employee went back to talk the manger and the manger doesn't come out and relays the message that he can't help me since they are closed. Great customer service guys I'm sure I will never try to come here again.


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