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REVIEWS OF Avalon Theatre IN Maryland

Peter Richman

Sue Schumacher

The 3rd Thursday of every month the feature movie being shown when the theatre is opening in the morning is $5. That was at 10:30am

Jack Gruber

Wonderful theatre always has a great selection of films and amazing all around energy!

Fred Vinson

Beautiful space, great accoustics

james mcmillan

Next door at 5614 Connecticut Ave. #291 NW Washington, DC 20015 Is J Allen and Andrea Mason Designers from Perceptions Interiors LLC This are 2 crooked persons who likes to scam many contractors be careful, they hire contractors and don't pay them, some how they have master a very sneaky way to kick them out of the jobs when the contractors are 99 percent completed, If you don't want to have a big problem with any unhappy mad contractor do not hire this professional thief.... I am speechless about how bad is this lady.. They also do a lot of bad business in West Chester PA and Philadelphia...

Piotr Kulczakowicz

Great movie theater to see interesting and perhaps not mainstream movies

Karl Amundson

Very cool old movie theater that operates as a non profit. The movies shown seem to be a lot more diverse than the regular Hollywood and Marvel stuff that's everywhere now.

Alexis Taylor

Sharon Ramirez

Nice vintage theater. I hear they tend to run more "artsy" films. Wierd bathroom rules about movie patrons using the bathroom in a cage that is attached to the theater

Mike Wexler

Lisa Robinson

Love this theater I take my senior client out to the movies often just to keep her in the loop of things ,nice location nice people

Craig Thackray

Old school. Has a bar. What's not to love

Irma Monrroy

Sven Bilke

Finally not a a mega giga hyper multiplex. Good selection of movies, not you average block buster, though.

Shawn Lo


Anna Nardello

Mila Johns

An old-timey main theatre with true character and friendly staff. The Avalon shows indie and international films and is a local gem!

Timothy Nugent

Doesn't have all the extras of new theaters. But a nice visit to the past. Good selection of movies. Plenty of nice eateries within two blocks. Nice part of town.

Luis R. Durand

the perfect ambiance for classic movies

M Coe

Sticky floor. Gummy seats.

Grant Hunter

bruce hamilton

Nice revival house that served wine, beer and deserts. The manager was a very pleasant and knowledge fellow.

Monica Brinn

Wine and ice cream! What more could you want? Oh, a nonprofit, locally run, independent theatre? Score!

William Spieler

Clean, friendly, good coffee

Stefanie Parker

Lovely little community owned theater. Definitely worth the trek out to Chevy Chase.

phuong trinh

Jaeska Pool

Got such friendly service ❤

Myra Woods

Very fun, early morning movies can include breakfast treats. Close to bus and metro. Good variety of art and current run films.

Tony Towler

Great local theatre

Samuel Backfield

Lovely theater with great concessions

Jonathan Moore

Nice place


Adrianne Moore

Loved this old restored theatre, lots of atmosphere and a great place to watch an independent film.


Glad we saved this wonderful movie theater from destruction.

Anatol Woolf

This movie theatre shows movies that you would not see anywhere else. There is a nice caffe in the lobby, however the auditorium is old, dumpy and smelly. It needs remodeling.

Christine Demick

Great neighborhood cinema. 3rd Thursday morning for senior (sometimes with closed caption), a foreign film every Wednesday evening and top movies all the time. Love my neighborhood cinema.

Aaron Childers

Surprising and roomy. Decent sound

Andrew Hellman

Old time theater playing independent films. Hope it lasts.

Tresfaye Williams

I like this theater it's nice

M Sams

A gem in the neighborhood. Please do become a member.

Trey Harris

Michael Levine

Well selected films. Renovated historic theater built in the early 1920's. More renovations will be made by the end of 2019 which will make an enjoyable location to watch good films that much better.

Molly J. McDonald

Absolutely love this place. Everytime.

Mirror World Exposed

Love this historic movie house. They have shakes.

Frances Junker

One of my favorite places to see movies in dc. An old theatre saved by the neighborhood :)

Kathryn S

A pleasant community supported movie theater.

Ivonne Coronado


Ronald Buikema

Friendly, historically significant theater that is a vibrant part of the Chevy Chase/Connecticut Ave neighborhood. Parking is an issue.

Winston Goslee

Biniyam Meresa

Timothy Kitzke

CX Pak

The Avalon Theater is a very intimate venue and the acoustics are very good. Every seat in the venue is a comfortable seat like soft and The staff, the venue, and the acoustics are all excellent.

Justin Shaw

Quaint atmosphere. Real old time movie palace!

Jeannine Clark

The movie was wonderful for Downton Abbey fans, the theatre lovely and comfortable but the popcorn awful


Lee Dante

I went to this theater regularly 60 years ago and it's pleasing that it's still much the same although they walled off the balcony to make offices. The balcony was great for dates. Sadly, even nostalgia isn't what it used to be.

George Annrella

Old style movie theater with some great movies and attactions

Alexander Beylin

Stephanie Hellerman

Iconic Northwest DC theater showing some wide release but mostly independent films.

Emily Locke

Historic theater with a mix of blockbuster and art house films

Cathy Gontier

Independent, cheap, good movies

Caleb Newell

Cool place to watch obscur movies.

Dib Dias

Traditional local movie theater. Old and beautiful place.

Joseph Miller

James Werner

Great theater. Good film selection. Inefficient staff.

Fiorella Schischlik

Beautiful cinema, I hope it will manage to stay open for a long time.

I.E. Xam

Opened in 1923. Nice large screen. Avoid the two smaller theatres if you are looking for larger screens.

Klement Jaidzeka

Bernadette Martinucci

Beautiful old theater, nicely restored, showing independent films. Cafe with iced coffee, milkshakes and ice cream. A very nice night out!

Fred Jackson

The theatre visited was small but intimate. The staff was helpful and friendly. Video and sound were all good

Divina Rabasto

I like the big screen and sound system.

Paulette Paglia

Cool restored historic theatre - now art/ indie movie house. Good food & drinks too.

Dave Roberts

Great movie in our community-owned theatre.

Jean Cole

Good sized auditorium and nice variety of snack options including wine and latte.

Heide Fabiano


The nostalgic Avalon gives us feeling of coziness and privacy to watch the best movies of month.

Adi Abel

We enjoy going to this movie theater, lots of character to the place.

John Crotts

Has very good movies. The kind of movies which are typically not shown in the suburbs.

Sheila Lo Monaco

The Avalon Theater is the oldest theater in the NW DC area. It offers first-run studio films, independent and foreign films, film festivals, a weekly Wednesday night series, and special programs for students, families, and seniors. They will rent for events my daughter had a wonderful time here at a friend birthday party. I enjoyed movies from Germany and the Czech Republic. The chairs are comfortable enough. The theater is clean and the staff is friendly welcoming. Tons of street parking

Woodrow Boon

My girlfriend and I watched this movie with Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, Silver Linings something. She liked the movie, I definitely liked the cinema - comfy seats, no popcorn all over the floor, good location (or at least for us), good prices.

Angela Mariscal

A DC classic. We love it. My dream theater


Great! Nice big screen. They serve wine, beer, coffee and ice cream etc. in addition to popcorn and sodas.

Tracey Filar Atwood

We love this beautiful, old, non-profit movie theater. The cafe in front is not fancy, but is a convenient place to grab a snack before a show. Be sure to admire the painted ceiling in the larger of the two theaters on the premises.

Mostafa Faghih Shojaei


(Translated by Google) cinema (Original) سينما

claire lewis

BEST CINEMA IN TOWN! The only not-for-profit in DC, great little café on the premises where you can order a latte or a white wine. A neighborhood institution playing first release and foreign movies. See you there!

Emy Dillon

Kevin Walsh

Delightful neighborhood theater with friendly staff.

Maria-Cristina Maass

Always an amazing place.I teach a French cinema class and have discovered some of the best films I use for the class at Avalon. Fast ,courteous service.Wish the café offered more healthy meal choices: Salads in the Summers and warm soups in the Winter.

Crystal Parmele

Saw a fantastic movie "Loving Vincent"

Edward Spector

Been here many times. Small theater that focuses on arty flicks. Great milkshake, comfortable seats.

Sammy Fries

Friendly, vintage theater with, Indy curated films and community screenings. I love the charm of this theatre and the accessibility for watching smaller released movies in the friendship heights / chevy chase area. I refrain from 5 stars as I don't always have interest with the films they screen. I believe they have a committee so I suppose it is my own fault but I am not too invested. Definitely worth checking out.

Martha Pardavi-Horvath

Jonathan Erazo Borrero

I went there to watch the movie of van gogh, the theatre is really awesome, is perfect to this kind of movies. everyone should go to a classic theatre like this.

Cara Fulton

A real cinema experience

Jonathan Lienert

Great film selection and great venue, love the atmosphere here.

M C Ertem

What a cinema should be.

Cristiane Kimura

I love this historical theatre. They have a diverse, interesting and not-so-mainstream selection of movies. I specially like the Wednesdays features like the French Cinematèque, Lions of Czech Films, Avalon Docs.

Margaret Morgan-Hubbard

Michael Bishton

The Avalon Theatre is a labor of love for those who keep it running and see it's very interesting selection of movies. It is a gorgeous old fashioned theater that is a little worn around the edges but had a friendly vibe to it because it truly is a community theatre with a nice snack place to sit with your friends and enjoy an aperitif before the show.

Ryan Haber

Good atmosphere and WiFi. The menu is a bit limited.

paul sieving

Great films. Pleasant environment. Just like the old times.

Michaele Weissman

I love the Avalon, Washington's only non profit movie theater. It's cozy, like a welcoming club..only everyone is welcome, and it shows the kind of movies smart people want to see.

Cynthia Greene

A really nice inviting atmosphere.

Alex Neasa

Good theatre with good films. Was not disappointed!

Ellie Kerr

Abby Arnold

Great neighborhood theatre with food, espresso and even wine!

Miladis Encarnation

(Translated by Google) very good (Original) muy.buena

Andres Rubio

The movies are few, the food is expensive but it is good.

Gilbert Raiford

This is a non profit neighborhood movie theater. It is very comfortable and serves food. It is close to a post office, a supermarket, and a drugstore. The staff is friendly. The admission to price is right.

Shireen Parsons

Historic, beautiful theater on Connecticut Avenue does DC proud! Excellent films, cafe' serving food and beverages, good restaurants nearby....

smart kitty

It's okay have a cafe beside it

Pj Smith

Luz Montanez

Very old school classic theater but the bathroom for women is small.

Kathy Torres

Pamila Gray

Wonderful historic theater, films with that something more than big blockbusters, and a charming cafe in the lobby. Seats a little uncomfortable is my only negative.

Michael Habermann

Peacherine Ragtime Society Orchestra at the Avalon was fantastic. Classic silent movies with music provided by Peacherine was amazing.

Przemek Klosowski

Arthouse movie theater---we've been to many great movies here.

Katherine García

It's like a very classy theater. They show a limited number of movies, two or three.

elisabeth klorek

Got a headache with the strong and noisy a/c blowing towards me. Too cold in there but movie excellent #The White Crow#

lolbit the animatronic fox

Pedro Camejo

Nice little place

Alan Pollock

Celeste Smith

A charming place with thriving community support and lovely employees. Makes me happy to shop local!


Best Lattes cold or hot!

Beatrice Macente

Um cinema com cara de teatro bem antigo.

Stuart Cohn

Ellen Webster Synakowski

We love the movie selection, location and fact that it's supported by the community. We've been members for years.

Azeema M. Batchelor

Cool theatre, but very cramped.

Jay Briar

Nice, non-profit old theatre that also hosts educational screenings for schools.

Tito Hernandez

Susan Linsky

Avalon is a DC gem.

Yordanos Asrat

K.C. Russell

I've been looking forward to seeing A Quiet Passion, but just learned that closed captioning is not offered...very disappointing!

David Woodhead

We thoroughly enjoyed, "Loving Vincent", about the troubled genius. While the large theater is comfortable, more space in the Men's Room would be a wonderful thing.

Walter Teague

Classic old theater.

Elliott Hays

Awesome classic theater that deserves everyone's patronage.

Michael Smith

Run down could use qb upgrade.

Laura Neal

Dahi Was Here

Great place to watch plays or more movies. Snack bar was closed when I went.

Mazen Elkurd

A beautiful throw-back to a different era. As soon as you walk in the theater it feels as if you've stepped back decades into the past with beautiful vintage decor throughout the facility. The movie selections are quite limited but if they happen to be playing something you're into I would definitely give it a go.

Daniela Garcia Romero

Great service and movies even if they are independent. Great experience there!

Daniel Julius Markus

Fabulous old world theatre.

Dan Fernandez

morgan gale

Awesome experience and very helpful staff.

Arnold Thomas Bigger

Bobbie Hodges

Landmark neighborhood theater nicely restored. Handicap accessible. Good movie options.

Johnny Utah

Lovely historic theater. There's a little "Cafe" attached, but it's really more of a concession stand. The downstairs theater is very large compared to most modern theaters, with comfortable seats. Ladies room is very small; it's hard to get out of the stalls when someone is coming in the door. But you're not going to be spending all of your time in the bathroom anyway, are you?


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