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2903 Columbia Pike, Arlington, VA 22204, United States

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REVIEWS OF Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse IN Maryland

Dale Baugh

Good menu for movie watching, service good, big screen nice. Easy Uber stop.

Colin Taylor

Very different place with a really funky vibe. What's not to like about table service during films

Edward Heaton

Good location, nice restaurants in the area. Would definitely go back.

Jon Fisher

Love this place. Cheap movies, decent bet, relatively comfortable chairs, and great comedy. It's definitely a neighborhood fixture.

Matt Grasberger

Disappointing salad for $12, I had the Asian Sesame Chicken salad. Not really much flavor to any of it besides the sauce. Would've been much better with grilled chicken and better greens.

Kimberly Strong

Had a great time! Food was served quickly and i enjoyed the flatbread options. Clear view of screen from the seats. Wait staff did not interrupt movie. Great fun. I will be back!

JoAnn Tolle

Had a great dinner while at the Awesome Project night.

Ignatious Narcisse

Deliciousness on a plate. If you're looking for legit taco, this is the place!! Great food and a friendly staff.

William Sarkis

This place is ONE OF A KIND. Movie, drinks, food, tables, theater seats. Usually have something about a few weeks old playing. Service is great and nice atmosphere being an older theater. This is a MUST DO. Pricing is great btw.

Nicole Jackson

Comfy seating with good views of the stage from everywhere. Much much better than the DC improv. Food is only so so but the service is great and the bathrooms are clean.

Soul Nisha

Its a fun environment for everyone

Joseph Muniz

Good place that has comedians and other events that other cinemas don't have. Food isn't too good although it is a great experience to have drinks brought to you.

Cornelius Egan

Wow! , I just love the retro effect and old-school theme with this particular theatre. They often play the finest classic movies from the 60’s. It is one of my personal bests. Something new once in awhile doesn’t hurt.

DirtNap DMV Boyzzz16 Sampson

I love this place. Been going for year and it's always a nice chill evening

Lauren Smith

Food is REALLY overpriced. Do not eat there if at all possible. Venue is fun but not worth the food and drink prices.

Jeff Pizanti

Friendly staff & attentive table service. Bar drinks available. Parking can be tricky depending on day of the week & time of day.

T. Ann Jackson

Pro: This is an intimate, dinner-theater style setting. Great place to be up close and personal with your favorite bands/comedians, etc. This alone is worth five stars! BUT...Cons: Minus two stars because the building is very old - not "aging with character" old or "wow, look at that architecture" old. Just old and worn out. AND...Minus one more star because the food is exceptionally bad bar-style food. I guess if you drink enough the food will seem gradually better.

Abby Caporiccio

Went for an 80's themed New Years Eve party, which turned out to be a lot of fun! They played 80's movies on the screen with the subtitles on during the party, which was cool. Food and drinks were fine.

Thomas Wurzer

Great way to see a movie! Great service! Appetizers were terrific; as was my root beer float. Comfortable chairs and comfortable atmosphere. Highly recommend this place. Felt like I was on vacation.

David C.

Not a great place currently, but it has potential. First off, their website says ample parking behind the theater but it fails to mention that the lot says "Fringe Parking" so we didn't want to park there and get towed. Second, it took almost 30 minutes for our relatively short line to get inside due to one, very thorough young man checking every ID and scanning tickets. Third, the tables and chairs were all over the place and many were reeking of beer (although this was the first show - Justin Willman). The place looked like a patchwork of miscellaneous office-type chairs with no organization. If they had anyone show you to seating, that would have been helpful. I felt sorry for anyone arriving later, trying to find a chair to squeeze into. The rest of the place was filthy as well. Fourth, the service was incredibly slow and once you were served, good luck getting additional service. I will say that the food was good and the prices were reasonable, so that's a plus. Finally, it was a magician show with lots of up close material, so for anyone not in the first row or two, it was not easy to see what he was doing - a camera and using the movie screen behind him would have been a good tool to use for the rest of us to better enjoy the show. We won't be going back unless there is a major interior renovation.

Gregory Kulms

Run down with horrible service. Even the comedian called it "Trap House" a dozen or more time. It was funny because it was true.

Melissa Stover

Took my daughter to see Ava and crank that Frank. Purchase parents seats which were great they were comfy and in the back. My daughter really enjoyed herself

Damian Steele

Chill spot, with beer and food. I came for a Sunday morning cartoon showing. The hosts were funny and the saving grace of the event. Food was mediocre at best, and the beers a little small, but you get it served to you at the seats so

Mike Rabkin

The service was so-so, and the comedians were overly political and in one direction only, so not very funny. Felt more like a rant

Adam Brown

I've been to several comedy shows and they always deliver. It's a great place to see popular comedians without making the trek into DC. The food and drink selection is pretty decent too. Especially impressive is that the staff can get everyone served before the show starts, even with a full house. The location is nearly perfect: nearby restaurants and I've always been able to find free street parking within a few blocks. Check out their event calendar; I bet you'll find something you like.

John Merica

Just saw the Incredibles 2! The food and service at the Arlington Cinema and Draft is alway great. The movie start promptly at the scheduled time with no ads for future films. Get there early to insure you can get your favorite seats. You can always purchase your tickets online to make sure the show you want isn't sold out. The ticket taker said it's best to send the tickets right to your phone for easy scanning. Enjoy the show!

Tony Rivenbark

It's a great experience with VERY reasonable prices and decent food. When I give it 5's not the equivalent of a 5-star's not sparkling clean with bright new furnishings/fixtures. But for what it is, it's deserving of 5 stars. You'll have a comfortable and pleasant experience at an affordable price. I've been 20 or so times in the past 20 years and the only experience I had that was less than wonderful, was only as a result of the terrible movie I watched lol ("To Die For").

Christopher Fedorchak

Always a good time, and now the upgrades they are slowly making are adding much needed improvements. They lost a few good items from the food menu, but overall I welcome the simpler menu. Great beer choices. Great spot for live comedy and an occasional movie: I'd rather spend my money here then those giant theaters.


Funtimes have been had here. I'd love to see more healthy and vegan food options.

Paul Mandrell

A fun place to spend the evening. The movies are fairly recent releases, there are plentiful beer choices, and the food is good!

Lisa Gomes

Its an old time theater that only plays one movie and it retains the charm of when going to the theater was not some conveyor belt of movies. It's also great because they serve bar food and drinks during the movie. I really liked going to this theater and I look forward to going back.

Laura Gast

Amazing place to watch a film or see a comedian. Excellent food and great beer/cider choices. Top notch wait staff as well.

Christian Pedersen

We enjoyed our boom-boom vegetarian wrap and salty Bavarian pretzels dipped in hot cheese. The service was quick and drinks were spot-on.

Nabil Sharaf

Interesting place to watch movies while you eat dinner. Their menu has plenty of nice options such as pizza, burgers, and fried foods, which will enhance your movie watching experience. The movies have usually been out for a while before you are shown here, but the experience makes it fun.

Matt Miller

Love this venue to comedy.

Karla Flores

Good location easy near by parking

derek hall

So cool to see a classic movie on the big screen. Food and drinks can be ordered from your seat and brought to you. Sometimes they're themed nights where they encourage singing along, dressing up and they provide themed drinks and bites.

John Welch

Old theater with old plastic rolling desk chairs. A joke for a theater. But the movie tickets are CHEAP. Keep your expectations super low and you won't be disappointed.

Cindy Harris

Fun old space. Interesting choice in seating... which is not necessarily comfortable for watching a movie.

Kathy W

Loved the show and adult root beer.

Zachary E.

This is a nifty little place. They show a cheap, 2$ flick on Mondays and Tuesdays and they have servers which will serve food and drink during the movie. Super relaxed atmosphere. Expect to have fun and not be a movie snob. The prices are a bit high, but actually better than most theaters. Don't expect a good dirty martini though - I don't know what they did to it, but it was way to sweet...

Lourdes Charnoff

My husband and I enjoyed a very good film and dinner tonight! Great place!

Will Tucker

Chill great spot very unique

Sarah O'Connell

Terrible service! I really wanted to like this place and tried to overlook waiting 20 mins to order but when it took another 45 mins for pizza and a sandwich and all we got was a shoulder shrug from the server I decided this was a one time visit.

Brett Goldberg

I like that they have old movies but the sound is mediocre and the place feels dirty and grungy. I found the sound to be 2 dimensional with it being projected from the front and not immersive. The food and drink are nothing special and the prices are higher than expected. As they are marketing toward younger, hipper crowds they seem to be missing an opportunity. They could use movie names and content as inspiration for food and drink names and recipes. I left like I was watching a movie in a fraternity basement.

Stacy Tran

Live comedy and food, nice place for date night

Joseph LaCava

Saw new Starwars movie on day of release got decent food, drank beer and had an unbelievably awesome interactive crowd to really bring in the movie experience. 11/10 would do again.

Anjani Bommadevara

We had a good experience but this was my first time in a theater set up and I felt like this place could use a good clean up and redesign. The deco, furniture and overall feel was very dated and run down

Elma Molina

I Like going here with my family. I just wished they changed the carpet because it I too dirty.

Daniel Lazenby

It's an institution within Arlington. Over the decades it has changed little. You can still get a beer and a bite to eat while you watch the movie. Seating is really scrunched together. Too many chairs and little round tables crammed into a row creates the feeling of being over crowded. Not the value it once was.

Beth Sanders

Saw Jen Kirkman. Entire act was purely political, might as well have went to a progressive liberal rally, so that was very disappointing. Way to alienate an entire group of people.


My first time on a bar/movie theater... it was amazing

Ann Folb

Great first run movie. Food select good variety. Comfortable seating.

Brian Cooper

Good place to see a movie and have a drink.

Chris Nicholson

Dated. From the outside it looks like an old theater that CVS would take over. Even the outside sign was incomplete. Once you get in the front door they check your IDs and tickets. Then you enter into a "classic looking theater" that they took the seats out of. Office like chairs roll around and let you recline. Some rails and some tables. Ordering requires you to stand up a flag and a sever will hopefully see it. Nachos were good. (Added the chicken). The beer... Plastic mugs? Switched to bottles. $35 to see Pablo Francisco was a DEAL! But as others note... The inside could use a "good cleaning" and updating.

Ralph McCrea

I got to see Hannibal Buress for free!

James Wallace

Best place for dinner and a movie!

Elle Scott

Even the featured comedian called it a cafeteria lol doors didn't open as promised so in 20 degree weather they should have let us in the lobby vs 20 minutes outside. You can easily determine the crowd by sales online. Once you're in its like you should go back outside. Appearance is sad. Office chairs for seating and some of those had broken arms. Other seats were too low, old and torn. Took well over an hour to get 1 drink order no food. Just get a loan and regroup.

Jose Colquitt

Great venue for watching movies or comedy acts. They serve you throughout the evening during the show as well. They will send out courtesy emails if the show is expected to be full so that you can plan to arrive early. 4 stars because food isn't spectacular per se. Basic bar food honestly.

Caseem Tyler

Good movie experience. Food is ok.

Catrina Dusch

This place is funky and a different way to see movies. I like the old office chairs and friendly wait staff. The price has gone up on Monday and Tuesdays because they are showing newer movies.

superpal43 .

I absolutely love this place but I can't stress how much they need to focus on updating & maintaining their foundational elements. I saw Eddie Griffin perform here ages ago & it was frigidly cold! Such a wonderful place with affordable prices, decent food, drinks, & service, & a great chance to catch movies that you just missed in theaters! It deserves better than to look like what I imagine an aging rundown brothel looks like.

Dustin Stamper

Arlington institution. Throwback charm. Good place to see a show. Pretty good comedians come through. Food is reasonable bar fare, but you're coming for the show, not the chef. Good beer and drink selection

Willem Koenders

I watched 2 classic Halloween movies here in night of Halloween. We had a blast. It's an old theatre and you can sit on old desk chairs. You can order simple foods (we ordered a pizza) - much more relaxed than the real movie theaters.

Bryant Delka

A nice place to catch a movie, or even see a stand-up comic who is passing through. Tickets tend to be reasonably priced, and I've enjoyed myself when I've come, especially for the comedy. Keep an eye on their schedule so you don't miss popular comedians (or miss tickets to popular movies). It's kind of in the middle of nowhere, but if you're a comedy fan, it's worth coming out to.

Robert Hutchins

Great for cheap shows no assigned seating makes for a great movie night and if you get in early you can get great seating. Servies food and alcholic beverages had many great nights at Arlington Cinema Draft house and will continue to go. Saw many great comedians such as Micheal IAN BLACK and TOM GREEN CHRIS HARDWIC and got autographs and met in person. ALL IN ALL looking for a comedy show date night with food drinks and Sheraton Hotel is right down the street!!!

Mark Greenwood

Looking pretty worn but the service was great and the food was pretty good.

Caroline Hamric

An Arlington institution. Great dive spot for discount movies and live comedy. The food is nothing to write home about, so stick with apps and pitchers of beer.

Jennifer Maas

Long-time fan of this Arlington institution. Have enjoyed the opportunity to see less mainstream films, such as Warren Miller ski festivals, as well as second-run movies in a retro environment. I do miss the old pink swivel chairs and loveseats in place of the 'office chair' seating, and of course Dollar Night!

cueva93 .

A staple of the Arlington community. My experiences at the Arlington Cinema Drafthouse have always been great. Whether just watching a movie at a great price AND eating, or coming to events like Spoons, Toons. And Booze, I have always had a great time. There is nothing around that does what the drafthouse does. I highly recommend watching a movie or coming to an event here.

Jason Arrieta

I love it. Nice that a place like this still open.

Chad Silva

I love what this place is doing - it's a small theater, that's part of the community, and a really nice change of pace from megaplexes. Instead of paying $7 for a soda, you can pay $7 for a beer. The facilities are dated - but I found that a small price to pay, as I was still quite comfortable.

Merri Bair

Loved the comedy show, but the service was very slow and waiter never came back to take our food order (our sign indicating we needed service was up for one hour). Poor service.

Sean Whitfield

This place is amazing. Cheap movies and great food and beer. Ive purposely waited on seeing certain movies in the big chains to wait and see it here for cheaper and where I can eat and drink better food than any other theater. They also have great comedy shows. I've seen some great comedians come through here and do awesome shows. Fantastic for date nights, hanging with friends or just wanting to catch a movie!

Melissa S

This is a retro movie theater/venue. Large selection of non-alcoholic/alcoholic beverages. Low prices on movies. They have a lot of famous comedian do shows here too. You can eat/drink while watching a film. The seating is swivel office chairs and are worn out and uncomfortable if sitting too long. There is no reserve seating so get here early if you want to get a seat with a table.

Erin Danaher

Saw it's a wonderful life for their holiday movie festival. It was great to see it on the big screen. The food was a typical bar food. And we had to wait in line in the movie started a bit late like 20 minutes late. But overall it was a good experience.

Alonzo Gudger

Great show! Ok...Good show...Mr. Mencia didn't want to leave the stage after 2 1/2hrs and so the other two openers joined him on stage for an additional 30min. Time. well spent!

Mitchell Clark

Really fun place to catch a comedy show. The food and drinks selection could be better, and better priced, but don't let that hold you back.

Santosh kumar

Fun place to hangout with friends or try out open mic ☆☆☆ Crowd Is extremely friendly, reasonably priced drinks. Worth the visit if you're around that area

Robert Kaczorowski

Great vibe, good beer, prices are actually really good! Seen a good number of Comedians here, it's almost surprising the number of well known ones that perform.We saw Ryan Hamilton and the second city notably. It was amazing!

Phil Thabet

Great place to see comedy... Food is decent with a great beer selection... Servers are good and work hard

Paula Freeman Ciskowski

A great place to relax with a beer and see second run movies.The chairs are comfy and there always a few interesting beers. But like all theaters, they make their money on the food and drinks, so those are a bit overpriced. The food is ok, but not much for vegans. There used to be a great bean burger on the menu, but now there is just a veggie wrap. Yummy seasoned fries. The cocktails are a bit weak.

Bill Pabst

I want to love this place, as it's one of the last, if not the very last, original cinema&drafthouse-style places left in the greater DC region. But the plastic beer mugs should have been replaced a year or five ago, and I would have happily spent a lot more money if there had been someone to take my orders, but instead I sat there drinking nothing. I'll stick to Alamo.

Phil Harang

An older place in need of some TLC. The movie was clear and the sound system okay but the restroom was tiny, cramped, and needed cleaning. My salad was quite good as it should have been at that price. Free parking is available but not well marked. Look diagonal southwest around the back for a really small sign.

Hope Saige Perry

Took my daughter for a Meet & Greet with Crank that Frank & Eva. I really like this place. Great idea! Especially for adults! Watch a flick & get adult drinks while watching... genius! People were nice. Great venue. Good seats. Parking wasn't far & i'm disabled so I have to park close.

Nick Tomeo

The idea is fantastic, and the lineup of shows is pretty good. That said, the place is grimy: it's in dire need of general maintenance and a deep cleaning. The food is expensive for what is essentially microwaved convenience store offerings. While the beer selection is small, they do have a few worth imbibing. Somebody please invest some capital into this place so it can live up to its potential.

Barbara Reichart

Love the prices for admission and the menu prices are comparable for regular restaurants (ie not paying $10 for popcorn). Lots of food options - their pizza is delicious. They also have a great drink menu. Only problem is that when it gets busy it can take staff a long time to circle back to you.

Jason R.

Cool old school place to enjoy a movie or comedy show

rah btw


Paula Fisher

Used to love coming here for comedy shows, but it's got a lot of problems now. The service is super slow, the food is not very appetizing, and the theatre itself has gotten so dirty. Your walls and carpets should not have their own distinct smells. People will come back and spend more if you make the conditions right! 1.) Hire more servers so people can actually order food and drink in a reasonable amount of time. Your average tab WILL go up! $$$! 2.) At a minimum take said money and deep clean the walls and floors. Replace broken chairs.

J c

Love this place! Sad they got rid of their french fries, though.

Carolyn Stratton

Ya know, we've been going here a while and always thought it was a great place to catch late run movies and quirky fests, we've been to live comedy here too. Definitely a niche place, my oldest kids still talk about attending the all day Lord of the Rings fest in 2010 with their dad. So it is sad for me to say, it's gone way down hill on our last 2 visits! We saw Aquaman and ordered a special combo popcorn where the picture showed a full tub and what we got was a drink cup (smaller than their normal) with popcorn. They charged us for the "special" though, no apologies! Then last weekend we attended a Sunday showing of Isn't it Romantic, it was $10 a ticket! So no longer 2nd run pricing! Sad, it was a great place! We may go back for comedy, but even though we can walk there, we'll take our movie money elsewhere.

Jill Shaul

The show we saw was great and the service during the show was pretty good. The army of rolly office chairs to sit on is sort of weird and it's slightly awkward to get past people to get to your seat.

Stephen Marshall

First run movies are now being shown at this Art Deco theater with food and adult drinks service. The upgraded sound system and digital projector are worth the ticket price.

Victoria Fisher

Good venue with very comfortable seating. Service leaves a bit to be desired.

Tori W

This should be strictly a drafthouse & not a cinema. It seems as if they do comedy shows here more often & tried to throw up a small screen & sell cheap tickets to movies where you cam drink beer & eat food at, to bring h in extra money. If they were showing Rocky Horror Picture Show or some other historically significant movie it would probably be better. Don't go if you're trying to take your family you a more current theater format. Just pay the ridiculous process at the big mega theaters & if you can't afford that, just wait until it comes out on DVD. Also the photos of the nice red velvet & gold trimmed chairs must have been back when the establishment opened up, now you sit it office chairs.

Diane Van Norman

Excellent place! Can't believe we don't go more often. We had a great time and great food! Thank you Jeff for being such a good friend and telling us to go. We will definitely be back. Rick & Diane

J Collier

Great movie selection. Old seats but comfy. Love the fact they sell food and drinks. Be sure you're not super hungry because the service can be a bit slow. Food tastes good though

R. Connor Gauvin

Great cheap movies on Monday. Solid food service as well!

Melissa Duvall

Try not sit in the back section. You constantly hear the bar/kitchen equipment and staff and there is more lights because of said kitchen/bar. Service is slow, to be expected, they are serving in the dark afterall. Office chairs are comfortable for watching a movie. Pricing is reasonable.

rcsabotage .

Go here. You will love it.

Andrew McDonald

This location was fair when the whole lot of room as far as a place to sit but it was okay

Ant Kev

If you love movies that just recently released to theaters for cheap on a relatively large screen and big cushioned seats in a cozy atmosphere, you need to come here! Their amateur stand-up comedy nights that take place in a separate room from the theater are fun too. My only complaint is that the drinks and some meals are overpriced for what they are, but you're not obligated to order anything to watch the movies.

Michelle Hardy

The Venue needs to be updated...the food is okay....the entertainment was AWESOME...I laughed so hard


Won't go back until they renovate the seating. Nobody wants to sit on old uncomfortable office chairs. Cinema Cafe in VA Beach replaced theirs with electronic recliners that have personal tables on swivels. ACD make it happen!

Bonnie Titus

No ac in lobby and 20 minutes late opening the doors. Great first impression....

M James

I went 9-7-2018 only ordered appetizers which were super good because I was freaking starving #hangry


Love the drafthouse. I have been going forever. I appreciate the low key, good and drinks atmosphere with my movies.

Chris M

I have been viewing movies here for 20 years. Beer, food and movies plus comedy acts. Check out what is coming, and find something to see. It's different from the traditional theatre, no $12 bucket of popcorn . Chairs vs seats. More freedom to move around.

Mike Favila

Everybody's always so friendly there

Lee Huttenbach

Unfortunately this place gets 1 star. From their horribly run website to the slow and poor customer service this is a place to avoid. Other places do it so much better.

Rory Thomas

Been to a few good comedy shows and cult classic movie showings there and had fun. It's a nice theater, but it doesn't live up to its potential. The space could really use some renovation; seating and the general aesthetic. Also, the food is mediocre at best. Great food can really elevate the movie going experience.

Seth Mosier

This place is great. Movies are great, beer selection is great, service is pretty good (do I really want more servers walking around during the movie? not really, so it's spot on.) Food selection is decent, not awesome, but pretty decent wraps, apps, and burgers.

Luke Whicker

Not a very intimate place to watch a movie, as having table service inherently produces quite a bit of noise, which made some people think it's ok to talk quietly the whole time. I suppose that's part of the design though, so I can't really fault them for that. They had themed drinks for The Last Jedi showings, which were good but a little pricey. Service was good, not fantastic, but it was pretty packed so it's understandable. Overall a good experience, but it did make me want to see the movie again in a more quiet environment.

Jason Koslofsky

Go for the movies, go for the comedians, go to drink a beer is a comfortable space. Always glad when a cool comedian is there for a show!

Stacy S

I love seeing movies here! It was a very different feel from a traditional movie theatre, which makes it fun. The food is only so-so but the drinks are good.

Valarie Hughes

This place needs to be updated with new chairs, carpet and just a whole remodel. The comedy show we saw was great but I had to hold my food and drink because there was no table to put them on. Good location, but needs to be remodeled.

Kevan Schanberger

This is a staple of Arlington. I’ve only been here twice in the ten years I’ve lived in Arlington but I’m glad it’s there. Maybe if I lived close enough to have walked to it. Plus, I thought it was dingy back when you could smoke indoors and it had comfy yet questionable couches. Now it has what looks like computer chairs and business desks judging from Yelp’s photos but it does look cleaned and no smoking. For 2nd run movies and comedians, you can’t beat it. And the art-deco building adds character to Columbia Pike.

Aleena Gharib

Pros: they feature very recent movies, as well as classics, and tons of comedy shows (comedian every weekend), offer food with many options, lots of beer with decent prices, staff is usually friendly, cheap tickets. Cons: building is old and it is always freezing in there so bring a jacket/sweater!, seating is a bunch of desk roll chairs...good luck seeing if you aren’t right in the front row of each section, some seats are comfy and some are not, wish it was consistent. We went to see a movie and in the second half of the film, staff came and started removing menus from our tables and asking to take our stuff, while we were watching the movie still. Standing right in front of us completely blocking the screen. I assume they were in a rush to get cleaned up so they can go home which I understood, but removing the menus when the movie isn’t over it and getting in peoples way is unnecessary and not cool. I probably won’t go back to see a movie, but might if there’s a comedian we like. Movie tickets to see Darkest Hour were $6.50

Mikkia Lawrence Cordle

I took a colleague who came in town there last night. I heard great things about The Arlington Draft house and Cinema. This was my first time going there. I showed up to the 10 PM show on a Friday night at 9:55 and was able to purchase tickets and find a table by 10 (self seating). The opening act was hilarious. I think I liked him the most. The headliner was super funny. I laughed so hard I was bent over. It was also The first time I had chicken barbecue nachos. Never even heard of such a thing, but it was delicious and the serving size was huge. Note for the wise, do not wait until the end of the show to go to the bathroom. That line is similar to those at an amusement park.

Catherine McClellan

This place is fun and often has really God shows. It's a little dive-bar in aesthetic but that adds to the fun.

Kate Sutliff

Seen a few shows here like Piff the Magic Dragon and Spoons Toons and Booze. Always have a blast. Staff is nice. Food is normal bar food. Parking is a little weird but pretty open in the back.

charlie fowler

This was a cool place to see a comedy show. The wait staff is attentive and the drinks and food offerings were good.

Nurdan Karakurt

It's nice to eat and drink while you watch but wish it'd better food and non-plastics.

carlos mazariegos

First time at a Carlos Mencia Show and it was Awesome. The staff and food was good.

Quinn Chapman

Love the movies and beer, although the place smells a little funky. It could use a renovation.

Sheila Silva

Place is good just freezing cold inside.

Phoenix Films

Great cinema and food best in movies in arlington

Idrissa Battle

For movies or standup we really enjoy visiting this place.

Brian Laurinat

The cinema draft house is a fun place to grab a movie with she food and a couple beers. As long as you don't expect anything high end, you'll enjoy yourself.

B M Washington

Great comedy show and good food.

Anne S

Filthy and beat up. To say nothing of the comics we paid to see.

Drew Fernandez

Saw Jimmy O Yang perform here towards the end of August (2019). He's a really funny guy and I was happy to see there wasn't a bad seat in the house. Elevated "stadium" seating gave a good view of the stage for pretty much everyone at the show. Food was better than expected and alcohol selection is pretty diverse. Wish I had tried the cocktails. The only weird thing was the actual seats were all office chairs. I was surprised the comedian didn't comment on that but they did not detract anything from the show or experience.


Good spot to watch comedians! Not a bad seat there since it's small. I like the idea eating/drinking while watching a movie! Wings are good!

Tonyia Renee

I attended a movie premier for a nonprofit organization THIS IS MY BRAVE were an independent film was shown. The food was ok but the customer service was great. People moved around and they still accommodated everyone. Myself and many others needed to leave early and our checks were readily available to us even though the event wasn’t over. I liked the entire setup of this theatre and even though it wasn’t my first time here I was reminded of why I would come back again to see a movie. If you haven’t been to the Arlington Cinema and Draft House check it out. It’s a nice date spot and Singleton place to enjoy a good variety of movie food brought right out to your seat.

Ingrid Suarez

Great atmosphere, service and food. Loved the staff and their hospitality was over the top. They elwent above and beyond to make sure we were enjoying our time there.

Peg Butner

Great place to watch a movie and have dinner!

Alexander Ekman

Great place to watch discounted second run movies, while comfortably ensconced in an office chair, enjoying reasonably priced alcoholic drinks and made to order food. It's the next best thing to having a private theater in your home.

Anthony Jay

Needs updating! Old and rickety. It makes no sense to me why they have chairs that move but they don't want you to move them?!? For a theater that has a lot of business, they need to invest in a better seating arrangement. Better than old rolling office chairs and a few tables mixed in.

Mpanwar .

Great comedy. Drinks.

Tim Lucas

Place was lil run down but food was good

Emily Ly

This was a fun place to go. You get to watch a movie while eating and drinking. All the silverware is plastic so there's no clinking sounds. The service was very quick, however every so often a waiter/waitress would obstruct your view from the movie. The place itself is outdated and the seating (leather office chairs) have wear and tear.

Joey Garcia

The food was good and the drinks were great. Fun atmosphere and cool place to watch a movie.

John Williams

Funky fun

T. J. Wynn

The service was terrible and they didn't care. Over an hour to get soft drinks and we only got them because we went to get them ourselves. The people next to us got tired of waiting for their order and left the show. They were supposed to discount our check and did not. Just completely unprofessional. I still left over a 30% tip, then the waitress had a stupid look on her face and apologized. First and last they will get from me.

Will Rubens

Great place to see a comedy show.

Andrew McHale

There's nothing negative to say about this place. The movies are very inexpensive, especially on Mondays and Tuesday nights when it's 2 dollars. The stand-up acts are of famous and unknown alike. Recently I've seen Michael Ian Black, Todd Barry and Rhys Darby and it was only about 20 dollars each time good craft beers by the pitcher. the food is very fairly priced and above average. Significantly better food than a movie theater. If you live in the area and have not utilized this place then you are severely missing out.

Aiste Ray

Best place for comedy shows in the DMV!

Kimberly Price

The seats are very comfortable, but I prefer the shorter back. I'm already at a height disadvantage, and a taller chair back is just another obstacle between me and the movie. The food has gotten better, I appreciate the variety of healthier choices and even the not so healthy ones occasionally. The service is always good, even when there's a delay because of the large number of orders hitting the kitchen at once.

Brian Sipos

A great place for comedy and movies with beer!

Bonnie Brush

Food was tasty ; comics were great!

Holly Sylvia Penn

Wish they hadn't changed the $65/year membership, I used to go with friends and family every Sunday to see the movies. Additionally I loved being able to order a drink or something to eat. This place is classic. However it now has changed a bit and since the change I haven't been back.

Tram Tran

The event prices are reasonable especially for the movies. Different then your normal movie theater, you sit in office chairs around tables and it is first come first serve basis as well as tickets so come early. They serve food and drinks right to your table which is convenient, but the service can be slow at first since everyone is ordering

Lang Nguyen

Went and saw Jimmy O. Yang here and though I was disappointed in the service, the comedians made up for it.

Adrian M

Service was great. Tickets were reasonable. Can't Beat full service food and drink during a show.

Alyssa Tope

This place is a staple of Columbia Pike. Movies, food, and alcohol all in one place AND they don't overcharge for tickets like regular movie theaters. They have a great variety of shows here from comedy to new releases to old movies with live music.

Jerry Garcia

We enjoyed our outing, saw Capt Marvel (great movie). The service was good, the food (snack) were not. The nachos were not good, microwaved cheese it was hard separate the chips. We enjoyed the drinks, highly recommend the creamsicle float. The place is run down, we used to be regulars but stopped visiting when they switched to comedy night on Fridays. It was inappropriate for the kids. I love this place and hope they are in the process of doing a refresh of the decor.

Mary Bentley

Could use a good cleaning, scrubbing, and renovation.


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