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2512 A Solomons Island Rd, Annapolis, MD 21401, United States

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Where is Annapolis Harbour Center?

REVIEWS OF Annapolis Harbour Center IN Maryland

Denise Johnson

The movies and services were excellent will be back

Bradley Goo

Amish mart cheddar beef hot dogs are good and u like to hang out by the pond and just have a cold drink.

Donna Cook

I really like the AH Center. Good food and shopping.

M Evans

Very nice!

Li-Ann Piposzar

Lots of parking and stores have good deals.

Bob Ference

Nice place, many stores and an Amish Market

Ryan Howard

Good shops just always very crowded so parking can get interesting

Shariff Thomas

Big mall but great stores and the movie theater inside is really nice. They also have alot of food option in there as well so you will.

charlotte white

I love this mall outlet we dont have one in corpus christi texas I really got some great deals hell even some trips

Get- Magnificent

Very Serene area that will fulfill most of your shopping needs. There's also a movie theater if you want to enjoy a movie.

Resa Tobin

Great location, nice relaxing bookstore.

Sharon Bardakjy

Great selection of stores, many of my favorites

Frank Shannon

This is another good shopping center in the south Annapolis/Parole area that my girlfriend and I will visit regularly. Typically we're either at the Friday's for a meal or browsing books at Barnes & Noble but there are many other stores here offering a variety of shopping. The store turnover here hasn't been too bad lately but a few of the original anchors have long since left for other locations. The parking isn't too bad but the traffic getting around the lot can be a bit crazy. There are 2 ways in (the main entrance on Rt 2 and a rear entrance off Rt 665), but only one way out. The Harbour Center has been around since about the early 1990s and has maintained it's look throughout the years.

Jasmen Wilkerson

The only place that I know with the entire parking lot of smells like either cinnamon or pumpkin spice. The Amish Market is the best place in the Annapolis Harbor Center. There are really no words to describe the quality of the freshest Foods that side of Annapolis

Kathy Ferguson

Nordstrom rack. Need I say more ! Good shopping choice's, several good places to eat, and a good size Dutch Market. Pay attention navigating the parking lot.

Lauren Peeler Brice

If you need what's there, it's great. I'm not much of a shopper. When Office Depot and Whole Foods moved to be replaced by shoe stores and a different Whole Foods-like market, I found I didn't visit as often. I think it is a nice, easily accessible outdoor plaza. It's just not the buzzing place it once was. The parking lot is still pretty full most days, if that's any indication.


Nice shops and markets.

David Stillman


Sheila Williams

Loved the Amish Market

Molli Ismail

Went to the Amish Market. Love the breakfast rolls. Service is great but they did mess up our order.

Elizabeth Jenkins

Great location with some of my favorite places! The Amish Market, Starbucks, and Old Navy are where it’s at!

Lambert Matias

Wife loves Ulta and DSW. I love Amish Market and Barnes & Noble. Kids love the movie house and the bookstore. Our family uses Verizon and we dine at Friday's. So whats not to love about this place? Plus there's way more other stores too.

kevin langston

Great cenima experience. Comfortable lounging chairs, lots of leg space and you can select your seats before purchasing tickets.

Michael Neese

The Amish market is the place to go. The freshness and variety are incredible.

Rick Bianchi

Nice place to shop

Gajuan Cole

Love shopping here they have everything you need from shoes to groceries a night out or a movie date love a versatile facility

shaun12456987 .

Great place for shopping

samantha bigora

Parking is horrible but lots of great places including the amish market thursday- Saturday

Christine Belka

Very clean place..went to the movie's there and saw It the final chapter.

Rose Taylor

Great place to shop...went into a number of the shops there's something for everyone.

John Mcclure

Not the same anymore, it's sad what Amazon has done to bookstores and how retail is so different today.

Ethan Underwood

Great selection of shops and even a movie theater! But I'm going to be straight up with you, the Amish market here is what really seals the deal. We try to come down on a weekly basis and grab a few breakfast logs, and I have yet to be disappointed by the logs, or any of the other baked goods they have on offer. Highly recommend.

Kevin Reeder

We saw captain marvel, seating is wonderful and theater is big with plenty of elbow room. Snack and popcorn of course over priced but hey we go to the movies for an experience.

Ron Smith

Easy entrance stopped in to grab coffee

Josh Minker

This is a. Awsome place to hang out they have a little of everything

Pam Bateman

Nice shopping center, great stores and restaurants, farmers market and movies too!

Andrew Bilodeau

This center has crowded parking and only one way in and out. That being said its still a great shopping area. The amish market is always crowded but it is worth the wait. The baja fresh is one of the best that I have been to. Finally the Starbucks there is my favorite Starbucks in the area.

leatrice da conceicao

Very clean and full of great stores.

Donna Conklin

Wonderful place. Definitly stopping back

Kyla Taylor

The food is great at Amish Market

J. Barry Colton

Good variety of stores. Some of my favorites...and i don't have to walk around the mall. Hair Cuts, movies, food, shopping. Something for everyone. Just be patient on finding a workable parking space.

Nathan Browning

For the love of god build a parking garage!!! I love this place after finding parking but trying to find parking in this shopping center is one of the most stressful drive situations I've encountered in Annapolis.

Brenda Boucher

This shopping center has the Fresh Market and the Amish Market. There is Ulta, TGIFridays and a movie theater. Don't miss the turtles. Parking is usually easy. Only bad feature is that there is only one way to get out.


Went to the movie theater. This is one of my favorite shopping centers to frequent in my area.

Will Jones

Many stores. Movie theater, omish market, Fridays among 20 other stores. Easily accessible from the highway. Plenty of parking

Ruth Carpenter

Easy to get in and out of. Nice little turtle pond.

Benjamin Shand

Found a great fresh food store nice quiet place to relax and enjoy your day variety of shops without the bustle of average mall check it out you won't regret it

Mark Cunningham

Has several good stores and a Amish market Thursday through Saturday.

Oliver Sorrels

Loved the Amish farmers market here. Everyone was very helpful and friendly. Would come to this place again.

Mike Chronister

Barnes and Nobel's Cafe is a great Place for morning coffee.

Jimjomac .

Lots of interesting shops and restaurants. Nice scenery,, harbor tours.

Tanmay Buch

Great place to charge the Tessy

Tammy Burns

The Amish Market is a nice place to eat and shop!

Dorothy Harris

I enjoy books so much, but I would enjoy it more if they would not follow you around like they think you are going to steal something. I did not appreciate the harassment for no reason. I still found, and purchased the books I wanted.

MT Howard

I am sure I’m not the only person who dreads the traffic exiting this Shopping Center. The stores are great and many of my favorites are there. But my preference is to go on “off hours” or build up my patience in anticipation of exiting the Center. Houses a brick and mortar bookstore (

Bear Run

The fountain makes a great view for the environment. Theres a clean feel to the whole mall with it as well. One of the main attractions would be the Amish Market next to the dock, they have lots of delicious food, with friendly faces.

Brenda Lamberty

Good. A variety Stores.

ColorMeEri .

I went to nordstrom the service was good and i was able to find everything quick and easy

AW Wolf

Excellent place for a variety of shopping needs. Even better when the Amish Market is open; which does have a restaurant located inside. It's very affordable and the chocolate chip pancakes are amazing. I enjoy walking around and eating lunch outside when the weather is pleasant. Plenty of room on the gazebo that overlooks a turtle pond.

Sydney Levine

Went to the Dutch market and had good food

Sheryl Barnes

. Great Mall in Annapolis. Has several anchor stores, food court and movie theatre .

Larissa Mackay

My son loved the play area!!!

Tabitha E

Clean, and easy to get around. There's plenty of parking until Christmas time comes. Then, you'll never find a spot. The Amish Market is in this shopping center, and it is to die for. Above the Amish Market is a movie theater that typically plays the smaller movie releases. They don't usually carry bigger movies.


A fun little place to shop. Open air, with a movie theater.

Ted Peterkin

Great experience specifically at the farmers market and bed bath & beyond. Both locations were very professional and the service was excellent. The associates were very knowledgeable and cordial, just a pleasant visit overall. Easy access to and from routes 50, 97 and 664.

Dee S

Love the variety of shops here

Bren Jacobson

a peasant place to park with individuals stores that are surrounding parking. very enjoyable amish market

Reginald Greene

Movie and shopping for are first rate. Nice quiet atmosphere.

Lamaj Armystrong

Idc what y'all say. A good read requires an actual book.

Donna Stolzenbach

Stores were great

Garrett Sullivan

Great selection of stores and restaurants, also a movie theater. My main attraction is the amish market which I love. Traffic and parking can be a pain but that's no big deal. Everything is within a reasonable walking distance and they have an outdoor deck/sitting area where they hose bands and stuff sometimes.

Patricia Kenan

I always find what I need

brian sears

Love amish market

Stephanie McCain

Great shopping and friendly staff and customers.

Phillip Branham

One of the few places left to buy real books. Helpful staff and easy to find what you are looking for.

Carollera Conway

Had a great time good food at Amish market, as always. Went Nordstrom Rack found a pretty ring. Sat out on the picnic table and enjoyed the beautiful day.

louiemojo .

It was small but had a lot of stores and a little Turtle Pond where you can sit.

blair cerasani

Been going here since they had a tower records. Love this place

Gwen Inman

Excellent selection of shops, but good luck finding a parking spot on the weekends. Even on weekdays it is crowded.

Amanda Rae Noss Smith

Great store selections. Clean and safe.

R Williams

open air strip mall with a few eating options, and about 20 unique stores..there is a tgifridays...

yayayummy04 .

I come here for multiple reasons. And I love it. Never been bothered. One stop shop!


Has some nice stuff

Judy Davies

Great Amish restaurant.

Darlene Nevin

Nice local shopping center with some big box stores (Nordstrom Rack, Barnes and Noble and FEW, a few places to eat, some less traditional stores with great gift ideas, a nice little movie theater and on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, an Amish market with traditional Amish goodies! Parking is easy and access to/from Solomon's Island Rd or Rt 97 is equally easy.


Have been there for causal shopping several times. Has very nice outlets, food market and places to eat. Has nice fountain, and turtles on the left side of the light house. Very interesting to look if you have small kids. Also has frozen yogurt or Frog place where you make your own ice cream and yougurt. Not crowded.

Fred Jackson

Nice variety of stores, plenty parking, good location. Love the book store.

Megan Carter

It's a decent sized strip mall with a few decent stores. There's an Amish market I have yet to check out next to the theatre. There's a cute little lake with a bench or two to sit under. It's a nice spot for a date with a movie theatre nestled in there attached to an adorable lighthouse. There's plenty of parking available for free. I went on a Friday night and it wasn't crowded which was nice compared to having to fight for a parking spot at a large mall.

Ray Dunn

Crowded but great for everything

Shirley Smith

Lots of great shops , eateries and movie theater .

Debra Basye

Very busy place wall to wall people!! Amish donuts and pretzel logs were amazing!

gabrielle martinez

Great space. Just enough parking. Litty.

Gloria Mcrae

It has abundance of great stores, eateries, it's like One-Stop shopping has everything you need right there.. shoes, the market, body works all the goodies...

Dennis Sawyer

Very fresh food... And plenty of options from fruit to candy ,.. raw to cooked food.. and even a restaurant...

Ervin Harris

Very nice variety of shops. The Amish market is amazing!!

Mike Sowko

Lots of chic shops. Need more food and drink options though.

RJ Walters

We like this shopping center. No complaints, a variety of stores.

Lisa Abell

We ate breakfast at the Amish market and it was wonderful!

Amity Bates

Very nice shopping center!

M.D. Nichols


Alex Constantopoulos

A hearty variety of stores from which to choose, to include retail, beauty/haircut, restaurant, grocery, and movie theater establishments. Plenty of parking in a well-lit and safe environment that is regularly patrolled and monitored by Anne Arundel County's finest. My family and I are there frequently, whether it's to have dinner at TGIFriday's, grab a book or magazine at Barnes and Noble, or to grab some items at the Fresh Market... highly recommend!

JoEllen Gass

Good shopping area. Amish Market is great with really good restaurant. Wish it was open more often. It's only open Thursday, Friday and Saturday since staff comes down from Lancaster, PA.


Had to go to Verizon, only corporate location in a 30 mile radius.. Anyway, was able to get an issuer fixed that the Annapolis mall Verizon kiosk TOTALLY Messed up. Highly recommend to never go to that store. This store on the other hand took care of getting me a watch l.

LadyDi M

Pennsylvania Dutch Farmers Market is why I was there. Turkey chop

Louise McNairn

Went to TGIF for lunch with my daughter. The drinks and food awesome. The bartender, Navin, makes Great drinks. Will be returning.

Jordan Leeper

Fantastic views of the water. Close to the Naval Academy. Lots of sea shops and restaurants.

Guy Green Jr

Nice clean center with several big box locations. Movie theater is also really nice.

Lisa Kerr

My favorite place for going to the movies! Tanning - Old Navy - Amish Market!!

Estelle Combs

Very nice shopping center. Everything you need is right there

Lauri-Ann Solomon

It was a short stop at this centre. Erroneously put it in the GPS to get to the Marina. The kids loved the snapping turtles that are in the dam and we had a quick pop in at the Dutch market which was such a lovely experience. It's a hussle to get in so come ready to que. It seems well worth it.

Jennifer Greenslit

On discount Tuesdays, this theater doesn’t just discount tickets, but also popcorn, which is nice. Traffic flow inside to get tickets gets a little awkward at very popular times. It’s on the second floor, with an escalator going up and stairs going down. There is also an elevator tucked away if you have mobility issues, but it’s a little inconveniently situated.

Dorothy Leonard

Armish Market...great food..

Felecia B.

I live in D.C.. But it's so sad that there's better choices and variety in Md and Va.. Everything seems to be better quality for Md and Va. Shopping location and dining.

Paige Ashby

Very busy shopping center with lots of national chains. Great Amish market, bustling, with lots of vendors.

Sylvia McDowell

Just love it! Everything is freshly made!

Kyle Mansfield

Nice, open shopping center with a variety of shops and food options, as well as a hot commodity in a real life bookstore. The movie theater is well-run and sometimes holds movies that aren't shown at the mall, and the Dutch market is an experience in and of itself. Thats being said, I think we can all agree it's time the Harbour Center made a roundabout at the four-way stop. Annapolis is not well-suited to navigated the intricacies of a four-way stop in such a busy shopping area. The number of aggressive or milquetoast drivers that bottleneck through that intersection means you feel like you're honestly at risk every time you go through it.

brenda stepney

Live the.stores large selections great price

Tabitha Redmer

Getting in and out can be a bit of a pain, and parking in certain spots (primarily in front of Ulta/Bubbles and in front of the Amish Market) is set up very strange. But it is convenient to walk around and do some shopping.

Mary Brooks Schlesinger

Great place to eat and shop.

Zachary Meyers

Great stores, not enough parking during holidays but that is to be expected

David Amistadi

This shopping center has the usual collection of stores and restaurants worth visiting, but in my opinion, the big attraction is the Pennsylvania Dutch market. They offer fruits, vegetables, home baked goods, meats and poultry, cheeses, snack foods, and have a great restaurant serving authentic dishes. A Pa. Dutch furniture store is also in the building. They are not open every day, so check their Web site for days and times


Easy quiet shopping...not too busy and bustley

Sheree Monroe

Beautiful place. It was a very cold, windy night sou we didn't walk around, but the dinner was amazing at the Crab House.

Josh Bernitt

Good little shopping center.

kate van

Love it but parking is not worth the problem around the holidays. I spent over an hour trying to get out in early December.

Angie Frillman

I have been taking my kids to see the turtles for years. It was nice to go back with 2 of my grown boys.

C G Parker

I love being near water what the time of year. Had a great time.

Derek Monroe

Great place to see movies Tuesday $7.00

Hannah Litten

Good shops to choose from. Always clean. I do wish they had another way to exit the center though. During the holidays I have been stuck there for three hours just trying to leave. I hope this holiday season they pay cops to help control the traffic. It's also a safety issue. I remember thinking if someone needed an ambulance there would be no way for them to be reached because it was dead locked bummer to bummer.


The Amish Market is great. Everything is fresh and delicious. Love the pretzels!

Fran Vojik

It has a very nice Barnes& Noble bookstore plus the other nice shops. Easy to get to.

Sid Curl

Nice shopping center. Parking is a challenge. Only one exit out of center. Very dangerous. Good Bow Tie Cinemas and has a great Amish market that could have better hours. Market excellent for breakfast lunch dinner

Jaime Conklin

Great selection of books

Amarah Taylor

Awesome! Get stores. Peaceful shopping.

Catherine Ray

Many shops are located here. tgifridays, fresh market, old Navy, Barnes and Noble with star bucks inside and amish market to name a few. I love the Amish market. Breakfast is served until 2 pm. It's all reasonably priced and very good. The employees are very attentive and food arrives fast. In addition the center has pretzels and pretzel dogs, milkshakes, fresh fruit, smoothies, donuts, a butcher counter, cheeses galore and so much more!

Sean Brown

Such a nice, clean shopping center worth no riff raff. And let's admit it, the Amish Market alone is worth coming here!

Dustin Swalwell

It has a bookstore and a video game store, which is great. The amish market is always good. The smoothie shop does not have whipped cream, which is confounding.

james dunnigan

Traffic is horrible whoever designed the parking lot was an imbecill.

Ernest Rodgers

Pretty much everything you need in a small area. There are restaurants, a book store, grocery stores and even a movie theater.

Koreen Waz

Awesome B&N brick and mortar - great selection, nice place to shop books (toys and more!)

Bob Allain

Very beautiful spot many shops to see very old time atmosphere navel academy very close can walk to

Larry Mac

Nice amish market

Nina McGarry

Nice variety if shops, eateries and entertainment

Victoria Willits

Everything is there. Great place.

Jocelyn Easter

Excellent service! Wonderfully inviting atmosphere!! I will be back!!!


Amish Market, movie theater, Old Navy, Verizon Wireless and DSW are the businesses that attract my attention. Clean shopping center.

James Barnes

It 2 was great. Waiting for the third installment.

David Mercado

Love it. Fun place to shop at and visit.

Kathya Tomoson

I love this area so much

Claudia Gemmer

They offer a wide selection of hard cover and paperback books.

Vincent Stallings

I love this place you csn shop , then eat at TGIF you can get just about anything you looking for at the imish market they also have an old navy and catch a movie at the cinema.

Barbara Kelly

Staff are very helpful. Great selection. Will order books if they are not in stock.

James Perry

Great shopping area, I enjoyed it.

Sarah Anderson

Cute shopping area with awesome movie theater!! #reclinerseats #datenight

Danielle Markham

Nice, clean mall. Lots of options

Brendan Guay

John Wick 3, without a doubt, is in the conversation for best action movie of all time. Unfortunately the audio quality at the harbor center will make you think your seeing a Charlie Chaplin movie.

Kim Druhan

The harbour center is always on point. I would bring zaney brainy back if I were running things. The center has a phenomenal blend of stores. The Amish market is hard to find open, but full of so much great food and candy. Also, keep an eye out for the light house to be unlocked. Once a friend and I climbed all the way to the top for an awesome view(this is for sure trespassing, and I don't fully recommend it)

Christa Marcotte

They have the best selection of jigsaw puzzles. It's hard to find a wide variety of puzzles anywhere else!!

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