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Where is Angelika Pop-Up at Union Market?

REVIEWS OF Angelika Pop-Up at Union Market IN Maryland

Marilyn Church

Love the selection of Hitchcock that they show in the fall. Nice atmosphere.

Justin George

The theatre's are freezing, but they have booze. Hmmmm.... booze.

Trent Rollings

Angelika has a great menu with craft beers, craft soda, and cupcakes on offer in addition to the typical theater food. The theatres are relatively small compared to other theatres and the seats are pretty old. The one I sat in was falling apart. Felt like they are using old theater seats. Ample free parking is available near by.

Sergio Stone

Loved it. Tiny, but quality. Warehouse feel, great prices, and nice movies. Looking forward to the summer season.

Nick Cordell

Good selection of Indie films.

David Thurmond

Interesting concept, poor execution. The re-purposed space is interesting and has a fun feel to start, but it ends very quickly. Concessions are pricier than The Atlantic Plumbing location & E St Cinema which both have comparable items (beer, wine, etc.). The greatest problem though is the floor is not stadium seating or even slightly tiered upward from front to back. So for people like myself who are 5'7", you get to watch 2/3rds of the screen and the back of someones head (pic attached). So many other good theaters at similar or cheaper prices. I won't be back and would recommend avoiding.

Tiffany Thomas

The venue was nice the movie was

Quinta T

Nice little spot! Theater is very clean!

Nathan Parsons

Great small, indie theater. Impressive concession selection with adult beverages. Get a seat near the front because the projector is in the theater and is really loud near the back.

jajuan green


Borys Pierov

Although located in a rather shady neighborhood (walking around there in night feels rather uncomfortable) this theatre offers some movies you cannot see anywhere else in DC.

vaibhavi m

Found the neighborhood very shady. Not recommended!


bare bones theater serving up some yummy snacks and good movies.

Luis R. Durand

Always great options of movies, GREAT tickets prices and cool ambiance

Pedro Garberi

Great experience

Pat Summers

Dicey to get to without a car, although bus is available and Metro are options. Harder to get to than E Street, but good once you get there.

Kerry Washington

Really good theme, they have lots movie options and fair prices .

ian walton

Always a joy to bring the kids to a movie here. They sell a kids box which includes popcorn, juice and fruit snacks for a low price. The theaters are small and cozy.

Marc Ness

Best movie theatre in DC. Unless you need 3d, or IMAX, and such.

Jackie Filson

Fun lil pop up, bare bones, no frills, expensive snacks but a fun trip if you stop at Union market before or after!

Onyinyechi A

I have been completely uninformed in regards to this movie theater being here and I have lived in Northeast DC for over 5 years. although the theater small and only has three actual viewing screens it's a nice small place if you want to go to see a new movie for reasonable price. I went to go see widows and Creed 2 here for $6 a movie. yes you will not have all the bells and whistles of reclining seats in IMAX surround sound but the movie quality is still great and The Price is Right.

Eugene Lloyd

It's a cool movie theater that shows movies you wouldn't find in a AMC or IMAX theater.

Temi Olawunmi

It's really cozy and has free parking!!!

Stanley LaFond

I've been here many times, but had a bad experience last week. I was the only customer in the theater for a showing of Wind River. One thing you always have to put up with is that the theater lighting consists of a single glaring fluorescent light bulb. However, it usually turns off when the featured movie starts, except this time is didn't. I waited a couple of minutes and nothing happened. I went to complain to the person out front. About 5 minutes later the light went off. However, that wasn't the main problem. The movie dialogue was almost inaudible. After listening for a few more minutes I complained again, to no avail. I did get my money back.

Tammie Stanton

Love this quaint theatre..clean, quiet and not crowded!


Relaxed, small intimate theatre. Great place to stop in for a drink and a snack. We just watched a great movie, than had drinks in the lounge to debrief!

Nick Lindner

I like the stripped down warehouse-like feel of this neighborhood cinema. Generally well-curated, diverse film choices, good ticket prices, snacks, booze and a nice lounge area to hang out in. The only problem is the projectors themselves aren't enclosed in a booth or any type of soundproofing, so the sound of the cooling fans is constant during a screening.

jay kay

Good, little indie theater, if you can find it. To the owners, two suggestions—pick at least one: 1) Buy a sign—doesn't have to be a big, flashy, neon sign; just one saying something to the effect that movie theaters are inside this nondescript, big white building. 2) Buy and install a clear, non-mirrored storefront door. That might be cheaper than #1 if one could actually see inside and confirm that yes, there are movie theaters in there. I was actually stopped by a guy who saw me leaving and asked, ' is there an ice cream shop in there?' No, it's a movie theater, 4 of them. Don't be thrown off by the mirrored glass door. Walk right in. The screens are mega-multiplex small but not too small. (Trust me, I've been in a couple of those theaters.) The projector in #2 was inside the theater itself, but was not noticeable once the film cranked up. There is a bar and socializing area as noted and the concessions (not sampled) seemed a bit different from the usual fare. There's lots of free parking on 5th street (one way, by the way) if you don't mind being sandwiched between delivery trucks or further south in the parking lot for Union Market. As another reviewer noted it is a bit of a walk (.6 miles/12 min.) from the NOMA Gallaudet Metro Station. I enjoyed the experience and will endeavor to return. One sad note: as I was leaving after my showing at 8:45 pm on a Saturday night, the place was completely empty. See the two suggestions above.

Carollyn James

This has become my theater of choice, for every possible reason, including street parking.

Betty Jackson

Small and intimate theatre. Expensive concessions.

Shante Hawkins

Didn't care for it. Not a lot of options for snacks. Won't visit again.

T Miller

Fun Neighborhood Atmosphere.

Andre Douglas

Small and quaint. Decor is beautiful.

Byron Smith

Quiet theater, friendly service, kind patrons

WhoGoesToSleepFirst .

A really cute "hip" movie spot. It's small-ish, with very different aesthetics than any other theater. Regular tickets come to $11.50 so for 2adults you'll pay $23.00 even. Cool grey & black walls in the lobby with huge colorful posters surrounding the big seating/lounge/dining area which was very inviting. Concession prices are the norm with less options, but, they do have wine/beer. They have closed captioning for deaf/hearing impaired which is great, but all seats are level so a full theater could be an issue for short people. If you like big leather reclining theater chairs, you won't get that here. But the seats aren't the worst and are cushioned pretty well. I'll definitely be visiting again

Ingrid Frey

Love this place, never busy.

Johnathon Harris

Bulb went out in the projector so they cancelled our film 30 minutes after I was supposed to start. Poor planning and management.

Simcha Levental

Cool spot. Great movies and awesome selection of food and drinks.

Nate Gottfried

When you decide to wander away from the multiplex theater chains--with their tub-sized sodas and giant vats of popcorn butter--your moviegoing experience can be a bit of a wildcard. Angelika's Pop-Up is among the finest independent cinemas I've attended. Their concessions were more moderately-priced and of better quality than most theaters, and the service was fantastic. When you buy your ticket (also at the Concessions stand), you use a computer screen to tap on your preferred seat choice, and the clerk will gladly assist you in finding a great seat. The theater I tried -- Theater #3 -- was the smallest of the three, and yet there were no bad seats in the house. The screen was quite large and was bright and clear and crisp, and the audio was wonderfully loud and crystal clear. This may be a temporary site for Angelika's, but the attention to detail demonstrates their commitment to a quality moviegoing experience. Unlike the now-closed West End Cinema, this goes well beyond folding chairs and tiny rooms.

Jon Abulencia

Great place to see a film! A bit of a walk from the metro though

Taylor Wan

Great vibe, incredible films, unique snacks. Love this place!!

Bradley Austin

Wonderful small cinema with BIG amenities.

g Bernard Wandel

This place does an amazing job for what it's trying to pull off Art house with some commercial films All day and night showings Discount matinees Shows for moms with babies The screens are huge but they are sizable enough Seating with ample legroom for my 6'1" frame Gourmet snacks, coffee, wine I am trying to come here as often as I can just so it stays

JazzyJ Sweet

Has a nice cozy vibe, old-fashioned local hometown feel. The proprietors were quite friendly.

David Keith

Good food, fair price, really nice staff, workers

Oscar Nestell

For the price, this simply isn’t worth it. The seats are among the most uncomfortable I’ve sat in in decades of going to the movies. Sure the food is good (and they make sure to reflect that in the price) but this is no Landmark E Street or Atlantic Plumbing, both much better options for similar entertainment.

Liz Selbst

Concessions are expensive but you get nice snacks! Bathrooms are clean, reserved seating is great. The front row is even spaced back considerably so there are no crappy seats.

Biba Badaro

I love this movie theater! Small and intimate, excellent ticket prices and near tons of restaurants, bars, Union Market, etc...

Ashten B.

Nice finding this spot. Will definitely come again

Andre Johnson

It’s a break from the typical crowded over priced theaters in the area who cater to the big budget films, Angelika theaters have a good thing going and the selection of films are on the money. What a change in this neighborhood, sometimes change is good.

Sherly Jacob

One of my favorite neighborhood spots for movies. There are three screens and options for food and drink and they have a kiosk for purchasing tickets. You won't find an IMAX here but this place is great for a homey feeling.

Aria Brown

The movie was great. The condiments & food are gourmet with a price tag to match. Nice grown & sexy place for a movie and I'll go again

John Lee

They were having some issues with the projector and cancelled my movie. Apparently it’s not a uncommon problem around here. Maybe it’s good when they’re actually able to show the movie, otherwise, I recommend someplace else that’s a little more damn reliable. Edit: Btw, they refunded the “ticket amount” but not the surcharge plus whatever else charge there was. So we actually lost money. And no, there were no vouchers or anything like that, not that I’d ever come back here.

Ethan Stone

Better food choices...maybe some more local tie ins?

Elio Cruz

Small but comfortable place to watch movies!

Kyle Pool

Great atmosphere, awesome beer and wine selections. But seating is kind old school though with regular movie chairs and no angled floor.

Pras Ra

Don’t go when it rains. Five minutes into Spiderman and the roof starts leaking. Then we heard thunder and the ceiling is now dripping on us. A lot. Moved a couple of seats over. Still getting splashed. Moved to the end of the row. Safe at last! I wonder how much longer this temporary “pop up” arrangement can sustain. Time for a real theater, Angelika, before you damage your brand. Stay dry, friends!

Aaron Ross

I thought eventually they were going to replace it with a real theater? The seating is not stadium seating and not that comfortable, which would be fine if you got a discount on tickets... but you don't. I would be their #1 customer if this were an actual movie theater!!

Marcela Movit

Always a great experience!

Alison Westfall

When I bought an online ticket for another theatre by mistake, they let me in here- Very grateful to see Downton without further audio!

Mary Lee Wulff

It's an older movie theatre but in a great location above Union Market. And they do show not just your popular movies but a bit of everything

Maria Barrera

I enjoy going to this movie theater. It has a mistic vive and good price. I highly recommend it.

Philip Frank

The recycled industrial feel of this theater is one of its attractions. But there's also a good selection of films on the line up. Adult beverages and snacks are available too.

Valecia Wilson

Small theater with great prices. A great gem!

Austin Graff

I am so glad this theater is in my neighborhood. I think it's the new wave of theaters that should spread throughout the US. When you enter the theater, you are greeted by a large inviting lobby with seating and a bar. A BAR! You can order beer (and hard cider AND Honest Tea) with your popcorn. The types of movies they show are only the good ones- more independent or Oscar nominated films so you know any choice you make is money well spent. The theaters are a bit dingy (which is kind of cool), but keep in mind this is only a pop-up theater. The full blown theater is being built now and will attach to Union Market. Thank you NYC for bringing this to DC!

Marvin Fell

Nice small movie house near union maeket

Christina Sauser

Nice theater, but poor sound system. For once, the sound was too low and quiet. It is only a pop up though, so can't do much to fix that I guess.

Deanna Friedman

Great service!

Jim Blount

Cool independent movie theater


The roof leaks

Maurice C. Jones

Nice place; mature crowd; however, the movie selection is limited. If you like a low key environment then this is the place to be.


Nice concept, but without tiered/stadium seating there’s a good chance someones head will be blocking your view of the screen. Also, the volume was too low (I do not have trouble hearing).

Caroline Bovair

My boyfriend and I went here once to see Star Wars and we loved the theater. While there, we saw a sign for a movie deal where if you go to a movie before noon, it came with a cup of coffee. We thought that was fun so we had been looking forward to coming to an early movie and drinking our coffee and then likely heading over to Union Market for lunch after. We saw an 11:15am showing on the website and drove over. UNFORTUNATELY, the theater just decided that day they weren't going to open that day. We were outside waiting for the 11:15am movie, but at 11:15am, the lights were still out and the doors were locked and not a single person was inside working. We could even see through the front door a chalkboard with the movie times. There it was...11:15am. Did they put a sign on the door explaining why they just decided not to open? No. Did they list on the website they were actually not doing this deal anymore? Nope. Were we majorly bummed we didn't get to see this movie and we planned our entire day around it? YUPPP. Luckily we hadn't purchased the tickets yet, because then we would have just lost our money and been locked outside of a theater. So...overall its a cool theater, but not the most reliable. Maybe just avoid buying tickets ahead of time...

Darlene Reighard

Lovely, reasonably-priced neighborhood theatre

Haleigh Duke

Great price for tickets, the seating reflects that but it is assigned which for me is more important anyway. Great beer and coffee selections as well as fancier food than most theatres. Cool exclusive atmosphere as well. Definitely will be checking for movies here first from now on.

Kasia Zabavko

Love love this place! Very romantic and European looking theatre!

Paul Meyers

Excellent movie theater

Thomas Mosier

I really liked this place! It sells alcohol but I sore kid-friendly than most theaters with a bar.

James Walsh

Even front row seats are perfect in this Cinema. It's cheaper too

matthew doherty

Rad theater with 3 screens. Good sound, seats, and viewing. No frills and close to Brookland.

allen mayo

This is a great place to see a movie and not have to deal with parking issues seats, or rude people and the have a nice lounge area.

Michelle Charles

Cute little theater with fun concession offerings!

Patrick Palafox

This is a magical theater

Nick Kaufman

It's always nice to go see a movie at a smaller venue. Plus, they sell beer and wine!

Kevin C

Nice intimate theater.

Tiffanne May

I love the intimate atmosphere not offered by traditional modern movie theaters. Angelica pop up brings a sense of nostalgia with its quaint vintage set up. They also offer a lounge area which sets them apart from modern theaters..

Pauline Hubig

Awesome place great movie theater

Stefan P. Berg

Very nice movie theater that also hosts events. Spectacular selection of food and drinks (alc included) and often on the forefront of the indie movie scene!

Gregory Brown

Great popcorn and refreshments

Mark Sussman

I'll save my five star review for the permanent theater coming to Union Market in the next year or so, but the temporary theater well exceeds expectations. With reserved seating and some of the gourmet food, and well curated independent films expected at the Angelika, this "Pop-Up" is a better movie-going experience than many permanent movie theaters in DC. Although no stadium seating, the theaters have good seats, sound and atmosphere. The first theater on the east side of the city in decades has earned my support!

Carrie Dellesky

Great pop-up theatre with good mix of mainstream and indie movies. Wide range of snacks and beverages, including some more interesting options.

Dana Hallman

Went to see a movie on a Monday. Had stopped by on the weekend to confirm the movie would be playing on that Monday. Was assured it would. I had a visitor in from out of town who really wanted to see Chiraq before they got on their flight later that evening. Got to the theater to find out "woops, sorry, we are not showing the movie at 1:45 we have school kids here for a holiday movie." Really?!!! OK, I get that, but why does your sign in front of the door, the sign on the counter and your website say the movie is playing at 1:45. Response....crickets. So, we weren't able to see the movie because we had missed all of the early show times at other theaters because we came to the Angelika. There was no "we're sorry, no offer of compensation.....nothing.....just crickets. Very unprofessional and not something that would ever happen at the E Street, which is where I will continue to go for my independent films.

Tiana J

Pretty cool place, very intimate.

Joe Marhamati

Best indie theater in NE, with $6 films before noon and free coffee.

The Best

It has very spacious theater rooms with lots of seating. This particular theater has a more adult beverages then other theathers. It has a minimum amount of movie showings but it still a great places.

Joe Ryan

This was our first time and it was wonderful. The staff was great, the theater was great. Everything was good: picture, sound, etc.


Often shows really offbeat movies which is great, average seats and screens, decent popcorn

Keith Weber

Good theatre. Seats could be nicer. But overall nice.

Carlyn Mann

Great place. Lots of fun

David Pittman

This area has come so far in the past five years, and this movie theatre is just another jewel in that crown. Located on the east side of the market, this art house film theatre is a pop up that doesn't feel temporary at all. Seats are comfortable (though not stadium) and theatres are small but not cramped. Every view is a good one. Concessions are a bit high, but they source local and artisan snacks. Tickets were $10 in the evening. I like AFI silver a lot, but this is a welcome and worthy rival.

Charles Brown

Low Key nice theater quite comfortable good snacks

Lindsey Saxton

I love seeing movies here, though the MoviePass changes mean that I almost never go anymore. There's a PokeStop at the theater.

Christopher Warren


Kenneth Bell

Omg, this place is SO cool! It's our new date spot. Intimate theater with unique snacks AND they serve alcohol. We loved it and absolutely recommend trying it out. Then, after your movie, you can walk over to Union market or the rum distillery.

Gary Jr

I'm a fan, although the movie selection is limited its a great place for a date, can be a bit pricey, $5 for water? The fuq... also they need to turn the speakers in the theaters up

Alex Keckeisen

$8! We paid $8 to see Bohemian Rhapsody while it's still in first run at many other theaters. With the cost of the movie going experience going up at the big chains, Angelika Pop-Up provides the great movies and quality food and drink for a very fair price. The theaters are more "do it yourself" with hanging speakers and seats that aren't stadium style. But that's the charm and it still makes for a good experience.

Jasmine H

It was this blonde girl she sat down after coming out of the movie theater almost fruatrated and tired. Sat for 10 minutes outside

Kris Rivas

Good non main stream movie theater

Ty Williams

Nice, small, arthouse type of theater. The chairs can be a bit comfortable at times as they don't recline and they're kind of hard. Good thing is they serve wine :)

Ellie Ellis

Not the Best of DC theaters. Avengers endgame showing cancelled for 12:15 pm because the projector bulb blew and there’s no replacement. Really? It’s only the biggest movie of the season and all other shows everywhere are sold out. Talk about NOT being prepared. Never coming here again.

Samuel Bernstein

Nifty little movie theater with a good selection of indie/ off beat films

Chris Patch

The building leaks in the rain

Vini Kovach

Amazing throw back experience. Can't wait to come back

D Graham

Small intimate theater in a new up and coming neighborhood

Nancy Morales

It's different and I really liked the atmosphere however the guys that receive the tickets and at the snacks could be more amicable.

Allison Lau

This is now my go-to theater. I like the local atmosphere, and they have quite a few promotions - Student specials on Tuesdays, family friendly Wednesdays, Coffee Club, and more. They also have themed weeks (this week was in honor of Kubrick's films), and show a good selection of Japanese and Chinese films. As for the location and venue, I like that they made use of the industrial setting and kept it pretty bare-bones - hence the 'pop-up' nomenclature. A variety of alcoholic drinks, snacks, chocolate, etc. are available for sale. These lines can be slow because there is usually just one staff working. Reserved seating is available. There is plenty of parking around this Union Market location (for now).

Tischa Cockrell

Very nice atmosphere and service

Norman Talon


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