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REVIEWS OF Angelika Film Center & Café at Mosaic IN Maryland

Jay Bartlett

Great time.....great seats. Could have used a little cleaning between movies. But it happens. Have fun and enjoy your time.

Amy Malady

Nice concept, but the seating doesn't compete with places like Alamo Drafthouse. No tables for drinks/food so it isn't very practical to do movie+food.

Alex Nico

Great theater with fantastic staff that shows everything; indie films, blockbusters, and even anime movies and recorded concerts. Some of these events bring in a unique and passionate fanbase that maybe a bit of a handful during the concerts but the staff remains accommodating, warm, and welcoming.

Nereo Mendoza

Nice theater

Severin Lourenco

Great place for movies and food.

Elly Ha

3 stars because tickets are expensive as hell and the theater is not nearly as modernized as places like the rave cinema in centreville, which is cheaper. I guess the only pro is that they have a bar on the 3rd floor. alcohol at the movies!

Tony Lee

Nice stadium seating intimate theater. Easy to get to in the Mosaic district. Free parking garage within walking distance. Serving excellent food and refreshments, and tons of good restaurants all around.

Aarti Bansal

I've been here twice and prefer the AMC Theater at Tyson's II. The movie theater is quite small and compact. Although I like the wide selection of wines, ciders (the pear cider is quite good!), and cocktails, I'm not a big fan of the layout and concession stands here. Keep in mind that they stop serving drinks/food 15 minutes after the last show starts. During the middle of the movie, I wanted another drink and was declined with a sigh and a frown. I don't know why you have to go upstairs to get a cocktail? I would prefer getting cocktails and food in 1 place. I didn't like the Moscow Mule and after a few sips, I handed it to my husband. The popcorn is extremely salty and tastes stale even when it's made "fresh" in front of me. I still haven't received a good batch of popcorn. I also didn't realize that the bucket of popcorn is twice as expensive as the bags. The "gourmet" food looks quite sad and a far outcry from the appetizing pictures and scrumptious descriptions. I have yet to order anything. I can't remember seeing any candy. With so many restaurants around the block, I wouldn't bother ordering any food here and generally head over to Cold Stone before going to the movies. If I'm in the area getting dinner and a good movie is playing, then I'll head over to Angelika to grab a drink and catch a movie. Otherwise, I'm AMC Tyson's II all the way! I prefer the large theater, nicer bartenders, better cocktails and popcorn, and wider selection of candy and snacks.

Joe Cacciapaglia

Very nice theaters. You can even buy adult beverages.

Marihanna Euclides

Nice spot. Different, not your typical movie theatre. Cool people, havent tried any of the cafe foods. Maybe their movie chairs will eventually recline... hopefully. Great to go to during off peak times. Highly recommend. Even if parking is somewhat of a hassle.

BA McMullen

This place is pretty cool. The decorations inside are beautiful and the theatres are always clean. The seats are also comfortable, although they aren't the reclining seats that I've grown accustomed to at the AMC theatres I tend to visit. They have a bar downstairs with snacks and drinks and a concession stand upstairs. I haven't actually seen a movie here, so I can't speak on the quality of the sound system or projector. I've only been a handful of times for the McLean Bible Church night service on Sunday nights. Regardless, the staff has always been very friendly, and the facilities are always clean.

Ryan Hogue

Ended up paying $16 per ticket after fees, but I love this movie theatre. They have 4 or 5 beers on tap inside plus some upscale movie theatre food.

Virginia Seay

Favorite movie theater, clean, great snacks and coffee bar. Serves beer and wine.

Mark Burgman

Just washed fleabag, the live streaming event by Phoebe Waller bridge, it was amazing. Love this theater

Ricky Triplett

Great deal for early morning movies!

Cuong Tran

Our favorite theatre. The popcorn here is much fresher and better than AMC. Custom service is great. They have showings for pretty much all the major motion pictures. We always try to go early in the morning when you can get ticket for $8 each.

William Rich

It's a nice cinema and they have good deals

Maria Fernanda Lozano

Great place and amazing food

Tom Gannon

Clean. Including the bathrooms. Great experience.

Rebecca Clarke

Fresh espresso and comfortable seats. Auditoriums are clean and the selection of films is one of the best in the area.

Tommy Gladnick

Great place to grab a quick iced coffee. The restrooms were very clean, too. As you can see in the photo, they also have pastries to offer, but I didn't get one. Next time for sure!

tish h

Super nice, friendly staff and is a nice location. Parking like many town-style shopping squares is a bit wonky. They have a dedicated garage for the center but during non favorable weather conditions that can become annoying. Unique shops around. Worth checking out!

Gary Connor

Nice place. Quirky atmosphere

Noah Reed

Not bad, in a good district. Movies for adults are about 14.50 which is slightly higher than some other places in the area and the chairs in the theater are only average but the area is nice, the movies are reliable and the sound is good! Also plenty of food or drinks around after the film.

Kia Kianersi

Small but comfortable seating the, little pricey but location location location.

C Brooks

Comfortable seats with assigned seating! They're not armchairs but they're a good balance of having comfortable seats and having plenty of seats in the theater. Good screen quality! Will be returning

adam crane

Really clean theater. Plays some old classic movies as well as the big blockbusters. Serves alcohol which is a bonus.

craig sackett

Good food, and a selection of films you might not find at the big chain theaters. Very comfortable and not so cold you need a jacket!

William Jimenez

Fantastic theater!! Friendly, good service, reserved seating. Family trip, love it! I know Angelika from NYC and this one does not disappoint.

Rikki Pugh

Always a great experience here. Great treats and nice theatre. One of my favorite theatres

James McConnaughey

I am so glad to have an artsy theater nearby - saw Free Solo and it blew my mind. Indie film lives!

Beth Gombala

Love this place for movies. Decent wine and beer selection, super friendly staff, nice lounge to wait in before your movie, and real butter for popcorn!!

jann welch

Free parking, pedestrian friendly, superb dining and shopping opportunities.

Pratip Mandal

Cosy ambience, the best concessions and good screens with surround sound. Always an enjoyable experience.

Javier Mery

Ok seating wasn’t the best compare with Dulles town CTR movie theater but very cozy and friendly staff plus the location is so perfect to hang out and walk around

Glenn Buckholz

Love the flavored popcorn

Karen Kahane

A little hiccup with the meal and they gave it to us for free, thank you generous management! Delicious sandwich, but chips were stale. Comfortable seating in the theater, and good (but expensive) popcorn.

Carl Morrison

I usually go on a Tuesday or Wednesday night when I'm in town. Plenty of seats, clean pleasant helpful staff. Plus there is normally a fair amount of people around visiting the restaurants and coffee shops right next to the theater.

Katie Martin

Love Angelika! Beautiful building with comfy seats and good theatre sizes. They offer a variety of (expensive) snacks and drinks as well as movie theatre classics. Wednesdays they run a 2-for-the-price-of-1 special on tickets!

Susan Liddy

Angelika is our first choice when it comes to seeing a movie in this area. A much cosier and more comfortable feel compared to the nearby multiplexes. Great service, not always the cleanest (need to work on the tidy up between showings) but otherwise, we are big fans of the place.

Ashton Harvey

We have been going here since it opened. They are a small chain spread across America focusing on smaller indy flicks, but they play blockbusters as well to stay profitable. They were amoung the first to offer high quality food and drinks in house. This has become our theater of choice for the past few years. I very much recommend!

katina witherspoon

Great location and experience. Loved the parking garage. Went to see "if beale street could talk"...amazing....

Jed Morris

The only theatre I’ll go to anymore.

Jessica Drollette

Location is amazing. Very professional staff. A very good selection of movies. Artsy and fun.

Jessica Spargo

Such a great place for date night (or day)! Excellent coffee and snacks. Wonderful comfy theatres. Especially perfect if you're a cinephile seeking movies in limited release. Never many kid movies to he found, but they do have a daily crybaby matinee for Moms (and Dads) who need to keep their babies in tow.

Wendy Murphy

I am a first timer to this theater and it was amazing in so many ways. And spotless, which is not usual these days. They have comfortable velvet seats in the theater. Happy Hour on the top floor with their stocked bar and great looking food. What a view since the entire front of building is all glass. Free parking was nice also and so many options of food choices inside and outside of the theater.

Rebekah Ayre

Really neat little theater. Small cinemas allow for a personal viewing experience, which is pretty cool. The screen and sound quality are awesome and the seats are comfortable (they recline a little). The area makes it awesome for a night out, as it's a nice area to wander around in. Angelika has a lounge in the upstairs and a café downstairs, so it's great for food (although it's a little pricey). They usually don't card for r rated films.

Stephen Morgan

Great viewing, many extras and food is not bad either.

Ryan Pfeffer

I went to this movie theater to see Close Encounters of the Third Kind. An old film that was originally released in 1977. They only release these old ones for one day. But they have a few of them throughout the year. I wish they would do more of this than they do now.

Sherry Hilsher

Great movie experience. The seats are comfortable and plenty of leg room.

Alec Scheller

A little pricey but worth it

Deb L

Upscale movie theater at regular movie theater prices. Food selection/variety is excellent for a theater. I had a hummus plate: tasty hummus paired with crisp slices of fresh red pepper and toasted slices of spicy pita. My partner had a delicious grilled cheese with artisan bread and chips. Theater seats are comfy; you’re able to reserve your seat selections. Three floors: 1st: cafe and ticket counter. 2nd: more food options and theaters. 3rd: lounge! All in the midst of a cool shopping area. Will definitely return.

Philip Schultz

Fun place. Clean and comfortable and swanky. Early weekend movies can be empty and inexpensive.

Chidi Onyeador

Always a nice place but pricey

Saul Arroyo

They should sell burritos

C Jen

Prices for tickets and movie fair were pretty normal for around here. The place was clean. Great design. Excellent selection of films. Popcorn was decent. If having a better environmental impact is important to you then thier popcorn bags were eco-friendly. For sodas they had the Coke Freestyle machines which included Dr. Pepper. Overall had a great time. I would return.

Rex Grigg

Assigned seats. Half price food w/ticket stub after the movie. Worth a visit.

Tiff Cruz

This theater is top notch. The seats are super comfortable and the screen clarity is fantastic. They are reasonably priced for food and pop corn. This theater also offer alcohol which is nice if you want a kick with your show. It's family friendly environment and decent size show rooms.

Willaces Will

Confirmable seating, ticket price reasonable, pretty good place. Just wish food is not so expensive, but think all places are like that.

Rusty GingerBear

Maybe Regal Cinemas has me a bit spoiled, but I don't really enjoy going to this theater. The seats are the old style, so they're too small, with no real leg room or arm rest. They don't have reclining seats, and the staff always seems like they're being put out when they have to help you. Maybe this theater would have been nice 5-10 years ago, but times have definitely changed.

Sally Unger

I purchased tickets online and noticed 3 hours later that my seats are showing up as "still available" for someone else to book. I've called Fandango and been on the phone for almost an hour. They say Angelika has to resolve this but Angelika doesn't answer their phone. Terrible customer service!

Caitlin Havron

Beautiful theater and love the discounted morning prices! I went twice in two days!

Estrella Barrios

Love this place. You can get a beer or a wine while you are watching the movie

Sean K

Great place for chilling

Brian Carr

Thought this was a really nice theater. Nice seats. Prices weren't ridiculous despite being in Mosaic.

Willem Koenders

We watched Man from U.N.C.L.E. here. The chairs were better than I have experienced elsewhere for this price. I also liked that there was assigned seating. Great view - no complaints whatsoever. Big, free parking garage next door.

Nicholas Gleason

Probably my favorite movie theater. The popcorn isn't always the freshest, but the theaters are great, wonderful location, always a good experience. Coke freestyle machines.

Celesta Hauser

Very beautifully kept space - including the bar and concessions areas located on the 2nd and 3rd levels. Staff is great. Shout out to Tom for being so knowledgeable about the movie industry as well as the movie I was going to see. Give this guy a raise!

Tri Duong

First theatre I had booz in and they play some artsy movies that usually doesn't play at your average Joe's theatre.

Sebastian R.

Love this spot. Great dinning, comfortable theaters and you can drink inside too! Perfect little town center to go grab good dinner followed by a movie. It's packed on weekends so make sure to make dinner reservations beforehand. All it's missing is a late-night bar/lounge and they'd be set.

Jamica Davis

My favorite movie theater. The popcorn is the best. It's clean and shows not only the latest films, but independent films that true movie buffs are on constant lookout for. And it's perfectly situated in the Mosaic District with tons of dining and shopping options close by.

Caroline Hamric

This place is good, not great. The reserved seating is a plus, but it doesn't have the recliner seats like many of the other theaters around here do now. They have specialty popcorn flavors like beer cheddar, but not always immediately available. They do show some of the more independent films, and there are lots of good options for grabbing a bite nearby before or after your movie.

brian sears

Different movies, and theater, good for a change

Steven Hummel

Theater is pretty clean and the food is tasty.

David Smith

Great beer selection, but the place is pretty dirty and messy (the entry area, concessions, and theaters).

Aimal Benawa

Great location and always has anime movies which I appreciate!!

Tim Campen

the durities bathrooms and longest food and drink lines in the DMV!!

Bruce Greinke

I've heard great things about this place for a long time. My best friend and I finally discovered its magic today when we saw Logan Lucky. This institution is a hats off to film. It is a place where both casual and serious film enthusiasts can go to enjoy a great film. It is a first class theater with a great group of people running it. Their bar and Cafe is excellent. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys film. Glad to have finally gotten here.

Steve Eastlack

I personally have had good experiences here. I'm a MAJOR movie buff so have been to a lot of theaters around the area. The popcorn isn't always the best it could be and I've heard questionable things on other foods served here. But a movie theater within walking distance...can't beat that! They also have a few great deals like date night.


I love the atmosphere here. The levels and the food man it’s so incredible. Definitely and experience coming here to see a movie.

Keith Reeves

Really can't beat it. Perfect execution of this contemporary style theatre. Never had a bad experience here.

David Dietz

Dirty, small, and disorganized. Not sure what they can’t figure out like every other movie theater.

willku9000 .

A really nice theater with really great food and also Alcohol! I went to see that God Awful “Ghost In The Shell” remake and I was grateful to have easy access to Booze.

I.E. Xam

Great film house for independent film and also regular Hollywood films. Great selection of food and drink.

Aaron Liang

I've come here for a few showings so far and the center itself is kept clean. Located in the hear of mosaic so it's easy to get to, although you'll have to find the right parking spot which there are plenty of garages to choose from. The cloth seats aren't the nicest compared to some of the larger theatres but they comfortable. Sound/picture quality was good too.

Eli Valentin

Theater was clean, seats were comfortable, and the A/V were flawless. Great place too see a movie!

Kunal Bhadane

Loved what they have done with the movie experience. It's stadium sitting but the seats are comfy and I guess velvet coated. The screen is big and it's Dolby 7.1 Good place to have dinner /food after or before the movie, or sip beer while watching one. The parking is in the adjacent building's parking garage and it's free.

Jess Faulkner

What a great little place. We were able to take our toddler to watch Ponyo. They show a great variety of movies. I'm looking forward to Hitchcock-tober. The food is a bit pricey as most movie theater food is. There was also a flickering light in the theater that was very very bothersome.

Jason Searight

Cheap prices with great concessions

Dennis Sutch

Reserved seats are always nice, especially for popular or new movies. Angelika has a nice selection of beers. The food options look better than most restaurants. Stadium seating is good for viewing the movie, but Angelica lacks reclining seats. The theater is a bit more expensive than others. The location is excellent, with several restaurants within walking distance.

Stacey F.

This is a GREAT theater. They show all the non-Marvel movies aaaaand you can drink in the movies. Despite my affection for cold beer, I always end up with large cups of hot tea when I go here. The seats are just seats, no fancy reclining or anything. The show prices are very reasonable!!! PLEASE go see movies here and keep this place alive and thriving! Tons of great restaurants around it too for good before or after show eats.

Tiffany Lundin

This is our favorite movie theater in the DMV area. It is mostly clean and love the food and drinks here. I had a family emergency where I needed to leave my movie half way through and the staff gave me a full refund even though I wasn't asking for one! Great service. It's been harder to maintain the cleanliness I've noticed in the last 2 years though.

Jordan Higgins

Great theater with reserved seats, beer & wine, and great food.

Patrick McKnight

Delightful place to watch a movie. Beware, the prices are a little steep but the food and drinks are top notch....well, at least the beer is tops. Seen plenty of movies here and look forward to seeing another soon.

Mike Lumer

Great staff, location is awesome. Reserved seating makes me happy.

Liam Ryde

Affordable, good staffing, and it always has the most recent movies. I would recommend this to any movie goers near the Mosaic district.

Bharo Chang

The location of this theater is great! Lots of things to eat and do before or after a movie. The seats are not recliners, but they are really comfortable. Great place to go on a date.

Crystal L

It was okay. Tasty but a bit pricey, like a fancy Dennys.

Michael Makowsky

I love watching movies here, which is fortunate for their business, because they are a movie theater. Nice to have a Scotch cream ale with my cinematic experience

Michael Carr

Comfortable seats and excellent popcorn. Sounds system works great.

Zachary Fisher

Nice theatre with interesting lobby and friendly staff. Ridiculous $1.50 "service charge" for every online ticket purchase. Buy tickets in person on weeknights.

Alyssa Shema

Love this local theater and cafe! I like that you can reserve seats, so there is no need to arrive early. Also they offer a great deal on Wednesday (2 for $20 tickets). Clean bathrooms are a plus. One of my favorite places to go in the area.

Garrett Wood

Good atmosphere. Quite clean. I wish the seats were more comfortable but it's worth that to avoid the presence of children while trying to enjoy a film.

Carl Willis-Ford

Great combination of major motion pics and art house films. Lots of restaurant choices nearby.

Scott Varho

Expensive, but it really is an above average movie going experience.

erica cooper

great theater food and drinks were amazing

Joe White

Worst movie experience in a long time. Very limited snack bar. Seats are old and have shared arm rests which makes it feel even smaller. Aside from that the theaters are stuffy with little air conditioning. Will not be visiting again.


17$ for popcorn? Lol... The bathrooms were elegant and the sound system excellent.

Joseph M Finck

Great coffee and friendly staff.


Saw Endgame with OPEN CAPTIONS. It was great! Also the seats were comfortable and everyone was friendly. We got candy instead of popcorn so I can't comment on the popcorn :)

S Schweitzer

Great new Cinema, very comfortable seats and temperature inside Cinema was perfect, not too cold like so many others.

Cory Flett

Great movie experience and fun atmosphere definitely check it out if your around!

Chad Williams

Two words y!all. REAL BUTTER on that popcorn, know what I'm saying? Angelikas allure besides it being a tremendously great theater with dinner options and customer service is their attention to detail on the snacks. No fake oil topping, they give the real thing and lots of varieties.

Jeanie H

This Angelika Film Center has 3 floors ,has elevator. All clean and lot of space and chairs, table people can seat and waiting area and service is good. I ask people leavening from movie about cleaning inside and compostable chairs, they said is nice.

Kathy Nickell

Great that they work with Nonprofits for special events.

Lilly Rose

Good place but does get very crowded and loud during night time

James Taylor III

Lovely cafe and theater. Wonderful selection of films - all the hits but plenty of indie stuff, revivals, and theme weeks and such. Pricing is surprisingly solid too for the area plus reserved seats. 40 bucks gets you a solid seat, four good craft beers, and a bucket of popcorn with excellent service and a good discount program if you stay after the film.

Glen B

Nice clean theater with expanded food choices. Free garage parking. Assigned seats, fresh popcorn, self service fountain drinks. Large theater.

Eileen Coxe

Great staff, great movies, seems like a great place


This movie theater is more fancy than other movie theaters. It offers a wide variety of foods and alcoholic beverages to buy to enjoy your movie experience. The chairs are comfy and tall.

Leif Olson

You could make an entire date night with movies, drinks, dinner just in the theater. Then stroll around outside

T King

Great place to get.libation during the movie and very comfortable. Not cheap, but bbn worth it.

Cheryl Corman

Great variety of movies. Not only do they show the newest releases but they have days for genre specific movies or the classics. Interesting choices of food and drink for a theater and the staff are very helpful.

Chris Woods

Went to see Rogue One here. Popcorn and drink was way above average in quality and price was less than average from competing cinema's. Wide variety of snack and drinks beyond typical expected theater fare. Seating is extremely comfortable, with a fold out tray for snacks. Did not notice if armrest could come up for a more intimate seating environment with +1. Screen is crystal clear and viewable from all angles, forward row not as close as other theaters. Sound is top notch, not too loud or quiet. Seen two movies there thus far and been quite pleased with experience. Price is well worth the quality of the movie going experience. The only issue I had is parking, not as convenient as other theater only lots, it is shared with the other businesses.

john walls

Nice theaters and certain days have great prices. Upstairs has bar with bites and sandwiches. Also special, the movie then food at half price or food then movie. Seats could be better

Scott Parker

This place is very expensive for what you get compared to other area theaters . The seats are old- fashioned non-reclining ones that are not particularly comfortable. The concession area us pretty tiny, leading to long lines. Screens are nice and big, though, and the acoustics are good.


Great facility, wonderful seating and the pick your seat feature is great. Take advantage of the senior and early bird discounts. Only complaint is the high priced popcorn

Kate Sutliff

We go out of way to see movies here. The staff is always great. The theater is always clean, same with the bathrooms. You can select your seat in advance which is always nice.

Carl Smuck

Good place to catch a movie.

Devin Vega

They have a really cool interior entryway with a little bar to buy drinks before you go up to the theatre. The ticket booth is either digital or in person. There's a big concession stand on the second level and another bar with some soft furniture up on the third. You can bring your drinks from the bar into the theatre or they sell wine by the bottle. They have comfortable stadium seating. There are about six screens in this theatre and they show an assortment of new and old movies.

Gino Sanchez

This place is fancccy. Really enjoyed my time there. Lots of selections for drink and food.

Illyana Alba

Easy to buy tickets at the touch screen in the entrance. Seats are pretty comfortable. My favorite thing about this theater is that they play old movies ranging from old classics to new/old school anime movies. Another of my favorite things that and they provide movies that don't always show up in other theaters. Definitely one of my favorite movie places.

Khyati Mehta

The location is really good. From outside the theater seems small but actually it was quite big. Seats are comfortable. We really enjoyed.

Jason Scott

Have been patronizing since they opened. Close, convenient, modern, good seatings ... can select seats. Not cheap ... but not designed to be. Concessions are pricey as well. Not the greatest for families (kids 12 and under) as is an older crowd. We support Univ. Mall Theaters and other local Indy theaters as well. Angelika does not have that vibe.


Great theater with special screenings and comfortable stadium style seats.

Brandon Doleman

It's a bit expensive, but one of the best theaters in the area! I love the design and food and they show a lot of smaller and indie movies that most theaters don't get or start showing them weeks in advanced before they get wide releases. There are more than a few arthouse theaters in the area, but this one is easily #1!

Antonio Cube

Movies cost more here than at AMC. Angelika does not take coupons or movie cards. The experience is not worth the extra money. You're paying for location and "ambiance".

Julisa Edwards

Crybaby matinee is awesome! Love to be able to go out

Alex Long Neck

Nice theater in a fun location.

Cee Jay

Date night with Mom!

Stacy Brasfield

Nice movies. Great locale. Free parking. Beer and wine and snacks available. Cocktail bar opens at 5. 1/2 price food & drinks after the show.

Ben Eisele

Awesome neighborhood film location. Good mix of current pop runs and obscure indie material. PRO TIP: careful during the early matinee shows as there are a few nursing homes dumping off old people. They tend to wander around aimlessly and talk during the show.

Amy Rahhal

Great service. Comfortable seats. You get to choose your seats at the counter before walking in. There is a coffee shop downstairs and pop corn.... sold upstairs. They also sell alcohol. They offer dinner and a movie option.

asd28785 .

Great movie theater with unconvential food and drink options for movie goers. Reserved seating is great when new movies come out. One thing that truly makes this theater unique is the classic and retro offerings they have at different times of the month. This place is always showing a different classic movie, whether a black and white, retro, or indie special. Defiantly worth the look to see what they are offering.

Lourdes Escobar

This is an great development! Great places to shop and dine. The public plaza in front of the theaters is really nice also. I would recommend this place to for anyone looking to check out a new outdoor shopping area or just looking for a place to take a stroll in nice weather.

Reginald Gray

Drinks are a bit pricey!!! But to be expected nice clean theater!!!

Don Taylor

Fun, innovative, and a great square for people, not cars. What Tyson's wishes it we're. Hahah.

Monica Leon

Fantastic location with plenty of surrounding food options. The range of movie selections is always great, whether you are interested in blockbusters or indy movies.

Marcia Leonard

Seats are so comfortable. Lots of good movie options.


Awesome atmosphere, clean theaters. They show a good mix of current and older movies. The food and drink selection is decent but pricey. Recommended!

Wesley Fouse

Wonderful theater and the only one in the area that has a bar and half decent food options. Angelika offers all the mainstream films you can find at a typical theater as well as a few independent films that you can't find anywhere else. You pay about $12-13 for an adult ticket, so it's about the same as what you would pay at a typical theater. Food, as always, is ridiculously expensive. The auditoriums are relatively new and kept clean, which is nice, but the seats can be a little cramped after awhile. One of the biggest selling points this theater offers is its great location. Merrifield is really becoming a nice area with some great food and shopping options as well as an outdoor screen and fountain park for the summer months. Things can get a little busy, especially on the weekends and on beautiful evenings, but there are two large parking garages and street parking; all of which are free. It's a great place for a dinner and movie date or a family outing.


Comfortable seats and nice atmosphere. Hotdogs are good

John Blair

Still love this odd, but great theater. The food selection (from hummus plate, to hot dogs, to grilled cheese, to 'the junk' (a ridiculous combination of popcorn, chocolate sauce, chips, pretzels, cookies, and, whatnot) to fancier options... Combines with the high tech drink machines, reserved seating, 7.1 surround sound, nice seating (with retractable armrests on all seats, if you want to cuddle) and mainstream and art movie selection... Make this place feel like a theater of the future. Or something :) I like it, and the area is lovely for dinner after our to walk around for a bit and talk.

kim heard

Great location and venue

Josie Hyams

I just want to thank Angelika for having the crybaby matinee. This is such a great way for parents to get out and not have to worry about their baby disrupting others. I don’t know why more theatres don’t do this. I would recommend Angelika do two of these matinees a week. Great theatre, seats, food/drinks and very family friendly.

Kenny Gregory

Just get regular me... especially if you are running late for your movie.. Beer was good..but of course pricey

E. D. Hasandras

Recliner seats would be a nice upgrade. Decent beer selection though.

Adam N.

Best place to see a film in Northern Virginia. Reserved seating. Intelligentsia Coffee. Next to target.


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