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8141 Honeygo Blvd, Baltimore, MD 21236, United States Located in: THE AVENUE at White Marsh

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REVIEWS OF AMC White Marsh 16 IN Maryland

Pamela Shaw

First time here since the big remodel. Wow! The seats are generous, comfortable and better than those in my living room. Big screens that make you feel like you're in the movie. Gourmet popcorn, real drinks and a comfy area to wait for your friends. I'm ready to go right back!

Sid Khan

Lovely theater, the employees are nice and the theaters are usually clean every time I go. Though the bathroom has a few toilets that don't work or run out of toilet paper a few times, overall this is a good theater. I enjoy watching good new films here.

Danielle Skelly

They keep it pretty clean but charge way too much for stale popcorn. I also have issues with the curfew and they have no problem letting teenagers spend 18 bucks for one movie ticket when they have police by the front door telling them that they must leave the theater by 8pm when a movie doesn’t even start until then. I had to go and pick my 16 year old up after he and his friends bought tickets for an 8pm show and the officers told them they couldn’t see it because the movie runs past their curfew and they wouldn’t refund the boys their money. I understand the curfew but as long as teenagers stay in the movie theater and don’t leave it to walk the avenue then the curfew shouldn’t apply to them.

Erin Burke

I usually go on Tuesday’s because it’s $5 with a stubs member acc. Tonight (sat) I went to see Joker, an amazing movie but as we were all leaving the theatre mice were running around. Seemed to be “clean and well maintained” up until tonight.

Kimberly Sheridan

The movie theater was dirty. There wasn't any ice at the drink station. Many of the soda options were empty. We have a stubs premium membership and we treated horribly by the person selling concessions. Not sure if I will go back here as there are better options in Baltimore County.

G Man

The sound system is one of the best that I have ever been too!

sam wallace

It was great. The only flaw was they didn't have any hot dogs.

Robert Gable

Nice theater...liked the reclining seats!

Annette Hayden

Pricey but love it sodas could use a little less carbonation that's why you can drink all you want but it still will go love those seats

Debrah Marshall

Love this place great moves very friendly

Kevin Brown

Nice theater with reservations and updated recliner and Dolby seats. I like their Premiere membership plan. Get to save money on a great experience

Justin Saxton

Comfortable seats prices are high a large popcorn and large drink is $16

Mitchell Gentry

One of my favorite theaters. Decent snacks, nice reclining seats

Jeremy Witt

Always a decent the theater to go to we haven't been for awhile it was nice to see the reclining leather seats and that they added a bar in the theater that is awesome!

Brenda Underwood

Employees could be been nicer but it'd been a long time since i had been to the movies and the recliners were super awesome!!

Ryan Breneman

Great theatre.but like all movies lately extremely expensive.spend 100 to take 3 people to a movie. And what ever happened to matinee prices? Seems like it doesnt matter when you go the price is the same.

Michael Sawyer

Went to see the Godzilla movie with my daughter, movie was great, time with my baby girl at the movies was awesome, staff was courteous

Brian Jones

Had a great time with the kids here! Good times for sure!

Josh Wright

The remodel is awesome! And the bar inside is a cherry on top. Only complaint would be about parking. Expect to spend about 5 min trying to get a decent spot

Fran Dukes

I take my grandson here occasionally. We saw Secret life of pets 2. The movie was disappointing compared to the first movie (which we have watched a dozen times.) The ticket-taker at the roped-off hallway acted like we were bothering him. Snack prices are outrageous. Theater was reasonably clean. Real D 3D was great!

Dawn Maria

I went to the AMC theater here & had such a good time; it's beautifully decorated & the people are friendly.

Valerie Williams

The plastic seats are nice, don't feel as germy as the fabric ones. However, the recling seats are uncomfortable if you choose to sit straight up. We got stiff necks. Prices definitely increased.

Bonnie Boggs

Movie was great & the theatre is very clean & comfortable. Would have gave it 5 stars but the tickets and food are a little pricey

Sarah Myers

My kids and I saw a 3D movie here. You can buy tickets at a kiosk or at the desk. I paid at the desk. You are supposed to pick where you want to sit. I wasn't sure because I had not been there before and the young man set us up with great seats. The show was pretty much awesome, and the seats where AMAZING!!! The seats are fully reclining and oh so comfortable. The bathrooms on the other hand were not very clean. Anyway the staff and inside the theater are worth visiting again, the dirty bathroom not so much.

Jasmine Purnell

Customer service is OK. All food and drinks are Way overpriced. Seats are Very comfortable except ours did not recline (broke seats). Disappointing.

Brian Voelker

Nice theatre. Decent projection, not overly dark like other theatres in the area. Overpriced though and rally not worth what you pay. Nearly 25 minutes of previews before the movie starts. You'd be better off at Flagship in East point or Beltway 6 in Overlea.

Ryan Johnson

Theater was fine but to many patrons do not understand movie theaters are not private. If your kids are infants you SHOULD NOT have them in a theater where other patrons have paid top dollar for a movie. The theater personnel do not monitor the theaters anymore so this is why this issue is my complaint

Martin Katz

Unusually hot. Usually expect that memoirs are a good place to escape the heat in the summer.

Londa Brooks

Great movies! Great seats. Be a stuns member for $5 Tuesday

Emily Bartholme

3 out of 5 ticket kiosks were out of paper and 2 soda machines were down. We got there 15 minutes early and no one had been in to clean the seats. There was popcorn and used napkins everywhere on the seats and floor. When we asked someone about the filth they stated "I just got here". Unacceptable!

Yavone Forby

I dont like the VIP line. There needs to be on person dedicated to the VIPs instead of two cashiers taking turns and rotating the VIPs with the other customer lines. The food offered is not available and what is available is not very good for the cost. There should be more healthier options for Movie goers who have special needs for their diets. 3D movies sets are broken and are still sold but does not provide that comforter advertised. Improvements has been but you still have a ways to go!

Bryan Sauter

The seats in the "cheap" tickets were great. It was first time at the movie theater in over 7 years and was a nice experience.

marcus holcomb

Loving AMC movies, get movie pass and watch it pay for itself.

Paul Moxley

Great movie choices, tickwt lines move fast. The seating is unbelievably comfortable; nothing like years ago. Reclines, plenty of leg room. So many food options.

Carl Cooper

The AMC Theatre in White Marsh was clean and inviting. Even the popcorn had a pleasant taste. Restrooms were clean. Because it was a Friday night, there was plenty of Police presences to keep youngins under control.

josh naimein

Love the new seats, they are very comfortable.


I know they did some renovations to this theater a while back but not much has changed. The new seats are kinda confusing to adjust at 1st with the touchscreen pad. The seating placement isn't that great either. The bathrooms are still putrif! This is more of a last resort spot when i want to go see movies.

Tabytha Schwartz

Always our favorite place to go to the movies! Fast service, comfy reclining seats, yummy food, and always good acoustics! Always has the most awesome movies playing and it's easy to sign up online beforehand so you can reserve your seat! Also nearby lots of places to shop and eat so you can have a whole day of fun!

Tamiko Willams

Great employee's clean theater over great experience.


My family and I love the new renovated White Marsh movies. We love that you can choose seats ahead of time and those reclining seats make your experience even more enjoyable! Kudos to them for upgrading their movie theaters.

Shawdel Scott

En joyed it ! Bathroom need more help. Food very expensive

Lisa Joy Carter

Maybe I missed something. Probably the theater with the good seats. They don't specify while your buying your tickets that all theaters aren't created equal. Sorry, I thought the theater was getting a remodel.. hmm?? Everything looked the same to me aside from the few upgrades by the snack bar. Can't tell you what the fancy theater is like because I didn't get into it. Please clean the snack area. It was a mess. It took all of my strength not to grab some cleaner and do it myself. Takes but a minute to wipe down the counters so please do it. Other than that, Cinemark in Towson is still better. I could've just gone to the theater closer to my house.

Brittney Vogt

It was easy to get my preordered tickets, but the wait for food was insane. They weren't organized or prepared whatsoever. As I was getting my drink I heard my # so I sent my daughter to get it but the guy disappeared. I waited for almost 10 minutes for someone to reappear and he gave me attitude. I'll gladly go elsewhere, but Owings Mills is just as bad, if not worse. I recommend Towson or Hanover.

Rita Felton

Nice theater comfortable reclining seats and lots of variety of snacks.

Abby M

Every movie is great. But the bathrooms are usually dirty. It's best to come for a 2 hour movie. I went to see Avengers, 3 hour movie and some stalls didnt even have toilet paper.


Theatre is always nice. Hobbs and Shaw was just ok. Nothing special.

Kristian Mischke

The Dolby audio experience was way better than any movie experience I've had before! You can feel the movie playing, and the seating was real nice. Bonus that this theater is in the Avenue because it allows for nice access to lunch or dinner before or after your movie.

simone johnson

Horrible experience, i was racially profiled for not having my I.D and all my friends and us were above age. It was just a traumatic experience and i hope anyone that management takes an account how they profiled us young adults. We stayed respectful the whole time and the employees still made us feel uncomfortable. As soon as i locate names i will be contacting corporate!

John Glanville

People who pull out their phones during a movie should be dragged out and tossed into the street. Otherwise, love the large comfy chairs they installed. Wish the imax 3d had more chair space, it's tighter than a freakin airline!

Roberto Gutierrez

all the common areas were dirty, trash in multiple areas, cristal doors needs cleaning, popcorn spread in several spots, mens bathroom need more cleaning, I am giving two stars cause at least the pizza and popcorn ordered where okay. I hope the next time everything is more clean from my point of view is lack of good management.

Erik Schlegel

I love having a-list. The theater is nice and has all the types of screens you would want. The popcorn is a bit mediocre

Melody England

Been going to this theater for years. Tonight went to see Avengers Endgame at the IMAX. Floor was incredibly sticky. Sound was so loud that it made me flinch at times. About the same decibel as a jet engine. Smh. No reason for it to be that loud. Seating, while comfortable enough, did not leave much leg room and was very tight for anyone trying to pass.

Quiana Jones

The front row, after reclining in the chair, was still a good seat. We could see the entire screen clearly. The reclining seats are spacious and comfy. The popcorn and nachos were good. And Mary Poppins Returns was a great family movie.

Teena Thomas

It is kinda pricy, but it's a good place for family and friends. Comfortable seats inside.

Renata Myles

Clean and great staff. Always a good time here

thing4 buckner

Over priced burr nice facility. Don't like the way you get tickets

DeAnna Edelen

I was at AMC Whitemarsh yesterday for the 1:30 PM showing of the movie Ma. Concessions was a nightmare lots of people in line and two cashiers ... When we finally got our concessions there was no one to check our tickets so we just walked in and saw our movie. My son’s seat did not recline so I had to switch seats with him so he would have a reclining seat the person sitting next to me was also in a seat that didn’t recline. She informed me that the last time she was there her seats did not recline. Your bathrooms are always untidy and sometimes smell of urine . However yesterday they were not as bad. I will probably never go back to this AMC again! Saving Grace.... The movie Ma was good!

Brandon Brilhart

Good service and very quality screens/speakers. The reclining seats are pretty cozy and spacious. The popcorn was a little cold, I guess you only get the remains when you see a showing at 10pm

jose santiago

I love this theater. I wish all the seats had the recliner seats, but I understand why they can't. I just wish the place did not reek of folks who get high as a bird before coming in.


i love the assigned seating and the reclining seats, my only issue with the seats is that if you do a full recline on the seats in the back part of the screen is blocked off. I was very disappointed in the popcorn and i realized that its not freshly made after witnessing an employee empty a bag of already popped and cold popcorn into the popcorn bin

Krissy Cosner

Damage seat. Second visit this has happend. For 17 a ticket should at least be able to fix the seats.

Mandy Malone

me and friends watched a movie here. great theater.

Chelsea Blake

Ordered my tickets on Fandango, and it was very simple to pick them up from the kiosk. The concession stand line was a bit slow but they only had 2 people working so it was understandable. Recliners were nice and comfortable. Clean too.


Went here for Avengers and Detective Pikachu two weeks in a row and it was easy to buy on Fandango and go right in. Got my free Pokemon cards I'm happy.

Kirstie Kelly

This place has gone down hill. Seats are uncomfortable and dirty. People talking, using their phones with the brightness up, and taking flash photos with their phones during the movie (the photo thing has happened on 2 separate occasions). And it's just so over priced for the experience. I try to avoid this place and go to the senator whenever possible.

Anna Green

I always enjoy going to this theater. It's clean and the seats are so very comfy. I love that there's a bar for adult beverages. You can't beat having a cocktail at the movies.

Jeremy Hewitt

It's been quite a while since visiting this theatre, as for quite a while it was circling the drain. That being said, I enjoyed a movie in one of their smaller theatres, equipped with reclining seats and an overall nice appearance. No sticky footsteps on the walk to your seat, and enough room to easily get through the aisles if need be. Didn't visit their snack bar, but there's plenty of options as well as a bar, as long as you're willing to pay. (Noticed a jumbo pretzel meal for $21) overall a pleasant experience for a Saturday evening at the avenue.

Anthony Simmons

Overall, it was a great theater experience. I like the reclining seats and drinks. I food is great but they have sports stadium prices. You'll get the best experience if you visit on a weekday.

Shannon Cochran

The theatres are very nice, clean as well as relaxing. There's a bar for adults. I think it's there for parents when they realize for just 1 adult and 1 child, popcorn and a drink for the first showing of the day you are spending $50 easy! I gave 3 stars for the clean and relaxing theatres and seats, but the other 2 stars gone are due to prices. No wonder people hardly go to the movies anymore...

Brooke Ashton

If I could give this place a zero I would. This movie theater used to be amazing and a wonderful place to take your family. Today I took my family there and it will be the LAST time we come here. It is so disgusting here, the bathrooms look like a pig sty to say the least, so unsanitary and me being pregnant just absolutely disgusts me. How are you supposed to take kids in there when you don't want to be in there yourself? There were no lids left for the drinks, nothing stocked, I waited 20 minutes for a drink and some fries that were WAY overpriced, me being pregnant I was shaking terribly I was so hungry waiting for the employees to actually work. But i guess this is the area now. No good. We will never be back and trust and believe I'll be spreading this around no doubt. Absolutely disgusting. You need to think about hiring people who WANT to work and CARE about their work and not sit around on their phones and talk like they just walked out of kindergarten, actually kindergarteners know how go speak better. No manners and the work ethic 100% not there. Shame on this company. Wish they would bring blockbuster back because that's something families could have fun with and afford,

Laurie Keyser

The theater is nice and we've been a few times but they definitely do not the cleanest seats

Kristen Goldstraw

Theater was dirty, popcorn and napkins on seats and the floor. We were the first in the theater for our movie. We had 7 seats, only 2 were working to recline. Staff was friendly and courteous while getting snacks and taking our tickets.

Jay R

The Dolby Theater is thee best movie experience you can have at this theater!


The new upgrades are nice but, there seems to be a mice problem. I went to the midnight showing of “Joker” and while I was leaving I noticed a couple of mice running below the theater screen. It gets fairly busy here so, I can understand. But, AMC might want to check on their mice problem.

Helen Milchling

Soda machines were almost empty. Last time I was there no popcorn. Employees are nice but management stinks.


What a fantastic theater. The lobby feels like a club, with a bar and seating arranged by large wall mounted TVs. There are plenty of self serve ticket kiosks so the wait is likely never long. The food selection is broad with interesting options like a chicken and waffles sandwich, but the food and candy prices are super high. $6 for a box of candy is too much. The seating is plush and comfortable with adjustable recliner controls in the armrest. Very nice. You reserve your seats when you buy your tickets too.

Tyler Gaines

They were pleasant with their services and clean in preparation for the big screen and gallery seating.

Heavens Reaper

I always enjoy AMC Whitemarsh as well as its services.

Brown Sugar

We went to White Marsh movie theater to see Second Act. The theater had a nice comfortable temperature. Lovely recliner chairs and it was nice and clean. Bathroom had plenty of stall and very clean as well. We checked in on the kiosk. No standing in line. Also there were plenty of eateries right next door.

Joe Barrett

Great theater screens and recliners. Star knocked off because the soda machines never have the selection you want. They need to be refilled more often.

Don Alves

Loud and unruly. Concessions out of many things--AGAIN. Now that selling more food, no where to eat it, as seating full of people just waiting for their show.

Maurice Powell

Since the upgrades and enhancements of the movie theater, I'm really impressed. My only concern is the service you get when it gets busy. If something could be done to improve customer service.. what I mean by that is having stocked candies, drinks, and other items available when you want them. The small things go a long way in keeping customers in a good place when you're waiting in line for a while. Knowing you'll get what you want when it's your turn to be waited on goes a long way in keeping and retaining customers when the theater is busy. All an experience coming from a former theater manager... Overall I was impressed with how far this theater has come.

Earn Fullard

Nice to have a beer and watch a movie with recliners.

Tonya Forrest

Great theater just need to clean off the seats

Stephanie Terry

Movie offerings: Great! Restrooms: Mostly clean with lots slots for women!! Staff/Employees: Helpful & Friendly!!! * Snack Offerings: Too Expensive

Shenika Blunt

Was deeply disappointed with this movie theater. It was super dirty! The trash cans were over flowing, the floor was extremely dirty. It was crowded but the staff was light so I skipped getting popcorn but now that I think about it I wouldn't eat anything out of this place. My husband and I bought our tickets online before we got there. His set didn't recline which was disappointing because that was the main reason we chose this movies. Doubt if I ever return. Hopefully they will get some willing staff and better management

Cathe Moore

Very nice. Seating was super. Parking was not too bad.

Nuh Uh

I went for the opening of US the movie. The seats in IMAX are horrible. The space between rows are extremely tight. The walkspace by the concession and bathrooms are extremely close. The chairs lean back but not comfortable at all compared to other theaters. The crowd that was there was so rude, childish, disrespectful... and everyone was on the phone or talking during the whole movie. It was not a good experience at all. I only gave 4 stars because I know they can do better. I've seen it before.

Paula Johnson

Nice comfortable seats. The sound system was awesome. I felt like is was actually inside of the movie

Marcus Jordan

Overall the customer service at the concession stand was awesome. Pre- paying for the tickets sped things up tremendously. The seats were so comfortable. I love this theatre. The patrons of the theatre were a bit different than the customer service. First I had a person who was standing in a weird spot of the concession line while taking on her phone. To avoid interrupting her conversation I waited till she was off the phone and then asked if she was standing in line. Her reply was "I'm standing here ain't i". Some people are just rude. Hopefully she enjoyed her movie. At the end of the movie the lobby of the theatre smelled like marijuana. I'm cool with legalization but that stuff sure does stink. Not sure if I'll go back but if you don't mind dealing with the public you probably won't mind Loews AMC.

Rafael Valentin

Thoroughly clean. Thoroughly impressed. The most modern movie theater that I've ever been to. Whoever designed this place did a great job. The snack bar is centricaly positioned. I would love my local theater to be half as good as this place.

Tony M

Loved going to the movies here but what happen to the AM showings. Movies don’t start till around 1pm now. Cheaper AM price was nice too. Please bring back AM showtimes.

Rosella Boduroglu

Haven't been in last 3 years everything looked nice and clean. Liked the upgraded seats

artz Arr

Great place to watch a movie. They are upgrading the quality of this place and that is always a good thing.

Cheryl Harris

Enjoyed clean n movie sound was perfect.

Lydia Moore

Always satisfied with this theatre. I love the recliner seats

Ronald Fitch

Went to see endgame and we got our tickets messed up. But they allowed us in the theater anyway then an hour later kicked us out. I understand that there was a mix up but wished they would've caught the mistake before we watched a third of the movie.

Shaunte Stalk

Concession stand workers need training. Butter tasted watered down.

Haven s

Nice place to watch movies

Vivian Wilson

It's been a while since I've been to the movies but I really enjoyed this because the seats were comfortable and the theatre was clean. The person that took the tickts was very friendly and professional. I would come here again.

J'e Washington

Always a cool experience when I go there. Reclining seats will have you cozy and the bar will have you tipsy....enjoy!

Rosa Nicks

White marsh has done so much within the last 10 years. The seats are the new reclining seats. The snacks bar has any and everything you can want. I like the bar nice touch but know this you will spend some money.

Jasmine Adams

Popcorn was tasty and movie was awesome to enjoy

Paul Markie

We love this theater, especially since they remodelled and have reclining seats. We took the kids to see "Wreck It Ralph Breaks the Internet." It was nice that we had the entire row to ourselves, our apologies to the other movie viewers that may have been annoyed by our 4.5 year old and 3 year old running around. There were other kids of similar ages too, so hopefully they understand. My only complaint is that there should be less previews for kids movies, since kids' attention spans are relatively short.

Elizabeth McCullough

This was the best experience EVER this is my new favorite movie theater EVER

Heather Ha

The theatre is comfortable and it's easy to find your row because the letter is on the carpet. I tend to order my tickets online, and then I can walk right up to the ticket taker. There are also ticket kiosks if you don't want to stand on line. It's pretty clean inside and the matinee pricing is great.

dylan m.

They have recliners and they have good sound quality and good food. The tickets are a bit pricey but are worth it.the one theater has regular chairs so beware.

Heather Morris

The soda machine isn't producing tasty Diet Coke so, I ask if adjustments can be made if I come out half way through my movie and the manger shrugs his shoulders... I am not asking for the world. I am asking for the one of the six soda machines to work an hour from now. It is a Thursday. This place isn't hopping. Grrr Additionally, 2 out of 4 butter dispensers are out of butter.

Mitch Smith

This is my Wife and I's go to movie theater. We do the AMC A list special which allows unlimited movies for about $20 a month. Using the app we can reserve a seat and show up no problem right before the movie starts. It might not be a good deal for everyone, but we usually see at least three movies a month so it pays off for us.

Sharon Stover

This facility is much improved since their upgrade to recliner seats in all their theaters. They have a very nice lobby area with very large bathrooms. My only complaint, and I think this is true for most theaters, is the food/beverage line. I can't for the life of me figure out why it takes so long to take an order for some popcorn and a soda. I think some efficiency work could be in order.

Donna Kilroy

It is a nice place to see a movie.

Marisa A

I have a theater much closer to me. This one is by far my favorite.

Tommy Dishon

I love the new chairs here. They recline and give you plenty of space to lay back and relax. The theater is nicely setup. What I don't like are the prices of the concession stands. We all know that the prices for popcorn and sodas are through the roof and seem ridiculous. Also, it seems like the last few times I have been to this theater, they seem to have a different section under construction. Also it can get pretty crowded. Order your seats and tickets online to beat the crowd and wait times. Next time you visit, tell me what you think.

Rea .

This theater kinda ruined other cheaper theaters for me. The renovations are great. Sadly there is a price hike but I don't really go to the movies that much personally. This is the place you go for a treat. The seats are amazing. It's always very clean. I love the drink options. It's worth the price for a really good, comfortable, indulgent movie experience. Plus it's a great location for dinner and a movie with ice cream after

tee em

It's always an experience going to the movies, so the movie endgame was great but the theater not so much. Horrible smell and sticky floors all around our seats.

Jennifer Keith

Very disappointed. The theater smelled horrible. And was very dirty

Ricky Bain

Ok place . Dirty fountain drink area needs attention from staff. Stuff played to much rude to costumers and very over priced place

Eric Stone

Imax seating is terrible. The chair in front of me had a person in it. The back of which rested against my knees the entire movie. This was just in the person's regular seated position. When they tried to move or adjust during the movie, the back of the chair dug into my knees. I tried to reposition, myself, but there was no way to sit that my knees weren't pinched between my chair and the chair in front of me. It is hard to enjoy a movie when you are in pain the whole time. GET NEW SEATS IN THE IMAX!

Richard Filippetti

The Dolby Cinema here is where you NEED to watch your most anticipated movies. After seeing Avengers: Endgame here I wish I’ve seen every other MCU movie that’s been available here. The laser projector creates a picture that looks more like a giant viewing glass. The surround sound is insane the multiple center channels behind the screen gives you the clearest dialogue possible. The seats are super comfortable. Can’t speak to the food as I don’t eat or drink before movies because I do not like to have to run out to the bathroom.

Mindy Hilton

Very nice. My fiance and I went and seen US. Very comfortable reclining seats. Ordered nachos and large drink ( by the way they have srlf serve icys) and it came to $15.25. Pricey but all theaters are anymore. For 2 adult tickets we paid almost $30.

Dave B

Update down to 1 star: decided to try again to see if it was possibly a fluke. Did the recliner seats again and it was insanely hot again. It was so stuffy in the theater. I dont know why they dont have some sort of air circulation. As for concessions, the lines are not clearly marked and are confusing. There were only two registers open and the line was longer than it should be for a Saturday evening. Wont be returning to this theater. So hot in the recliner seats. And they weren't very comfortable. Popcorn was stale and tasted terrible.

Kathy Atkinson

Very nice clean establishment, chairs were comfortable and bathrooms were nice and clean, with attendance there to help serve you..

Al Burgess-hull

This is my favorite theatre around Baltimore. All seats have great recliners and they are usually clean. I have AMC stubs so I can go multiple times a week. The best are the Dolby movies: it's so cool that the seats shake with the sound.

maat senghor

Amc made all these renovations to this location and its still dirty. To many employees standing around doing nothing. Amc keep this place clean!!!

Brandy Love

The prices for movies and popcorn have definitely gone up... but at White Marsh you get what you pay for. Good variety of selections to choose from gourmet popcorn to flat breads. The theater was clean and very comfortable with the reclining chairs.

Doug Brown

I love this theater. Almost every movie I've seen in the last four years has been here. The seats are comfortable, and the auditoriums are nice. I usually try to see 3D movies here, and the presentation is always great, and sound quality is superb. It has the advantage of being at the Avenue At White Marsh which is a fun place to be. This is an ideal place to go on a date, because there are a lot of restaurants and other fun things within walking distance.

Natasha Summers

If it’s not bad enough that the online system has been down for 3 days they don’t even open the lobby on time!

Victor Harner

Don't let the fact that my wife fell asleep watching Spiderman: Homecoming keep you away. It was a great movie and the theater is excellent. She just had a long day but did wake up for the noisy parts. Lol

MissRiva Gijanto

CONS: * Theater room number 3 had leak stains on the ceiling and a hole where it looks like the wet tile eventually fell out. *The seat I sat in had grease on it and I was wearing a light cream colored dress that I was afraid to get grease stains on and sat on my jacket, since wiping with napkins didn't really seem to get it to come clean of grease. *We could hear another room's surround sound during our movie at times and it was rather frustrating. *This was not a dine-in AMC theater (meaning there was no restaurant like most all others) as stated on the webpage, which we didn't know until our arrival, so that was a bummer when I planned dinner and a movie with my spouse and had to settle for theater styled snacks. *There really isn't any vegan options other than pretzels, popcorn and a few candy options. I did not ask if the fries were cooked in the same grease as animal products, so that I'm unsure of. If you have a gelatin, egg or dairy allergy, I would eat before coming and get the snacks I listed above when you arrive. *A lot of the amenity stations were empty of needed items. We were walking back and forth through a crowd of people to get what we needed. *Every staff member I encountered and happened to see and watch their interactions, they all seemed rather miserable. Either over tired, maybe having a terrible day, whatever the reason, they didn't seem to care about anything and the experience didn't feel welcoming and exciting. *Bathroom stalls have gaps. I find this very unpleasant as privacy is something everyone needs when using a restroom with strangers. It's uncomfortable when people (especially kids) peer through the gaps as they walk by. *The entrance gets rather claustrophobic between people coming in to buy tickets, buying food, using the restrooms and awaiting in the same area for their movie. I'm sure it's not bad during the week, however most people are weekend dwellers. *Our movie was for 4:40pm, however the movie didn't play until shortly after 5pm. We arrived early and sat at 4:20pm and were expecting that the movie would start at 4:40pm. Therefore, I thought there were too many previews and the time ran over. *There also was a weird mold smell in the hallway to the theater and in the room we were in. Perhaps from the leak above? Maybe a coincidence. *Parking can be awful since it's in the same parking area as shopping centers. PROS: *Movie screen was decent. *Bathroom was clean. *It was easy retrieving tickets that were bought online. Overall, I would still come here to watch a movie if it was a last resort, but I would eat before hand and bring wipes.

Maria Harmison

Staff was beyond courteous and helpful and the seats were extremely comfortable it was an all-around great time for myself and my kids I don't get to take them out much but I would do it again there even though I live almost 45 minutes away


I love this theater. The staff are friendly. It was a little crowded last time I went. And my food was a little cold. But other than that it's a good place. I would suggest that if you're taking kids to visit earlier on the weekend. The crowd after 8 gets a little rowdy.

Joanne Haney

Easy to purchase tickets online and select reserve recliner seats. Friendly concession staff. Helpful customer service staff. Clean restrooms. Adult beverage service available as well as Coke machines that allow you to select from a large variety of Coke flavors. Great rewards program with concession upgrades and cash rewards to use toward tickets or concession. Being a Premier Rewards member provides access to faster service when using the dedicated line. Using the AMC app to purchase tickets allows using bar code on phone instead of a paper ticket. The app also helps keep track of movies you have seen. It's a great theater.

Roselyn Stewart

Great movie. Food prices are high

Hines Design

A large Nice large movie theater. Great recliner seating and friendly to use website. They need to fix the snack drink area. The line for getting a drink is as long as the previews. Just navigating the overall foyer area of the theater to get your tickets, snack or bathroom is a stressful situation. As nice as the viewing is, I can see people not wanting to deal with trying to get to their theater.

Lakeisha Frisby

This is a really nice theater and the area is surrounded by shopping, dining and other means of entertainment for a full days experience. It was easy and quick to purchase tickets and the lines for tickets and concessions arent long at all because they have MULTIPLE checkout stations!!! ☺ no missing parts of the movie! The only downer is PARKING

Mayur Goli

We had a chance to get back to watching movie in a theater after a long hiatus of 3 yrs. And we were really impressed how the theater has changed. We saw the movie in the hall with lounge recliner seats which were very spacious and comfortable. The theater itself was clean and has helping staff. Overall a memorable experience for our little one for his first movie.

Anna Thomas

Very comfortable. Very disappointed that I had to pay $13.75 to see Angels have fallen.

Anna Rodriguez

Great movie! Needs to be a bit more cleaner. The floor was sticky.

Jetjohn Brosnan

Cool spot on a hot summer day. Ummm hmmm

Jalisa Meador

Very nice haven't been to the movies in a long time and surprised to see a bar in there , very comfortable... But the movies are not a cheap date anymore, not if you taking me that bar had some good tasty

Autumn T

Great time at the movies! We saw "Isn't it Romantic!" Was very cute.. and kept us laughing. Yes, my man said it's a chick flick.. but he was laughing too. Wish they had some keto friendly snacks for movie goers though.. All good, we were probably better off without them. Just the smell of popcorn in the movies makes everyone want to snack!

Robert Jenkins

Love the new theater and the concession stand food choices are great especially now that alcohol is served and u can take it in the theater

Katerina Algarin

I love the new seats how they recline. There should be more than one person at the ticket booth I don’t like the fact that after not being to the movies in over two years. I witness two girls fighting. And now there is a bar there. That’s great for the people that can manage there drinks but it’s not going to be good for the people that can’t then it will get out of hand.

Teresa Clayton

The bar was an extra special touch beforethe movie verylow key and relaxing i enjoyed the experience with my Sister and the wall makes for a good background for pics

Ashley Macejka

While the theater itself is nice, the service here definitely leaves something to be desired. My friends and I went to go see Aladdin tonight and didn't find out until after we had bought our tickets, snacks and drinks that the theater showing just our movie had no AC. It had been in the 80's all day. We weren't told we had any kind of option for a refund so we sat through it in the heat. Qhen we tried to complain afterwards, the manager basically brushed us off and said "well you could have gotten a refund before the movie." We didn't know that was an option. I don't know how they could show a movie with no AC period, but certainly not a Disney movie on opening weekend without so much as even an apology for the inconveniece. Super disappointed in AMC White Marsh :-(

Ab. Baf

This is a nice theater too, good employees and nice service, the screen are excellent.

Tunji Fasiku

Watch all my movies, mostly because my friends loves going there

Norraine Miller, MS

Great place for dates, families and children..aOld Navy Barnes and Noble Bar Louie & Starbucks

Price Price

Loved the recliner seats. There's a bar if you get there early. Employees were polite. Bathrooms weren't the cleanest but it was late on a weekday...

Anne Lipinski

We arrived to find people sitting in our reserved seats. They were nice enough to move and look for other seats. Once we sat down i realized the seats were very close. As the person in front of me took their seat my legs were pinned in between my chair and hers for the entire movie. I will not be returning to see a movie at theatre 5 unless they redesign their seating.

Cre M

This theater service is atrocious, The managers are worse than the regular staff. What's the purpose of having a premiere membership if they act like you're invisible. We stood in line 5 minutes while the one girl at the register dealt with these people that couldn't make up their mind, the manager comes and tells these guys where to pickup their food and walked away. Then after we waited another 5 minutes and got tired of waiting, we walked away and then this

Kelly Rae

Cool place. Great sound & seats

Linda White

I went to see the Downton Abbey movie and it was everything I expected. One time during the movie, I could hear the sounds from the movie next to ours, but it's always a great experience at AMC. And the reclining chairs are an added bonus!!!

Kim Earle

Prices are outrageous, but comfortable seating and atmosphere.

Sonya Pietrogiacomo

Love the reclining seats and reserved seating.

Troy Bobek

Nice Theatre, Although i as a slightly taller person think the imax seats are too close together my legs go into my stomach but besides that its a great place to see movies

Doris Greenleaf

It's hardly ever crowded. I go there a lot and always get the seats I want. Reclining leather seats and you can get food and snacks from the food court (because it's 50 feet from the theater's ) to take in with you. Love it!

Calvin Anderson

First, i must disclosed that i did not purchase any food so i cannot comment on the service or the food quality. Nor did i use a cashier. I gave 3 stars because i purchase the ticket from the gigantic monitor that was positioned on the front register. There were at least 4 self service monitors and their were cashiers ready to assist if needed. The lines were very short and i didn't wait long. They have a game or two in the front to keep you occupied but i have been in theaters that were virtually arcades with many games to satisfy your video game junkie. The screen was average size and the theater was clean. My biggest issue was the seats! Even though they do recline, they didn't recline enough nor did the foot rest come out far. Now this may seem petty but theater seats is probably the most important thing in a theater next to cleanliness. After all you'll be siting in it for 2 hours. I'm comparing them to some recently remodeled theaters in Wayne, New Jersey. Those seats are like beds! Lol. Also the control for the recliner were hard to find. It only lights up when you push the screen. So its dark in the theater, the flat screen controls are not lit so you cant see them. Also the control were not very responsive. I had to use my phone to look hard to find the back recliner then push very hard to get it to work. I almost broke my pointer finger (not really). And the cushions were not very comfortable. The seats need are older models and needs an uodate. But overall it was fine....I didn't like the movie much, The Intruder. Butt thats a review for another time. Enjoy!


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