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REVIEWS OF AMC Tysons Corner 16 IN Maryland

Don Hiles

This theatre is super enjoyable if you are an AMC A-list user. Order everything in advance, pickup, sit and enjoy!

Duoc Vo

The theater is nice and enjoyable. The employees are horrible. They do not acknowledge you when you're waiting for your food if you did a mobile order. 9/10 your mobile order is not processed accurately. You have to get their attention to get your food or else you will be standing there for hours. They do not even bother even though they know you have been waiting for a long time. The whole purpose of the mobile order is to speed the process up. It actually slows everything down. You are best just arriving early and placing an order while youre in line.

An Le

When you purchase the IMAX. As other theater, ok.

Mr. White

Best theater & mall in the whole DMV area. Theater BAR is a big plus

Marc Kotwicki

This theater used to be the best, but they've really let it get dated. The bathrooms are almost as disgusting as the gum covered chairs.

Jeff Sharpe

This is a large, 16 screen theater with most of the standard things you'd expect for a metropolitan theater : stadium seats, full sound sound, vibrant screens, reasonable amount of seating space. Concessions are priced about the same as average and the selection is pretty standard. One big benefit is the location. It's inside a large popular mall, meaning there is plenty of parking and options for before or after movie eating. This isn't really your artisan-quality theater, or a theater that leads the way in cool new things. It's pretty standard in both its strengths and weaknesses. Crowds get loud, concessions can be a bit of a circus, the sound quality varies by day. There are better theaters, but for the area, it's hard to beat the convenience and reliability.

Mr. Firestone

I came to this theater specifically to see Avengers: Endgame because I wanted to see it on the IMAX Laser platform, which is full 4K resolution laser projection with 12 channel audio. I saw the 3D version of the film. Needless to say I was thoroughly impressed by the quality of the film, it's sharpness, it's depth, it's clarity, and it's ability to render the most subtle nuances in the filmography. Well worth the extra expense of the ticket, which clocks in at around $19.

Jannie Scott

Love the theaters clean I just wish they had reclining seats in all the theaters friendly staff willing to help willing to help you

steven jones

No Rivertown 12 but it's Ok

Arsene Lupin

Disappointing. Uncomfortable seats (spoilt), despite being the popular and populous area. They should invest. Popcorns are of poorer quality.

MKW Psycho

In need of renovations. Seats are uncomfortable and full of stains. If I will be ripped off with obscene movie theater prices, at least I should be treated to some acceptable level of comfort.

Mario Stylianou

Movie going experience was ruined by absurdly high volume. Parents were covering kids' ears and eventually people walked out with fingers in their ears. Management must not care about movie going experience as it's not rocket science to have staff quality control the experience with a 30 second check in. Many other theaters will have the same problem and have it corrected by the end of previews or start of movie. Here? Nope!

malice Barbosa

The staff leave you be. They rarely if ever check bags. Not that I bring stuff with me into the theater. Food is meh and high priced but that's expected for a theater. Havent tried bar food or drinks. The DTS Dolby theater is worth the extra dough. You'll get blown away by the sound. Never had a line. Never had rude staff or rude people in the theater. If you do digital ordering theres assigned seating too. For a theater it has everything. Its pretty much your the par for the course That's not bad. It's my basis for what makes a good theater Oh and the bathrooms are usually pretty clean.

Ken Healy

We went on a Saturday night and saw Aladdin in IMAX. This theater is dirty (around the refreshment counters and in the bathrooms), disorganized and slow if you get refreshments (one guy decided to yell at the manager about the "chaos behind the counter"), and they police the entrance for outside food or drinks, like the Gestapo checking for papers (we had a shopping bag with us from the Disney store). It was against my better judgment to go to the IMAX theater, but my daughter really wanted to see the movie, and the standard theaters had no good seats left. The IMAX theater (#3) here is horrible. Lights from the exits glare on large sections of the screen if you have an aisle seat. Other than that, the screen being concave, and the opening ad telling you it's IMAX, I would not have noticed a difference. I think they just threw a concave screen into a previously standard theater to charge an extra $10 a person. On top of that, they started the movie 10 minutes late. Not worth it. I'm sticking to the newer, nicer recliner seat theaters that I'm familiar with moving forward.

Kevin Wendell Jones

I enjoyed the theatre with plenty of parking because it's connected to the mall.

Martin L.

On August 6th 2019 around 9 45 pm we arrived before our movie and decided to stop for a glass of wine. The bar tender asked for our ID's, ( we are over forty) then we were charged double than tgif across the movie theater and when asked the server, he answered extremely rudely. What a disappointing experience. Please review the social skills and qualifications of people when hiring. Not coming again to this theater, a sour drink before the movie.


The food and the theater were great. The bathroom was horrible. It was dirty and the sinks at almost no water pressure. There was barely enough water coming out of the faucet to wash my hands. There was no manager around. When I went to the ticket desk I was told that there was nothing she could do because she was behind the desk. I didn’t expect her to leave the desk but she could have picked up the phone and call someone. She told me to tell one of the ushers. There was no one sitting at the customer service desk. I doubt if the young ushers knew what to do either. I came so close to calling the Department Of Heath. They should have closed that bathroom until the problem was fixed. Disgusting!!

La El Ouadg

I think is the best theater in town because of the location, food court next door, but still they need improvement. Most of the movie rooms has only one exit back to the main entrance. popcorn $$$

Love it

Only go here if you're into people putting their feet up on the backs of the chairs on either side of your head! It's awesome trying to watch a movie with someone's filthy shoe jigging, rocking the seats, and moving in and out of your peripheral vision for 2 hours! This theater tends to attract a rather rowdy, obnoxious, "rough" clientele (despite being in haughty McLean), whose hobbies include 1) putting feet up in places they don't belong, 2) destroying the Tysons AMC bathroom as often and frequently as possible, and 3) destroying your movie-going experience by frequently looking at their phones on full brightness in addition to trying to get their feet in your personal space, and then 4) walking around the mall really slowly and taking up the entire path so you can't pass. AMC does no crowd control, so speak up at your own risk. The regulars here are itching for a confrontation, from what I've seen before. The premium theaters (IMAX and Dolby) are nice...for now. The other day I was in the IMAX and a kid started putting their feet up on the nice, new the cycle starts again. There are two nice, pleasant theaters nearby that are a million times nicer than AMC Tysons.

Roopesh Chinnakampalli

I love AMC theaters especially this one is near my home and not much crowded. As I’m on AMC A-List membership, I frequently visit this place and love the movie watching experience. Only downside is reclining seats are available only in Dolby ATMOS screen only.

Stephen Phillips

loved this theatre. friendly staff, big open space that showed several older good film pictures.

Cuong Le

Racism is real. The middle age lady with curly hair is a racist. She could not scan the barcode of my ticket so i asked her to punch in the numbers. And they are on the ticket for a reason but she told me could not punch them in ( i have never had any problem before with orther workers there, they normally punch the numbers in). So i just stepped asides and bought another ticket with my credit card, thinking that she might not see the number and need her glasses ( i zoomed in the number pretty big on my phone though). Next guy stepped up, told her he is a stub member but did not have his card with him, so she offered him the to type in his email address to find out his account. ( i went off at that point, can not type number but letter? ) i was so mad asked her why. She just said ahe could not, that was it, and igore me. I was so mad but had to move on because i did not want to be late for the movie.

Theresa Art

I liked the movie theater but the bathrooms were a bit gross. Maybe they need to put a sign for people not to flush so much toilet paper because most of the bathrooms where out of order or super gross. Buying tickets was really easy with the automatic machines. No lines. Reserve seating. The theater we had was clean.

Margaret Zhou

Always have had a good experience here

Alexandrea Cavanaugh

Kept fairly clean and modern feeling

William Echeverría

It was nice had a nice view .....

Noor Malik

Its very good place. You want anything that's right place for you

Chi Kang

Dolby Cinema ~ $16 seems to be worth it. The chairs didn't recline as far on row G we were sitting, wondering, if that was because it was the first row. But overall, the picture and sounds quality was one of the best I have ever seen.

Bes Star

We went to the 1030pm movie. The seats were not well kept. It smelled stuffy. The bathrooms were atrocious. I showered as soon as I got home. Don't think I'll be going back anytime soon...

Tony Tether

Easy parking. Good restaurants

Nicole Quick

Unfortunately there were mice in our theater and they were squeaking the whole time. The food at the concession stand took to long to cook so you were stuck with very little options for food.

T Banner

Well kept and great sound. The price was high but just about everything in Tyson's Corner is over priced.

Sherry Hilsher

Great movie experience. It was a little dirty though.


Hate to give a stinging review, but it must be done. The soda machines are always messy with spills, popcorn is always scattered across the floor, there is virtually no crowd control inside, it’s a jungle in there. The seat recliners are never functional, the pressure from the seats are missing. The staff look miserable and very depressed (can’t blame them).

Mark Pinkard

Conveniently located so after hitting the mall you can wind down at the movies.. few qualms is that the self serve soda machines are always sticky, popcorn is usually all over the place, and condiment table for napkins is rather undesirable place with all the "sticky goo" from spilled drinks and running butter all over. A few times I have been in the theater and the previews are starting then walks in the cleaning crew. I'm not sure if they can't keep up with the crowd. Other than that no other issues

rodney pyfrom

Excellent theater, clean environment, excellent sound, friendly staff

Devon Hargis

Nice place. Reminded me of an airport check-in process with the various different check-in lines. If you sign up for their VIP service you get the expedited lines, even for the food service line.

steven mic

Good food selection and great quality theatres.

Mohamed Elgawhergy

Great AMC theatre inside Tyson’s corner mall

Carl Gussgard

Has Dolby and IMAX theatres. Comfortable recliners.

Abby Schendt

Pro: A lot of seats means they won't sell out as fast as other theaters. Con: Its is very standard movie theater seating. And given that most of the local theaters have reclining seats and ticket prices are about the same price, I feel that this theater could really step up the seating situation.

Christina Valenzuela

A bit pricey for a single mum , but nice as a treat on occasion.

Howard Louie

Great. Watched IMAX. I will be back

Rehan Farooqui

AMCs are known for their cleanliness and big screen .

Philip Shea

Sorry, I'm done with theaters. After paying over $30 for two tickets, and more for a box of candy and bottle of water, I'm sitting there watching 30 minutes of commercials for movies I will never want to see. At home, I've got a 'fridge, a bar, a toilet, and a pause button, and can rent a movie much cheaper.

Hakan T

Good place to enjoy a dolby saloon! Sound quality and screen size is mesmerizing! Spacious kiosks and friendly staff as well. Parking is free in the parking lot for the mall.

Joe Fienup

Love the Marvel movie themed cocktails.

Sean Williams

Have been a customer for years - one of the better theaters to attend in the entire metro area. Well maintained and managed, clean bathrooms, quality food. You can pick your seat at the ticket concierge.

Ronald Honrado

Me and my parter are both member of the A-list and I highly recommend it but they need to sort out their scanner. Most of the time it doesn't work!

Ryan Peters

Spacious theatre's and one of the areas only Dolby Cinema Theatres. Offer standard, imax, and 3D movies. Tickets can be purchased online or at one of many touch screen kiosks in the lobby. Tons of food options in the 3rd level mall food court to grab food & drinks before or after your flick.

Sean Phoenix

Nice movie theater with good selection of movies.

Kim Lawrence

The mall was great. I will definitely be back. The theaters were a bit difficult to find, as they were on the third floor. Service was fast and friendly, theater was clean. Not so sure about picking seats in advance, but everything worked out fine.

Fredy Alberto

Stadium seating is adequately comfortable. Bathrooms need to be renovated and ticket machines need to be serviced. There were several out of order.

D Stevey

I have seen a lot of great movies here, and for the most part I have been pleased with the theater as a whole, especially with the cleanliness of the actual theaters/viewing rooms . However, when a rush happens the front area of this place kind of falls apart. Trash strewn about, no napkins, no salt shakers for popcorn, and little jalapenos all over the ground! I have seen it like this as I enter a movie, and 2 hours later nothing has changed. I get that rush time on the opening weekend of a big movie will cause chaos, but management might be able to mitigate that with some better planning.

Felichia Taylor

Great place. Dislike the bathrooms were separated.

Bob D.

This AMC facility is a bit like a second home for me. It's always open, parking is easy and free, and the management does a great job of booking a wide variety of films. The new A-List loyalty program makes taking in a movie more affordable and the experience is something I always look forward to, even if the movie turns out to be a stinker! I hope younger folks get a chance to turn off NETFLIX, put their phones down and watch a movie the way it's supposed to be a large dark theater with comfortable seating surrounded by people you don't know and holding a bucket of fresh popcorn! Let's dim the lights.

Chris Calabrese

It's a movie theater. Honestly there's not a lot to report, it's a solid AMC theater - 16 screens including a couple of 3D and one nice Dolby theater with the reclining seats.

Kevin Noble

Had some difficulty with a doorman refusing to believe that my tickets were, indeed, mine (I ordered online and my name was right on it). Aside from that odd experience, very good staff (aside from that Alonso dude), clean theatres (the Dolby theatre is breathtaking, I don't know if I can see a standard movie ever again), and the concessions are great. Really cool artwork too. Join the AMC Stubs list. It's worth it. For the cost of a movie ticket and a large popcorn and drink combo, you can get up to 3 movies per week and a discount on your concessions. Plus random rewards pop up on my card for seeing movies regularly. Its awesome.

Steve Eastlack

This is my go to theater mainly because of its location but I’ve also never had an issue with long waits for tickets or concessions. The theaters itself are always clean as well.

Leo Horwitz

Pretty crowded at times but the theater itself is fine. Some areas of the floor can be sticky. Seats are nice and comfortable. Lines in the lobby usually don't take too long.

Michelle Minstrell

Showing many first run movies, in regular, 3D, Dolby, and IMAX. All seats reserved. Concessions drastically overpriced. Pretend to have recycling, but give you lots of non-recyclable packaging...

Dan Dellapenta

Went to see "Good Boys". Great movies the tickets are only $7.49 if you catch a movie before 11 am. Can't beat the price and its stadium seating.

Danny Christian

Great theater. Love the assigned seating and the fact they have a bar

borbear 4

this movie theatre needs a lot of proper training for its employer. Bad customer service beginning with the gentlemen that was in charge this morning. I asked if he had more people for the long line of non stub rewards customers he quickly responded in a rude tone "that's all I have". They had two employees in the concession stand and a bunch of people in line. Amc needs to work on there non members vs members rule they have. I find it very disrespectful that because your not a member you are punished on a wait time of 25min because the members are priority no matter what. My movie had started and was 15 min in. Get it together AMC.

Gertha Kubi

Awesome theater , it was very spacious which I appreciated. The chairs were spaced far enough apart that you don't feel like you're sharing a limb with the person next to you. With that being said my chair (mechanical) did not work. It was hard to get it to go into any position really, whether reclining or sitting straight up. Would've been a perfect experience had my chair worked. Go see US

N Du Mont

The Digital Dolby is amazing!

Matthew Slomka

Best theater I've ever been too! Lots of auditoriums and reserved seating make it perfect for any time. Make sure to get AMC A list so you can book your seat online ahead of time! You won't regret it!

Alex Nguyen

Fun times as always. Probably a good idea to avoid prime time traffic.

Karl Van Neste

Saw Laurence of Arabia there on 9/4/2019. Seats were comfortable. Place was pretty clean. Concession service, for overpriced food, was so slow that I had to leave the line. Only one person working the line, another two or three walking around in the background, not taking orders. All I wanted was popcorn!

Emily Mathae

AMC stubs a-list is WORTH IT if you like coming to the movies, and the Tysons theater is a great place to go. Only complaint is that I wish more (or all) of the theaters here would have reclining seats.

Jeremy Chatham

My primary goto movie theater, and not just because it's the closest. Good seats, screens, and staff.


I was there for lego movie, the concession lines were di long by 15 minutes or greater. My children ended up missing the beginning of the movie due to this line. I asked the Manager on duty for readmission tickets due to the line, he declined. I contacted AMC corporate to inform them of this incident in which the theater general manager contacted me 1 week later. Glenn interrogated me as to what happened when, who, and where. He sent so far to call me back and inform me that he ran the video back to confirm my complaint. His "investigation" concluded i stood in the box office line no longer than 5 minutes and concession line for about 15 minutes and that's normal to him. He wasted my time on phone calls 27 minutes tube first call and 19 minutes I've second call. Glenn chastised me for 2 readmissions tickets. This was most unbelievable that a large company line AMC would do that to a customer. My family spent over $150 there because it's 7 of us. We go to thst theater atleast 2 times a month. Glenn finally agreed to give me 2 tickets after the over 45 minute interrogation and then informed me that he has to mail them to me he can't leave them at the box office even though I told him I'd be out there the next day shopping. Regal Potomac yard here we come. We used to go to regal all the time but found it easier to ho to AMC Tysons because we eat st TGIF during the visit. But this culture in there is not one that's customer service friendly.

Mohanad ElMazahy

Love it Tuesday only

Rebekah Elgut

Very nice theater with much room and comfort, the service is great and the area is beautiful

Vasili P.

The theater is clean. My main issue with this location is the price. Movie theaters within a 15 mile radius are a few dollars cheaper with nicer seats. The sound and image quality was very good for the movie that I saw (The Incredibles 2) so that left me happy. Some movie theaters don't keep up their audio systems and there can be tons of washed out sound from the speakers. Didn't have this occur here.

Jason De Silva

An amazing theater. Very well upkept and updated. There is a Dolby Cinema and in my personal opinion it's worth every penny. Large entrance with priority lines for Stubs Premier and A-List members.


Couldnt find a movie opened at 1030pm, Saturday night when I was CRAVING to see ROCKETMAN

Andrew M

Great theater Clean.

Ivan Vazquez

Just sat down at my seats, P1 2 and 3, Every single one of these seats had trash, wet naps, pizza boxes and food all over the theare #3. This is our 1st time here and We pay premium $ to watch a movie at this theatre. You would think management and those tasked with responsibility to maintain would take pride and do just that Not a sermon just a thought ... about pride and dignity in one's job!!

Samuel Wiggins

It was Good. The only thing is food is expensive. 8$ for large popcorn! 6$ for a icee for 1 person!!! 5$ for fountain drink?!?!? I can get 1 dollars for fountain drink and 2 dollars for slushie at 7 11.

Will Allen

this movie theater is very popular but it would be useful if they would use some of their revenue to improve the upkeep. For example the bathrooms are very dirty and I've heard lots of people complaining about it. The other problem is that the line for concessions can be over 30 minutes long on a regular basis so I wonder why they don't hire more people to make that more efficient since they are clearly charging a lot for the concessions.

Jason Vaughn

IMAX theater is amazing. The theater is always clean. I enjoy having an assigned seat and not having to rush to the theater.

Ayesha Sadiq

I enjoyed the movie 'Kalank', the theater had great movie selections and timings. But the seats are not worth the ticket price. Other AMC's have switched to the recliners and their tickets are far less than Tysons' $15. I really hope they upgrade but as of now I'll stick to my local AMC with the recliners.

Beck Carlson

Never have to wait in line to get in and we don't seem to have a problem getting tickets. But the soda machine was out of the majority of options on the Coke Freestyle. So...what's the point of the machine? We also had a minor issue and it was difficult to track down a manager.

Tony Nguyen

Nice place to watch a movie

Amanda Meyer

The titles available are always extensive. The staff was helpful and friendly. The snack choices were good. I had the pretzel bites and they were spot on.

Clinton Jones

Great service love the Dolby and a list 3 movies a week for the price of one.

Cory Flett

Atmosphere is great and a lot of options

Ram Mohan Reddy

Great place to visit with friends and family. Lot of shopping and movies.

Giannina Bringas

Unacceptable system. No respect for elderly people just because there is a "member line privilege" which get the service first to purchase tickets at the counter .last night i witness one of the most disturbing scene. there was a really old couple who wanted to purchase a ticket and just because they didn't have the membership they have to wait in line because the teenagers needed it to be seen first. Where is human kindness .......lost of moral and values....... Capitalism takes everything away in life even respect for humanity.

Han E

One of a few places in NoVA to have Imax and Dolby Vision


$15 for a pretzel but AMC can't be bothered to keep the concessions queue under 20 minutes during peak hours. Poor service, filthy restrooms. The movies I've been to have had audio that is quieter than usual, so you hear everything around you. Frankly Regal is a much better brand. I only end up here because of the convenience of the location.

Leticiuh xo

This is more of a question but if you’re going to watch BTS Bring The Soul movie, then hmu, insta; @leti.vy

Karen Phumisithikul

After coming here for several years (~6) it has definitely worn and changed over time. The seats are stiff and the theaters are ok. Tonight's film for Aladdin stopped several times for several seconds which disrupted the movie. This ruins a movie goer who has first impressions of a film. Tyson's AMC didn't apologize or inform the audience of the delay. The movie was enjoyable and I hope AMC can improve their equipment

Amy Harrison

Love ,love,love

Yuri Jung

Seats are super uncomfortable. People behind you obnoxiously kick nonstop. Friendly staff.

Duncan Walter

Theaters are well kept and reserved seating is a huge bonus. Movie selection is often varied. IMAX theater is currently under renovation.

Lynette Rivera

I love this movie theater, is close to my house very accessible via metro and costumer service is good.

Ha T.

Great theater. Concessions could be a bit faster though. Not staffs fault, just slow process.

alejandro renderos

It was good, I enjoyed a lot of the movie

David Gump

They ran out of Coke, actually all Coke products. Restroom was trashed. Toilets either full of paper, or the doors were too warped to latch closed.

wei chi

Expected more from this theater since it's more expensive and at an upscale location. Stadium seating and older seats not very comfortable.

Christopher Hanson

Charged a convenience fee for online tickets but I do like the option of choosing seats. Popcorn was good. The 3 stars is for the seats that are pretty dirty. At least by shoes didn’t stick to the floor.

Weiming Huynh

It got too crowded. I guess there's not a lot of options in the area.

Leif Olson

Nice but pricey esp at the snack bar and parking is rarely easy during popular movie times

Charles Acree

First time are the AMC Tysons Corner. Great location inside the mall with a large parking lot attached. You can actually enter the top floor of the mall and go directly to the entrance of the theater. So remember to park up top or close to the top. The seats are reserved as they are at other local AMC theaters. But they were not the new adjustable recliners that we look for whenever we go to see a movie. They do have the option to order food and have it delivered to your seat. Nice touch.

Eric Estes

An excellent large multiplex with easy same level parking.

Ingrid Roca

Can’t beat the Tuesday deal. Only thing I wish the standard digital theater had reclining seats like other theaters in the area.


the film was advertised to start at 1:35, Longer length versions of Broadcast TV commercials were running as we entered. at the appointed time 20 full minutes of trailers started at ultra amped audio levels. The theater was clean and well air conditioned. But for my money the Angelica Theater at Mosaic beats it hands down

John Heddon

Great theatre great seats too.

Anthony Wilson

Rude person at counter to get food workers standing around talking to guest not taking job as seriously handed me a whole bucket of popcorn when I ordered nachos

Prasad Patwardhan

Great theater with very large screens. Theaters haven't been upgraded with reclining leather chairs yet which is unfortunate.

Nicholas Ansloan

Great theater! Good condition and comfortable seats and fresh concessions! INSANELY EXPENSIVE though. I’ve never spent nearly $10 on nachos at a movie theater before.

Reid Nelson

So doing 5 stars here for a simple reason - saw Godzilla (go see it) and we had a woman with a baby in the front. The baby was constantly crying. Obviously not great start to the movie. Staff came into the theater and took care of the issue. Then when the woman got angry and refused to leave, they handled the situation in a professional way while the movie was going on. Really an amazing crew there.

Jason Oertell

Dolby Cinema is well worth the price of admission.

Larry Dortch

Nice movie theater that usually has the best movies.

Zulfan Bakri

Never watch special events movie here, again they ruined the movie by: 1. Starting the movie over 15 mins late (it was closer to 20), 2. Not Having the movie in focus for portions of the movie. (they said the projectionist doesn't even stay in the booth after 10 mins after it starts) 3. Starting "Noovie" before the movie even ended probably because the at sleep projectionist started the movie late and the timer started the ads. Blockbusters and other junk fine -- just never go here for a special event -- they just don't care about them. Go to Angelika at Mosiac at least they care...

Jon Metheny

Went to go see endgame on opening night, couldn't enjoy a single ****ing second of it because a swarm of small toddlers and babies would not stop screaming, nor would they leave the theater. The ushers did nothing. I demanded my money back because I could barely hear what was being said in the movie half the time during dialogue scenes over screaming children but couldn't hey my money back because I stayed for the entire movie. This theater might look nice, but it's absolute garbage. Please take my warning and never come here for movies, just go somewhere else, you'll thank me.

Katie Wheat

We had to leave the 8:10 Shazam movie in the IMAX theater because the sound was so painfully loud. I have never been to a movie-IMAX, Dolby, etc. where the sound was so loud to the point where it hurt. Hope they stop blasting the sound so high because we like this theater and go often.

Carolyn Prentis

Nice movie theater.

Jeff Babb

Nice theater but not all theaters have recliners.

Lloyd Lawson


Catrice Barnes

Love this theater!!! One of the best to go to. Matinee prices are great for this to be located in McLean VA.

Ly Vuong

Comfortable chairs, nice ambient and setting. Ample space to get tickets.

Sharon B. Cheng

Good theater with many options for Blockbusters: 3D, Dolby, regular. Concession stand is suuuuuper slow.

raynorlbuckley .

The Dolby Cinema is awesome. Comfortable reclining seats and immersive sound. Staff was kind enough to find a pillow for the person I was with since she had recently injured her back and couldn't sit in the seat comfortably. One of my favorite theaters in the area. Easy parking and plenty of things to do and places to eat within the mall.

Dan Moldover

This theater is always crowded, but the auditoriums are large. because of the crowds, you often have to wait in line to have your tickets taken or phone scanned. The IMAX screen is gorgeous, even when used for 3D films. the lines for refreshments move quickly. AMC even allows you to order your snacks ahead of time and have them waiting. It's a very convenient feature for those that show up at the last minute. Previews time continues to get longer. For the last two movies I've seen, there were nearly 30 minutes of previews before the feature started. Given the trend towards longer movies, plan to arrive 10 to 15 minutes after the scheduled showtime. You'll still be able to find your seat and won't miss any of the main feature. Parking at Tysons corner can be an adventure. The least crowded garage is the one immediately adjacent to the metro station. if you go to any other, it may take 10 to 15 minutes to find a spot after circling the many levels. I find it's often worth the extra 5 minutes to walk through the mall instead of fighting for a spot with the crowds.

Hans Newton

Big theater. Clean. Seats arent very comfortable

Paul Casson

I love the movies, and going to the cinema whenever I can is a must for me. So I don't like to be disappointed, and this cinema complex DOES NOT disappoint. Compared to some of the ones I've been to in my home country of Australia, we have got a lot to learn. From the seating to the food, this cinema is king and I so wish it was my local. It has an IMAX screen in its complex, not external of it

Tanya Tawana Glover

Love the variety of the different theatres here.


Not bad... Nothing extra ordinary...

Jennifer McAdam

I like it but other theaters have much better seats, more comfortable.

Ryan Nichols

It takes a while to park and get into this theater.

Riley Jake Anderson

Great seats in the Dolby surround sound theatre last night for endgame. But there was a little off smell that kept popping

Aymi Ying Liang

Giant beautiful theater on top of Tyson's mall! Be sure to sit in the back to get maximum experience. The chairs are a bit small and don't recline tho.

Dan Supernova

Comfortable seating and is kept extremely clean. Purchasing a ticket only takes about 30 seconds with their digital kiosks with no delays (that I've ever encountered). The area itself is very well organized and managed from either the lines for concessions or the line just to get into the AMC. Also, there are two large parking garages right next to the AMC, so parking during peak hours is almost never a problem. I've been here about once every month and Tysons has never disappointed, would recommend to everyone in the DMV area.

Tina L

Convenient place to watch movies, but tickets can be a bit expensive. The overall movie experience is alright, with the slurpees at the concessions being a huge plus. The red seats can use some upgrading, although they've already taken that into consideration with their newer theater setup. Definitely will come back again as a movie-goer, just not as frequently as I used to.

Kevin Baik

Professional staffs. Sometimes there are candys and gum stuck on the floor or in the cup holder, so it's as clean as your average movie theater, but not significantly dirtier.

Mark Clifton

Great location, but seats are dated. Could definitely use some recliners.

Ananth Namburi

Dolby theater is great for watching action movies here.

Cory McCraw

If you are going out to the movies treat yourself to the AMC at Tysons Corner. You can pick your seats and tickets online days before the movie, enjoy a wide variety of food and beverage options, recline in the spacious chairs and enjoy your movie in style. Parking is sometimes a challenge, but that is pretty standard for the mall.

lim lim

The few times i came to watch a movie here. The theater was not ready. Workers were still cleaning when the movie was suppose to start at 1410 and was still dirty then. This theater is not worth what they charge. Highly recomment going to somewhere else.

Brandon Rowles

The theater is awesome!! Seats are very comfortable and recline a bit. Loved the experience!!!

James Murray

Seats are small and cramped and stained. They have assigned seating but they are just regular seats. They even show an ad for AMC with these comfy recliners they don't have. Concession are slow. Give yourself plenty of extra time if you don't want to miss any of your movie. #AMC Tysons Corner

Cory Carter

Love this theater, very clean and huge. So close to the food court so dinner and a movie is so easy.

Hughes Cleaning Service

Love this movie theater. Going back this weekend.

Jecky Patel

Hardly 2 employees working in the concessions. Too much time consuming to wait in lines for a single regular soda. Soda machines broken from about my last three visits. Cleanliness not maintained.

Sandeep Vatturi

Awesome experience, they do have multiple lines and at concession stands making the lines go faster. The seats are recliners with a mini table stand for your snacks and drinks. The place inside a strip mall so for parking better go to the basement first as it saves a lot of time and they have stairs that lead right up to the theatres which is a convenient. Sound and picture quality was awesome.

Julian Cheong

Half price tickets for Stubs members on Tuesdays. Applies to Dolby Cinema movies too!

Paul Katz

This theater is expensive but it executes near flawlessly. Comfortable chairs. Premium screens. Alcohol bar available. It does have the art deco feel of the Mosaic theater, but as one with a classic feel, it hits all the important points. A strong bonus that it is located right off an impressive food court.

Douglas Hoffman

Good place. Good snacks. Great movies.

Eric Seo

This is probably my favorite cinema thus far. I've been going here since I was a kid and it still pays off with the same experience. I don't live close, but it's always worth the drive and I like to hang out and visit different parts of the mall before the movie starts. Definitely a great place for watching high-budget films on big screens! I've seen nearly all the Avengers films at this cinema!

jazie mcg

IMAX was amazing!

Jessica Lopez

My friends and I purchased tickets to see Hustlers when the movie first came out. Unfortunately at our arrival, we were greeted by a caucasian man who racially profiled my friends and I. He requested to see our ID's / open our purses. He wouldn't let us go into the movie, he instead he told us to go to the manager. Which was even WORSE. The manager actually took my friends ID out of her wallet while we sat during the movie. They have an ALL caucasian team and they all were not friendly but totally standoffish.

Ragheed Al Ameen

Good theater but missing the recliner seats

Yejin Kim

Great theater with great seats and all. The only thing that is bothering me is that for some reason they stopped doing IMAX screening at that particular theater which angers me. So I was wondering when is that coming back to AMC Tysons 16 because I was hoping to watch Avengers Endgame in IMAX there. But overall this is a good theater

Sandeep Satija

Alfonzo the popcorn dude is the reason y’all get a 1-Star. Paying $60 for movie tickets and popcorn and soda

Nicholas Montalto

Finally got out to see avengers endgame. Great movie and eventhough we were in the back row, it was awesome! No real lines tonight and everything was reallt clean. We look forward to going back and seeing the new spiderman movie. I grabbed a $26 AMC groupon deal for $13 and didn't have any issues redeeming!


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