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REVIEWS OF AMC St. Charles Town Center 9 IN Maryland

Keebie Clements Davis

Great way to spend a snowy day. First visit to this location. The snack areas and theater were both clean and the staff was polite.

Carolyn Walker

Clean and comfortable so I enjoy the movie!

Val Viz

The redesign has made a world of difference at this theater. The seat spacing and recliners put it in the upper echelon of theaters. It does reduce the number of seats and can be difficult to buy group seats for popular times. The concession pricing is not family friendly. The $5 Tuesday deals make for a great family outing. There wasn't any issues with the audience and I saw an staffer doing a walkthrough which is always a good feeling.

Stacey Horton

The kids love the movie to cold in the theater

Anissa Jones

The seats were very comfortable .

Jay Spurlin

Pretty nice theater. Minus one star because the food prices have gone from outrageous to astronomical - $20 for two drinks and a small popcorn. Minus another star because of upkeep; some of the seats need fixing and the parking stripes needed repainted a couple years ago - now there basically aren't any stripes in much of the parking lot. And the Stubs membership used to be free and it seemed like it got me some sort of discount or credit almost every time I went to the movies - now we have to pay for the membership, and I can't recall the last time it actually saved me anything.

Paul Carty

Small-town theater. Too small, needs renovations, food is terrible. Dirty most of the time

Linda Summers

I loved the movie that was playing : The Advengers. 1:00 show on Mothers Day.

dee Dubbya

My feelings are warming up to this place. Some times I go it's great but last time we went not so much. They also had security walking around which I can understand why after seeing the influx of young vagabonds theater hoping and making excessive noise. I hope this isnt a sign of things to come. This has the potential to be a 5 start theater... for now 3.5 stars

Barbara Albro

Reclining chairs are comfortable. Staff is generally nice. Carpets are worn but they have a lot of foot traffic. Concessions are expensive....but, I guess they are everywhere.

Trevon Bedford

Seats are comfortable, great customer service.

Nakeisha Dorsey

Amazing went last minute on a date night with my husband. I had no issues. The conseccion line moved fast. Everyone was friendly. There was teenagers there but not in my movie. They weren't all over the place being loud. I really liked going to this location. I really enjoyed my movie as well. Overall a very great experience.

Lennox Jones

Comfortable and spacious .

Lisa Burnette

First time visiting AMC Theater, very comfortable reclining seats, clean theater and great customer service. Keep up the good work! SC


I wish I could give it more than 2 stars. The theater in and of itself is fairly decent. It's small, but it is decent. The reclining chairs make it comfortable. Having it linked to Fandango also helps if you use it, which I used to. The concessions, while pricey, have a decent variety and aren't bad. The problem is the people. They do absolutely NOTHING to protect the money I've spent. People will go in and talk, whether on their phones or not. Others will provide their commentary the entire movie, but nothing happens to them. Until this theater figures out how to fix that (or at least tone it down), I can't rate it higher. I also used to be an avid movie attendee, but with those factors, I can't do it. I'm not wasting my money to have some random idiot narrate the entire movie.

Njema Frazier

Very Nice. Reserved seating... Goumet popcorn... Coca Cola Freestyle machine...

Monica Edwards

Seats are comfortable and theater is nice and clean

I'm_ La Toya

It's very nice inside. Staff are courteous and the food is good. The restrooms are usually kept clean. The theater food is way too over priced though. I spent nearly $5 just on one bottle of water which was ridiculous.

Jeremy O'Toole

Amc stubs member wish they would change movies more often. There's been a few movies there for over a month when there are plenty of other new movies out.

Vincent King

Great theatre. Nice size chairs , clean good place to enjoy a movie. The price was reasonable. The consission stand has a great variety of food. Did not like the drink machine. Also Fridays seem to be a very popular night. Get there early if you want a certain seat. Theater seats are lounge type that the feet goes up you can lift armrest between seats which is great for dates. You can buy tickets in advance. All seating is assigned when you buy your ticket. Would go back again and recommend to others.

tiffany hurt

This AMC Movie Theater does not sell individual kids cup, etc. I should not be forced to purchase a kids package just to get a kids drink. There is also never any paper towels in the bathroom and the appearance of this movie theater needs a VERY GOOD CLEANING INSIDE & OUT AND A COMPLETE MAKEOVER!! We will find our family a new movie home.

Rosa Tam

clean inexpensive, seats recline,

Dre Johnson

A good theatre. Great reserved seating, food and snacks a tad bit pricey but AMC gotta rob you somehow. Lol the recliner lazy boys are Awesome.

Diana Johnson

Very Poor seats some broken some don't even recline

Yolanda Simpson

I'm here often and although I have minor critics overall I think it's a nice place to enjoy viewing the movie of your choice.


Has always been my place to go to every since they added recliner seats. It doesn't bother me that it's small because you can reserve your seat. Nothing like it for the seasoned generation. Keep up the good work St. Charles AMC! Just wish they had more senior days and better snack prices.

Marcerra Jordan

Food was disgusting and overpriced. Also nk fresh popcorn. Tasted like it was delivered in a bag and they heat it under a lamp. At least the movie and seats were a blast.

Lisa Stafford

Nice Theatre, friendly staff.

messenger 333

Quaint, but convenient neighborhood amc. I like it because it's hardly ever overrun with people or too excessively busy. Get in, recline, enjoy a movie, then get out. Like it!

LJ Connell

Comfortable seating. But really dirty, and be really careful at night especially weekends!! Do not recommend going alone.

Maria alvey

It was dirty, had no ice in soda machine, and the butter for popcorn in the lobby was empty.

A Butler, Sr

Nice theater, always clean. See s movie in 3D and really enjoyed the experience!! Nice shot for when you want to get away for a few... Get to reserve seats using online.

GG Simmons

I enjoy the reclining reserved seating.

Charlene Criss

Friendly staff, clean, comfortable recliners

S. Q.

The seats have been upgraded in the theater. The theater was clear of food. The service was good. The theater lobby needs to be cleaned. The floors in front of the drink machines and register were sticky. Popcorn was visible on the floors throughout the theater. The women's bathroom needed attention.

Brian Dunlap

Love the chairs and saw Halloween 40 with one of my favorite people in the world

Walter Wyatt

Wow this place was incredibly comfy.

Derek Simpson

Great theater, food a little pricey but it was good.

Carrie Gravely

Love that I can reserve my seat.

J. Anthony Myrick

Great sound and friendly staff. Place looked like popcorn fight happen in the lobby but that can be 1 or 2 people making a mess.

Rosalyn Kinney

Love the reserved seating; However, some of the chair upholstery is torn in need of replacement. Other than that; get enrolled in Stubs membership for some great perks.

Justin Brown

Great for being one of two theaters in the area. The reclining seats are starting to show a little wear and tear, but still overall nice and clean place.

maryvn christmas

Great experience... comfortable reclining seats and friendly concession staff...

travis benson

It doesn't look clean ,look dirty and also dirty when you come up to the door. And the theater does not smell good

Sheri Roberson

My favorite theater near me.

Amanda Bazan

Worst theater in the area. Save yourself the grief and go to Xscape in Brandywine. Pre purchased tickets in the morning and was unable to see the screen for seat selection. The ticket agent was forced to aid me in picking the seats. I asked for anything except the very front row. Unbeknownst to me, she selected side seats in the very first row. When we arrived, we purchased $26 worth of popcorn (butter dispenser was either out of fake butter or broken)and 2 regular drinks and then we went to our seats (which still had empty drink containers from the previous patrons). I went to the manager to see if there were any other seats available to switch to and explained that if I were able to select my own seats, I would have choosen seats a bit further up in the theater. The manager could not have cared less. His answer to me was, "you're the only person complaining". If that were true, and I highly doubt it was, why would that invalidate the fact that I was a dissatisfied customer?? He really needs some extra training in what customer service means. We won't be going back there again.

Ted Peterkin

The theater was clean and the staff was very professional and knowledgeable about our movie going experience. The concession stand employees were very polite and professional. The total experience was a GOOD one for a change, very refreshing indeed.

Butch Berry

Friendly, knowledgeable staff, food is usually good but expensive as hell. I recommend hitting a restaurant (lots of them) around the mall before you go to the movie. Candy tip:.there is a DollarTree in the shopping center south of mall where you can get candies for a buck a piece. Combined with matinees, AMC movie plans and comfy online reserved seating, it is a good entertainment value.

Rhonda Murray

The staff was very helpful and friendly! The theaters were also very clean!!! We had a great time there!

Tyrone Freeman

As always friendly

Robert Harley

I am an A-List member and it is well worth the fee. I sometimes found myself planning a movie day and having to cancel last minute. Due to being called in to work. There were times when I simply had to eat the cost of the ticket as a result. With A-List this no longer an issue. Even if I do get called in just as a movie is starting or ongoing. I have two other opportunities that same week. As well as the convenience of last second online ticket cancellation as well. If you are as avid a movie buff as I. You should consider joining as well. If you enjoy 3D or IMAX movies. Or you see multiple movies a month. It can be a massive cost saver.


Small but good seating. No seat is bad.

Bellelay H.

This is a small theater with reclining seats. The seats are assigned so its important to get tickets early online for new releases.

Larry Lawrence

A newly renovated theater

Charlyn Smith Miller

Love this theater. Popcorn is great and love the reclining seats.

Raquel Mack

The movie was great but the smell had made my stomach upset..

Daphne Hardy

Great theatre! Like having assigned seating. Nice upgrades to the snack bar. It's a bit pricey but it's the NORM. Don't go hungry! The smell of freshly popped popcorn is tempting

Sheri Tapscott

Cold. Bring a blanket. Food prices too high for just snacks.

The Evans Crew

I would give this theater more stars if it didn’t have such horrible movie etiquette displayed by the staff. Just saw Avengers End Game tonight (10pm show) and the movie was SPOILED for me by the staff. As a few of us sat idle by waiting for the theater to be cleaned, one of the staff told another staff member “I don’t know why they want to sit through this movie just to watch xxxxx die”. This isnt the first time this has happened to me, as this similar situation happened when Infinity War came out. Thanks AMC glad your staff is in the business of ruining the movie goers experience.

Pete/Sue Wilson

The theatre was clean, seats comfortable, the food was good but ridiculously expensive!

April DuBose

Good location and Great staff! Love the A-List Membership! ☺️

willis arroyo

Love this theater. They keep it clean as much as they can and provide an enjoyable experience for me and my family. Love the recliners

Ant G

Being discriminated against because I’m gay is something I’d never have to experience in a movie theater

Jolene McNeil

Reclining leather seats are good but some need to be replaced. Staff is generally nice but sometimes service is slow

Marcelo Jaldin

Nice place to watch movies, We are new in Waldorf area but we are happy that there is many stores and a mall close to us.

Jamahl Dunn

Movie theater with not so friendly service.

Anna Henry

A guy named Ricco was super helpful yesterday when I bought my ticket in advance. He informed me of a way to get discounts with the rewards card and got me signed up. He was super respectful and seemed to genuinely care about his customers. You don’t see that often so praise to Ricco!!

Andrew Hower

This place is a million times better than it used to be Nice reclining chairs with extra leg room are excellent Staff is great so far as I know It only loses a star for $texas popcorn =p

Bernard Morton

Great food prices are high though

Jeanne Ghrist

Clean the popcorn off the carpet..... it wasn't busy, lots of trash on the carpet as well. My seat was broken.......

William Bethea

Wife and I had great time watching Spiderman.

DaProblim HaveNone

as usual great experience and a clean, respectful establishment.

Marvin Proctor Jr

Great seats, clean environment, easy reservations

Ashlei .

One of my favorites. Just wish they'd get it stadium seating and upgrade the chairs

Jim Berryman

Love this place recliners and very quick lines

Lawrwence Durden

Very comfortable. Reminds you of my living room or my personal theater with more seats and people. Very up-to date and stale of the art.

Mommy J

Very well kept and cozy.

Sonny Galia

Favorite movie theater, especially for date night!

Vanessa Gonzalez

It's very technically advanced with assigned seating... but the seats were dirty and sticky.

Robert Marshall

The theater is not bad, but cramped. The bathroom dirty, and the lines! The automated ticket machines had a sign to go inside. One person was working the counter. Then the concession stand, not a bad staff, but the attempt to go high end on the menu is in stark contrast to a tiny, crowded, mall theater. The prices are at the top end of unreasonable, even by theater standards. The bathroom was in dire need of attention. Otherwise, average.

Shadonna Green

Comfortable seating but way overpriced

U Knowbetta

My son treated us to the movies there...very nice. I was shocked & impressed

Denise Hall

Love watching the movies in those comfortable seats. Very relaxing, makes it feel like home. But only problem I have is the ladies restrooms. I don't know how the men's are, but the staff should check the ladies restrooms more frequently.

Shameka Johnson

The cleanliness and crowd frequenting has went down... saw Creed. The lobby area was smoky like they were burning things in the back. Made it hard to see without eyes watering while you ordered or went to use the restroom.

Tha Ninja

You can pick your seats in advance. Reclining seats. Great sound and picture quality.

M. Williams

The popcorn used to be good. The lines are long because the cashier's don't want to be there

Nakia Minors

Comfortable, clean, and very good sound quality........ overall an enjoyable experience.

Orrin Spencer

Fun a movie with excellent very clean all the employees are very professional and personal

Christine Vermillion

Still my favorite place to see a movie.

Gwen Rhett

Clean with power recliners.

jerome downey

Old, gettoed and over priced compared to other theaters. Needs total update or relocation.

Kirk Degler

Pricey, but good layout of the seats. You can sit in the first rows without totally destroying your neck.

Tom Tucker

Great time. Love the seats. Did not pay $15 for a sofa and popcorn. Ridiculous. Enjoyed the movie, though.

Jessica Grimm

Large, comfy seats that recline. You pick your seats ahead of time.

Rashi Garg

Love My AMC. They have the best reclining comfy seats! Actually went to a few other AMC theatres at different locations, their seats were not as comfy. The only downside is shows get sold out very quickly because of limited seating.

Ronnie Taylor

Great staff,highest popcorn prices out of every AMC I have been to

monecurewilliams .

Not enough movie theaters buy tickets online new movies sell seats quickly tried to see creed 2 no seats left till 10 pm. Went to xscape was able to see in 20 mins of purchase also ticket stands are out side so if it's raining bring umbrella wow really amc paying customers sitting outside in rain for 20 min to find out show is sold out no thanks going to escape from now on

Frazier Smith

Wonderful Movie Theater. I love the reclining chairs.

T.W. Harris

Parking was great. Comfortable reclining seats. I really enjoyed our visit.

Shaundra McLamb

Our family hangout go to spot! Love reclining in the seats with my snugly and spending time with the family! Bathroom is always clean and popcorn always fresh

Nicholas Chappell

Great service and staff.

Laura Halikman

Wonderful movie theater comfortable seats

Alex Fanning

Courteous staff, good prices, seats recline further than I'm used to and are quite comfortable. I'm 6'2" so it's rare that the seats support me the way I want them to

Mz. Bailey

I like the theater it's convenient and have the big red recliners. For the most part Its clean and I enjoy the $5 specials on movies etc.

ElMoz World

Great place to go for a date. If you are single and introvert like me, they won't bother you unless you look lost. Popcorn is always good and hot. Butter machine always works.

Destiny Velencia

Some staff is awesome, some staff are rude. Theatres are never clean enough. There's not enough theatres, never showing enough movies and I have to drive all the way to Virginia or Brandywine. Food and snacks are overpriced. I always make sure to eat a meal beforehand. Chairs are very comfortable.

Shannon Morgan

The only positive thing are the red cushy recliners. By 11 am this theater is trashed and the bathrooms are disgusting. I think the employees have a hard time keeping up with the amount of slobs that go to this particular location to see a movie. Probably the same people who buy a ticket and talk the whole way through. The parking lot is also creepy and unsafe at night.

Shannon Day

Seats are comfy but lines are always long for consessions

Rosemarie Lyn

Nice theatre just need a sitting are to chill while they clean theatre rooms or while patrons wait till their movie starts

William Spivey

Relaxing atmosphere to enjoy a movie. I thoroughly enjoy being able to buy tickets online, obtain set assignments and have tickets texted to your cellphone. Truly makes going to the movie and painless experience with avoiding the long lines. Tickets are scanned on your cellphone...

Ismail Shah

Great place for watching movies that are realitivly new snacks are expensive but you don’t have to buy snacks

Imma Star

As is Customary for me for any business I have never been to before, I called this theater very recently in order to ascertain what type of Telephonic Customer Service and Care I would receive. The reason I chose to do this is very simple: I figure if I am treated badly via telephobe , then I most likely will be treated badly in person too. And so rather than waste my time going to the business, I take my business elsewhere. This is something I have been doing for many, many years, and it is something I did long before I became a Google Local Guide (GLG). When I called here, I asked for some general landmarks to get a better idea of the directions I planned to follow especially since my first visit to this theater was going to be at night. The lady I spoke with was very kind and patient and her information as far as directions assisted me tremendously. I never told her that I am a GLG. When I came to the theater, my goofy telephone started acting up and I could not immediately call up my movie e-Ticket. The young man who was taking tickets at the door was very helpful and he helped me alleviate my frustrations by talking to me about the Redskins and about DC Comics and other related pleasant topics. He then asked Gwen to further assist me in locating my e-Ticket and she was amazing too as far as trying to help me. Fortunately my goofy cell phone gave up my e-Ticket after I went outside the theater again for a minute. I then told Gwen that I was a GLG and that I would talk to her more about my planned Review after the movie was over. Gwen and I later spoke and I was very impressed by how kind she is and how much she loves her job and her knowledge of the Theater Business. I asked her if AMC was considering creating their own Cable Channel/Network or something similar and she reminded me that what I asked is much easier said than done and the expense alone to create such a Channel/Network as well as get the legal permissions from The Studios and/or whomever owned the Rights to a movie, could cost a lot of money. It should be noted that my conversation with Gwen was interrupted by a gentleman who needed assistance because his car battery had died and he asked Gwen to assist him with getting help. Gwen immediately assisted him and what's interesting to me is that something similar to me happened to me as far as my battery dying outside of a business. Once again I was very impressed with Gwens' kindness and willingness to assist this gentleman. Ms. Gwen, along with my experience with the other staff member, (as well as how comfortable I felt in every way at this beautiful theater) also helped inspire me to want to join the AMC A-List. I now very much look forward to coming back here soon to see another movie:)

Nicholas StOurs

They have frickin recliners for seats ...nuff said

John Epps

I didn't like this location due the much needed repairs

TheTakenChance .

Decent theater. The seats are very comfortable and the screen is a good size. The concessions are over priced but that goes with any AMC theater. The only issue with this theater are the crowds that it draws on the weekends. Lots of teenagers that just talk and laugh the whole time. It does get very busy on the weekend and again people talk the entire movie and disrupt the movie. Again be sure to lock your car, they have had issues in the past with people breaking into cars and stealing stuff during the movies.

mike whisler

Concession closed by 10:30 movie started at 10:20 went to get snacks and they were cleaning said they were closed!! Always an issue with concession here. I'm a stubs gold member and they have separate line area but don't care. The only way to have a pleasant visit is to skip conceascon


Overall a very fair movie theater. The lot is a bit weird. Theater size is decent with (maybe) a dozen showrooms. Plenty of space inside with the plush, leather, reclining seats so less seating per theater. Also tickets are assigned to seats. Inside is decently clean for a movie theater. Prices are normal both for tickets, as well as concessions. Has all the newest movies.

Daniel Hall

I went to the movies. And it was great. Seeing movie we had the whole theater to ourselves it was nice what not many people in there this time and seats are nice and comfortable thank you remodeling and making it much nicer to enjoy the movies. I remember going to the movie theater used to have it old seat where you had to fold it down to sit down it would be up and you have to push it down to sit down that was the old sheets in the theater now you have a reclining chair that goes backwards almost laying in bed almost like and it's really comfortable thank you.

Mike Galope

Need to replace the reckiners. Theybare extremely worn with cracks and malfunctions.

Jarvis Waller

Well I guess I can't totally complain or have issues with the theater. If you can overlook the dirty condiments area. And the dilapidated building. Definitely needs a renovation. Bathrooms aren't clean often. Trash running over and dirty urinals.

Darlene Moretti

My favorite theater to go to. Reclining seats are awesome

Angela Blakeney

Really nice movie,way different from the previous grinch movie,worth taking the kid's to see.

Aisha B

Love this place. Fav theater!

Dr. Egheosa Igbinoba

Our go to theatre for the area since it's the closest. I only wish it had more theaters for more movie showing options at times

Joe Ryan

Nice theater. Bummed they cancelled my daughter's movie without notifying us. Good service.

Jack Vogel

Nice theater with cushioned, reclining seats. They have soda machines that allow you to get any flavor or coke product, including diet. I reccomend reserving your seats in advance.

richard conklin

Most comfortable theatre ever.

Christopher McDade

My wife, daughter and I love coming here. The food is always good and the recliner chairs are awesome.

Art by Vonda

Seats are comfortable and I like that you can reserve seats in advance online.

Lamont Hoyer

Comfortable seats. No overcrowding. Member perks.

4kgaming channel

Nice relaxed vibe.

Sharde McConnell

I have a pretty sensitive nose, but the stench in that movie theater was rancid. I hate smelling anything so that was pretty gross but the previews and movie turned my attention away from it. They need some kind of odor neutralizers in there!

Shelley White

I enjoy all of the movies I have seen here. The seating is relaxing because they recline. The sound effects are really great. The concession stand has a variety of snacks. My favorite are the Nachos with cheese & the flat bread pizza. Good popcorn too. I'm not a candy person but the boys like them & it's a lot to choose from. The theatre's are cleaned after every show & the rest rooms are kept clean. I do believe u will enjoy your movie experience here at the AMC Waldorf Cinema.

Nick Skinner

I enjoyed the movie that I went to see and the lines weren't long for concessions. Staff was friendly. I wouldn't say it was the cleanest theatre I have been to but I would come back based on location.

Matt Smigal

It's the best theater in the area so it gets a bump to three stars. Everything is sticky. Even the relatively newly installed seats that recline. It is nice that you can reserve seats though. Generally the concession stand is very understaffed. It's fine when you have plenty of time but if you're rushing to make your movie,nits the worst. Overall, the facility would be a lot better with just a deep clean.

Micah Wood

I've never had a bad experience at this theater. Even when the showings are full it still seems like the place is empty. I almost never have to deal with any lines. It is very enjoyable.

Samuel Burgess

Good theater, (buy tickets in advance, online) no seating in the lobby (needed)

Alvin Carroll

Very comfortable seats temperature was just right, everywhere was clean.Movie was awesome.


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