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2772 S Randolph St, Arlington, VA 22206, United States Located in: Village at Shirlington

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Where is AMC Shirlington 7?

REVIEWS OF AMC Shirlington 7 IN Maryland

Liz Fisher

I've been to this theater twice and both times have been bad experiences. I really hate having to select seats that are terrible when I arrive 30 minutes before the movie starts because everyone online gets advantage on seats. I can't decide on a whim to go from a restaurant to the theater and have any hope of getting a decent seat where I don't get a neck spasm from being too close to the screen. Also, I had the same experience someone else had when I watched Rogue One - the screen was super dark and maybe even out of focus. I watched this movie 2 more times at other theaters and it was a radically different experience. I want so much for this theater to be good since I live in Shirlington but I would rather drive 20 minutes to other theaters than put up with this one.

Abhay Sharma

AMC itself is a cheat, specially the way they advertise. This theatre on the other hand is pretty comfy.

Brandon Hutchinson

Been going to this theater for 3+ years. It's my favorite one in the area as it is in a dog-friendly area with plenty of restaurants and stores. Recliners are great. Reserved seating is great. The movie theater actually thought out how to level the seats so people's giant heads do not block half the screen. The sound doesn't make me more deaf than I already am. It's a small location. Only issue I've ever had here is an employee burnt popcorn and the fire alarm went off...conveniently when the lantern tips over and catches fire in the movie I was seeing, "A Quiet Place." Had to get refunded in the form of a voucher and come back. I think I've seen a mouse here once, but it was like two years ago. Squeakers like movies too. Park in the Randolph Square Parking Garage when you come here. It's free. Sh#t...the secret is out. Best AMC for A-List members locally.


Overpriced food and the screen had an image burned into it the whole time. What a joke.

Don James

Big comfortable recliners


Clean. Didn't eat. Reclining seats-super bonus!!! Movie Pass membership friendly.

David Stewart

Nice smaller theaters. Usual snacks plus bar. Variety of movies.

Obada Tabbaa

My favorite AMC branch. Always popcorn is fresh and Icees are available

Michael Weeks

Awesome theater...matinee prices.

Edwin Wiles

If you know anything about SciFi, you'll love the name of the small bar inside the lobby of the theater. Excellent recliners. Assigned seating. Good hotdogs, lots of choices. And Caramel Popcorn by the bucket.

PrettyChill Chemistry

Great theater. Has reclining love seats, a bar, and easy refill station

Amanda Jehle

We love this theater! The theaters are pretty small, so it never feels too crowded. The seats are super comfortable & it's just an all-around great movie-going experience. I do recommend getting your tickets online ahead of time to get seats you want. The small theaters mean that it's tough to get several seats together if you buy the tickets at the theater right before show time.

Patton 6

Great recliners! So comfortable that the guy beside me slept through the entire show

Marjorie Thomas

I really enjoyed my visit to this little, cozy movie theater. I would recommend it, if you want to enjoy a movie without a big crowd. I love the reclining seats

Eyob Demessie

Its an amazing place to chill, laugh, relax, and enjoy a movie with or without a partner. Love it

Peter Buckingham

Great moving watching experience! Make sure that you reserve well enough in advance so that you can get a good seat. I still haven't quite gotten used to the idea of laying down in a chair next to strangers in the movie theater, but if that's your jam, then you'll love this place. The staff is also super helpful and friendly. We had bought tickets ahead of time and my friend was late, so I wrote his name on the back of the ticket and left it with the staff at the front. They were extremely courteous and accommodating.


Typical movie theater. Overpriced. The movie was great though, so what can you do? Pay the price...

Scott Suchyta

More or less an average, smallish movie theatre. Seating is reserved, but the theatre is a little older and is not stadium seating.

Michael Rogers

Always peaceful and safe

Broken Television Films

Good experience.. I wish this theater showed some bollywood movies too. The recliner seats gives a comfortable seating.

Cameron Brown

Shirlington AMC was a nightmare trip to the movies. Paid $6 for a soda, and all of the Freestyle machines were out of options because no one was refilling them - and what I was able to get was massively watered down. Woman next to me kept talking and texting during the entire movie. When I asked staff to do something about her, they said the manager wasn't available. Bathroom stall was out of toilet paper. It's way too expensive to be dealing with all of this...

John Darby

My experience to this theatre was awesome!! The staff were professional, courteous and smiling. The theatre was clean, spacious and the sound system was crystal clear. I felt like I was actual in the movie and it was a 2D movie. One of the best kept gems in Shirlington. I will be returning. JD

Shirley Houck

The staff is very helpful and courteous. The theaters are clean and the lounge chairs very comfortable. The bathrooms are proper as well. The only issue was they played the wrong movie. However as soon as the staff was informed they corrected the situation by playing the intended movie. The soda machines are by the entrance and in the middle of the hall used to access the theaters. I found the placing and configuration of these machines rather uncomfortable for the customer.

Bea V.

First time going there after renovations. They did a great job! The new chairs are very comfy.

Pat Martin

Comfortable, clean and friendly atmosphere. The lady who cleaned up in theater 2 last night (Sue) was good humored, friendly and took her job seriously. I appreciate that.

Maureen Broyles

Great location, good movies, thanks!

Uuganbayar Dashdondog

It's located right next to the indoor garage which offers ample parking for customers. If you have an electric car, there are Chargepoint charging stations within the garage next to the library. The theater itself is small and is no where as crowded as the tysons location. Personally like this better because you get a more unique, less stressful movie watching experience.

Pat Summers

Great seats, really good sound system. Go!

Antonio Anthony

Once again Shirlington was a great place to visit the atmosphere was always good in the food was great I brought my family from down south out of town to enjoy the all Antonio experience they enjoyed every minute of it since the remodeling of the Shirlington AMC Theater it has been nothing but great great great I enjoyed the movies that they care and I encourage you guys to keep up the great work thank you once again for a fun and enjoyable evening

Maria Elena Martinez

My favorite local movie theater.

Rob Bamberger

I've always liked this theater because it has seven screens and not a zoo of twenty. The movie selection also seems slightly more toney among the current releases that AMC theaters are showing. Plenty of decent places to eat before or after just a short stroll away.

Mike Lucrezio

Great to have reserved seat, but makes last minute decisions difficult!

Dien Truong

Went to see a movie here for the first time.. staff is really friendly. It's not the nicest theater nor does have a lot of parking, but the reclined chairs are great. I love the movie nachos and their nacho tray is way more convenient than other theaters I have been to; their nachos come in a sealed tray with two sealed nacho dips and you can grab jalepenos yourself at another stand. The Regal Cinema in Ballston charges for another cheese -_- not a bug deal, but everyone knows theaters mark up prices, so I don't see the marketing purpose of charges for cheese. When the move was done, an employee asked if he could throw away my nacho tray for me! It was so kind! Point is, I will start going to this theater vice the Ballston Regal Cinema.

Mark Roepke

Nice clean theaters with ample parking not too far away. Also a ton of dining locations within 1,000 feet of theater.

Short and Sweet

My favorite AMC in the DMV area so far. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Alison Umberger

Small theater that shows critically acclaimed films. Comfy recliner seating. Love this place!

Anna Franco

This is my theater of choice now! The lounge chairs make a world of difference from the conventional theater seating. I also like that you can buy your tickets from an electronic kiosk when you arrive.

Sean Bain

Good theater with comfortable reclining seats, good food and drink options. Good local for most first run movies.


Genial, I love this place

Nicky Bhasin

Cinema has recliners which make the movie experience much better. Coke @$6.50 outrageous


Standard ticket prices, cozy and smaller theater rooms with recliners, plenty of staff, and I recommend purchasing tickets online because seats are assigned.

Edward Singleton

Quaint clean small theatres with bar, food, soft drinks and snacks. Quality service given by employees. Enjoy your time at the Shirlington AMC movies!

Bernie Hyde Jr

Nice location, comfortable seating, convenient to our home and to good restaurants and shops.

Zach Lewis

Great theater. Terrible staff behind the food bar from my experience.

Miguel Melgarejo

I love the updated theaters, the seats are much more comfortable. This place also offers adult drinks which might make date night more interesting. The best part is that it’s in Shirlington which is loaded w/ great bars/restaurants.

Hillary Marshall

Love my neighborhood theatre! All big movies come here and the seats recline! Reserve early online for tickets as they tend to sell out fast.

Natalie Greene

Clean theatre...comfy seats

William Wible

Great theater, reserved recliners, beverages

S. Roth

One of the reasons I love Arlington. Great facility, in a perfect, walkable location.

O Johns

Nice small theater You get to choose your seat. I would reccomend this theater to anyone

Kathy Nichols

Great location by hotel and downtown sure lington great options for drinks to bring into your movie also loved the large popcorn options candy and food

Aron Rider

I have been going to Shirlington AMC for years, well before the renovation. The chairs are pretty awesome. Even the second row is manageable in the theatre. :-) wine was a nice touch although dazzlingly overpriced.

Alex Ramirez

Nice theatre, reclining seats. Fast service

Larry Huffman

Easy and INCONSPICOUS free parking. Several good restaurants within a block. Good pubic transportation.

Tyler Enoch

Great neighborhood, but the theater itself feels like it was just thrown into an empty warehouse. Hardly any room to buy tickets, get concessions and move about. I could hear the movie next door over my movie. Been to much more spacious, open, more comfortable theaters in the area. Might be back for a restaurant, but not for this theater.

Kevin Shaughnessy

Comfy seats and there is a bar in the theatre!

Caroline Hamric

Great place. They often carry an indie release or two. The seats are electric recliners and they serve alcoholic beverages at this location. Shirlington has several free parking lots and there's a bikeshare dock near the theater.

Sabrina Corpac

Big screens, great sound, the recliner seats are AMAZING!

Vashti Jefferson

Ordered tickets online and presented tickets on phone. Theaters were small with large reclining chairs. Spirits available. Free parking lot across from AMC. Many restaurants in the area. Shirlington exit off 395 puts you right at AMC. Staff were friendly, talkative and great salesman for the A List program. I'm premium Stubb, going A list. It's worth it.

Reinhold W

I am so tempted to give this theater one star because I don’t want it to get too popular, but that’s just wrong. I live about a mile from this theater, and it is super convenient. The prices are high, but that’s every single theater nowadays, so I can’t really knock them for that. It’s like gas stations. I can gripe about the prices, but it’s not typically the fault of that particular location. Anyway, good theater, friendly staff, and it’s not usually crowded.

Suns Gates

Nice quaint theatre...great seating and service also its clean

Bene Kyles

I love watching my movie in a nice recliner and being in a clean environment!. Highly recommend!

Joseph Morgan

Good seats and a good mix of blockbuster and independent movies for an AMC theater.


Great sound

Emma Beltran

Best place to go watch a movie! Comfort is always a winner.

WC Purdy

My favorite usual moviehouse. Lately seeming to struggle a bit with cleanliness (wrappers, popcorn, napkins). Some theatres beginning to occasionally have a slightly moldy smell. Staff friendly. Movies first run.

Linda Wilson

The AMC Shirlington has $5 movies all day on Tuesdays and has comfortable recliners. You pick your seats, pay next to nothing and sit back and enjoy your movie! This is my favorite movie theater of all time, in this quaint, family-friendly area.

Eric Jenkins

Great local place for a beer and a movie. Can choose your own seats.

Jennifer Limburg

My boyfriend and I absolutely love seeing movies at this quaint little theatre! It's one of my favorite "happy place" escapes from the crowded city hustle and bustle. With plenty of unique restaurants in short walking distance, shirlington is the perfect place for an intimate dinner and movie date. It's so easy to order tickets and choose your seats in advance online, then just show up, grab your beverages and popcorn, and head into your movie! The bar has a perfect variety of beers for the craft and domestic tastes, as well as plenty of both red and white wine selections for those who enjoy a glass of wine with their movie. The theatre also offers touch screen fountain drink machines which allow you to create your own custom fountain drink flavors. The staff is always courteous and friendly, which makes the experience even better. With the luxury of smaller, more intimate theaters and the AMC leather recliner seats, you may even forget you're not at home. I'm our many visits, we have never experienced the constant interruptions from people talking, texting and moving around as is more common in larger theaters. Oh, and for the popcorn lovers out there, the butter dispensers are conveniently located in the back hall by the fountain drink machines so you can quickly refill your drink and sneak in another pump of butter when you hit the middle of the bucket without going back to the lobby! I would 100% recommend visiting this theatre for a fun, relaxing family night or date night experience. The only downside to this small theater is that seats are limited and fill up fast, so make sure to purchase your tickets online a day or two in advance to get the best selection of seats (several days in advance for new and popular movies)!! I would definitely recommend downloading the AMC stubs app for easy ticket purchases, movie reviews, and to earn AMC rewards.

Jeff Anouilh

Truly a luxurious theater now, clean and the experience of reclining seats are awesome. There is just too much congestion in the hallways with the beverage dispensers and restrooms

Mara Reid

The theatre is smallish, the individual screening rooms are small and intimate. We watched a movie in theatre 2 which is one of the smaller rooms, it has 6 rows. The seats are assigned when you purchase your ticket and are very comfortable. They recline back as well as they have leg rests that can be lifted. A tall person would be comfortable with the seat fully reclined. Staff is friendly, bathrooms are clean. Just an FYI for individuals with peanut allergies, they do have an option for peanut topping on popcorn as well as sell peanut products so walk with wipes to clean your seat.

Jasmin Perez

Nice and cozy theater

caesar junker

New seating and really excellent venue to see movies now

ligia espinosa

The best movie theater!!!

Derrick Trexler

This is the only theater in northern Virginia I will ever patronize.

Blake Richardson

Recliner seating is nice and I enjoy having the reserved seating. This locations shows more artsy, historical movies than the large blockbusters but is still a we'll run theater. There is a bar inside that serves beer and wine that can be taken into the theater

Vanessa K

The screens are pretty small and don't extend from wall to wall. Bathrooms get pretty dirty. What makes the theater worth going to is the fact that all screens have recliner seats and plenty of room between rows, and that the theater plays a lot of independent movies. Sometimes though it is only playing wide release movies and in those times I wouldn't bother going because the screens are too small.

Aditi Banerjee

Comfortable chairs you can lie on, eating your giant sized popcorn and watching a movie. Always a pleasant experience going to AMC Shirlington. Plus when u step out after the movie there are several nice restaurants and a Harris Teeter for some grocery shopping before going home.

Margurita Mann

This theater has really comfortable reclined and reserved seating. The really great thing about how their theater is set up is that there is not a bad seat to watch the movie from. You can sit in the very front or back and be able to comfortably watch the movie. They also have a bar that serves beer and wine and the bar staff are always very quick and friendly. Where it lost a star: I would recommend not ordering food from here unless you are just getting popcorn or candy. I have tried to order food 2 different times and both times the fries alone took at least 20 minutes. I don't know if it's their system that is at fault or lack of training for the staff, but it ruins the entire experience.

Thomas Brown

Good parking, good choices among restaurants in Shirlington, excellent adjustable seating.

Mary Schrecker

We have enjoyed this movie theatre for many years now. It's top drawer, comfortable seating and great staff!

Duane Reed

I'm an AMC Stubs member and AMC is a good chain, but Shillington has gone downhill. The sound insulation between theaters is bad and you can hear the action movies from the bathrooms, hallways and in whatever movie you're trying to watch. I've told the staff, but the staff at this particular AMC just doesn't care. For arthouse movies, go to Fair City, Landmark or Angelika. AMC doesn't care about giving independent films a decent venue currently.

Jake Neuman

Great AMC! Accidentally bought tickets to a showing the day before and they were kind and helpful and got us into a showing for the right day. Fresh popcorn, friendly staff, smaller theater sizes, will definitely come back

jo alexander

Nice seats, decent popcorn, updated drink machines, clean bathrooms, nice enough staff.

Roger Mai

I used to go to Shirlington AMC quite a lot, but I don’t go anymore. Last year (September) when I was there at a movie, I was sitting in the last row. Ten minutes into the movie, 2 mice ran across my feet! I jumped up and ran out. When I told the manager he apologized and said they would call pest control. Only after I asked, did he refund my money. I have never returned to the theater. But they must still have a problem there because a couple of weeks ago, when I drove by, there was a Pest Control van out front of the theater.

Candace Brown

This AMC is smaller than most that I have been to, but the experience is enjoyable nonetheless. Any theater with an assigned reclining seat is a win in my book. Also conveniently located near various shops and restaurants, so it is easy to make a full day out of seeing a movie in this area.

Joseph Lira

Easy entry and friendly staff. The theater was a little small for a 3D movie without stadium style slant seating but comfy seats never the less. AMC in general is great. Good deals too #alist

Daniel Simpson

Super comfortable seating, always clean, and staff is super nice.

William Lynch

Good on Tuesday for discount

Alma Arroyo

This is a smaller theater so they don't have as many movies going but so have more indie showings. A big plus for me is the reclining seats. Although I found them slightly uncomfortable. Bathrooms have these cute stickers everywhere too. If you get there too early, you may not have anywhere to sit and wait so be congnizant of that. Overall though, this is am AMC location I like to go to

Stephen Cowan

Beer and recliner seats. Nuff said

Isaiah Ruffin

Great theater but food and beverage service can get really slow.

Daniel Chong

Love the seats and cozy theaters with great screen to room ratios.


Very small. Could not get tickets except front row with your face glued to the screen due to the giant screen in your face. So get tickets online in advance.

Alex St. Clair

Short lines (if any), great reclining seats that you reserve ahead, nice food options before or after the movie. Our go to theater.

Ben Jehle

Best movie theater early but you must book early

Audrey Vergara

Good theatre, comfy seats. Needs cleaning between shows.

Anne Rebull

There is no easy access handicapped parking here (at least, none we could find reliably) but there is good access to the seats in the theater. Not too loud or too cold, comfy reclining seats, and good service at the ticket booth.


Shirlington theater has very comfortable, huge, reclining chairs to enjoy the movie to the fullest. Bring a light blanket to cover yourself and you will have a 1st rate movie experience!

george rich

Things are nice except the multiple mice that are roaming around under the seats

Shirley Brown

A ticket provider at this theatre ask me and I quote.. If anyone has ever told me I look like Whoopi Goldberg...i love Whoopi, but we do not look alike. I mentioned it to the manager. I felt uncomfortable because her job is to sell movie tickets for AMC not to inform black people who they look like and yes she was white...

William Valentine

There are mice running all over the theatre. The first two movies i saw there, i could see mice running under the seats during the movie. I told management and they said they would take care of it. I went back today and i saw another mice in my movie and when i walked out the theatre I saw another mouse running past the concession stand. This is a nice theatre but management has not done anything to get rid of the mice problem.

Kate Sutliff

Nice little theater! Assigned seats - always helpful. Reclining seats as well. Near a parking garage that is free to park. Quite a few restuarants and coffee shops in the area for pre or post movie fun!

charlie fowler

I really enjoy this theater for its smaller/ cozier yet still advanced theater features and alcohol serving concession counter. Reclining seats+trays+booze+movies+food =

Sade Hinton-Morris

Meh. Wasn't impressed. It's a bit small and I saw a mouse scurry under some seats across from me. So watch your feet.

Derrick Thomas

One of the smallest AMC theaters around. Not a bad place to watch a movie if you don't like to be amongst large crowds

Karen Biehn

AMC really needs to get their act together. 2nd location w/bad experience. This time couldn't use pre-purchased tiks bc 'they have to be exchanged thru customer service' bs.

jeremy Martin

Great theatre but the concession process is nonsensical. Lines everywhere. Not enough staff. If you’re going during a holiday or opening plan to get there at least 30 minutes early if not longer. To the owner. Figure it out. Can’t be hard.

Joe Alfenito

Great small theaters, comfy reclining seats, easy parking.

Kaci Fullerton

Always a great experience here. Clean, comfortable and always showing new movies. Would recommend this place to anyone. Plus the seats are insanely comfortable.

Scott Wilson

Nice seats. Good selection of movies.

Marcus Cowart

Great atmosphere!

Senica Espinal

I have been here since 1030am to watch a movie that starts at 11:15am they are yet to be open very disappointed in my experience I already paid for parking so I can’t just leave and it’s too late to go to another movie theater because I have to be back at work very disappointed It’s going on almost 12:30pm and They still haven’t open the movie theater This makes no sense this is very unprofessional I was very excited to see this movie and I wanted to see it today because I didn’t have enough time this weekend

Linda Councill

Small, but great theater!!! Neighborhood Gem!

Michael G Viemeister

Conveniently located to my apartment. Parking can be an issue. AC was out for my movie. Good sound, selections, and price

Kathryn Olmstead

Clean well maintained,facility, comfortable reclining seats with foot rests, reasonable (for a movie theater) concession pricing, conveniently located in Shirlington next to all of the restaurants & shops.

Jayson Lamanca

The seats are extremely comfy and are electric recliners!

Diana Trevino

Small theater but great seats.

Perry Russ

A great neighborhood theater.

V De Peralta

Although they have fewer shows because of their size, their reclining seats are quite nice. There are no bad seats in the theaters! The line for the concessions is often slow because they only have 1 or 2 people total working the registers and food prep. If you are an AMC Stubs Premiere Member, take advantage of the membership line and Discount Tuesday tickets at this theater. Reclining seat tickets for $6 on Tuesdays are an awesome deal!

Carolyn Levere

Very special place. Love AMC. Sue made it an even more pleasant experience, very cordial and attentive. Enjoyed my conversation with her.

Nodrog Knarf

The staff on Sunday afternoon were unfriendly. Three employees just standing behind the self-service ticket counter were running their mouths. One of the self-service machines was out of paper. The woman at the concession stand did not say one word and scratched at her scalp a lot. She also handed out the drink cups with her dirty fingers inside the rim.

Lonex Louisdor

Small but very nice

Thomas Regan

Nice little theater. Unfortunately, worst popcorn I've ever had at an AMC. Kind of stale, definitely lacking flavor. Did they use any butter salt when popping?

J L Wright

Nice theater. A little dated. But clean

Jeffrey Roberts

Great theater. You can choose your seat ahead of time. Reclining seats and beer and wine is available

Ray Payton

Nice intimate theater. Great location for dining and a movie

Mpanwar .

Lots of parking, great seating, food, drinks. Discount Tuesdays.

Ben Nelson

Dishonest. We came into watch MI on a hot Sunday afternoon. Theater 7 was ridiculousy warm and stuffy. Multiple patrons complained. We were assured management would fix. We uncomfortably sweated through the entire movie. On exit, multiple patrons again complained and this time we were told offhandedly that yeah, a/c has been broken in that theater. There was no attempted fix. Unacceptable.

Julio Roque

Everything was perfect until we found mice in the cinema

Priscilla McCants

My husband and I are AMC A-List members so we visit an AMC each time we take a trip. This was the best AMC theater we have been to. Our phone app wasn't working properly. No worries. We were able to use pull up our account on screens right at the register. Friendly helpful staff. We definitely need an AMC with reserved seating and recliners in Mobile, AL. Highly recommend this place.

Karen Freeman

The seats are reclinable but they feel much smaller than the ones at courthouse which sort of explains why its slightly less expensive I guess. The theater is small and seats feel awkward.

MacKenzie Masten

I honestly love this theatre. It's small but that's because the seats are all recliner. Small theaters aren't a bad thing, they allow for you to see movies without too many people. I would suggest ordering tickets online for their shows asap though because they do fill up quickly.

Tye Padilla

Mice!!! My girlfriend and I were in room 7, and we both saw a white mouse scrounging on the floor for food. We immediately left the theater and told an employee. We received two AMC vouchers, but will definitely not go to this location again.

Robert Bectel

Great theater. But they really need to keep the bathrooms cleaner and improve the service behind the counter. I choose this theater over others because they have reserved seating. But the messes can be a real negative.

Vernon Horn

Comfortable and easy find seats, good snacks, and clean comfortable restroom. What more could you ask for?

Bucky Buckminsterfullerine

Smaller than I thought but a great place nonetheless.

Matthew Scherbel

Most comfortable chairs ever and best caramel popcorn ever.

ron fuentes

Loved it. Mentioned that I Forgot my Stubs card. Concession worker asked for my phone number and said he would add the tickets for three and all the goodies we bought to my account. Awesome!!!

Wayne Brearley

Great friendly staff. Popcorn is always hot and fresh.

Key Martin

I have 3 words to say: MOTORIZED ADJUSTABLE RECLINERS! I saw Avengers Endgame in 3D here. We had assigned seats so no jockeying for them. They were comfy for the entire 3 hours. Good sound system. Not painfully loud like some establishments, but enough to let you experience some measure of the impacts shown on screen. So immersive that it was jarring when we had a momentary neighborhood power failure. I will revisit this place time and time again. MOTORIZED ADJUSTABLE RECLINERS!!!

Sam Mansour

The seats are kinda small here. But they recline.

Will Rubens

Good theater.

Roman Savin

Horrible customer service!!

Sina Chenari

Pretty nice neighborhood theatre with reclining seats. Screen quality is good. Lots of nice restaurants nearby for a dinner and movie date. Sometimes new movies get booked early so be sure to check in advance online for seats.

Cory Carter

Small and quaint theater. If you want a nice big theater go to Tyson's or Hoffman.

David Woodhead

We enjoy each visit we make to this neighborhood theater, with good concessions and reclining seats.

Renee Rupple

Wonderful seats. Good movie choices. Some real bargains if you join Stubs

Ayantu T Degefa

Love this place! Great location, you can park at either of the public parkings, never had an issue. I usually get my ticket online so I don't wait in line. Customer service is on point!

Bule Story

^_^ BuleStory review for AMC Shirlington 7

Iris Lazarus

Small but spacious theaters with recliner chairs. Lots of restaurants to try before or after a movie.

Victor Rolling Jr

Amazing movie theater. This movie theater and Courthouse are the reason I became a AMC premium member. It's always clean, the staff is always so polite, it's an all around amazing experience. And the food is amazing.


Very comfortable recliners!

James Cox

Was a nice movie spot......until I watched mice running around the theater as our movie was playing....the walkways are lighted and I saw at least 3 mice having a party!

Riana Dolenz

This location serves alcohol. It’s a smaller AMC which allows the shows to have a wider variety. I can catch some of the blockbusters, but also the more independent films.

Liz Brown

Love seeing movies here. Great popcorn, comfy reclining seating.


Best theater around bc of the seats that recline

James Snyder Jr

Very comfortable seats that recline. Great deals for Tues showtimes ($5) if you join their AMC members club at no charge. Only complaint is the volume. Really loud. I will bring earplugs my next visit. Great location for a movie/dinner date night. Free parking everywhere after 5 pm.


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