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6075 Oxon Hill Rd, Oxon Hill, MD 20745, United States Located in: Rivertowne Commons Marketplace

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Where is AMC Rivertowne 12?

REVIEWS OF AMC Rivertowne 12 IN Maryland

Darryl MasonD

This Movie Theater Is Very Nice The Staff Is Very Customer Friendly

Samuel Greer

Best theaters in Maryland my hotspot for movies and the service is great, they treat you like friends.

dtissy t

Accommodated me ...really appreciate this movie theater ... love the lay back seats great addition

Doris Payton

The theaters are nice but the handicap stalls weren't made for people with wheelchairs

Andri'a Stover

This theater has come a long way from what it was 10+ years ago. I visit quite often and I have no real complaints. No unruly teens, comfortable seating, decent prices. Also fairly clean. The only complaint I have is that they need to replenish the ladies room more often with paper products. I will definately visit again

James Jimason

The movie was great but the theater is already showing signs of wear and tear, i.e. the seats. They need to spend time wiping down the seats and maintaining the condition of them.

Chez Black

Theater always clean, people always friendly.

Evie .

The cashier helped me decide on which movie and i loved the movie

Carol Britton

Concessions service was very slow and there were not that many people waiting in line.

Jannie Scott

Love going to movies at rivertown let's to do you know before the movie

Andrew Sharp

Staff was super friendly. only complaint is that I was in the theater right next to the concession stand, theater 5, and they did not close the door so I can hear people in the lobby the whole time.

Walter Sloane Jr

Good location. Customer service has definitely gone up, as has the overall atmosphere.

Leonardo Arroyo

I really like the reclining seats. Theatre is really nice

Kimberly ONeal

Enjoy to watch movie make me relaxing .. The couch is. Great sitting

LaTia Dingle

Very nice staff! The price of the ticket was great. But the snacks tho super high. B.Y.O.S bring your won snacks lol

Cynthia Cuthbertson

Meet up with friends love friend time

Maurice graves

Nice comfortable chairs with individual arm space. Clean and accommodating. A great landmark and improvement to the community.

Crystal T

Great place and clean. Staff very helpful

Kelli Singleton

Very comfy and roomy. My only complaint is the temperature in the theatre. It was rather cold and it my be because the door of the theatre remained open throughout the entire movie. My suggestion: Management should do a hourly sweep to check the temperature of each theater daily.

Ebony Bennett

The theater has really done a make over love the recliner chairs and the friendly staff

Hopes Hoopla

I'm a movie finatic so you can catch me here weekly enjoying new releases w/ my princess...we love the reclining chairs

Deborah Johnson

Theater is nice but they need to clean the walk way.

Teri Grace

Great theater! Seats are amazing! Wish they had added the trays to the seats, but still very comfortable, adding to your having a better movie experience! Just need to hire more workers, pay them a little more (the theater takes in a lot of cash - they can do that) because they work hard, and all are very patient and accommodating!

m Farmer

Love the changes they've made since reopening. Reclining chairs make the experience even better

Shannel Bias

Good times. My daughter was able to play along with some of the games on the screen.

Vanessa D Dixon

Those reclining seats makes it so much more enjoyable! Clean. Park fast as soon as you see a spot on weekends! Great for kids

Rikki Pugh

Havent been here since I was a teen. Took my kids for a school fundraising event. Facility was clean however none of our seats reclined. Not because they weren't supposed to but because they were broken. Come on now...get it together. Staff was very nice

William Riley

I think it's much better than before I find myself going back there on a weekly basic,we love the reclining seat an the movie selection they provide is great im going back this weekend.

Sandra Gibson

Nice theater never been an issue with getting tickets especially if you use the AMC app. Haven't been any issues with crime or young people hanging out in front. The women restroom is generally clean and stocked. Nice comfortable seats. Not long of a wait times at the concession stand. Parking is usually tight due to nearby restaurants and especially when viewing popular new movies.

damon carter

First time I been in a while nice seats they are leather they recline stadium seating it's changed for the better I will now be going there I recommend it!

Loretta Browner

Yes, this is not the best location. Yet the staff is excellent. They are committed to service and appears to like their job. I recommend this AMC. Go early!

Lewis Brandon

The food stand was a mess!!! It appears it hasn't been cleaned in a long while. Popcorn and butter residue was all over the counter!

Sandy Keene

The movie was awesome. Nice theater, clean, and good customer service. I will be back.

Earline Bell

Love the lounge chairs and food wings hot dogs ECT. People who serve are nice.

Brennan McLean

Discount Tuesday's should be discounted at all times regardless of what is playing

Eric Brown

Seats were nice but that's where it ends. I was surprised at how loud the volume was in the theater but soon realized that it was probably to drown out the sound of everyone talking, babies crying and people playing games on their phones. My wife came back from the restroom to tell me that there was vomit in the sink. The men's room wasn't any better.

Tommie Johnsom


messenger 333

Nice revival of what I thought was a foregone establishment. The seating is nice but the interior needs work.

Shawn Lane

Great theater seating, a lot of padding (me and my wife were able to move the arm rest and cozy up). Drink station has a lot of variety (Cherry Coke actually tastes like Cherry Coke). Everyone needs to check this out. AMC has stepped their game up!

Rochelle Cobb

Okay, the theater was warm and the quality of patrons is what gives this location a low score. The facility was clean, the bathrooms could have been a little cleaner. The staff was pleasant and helpful. The outside courtyard was extremely dirty and engulfed with scattered trash all around.

Nicole Campbell

This place is good now that they remodeled it they have reclining seats and pay plenty of space in the theater but you do have to reserve seats you just can't sit anywhere so plan ahead. If you want to hear the movie and see the movie it's best to go during the day.

Lolita Lee

Wow, AMC did an excellent job remodeling this theater. It was clean, no dirty carpet smell. The seats were very comfortable and working. I will go again.

jazmin harris

Its was cool, been haven date night there for a while. Never disappointed

Je Ne Sais Quoi Weaving

I love this movie theater! It seemed like they needed to do some cleaning but the movie waa great! Go see Creed II

Marsha J

The seats weren't elevated, so there's only one level of seats. Overall the movie was good and the seats were comfortable.

Janice Tucker

Beside evicting people out of the seats we selected the theater was good the movie was excellent

Ted Peterkin

This AMC location has improved in regards to better housekeeping. The food service area looks cleaner than I have seen it in the past. The theater itself was also cleaner than before. All in all this AMC theater location has improved overall.

Lamaj Armystrong

Enjoyed the movie. Clean area.

lawrence thompson

Movies are very clear and the best in this area.

M. Smith

Surprisingly well staffed. Clean theater . Quiet night .

Bellelay H.

Pleasantly surprised we were met with a smile by the young lady that took our tickets. However the folks behind the food counter stood talking having a none business conversation but they did great with a smile when they came to serve us. Disappointed in popcorn it was the little crumbs on the bottom. They have assigned reclining seats that's a plus for a premier week movie. We went to an early movie second of the day at 1130 had a lot of folks talking throughout the show. The person I was with enjoyed the talking back to the screen me not so much.

Elisa Seth

The staff is always friendly, it's clean and has the recliner seats. The menu has expanded so everyone should find something they like to eat.

Ren Nawee

Comfy seats, friendly staff. Parking lot gets congested, though.

lavonda butler

Just a awful experience not the movie theater its self just the people being rude and ghetto

Miles Morales

The theater is nice the crowed on the other hand not so much couldn't make it through the preview before i walked out because the audience wouldn't stop talking


It was clean enough, reserved seating is available and the seats do recline.

Frank Williams

Had a good time there. Nice clean, wasnt rowdy at all. Not what i expected

Rhonda R

Great seating sometime the popcorn isn't fresh has it could be.

Miko Noko

The employees that were on the evening shift yesterday were very polite. Theatre was clean && comfy seats.

Stephanie Davis

Pleasantly surprised

emmanuelle jones

Great place to watch a movie.

Amanda Shuman

This is a great little theater in a not so great area. We figured what the heck when we were looking through movie theaters to visit. This place does have special reserved seating reclining chairs, which is what we look for when we book movies. Outside the theater is pretty messy (lots of trash blowing around), but otherwise everything else was great! We were able to walk up to the front (we walked around the line) because we had purchased our tickets in advance. That was a huge timesaver for us. We got our food (normal super expensive food) which, as typical, cost more than the tickets. Overall we had a great experience. Wbout a dozen people walked into the movie late, but that is pretty typical. We will definitely be going back again. Hopefully the mall can get its act together to keep the outside clean (and it would also be nice if people could just throw their own trash away!).


Maintenance is less than desirable. The seats are torn and sometimes the ladies restroom is so dirty i refuse to use it. Ownership/management needs to inspect the property often, as it is apperant the on sight staff lack enthusiasm to keep this theater up! I am not going to mention the consession stand employees and their lack of customer service.

Damon Ellis

The Men's bathroom could use more work... Such as mats under the urinals so as to NO slipping on urine on the floor

Irv Gettys Jr

I like the reclining seats in there was very comfortable. I will be going back.

Alicia Walker

You will find me here on $5 Tuesday

Loretta Payne

A lot better than in the past guess it was as a result of it being a Tuesday night

Shan Matth

Three stars due to trash littered parking lot. The theater itself is great! I especially love the comfortable seating.

Robert Loving

The reclining chairs make the movie experience ten times better . I feel like I'm right at home.

Ruthie Annie

I like this theater but they always play the movies extremely loud. If you like that kind of thing then that’s the place for you. It drowns out the people in the theater that are constantly talking super loud.

Jameka Manning

Good entertainment. Seats are a little worn, but overall a good experience.

jacqueline Robinson

Little dirt but u carry my Lysol so it all good

Michelle Caple

We saw the Lion King ...Awesome movie!! The service was fast and the staff was nice!

Jazmin Bibb

This place is come a long way from where I used to remember it. Used to be the place to go back in the 90s. But when it closed I was slightly heartbroken. But when I found out that they were reopening yet I was more than elated. Then when I found out they had the same reclining chairs as the one in st-charles I was more than thrilled. But unfortunately I think because of the neighborhood that it's in a lot of the chairs do not work I'm thinking it's because people are just sitting here playing with the chairs or they did something to the fact of I don't know. And now some chairs work some don't. The only issue that I had one time I was in the movies, I got my collectibles Avenger endgame popcorn buckets and they owed me free popcorn I come out of my movie and its 8 and they shut down the whole concession stand. I was unable to go back and get my free popcorn they told me because they already cleaned everything by the time I movie ended. But I would really love for this location to participate in the $4 kids movies promotion. So I don't have to go out in an hour away for a movie theater that is only 10 minutes from my house. They will see a lot more business, from me and other people if they do this.

Kristen Barrett

I love that you have the option of selecting seats in advance here. My other favorite part of this theater is the comfortable reclining seats and spacious rows. No more trying to squeeze through a crowded row of patrons. As a member of AMC Stubs it's also nice to be able to purchase smaller items from concession and have them upgraded in size free of charge.

Whitney Littlejohn

Ever since the renovations a few years ago, Rivertowne AMC has greatly improved from the days I used to visit as a child. A variety of traditional and new hipster concession options, and those signature big red reclining seats make this a good theatre option. The only thing you'll probably take issue with are the occasional patron who doesn't understand that the seats are reserved.

Annette Champion

Always easy to get in and out of. Friendly staff people.

Ginise Mason

I love the new AMC look and feel

Rosemary Townsend

I went here early and truly enjoyed myself as well as the group of women I was with.

Aisha Williams

We saw It. Loved it!

Kym Taylor

Nice theatre. Really clean and I love the reclining seats!!

Kemo Sace

Since the renovation the seating is amazing... Lazy boy recliners for everyone! However, We did purchase tickets online and reserve seats... Best route to take in my opinion

William Herring

I have seen this place go through so many changes. A staple from when I grew up in the 90's, to being closed for a good while then finally opening again. They have really took care with this theater, reclining leather chairs and a pretty good concession stand, bravo guys keep up the good work.

Len Mccrory

One of the best 3D theaters that I've been in a long time

Vanessa Finch

Reserved seating;reclining chairs.

Honey Limdiwala

They don't keep the Bollywood (Hindi) movies. They should have it at least 1 show per day.!

tameka Jones

Todays service was terrible. I have premier account and the non premier line for food went faster than our line and it was only 5 people between the people in front us and behind us. The servers were moving so slow and allowed the other line to go fasted than us while our line had one server and the other lines had 2. Additionally got to my seat and had to argue and show my tickets to someone who was in the wrong sectiom that probably didnt have tickets for that movie or bought random seats and thought we wouldnt show up. Just bad day today

abdul greene

Great movie slot of action maybe better than the first one.

Artricia Coles

Someone was in our seats so I miss 20 min of movie other than that it was good

Tonya Gallop

Rivertown have truley stepped up their game. I love it. Seats are so comfortable. Reasonable prices. Good staff. Excellent customer service. In advance tickets option...the best.

LaVonda Whitmore

This is my regular movie spot. Since they did the upgrade to the theater, I seldom have a problem here. The theaters are clean, reserved seats, reclining chairs. Sometimes 1 soda machine is down or 1 of the butter machines for popcorn isn't working, but other than that my only complaints would be towards the patrons. They can be talkative depending on the movie and someone is always on their phone causing a distraction with the lights. I've only had 1 incident where someone sat in my reserved seats but they moved easy enough and this is not the fault of the theater. Parking close to the theater can be a pain to find especially if the movie is popular and you're going during peak movie times but you will find parking even if you have to take a 3 minute walk, no biggie.

Jessica Pugh

Liob king was great

march baby0309

Rivertown has def come a long way. Love the recliner seats and the fact that you can choose your own seats. I tend to go on $5 Tuesday or I catch a matinee during the day when I'm off. Try to purchase your ticket online to save time. Sometimes you may encounter a large family, group of kids, seniors, etc which can slow you down at the door.


Go to the movies before you go to the buffet across the parking lot. It's comfy enough that I fall asleep during the movie. Haven't yet seen one complete showing. Smh... I keep forgetting to learn my lesson.

Edwina Montague

This theater is our home location. I'm not sure if I've ever been to others but this one isn't just close to home but it feels like home. The theaters are thoroughly cleaned, as well as the bathrooms. The staff seems to always remember us, whether we go once a week or once a month. Security is great (we always feel safe both inside & out). Whenever we choose to get anything to eat, it's always fresh & the food area is always clean.

Bill Allen

Interior is well kept .The exterior is poorly maintained. Our ppl should do better in respecting how trash reflects on them.PICK UP YOUR TRASH PPL!!!


great service, great upgrade!

Felecia B.

Convenient and local area to visit the movies. The theater was upgraded (3yrs ago)? Nice staff, concession counter and menu, great recline chairs and this movie is always clean. I use this location to see new movies without the hussle and bustle of people. I'll select an early show for discount price and enjoy the show. Next door to the theater is (Sweet Frog) that sales non- dairy and dairy ice cream. Rivertown has truly changed for the better.

Michelle Abney

I love coming to this theater, the chairs are so comfortable and relaxing. Sometimes I forget where I'm at and fall asleep

Corey Ingram

100% love this place.

Lawrence Perry

Nice Staff very helpful clean theater

Jah Wit

My girlfriends and I were very pleasantly surprised when we visited AMC Rivertowne for the first time in many years. I have to say this is a threatre that I was not too enthused about attending at all. The appearance and the atmosphere of many years ago left a lasting negative impression. My friends and I were in a situation where we had missed the starting of the movie at another threatre and decided to just take a chance and go to Rivertowne. We were blown away! First off, the Renovation is beautiful, the threatre is so nice and relaxing. Love the seating!!! The atmosphere was nice and we ended up having a very nice time at our neighborhood threatre that I actually would have never gone to had we not been in the situation that we found ourselves in! Good job Rivertowne! I certainly hope that the attendees will continue to treat this threatre with respect so that it will remain nice and be a nice outting for many families and friends!

doi ballesteros

I had a ticket for 10:45PM and got there at 10:48PM, and they already locked the doors. I was knocking on the doors and no one opened up eventhough some of the staff could see me outside. I was only able to get in when other patrons went outside on the exit doors. If it wasn't for those people, I would've wasted my money. I don't know why they're locking the doors at the exact time of the last showings when it's common for people to be late for a few minutes, and it's not like the movie starts right away.

Gerald Ferguson

What an upgrade from my times as a teenager coming here back in 94/95. I took my two oldest and one of my lil cousin's. We enjoyed it!!!

De BlackPearl

I like the renovations. The staff was pleasant and very helpful.

Shanticka Curtis-walker

I frequent this theater often and am usually pleased. However, today that wad not my experience. Upon entering the particular theater where my movie was showing I smelled a unpleasant fowl odor that lingered throughout the theater. My reclining chair was not initially working but once I asked the staff of this this issue was promptly resolved. The staff was extremely nice and helpful with both concessions as well as assistance with my reclining issues.

Ms. Jones

It was very nice. I truly enjoyed the popcorn and my freezie. Purchased tickets on-line, walked in, scanned the cellphone and kept it moving. Great experience!

Jasmin Cleveland

The reserved seats are great. The staff is very nice. It is a small theater and it is in the middle of a shopping center that is not so nice. I can’t give it five stars because of the quality of the patrons. Go on off times so you do not have to deal with some of the rude people that go there.

Adwoa Kwartemaah

Super spacious aisles and comfy reclining more saying excuse me and no more kicks to the back of your seat

Marsha Bass

I love this movie theater since it was renovated a few years ago. Love the reclining movie seats. Very comfortable. Great value on Tuesday. 5.00 Tuesday.

Virginia Sharp

This is a nice well-kept movie theater.It has the nice reclining seats. It's a little hidden from the street , I'm not from the area so I has to use my GPS. You cannot see the movie theater from the street, so you have to be alert when following your direction.. The theater is in a small shopping center. What I liked most of all, there is a dollar store next to it

Belita Shumate

Great environment comfortable seating

Jonathan Wright

Kind of pricey but that's all theaters these days that compete with streaming services. Very clean and modern atmosphere, the best part is the push-button almost 0 degree reclining seats grouped into pairs, which is perfect for date night

Donavan Glasgow

Been to a few places and this was the best one for seats and customer service. Definitely going back here.

Krissy kakes

Short a couple stars for concession prices and cleanliness. You gotta clean more than just the floor. There was food between all the seats.

Ephesia Sutton

Outside the theater was very dirty. The theater was not very welcoming it is very dark. The employees int come and close the theater door until our movie had been playing for about 15mins.

Eladdieyo Robinson

Go see detective pikachu. Assigned seating. Great service.


They've DEFINITELY improved This Theater & NOW it's THE BOMB!

Susan Pulluaim

Had fun,,theater are cleaned well between every show,,like the recliner seats too

Imma Star

I visited here recently for the first time and this theater has restored my faith in why going to The Movies is so much fun! They have a very nice staff, the theater is extremely clean, the food and snack selections are awesome. And those seats....OMG! Their recliners are so comfy and the entire theater is using the latest technology to ensure your visual and auditory experiences are wonderful throughout your visit. I've already purchased my next ticket and I Very Much look forward to my next visit here.

Rochelle Marie

I had a great time! the seats recline all the way back plus they r super comfy. I wanted to take them home. lol I had surgery on my foot and am on crutches so the ability to recline my seat and put my feet up was unexpected but a very pleasant surprise! we went to a matinee and the theater wasnt crowded, the temp was good. Everything was clean. we r planning to return next week while im off of work, recovering for another date day.


DON'T WASTE YOU TIME OR MONEY AT THIS ESTABLISHMENT!!! Loud ghetto patrons that talk through the entire movie. You can hear peoples phones ringing and text message alerts during your movie. The staff is polite but I fell bad that they have to work at this location. If you want to enjoy your movie DONT SEE IT AT AMC Rivertown in Oxon Hill MD! I saw the 11am showing of Mr. Glass on 1/21/19 Total waste of money

Cherice Richardson

Went with the siblings and nephews. Great experience. Wonderful for family time.

Carolyn Washington

This is the first time I have been here since the reopening. Lovely Theater now!

Repenzla Brown

Very clean and comfortable! Good popcorn and friendly staff. Its changed!!!

John Epps

I love this place and their reserve seating

Wesley Becks

We went to a 10A show and it was very smooth. We even paid in line for the tickets. Seats were clean and comfortable. Floor was clean. People weren't loud at all. Might have to start doing morning movies.

Joshua Teele

Soft drinks are always refreshing in theaters!

Camille Rodriguez

Love choosing our own reclining seats

Samuel Newking

The last time I was there (the early showings) it was quiet, neat and clean. I love the relaxing lounging type chair.

Danielle Johnson

I liked the reserved seating, the Saturday matinee ticket price, and the actual recliners in the theater. My only issue was having to get in a different line for the concession stand because I'm not an AMC rewards member. Otherwise, I'd visit again.

Rowland White


Patricia Mcneil


Leo-kingsly Ngwashi

I love that it has selective seating. And they are really comfortable

Shante Freeman

Best prices within 20 miles except for the $5 theater. The AMC insiders deal is absolutely THE best!!!! The theater is great. Small but always has the movies I want to see and I am spoiled now...only watch movies in reclining seats where we can get refills on our large popcorn.

Venus Axe

I love this theatre! Professional employees and they're pretty quick, efficient. Fun location, plenty of restaurants, a few shops.

Tina Boone

I was in movie 10 as soon as rhe lights went out something was biting me i won't go back smh

Tonyia Renee

I am a DMV local for over 30 years. I use to go to this movie theater as a teenager. My very first date was here back in 1990!! As I've grown older my taste in EVERYTHING has changed. Even though this movie theatre comes up as one where you can pick you own seat, I still avoid it because I've associated it negative experiences in this general area. Not until recently when I had the occasion to go to the training class at the HR organization close did I even think about giving this place another try. I went online and got some last minute tickets, picked my seat and went over. And I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. The movie that I went to see had been out for a little while so there wasn't a big crowd and they actually showed it in a theatre smaller than I'd seen before. My compliments #1- Customer service was excellent! #2- Online ticket purchasing made it quick and easy #3- I liked that there weren't A LOT of people there I only have a couple if complaints #1- The room itself was very flat and the lighting was brighter than I expected. I just wasn't that dark. #2- When someone down front stood up or needed to switch seats it blocked the view of the screen

Darrell Thomas

A nice place to go to see the movies but for a list ticket holders they need a separate line to get in the theater

Facts IsLife

Quick access to my movie with my AMC app, and Sthbs membership. Kids loved Ugly Dolls viewing and the atmosphere was

Carlton Bailey

I have been going to this theater for years, even before it was remodeled. I was 15 when I had my first date here. Now 34, I take my children and wife (whom was the date). This theater is run very well with a respectable staff. I have a lot of history here. I hope it only gets better.

Carib Gem

I really love the $5 Tuesdays. It's a great day to go especially if you have a big family. Depending on the time of day you go, the food lines can get pretty long so get there earlier than your movie time.

Mark Clifton

Easily accessible location. The staff was friendly and professional. The screens aren't the biggest, but this location has the full recliners. The surrounding area is a little rough.

Dishon Washington

Relax & enjoy. Waaaaay cleaner than it used 2b. Thanx.

Lisa Curtis

Why are you not showing "If Beale Street Could Talk (2018)" this movie is great Christmas story of the Afro-American struggle and its a good movie. Why didn't this make the cut on your Christmas movies list. Shame on you AMC... We know our worth and we can and will spend our money else where. Its a shame we have to go outside of our neighborhoods to Bethesda and Fairfax. But why should we? Get this great movie in our neighborhood movie theaters for all to see.

Ruckus Askani

I love how the theater has come back strong. Love the reserve seating, the sound and the recliners.


Came to see Little. It was great

E Coop

On the plus side, the staff was courteous and professional, but the location was understaffed with only one person at the door accepting/scanning/selling tickets which caused the line to grow at a rapid pace. The concession stand was totally out of napkins on both sides. The drink station had been stained for an extended period of time and required the staff person "scrub" it with a special cleaner on order to remove the stains. It appears that perhaps the location is under staffed. This endeavor, to save, reflects poorly on the location and its audience.

Tonette Farmer

The theater itself was nice. The seats are roomy and comfortable. The lobby and theater were both clean. However, the audience was ghetto. Their added commentary took away from my enjoyment of the film. This has nothing at all to do with the theater or its staff. I guess some people just aren't a good audience.

Desirae Edmonds

Major improvement from how it used to be. The seats recline in each theater room and havent had any problems. Lines are always long sometimes for the food but its fine

Joshua Temple

Very nice recliner seats Tuesdays the ticket is only $6.00 and popcorn and a drink $5.00

Kendra Johnson

I like it. I'm glad no one gave up on it..HOWEVER, whoever was ordering food when Black Panther came out needs to do better. They literally ran out of food. Never seen that happen ever.

Osa Obaseki

It gets the job done. Those comfortable recliner chairs and big screens.

Rodney Bellamy

No complaints about the theater. It's nowhere as large as other AMC theaters I've been. Seats were reserved, plush, w/full recline. Though the movie was stupid, I enjoyed the smaller location.

Tameka Barbour

Went again mid day for one of my best friends birthdays. We love the space and the reclining chairs. No wait for concessions. Guy taking tickets gave great customer service. Would recommend.

Nick Bennett

Overall this theater is good. The seats and the bathrooms were clean. It's a nice relief to find a theater with an actual parking lot to use. Usually the theaters I go in my area require street parking or using a parking garage, which both require you to pay. The only negative I have to say was the projector's calibration seemed off in my theater. I was in one of the smaller theaters (theater 9 in the back) so I understand that it won't be the absolute best picture quality, but there was a lot of noticable noise and chromatic aberration throughout the film. It also seem slightly out of focus.

Pauline Renae Farrier

Reclining is necessary. Putting your feet up to watch a movie is great! Reserved my seats and voila!

ShanShanAust .

Nice theater, but the food service is very slow. Eat before or after somewhere else!


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