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2700 Potomac Mills Cir Suite 886, Woodbridge, VA 22192, United States Located in: Potomac Mills

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REVIEWS OF AMC Potomac Mills 18 IN Maryland

Rudolfo Trevizo

I like the place but not so much the environment. The Alamo is more expensive but it might be worth the environment.

Dennis Wagner Jr

Ok movie experience, bathrooms a mess.

Mabel Deensie

Love going here for all my movies

Darrell Swinson

Because, sometimes I go to that place, and watch different movies, and get discounts.

Vincent Adriance

Not maintained particularly well, but the A-list program is what keeps you coming back.


Recommend: Yes, best in Woodbridge area Condition: Good, but aging just a bit. This theater was great 10 years ago. Main auditoriums get five stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Staff: Very good. I will upgrade the theater when they finish their renovation to, among other things, add seat reservations for every auditorium. I wish: One item I doubt will/can be fixed, is having ticket sales outdoors. Not pleasant in cold, windy conditions. Solution: Purchase your tickets online/with app to avoid standing in the cold.

Tony Mendez

As an A lister and movie fan and buff, I will say that this is by and far the absolute worst theatre I have been to in a long time. This place was filthy, I mean pigsty level disgusting. Clearly no one cared to even do their job when it came to cleaning each theatre room, there was trash literally everywhere, spilt drinks and popcorn leftover from most of the other showings. Trash cans were overflowing, for Pete’s sake what happened to dust brooms. Spot clean ups nowhere to be found. Restrooms were equally disgusting. The lack of regard for this business and this AMC Theatre was evident in everything visible. The staff here were a complete joke. Again, I have never seen this ever in any AMC or for that matter Regal cinema. I will be filing a complaint with corporate first thing in the morning. Avoid this place unless you like have things stick to your shoes or on your clothes. I saw so many health code violations that it made my head spin. AMC Potomac Mills management, you need to retrain your entire staff and also seek retraining for you lack of leadership. Just look at the images and tell me this is something you would honestly pay for and be happy afterwards with or for that matter recommend that anyone else go.

Jay Bug

Don't come here. I tried to use my Gold Ticket movie pass that I got after a military deployment. The manager told me it was expired even though there was no expiration date on the ticket. They told me I had to go to a website to "renew" a ticket that had no expiration date. When I informed her I was traveling the next morning back to an overseas location where we did not have AMC theaters she basically told me I was out of luck. No support whatsoever for this military member!

Alyda Boyd

Sadly the place can be a little dirty, trash can quickly get filled and the food is way too expensive. I know its not the most exciting job but more smiles from the staff would make it friendlier place to visit. The luxury seats are nice, soft and fluffy. The bar is nice and normally has a themed drank to go with new premiers.

Mary Nussio

AMC has a lot to offer with ample parking. They run all kinds of specials that can save money, especially if you are a stubs member. I buy my tickets to the movies online through Fandango and almost never pay full price. This allows me to skip the long line outside to buy tickets, and to go inside where the ticket taker looks at the Q symbol on my phone. It is very straightforward and I love the fact that all of the seats are assigned so there is no worry about finding a place where everyone can sit together. The reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is simply because there is so many places where I have to wait in comparison to the Alamo. I almost never get food at AMC because the line is so long. Though, In fairness I will point out that as a stub member you do go in your own line and can get ahead of others that way. I will say that it is very clean and all of the employees have been kind and professional. I have never met anyone rude who works at AMC. The other reason I'm not giving it five stars is because while I appreciate the assigned seating the Alamo seats are much more comfortable. My teenagers prefer AMC to the Alamo at Stonebridge. My husband and I prefer the Alamo. so we go to both. I recommend AMC Theater as a first-rate entertainment site.

Dandzra Augustine

Celebrated my babygirl's Birthday....we had Dinner, shopping and a movie !!...

Mary Lewis

Theater was too warm, mild sweat going on. 2 of our 3 seats had something wrong. My popcorn was all kernels and stale. I asked and got new one without too much trouble. 2nd recent time I've given them a chance but now I'm done with AMC, it's WELL worth the drive to Springfield.


Dolby is the way to go. Amazing seats and sound. Always clean.

venus perez

Usually can get good seats even waiting until the day of the movie you want to see unless it is opening night or weekend of a highly anticipated movie like Avengers: Endgame, for example. Reserved seating available, which is good. A fine choice for if you're really just interested in seeing a movie without all the fanciest bells and whistles movie theaters offer now. They have reclining seat theaters, too depending on what movie you see.

Dominique LeMoine

Took my son here for his first movie experience and he loved it!

Antonio Cardenas

Cashier did not wanna be here and expressed his disdain through his monotonous tone and service.

Melissa Salinas

Overall this is a nice theater it has a lot of different screens but I don't think the seats are that great I really wish that they would upgrade more of their theaters to have the nicer seats that a lot of the other theaters are starting to go to

Jon Navas

Maybe I've been too spoiled with other theaters, but the lack of reclining seats for general admission is a bit of a deal breaker! Staff was very nice so that saves it from being one star.

Rob Carson

There are Amc theaters with the reclining seats, this one still has the seats before the remodel. Clean & comfortable, good service just without recliners

Sherie Suggs

Went to the movie hide & seek it was really good, my food was good but just a little pricey 18.00 just for soda & nachos( too much)..But the theatre was nice & clean.

TheJoker 486

My go-to movie spot. Love the IMAX and Dolby Cinema theaters!

Anna Hogan

It is full of entertainment and fun people

Emma F

Love coming around 12-4 always able to find a great seat

Phillip Lamb

Facilities are fine but they need to staff registers better. 2 staff members working the registers right before a matinee with 50 people in line waiting. Unsat!

Samantha Calvillo

Charging as much as they do, it would be assumed that they kept things at the concession stand stocked as well as possible, especially on a holiday weekend. No sprite, no butter, no cup carriers, annnd no lids for the largest size cups ("only 50 cents more to get the large...") and not enough cashiers at the concession stand causing long lines for any customer, members or not. Pretty frustrating. C'mon guys....

D. Lloyd Jenkins Jr

Great theater. The Dolby cinema is the highlight of the movie viewing experience! With the extra money.

Ahmad Popalzai

They probably need to update the entire theater as it is running dow ... the chairs were pretty dirty and outdated but the theater was clean. Drinks and pop corn are naturally expensive as hell and one of the soda machine was broken so there was a long line on the other.


Good quality movie, prices are high as usual but what can you expect

Anita G.

Theatres are always dirty and sticky. The $6 deal on Tuesday is their saving grace.

Sean Jurjevic

The theater was still filthy even after the staff cleaned. I know you can totally clean when they get ready for another movie. The top row still had trash. Management and staff does not care about the cleanliness of the lobby. Thrash was everywhere and nobody cared about it.

Suzanne Sykes

Seats need to be cleaned bubble gum under the arm rest. Saw a good movie so that's what matters most

Johnny Johnston

Movie and sound were great. Having no A/C going in the theater...not so much. During a 2.5 hour movie it REALLY starts to suck an hour in.

SS Smith

Hello Everyone, it's Tuesday ... discounted movie tickets all day!! Let's watch a great movie (or two) while enjoying a bag of delicious freshly popped popcorn and our beverage of choice. There are several food choices...enjoy! *** I like this location and the $5 or $6 Tuesday discounts...all day. The employees are always helpful and courteous. The popcorn is freshly popped, delicious and buttery and the beverages are cold and refreshing. The individual theater rooms are clean and the seats are quite comfortable. The screen and volume are just right for watching great movies. Thanks AMC! Important to Note: There is ample FREE parking at this location...Potomac Mills Outlet.

Joseph Buff

Way too loud for Hobbs and shaw 2:45 showing. Had a db monitor on and it registered 110 db at times not good

NC9 Cortez

Great place to go after a long work week

Gabriel Negrón

I usually attend in the mornings, so take what I say with that in mind. The rooms are usually pretty well kept: no weird smells, floor is not too sticky. Popcorn is always fresh. Service is amicable and quick. No long lines or too much waiting around.

M Rimando

Pros: - Location - Next to the mall. - Showings - Lots of movie options/availability Cons: - Comfort- Seats need an upgrade. No recliner. Arm rest/cup holder is limited. - Food - Over priced for the quality. The food taste like the employees just took it out the freezer, heated it up in the microwave and served it. Plus $8 for a fountain drink! - Price - over priced for the experience. Consumers will go to the Alamo. Its actually worth the money

Roderick Branch

First time back in the movie theater for a while. Nice experience. Could have had more than one working the ticket counter but the process went well

Myron Toombs

I use this theater on a regular basis and love catching the big hits in the Dolby theater. But on Friday, 7/19, at approx. 2:50pm, the concession area was filthy. At this time of the day, there was no line and was several young people behind the counter standing and talking. There was no one even trying to clean up. Customers should not have to prepare their snacks around a bunch of trash and messy conditions. This was the worst I’ve ever seen and that’s why the rating was a 4 instead of a 5.


It's a nice theater with mini bar but what I don't like is the upkeep. Its dirty, looks unorganized and the security is a bit much. This place useto be great a few years back but it looks messy.

Tim Long

Saw a great movie. Comfortable seats. Clean. Affordable morning shows. The outside ticket buying consoles appear top be wasting space and don't work at all. They should be tossed or actually made to work.

Tim Kirkpatrick

Decent place; opportune location next to Costco where you can buy discounted AMC ticket passes. Good facilities here and a convenient albeit pricey bar where you can get a Jack/Coke right before your movie. Usually not too crowded.

Samuel Browning

It's an AMC theater, they have popcorn and hot dogs and do I really need to put anything here? It's well maintained during non busy times, and during busy times, because people make don't clean up after themselves and treat everywhere like it's a trash can, it can get dirty. AMC is normally expensive but that's nothing new.

Brian Potvin

We love AMC! We're there most weekends, seeing at least 1 movie, if not 2!

phil pastorek

Fairly good selection of movies. Beer and wine bar.

Cody S

I've been going to this amc sence it has been built. constant quality every visit.

davonta badie

Love the way there changing everything to keep up with other theaters and the AMC pass is great

Teiona Lawrence

Best thing you can do is get on their AMC premiere. You will get your 15 dollar fee back super fast.

A. Jones II

Nice place, Friendly staff. Dated seats unfortunately.

Craig Bowling

Was having a normal movie theatre experience till two mice came running down next to my seat. Then literally 6 more came running. I understand establishments can have issues with mice (employed in the pest control field) but they have an infestation of mice. The worst part was when I talked to the manager he told me that “yeah they have been getting a lot of complaints of mice and that they have been trying to get in touch with pest control companies” not sure how you “try” and not just do it but for sure will not be going back. Not a fan of the potential of having mice droppings in my popcorn.

Chelsea Andrews

Great movie theater! Went there today to see creed two in the Dolby cinema. I think this is the theater that everything is super clearer and realistic. I don’t go to the movies too often and we really only chose this Dolby thing because of the time but the reclining seats are always a plus!! Picture was great. But if a regular ticket is less I would still go for that. But it does allow for a more comfortable experience. I truly enjohed their mozzarella sticks and they also sell adult beverages for a very reasonable price. I had this adult lemonade and it was great. We got good service while there, bathrooms were clean...there’s more than enough room to park. Definitely would return again. Oh a huge downfall was that the movie theater was WAS NOT cleaned before we entered. Trash everywhere. In the seats my date and I had the cup holders were stuffed with trash which we had to dispose of ... but as we looked around it seemed as though the theater was NOT cleaned which was highly disappointing. Especially because you pay for these seats in advance and then come to sit in leap of trash. If the movie and the mozzarella sticks weren’t so good then I would have probably given this place three stars.


Great theater. Family friendly. Always showing great movies.

Matthew Wright

It's a nice theater but doesn't compare to the nearby Alamo. Still this theater is cheaper and has more showtimes. I recommend checking the Alamo first and if there isn't a showing that works for you there then check here.

Vi Hicks

It was a nice couple outing. Theater was nice cool plenty of space.

Eric Koziski

Awesome movie theater, would highly recommend to go try out the digital Dolby theater

Melanie Koerperich

Seems to be cleaning up a little better since the last time I was there.

colleen furman

Liked seats. The volume was too loud. But I guess that's an every theater now. It's the in thing to blow your Eardrums out

Anne Albuquerque

Went to AMC theaters for a movie - Aladdin-I enjoyed it as much as the kids!!

Aimal Benawa

Nice and clean theater always love going there on Tuesdays!!

Delmar Jackson

Theater was nice and it has comfortable seating. Sound quality was great as well we watched the Lion King

Erik Crocker

Watched Avengers: Endgame on IMAX and it was great. The place is clean, the theater was exceptionally clean considering the staff has 10 minutes between showings. Help yourself to the drinks -no wait- 4 Coca-Cola Freestyle dispensers!!!

Genesis Velasquez

Went here to watch Endgame movie and asked for a closed captions device ... it wasn't charged, not sure if it was tge employee's fault or the device itself but hopefully, it will be charged next time. The food are expensive for small portions, that could change a little bit but other than that, it's a nice movie theater

Tonights Big Loser

Nice seating, staff, and snacks. Though popcorn and candy is a bit pricy.

Orlando G.

Watched Hobbs and Shaw. Was too late for the show to get snacks though. Darn! No complaints.

kevin Just

Pricey Dolby cinema tickets but overall a nice theater.

Nichole Allen

Clean! Fun! New! Staff still great at the end of night!!

Vanessa Wood

Love the assigned seats option. It is great to be able to select your seats ahead of time. Food is good and facility is very clean.

Sendu Feyssa

Tuesday stub membership is amazing! I love taking my kids to the theater for only $5 each.

Jason Brown

Potomac Mills AMC is getting better. Finally you can get reserved seats for regular movies ( not 3D,Dolby, etc) I do recommend seeing a movie in the DOLBY theater. It is a great experience. Also there matinee movies are a perfect price!!!

Rust Jones

Back then this place was a joke. Anyone could hop around or do whatever. I went there recently and they really stepped it up. They no longer put the title of the movie at the entrance so if you hop, you don't know what you're watching. You also have to actually sit in the seat you pay for. They also asked for my ID to watch a movie rated R last time, so overall they've stepped up the security. The quality on the other hand isn't terrible and they do have options to get reclining seats and super high audio quality in the Dolby cinema but it costs like 30 bucks per ticket. The problem I have with this place is the price because when I go to the movies in other areas they give me reclining seats for 10 dollars. I'm not about to pay 30 dollars when other people can get it for 10. I still go here all the time though, but I wish they could step it up a little bit. Also the food here isn't too great. I ordered a "gourmet" cheeseburger and fries for $12 and I think they got it from the same company that sells frozen food to my school. But I pay 2.50 at school. Overall I was SUPER disappointed with my meal and will never buy food from here again.

Chapman Peugh

Always a fun time but very unclean. Went to see Creed II a few weeks back and someone screamed pointing out that there was a rat on the floor. The fluffy critter then proceeded to move around and eventually went away but not before leaving multiple viewers screaming in disgust. While I never saw the rat myself, everyone screaming and moving to the other side of the room made me rather convinced. So for that 4 stars because it made for a great story lol.

Joyce Fullerton

Comfy and spacious seating. Sound was really loud

Rizzy Rozay

After youve been to Alamo ... this AMC will never be the same. Im a stubs member and I still havent cashed in on points or $5 Tuesdays. May come back in the event an Alamo showing is sold out. Tickets seem pricey for reserved seating theatres and recliners.

Kalyn Steele

Great theater, really enjoyed going to see a movie with my Family last week. Will definitely have to see another one next time we're in town.

Jubilant Potato

Nice movie theater with comfortable seats and good surround sound but if you want snacks stash some somewhere because two hotdogs and drinks cost 20 dollars and candy cost at least 5 bucks each. Everyone is friendly even though it seems they may be a tad under staffed on busy nights when popular movies come out. Otherwise nice place to have laughs and clear crisp movies.

The Peeping Egg

Had a great time at the recent showing of the BTS love yourself tour concert movie! Theatre was clean and comfortable. Nice staff in the theater. Will definitely come here again.

Mo Ji

If I am paying almost $10.00 for the popcorn at least make it fresh. AMC needs an overhaul as a brand and figure out how they want to continue before it's too late and you end up like Blockbusters.

Tony Best

I just love the comfortable seats and the restaurants as well as the mall surrounding the theater. Just a cool fun atmosphere.

Shannon Shrader

Great and clean theatre.

Heidi Buckley

Adobe theatre was awesome! We watched Annabelle!

Any Osorio

Best seats, and the snack are great, movie shows are always on time and anytime until 11pm

Elsa Hernandez

Watched it, chapter 2, great movie. Ac was a bit low. But very comfortable theatre

Savannah Workman

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at this theater. Though it was a matinee and the theater had just opened, they were adequately staffed and all staff were helpful and pleasant. I appreciate the variety of snack options and prices, though expensive, are not any different than other local theaters. Overall, a great movie experience.

Keno man

$5 Tuesdays!! Small crowds, reserved seating. Saw Stuber. Thumbs up if you like those kind of "buddy movies" which I do :D Cinema during the week is awesome compared to overcrowded busy pia weekends.

Jonathan Wade

Nice, clean theater. Liked the buy-ahead tickets with QR code for entry without the hassle of ticket purchase lines.

Sara Bun

Extremely loud, so I ended up getting startled during fight scenes. Cringy- jeeze my ears are going to pop. Parking was a nightmare come extra early!

Carolyn L

Well appointed movie theater. Nice seats so every adult audience member can comfortably see the screen. Options for reserving seating when you buy tickets ahead. The kiosks set up so you can get your tickets without going through the line often don't work. This AMC shares parking with Potomac Mills Mall, so expect to park very far out on a weekend when the parking lot is chock full of shoppers. Allow some extra time for walking from the far reaches of the parking lot so you will be able to make it to your movie on time.


Little loud on the volume, but my friends and I had a great time. The stadium seating is perfect.

DietyAwesome .

Had a really bad incident from a manager about reserved seating. Doesn't feel right that we can't move our seats in a regular showing since the seats can be horribly dirty and messy. The theater barely had any people in so we moved to cleaner seats which happened to be the seats of the others that came in at a later time. They've gotten a manager because we weren't moving fast enough and he came in behaving unprofessionally demanding we move back to our original seats and no others. I understand reserved seating for Dolby, 3-D, or Imax, but regular showings should be first come first serve. Just a decline in this already horrible movie experience once you throw in people constantly talking and browsing their phones during the movies. Overall customer service is poor.

Joel McKenzie

I love it! My family always have a fun. We just watched Secret Life of Pets too and the atmosphere was amazing.

Dalton Vince

Very clean. Very neat and organized. Nothing special about the service. They have reclining seats and you can purchase tickets online, at the window, and they have a kiosk you can purchase tickets from.

Gerald Rodriguez

This place is awesome! Very clean and nice people all around.

Lori Brunsman

You pick your seats - all shows! Very nice not to have to get there super early to wait in line to get a good seat

Alex Heller

Best place to go to watch movies, especially Discount Tuesday ($6 for now use to be $5. Why did you add a dollar to the discount :( ). I always love their popcorn, it's so good, I've had their chicken and waffles, though it took awhile to get it, but whenever I go to the movies, I don't get food from them I just get in and go watch the movie, even if I wait for 20 minutes for the movie to start. I would still go straight to the theater room, but the chicken and waffles are good, plus I never notice the sauces were on the right side cause I'm always going to the left side of the theater than the right, rarely to the right side, and notice they have honey mustard, my favorite sauce, and I thought to myself "from now on, I will order chicken and waffles whenever I go to the right side of the theater." If I go to the left, I'll probably get popcorn and add butter to it, but it's fine by itself and I only go every Tuesday, cause I like discounts now thanks to AMC. Although, I don't get it in the store, but with AMC I know how much I'm spending and knowing I will have a good time at the theaters.

Norma Donato

Clean, recliners are very comfortable. An overall very pleasant movie experience. Thank you!

Phoenix O'Neill-Zeballos

They were ok I was upset that there chairs didn't go back the popcorn was great and they over pricedour movie tickets.

Patricia Pennant

Nice ambience, but too cold.

Donna Thompson

We enjoyed watching the new Downton Abbey movie in comfort. Concession prices are ridiculously high, so no 5


Clean, fast at snacks area and clean seating for the movie.

Tish Virden

Parking is always a hassle any time. Food is expensive. Do not go to the movies on an empty stomach. During the summer, if you're a StubHub member, you get $5.00 Tuesday tickets for everyone you purchase a ticket for. Seven people cost us $48.00. Assigned seating is a plus except when people are in your seats.

Raeshelle Delvalle

Prices are sky high but overall a good family outing place

Andras M Marton

Older theater-style seats, still good sound, etc. We enjoyed it.

Sara Sellman

Amazing shopping! The stores are great. Location. Food around the area is great! Right off the highway too! It's perfect

Richetta Robinson

Very family friendly we always have a great time

Christine Watson

I love going to the movies.

manuel Gunabe

convenient and easy to reach. lots of parking. get my ticket fast. courteous personnel. I get good deal with my A List. More so for a senior like me.

Max Sigrest

When I went to the theater today, my whole family was in a rough patch. My brother had just gotten a bee sting and we needed to do an emergency trip to the doctor. Even though we paid for our tickets online, the AMC staff here helped us refund our tickets. The manager ,Joe, was one of the most kind person I have ever met. He was super gracious and polite and had a lot of empathy to noticed we have had a bad day. This man turned our day around and we cannot wait to come back!

Diane E

Loved the movie, hated the seat, too low to the ground and uncomfortable. I'm used to luxury lounger seating, no such thing in theater #5 at this location.

elmer diaz

Staff is rude at the window. Movie theater is great

Janraidul Tsogbaatar

Amc cinema s great for Family Tuesdays. But better buy online before coming to skip the long lines!

Sommer Grasty

AMC Potomac Mills is a nice theater, only wish there were recliner seats.


Great place for shopping. Loads & loads of s tores.

Ryan Nichols

Ample parking. Good selection of films.

jennifer marth

My daughter was asked if she’d be able to eat all of the 1.5 pretzel she ordered...a little insulting. Seating in need of serious updating. Why do they show ads for the nice seats and everything when this location doesn’t even have this?? Bathroom was dirty... Only one staff member was actually nice and considerate. Really am not a fan of this over priced run down place


Staff is very nice, especially at the late showings and popcorn could never be better

Albert Snyder

Nice theater, but could open more lines for popcorn and drinks

Jamie O'Connor

Looking for a theater to have sex in (in a children's movie, even) without management caring? This is the place for you. Looking for a theater to not deal with people doing that? Go to any other theater. Try Alamo.

Mandy McClafferty

Workers weren't very friendly. All bathroom stalls were out of toilet paper and only one soap dispenser had soap. Movie was good though.

Jose Castro

Saw to movies there. Nice experience

Siham Roy

Very nice and clean place.

James Taysom

It's a great theatre. Of course the food is expensive but there are better than average choices. They have fancy popcorn and those soda machines that have something like 100 choices. They staff is always friendly and I have never had an issue with anyone. They keep it clean and tidy.

Armon White

Avenger s endgame was spectacular but longer than I wanted other than that I enjoyed myself

Samantha Gordon

I really enjoy coming to this AMC. The staff members are very nice and friendly, they help me out and always have a good attitude every time I come. The managers are nice and I always have a great experience. BUTTTT I spoke to the General Manager I don’t remember her name but I do remember she was standing extremely close to me and I just so happened to get a whiff of her breath and it smells HORRID! If she wants to stand in people’s personal space you would think she would at least brush her damn teeth! Get her a toothbrush, toothpaste, and some mouthwash! But other than that I’ll be back to watch more movies!!

Vinit Singh

It's nice, but can get a bit pricey. It doesn't have the reclining seats or any of the fancy stuff, but they did add a bar. Also it has the freestyle Coke machines.


Good popcorn and great environment to watch movies

Krystina Melville

Nice theater on the inside but getting in is the hard part. On aSaturday there was ONE person working the ticket booth and ALL of the self service ticket computers were broken. Pretty frustrating for an expensive experience.

Naked Truth

This AMC is very dirty and smells very bad. It's like the carpet has never been washed. The exterior of this AMC looks like a dump. There was trash thrown all over the place. It looked as if someone took the trash can and decided to dump it on the floor and spread it all across. It was quite disgusting. This place needs a very good cleaning team in place.

Apri Jarvis

Saw Dumbo. Well worth watching. Movie theater clean and peaceful


I always go there and have the best time!

C Rdz

After o before a great movie at AMC just go to the food court it’s great and with dozens of tables available.They have a Japanese joint that make my day. The Chinese corner is recommendable too. Popeye’s if you like a good fried chicken. Good choices of food.The candy store on the entrance is really load of good stuff. Nice variety of sweets.For the coffee lovers, Starbucks is just around.

karla medrano

It was ok but it took us 30 minutes to be able to purchase our drinks and popcorn it it was not even busy

John Heishman

Theater is good but lines run so slow even for Stubs members

keith ancrum

Movie experience was great however, beverage area Really needed to be clean.

Mary M.

Plenty of movies to see, helpful staff, some parts of the building could use more cleaning & TLC, but good overall. Very busy on weekends, difficult parking lot to exit. Drive carefully around here.

janine buff

Tooo loud wasn't enjoyable good movie, bad sound person running the show

seanours3 .

Nice, clean theater, but if you go on the weekend, you will have to park further away or arrive even earlier than you might have planned. Usually very crowded at the mall. Great experience overall

Dee Reynolds

They changed the refreshment counter. They also added a bar.


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