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206 Swamp Fox Rd, Alexandria, VA 22314, United States Located in: Hoffman Town Center

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REVIEWS OF AMC Hoffman Center 22 IN Maryland

Tawnie Pike

This is a nice theater. The most pleasant customer service I have seen at any AMC theater.

Frank Whorton

AMC movie passes, Baby!!! IMAX and Dolby movies all month for just $19.95. Good seating, all stadiums. Comfortable and clean.

Arlene Evans

Great seating,Very clean and the employees was very professional.

Blockrocka DMV

This place has really changed over the years. Concessions were cool, but the theater was a bit nasty. Seating was cramped. Escalator was not working again. Highly doubtful that we'll be going back.

Marcella Pratt

Frequently visit here as always a nice experience

Barbara Albro

The best variety of films within 25 miles of where we live. There were only 5 of us in the theatre (it was a Monday afternoon) but they showed the film regardless. The complex is beginning to show age but that us to be expected. I hope that the owners don't let it fall to pieces.

Ileana Gonzalez

This theater really needs to be renovated. All the theater seats smell really bad and are very uncomfortable.

Raakin ROll

It was a great theater when it opened. Full of innovation and the presentation of being such a unique and great place to watch a movie. But over the years the management has done a relatively poor job of maintaining it. The only innovation thing about this place now is that it finally got the Dolby Digital theater. I really do hope AMC put some money back into this place and makes it the pristine and procedures place it was to enjoy a good film.

Melanie Coffman

Due to understaffing, It took us 25 minutes to get through a line just to purchase tickets (with military discount), then another 20 to buy a soda. Maybe it was because it was July 4th? But it was also 3pm, and raining. The facility was relatively clean, though.

Mark Terribile

This theater is clean and in good condition but I almost missed the start of my movie (and would have were it not for 15 minutes of trailers) because of the atrocious staffing and arrangement of the ticket counter. With a dozen parties lined up they had one clerk, who seemed unable to work quickly and efficiently. She spent nearly a minute on each sale. Also, when one patron bought tickets to a reserved-seating movie, she had to turn her computer screen around for him to see because there was no screen for the customer. Parking is a problem too. The parking lot has been fenced off. Parking is about 800 feet away in a parking structure that does not take cash payments. I got a payment card with my movie ticket, but the parking operator demanded more money on top of it

Moises Amaya

Was alright its abit old as it has no reclining seats overall i give it a 3

David Bixler

Got here just in time but the machine doesn't show tickets for movies 30 seconds after they start. I sat in line for 10 minutes waiting behind another group at the ticket desk, and there was only 1 employee working the desk, but facing the opposite 180 degrees direction from the front of the theater so we all sat there in confusion. We went around to the other side eventually and finally were able to talk to him but he is not skilled and ended up wasting another 15 minutes (25 minutes into the movie) getting him to sort out this chaos in front of me from this group of girls. I gave up.

IAmOR8 .

I F'en love this place! Great memories, superb visuals, lighting, sound and effects! Metro accessible, parking garage, and local fun eateries! I miss the Ruby Tuesday's butt it's cool. I need to make another trip! :-D

Helen Michie

Clean and good selection of movies. A lot of dining options neaby

Gavin Nickol

Food is definitely overpriced, but it's less overpriced than most movie theaters

Ganesh N

My all time favorite!!! Good food places around. Highly accessible via metro. 20+ screens. Validates parking.

Donna Hobbs

The AMC Hoffman Center is centrally located it's clean they have lots of theaters and the sound system is awesome! And they always have great movie deals. Check them out i think you'll enjoy the experience!


On a prime time Saturday night at the movies they have only the one downstairs concession stand open. The average wait time in line 30+ minutes. Only three drink machines working and two of them were out of Coke and Sprite and the other one had no ice.

Irem Dogancali

Okay I understand that this is an "older" theater, but come on man it's cannot be that hard to clean up between movies. It's constantly dirty. I like the size of the theaters though and usually there's a decent selection. They validate, so that's a plus (unlike the messy parking situation over at Shirlington). Anyway, can't wait for them to join us at the 21st century and start getting some recliner seats and reserved seating.

Rachel Merrill

This is the second time we've bought tickets in advance only to show up to a sweltering non-air conditioned theater. No advance warning, not even by the ticket taker. I've never even encountered such conditions at a dollar theater, it's unacceptable for a full price theater.

Rodney Curl

The operations at this theatre are just plain poor. To have to wait in line for an hour + for popcorn is just ridiculous and not one manager or soul came out to say anything about it. Not to mention they made a staffer sit and stuff jalapeño peppers into containers as they played with their hair the entire time and wiped sweat off of their forehead. There was also no one to collect the purchased ticket stubs as well. Definitely the first and last time I’m coming here. Would be rated a zero star if possible. Avoid at all cost.

Fritz Duval

Great sound, seats that we had sucks. We are use to the newer theater recliner seats....

Pheonix One

This place is still clean. The employees know how to act and Hobbes & Shaw wasn't bad.

Martha Decker

Great selection of snacks and plenty of showtimes to choose from.

Barry Porch

Another GREAT date night / outing at one of our FAVORITE getaway spots with my wifey as we enjoyed the movie

Casey Van Camp

This place has been around for a while now and is always good place to watch a movie. Only wish the upstairs concession stand was open more often.

Marcie Farmer

Concession lines were too long, go early if you want popcorn with your movie

Rikki Pugh

Havent been to Hoffman in about a year but Aladdin was playing at a convenient time so why not....welp...wont be back....went to see a movie at 230. Stood in the snack line for about 25 minutes plus another 5 minutes waiting on curly fries. I missed the first 10 minutes of the movie. Floors and carpeting is gross. Years ago, this used to be such a nice movie theatre. I'm not sure what's up with this place

Ahmad Popalzai

They should rename popcorn to salt corn. The theater we watched the movie in was decent sized but a little outdated. I would like to see this placed updated.

Onyinyechi A

Always a great experience at this theater. Even on opening weekend for US they maintained the crowd well. Get you through the concessions line quickly and turned over the theaters fast so that you can get seated sooner. The staff is great and the validate your parking.

Will Gowdy

It's a good theater. Imax is great! Popcorn is good. You fill up your own drinks and popcorn butter. $5 Tuesday is a sweet deal.

Dien Truong

The building around the AMC theater are getting rebuilt, so it looks empty on the outside; however, inside is nice. I didn't realize it was such a big theater, too. I enjoy the reclining seats, but feel like the leg extender could go straight instead of midway. The staff members we crossed were friendly and the clarity of the sound and definition were crisp. We would ge back.


I went to see Marvel Avengers this past Sunday night. I've gone to this location before but this time I had to write a review. The showtime was 9:15 on Sunday, so I figured going in there wouldn't be as much staff. However there wasn't anyone in the front to help us with our gift card (that wasn't working in the self kiosks). We entered the actual theater (#10) right before the actual movie started so the lights were dimmed and the theater was disgusting. We stepped on sticky gourmet popcorn and other snacks, no one had bothered to pick up the cups it's like the employees just didn't care if there was another showtime and figured they'd clean up before leaving for the night. I have never seen a theater so dirty and I wanted to let a manager know but of course there was no one in sight when I left the theater so I figured I should just write the review and let others know in case you want to watch a movie at night on a Sunday here.

Kota Hunt

This movie theatre, like many, is absurdly expensive. A regular sized bag of popcorn was 8 dollars!!! A drink is 6 dollars ! The service was good and there was a large selection, but honestly not one that I was particularly pleased with. I arrived on time for my 11am movie and subjected myself to an entire 45 minutes of ads. The chairs were comfortable and the theatres were a good size and were clean.

Nika W.

Purchased tickets for the first showing of a particular movie on Sunday and walked into an absolutely filthy theater. Popcorn was all on the floor and the seats smelled as if they haven't been shampooed in decades. Beyond that, the customer service was below standard. Sacrafices we make for our children, smh lol

Aquilla Carter

Our go to theater! Clean and they upholds a standard.


I love this theater haven't been any place else since i was introduced in 2012. the staff is always pleasant. The people who attend the theater are polite an pleasant to be around. There's never any drama inside the movie while your watching it. Its always clean an smells nice. They are worth EVERY PENNY!!!

Sharon Montgomery

Theater is nice.! The seats are nice, spacious, and comfy. They are all in good shape too. The theater rooms are quite big as well.I love how they serve everything too.Not just your usual popcorn and nachos. And the chairs are even designed with this in mind, with plenty of space around the armrest to place a food item, or even trays that connect to your cup holder that will hold all your food. Sound quality is good. I will watch my next movie here for sure.

S Royster

Yes, 22 screens. Variety of flicks, from spandex to musicals. Remember to check out the bimonthly Fathom events where they show concerts or classic movies. Good frequent viewer programs. Minus 1 ⭐ : no reclining, reserved seats or alcohol in lobby

Anjie Martin

I've always enjoyed coming to the movies here. The atmosphere is always great for watching a good movie in peace and the customer service is just wonderful and extremely helpful. THUMBS UP!!! Hoffman keep up the good work

Bracey Keene

The staff was disrespectful and don’t know how to take care customers in correct manner! My theater had trash in between my seats very unsatisfying! Never coming to the Hoffman ever again !

Chelsea Harper

This theatre is super enjoyable if you are an AMC A-list user. Order everything in advance, pickup, sit and enjoy!


This is a really horrible place. Poorly taken care of. Sticky floors, broken recliners, constant renovation. Not sure what’s up here. Popcorn is always littered everywhere, even in the bathrooms. Staff look depressed and miserable. Lighting is awful. Cinema quality is decent. But I have smelled urine in the theatre several times, complained, been laughed at. Eh

Antonio Howard

This movie theater has really fell on hard times... It is Saturday and there is one cashier with 20 people waiting. The manager and assistant manager walk right by and give NO assistance. If you HAVE to go to this outdated theater, go on Tuesdays when it is worth the money and buy your tickets online or on the app. Then hope there isn't an issue at check-in

Katie Davenport

Like this theater, I’m an A-List member and a regular customer...literally every time I go to an AMC theater I order the luxury popcorn and get cheese only instead of two flavors....yet this weekend the concessions girl got an attitude and even sarcastic with me saying I “must get two flavors”. So petty and ridiculous.

Kita Holmes

Management on a Sunday night June 30th, 2019 was a very awful experience. The server for snacks and popcorn Caleb Hertz was very rude and unprofessional to us. This worker said next and so we proceeded to his line. He then told us he only called VIP and not us. We asked are you checking to see if they are true VIP. He immediately became belligerent and rude and told us we needed to mind our business and worry about what we had going on at the next register. He immediately continues to be rude to us and talked to us very ugly. We asked for a manager. When she came Instead of Destiny the manager on duty coming to us first she proceeded and asked Caleb Hertz what happen. Customers should come first. She finally came to us and then asked us what happen. She basically comped our purchase and said I’m sorry. However it wasn’t about the money. It’s about professionalism at all times when you are dealing with the general public. I don’t recommend this theatre on a Sunday with improper management and rude staff members. There definitely needs to be training on professionalism and customer service. I will be contacting corporate as well.

Shonda Harris

We go here to see all the blockbusters. Great place.

Maggie Fuller

I wanted to top my popcorn off. before the movie started but they said I cant get the refill till its empty.

Kiara Walls

Haven't been here since 2005, super nice staff. Clean theater's send comfortable seating.

Charlie Goeller

Lines due to understaffing. Drinking fountains not functional upstairs, no water pressure. Parking is free, theaters are clean. Expensive, but seats are good.

David Skinner

They ran literally 30 minutes of insipid advertising, then 15 minutes of previews, so the movie started 45 minutes later than the posted time. Absurd!

Richard Weldner

Enormous, clean, beautiful, IMAX theater in Alexandria. Food and cafes are less than 5-minutes walk from the theater. That mermaid coffee isn’t going to drink itself. Convenient parking is in the back of the theater building.

Katarina Austin

Should have done more research before Going I thought this place had lounge seats

Nicky Coogan

I loved our experience at this theater. The seats fully recline and are super comfortable. This theater is a little less crowded which is a big plus to me. Great place !!

George Henderson

Excellent, Superb, would do it again for our church. Thanks!

Laura Zuber

Can validate parking at nearby garage and it is metro accessible. The popcorn is always fresh. You can buy and select your seat in advance. It is my husband and my favorite movie theater.

Tina Dee

Just needs faster concessions stands.

Nathan Rosen

Clean facility, friendly staff. Popcorn was fresh, huge soda selection. Their Dolby 3D theater was truly epic.

Kate Buza

Find theater but had to get there 45 minutes before the previews even started just to get a regular popcorn. You would think that knowing it’s a Tuesday night with a movie deal they would have more than ONE SINGLE REGISTER open for the general public!!!!! Instead they have 5 open for premier members and there aren’t even any premier members to take orders from, that line is empty and the employees are just standing by their registers refusing to help non-members.

Keirsha Thompson

Beautiful theatre, nice staff, nachos win me over everytime.

Autumn Livingston

The cup holders were dirty...the seats were filthy....the floor was disgusting AND the popcorn taste old!!! This was my first time here & I will never go back AGAIN! But on the bright side I got my money back for everything I bought.

Doug League

You can't find a live person to talk to if you have any questions. Unreal line for popcorn and drinks. And a stupid reserved seats policy for partially full theatre. Seats are comfy.

TheRealDavonLittle .

Whew chile the ghetto lol seats stiff no AC loud and ratchet.

Kat Cornell

They redid the seats here and they are amazing! They recline and are super comfy! Even better, if you are with your significant other you can pop up an armrest and snuggle. No fighting for cup space or arm space, these chairs are how movie theaters should always be!

Brandi Smith

My go-to neighborhood theater. Although I have the Stubs membership, the service is pretty fast and friendly without it. Popcorn is always hot and fresh even for late shows and facilities are typically clean. Love the recliner seats; just wish this was the standard in all the theaters. Best deal is on Tuesdays where shows are just $5 and students can snag popcorn and a drink for just $5. Oh and def try the gourmet popcorn mmm mmm!!

Andri Orphanides

The place is huge and lively.

BabyFace Naty

This AMC spot never disappoint...dude working the register was polite and helpful..the theater was clean and safe. Guardian Angel has fallen was a nice shoot em up action thriller on a Friday night. The restaurants and stores outside the theater are nice add-on.

Keivan Khalichi

Overall a good theater. Could use more staff on Mondays and Wednesdays to check guest tickets, since there are always folks with complications at the purchase counter, and on these days, tickets are checked at the same counter. If you're late to a movie and someone ahead of you has complications, then you'll miss some minutes of the movie.

Alex Wells

I have been to the Hoffman theater hundreds of times at this point and I am confident when I say it is the most mediocre theater in the area. It has nice theaters in terms of sound quality and sheer size of them. The reason I gave this theater three stars is the seating: when all other theaters in the area have upgraded their theaters for a more comfortable viewing experience, whereas the Hoffman center has become complacent. I do like the fact that the Hoffman center offers reserved seating, but if you really want a good viewing experience I would recommend the Springfield mall theater. Not much further and a much better experience.

J Deisher

The seats are really tight and uncomfortable, and there's not very much space between rows to move around. It was clean though, and the food is good. Expensive, but comparable to standard movie theater prices.

Reaching Higher

I frequent this theater, however, this past Saturday the manager on duty, Destiny clearly was far too busy to chat with African-American customers. After my partner was rudely rushed through the concession line by the tall black guy with the high top fade towards the left end of the concession stand, I went to find a manager. Destiny did was not attentive and in my humble opinion is too young to be the only manager on duty. I'm sure nothing will happen from my review, after all, I'm just someone who drops 200.00 there in food and films a month.

Rose Jacob

Make sure you find out you have to pay or find a way of getting parking they don't tell you that is no place to park when you get there you have to walk all around the maitre D's are very rude wouldn't recommend that theater for no one and I've been on this program for over a year

Kimberly Childress Wade

I haven't seen a movie at this theater in years. I love the upgrades to the theater and restrooms. Dolby digital upgrade was the best.

john cruz

Saw this classic movie, I love that they play old movies here every now and then. Place was packed to see this one, don’t watch the remake, this is one is the best

senequa rivers

Huge theater...good food selection...chairs are dated...need recliner seats

Juanita Briscoe

I really enjoyed the atmosphere at the AMC. I particularly liked the movie stars poster. It gives you a sense of remembrance. The place is clean and very detailed. Although the seats were plush and somewhat comfortable, it lacked reclining ability. It would be a great idea to have reclining seats such as some of the other AMC Theaters.

Tracey Waters

Needs an upgrade. Wasn't prepared for the stiff, tight upright uncomfortable seating or the long line at the concession stand. It was also a sticky, dirty mess. Visited on a holiday weekend so they should've been better staffed. The staff they did have was friendly but obviously worn out. 1st and last visit.

Robert Helminiak

Nice theater but some showings don't have assigned seats.

Orlando G.

First movie in Virginia and first time at this location. It's such a nice and visually pleasing building. Many stories. A friend insisted that the Dolby cinema experience was worth the $18 or so dollar price. I watched the movie Glass, and I agree. The chairs are fully adjustable and comfortable. The surround sound can be felt under your seat. Although Glass was a rather slow paced with minimal action, I still NOTICED the difference during the action scenes. In short, the Dolby cinema experience is best suited for action packed movies. Had a great time!

Kofi Andoh

Would be better if souvenirs were sold

Xtreembandmanagement suseen

Sadly I was not impressed by this, I normally am able to give 5 stars. But the staff was no help, didnt seem to want to be there. Its extremely pricey. The parking lot was being closed off for maintenance, so we had to park in the garage around the back of building. Be prepared for a walk. The place was dirty, including bathrooms. Maybe it will get better, I dont know. I'm not going to be coming back sadly. Very disappointing and I hate to even write this.

Laus Lo

Service on Saturday July 20th 2019 at 12 pm was horrible. Make sure to be an hour early if you want to buy popcorn and a drink (which is $17+ for a large popcorn and a regular drink). There were only two attendants serving food making everyone about 30 minutes late to their movie. (Everyone was complaining and very moody, including me after having to listen to it all. ) Seats were very uncomfortable. In summary I paid $25 for two tickets, $17 for popcorn and a drink and due to little staffing, my experience was one star worth.

Hope Saige Perry

Visited for my 1st time during Alexandria Film Festival & I loved it. Their seats are roomy & comfy

Phyllis Gibert

Hey, it was great! Had free passes for the movie. Due to technical difficulties, they were delayed. Free passes to see something else. That'll work!

Ms. Green

Nice, clean & spacious. I was in theatre #21. Bottle of water cost 4.95, regular size popcorn cost 7 bucks and change. I gave 4 stars because: notice on screen mentioned a rewards program or see a rep after show for details. Not enough staff to talk to us about it, no info given. 1 rep to sell tickets..line to long and she wanted me to stand in it..I did for awhile. 1 rep to admit and take tickets..he couldn't talk to me due to many interruptions. AMC should do a better job of promoting rewards program. My visit may have been included in reward program.. Check it out BEFORE you buy tickets

Keyri Menjivar

Best AMC I've been at so far. The place looks great once you go inside. The best part is that if you validate your ticket inside you won't pay for parking.

Al Thompson

Great place to catch a wide selection of movies or special video events like Broadway or New York Met productions. You can now pick ..., uh, choose your seat. You can self-validate parking and they have a Dolby theater. Only drawback is the seats are getting worn and dirty.

Aree Pearlman

Comfy seats, be careful of what floor you need to get to bc the escalators go all the way and the elevators are slow....i didn't see how to get to the stairs easily for where I needed to go. The food is incredibly expensive - i think it was $16 for a popcorn and drink! Yikes.


The theater/building is lovely inside I love the pics of the different movie stars all around also restaurants and cold stone within walking distance .

Keke Bailey

Everything was great! Clean facility ,polite staff and fast service. We did go on Tuesday so maybe a weekend might not be the same. Tuesdays they have 5 dollar deals for tickets and popcorn. They also validate parking tickets. Great experience

Ayesha Sadiq

I didn't have a good time at the Hoffman AMC. As a AMC regular customer I know the concession line is divided by your membership level. I stood in the Premiere/A-list line but I didn't get timely service. When I finally did get called up to the counter, a random woman butt in and took my place, the attendant didn't blink an eye. I don't except much from my movie theater, I'm not looking for the red carpet treatment but an apology would have been nice.


I’m reading all of the bad reviews out of curiosity and I don’t get how entitled people are lol. I will ONLY come to AMC Hoffman over EVERY other theater in the area, because it’s simply awesome. Yes, tis true, the entrance is glorious. Yes, true again, the screens are magnificent... Oh yes, they have reserved seating... and of course, they have Dolby! Signature!! Recliners!!! I USED to have to drive around the parking lot for TWENTY MINUTES, trying to find a spot for YEARS... No more... Validated COVERED parking! and there‘s always spaces... It is NOT that far to walk, you LAZY bums! and no, the staff “doesn’t notice or care to notice” many things...

Sulaiman Fareed

At the time of this review it will be the second time that had visited the Hoffman movie theater. The movie theater looks good its bigger than I thought the second time visiting the movie theater. I bought my movie tickets through the app and was able to get to my movie before it started. Once upon a Deadpool. Overall I think the theater is a nice one to go to. The only minor thing about the movie theater is parking. Which is for the whole Hoffman shopping center but parking isn't free though. I think it's a max of $8-$10 a day which is not bad. If you at a nearby hotel and planning on going to the movies than you can bypass the parking cost if you want to save a few dollars and can walk.


This is one of the better theaters I have been to in this area. The place is HUGE and the bathrooms/individual theatres are very clean.

Anime Queen

This Movie Theatre is the best ever. Best churros, and has comfy seats. Thank you so much AMC.

bemy valentines

I felt sad for the company of AMC for hiring this person (Manager) whose clearly doesn't know how to handle customer issues. My friends and I went to watched movie Annabelle. We were so excited to see the movie, so we decided to go to eisenhower AMC. We bought a ticket from the associate and we told him we would like to watch Annabelle. Clearly I thought he gave us the right movie ticket, so we proceed inside the theater without looking the ticket at all than waited til the movie to start playing. After 40mins of waiting for the movie to play, we noticed that it looks different from the trailer we saw on the internet. As a result I went back to the cashier and told him that he gave us a wrong movie ticket. He insisted to admit his mistake, so I asked to talked to the manager. I told to the manager if its ok to just continue the movie, and I would like a refund. Because we drove 30mins, and sat inside the theater for 45mins, and waited for the movie to play. We planned to see Annabelle for days as our bonding time, and we invest too much effort to see each other on AMC simply because of the mistake of his employee who aren't willing to admit the mistake. All that effort went wasted for nothing. We were devastated, and extremely angry. The manager responded that he will give us a refund or sent us to the theater where Annabelle is being played, I said no why? Because our time went all wasted, and your employee aren't willing to admit his mistake. Plus its too late to see the movie Annabelle it already started 30 mins ago, so i suggested to just continue the movie that are already been played, and receive a refund. Therefore, the manager called me rude for attacking his employee who aren't willing fo admit his mistakes, so the manager decided to just kicked us out from the AMC. How do you guys feel if you are in my situation. Would you be happy to see the manager protecting his own employee who made the mistake and aren't willing to admit the mistake. It caused me and my friends money, time and effort in return, we got kicked out from the theater for pointing out the mistake of his employee who are laughing, and making a insulting facial expressions at the back. instead of helping the manager to solve the issues. They even called the cops for us to leave even tho were very respectful til the end. I never said that customer are always right, but the time, money and effort we put on can be replaced if they were or the manager is cooperative. We were in the military we respect the people around us. However, the associate, and the manager caused us tremendous trouble. I feel sad for my friends who drove more than an hour, so we can all bond together.

Rajeedah Lisenby

Always love coming here! Very helpful staff. Finally had someone explain to me the AMC Stubs program to me. Took my mom here for the first time and she loved it!

Dennis Alexander

Movies and movie theaters are dead. The only way they stay open, is that the same "people" that make all the new garbage movies also own movie theaters. Just part of the propaganda machine.

Joel Scott Arthur

Filthy conditions, uncomfortable seating in hot theaters, extremely long concession lines, too long to even consider getting treats. Movie going should be an enjoyable and comfortable experience. This place is not, they should be ashamed of themselves. Should be a negative star to select. Having worked in a movie theater years ago, I know that the house makes money on the concessions, you are actually only paying for the containers. The house gets no part of the ticket sales.

Cecilia Molina

Love coming here with my family/ friends. Good service. View rooms are spacious but lately they do need a better cleaning or renovation. Love that they(AMC) cover your parking expense for parking at the private garage now, thank you for appreciating our business with you!

steven gilley

If been to cleaner landfills and dealt with nicer rabid animals than the floors and staff of this place. The rudest staff of a business I have ever seen. Ive been there twice and both times Ive seen employees even the manager act unprofessional towards customers. The floors and bathrooms are clearly not the concern of the custodians.

Christy Hartsell

I am going to stop going to this theater. They never provide enough staff at concessions so you have to arrive 30 minutes early or go without. It’s a simple fix and would benefit sales. I watched several people bail out of line so they wouldn’t miss their movie. Tenet could staff a couple more people and easily make up for the costs in what they are regularly losing in sales. Bad management! I gave it 1 star because it won’t let me post without at least 1 but it deserves 0.

Cheryl Hori

Traveled all the way down here after a friend’s birthday dinner with the leftovers of a $45 steak. Was told after we bought the tickets that we couldn’t bring left over food in and that I needed to throw it away. I understand the theater not wanting patrons to bring in food to eat in the theater, but 1. I’m not about to eat a $45 steak in the theater 2. I could have given this to a homeless person. It’s a Monday and we’re the only ones in the theater. Such a waste and will not be returning to this location again.

Frazier Smith

Excellent Cinema. Great Snack Bar.

Ken Dotele

Good people, good preferred movie site.

Steve O

Great theater.. Maybe it was a bad day. I was theater 16 for Lion King and it had to be 75 degrees in the theater

Shaundra McLamb

The best theater in the DMV... we love I To watch movies here

Renae Brosam

If you buy tickets on line pay close attention to the am and pm because the ticket checker girl doesnt. Very embarassing with reserved seats....

Tia Dae

I used to love this Theater, but it seems like over the last several years its falling apart. Tonight I was very disappointed upon arriving to find the second floor concession was not in order where my movie was located, nor was the down escalator and for crying out loud I had to stand in the concession line for 30min. I pay too much money for the service received. The staff was decent, but not having appropriate cup holders is just awful (see attached picture). Hoffman CEO should be ashamed of themselves. #getittogether

Essence Allen-Presley

Very confusing place! You wait in line to park. The sign says the parking is $8. When I sent my daughter in to see if they offer a discount, they have a sign on the inside a saying parking is FREE! It was one cashier on a busy Saturday night. To top it off they charge $19 if you watch the movie on a Dolby screen. To top it off the parking lot doesn't connect right to the theater. To much for me on a Saturday at 7pm.

Ealter Tyxnik

I had a great experience. My wife and I seem a good movie, ate popcorn and drank our favorite beverage in a comfortable atmosphere. We enjoyed ourselves very much.

Shaun Warren Sr

Nice theater only gave 3 stars because I prefer theaters with reclining seats and tray tables.

Nija Harper

Comfortable seats and huge buckets of popcorn. Sound is awesome.

Marq M

Great movie theater. It was so huge. I love the layout

Nathan Dally

What a statement Hoffman makes when you enter! It is a huge theater with an equally massive IMAX theater. Entrance and exits are always quick. The screens are in impeccible condition with a top notch sound system.

The Butterfly

The team on site were at the top of their game. They worked so well together and the young female manager handled my situation with maturity, style and grace. Thank You!!!

David Hecht

Been going here since it opened. Nice facility, clean, 22 screens, IMAX in both 3D and 2D. Parking used to be easier but at least they validate so it's still free.

Campbell Kane

Line to get snacks is always about 25 to 30 mins. Only saving grace to the establishment is the location and that’s what they’re getting you for. Clear mismanagement and choice to underinvest. Someone please help me find a better theater close by old town.

James Wood

Love how this theater has Regular Film, Imax, and Dolby Cinema which is by far the best way to watch a movie, it has the best contrast ratio to date which makes blacks appear black instead of grey. So you see details better and the sound just blows you away! Big theater can fit lots of people!

Audria Crowder

Convenient to great restaurants. Parking is validated so it's free. Large theater with up to 20 different theaters inside.

Avalon Coleman

Got my Annual Membership for Discounts on tix & concessions. Happy Camper here!

Cameron Cooper

Yesterday my fiance and I went to this location to catch a late night movie and had the pleasure of being helped by a young lady at the counter named Pati. She was super sweet, had a great positive vibe, and when she saw that it was my birthday reminded me of my rewards! We typically don't come to this particular location but she stood out as a stellar employee and all around good person. Thanks Pati!

William Kim

Parking garage is a long walk but it is validated of going to the theater. Very clean inside

Jay DeCarlo

Do NOT go into the STUBS concessions line. It’s not worth the extra money. We finally got our popcorn 20 minutes after the movie started! They had 3 employees helping the “normal” line and only one (the slow manager) helping the “fast” STUBS premiere line. After I realized the STUBS line wasn’t moving, I counted 17 people from the “normal” line who got helped who all arrived at the theater AFTER us. My husband tried to get someone to help since the ONLY couple being helped the entire time was holding up our line, obviously none of the THREE other concession employees were capable of helping our line. I tried telling the guy who helped us only to be ignored while he spoke into his radio “don’t worry about it, I’m taking care of them now”. I tried to ask for a manager only to have the same person pointed out as the manager, so I’ll put the review here to hopefully help you have a better experience than us. I do highly recommend the AMC theaters in San Diego. They have much more intelligent employees with this special skill called “common sense”!

Jamie Hamilton

We purchased tickets through Fandango online. The theater sold out the venue to a private function. The theater doesn't refund purchases from Fandango. Coming to this understanding is frustrating, heightened by the fact that the one person working the customer service desk is also the only person working at the ticket booth. The AMC Hoffman Center 22 managed to turn a pleasant family outing into a frustrating waste of time.

Adam Merrill

There's a movie theatre where the air conditioning doesn't work on a hot summer day, and the theatre is as hot as a sauna. While the scent of sweat wafts oppressively though the murky air of the theatre, guests contemplate their existence. Fortunately a heroic manager greets the guests and apologizes for the unexpected air conditioning outage and offers to refund your tickets and to provide free cups of ice water. That would be a classy theatre. This is not that theatre. Is any one on charge here? I've sat through sweltering hot movies twice here, and not so much as an apology or recognition that there was a problem. A simple gesture is all it would take. It's these types of moments that set great businesses apart from greedy ones. If they won't fix the air conditioning, perhaps they can turn the theatre into a hot yoga studio. On the up side, when the air conditioning works, the theatre is passable.

Catrice Barnes

I like coming to this theater because it's quiet. It's also quite big tho. They're not upgraded to recliner seats for the majorityof the theaters. They do have IMAX and Dolby cinema where u do have reserved seating there. They counters stay very messy everytime I'm there or they're outta butter. But everything else is ok. It's also metro accessible from the Eisenhower ave metro.

Dawn Williams

Clean lobby and theater. The concession employees were polite. Needs more than one parking validation machine.

Koko T


Nick Mullinix

Absolutely the worst movie theater I've ever experienced. The screen had some kind of problem but they wouldn't say exactly what kind of problem. They offered passes in exchange, but I don't get to go out much, so that's useless to me. Noise from the movie in the adjacent theater ruined most of the quieter parts of the movie. Soda was flat. Just downright awful.

Scott Collins

Good theater with many viewing options but they need ushers to police the significant percentage of patrons who like to talk through a movie. Really slow concessions lines.

shezonda mcmillan

My children and I love going here each and every Tuesday for the good deals

Stuart K

Good clean cinema with the option of free parking if you get your ticket validated inside.

Maria Sullivan

The overall feel of the theater is positive. (For a time, in the past, it felt like no one was actually responsible for running the place. The staff, though, are almost always friendly and helpful.) The current management has cleaned up the entire theater (lobby, restrooms, and the concession stand) and it makes the whole movie-going experience so much better! Thank you!!

Cole H

I've seen 2 movies from here now, and the atmosphere and overall space in the place is nice. Getting tickets and consumptions is easy. It doesn't have recliner seats, but they're still comfortable enough. There also isn't anywhere to really sit down when you immediately walk in, but otherwise it's great!

Joe Dixon

I'm here right now, it is Friday, July 12th, 2019 the time is 1904. Spiderman was supposed to begin at 1900 and the screen is dark. The red velvet seats are dirty and I'm debating whether or not to ask for a refund. The seats are old auditorium style and Do NOT Recline. It is now 1908 and the screen is still dark.

Annie Piper

My favorite AMC location.. they don’t have reclining seats in their 2d showings but the place is big, clean, and the service is excellent. It’s located in a nice area.

Michael Neal

The Dolby Cinema experience was ruined by red light from the sides of the theater, reflecting off the screen. The entire film had a red tint to it, especially in scenes with a lot of black (which is supposed to be Dolby Cinemas big selling point - darker blacks). Could be fixed easily but will not use Dolby Cinema at this theater until then.

Paula Wojcik

It would be a fine movie theatre except: 1. The seats are the old AMC seating so they're pretty uncomfortable. I guess they aren't going to upgrade to the couch/recliner seating that's available at other AMCs. 2. The employees could not care less. Specifically, the ones working the snack stand. They work as slow as physically possible, and frequently retreat to the back to check their phones. Newsflash- it's not that hard of a job that you need to step away every 30 seconds. The person working the night I went disappeared for a solid few minutes, making me late to the start of the movie I was seeing. She didn't check on my order, and it seemingly "disappeared", although everyone who had ordered prior to me had received theirs by that time. Basically, don't bother ordering snacks, just bring in as much food as you can in your bag. They won't care, or care to notice anyway.

Marisha Stewart

When it comes to new movies, I won’t ever come back. Not enough people for concessions and you miss your movie. Terrible management and customer service: Very disappointed!

Key Martin

Always a good choice. They have 22 theaters; most of them are standard, not IMAX. However, they have allowed for the smaller screens by limiting the room size of the stadium seating appropriately. I just saw John Wick 3 in a standard theater; I enjoyed it immensely despite the non-IMAX screen. Just don't forget to get your parking ticket validated.

Nacal Lawrence

It's a shame that I must give this location three stars, really. When you walk-in, you are treated to an expansive and visually impressive main hall with enlarged photos of celebrities. There are kiosks where you can purchase tickets, which greatly expedites the ticket-buying process. Unfortunately, their parking lot was lost to construction. So, the nearby garage is where you'll have to park. Parking is validated, so it's free but it's not as pleasant as the outdoor lot. The concession stand needs to move a lot faster. This is not an uncommon problem with movie theaters but you expect more from this location. The worst problem? The seats. The seats are uncomfortable, which makes immersion into the movie difficult. To update the seats would give them four stars.

Desiree Allen

Best movie theater. Seats are nice and comfy

Cory Carter

Best AMC in the area, Tyson's corner if it was closer would beat it though. It is garage parking but they validate.

Mark Johnson

Great staff and nice modern theater. Always a treat.

B Scoops

Overall serviceable theater with a couple significant quirks: 1. There is NO assigned seating, so unlike every other AMC in North America you need to get there early like a Southwest flight so you can reserve your seat and avoid getting punched in the face by sitting next to some random maniac. 2. They have closed the ground level parking lot, so you can ONLY use the paid parking garage. They validate, but there is only one machine to do so and it's located no where near the exits so the likelihood of you getting to your car and THEN realizing you forgot to validate is extremely high. Wouldn't be a big deal if not for the fact once you exit the facility it takes 3-5 minutes to walk around the whole block again to enter through the single entrance. (Don't worry - there are signs everywhere on your way back in to remind you of your failure.) Happy viewing!!

John Blair

Hoffman is a spectacular design with a three story open main room and large theaters, for a while it was *the* place to go for movies. These days the parking can be annoying, and there are some more modern places, but it's still a impressive place to bring your kids and a good place to see a movie. You can more likely find good seats free here than anywhere else in the area. That said the ticket sales machines are often broken (not a big worry if you prepurchase) and the service can be lackluster. They've invested in good seats and some nice choices for food though, so overall I like the place. Just wish the surrounding area could figure out what it wants to be, as the theater deserves better than half offices half confused restaurants and half construction that never seems to end. It's a good theater, just give yourself an extra minute or two to make sure of your parking and the like.

Nathan Gregory

Be prepared to wait in excess of twenty minutes in the concessions line on a busy movie day.

Shelley White

This is a very large Theatre. It has all the standard amenities as the regular AMC. But the one in Waldorf has the reclining seats & this did not. Many opportunities to see various movies here. No parking near the theatre. I had to walk to a parking lot around the corner & pay $6. If I could have seen this movie in Waldorf I would have. But UnPlanned was not playing anywhere near to where I live. An excellent movie about the injustices that are filling our Nation's young women with lies. I know it's very political but the truth is being revealed. And I am very glad of that!

Joel Halprin

Great place to watch movies and eat at various restaurants after, or before, hand right outside. Also covered pool parking is free, as fyi we r the movie that is

Robert O'Neal

Seats are small very hot service sucks tou want a good theater go to Springfield mall they also serve alcohol for the money spent on this building and the movie I watched I'd rather see it on my phone in a trashcan

Og Hawk

Seats are horrible felt like sitting in a plastic chair for two hours. The movie THE KITCHEN totally sucks low budget amd not good at all

James Cox

Update the seating! However nice and clean theater.

Denise Ray

Good place to watch movies

Jeffrey Watson

Not a fan of movie theaters, but this one is good. Quick access in. Food and Drink lines are disciplined and don't take forever. Staff is always polite and helpful.


Wonderful movie theater, clean and beautiful. Minus 1 star for non-reclining seats and parking in the back of the building. Construction going on out front and side parking is closed. Not good for single ladies to park in back and walk all the way around the front. Nice area however, but still uncomfortable at night. To managemnet: open one of the side doors as an entrance as well as an exit point.

Patricia Wassall

Love this theater. Visited many times. I love that they offer many films that may not be considered as popular.


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