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REVIEWS OF AMC Georgetown 14 IN Maryland

Felix Feihe

Great movie theater with both Dolby and imax but pricey.


Good seat good movie

lhg vddb

Great movie atmosphere! Loved the Dolby! Have to go and see more movies down there and it's only 15 minutes away from the national mall

Denis Gomez

too pricey to watch a movie. Usually their Tuesday 5$ are the most cost efficient


Nice, clean, and staff is friendly.

mike ggg

I actually had an exit excellent experience here when I went to see a movie during the day. The only real negative is the absolute lack of parking. You're either going to pay through the nose, or you're going to get a ticket and pay the city. Either way, it's going to cost you to park. The theater itself was air-conditioned and very clean, the prices were however were a little high, but again, this is Georgetown.

Donovan Hambley

Don't waste your money on IMAX, the seats in regular theaters are more comfortable and recline.

James Lana

Great theatre, power reclining chairs and reserved seating. Location is right next to the river. Staff is somewhat friendly, could improve some customer service. Theatre's are decent size, not too large so the crowds are good. Highly recommend.

Nithin B

Best theater in DC. I've seen over 20 films here. The location near the waterfront is a bonus.

Joe Butler

Very nice theatre, clean, spacious, comfortable seating, very polite and professional staff. This well be my go to movie theater from now on.

pokemonninja18 .

Comfy reclining seats and they actually honor their student discount policy!!

Johnny Pepen

Awesome theater in a pretty part of town! Right across from the waterfront.

Nick Carros

Calling theater 7 an i-max is a gross misrepresentation. Other than feeling that I was duped into expecting/paying for an immersive screen and receiving a 70's era experience it was fine. The theatre was clean and staff were polite.

King Israel

I was doing work near there. I didnt go in.

John Shiffler

Comfortable clean theaters. Recliners make for a great movie experience. My only regret was being there mid-afternoon on a weekday that happened to be a school snow day. Lots of screaming kids running up and down the lobby aisles and in the concession stand. Like having control of the popcorn butter and the soda (Coca Cola multi flavor vend). Overall a good experience.

Stephanie Carter

Nice movie theatre. It has stadium, reclining seats. No service in the theaters (which is fine). There's a parking lot and they validate parking so it comes to $9 flat which isn't bad for Georgetown.

Youssef/Joseph .

The only decent thing about this theater is it’s proximity to DC. Other than that, there is not much going for it. My Theater was left a complete mess (even as I entered). On top of that, I lost a wallet in there and no one was able to do anything to find it, not even in the following day. Highly don’t recommend.

Christian Herrera

Nice place and the bar looks like a good place to chill before movie starts. Some soda and ice machines broken..some weird smell in men's restroom when you walk in. Otherwise ok experience.

Paranormal Society

Amazing movie theater. It was super comfortable and the movie was in IMAX so that made the whole experience even better. It is very expensive compared to some other places but it is well worth it once you get in the theater and start watching. You will be blown away

dantdm lovers dantdm

Get the A-list pass if you plan to see more than 2 movies a month. Seats here all recline. Have coke freestyle but no dr. Pepper.

Nathan Parsons

Pricey but validated parking and reserved, reclining seats are nice

Natally Mendonça

This place is horrible don't go there. The theater is dirty, people talk during the movies, use their phones and the employees do nothing about it. Horrible service.

Abdulaziz Al-Tamimi

You have to try the Dolby Cinema Auditorium, it's breath taking experience that rivals IMAX! Picture quality dolby vision check, sound dolby atmos check and super comfy recliner chairs check! What more do you want???

Malissa Crenshaw

Love the fact top can order a cocktail at the theatre.

Arkadeep Bandyopadhyay

It's pretty gross. They didn't seem to clean the seats after a show. There was still used napkins and popcorn all over when we took our seats. Would not recommend.

Carmen Elena Bautista

The location is convenient if you're by the waterfront, but the prices seemed a little too unbalanced depending on the movie.

Elizabeth Skepnek

Poor customer service every time I go. Avoid unless you have a gift card. Just go to Regal Cinema.

Wayne Womack

Nice place to go see a movie

Ashveer Singh

We bought our tickets online so I really didn't like that we were made to to wait in the same line as people that didn't. The experience was fine otherwise.

Scott MG

IMAX here is really low quality. It's one of smaller scale IMAX's, with a screen not as large as most of the Cinemark XD theaters I've seen recently. This was the smallest "IMAX" screen I've encountered. Also the projection quality was very poor, with washed out blacks and a bright white light coming from the projection room even during dark scenes. Picture looked unfocused much of the time. I'm kind of surprised that IMAX would let that theater use their brand name. Saw Godzilla King of the Monsters. Sound was deafeningly loud but low quality and lots of wall rattles were distracting during low frequency sounds. (...which there were a LOT of with Godzilla!) I wish it had been playing in the Dolby Cinema instead,where I the picture and sound quality standards are higher. Old seating with hard springs and rocking back chairs. If you want to see a film in IMAX, avoid Georgetown AMC and try one of the huge laser projection IMAX theaters at the Smithsonian museums around DC instead. Much more bang for your buck. Or try Cinemark XD or a different AMC Dolby Cinema.

Tanya R

Professional and efficient service. Clean theater. Across the street from restaurants and a scenic view of the Potomac.

Alexander Hostoffer

Excellent chairs! The chairs can recline and the people are very polite. Parking is tough but there is a parking garage. Don't forget to get validate your parking ticket!

Shaun Rowe

this is my go to theater. great seats, beautiful theater

Curtis McLaughlin

I love the Dolby theater. Fully immersive experience.

Sadequi Hamilton

Wonderful location. Close to all the local attractions.

Claudia Garnier

The theater was overall a clean place and all of the workers were very friendly. Not only that, but the chairs are also really comfortable and I would say it's probably one of the best theaters I've been to

Antonis Alexandris

I typically like this theater. Do not go when the movie is sold out. Their HVAC units cannot handle the body heat that a sold out theater produces.Several people complained about the heat but nothing changed.

Jessica Epperson

A clean theater with comfortable reclining seats.

Naty Green

Nice place. But expansive parking

Brian Piotrowski

Great movie theater, though a bit difficult to get to. The location under the highway overpass is kind of drab and dreary, but you don't go to the movies to enjoy the ambience. Good customer service, and an excellent concession stand.

bobbie swann

Nice. Enjoyed lounging seats, clean. Staff friendly, great lighting in enclave..generally dark and I bump or have to feel wall before step into actual movie

Nenyasha Zhou

Clean theatre and faster service than other AMCs ive been to. I appreciated the friendly staff too

Alex Joseph

Shouldn’t be refused entry to the theatre because I have a bag of leftover food. This place is next to lots of restaurants and on such a miserably hot day they shouldn’t expect me to leave it in the car to spoil. Used to frequent this theatre often, but not anymore.

caroline trussell

Not the best service and the theatre itself is a bit small but always have a good selection of times and movies and location is in the heart of Georgetown, on the water front


This is a great movie theater. The app works well here, staff is super cool and always have a good experience. The only down side would be that all the bathrooms are on the West side of the building. So when you come in, if your movie is to the right of the ticket person, you will have quite the trek to the bathroom during your movie. Other than that, Stubs member is a must, and you will have a great experience.

Roberto DeAnda

Nice place to enjoy a movie

Sherraine Nelson

Very accessable and friendly.

Dan Munzner

Nice theater. Comfortable, reclining seats. Friendly concession staff. Horrible smell at the fountain drink machine kept it from being a 5 star.

Fox M.D.

Nice movie theater in Georgetown.

Ameen Karim

Rather clean other than the condiments/drink section. Theater was well done and worked and everything no complaints there. I would definitely go again. Parking available right next as well.

Meraj Qureshi

Was worth the money we paid!

George Brightman

The lobby bar area wasn't open for a weekend afternoon screening. Concession stand line moved quickly. The screen size & sound quality are better than average for a multiplex. The movie choices are mainstream

Margaret Bamber

Great theater experience! We caught a matinee, so the place was almost empty. The recliner seats are comfy, and no waiting for our soda and popcorn. Now, if only we could have grabbed a beer from the bar; but it doesn't open until 4 p.m. Otherwise, great!

Thomas Dennis

I was at this movie theater two weeks ago and mice/rats were running under the seat eating the food from the floor. I kept hearing something underneath my chair, so I recline the chair back down only to have something run past my foot. I was done at that point I would never come to this movie theater again. I couldn’t believe it was that nasty in Georgetown where it’s so expensive. Never again!!

Ms. D

Nice and clean. Great concessions and bar!!

Luke Keller

Great theater. The glass cieling is very cool as you can see the old brick chimney. I think all the theaters have recliners saying. At least all the theaters I've been to do (5+). Good selection and showtimes. Parking is an issue but what do you expect for DC and on top of that Georgetown.

Sarah Slack

Solid movie theatre with an average snack bar, and an actual bar as well for drinks. Reserved seating. But parking sucks. Take an Uber. It’s DC.

Matthew Belew

We had a good time

KeepingUpWithSyria Baby

A very comfortable and clean theater with recliner chairs. Plenty of room and numbered seats(U must sit in the seat you paid for). Don't forget your sweater!

Jennifer M

This is usually the only movie theater that I go to in DC. I love how it is off the radar. I am a member of AMC Stubs so it pays off for me to get a few bucks off of food/drink or even my movie ticket. It's always clean. I love the theaters with the reclinable seats. If you pay for it, use it. Don't forget every Tuesday that ALL movies are $5 off. I usually go to a weekend matinee if possible.

Thelma T

Great theatre. LovED the patience the staff has. We enjoyed our time there.

Larry Gillick

Good seating, even way in the back. I suspect that the front seating works well after the second row, but don't plan to test it -- it just looks that way. Decent sound, too. We were able to find parking on the street, which was helpful. At least one of the local Colonial Parking lots closes at 7 pm, so watch out for that when planning.

Allison Winston

Really liked the seats in the theater. They were comfy, reclining chairs that really enhanced the viewing of the movie. The staff was very nice and helpful. My only qualm is that the bathroom smelled terrible and that the staff should regularly clean/flush so it isn't so unbearable. The bathroom had nice facilities and looked new other than that.

Jennifer Arnn

Has the comfy reclining leather chairs that makes you fight to stay awake for the movie, LOVE them, only way to watch in my opinion. Great sound and picture quality. Theater and bathrooms were clean. Has the usual AMC concession options, I believe them to be more than adequate. Available paid parking can be validated for a discount.

Michael Adams

The movie theater was great. It took too long to get popcorn and a soda.

Amelia Capilongo

Seats are very comfy and the theater is always clean. Highly recommend the AMC Stubs A-list rewards program - it will save you a lot of money and tickets to the Dolby theater are included. Giving 4 stars because I wish AMC had better food. The food is not fresh, all pre-packaged, and similar to what you would get at 7-11.

Asuquo Eton

That is my favourite spot to watch the latest movie releases. The staff are helpful and knowledgeable.

hankosha tosha

Very friendly staff ! I like them all ! Very nice & comfy chairs to enjoy the movie !


These guys and gals know how to show a movie

Daniela Abreu

A great place in DC for movies. It can be a little bit expensive, but it is worth it.

Desiree' Pettigrew

Out of towner here. I am clearly not used to paying almost as much to park as to see the movie, but I guess that is the norm for this area. The concessions area was quite busy and not really staffed well enough to accommodate the traffic. They were also out of certain items. The theater itself was nice, though the lighting inside was affecting the projection on the screen. May want to dim or turn those off during showtime. As a movie theater regular, these were my observations. If you don't go much you won't care.

Frank Pezzanite III

It was terrible the movie was off center and only took up 2/3 of the screen. I will not be going back.

Bryan Aiello

Should I judge the place based on the movie? Maybe not, old style seating had me missing the recliner I'm used to. Was the only one there.

Teresa White

Clean and quiet especially afternoon showings.

Chad Silva

The theaters are clean, and the ticket kiosks are easy to use. The real downside is just that there is only one set of bathrooms on one side of the building, which is inconvenient if you need to slip out mid movie. Parking is also expensive, and it's not an easily accessible location (by any means of transportation).

Jessica Peraza

No parking! Had to pay $14 for a couple hours of parking. Movie was good. Wide, spacious aisles with recliners. Clean. Guy w/gut at entrance had NO customer service skills and was plenty old enough to have known better I think.

Murray Penner

Friendly staff and clean theatre. Not sure Imax is anything special but that’s not the theatre’s fault. Sound and picture were good. Parking is expensive in the garage even with the discount and street parking is next to impossible. Definitely a drawback to an otherwise good experience.

Zachary Smith

It's great having a nearby theater with IMAX and Dolby screens available for the big blockbusters. The only real downside is that it's in Georgetown so it's not easily metro accessible.

Lucas Harder

Went to watch Unplanned and they were not showing it. What?! Such a big cinema and they don't have one of the most popular movies right now. Disappointing.

Elio Rosa

Great location, good variety of beer and liquor. A little small or crowded design.

Vinit Kumar

The theater I was in was incredibly hot.

Gavin Piercy

Modern theatre with luxury seating and a good selection of concessions, including cheese and caramel popcorn.

Kasandra Villafuerte

Very rude lady at front at snack register. Gave us attitude and was not kind at all. Awful customer service

Juanita Briscoe

I'm definitely an AMC fan. This was my first AMC Georgetown 14 Theater. It has perks, for instance, the plush reclining seats are always greatly appreciated and it appeared safely clean. The staff were super friendly very helpful and that's always a plus. I thought the bar area was beneficial to those adults who want drinks, popcorn, and a movie. I stood there and thought great idea but too exposed in an area where children lurked; therefore, I wouldn't bring my 10 years old daughter if you know what I mean. Maybe my idea would have been to have the bar but in an exclusive area inside the theater where children couldn't roam. Just my take. The theater is a little small but ok it's cozy, I guess. I absolutely didn't like the fact that I couldn't find parking outside. Oh yeah it's a parking garage but you will be paying; therefore, that's a heavy hitter to me and will keep me far away from Georgetown 14.

Michael Toussaint

As an AMC its a pretty good one. Some of the theaters are small but the sound is really nice and they all have the reserved reclining seeing so that's a super plus. The good thing about this location is that they have a bar! But they lost a star because I don't think the people who work behind it are actual bartenders. Not saying they don't ever have actual bartenders but it just seems like they're not there when I go. Also they measure every single drink lol and you'll definitely be paying the movie tax for the drinks, though they're pretty comparable to DC pricing in general. Another plus is the validated parking, no it's not free but it's at least $9 for four hours vs the regular like $25 or something like that. It's not my favorite location because of the location lol but it's a good AMC.

JaWanna Henry

Good customer service and comfortable.

Malcolm Washington

It's a clean theater with the nice chairs and a bar. You can't really ask for more

Jason Brown

I have been to this theater a few times and it is pretty decent. Customer service was decent!!


Really nice Theater with a cool ambiance and helpful staff

Charlene Printz

Come here often (look into A-List if you go to the movies often)! The theater is nice and is typically on the cleaner side. 90% of the time the staff is either rude or short with you. Very rarely do I encounter a friendly staff member.

Stephen Denney

The AMC Georgetown 14 is one of my favorite movie theaters. Conveniently located on the Georgetown waterfront, this movie theater is extremely accessible. The interior of the theater is new and fresh. The selection of movies the theater offers is fantastic and often includes independent movies that you cannot find elsewhere.

Jarnese Harris

Nice theatre but it needs some cleaning up. Saw a baby mouse. Aside from that the theatre was great.


It's okay location they are upgrading right now so better seating

Francis Lenard Samonte

The theater was very nice and clean when I visited. Staff was pretty courteous, and they have self-serving kiosks next to the cashier if you wanna buy tickets on your own. The seats inside the auditorium are recliners, so it's definitely a plus. On the other hand, the ticket booth is pretty hard to miss when you enter the place, since it is directly to your left and is kinda dark to notice. So yeah, don't go straight ahead and had to be awkwardly told by the ticket checker guy to stop immediately and go directly to your left. So there's that.

Paul Duncan

This AMC Georgetown is by far my favorite theater! Very convenient location and everything about this place is clean. There's a lot of surrounding restaurants to go before or after your movie. I agree with the other reviews about how convenient the assigned seating is. This is a nice spot for a date.

Joseph M Finck

A hidden gem in Georgetown. This theater is somewhat hard to spot, but the accommodations and seating are modern, comfortable, and spacious. The seats fully recline and provide a virtual 0 gravity comfort while watching a movie. A great theater and highly recommended. Parking is the only draw back, so be prepared to walk if you park free or pay for a closer space.

Syed Muhammad Shahzeb

The seats are comfy and always a good place to watch a show.

Rafael Vitriago

Pretty great cinema. It's kinda small but it's cozy and clean.


The fire alarm went off during the movie. Everyone filed out of the emergency exit and down a long hallway. At the end of the hallway the gate to the street was locked. If this had been a real fire we would have all been killed. I’m not kidding.

Joseph Lira

The AMC app makes it so easy for ticketing and theatre access. Clean facility and friendly staff. Nice little bar with a decent selection.

Dot White

Great options, especially for AMC A-List members! Staff is always kind.

Cameron Boozarjomehri

Great seats, no phone reception but that's probably for the best

Ellis Louda

very nice even though their seats are squeeky.

Tim Steinke

Disappointing experience all the way around. While that theater itself was in good repair and clean, that's where the positives end. I went to a 10:30 pm movie here, and they appeared to have too few people working. I waited at least 15 minutes in line to purchase tickets from the one employee they had behind the counter, who wasn't even directing people to use one of the 3 (out of 5) self-service kiosks that were working. At the concession stand, service was better from the cashier, but there seemed to be no real rush to get food out, and the guy making the food missed an item in our order. The customer area around the concession stand (with the butter, soda straws, napkins, etc) was absolutely disgusting, and when I did finally get my food, it was definitely overcooked. Finally, the restrooms were absolutely disgusting and looked like they hadn't been cleaned in at least 4 hours. If this location improves its customer service and cleanliness, it could be a decent place to catch a movie. Until that improves, though, there are plenty of other clean theaters with great service in the area that will get my business.

Tim A. Pascal

Very comfortable seats. Good venue.

Dorea Reeser

This theatre is great! Tbh I prefer their standard theaters over the IMAX. The standard theatres have big comfy chairs that recline, where's it's a tight fit in the IMAX, even for a petite person like myself.

Dondré S

AMC Georgetown is one of my favorite theaters in DC. Its in a great area with restaurants in walking distance so you can have dinner before your movie. The theaters are clean and they have assigned seating, which I really like. No need to rush to get good seats. They have the Dolby theaters, my personal favorites because they have great sound and better color contrast. The reclining sofa like chairs are very comfortable. After your movie right outside you can get some ice cream for those warm summer nights.

Fernando Vasquez

Awesome seats, compared to hoffman 22 this AMC Loews has a friendlier staff and they keep the place clean. Great popcorn.

Amanda Tuck

Clean theatre, quick and courteous service, and great overall experience.

Akua Nyamekye

Typical theater but didnt have machine for pre ordered tickets. I liked that, saved paper.

George Keane

Great seats, no wait. Will definitely go back again!

Elizabeth Chacko

Individual theaters are comfortable with wide seats that recline ( although in the case of a few the mechanism does not work). This is my go-to place to see films on the big screen. Good staff and clean restrooms. Many films on weekends before 12 noon are half priced.


Nicest theater in the city, with recliner seats, a full bar, and many screens. Service and cleanliness could be better but it'll do until someone else puts recliners in. Great location!

Andrew Bellah

Great theater - recently updated reclining seats and amazing Dolby theater - and plenty of snack/ drink options + those new Coca-cola machines that have all the flavors and Icees. I really love how the drinks are self-serve, that way you can 1) mix & match drinks at the fountain and 2) run and get yourself a refill in the middle of the movie without having to wait in line. The popcorn is always fresh too, which is good - they also have the self-serve automatic butter dispensers for the popcorn. My only complaint would be that the staff have consistently been kind of rude. I've been to this theater about half a dozen times, and almost every time I have staff at the concession stand ignore me, give me the wrong item - and one time, a guy let a girl who was behind me in line go ahead of me, and proceeded to chat with her for almost ten minutes while me and several other people were waiting (he was the only one working concessions). Besides that, the actual "moviegoing experience" is quite nice and I would definitely keep going there again - apart from that one incident none of the things about the staff really hurt too much, that's why I still think the AMC 14 at Georgetown deserves 4/5 stars.

Paige Deckelbaum

By far the best theater in DC. Luxuriously comfortable seats that lean back and have foot rests, and always lots of movie options and showtimes.

Ryan Joachim

Staff is just rude. Concession staff just stare at you as compared to calling for the next guest. I don’t assume it’s my turn because there are two different lines, regular line and A-list. Whatever, you didn’t smile at me and acknowledge me to buy a drink. I’ll get over it. Now what really grinds my gears is the fact that the bar opens at 4. Sitting here waiting and next thing you know the sign changes to 4:10. Okay, maybe there are running behind setting up. I’ll get over it. Then we walk up to the bar and we are told they are only serving beer and wine. So you mean to tell me you opened late and you’re only allowed to serve a fraction of the products available? What took so long to set up then? Not like you have a crowd of people around like a normal bar. Then when asked what size beer, instead of telling me the sizes he just gave a rude look and held up to different cups. I don’t know. Maybe I just expect more from the service industry? Maybe I’m entitled?

Frank Mullins

Seating, sound, visual quite pleasant

Matt M

I loved watching so many great movies at this place. Great and kind staff and thrilling atmosphere. I will definitely be back!

Edgardo Pagan

This is the best movie theater in DC. Imax for 13$

Charles Acree

Always a good selection of the most recent movies. Be sure to join the AMC Stubs A-List and enjoy the convenience of seeing up to 3 movies a week for one price. Also, no fees for online ordering and covers the cost for 3D, IMAX and other added costs for movies that are part of the AMC A-List Services. Check it out and save if you watch an average of 2 or more movies per month.

Jon Schermerhorn

Great theater. Comfortable recliners, pretty clean, concession lines are never too long. The Dolby theater is the best, it makes a great movie even better.

Jared Martin

Their website charged a $4 convenience fee to order tickets

Derek Byerlee

This theatre has a shockingly poor record on providing hearing assistive devices that work. Today the system for earphones was not working so I used a closed caption device. This worked for ten minutes and then stopped presumably because it was not charged. This and similar episodes in the past indicates that they don’t give a damn about helping those with hearing problems.

Juan Diego Ochoa Calderón

Nice seats, good location. Tuesday's tickets are about $5 (at the time of this review). I don't drive so I am not sure about the parking situation but there are docking stations for bikes and the DC circulator has a stop in front of it

Kelly Manchisi

The movie theater is in such a great area, but it is in need of a major makeover. The bathrooms are pretty gross and outdated, out of soap and toilet paper, the seats in the theater aren't anything special, and the AC didn't pick on during the movie and it got very hot in there.

Minister R.Morton

Very nice and comfortable.

Ariana Medina

Super cozy seats that recline! Theaters are not overcrowded which is nice. Great selection of snacks! I enjoyed my experience!

Nathan Moon

Good Theater. I rarely go out to a movie so I don't know the newest trends in the theaters. Big comfy reclimer seating! Good luck staying awale during a slow moving story.Not the equal of Imax but a good large screen and 14 movies to choose from.

Sid Curl

Beautifully designed movie theatre, friendly staff, fun to walk through to view the displays and posters. Only drawback dealing with Colonial Parking next door and there poorly operating ticket paying machines. Had to travel between two floors to get machines to accept correct amount. Very frustrating and time consuming. But AMC Georgetown well worth the visit.

Deaundra Johnson

Very nice place, seats recline, there is a bar if u want a drink, clean and friendly people

Beky Hazelton

Great seating, live the app for tickets. Parking can be a pain. We try to walk whenever weather permits. FYI, it's an easy walk from the Rosslyn metro stop.

Victor Hernandez

The theater was very hot. The AC must have been off.

Julio Garcia

This is a great AMC theater. I always thought it was interestingly located beneath the key bridge, glad I was finally able to check it out. Theater was clean, staff was super friendly and I enjoyed my movie in the "Dolby Cinema" format. It had recliner seats and I'm not sure if that's for just the Dolby cinema or if it was throughout the movie theater. Also keep in mind parking will either be in one of the near parking garages or street parking. I went on a weekday so a few of the garages closed early.

April Stafford

Best Dolby sound of any Dolby theater! Rattles the seats, woohoo! Good ice cream next door too.

Xiaotong Li

I love driving my sport cars and show off in Georgetown while enjoying great movies!


Really convenient and very clean.

Daniel Sweeney

Nice theater, seats are the recliners and worked well. No problems during the movie, sound and visuals were solid. Did not indulge in any snacks or drinks.

Dwight Grason

You can buy alcohol and take it in the theater. Do I really need to elaborate? The seats are comfortable and recline nicely too

Timothy Chen Allen

Love the recliner seats. The layout is nice, and tickets are assigned-seating, which makes it easy to plan ahead. I use the Fandango App to buy tickets and pick seats. Great experience.

Esseland T

Ok complex, limited selection of food has a bar. Seats were comfortable, the recliner didn't work halfway during the very, very, very long Avengers Endgame movie. Not my choice, I was being a team player.

James Brister

Great seats that recline.

Johnny Gee

It's been years since I have been to this theater, so I didn't know that the leather recliners were powered and very plush. I don't recall if bar was there when they first open, but definitely a plus. The only hassle was getting parking validation. I would given 5 stars if they made it automated like some other theaters in area

Delena Sermon

High volume location with a melting pot of people. You'll pay more at this location.

Chris Taylor

This is a great theater with comfortable seats and a good selection of movies. You can even get a beer for your movie. Be warned that there is NO cell service in the building.

Annie Piper

Kind of out of the way for me but it’s so worth it. Love this location. Great service, convienent showtimes, comfortable seating, lots of theatres to house several showings.

Jewel Felder-James

This movie theater was totally awesome so relaxing reclining chairs wer the seating available and it wasn't crowded it was only a few reclining chairs in at this theater section so it made it feel more personal and like as if you were at home

john breslin

Very nice theater. They have the new couch seating. The staff was very friendly and helpful. A great experience

Yasir Khattak

Parking, parking and parking but its DC so tats bond to happen. The AMC is nice and clean and now they have all recliners so tats that, pick ur seat before hand and buy tickets online. They do have alcohalic drinks inside. So tats that

Hal Moss

Spacious and comfy seats. Because the theater is small, it sometimes sells out quickly, so make sure to get your tickets beforehand.

Bella Bella

All was well. Toward the end of the night, the bathrooms needed cleaning


I did a double feature and in both theaters it was extremely cold.


Theater is great. However parking SUCKS. The garage still charges $25 even after parking ticket is validated. The sign in parking garage states $9 for theater parking. I want my $16 refunded back to me as an AMC reward member.....

Tony Lee

The place is near the waterfront park. The environment is very good. All you need to do is buy a ticket from Atom, and scan the QR code to enter. Of course, there is counter for buying ticket as well.

Uncle Ajou

Good movies, smoothies and an excellent theatre. Rambo, last blood was awesome.

Martin Silva

Awesome seats, great sound and picture. The theater was clean and staff very friendly.


Very nice...good food, a bar, and super clean. if you are A list AMC member your experience is even better.

Javi Hernandez

It's a great theater just sucked cuz I payed for imax turns out to be just 3-D ➕ Pay for parking

Johnny Utah

It's a pretty standard movie theater. You can buy tickets ahead of time via mobile, which is convenient. Reserved seating. The seats recline automatically using buttons on the arm rest. Dolby digital intro is extremely loud and incredibly close. We went on a Monday at 1pm and the place was nearly empty. Bring a jacket in the summer, because the AC is blasting.


AMC Georgetown 14 en Maryland
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