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Where is AMC Courthouse Plaza 8?

REVIEWS OF AMC Courthouse Plaza 8 IN Maryland

Hannah Degn

The best bang for your buck! Plus reclining seats!! Even from the front row, it’s totally great!

Melissa Najeedah Lemon

Clean and great service. Good concession choices

Jason Pitts

It's a small theater but super nice. Enjoyed the theater!

Mailman 9

The helpful staff were quick to help me with my ticket issue. The theatre was comfortable, air conditioned, and the movie quality was great. Will go again.

nicole smith

Nice location! Clean bathroom too-

Muzio βeatz

Best movies

David Stewart

Clean and comfy. Smaller theaters. Get tickets early.

Obada Tabbaa

Wish the icy machine was working and popcorn was more fresh. I know it's a 10 pm show but I'm paying the same for ticket and food.

david turvene

Hi-end movie theater, really comfortable lounge seats, all seating is great, great sound system, $7 for a medium drink.

Jameelah Lewis

Great theater with not too many folk so that's it's overbearing... IT WAS JUST RIGHT!!!

Raakin ROll

All the theaters have the premium recliner seats. The concession stand is a bit Limited in choices but it appears this location may have been old location and AMC decided to reinvest in the theater part of the experience but not in the other aspects of the theater itself. Staff is great though.

Adam Faruqi

Buy your tickets in advance as the cinemas are quite small. But that makes them so cozy and intimate. The chairs are large and have retractable handles for maximum cuddle potential. And they recline almost 180°

Sara Marcus

Clean. Staff nice.

luvely me

Great food, comfortable seats, kid friendly environment. In a really good safe area. Near starbucks and nail salon.

Grant Patty

The projection was so dim that I could barely see anyone's face and left with a headache. Apparently this happens when they don't swap out 3d lenses for 2d films. I won't be going back.

antonio adams

Love this movie theater small quaint very comfortable seating all time favorite

Lisa Johnson

Great! Great! The seats are very comfortable. The movie was great. I will be back.

amir soliman

My two friends and I went here last Thursday on 2/7/19 to watch a 10:00pm showtime of a movie. We got there a bit late considering previews take about 15 minutes or so, but regardless, we still went. So it’s abour 10:20pm and we try going inside, only to find out the doors are locked. We see 2 employees and a female, Caucasian manager with glasses and blonde hair. They made eye contact with us but did not acknowledge us whatsoever. So a customer exits the building and my friend enters to ask if we can still buy our tickets. To go along with that, the ticket machines outside were still capable of selling that specific showtime. So once he goes inside and asks about buying a ticket, the manager told him “you need to leave, you need to leave now.” So he came back outside and told us what happened. There are no store hours on google so we did not know that this would occur. Needless to say, if we were to buy our tickets either from the ticket machine or from an online service, I doubt we’d get our money back. Pretty upset

DC Techie

Very comfortable seats. Concession line was somewhat long and didnt move quickly. Popcorn was ok but not covered in butter (probably healthier). Non 3d movie was $14.75 plus cost of booking online. Found nail clippings on seat. Really gross.

Peace Jah

I have frequent your movie theaters for some years now. I very much enjoy the experience. However recently I have received some complaints from elderly and students. People live with a fixed income or students who are financially Unable to pay regular movie theater prices. Rely on matinee movies so they can enjoy Box off its hits. This particular movie theater Does not cater to those particular needs as by showing at least 1 or 2 Box office hits with in matinee hours. The last few days I have been looking at your company. This for taking the movie theater only shows movies that are not rating high during those hours. So how can the elderly or students take avantage of matinee prices for big hits if they're not available..

Cathy Greenberg

Went to see Mission Impossible, but it was so hot in there I had to leave several times. I thought I should tell them in case they didn't know. He said " O yeah ac broken"! Now if they had told us before we blew 40$ plus on tickets and snacks I would have had a choice, but no not a word. Knowing it would be miserable in there! All the other theaters I checked out around the one we were in were all cool, lobby cool? No apology, no money back, no anything! It was a great movie, at least what I saw of it? Very unhappy when I left there! That wasn't right in any situ that I know of at least! :(

Michael Spriggs

I've been seeing films at Courthouse AMC for almost 30 years, and what started as an older theater wedged in between government buildings has been renovated and fitted with the most comfortable assigned seating I've ever seen in a theater. Pair that with the 12 minute walk over and I've got a winner!

İlkay Mimaroğlu

great location and great time with your kids

Kris Cua

Food court prices were a bit high but the quality made it worth it!

Andrew Stevens

I love this theater as I can always get a seat and it's so convenient in its location.

elizabeth chamberlain

Our favorite!

Patricia Vasquez

This is my neighborhood movie theater. I probably go here 2-3 times a month - I love movies. The employees always look happy here and actually interact with you. Clean theaters, reclining seats, bathrooms were always clean and smelled nice. I will continues going back to this theater.

Robin Stewart

Best movie house for its small size. Refreshments take too long so come early

Cindy Anita

I gave them 3 instead of four last week I was trying to see a movie an A'list member I wanted to have my phone scanned and the lady acted as if she was busy then after she brushed me off she went an got a broom. Thin lady with ponytail on Friday last week.Everyone else is a complete joy.

Bruce Wayne

Very convenient location near Metro Station. Comfortable seating. Good eats nearby.

viktoria suedmeyer

Took some time at first to find it, it's a bit hidden, but the gigantic amc sign helps in the end. Organized like other amc cinemas, but looks much smaller and older.

william mcrae

Dont ger seats in the a section

Landerick Coley

I believe the theater was renovated in 2012 but it looks a little worn down in the lobby area. The theater set up is awkward. They don't serve any adult beverages or real food. The cost is in line with upscale theaters but this theater doesn't offer anything that would make me consider returning. I don't recommend if you have experienced theaters that offer more than movie and popcorn.

Andrew ONeil

Easily accessible thanks to the metro, and one of the best places to see a movie

Sam Whately

Clean theaters. Clean bathrooms. Quick automated kiosks to buy tickets. Red leather recliners for seats you can select where you sit.

E Hay

Good movie viewing experience overall. Reserved seats reduce the stress of getting to theatre on time to get a good seat. The seats here recline very far and are very comfy. Have had a broken seat though, and with reserved seats, you can't always switch.

Anna Byers

My first time at the movie far so good

caroline trussell

Super convenient location, really cute inside and has movies that a lot of other places don’t offer

Short and Sweet

Confusing location, confusing parking. No bar. Theaters seem to be outdated, need better lighting so you can find your seat.

Stephanie Taylor

Excellent location (literally on top of Court House Metro) and super comfy seats

Agustin Blanco

I love this movie theater easy to get to free parking

Chris Conaty

grate staff/theatre, show more variety of movies please!


Good place to see a movie. Seats worked well and theater was clean

Hillary Clinton

Terrible service. Watching endgame and bulb goes out in projector Midway. No one gives updates about technical service. We were left in the dark. Litteraly.

Tarek El-Ghazaly

Took the operator a good 5 minutes into the movie before remembering to turn off the lights. Many patrons had to exit the movie and physically notify them outside. Happened at Lion King, Auditorium 8, 5pm show on Sunday July 28th.

alshrea 12

Its very Nice and comfrtable

Dan Munzner

Great stadium recliner seating. Great sound system. Truly enjoyed the experience.

Mungungadas Batkhuu

AMC it was very cold. we're freezing. and did not start at the time of the film. very long wait. we are sick. I'm still cold. no more

Julie Brown

Tickets cost $35 for 2 people. We went to dinner before our movie and had leftover pizza. They made us throw it away. When we tried to buy popcorn, the girl was playing on her cell phone until a customer called her out. Awful customer service. Will not be going again.

T Banner

This is my favorite place to go and see a movie. I can always find parking for little or no money. The lots or structure is not far from the entrance. There are not large crowds, and if you go during the week you will definitely get the assigned seats that you want. The only other theater that is a close second is the AMC at Shirlington. I really enjoy the sound quality, the patrons and the professional staff. I have never found stick floors or dirty seats to be an issue. The place has been open for years but still seems new. Kudos to the crew for running a tight ship.

Melissa Barron

I saw a 3D movie here and the experience was great. The screen size and volume were good. The chairs were the most comfortable and lounge as far back as possible. There is lots of space in between the rows so it's easy to get up during long movies without bothering anyone. The line was very long for food and beverages but that is to be expected when the movie you are seeing is sold out.


The seats reclined which was super nice. The sound isn't as good as Tysons 16, but for the size and age of this theater was more than adequate. It was a bit dirty though with popcorn on floors in various places. I also believe that they dont have a self kiosk, but that was okay as I had mobile tickets. However, I dont think there is enough room at the entrance to purchase tickets.

Luke Keller

All seats are recliners which is very nice. Movie options and showtimes are fairly limited due to only having the 8 screens

Sean Dublin

I saw a mouse enjoying the movie with me and I'm only upset because I don't think he had a ticket

Michael Ferebee

Great theater, reclining seats, right off metro.

Emily Perrottet

Love the reserved seating and reclining seats. The seats are nicely spaced so you aren’t on top of your neighbor. Lots of showtimes offered for top new movies. Popcorn was good, typical delicious buttery popcorn. The only reason for 4 stars is the parking situation in Courthouse plaza area. An issue for all locals businesses I’m sure but still frustrating. Will be coming back now that we know we know where to park.

Benjamin Tran

I've got one complaint that breaks the entire experience of movie-going. When we watched Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 it wasn't until the movie was nearly a third of the way through and they make it to the Celestial planet Ego's surface and Quill starts to play ball is when a stupid bunch of employees didn't think to turn off/dim the lights. So everyone is looking around confused the whole movie but are we getting up to not see the movie just to get someone to do their job? Nope. Otherwise, it's location is great due to accessibility to metro and across the street from CVS

Cooper Cunningham

Love this movie theater! Perfect size and the staff is very kind. They also do a good job of keeping the theaters clean!


Clean place, awesome food and the seating was second to none. I was soooo comfortable and the family too. Expensive but ya gotta pay ta play. We enjoyed ourselves to the max, friendly staff and an overall great experience Thank you Kathrine and crew

Thane Tuttle

This theater is very conveniently located next to one of the Courthouse Metro exits. All seats have been converted to recliners with assigned seating. The recliners are in pairs, and the center arm of each pair can be raised. They have a coke freestyle machine with free refills. The food is decent, but wildly overpriced, like a lot of theaters. The chicken and waffle sliders were also too sweet. The regular popcorn is decent, and they also sell cheddar and caramel corn (which only comes in smaller sizes for a higher price). I have no idea how the cheddar and caramel corn taste, but it looks the same as any you'd get in a store. Tickets bought at the box office are discounted on Tuesdays, so be prepared for unexpectly long lines and sold-out shows.

Joe Martinez-Williams

I love the feeling chairs. During this visit, I ordered a #1 combo and got a free bag of Gummy Bears. Nice perk.

Leroy Furious

Their restrooms have phenomenal lighting.

Holley Ariell

AMC Courthouse Plaza 8, this place is a little bit expensive. No problem with the parking lot, the service is not that bad, and the place is not the super clean also. Comforting seat, that is the reason why this place loves by most of the people coming here. It's a nice experience, not regret at all.

Ted Peterkin

This location is better than the Waldorf Md location and Bowie, they have gourmet popcorn available and good quantities for their patrons. Not so in the two Maryland locations I mentioned.

Constance Bryant

Theater was a little small, but the seats were great!

Ellen Williams

Great location with lots of parking and a metro entrance outside the theatres.

cueva93 .

I've been going to this theater for years. they have the best reclining seats and they have had them longer than most other theaters, early adopters. The theater is right outside the Courthouse metro stop and there is a parking lot and street parking nearby so pretty accessible. Typically have all the good movies at this location.

Daniel Arevalo

The OG recliner chair place. I am fairly certain that this place was the one that forced a lot of local cinemas to swap to recliner seats. Nevertheless this place is usually better because they set up the theatre such that there are really no poor seats in each auditorium.

Gregory Haynes

I saw the Avengers Endgame at 7pm on a Tuesday. The only seating available was front row A. But, thanks to the reclining seating I was quite comfortable looking up at the big screen. I also liked being able to make my own mixed Coke because I am by nature a mixologist, always doctoring my soda fountain drinks.

Jessica Padilla

This is one of my favorite AMC locations. It's close to my house, always has parking and is always clean. Only reason for 4 stars is there's no ATM machine inside. Otherwise, perfect!

saud alrawaf

One of My favorite theater in Virginia because of the recliner. But also because of the recliner, I have to subtract two stars. The view is obscured if the one in the front choose not to recline.

Nizar Farsakh

Lions are processed quickly, popcorn is not too salted, and the seats recline all the way back 180 degrees almost. They also have seven or eight theaters so you have a very wide selection of movies to choose from. Some of them even or 3-D or IMAX.

Ayan Barua

Rather tight for an AMC, but the rooms themselves are massive (relatively speaking, of course)

Zachary Smith

Like most AMCs nowadays, Courthouse has been converted to the reclining seats. I'm here quite frequently and have always had a great time. The only issue is the limited number of screens here. The theater often skews toward more showings of bigger films. This makes sense financially but usually means having to find another theater to see smaller movies.

willku9000 .

Not the Best Local theater but it’s clean, quiet, convenient and usually has reliable staff. Also it has Comfy seating. The problem is that it doesn’t have stadium style seating so if someone tall or with a big head sits in front of you It’s game Over, you are blocked. Still a decent theater that thankfully is usually empty when I go.

Cristian Rubio

The lobby is small, so plan ahead and get there early if you want concessions. Other than that, the theaters were nice and roomy. Got to love the reclining seats and ability to reserve your seats.

Tamiko Shatteen

Very helpful staff and the theater was clean.

Ivana Rudolph

Amazing place to watch movies. Not overly packed and the seats are really nice. Just put your feet up and enjoy the movie ❤️

Tyler James Larsen

Only place I go to see movies. Always clean. Drink machines are best in Arlington. Diet Coke! Tuesdays, matinees and discounts available. It's worth joining the AMC club for food discounts.

Rene Torry

Cozy and comfortable. Friendly staff.

Eric Medina

Loved the recliners. We saw our movie in 3-D.

Ryan Davis

Convenient metro access after your show, friendly staff, and in a great location to grab a bite to eat nearby after for conversation about your film.

Megan Joyner

Great theater. Reclining seats change the movie game!

Nerd withadd214

Super comfy seats bring a jacket tho it's chilly

Thomas Bennett

Great place to watch movies! Comfy chairs.

Karen Saucier

Good neighborhood theater. My preference if I'm seeing a movie.

Mihir Yerande

Small theater, a bit tucked away, but good

Amy Cresap

Very small theater. The lobby gets very busy, but it is a convenient location and the theaters have reclining seats. Just dont show up too early, otherwise you will have to wait in a very small space for your theater to be ready. Their turnover is not very quick!

Jordan Higgins

Small theater but super comfortable reserved seats

Francis Campbell

Right next to the courthouse exit off metro orange line. Small intimate theater with reserved reclining seating.

Kathleen Womack

Great staff and wonderful atmosphere. I love $6 Tuesdays!

Marita Duran Rivera

Comfortable seats. Friendly and fast service at concession stand.


A fun staff with great management. The customers are worse than the employees.

Tracey Winzor

movie was great!!! The seating was Soooooooo Comfortable

LaFawn Davis

Well-behaved fellow moviegoers. Comfy reclining red leather seats.

Chocolate Goddess

Great experience and great customer service. Enjoyed the food and movie.

Sainbayar Beejin

It's a lovely place for a family date with kids.

Amanda Lawall

Excellent theaters. Wonderful. Comfortable seating.

Clinton T.

The tickets were a bit pricey (but isn't everything in Arlington?) That aside, the seats were awesome! We were in some that were big electric recliners. We enjoyed our movie as well.

Keli McClure

Clean, spacious & great customer service


Came for a midnight showing of Captain Marvel and the concession stand was closed. I can't understand how there can be a showing and the concession stand can't remain open untill at least the start of the movie.

Darien Ford

Great little theater with comfy recliner seats and plenty of space. Walking distant from Ragtime and Courthaus Social to grab a quick bite and stroll over to end a night with a good movie and right in front of the metro for easy ride home. My only gripe is not all movies are shown here but still a comfy close favorite

Trader Walt

A really comfortable theater with reclining seats! As comfy as home w/o your favorite pillow.

Stephen Euell

A great place to watch a movie

saurabh rajwade

Good seats. Love the location.

Justin Hopkins

Great little laid back theater that's super close to the metro.

Cameron Boozarjomehri

Excellent theatre, my only complaint is there's guaranteed to be done person asleep and snoring during your movie...

Michael Burmeister

Great reclining seats. Next to the egress from the Courthouse Metro Station.

Joe Glenn

Well run theater. Not adequate parking but theater well run.

Dondré S

One of my favorite theaters, the red reclining chairs. More like couches are very comfortable. The staff here is great. I like that you can pick your seats out.

Will Beatty

Don't act like it's a burden to get us popcorn. I've never seen someone so irritated to do their job.

Kristina Kaldon

Awesome movie place! Reclining chairs, yummy popcorn!

Brenda Middleton

Caught the Downton Abbey movie. Excellent!

George Kirschbaum

Comfy reconning seats, but even matinee prices are high for weeks old movies.

Sasha M

Comfy chairs! The prices are normal for the address with the added bonus of the chairs. There are only 8 screens but they tend to show most of the popular movies.

Nathan Dally

Bigger than expected! Public parking is adjacent the theater with parkmobil. Multilevel with a few theaters per level.

M Cole

Big comfy Director Chairs in theater 6.Great popcorn. But you're stuck at front door and cannot go into lobby without your ticket if your ticket is prepaid by someone else, and you're waiting for them!

Chris Bellanca

Great theater squeezed into a commercial building. The seats are reserved and extremely comfortable.

Kevin Cunningham

Excellent Theater !!!

Z.R .N

Polite attendents and good movies

Khara Norris

Movie theater is small and cozy but the common areas always seem to be dirty. Parking can be tricky also.

Lowell Fitzgerald

One of my favorite theaters in the area! Right on the Court House Metro stop, lots of bars and restaurants nearby for after the show, and those big, red, AMC recliners for ultimate comfort while watching the bad guy get his butt whooped in the third act. Or, you know, a movie without a bunch of explosions...

Nicci Wall

Was clean. The staff was really loud and could be heard over the previews. The guy at the front desk was exceptionally rude as well.

Flo Lavaran

Fave AMC, next to Shirlington - smaller and cozier.

Kenneth Hutchins

Freezing cold! There heat is broken beware! Colder in here then outside

Minilik Tesfaye

Great sounds, high quality pictures, clean and comfortable! Best cinema.

Ebote Silvia

This is my to go movie theatre since it's of close proximity. Very comfortable seats. Recliners. Neat. Friendly staff.

Kat Doucette

If you visit here make sure to get the recliner reserved. The larger theaters are the traditional style. It’s a large theatre and sometimes they don’t have the right people in the right places and are understaffed.

Catrice Barnes

Love this theater!! Always peaceful and quiet!! I recommend to anyone. Fine know what happened to the cheese sticks, but it wasn't on the menu when we went two weeks ago.

Matt Holdrege

Great place to watch a film.

deadbits _

Only grips are the lack of parking when it gets busy and how incredibly long it takes the concessions staff to cook *anything*. There’s literally nowhere to wait for food except in front of the drink machines, the exit of the concessions line, or in front of the stairs that bring people to the theaters. Regardless of where you wait, you’re in someone’s way. It’s truly a very poor design with limited space for the amount of people that come here. On the other hand , the theaters themselves are great; good sound and video quality, clean, very nice reclining seats. Being an AMC Stubs member helps relieve some stress at the concessions line, at least.

Elizabeth Fields

Good seating. Not an overly huge theater but the seats were the reclining kind with enough room to not distrurb the people behind us. I would have given it 5 stars if there was a bar like at other AMC locations.

tony petro

I haven't been here for a couple years. Today my wife and I came in and found nail clippings all over her seat and floor around it. went from 5 stars to 1 for lack of cleanliness. on the plus side, most comfy movie seats around...



Veronica Ferris

Very comfortable deluxe seats. Good food options. Good movie selection, clean and spacious.

Karen Freeman

Love this theater not only because it's close to home but since they have the reclinable seats I have gone here so much more. I am also an a-lister which means that I pay 20 bucks a month to be able to watch 3 movies a week. Not bad at all. I may watch 3 to 5 movies a month so it definitely works for me. Love it for date night.

Todd Allgier

Really good movie theater. We go there a lot. They have reserved seats which we like. Of course everything costs a fortune and you need a mortgage to get a bucket of popcorn,... but I think most places in Arlington are like that. Especially the nice theaters with a comfortable reserved seating.

Kisainya Miller

Great customer service! Experience food. Clean bathrooms.

Tim Presley

Reclining seats are amazing. Bathrooms are clean and friendly staff.

Edward Parsons

The chairs recline and folks are respectful in the theater. The atmosphere in the theater allows you to thoroughly enjoy the movie as though you were at home. The cup holders are at the right arm length and there is just the perfect amount of padding to rest your arm therethrough the entire movie. When you order food, know that it is a little pricey but the chicken and waffle were slightly above average for a movie theater. The theater allows you to buy your tickets at a kiosk out front before you enter, but I recommend that you buy your tickets online to save time, and to get the seats that you want. For popular movies, I suggest that you attend the Sunday movie; as it is cheaper and potentially less crowded. Parking is free on the weekend and street parking is a short walk from the theater. If you are looking for food options before or after the movie, you are in the right place...with options merely a few blocks away. I recommend the AMC Courthouse for your next movie excursion.

Brandon Davis

I love the chairs. The theaters are very nice, though not especially clean. Some of the seats are a bit sticky.

James J

Employees are rude and don’t care about customers. I would never go again to this awful theater

Lorna F

Great place to watch movies. Friendly staff. Clean bathrooms.

Ty Williams

This is one of my favorite theaters in the DMV. The reclining, leather chairs are quite comfortable. The lobby is small and there’s no bar, but I always love it here. It’s quite convenient to the metro, as well; just a couple of feet from the front door.

David Allardyce

Is there a better place to see a movie? Maybe but only marginally. Big red recliners for everyone. You have your own space between you and your neighbor. The popcorn isn't always the tastiest but I think that's because they don't salt it heavily.

Zachary Flaus

Amazing Seats, fully recline and comfortable. Great popcorn.

Jack Napolitano

Okay theather. Cut off making popcorn BEFORE final showing on week night. 10PM is popcorn cutoff and they occasionally have 10:15 and later showing. Also doesn't always have the best movie selection.

Victor Rolling Jr

Amazing movie theater. My only complaint is that they don't always have the movies we want yo see. However, this movie theater is the reason I became a AMC premium member. It's always clean, the staff is always so polite, it's an all around amazing experience.

Ying Owens

Great seat and comfy to watch the movie

Llewella Gibbs

The seats are very plush ,

Sharon Byrd

Seats dirty, wer armrest

James Cox

Nice...big spacious seating and walkways...clean....good movie crowd! My new movie spot.

Chris Abraham

Fancy comfy chairs and adult beverages and even reserved seating. That's not even as good as Broadway! It's even nicer than my comfy couch and my big screen TV at home. And there are nice restaurants and bars in the area for before and after. You can really make a night of it. Lots of premium and lovely choices even outside of the movie theater cinema.

John Copley

Nice cinema with comfortable lounge seats.

Kelsey Rogers

Nice theatre, reserved reclining seats. No bad seats in most theatres, even the front row. Good concessions but no beer/wine.

Michelle Yaqoobi

Small theater with super comfy reclining couches. There is a parking lot right by the theater entrance which is nice as well.


Clean and convenient location with reclining seats. Parking close by and train station at the door.


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