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REVIEWS OF Alamo Drafthouse Cinema One Loudoun IN Maryland

Trail Runner

The atmos theater is amazing, and you don’t have near as many noisy neighbors compared to other theaters. That’s the good stuff. I have been here a lot, if you want good service this isn’t the place for you. I have never in my life had worse service than I have experienced here. 5 times I have gone with friends and they have forgotten my food. We all ordered together, their food came and I had to put up a car 30 minutes later to find my food. So I didn’t get my food till the end of the movie. FIVE times! Today I ordered their specialty cake, and they brought me an irish coffee. At first I thought hey maybe it’s how the cake comes so I tried it. Nope, they never carded me and served me alcohol. I am old enough, but I have been sober for nearly ten years. They served alcohol to a alcoholic in recovery, who didn’t ask for it. The server did me a “favor” and took it off my bill. He should have comped the whole bill at that point. So if you don’t care about service, it’s a great theater. Or if your underage and want to drink, they will probably serve you.

Denise Acosta

Love this place! Best craft beer selection in all of One Loudoun. Hands down! Sometimes we go just for drinks without a movie. The movie events are really fun too, though.

jenny schutt

Nice theater, plenty of space between seats and good food reasonably priced for this area.

michael pearlstein

One of the best movie theater experiences you can get. The ads in the beginning are always interesting or pertinent to the film. The vibe of the theater screams "movie fanatic". The food is usually pretty awesome in comparison to other theaters. Servers are great and professional, the theater smells and looks clean, and the strictness on theater etiquette is always welcome.

Almas Barzhaxynov

Best cinema in the area hands down. I would still come here if they did not serve good food or were right next to me.

MJ Lampley

Alamo is different than some expect for a movie theater. It is a restaurant and theater in one, basically. Menu prices are pretty reasonable for the experience (highly recommend the warm cookies!). They seem to be the local venue for "movie parties" (classic movies with props). And that can be a lot of fun!

Monserrat Hellman

This place is a lot of fun. I went here for a "rowdy" screening of twilight and it was very interactive. The staff is quick and friendly and management is committed to making your experience a unique one. Tickets are a bit pricey but well worth it and parking is easy since there is a garage right by the theater. Highly recommend

Joan CB

Food is ok. Seats do not recline so it's not that comfortable. My guess is they won't change this because it's hard to see with the food counter as it is, if seats reclined then the feature would always be the bottom of the counter. Just a suggestion, change the seats to recline and use the trays as tables, that way we can actually enjoy the movie.

Laura Weller

Food, movies and no pesky cell phone sounds or lights. What more could you want?

Amanda B

I love Alamo drafthouse. It’s fun and convenient to have dinner while you’re watching your movie. I’ve never had bad service. I typically always recommend Alamo. The reason I’m rating it a 3 is because I’m tired of them changing the menu so frequently. I find something new that becomes my regular and then the next time I go either an ingredient is changed or the meal is gone completely. Also, some of the options available are so bizarre

CRad Varbs

Great staff and atmosphere. Not sure about dinner in the dark during the movie, which is of course optional. But smelling/hearing someone chomp through an oniony burger right next to you was a bit distracting, so the experience can be risky. This only happened once, but that was enough to make it a second choice to a traditional popcorn/soda-only theater.

Seth Cottle

We always enjoy our visits to the Alamo! Theater staff is always incredibly friendly and responsive. They're also super accommodating in re-creating older menu items when the food menus have been randomly updated and you have a craving for something specific. You'll always find yourself having an enjoyable experience here. Reserved seating, clean theaters, respectful movie-goers who are attentive throughout films with no disturbances. Be careful though, you'll find yourself throwing down some cash when you get a hold of that menu -- you'll want it all!

Thomas Geery

A great theater experience! No talking, no phones, and you can order food and drinks too!

olivia Jordan

Love the reserved seating. The location is great too! The only issue I have is that on more than 1 occasion the servers have forgotten to bring what I ordered. It's a minor inconvenience but other than that this is my go to spot for watching movies.

Brian Wallen

Love this place. Something about just going into the theater and ordering whatever you want. Great beer selection. I wish the menu changed more though!

Rob Con

Great place for movies and a good time even just for drinks. Kid friendly great food.

Antonio Diaz

My favorite theater! I love the craft beer selection they have. Always make sure to check the menu they have in the lobby for the special releases that aren't listed on their menu. Theaters are very nice and have great sound and picture quality. Food is expensive, but pretty good.

Linda Shulsinger

I had never been there before. My granddaughter and grandson to me and I really enjoyed it. Ready to go back

Kurt Rauscher

The Alamo has always been a great theater. I particularly like the no talking or texting policy. Plus, they have good beer and vegetarian food options!

Nancy Gross

Love to go to the movies here. Favorite beer: Blackberry-Pear Cider.

Robert Foster

Great movie place was awesome to sit and watch a movie while being served dinner. I ordered a beer from the bar before the movie and was allowed to take it into he movie with me. The area around this theatre is high end and has lots of things to eat and do.

John Talpas

Food and service have definitely gone down

Cora Hollingsworth

It was hard to get the attention of the waiter so I could order. But the food there was good.

Becks G

Highly disappointed. During my showing the film cut out for roughly 15 minutes 3/4s of the way in. Which kills the momentum of the final act especially for such a long duration. For something like this I was expected to be compensated as many other theaters I have been to in the past have done. Service was OK, but frequently I had a server show up infront of my trying to deliver food and drinks I did not order.

Jason Pedicord

I like the fact this location does older movies occasionally. I like the restaurant idea as a part of the movie experience but, as always for movie theaters, the food is over priced and underwhelming. The stadium seating is great and I never have to worry about staring into the back of someone's head. The strict no talking policy is fantastic.

Sanjay Patro

I liked the theater, acoustics, location ..everything. the best part is u can order food and drinks from the seat.

Lucas Looney

A good experience. Being waited on during a movie is not as disruptive as you think. Give it a try.

Nicholas Lardas

This is my favorite place to watch movies. The staff is professional. The unique menus for each show are a fun tie-in to the movies. I also love the decorations they put out for new shows. They had a model Forky for toy story 4 and a mock memorial for all the heroes who got dusted for Avengers Endgame. They've really made an art of expanding on the moviegoing experience.

Roselyn Viera

Came to see detective pikachu! They had free pokemon cards laid out for free. The food and drinks were perfect! Delish!

Chip Grimes

Great draft and bottled beer selection. Seats are comfortable and high backed. There are aisles in front of each row, so there's no way you will have a blocked view from another patron. One pizza filled me up. You write your food/drink orders on a piece of paper and the server picks it up very quickly.

Joshua LeRibeus

I keep coming back, even if it is a 30 minute drive for me. Food has always been great, and the ordering system with the cards makes it so you never have to yell in the middle of a movie. By far the best way I've seen a company do the whole restaurant/movie combo. I always look for an excuse to get out here.

Matt Crawford

Always good service and a decent price for food. I highly recommend the fried pickles and baked pretzel.

Todd Reese

One of our favorite places to see movies. Love ordering from our seats, and the no nonsense approach to loud tables. The staff is always nice and does a decent job taking care of us.

Ron Garmadon

The idea is great and the cinema by itself but the food is not cheap and not good

Sebastian Ledezma

Such a cool experience. I love that they're strict about keeping the viewing quiet and enjoyable. Good food too! Divered and able to watch a movie and eat!! Loved it!!

Harry Wiese

Nice theater but takes some getting used to with staff running around. They don't interrupt but be prepared to have the lady next to you order 3 orders of wings and chow down during the movie. Other than that pretty good.

Etude of Memories

Excellent place to have good family movie experience! Highly recommended

Michael Klein

Really fun place to catch a movie. Full service while watching a movie can't be beat. The menu is a little expensive but not any worse than standard theater markup.

Jaad Chacra

Love the triple chocolate shake, the cookies are amazing and I really like the Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich. Popcorn used to be better or maybe I've had too much of it. My favorite cinema to go to because of the service, but the seats could be more comfortabe

Jacqueline Staggs

Food and service was great, but seats didn't recline and very uncomfortable, also freezing cold. had to move one of the big bulky seats to get my husband's wheelchair in, also didn't have automatic doors for handicapped accessible access which I found odd in this day and age. Don't think I would go back there, our local cinema is more ADA accessible and comfortable

Dillon Redd

Alamo Drafthouse has been a favorite of mine ever since I first saw a movie here. You can order food at any time during the movie and surprisingly, the food is really good! Before the previews of every movie they have a customized pre-show based on the movie you’re seeing. For example, when I saw Logan Lucky the pre-show had highlights from the most iconic heist films. When I saw Avengers: Endgame the pre-shoe included a summary of all 21 movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe leading up to Endgame. It was VERY helpful. When you see a movie here you can really feel the love of movies and it makes it a lot more fun. You’ll love the decorations too!

Eddie T

Normally great food, but this time I believe I left with a minor case of food poisoning and my sons food came out wrong. Also, why did they get rid of the under counter lights? Can't see what I'm writing or eating.

Angela Domer

Great service. Best popcorn anywhere. I had the Crawley Stuffed Mushrooms tonight and they were amazing. I hope they keep those on the menu.

Theo Hawkins

I really enjoying coming here. Its my first time and when I come again I can really explain how awesome this place is.

Kelsey Townsend

This is a great spot to see a movie! Theater was clean and the staff was very friendly and attentive. Food was fast and really good!


They give free collectors tumblers for the Marvel movies. That's all you need to know. Oh and excellent burgers. That's all you need to know. Oh and the general idea of having table service while you watch a movie is brilliant. That's seriously all you need to know.

Wynn Grimsley

Prompt service and lovely atmosphere! Our server was Javier and he was sweet and efficient. We went to see How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, and everything was enjoyable. It was a lovely celebration for my fiancé and his birthday with good food, respectable service, and prompt staff. Both of us would love to go back.

Kyle G

This is the only way to see a movie nowadays. Drinks and snacks are brought to you. Also comfy chairs, great service, and good rules like no late arrivals and if a phone comes out they will ask you to leave. They have interesting preshow entertainment as well. I'll probably never go to a traditional theater again.

Genevieve Rivinius

Birthday movie for my teenage son. Great food and service was good but drinks took forever to get refills on. Once the second half of the movie point was reached we never saw out waitress until she came with the bill.

Jean-Michel Brunet

My favorite theater. Good food. Decent service DURING THE MOVIE. I can't ask for much else.

john erickson

Well worth the cost. Great service and beer selection. Comfortable seating. Only problem is that we may not go to a normal movie theater again.

Antoine Harrison

By far in my opinion the best place in town for movies at least to me.

hipu .

A totally new theatre experience for me. Movie club nights have some ridiculous movies to watch on the big screen (wakaliwood 4ever), and the food is seriously good. The popcorn with Ghee is so addictive.

Don Filter

Love getting beers delived while watching a movie. Food is good.

Duane Tant

Alamo's appeal for me is the combination of real food, all-you-can-eat popcorn, bottomless sodas and no-nonsense policies. They host a wide variety of themed screenings of older movies including sing-alongs, quote-alongs and the like. Every year they have Clue and Princess Bride events. Each Alamo is unique in their menu and schedule. If you are looking for a chance to see one of the spaghetti westerns on the big screen, or a classic animated film, or just a classic film, in addition to the usual marquee fair, and have a beer with a giant cheeseburger and fries, this is your best bet.

Jason Kennedy

Between the creative dept and wizards in the kitchen, these popcorn making machines are unstoppable!

Joaquin Garcia

Went to watch IT Chapter 2 on Tuesday September 10, 2019 @ 10:00 pm. Before the movie started, our waiter took our orders. I ordered a water with lemon and my friend ordered a water as well. About ten minutes later our waiter came back with my friends water. I started to get impatient and decided to write my SAME order on the notepad provided, our waiter came by again (20 min later) and put my order in. After 45 minutes, he came by and noticed that I still didn't have my order. He acknowledged that it was his fault and asked me if I still wanted my water..... Of course I told him that I wanted my water and I tried to understand that they must've been busy. IT's running time was 2 hours and 50 minutes long and I never got my water. I never usually write reviews but I felt the need to after this experience. Thanks Alamo!

Joe Anderson

Great place to go to the movies. The nostalgia themes from the 70's and 80's takes me back to my childhood.

Chris Hyun Choi

My go to theater. The hot soft pretzel is the bees knees!

Jennifer Huttenbach

Best place to see a movie. Full menu of food and drinks can be ordered throughout the movie. No talking or texting allowed. Be sure to join their Victory program to earn free perks like free food and movies!

Frank Kelsey

great theater.. awesome service with good food.. a bit more expensive then going to a movie and dinner separately but it's worth it for what you save in time.. I have yet to watch an older movie there but I will be back to watch so good films i loved from when i was younger..

Elizabeth Feldman

Spectacular! Great food. Great local beers. Always a lot of fun!

Kelley Relyea

Great service and always a fun time. They have themed events and the food is amazing.

Amanda Turcotte

Came to the Alamo Draft House to watch an M Night Shyamalan triple-play of Unbreakable, Split and Glass. Great movies, food and beverage options. We really enjoyed the variety of local beer on tap. The facility is really clean, great seating anywhere in the theater rooms and the staff is very friendly as well.

J.L. Meyer

It's a 'me' problem, not a 'them' problem. Partial colorblindness kept me from being able to read the menu and mark my choices under the red light provided. Next time I won't wait until I am seated to figure out refreshments.

Peter Fedders

The best movie theater experience around.

Josh Bosh

Awesome place to see movies, always a good experience.

Remy De la Cruz

Enjoyed my experience at Alamo and will definitely go back!

Zach Imler

This place gets worse every time I go the food quality has drastically changed and the menu is lacking compared to what it once was however the atmosphere is great allot of beer on tap and they often have cool events

Ian Triplett

The Alamo is a special sort of theatre. You get full service (which is excellent service to boot) while watching a movie. Thus I go here when I want the movie viewing experience to be something extra. You can order good food and drinks throughout your movie and servers come to you. The theatres themselves are always clean and comfortable. The theatre is a bit smaller of a venue versus others in the area, but in this instance, quality trumps quantity. I don't go here for all my theatre outings (distance, cost) but when I do, the experience is fantastic. I love this place and look forward to the next time I go.

Alex Edwards

Pretty nice place. Service is good but the seats are kinda old compared to newer theaters. Good for the cult classic screenings though

Chris Hamilton

My kids love seeing movies at Alamo Cinema Drafthouse because of the opportunity to eat food there while watching the movie. Getting in and out of Alamo is a breeze and you can go right to your seats bypassing the ticket line in the lobby. All you have to do is have an electronic version of your ticket on your phone and you can show it to your server and you're good to go. I also love the fact that they ocassionally rerun old movies in pristine condition.

Kimberly Rouse

Only theater we go to! Love Alamo Drafthouse! Food is reasonably priced and usually pretty good. I'd rather eat a small meal at one of OneLoudoun's other restaurants first, saving room for popcorn. I love that they bring you food, and you don't risk missing the movie waiting in the snack bar line. The pre-movie show is fun to watch! Before the previews, Alamo shows snippets of things somehow related to the movie you are watching. Sometimes it's obvious how they relate, sometimes not. It's fun to watch anyway.

Kate Rosier

I love drafthouses. I really do. They're great. They all come with no talking, good food, good beer, and great seats to relax in while you enjoy the movie. Makes going to the movies an unexpected treat. I always get here 30 minutes before the movie just to watch the pre-show reel of youtube videos and features (no ads!). This one is fantastic. The staff are always friendly. Food's been pretty good. I've ordered things to go before without seeing a movie. Only the "A" theater has the comfy seats, but i think that's okay as the layout is worse off for it. The 'normal' numbered theaters have harder seats, but little 'fox hole' type paths for the servers to go through so they don't obstruct the movie. "A" theater doesn't have this so they obstruct a little, but the servers do their best to not have it impact the viewing as much as possible.

Waamiq Marshall-Washington

First time at an Alamo theater. Really enjoyed the experience. Reclining seats would make it perfect. Just a little advice ... inform the customer when an upcharge is to occur. Disputing the receipt is not when that information should be conveyed. Otherwise great service, great preview vignettes, great movie, great experience!

Christine Ryman

Loved the LORD OF THE RINGS EXTENDED VERSION TRILOGY MARATHON Over 12 hours of extreme fun and so worth the price. The themed menu was fun, and so was the intro speech. The intermissions were a perfect length. I'm watching for future events they may offer.

Thomas Klock

Food was great as well as the staff! Great place to see a movie.

Stacy Wilhelm

My daughter and her friends had an unfortunate misunderstanding with Fandango that led to them not being able to see their movie, and not getting a refund. Calvin, the manager at Alamo stepped up and gave them tickets for another time. It definitely took away some of the sting and the stress and I am very grateful.

Todd Sapp

What a great way to watch a movie. If you have a chance, come for one of the movie parties, they're totally worth it. Definite fan here.

Josh Laroche

Great theater! All the screens are Sony digital 4k. The food and beverage menu is pretty decent.


Love the in-movie food service and enforced in-movie silence.

Walter Starbuck

Seats are comfortable and the service was good. But the food is really bland. And apparently just like every other movie theater, it was cold inside.

Drew Bars

Very clean, and very neat. Fair prices, but could use less of the staff running in and out during the movies unfortunately. Regardless will be back.

Chris Marchetti

Fun place to see a movie. Love the food, drinks and service to your seat.

Cody Lyons

A friend brought us here and it was awesome. Being able to order food, and plenty of space. The theater had fewer seats than normal, but it's certainly worth the trade off. Went to see John Wick Chapter 3, and the servers were very nice. Definitely want to go next time I'm in the area.

Jennifer Wood

The theater is clean and well maintained. The food is consistently good. I like the process they use to order food. The bathrooms are clean. The employees are friendly

Brandon Hook

Always nice when you don't have to miss the movie for drinks or food. Still have to get up to use the bathroom though

Dawn King

The food here is great! So much better than a regular movie theater!

Nik Solo

Love the unique experience of Alamo and have made many fond memories there. The food is sliding a bit in quality but is still far above average.

Jeff Schonacher

They have once again removed an item from the menu. They removed tofu, their buffalo cauliflower for some reason has less flavor. Mostly I'm annoyed about the tofu, all their doing is reducing options for vegetarians and vegans. Really makes it difficult to want to frequent this establishment.

Jeff Sanderson

It's a theater I can actually get my girlfriend to go with me to. Great beer selection, and they will customize their cocktails to your liking. Great place to actually see a movie, of course. Comfortable chairs. Nice sized screens. And the audio isn't blaring loud.

Linda Kutner

Great service. The quality of the food is good but maybe bring back some lighter items like avocado on toast or veggies and dip. Some things you offer are way too heavy at 10am! Reclining sears would be a nice option too.

Stephanie Walker

Good food, quick service. Fun experience.

Mike Vera

Nice you can order anything you want from the menu without going outside even when the movie is playing

Ryan Chelberg

Cool place, servers in the theater is cool. That being said, it seems to always be under construction so it's not as clean as it could be. I've also had servers just "keep the change" twice when I put down cash instead of card, had to chase them down to get my money back.

Kim Davis

Always a great time at Alamo draft house. Nice atmosphere, friendly service and dinner while watching a movie makes for a relaxing time

Louis Johnson

Simply the best place to watch movies in the area. Beyond their delicious food and comfortable assigned seating, the best part about this place is the no talking or texting policy. Don't have to worry about jerks being loud during the film which still happens in 2019 in every non-Alamo theater I go to. Gone here since it opened and will continue to for as long as it's around. Love you guys.

Sam Mason

This place is very good. It is family oriented. The people there are very nice and polite.

Makishi Inaba

Great theatre. Food is a bit pricey, but it tastes good, and the experience is great. Very customer service oriented. Get tickets early for movies you love and Alamo won't let you down.

Monte Ruffin

My favorite movie theater, my only negative critique, the adult beverages are bit weak, no reclining seats and does not offer 4DX. The food is always delicious. The theater is always clean and it has quick and responsive servers.

Ryan Vervack

The only movie theater worth going to in Northern Virginia. Great audio and video, delicious food, great beer, and really fun events!

Sarah Miller

We have gone to Alamo many times, and it is always a great experience! They are strict about noisy or disruptive people, which means we have a wonderful experience watching the movies without annoying people. You should arrive early, because for the half an hour prior to the show, they play things related to the feature. So like if you are seeing a super hero movie, or star wars, they may play old cartoon clips related to the movie, or other interesting trivia related things without giving away the movie at all. You'll also want to be there early to order. The food and drinks are really good! They offer full meals, not just popcorn candy and soda. The fried pickles are a favorite of ours!

Eduardo Faubert

Nice theater...nice service...passable food...good beers.

Joshua Wenger

Very helpful and knoledgable staff. Great selection

Marissa Alexander

For the most part this is a really fun place to go and watch a movie. The concept of on demand service while sitting for such a long time is very appealing. They do come back wherever you put the card up with your order on it, wait time for us was minimal and friendly. However, I have a kid and it really isn't a theater where they can watch and be comfortable. The whole 2 ½ hour movie my daughter was leaning on the bar where you put the food or sitting in my lap so she could sit back and relax to watch the movie. I'm 5' 3" and I couldn't even sit back in my chair and see the whole screen. The theater is pretty clean as far as movies go but the bathroom was dark and smelly, get in and get out situation, also not conducive for children. I understand appealing to the older crowd, have a beer, sit and eat but it would be nice to also have a nice place for the kids too. If you're planning a date night with your bae, this place is great, If you're trying to take your kid to a cool new movie, probably not the best, if you want your children enjoying the experience anyway.

Scott B.

No talking, no texting, no arriving late... these are the pillars on which the Alamo stands and a part of what makes it the best movie theater chain in existence!

Lloyd Loyd

This theater is the best. My company host team building event here and we love it.

Stephen Garnier

Nice theater with wait staff to bring you food. Nice not to miss any of the movie to grab a bite - Whether it's popcorn or a full meal. And they do it discreetly to not disturb the movie experience.

Brian Jackson

Alamo is a great theater, having table service at a movie is amazing and they remove people who think rules don't apply to them.

Shubhra Gupta

It's a nice, clean theatre with reserved seating. So you don't need to worry about going in before movie time to grab a good seat. You can order food inside the theater which will be served on your seat. Can order that with their phone app or with the menu that is available with your seat to order food.


Super fun place to go for date night with a great food and drink selection. The staff is super nice and the place has great accomodations

Tim Myers

The movie we saw was really good but our dining experience there was just ok.

Isaac Bowser

Great place for moves especially if you're a college student because of their discount

Rebecca Ballard

Awesome staff, great food, and love the movie parties they do! Getting to see older movies back on the big screen is a really cool experience.

India White

Best place in the area to catch a movie - you can't beat dinner and a show. Very comfortable and relaxing.

Erin Winder

Gone a few times and still enjoy it. Adult drinks are good for the price. I love the throwback movies also.

ErnestSheba Akridge

You have to catch this place on a good day. There are times when you get a good staff whereas the servers are friendly, quick, and visible. This time was okay. I give it 3 stars because it serves it purpose and my expectations aren't that high. In essence, I expect low to mid-level service. So, I'm not disappointed. My order was not the way I ordered it and my server never checked on us. But again, that's normal and what we expect when we come here. The food is okay. What keeps me coming back are the fried pickles and milkshakes. Goes well with a movie.

Jihye H

So the thing about the Alamo is that their tickets are slightly cheaper than others. The food is quality and very tasty but can be considered pricey with smaller portions. That being said I always enjoy my time at the Alamo. Just something about delicious artisan pizzas and then gooey cookies.


A great mix of current titles with classic, indie and foreign films. Love this place!!!

Jason Castle

This theatre has a large menu with in theatre service. If audio offers reserved seating. I would give it 5 stars if it added reclining seats.

Will Walsh

My wife and I went to a morning showing with our infant... And was able to order food from our seat. For these infant-encouraged showings, the lights are on so you can see around you and other kids are making noises... But we can go to the movies with our child :) We will return!

Pat mac

Great experience. Seats are comfortable food is good. Our waiter was very nice and we never had to wait long for service.

Lorna Shanklin

I've been here many times and today was the 1st time I had an issue with service. I ordered my food, and it came pretty quickly. But I put up an order for a refill and the server took it, but no drink ever came. After 20 minutes I put up another request for a refill that was ignored. So I just had my leftover ice until the movie was done.

Erin Beasley

Excellent theater with prompt service, good food and clean seats

Nick Garcia

Such an awesome place to watch Endgame! Great menu, friendly staff, clean place. Highly recommended!

Forrest D

Everyone had a great time for my son's birthday party. Thanks to all the staff for making it great! Would do it again. 10/10

B. A. Kukuk

A great place to watch movies. And who can beat $8 Tuesday tickets?

Mary H

"Afternoon Tea" was so worth it. What a fun, new movie experience. And Downton Abbey was the perfect introduction.

Stephanie Johnson

My favorite part of the Alamo are the movie events. I often go to the Afternoon Tea for some "me" time. The movie parties are always fun as well as the quote-alongs. It's fun to see what the month's specials are for both food and drink, as they usually pertain to a movie coming out (for instance, an Incredible Hulk mixed drink for the Avengers movie, or Bangers & Mash for The Kingsman). Join the Victory rewards, it's free and it gives you access to free showings and free food!

Vanessa Graziano

Being able to purchase snacks, full meals and adult beverages from your seat is nice. Choosing and paying for your seats from your phone is a huge convenience and one we use on a regular basis. The endless popcorn is nice... personally a bit more salt would pop the flavor but it's still good. I've had the fish and chips and my husband has had burgers... both were cooked nicely and good quality with a decent portion size. The fried pickles are really good and being able to have adult beverages brought to your seat is never a sad thing. The lighting to see the menu with or to fill out a refill card is extremely low... very very hard to see once the lights go down. It would be nice if hooks could be placed under the shelf in front of the seats to hang handbags. Placing handbags on the floor is less than desirable and the shelf is already present. The seats are comfortable but they do not recline or rock. Not a deal breaker for us... just info for those that do care. Many think this chain is a "no kids allowed" movie complex. Not true... the actual policy is anyone under the age of 18 needs to be in the company of an adult. The loop hole is.... an 18 year old teenager is allowed to have younger movie goers with them... so yes... children may be in the theater. My experience is that the audience is primarily adult driven. The no cell phone and extraneous conversation policy is enforced... again...a like for us.

Trent Blackburn

This is one of the most enjoyable movie theater experiences in the area. There's a full bar, gourmet food and full service from your seat. The prices are a bit high but not unreasonable for One Loudoun. The drink options are fun and include some adult milkshakes. The movie experiences are great as well with older movies often shown with quote-a-longs and other fun events. The only improvements here could be slightly lower prices for the food and drinks plus more comfortable chairs like the leather reclining chairs at the nearby Regal theater in Dulles Town Center although the food and service isn't quite as good there.

Chris Holt

Seats were uncomfortable, service was lacking, sound was horribly unbalanced (directional and acoustical). The ticket purchase experience was great though. Drinks are decently high-priced (bottle of malbec for $28), but food felt very over priced for the portion sizes (grilled chicken sandwich with fries was $13). I went specifically to see Captain Marvel, but I now remember why it has been 4 years since I was last at this theater. My living room is a far better movie experience.

Pai Nam Cheung

Great food although you order and eat in the dark but not completely. Quite an experience.

Fran I

What’s better than going out to dinner and a movie? Dinner DURING the movie! (Especially when you’re short of babysitting time). Staff is super courteous and friendly. Fast service, delicious food. Affordable prices. They have new releases as well as special days for kids and showing of oldies.


Disappointed their seats aren't that comfortable, but the screen is huge, people who work there are amazing, and overall it's a great place to watch movies, eat, and drink-all at the same time!

Lauren Kay

This is THE BEST movie theater in the DMV area. The theater is also a restaurant. They play recent movies and cult classics. It's worth checking out. There is a no talking/phone policy that's actually enforced. It makes it so that you get to enjoy the movie without that obnoxious person every time. Sound quality in the theaters are great too. Also, they have their own commercials that they tailor to each movie. It makes the entire experience enjoyable from start to finish.

William Klein

My favorite place on earth - without question. If you’re a movie lover, this is THE place for you. Amazing staff, excellent food, and an extremely entertaining preshow before the movie (make sure you get there 30min before!). Their movie parties are a BLAST: Jaws, Back to the Future, Galaxy Quest, and Twister were some of my favorites - it was great to see movies I love in the theater, plus have a little fun with it. I probably pass by 3 or 4 theaters on my way to Alamo, but it’s so worth it. The only problem is Alamo is so good, it’s ruined other movie theaters for me :p

Jake Marshak

Great venue. The food is top quality. Service was a but slow tonight.

Carl Conway

Best place to catch A movie. I'll be honest, the idea of getting an obnoxious phone zombie or loud people kicked out is worth the cost of a ticket & a drink. Sorry, ADH, one star down for food cost.

Jaz Shahid

Pretty novel idea. Make sure to get there early if you want your food on time

Nicole W.

This place was awesome! Tickets were reasonably priced, which is a welcome change. The theater was very clean and had a really relaxed atmosphere. The seats were comfy, and they actually had servers come to your seats to take drink and food orders! It was awesome. Came here for the first time the see Endgame, had a wonderful experience!

Mels Holmes

This place is my special treat to myself. I love the drafthouse for an early afternoon movie and lunch. The milkshakes are excellent. The food pretty good. I'm a big fan of the wings and hotdogs. The theater is clean and well kept. The employees are always polite. The service for the food is paced very well to go with the movie.

Matei Canavra

Good service, drinks not too shabby, and definitely worth seeing spider man with a margarita

Matthew Jarvis

They serve you food. It's great. Same price as a regular movie ticket.

Eric Shedlock

Great theater. Great seats. They can bring food & drinks to your seats. They also have a bar. Now only if they find a way so I don't have to go to the restroom during the movie

Caroline Richardson

Love that you can eat and drink in the theater but seats are a bit worn and not that comfortable. Last visit seat was torn and scratched the back of my legs (wearing shorts). Also, they brought my the wrong food order twice.

Lisa Loring

Saw "A Star is Born" this afternoon. Everything was great. They are a fun spot for brunch and it's worth the ride for those who live in DC or MD! Get one of these in Montgomery County and I'll go more often, though. It's great to be able to order, eat, etc during the movie and not scarf something down or have to carry in from the outside bar, AND, to be able to continue to order b during the door discreetly. They have great special movie events, too!

Tom Toth

Freaking love this place. Corporate ownership clearly loves film and caters to movie lovers. Great beer selection, the boozy milkshakes are killer, & the food is (not surprisingly) meh. Prices are super fair. Staff is usually great. Dumbo was a let-down though.


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