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REVIEWS OF Airbus IMAX Theater IN Maryland

Shouvik Mondle

Best REAL IMAX in the region!!!

Josh Pullin

Where else can you see amazing feats of engineering/tangible pieces of history then watch Star Wars in IMAX 3D? Yeah, thought so. Amazing venue, so much to see and do. The theater is top notch, full floor-to-ceiling screen, offers 3D (which I could take or leave so far). Plus they offer beer, which in my experience so far makes bad movies bearable and good movies great.

Michael Morris

I have seen several movies at this theater and never been disappointed. I would highly recommend it.

Kevin Steelman

Just saw Mission Impossible Fallout. Off the hook. 4 stars cause no cup holders.

Oscar Cruz Ruiz

Came for Avengers Endgame, Loved it AV experience but don't come for movie premiere weekend. You can't reserve seat location, so it's first come, first served on who gets the best seats in the theater and the line for my 6:40 PM show had line as early as 12 noon


I really liked this IMAX. Wasn’t anything fancy but the visual was great and the seats were comfortable. Price was ok.

John Norton

This IMAX theater is the best kept secret in Northern Virginia. Please DO NO GO THERE to see movies because you risk taking my preferred seats!! Parking is FREE if you leave at 6:30pm or later, so afternoon matinee movies are an awesome deal. This is our #1 Go-To movie theater, hands down!! Just don't tell anyone about it!! It's our secret!

Kathleen Owen

Best place to see a movie. Especially 3 D

Jeff Wilson

It's a bit pricey (really not that bad compared to the Tyson's Corner lieMAX) but worth it. This is one of the best IMAX screens in the country with a 86ft wide screen and dual IMAX 4K laser projection system. Watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens was phenomenal here.

Angela Williams

Large. Get there at least 10 mins before the show's scheduled airtime especially if you getting drinks and snacks

Robert Couch

Great place for a movie. Active 3D. Doesnt show a half hour in movie previews. For new popular movies, they need a better way to handle seating priorities for handicap. Handicap who showed up in advance but could not stand were put in a seating area while handicap that could stand (knee brace) could show up at the last minute and stand at the front of the line. Those who arrived early but could not stand go to the back of the line.

Meaculpa Tous

It was really fantastic and entertaining. In short, I liked it.

Ivan D

Came here to see John Wick 3. The screen and sound are superb!! Was so glad I found this place. Its nestled inside a museum so keep that in mind. Only reason not 5 stars is the seating. Chairs basically have no cushion and get rather uncomfortable after one hour of sitting.

Aravind Thyagarajan

Absolutely phenomenal sound system and the largest screen on the east coast

Ankur P

Had a great time here watching Avengers Endgame. One of the biggest screens we have ever seen and the sound was also pretty good.

Sayantan Mitra

This place is a pretty monster ! The Screen is the biggest in Virginia. Ample Parking. The Discovery Shuttle is housed within, need I say anything more ?

Nikhil Patry

Huge screen, seats don't recline, no cup holders, all in all pretty good

Ted Porter

Convenient informative yet too short for the $$$


Awesome experience

Rob Shaw

Absolutely amazing experience watching any movie here! The screen and sound system are unreal!

Kevin Wendell Jones

Great place to watch Imax films

Eric Orr

Great movie experience

Michael Uy

This is fun, but this IMAX screen feels a little dated. Or maybe it's the theater. The seats aren't the most comfortable, at least not as comfy as ones you'd find in a more modern movie theater. Love the Sunday night movies. Nobody's there. But, seriously, update those chairs!

Arty StickCreations

Very educational and ingesting movies

Sagar Bhayani

Went there few years back, it was my first IMAX movie. Screen was huge enjoyed my first IMAX movie

Amalesh Murali

Amazing movie experience provided you get good seats.

Jeffrey Hamlin

Excellent IMAX 3D experience, saw Star Wars and Aquaman there and it was much better than Regal or AMC theaters

Liz Grasty

Six story IMAX screen with variety of short (45 min) films plus a feature. Discounts for Smithsonian members or seniors. Enjoy the 3D shows wearing the glasses. Not all movies are in 3D. Very clean, all seats have good view.

Marlon Torres

Great place to watch a movie but they could improve with a better concession stand.

Mohamed Zaghloul

Wonderfull expierence for my kids and my self.

James valentine

Great worth it

Isha Patel

Great theater. Wonderful sound system. The huge screan makes a difference.

Kevin Escueta

Biggest movie screen in the state! It's a massive 80 foot high and completely dwarfs typical AMC IMAX screens with booking surround sound. Fair concession prices and they also offer a limited selection of beer. Favorite place to go for those big ticket opening night premieres. They hand out numbered wrist names which keeps things orderly and allows you to pop in and out while waiting. Only complaint is the seats don't recline and makes viewing very difficult for seats in the front half of the auditorium. I recommend sitting as far back as possible to save yourself some neck pain.

Chris Sheft

Great theater. I only wish they had reserve seats so I wouldn't have to wait in long lines for special movies.

Jonathan Mazur

They are generally very organized and occasionally it's nice to see an epic film in a true IMAX theater...

Chris Matthewson

Excellent and free! Better than the D.C. Aerospace museum by far!

Michael Confoy

Best IMAX around

JR Franks

Simply one of the best movie-going experiences in the DMV. Huge screen with incredible sound, plus it's situated in one of the coolest museums on the whole East Coast. Just make sure to arrive early if you know you've got a popular showtime since there's no reserved seating.

H Wood

6 story screen, concessions, and vivid IMAX sound. This is an experience all must enjoy if possible.

Eric Jaw

The IMAX here is amazing! We saw Star Wars premiere here, which was really fun. But what I really want to see are the NASA videos that were shown during the trailers; IT FELT LIKE YOU WERE RIGHT THERE NEXT TO THE ASTRONAUTS!!!! You felt so close to being THERE, I loved that!

Krishnan Arivanandam

I was a really good experience because I viewed all the planes as well as watched a movie that was IMAX... So if you want one of the best and well done museum experiences, this is it


This is my go-to IMAX. I love it

Laura Davis

Very informative and relaxing.

Jeff Parnes

The price for IMAX tickets at the air & space museum annex range from $9 for the museum's educational fare, then starts at $12 for Smithsonian members (which we are, we make the membership back in ticket savings so the magazine is basically free) and higher for seniors and then regular visitors for first run movies. The revised parking system makes it easier to buy the tickets in advance. There's no fee for the first 30 minutes of a stay, so drive in pick up the parking ticket, get the movie tickets in advance, and leave within 30 minutes at no cost. The featured movies start around four in the afternoon, and parking is free if you leave after six or six thirty, so when you arrive anytime during the day, if you leave after six, the gates open and your drive out at no cost. So if you're going to visit the museum, plan on either arriving after four or leaving after six and save yourself the $16 parking fee.

Billy Reichard

The best Imax in the area. The biggest screen in VA. Great to catch a blockbuster there after the museum closes. On weekend showings it's best to get there an hour early to get decent seats. Otherwise you'll be kicking yourself for having your neck hurt from getting a seat to close to the screen and looking up the entire time.

Mike L

Don't miss a movie while you are at the museum. Very well done

Jon Dorsey

Great 3d film about pandas!

Luc Arsenault

Great IMAX experience as always. Quick and easy service, and attached to a great museum

rohit bhal

great theatre for people who live nearby. just one screen so very few options though

Alicia Mason

Comfortable 3D theater

Jason Verney

Great theater seating and large screen.

Kim Brooks

Saw Star Wars and Dr. Strange here and was very glad I didn't see them anywhere else. The screen is the largest in Northern VA and the quality is outstanding. The seats are nice and believe me you won’t be disappointed. They do see Popcorn but that is it and they sell Pop and beer and I think wine? If you need to see something that was made for the big screen, this is the place to go! :)

Jacinta Uptegraff

Robert Udvar Hazy Space museum.

Jennifer Hulsey

Fun place!!


Theater has no recliner seats. It's a very nice display. But if don't get rear seat it will be very bad experience. Theater washroom is very small. Sound quality was not so impressive. *be sure to make it to schedule, else you are sure to loose money as there is no refund policy.

Jason Jones

Really amazing place to visit...Saw Thor in the Imax theater there and I had a great time sleeping through that...awesome place to watch kids run around and enjoy thier young lives..

Bill Zayas

Excellent IMAX Cinema, good audio. Very good free parking.

Allison Tay

IMax is amazing!

Shelby Dawes

The new 3D laser IMAX technology combined with the impressively sized screen was completely amazing. I have never seen an image so perfect and so sharp. It lived up to every expectation I had after watching numerous videos about the difference of 3D laser IMAX technology. I saw Star Wars 6 times before seeing it in this theater and I saw so many new details in the images that I had missed before. BB-8's dirty metal details practically jumped out on the screen and it was hard convincing myself I couldn't just pick him up and take him home! Also, the Star Wars movie goer experience here was much nicer than I expected. I was expecting long lines and a disorganized fend-for-yourself type entry process, but it seemed to very organized and fair for all the guests who were waiting in line. I waited in line an hour and a half and about 30 people were in front of me, so I had a good choice of where to sit. From what I could tell, no one that arrived at the last minute was allowed to cut in line. I still wish they had assigned seating to better accommodate movie goers like me driving several hours to come to this theater, but I was still really happy with the experience.

Bonnie Heineman Wolfe

Undeniably one of THE best places to see a movie. Nothing compares to the six story screen. Go after 4p and parking is free... just sayin.


I can't see how they allow anyone to sit in the front rows. My neck is in serious pain as well as my eyes from starring up for soo long. It's nearly impossible to enjoy a movie as distorted as it looks that close. Just when I felt totally ripped off I was then charged $15 for parking. My review only pertains to those unwilling to wait an hour in line to get decent seats. I've done so before and was mind blown at the difference between Airbus IMAX and regular IMAX.

Bipana Pokharel

Wonderful experience

Alex Diaz

Fantastic screen and sound. Limited concessions, can but not bad.

I an Oxy Moron

Best theater in Virginia!

Jerimy Christensen

Educational and fun..

Moshe M

Absolutely the best way to watch a movie! We saw the Apollo 11 movie and it was fantastic!

Roxanne Carrier

We watched Superdogs. Very well done

Raphael Tisch

One of the best IMAX theaters around! 479 seats, 70mm IMAX film projection. And they serve wine, beer, and snacks! Come an hour early for older run shows, or 2-3 hours early for release weekend shows if you want to get "perfect" seats.

Janet Miles

Largest Screen IMAX theater in Virginia. All the movies offered are first rate. The personnel are polite and friendly. The building is clean and inviting.

Esha Nama

I absolutely love this place! The size of the screen amazes me everytime I watch a movie here.

Ted Phillips

Wonderful theater! It is inside the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum adjacent to Dulles Airport. If you go during the day (before 5pm) be aware that you have to pay for parking. But after 5pm, parking is free. The theater shows the short film documentaries you see at Museums - but on nights and weekends, they show first-run films. The screen is 6-stories tall and the speaker system is sometimes overwhelming. Good access for disabled patrons, too!

Andrew Taylor

Tallest IMAX in Virginia! Great experience no matter the movie. For documentaries I recommend a middle row so the screen fills your field of view. For action movies in the evening (free parking after 4pm btw) I recommend the back rows as the screen can be too large to follow action sequences up close.

Luud Jacobs

Vette imax

Paul Jensen

Seriously good IMAX theatre.


4 out of 5 because the seats were extremely uncomfortable, however, still enjoyed the magnitude of the screen and surround sound. If you do not like LOUD, not for you. I enjoyed it.

Becky Goodman

Excellent movie theater experience especially for the 3D movies. The huge screen is amazing for paneramic views. Chairs are extremely comfortable and plenty of accessible seating for handicapped. We drive 20 miles to go and see all our favorite 'space movies' along with some great sci-fi films!

Jon Burks

It's my theater of choice for Blockbuster movies. Only true IMAX screen in the DC metropolitan area

Anthony Petruccelli

Wonderful experience. Has a TRUE IMAX theater! Worth the trip!!!

Joel Rariden

Great place to watch blockbuster movies. 3D are especially good because of the high-quality glasses. Picture and sound quality are the best, and the big screen is incomparable.

Awful Falafel

This isn't a real review, but AIRBUS SUCKS GO BOEING

Michael Robbins

We saw Apollo 11 movie, which was fantastic on the IMAX screen. No 3D glasses, but it often felt 3D anyway.

jill king

Watched Apollo 11. It was awesome document movie from reality footage. My daughter treated us..

Chris Diering

The best place to watch Hollywood blockbusters. Gigantic screen and awesome sound. The museum is nice too

Manikanta Parimi


Avi Vijh

The IMAX theater at the Udvar-Hazy Air and Space museum screens documentaries and movies. You can save on the tickets if you are a Smithsonian member. The concession stand sells candy, bottled soda/water and pop corn. Seating is on a first come-first served basis, so if you visit on a busy day you may want to get in line to get a good seat.

Peter Groya

Great theater with a concession stand that has snacks, soda, and beer. The picture and sound quality is second to none, but arrive early because some of the seats do not allow you to see the entire screen and there is no assigned seating.

Mahari Grant

Wow!!! Is all i can say for this screen. Will definitely check out Avengers: Endgame here

Bethany Candalor

It's a nice way to end a trip to the museum, or to go just to see the movie.

Alex Angelides

This is a *TRUE* IMAX experience. The AMC IMAX has nothing on this place and their tickets are priced cheaper. Just make sure you arrive early to get a good seat if you're coming on opening night.


With the largest screen in Virginia, if you haven't been, you have to go once at least.


Must to go place but remember ... parking is free only after 4pm .... otherwise its 20$ per car ... the biggest screen on earth but the width is less for the height which makes the movie to get strecthed in height and also the clarity misses in some movie but sound is always great ...

Kenex Sevilla

Largest screen for any movie and this is the right way to watch 3D.

Dave Younce

Largest projection screen in Virginia, including first-run films with earthshaking bass. The best way to experience a truly epic film!

Tony DelAguila

screen is very big. good experience.

Jordan Desmet

The theater is good. Screen is huge, but I feel it is not the proper aspect ratio for the screen to be fully utilized for feature films. Also, the seats are not very comfortable. But, overall it is the only place I go for 3D films.

Han E

Largest Laser projection and immersive sounds in the tri-state

Mark Brush

Beyond amazing....

Noah Colin

Excellent Theater and Air and Space museum! Been coming here for years and always enjoy the experience. Saw StarWars Rogue One and The Last Jedi Premier here. The AV and screen size is impressive! Check showtimes and get tickets in advance! Some showings fill up quickly!

Cyndi Jacobs

The real IMAX experience and totally worth the drive to get here! If I lived a little closer I would come here more often not only for theatrical releases but for the Smithsonian films as well. I'm not usually a 3D movie person but on the huge screen it's fantastic!

Michael Bishton

It's a great IMAX theater with a crisp projector. It also plays first run movies that are fun to see there. The only disadvantage is the $15 parking fee; a lot if you are not going there to see the fabulous museum.

Nic Flint

I like the big screen

Santhosh Kumar

⭐️ - For seatings. We have to wait in queue for best seats and the seats were not comfortable. I got the neck pain by staring at the huge screen, even though I had the best seats in the house. I had hard time enjoying the movie. ⭐️⭐️ - Nice picture quality and sound. Less rating becoz, the screen was really big but the screen seems to be very near to our eyes. It really strains while watching lengthy movies. ⭐️⭐️ - Over priced. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Museum is awesome. Worth the money, I mean parking $15

Raj Rana

Went to see Rogue One in IMAX 3D. I don't like 3D movies, but there was no other choice here. The seats are comfortable, and the screen is large, with a crisp picture. They had the sound up a bit high, but for a movie like Rogue One, I'm sure that helped others enjoy the movie experience. I didn't purchase any food from the concession stand, so ai can't comment on the quality, but was impressed with their variety of selection of non standard beverages (beer and wine).

Lorraine Peck

Fun way to watch a movie. Action packed or three D are super

Abhishek Vijayakumar

The theater is really cool. We watched Journey to Space and it was an amazing experience. My four year old loved it.

Tom Webb

Nice experience.

Nicholas Sperandeo

The theater and screen are amazing, some 70' tall. Word of advice - get in line early! 45 min early will get you a decent seat (but you'll notice a good amount of people are already waiting in line), go for the middle/center and move fast because people rush the seating area when it opens. Great viewing experience and the 3D actually reaches out at you which is much better than any other theater I've been to.

Marco Bovo

Great experience!

Adam Winsor

It's a nice IMAX theater, not crowded on a Friday night. Not much in the way of food but I never buy theater food anyway. Great prices for what you get; I saw Battle Angel Alita in 3D here for $15, when it was 3 or 4 dollars more at normal tiny-screened theaters. This is a great option!

Abhineet Sodhi

My first time watching Imax 3D, and it was a great.


Just saw Avengers Infinity1. Like every other major sci fi movie, one should get immersed like with an Imax screen. Originally gave Airbus 4 stars.... Then I recalled all the other theaters and that's where the 5th star came in. So here's the 4 star punch list: clean-yes, food-simple & yes (remember you are here for movie), parking-free only at night, seats-

Sharon D Long

HUGE screen! Great seating and super clean theater. We saw both "Aircraft Carrier" and "Apollo 11". Both were excellent!! (Popcorn is a must!)

Stephen Pilon

This is a true IMAX 3D theater. You really have to experience it to see the difference. You'll want to arrive 45-60 minutes early and then head right to the middle-center of the seats. With the 3D glasses on your attention is focused on the screen (which is 7 stories tall) and you don't even notice the people sitting right next to you. The images pop right out at you so that you feel like you could just reach out and grab them. I saw The Force Awakens here and in the opening scene when BB-8 comes up on the low hill, he looks like he's practically in your lap. It is worth the effort if you are in the area.

MrJelleton .

Great theatre, really immersive expereince

John Stanley

Really cool experience.... Seats were a little rough for a two hour movie and the volume was a bit high... But the 2D IMAX was really good! See Dunkirk here

Jack Wenger

Was a great experience watched the opollo 11

Lynn Huth

Horrible customer service. They wouldn't let my husband, a 3 time veteran, enter the theater with a burger, bought at the McCafe on site. Nice screen, though, but we won't be back.

William O'Connor

Lovely screen and sound. No assigned seating, so get there early. Very limited food and beverage options. Seats are nicely comfortable and arranged in a stadium seating configuration.

Jack Moeser

i liked the eye max

Scott Short

The best theater to see movies. We love it here.

Emad Din

Screen is big but theater is small. Completely SOL if you don't get there early and get good seats. Rude customer service rep refused to refund my ticket. Oh well, cheaper than a neck brace, I guess. Would not recommend. Zero stars.

Jim Turner

Love watching 3D movies there. Best IMAX Screen in the area.

Mike Baker

An amazing theater that's just comfortable enough

Garrett Hartman

The biggest movie screen in Virginia. A very nice theater in a great museum. Nice seats. Just a good place overall.

Chifaa Dorhmi

Wonderful place. Had a great experience with my son watching Anita movie. It was a 3D movie too. I found that the 3D glasses quality was much better than any other regular theater, at least to the ones I have been to before. Very easy to make a reservation at this IMAX theater and it was quick getting in and out. The prices were not as bad as I thought it would be. At least compared to some other IMAX places I have been to before.

Kate Park

It's the best around this area.

Scott Mikulski

Great theater


Great screen to watch Godzilla

Jeremy Smith

The screen is great. One of the best in America from what I've read. But their system for big blockbusters on opening weekends needs to be improved. They don't have assigned seats, so it is first come first served, which means you have to wait in line 2-3 hours early if you want a center seat.



Lyon Phonhnaboth

Seats: average. Audio/Sound: great. Video/Visual: Awesome.

Juan Fernandez

Wao! What an experience!

OJ Alexander

My favorite IMAX in the DMV area. Wish they would overhaul their popcorn situation though. Not exactly hot and no extra butter.

Andrew Diluvio

Great time at the A & S museum. Imax was not crowded and just long enough . Clean theater, well worth the trip.

Rez Alborz

I like the layout of the theater and that parking is free if you arrive after 4.

Rebecca Prater

Big theater. Pretty comfy seating. Expensive drinks and food. Par for the course, I guess.

Daniel Gallant

Maybe the nicest place to see a first run film. When the US Government builds an IMAX theater, you can bet it's up to full spec. We just saw a 3D IMAX film on opening weekend, we were one of maybe 10 people in a full-sized movie palace.

Charlene Yang

Come early for good seats

Erik Benner

Great location if you like imax

Christopher Santos

Quite literally the best most impressive movie theater I've ever witnessed. Pick the center and your field of view is filled. The sound vibrated through my seat.

Lambu Ramakanth

Great visual experience and accessible location in northern Virginia

Berzelius Paragot

3D anything of flying is the way to go. Lots of fun. This is a really big screen. Some of the shows are made well for this size screen, some are just bigger. Everyone should go to see an IMAX film at least once.

Rob .

The theater is comfortable with decent quality video and great audio. We watched a documentary on Apollo 11, so naturally it included mostly remastered old footage, so it wasn't exactly 4K video quality. It was still excellent, and the prices were absolutely a bargain. Cost half as much as a regular movie ticket. Highly recommended.

Gururaj khalsa

Just saw alita battle angel here. Best IMAX I have ever been to, and totally worth the price. I like that the popcorn is not gigantic.

BigSlowTarget .

Incredible screen and audio, I can highly recommend it for anyone that wants an amazing cinematic experience. Now for the bad. The seats are vintage movie theater seats. You will be getting cosy with the people on either side of you in a stuffy room. The night I went it was very warm and they had the heater on so be ready for that. Concessions consist of bottled drinks and boxed popcorn. Very disappointing in that regard. Still worth it for the screen.

Jered High

A great IMAX theater with amazing sound.

Manado Jones

Smithsonian - Airbus Imax Theater at Udvar is awesome. with its giant screen and great seating. It is always my first choice to see any movie.


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