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REVIEWS OF Westside Cinemas IN Maine

Charles Slate

The ticket prices are amazing. I’m not from the area so I cannot compare it to the other ones around but I would go back. If you’re in the area and need to kill time this is a pretty awesome place to catch a movie. Also the classic posters all over the walls is pretty cool.

Karen Marrero

Not enough space in between rows. The screen was dirty and you could hear the movie next door which ruined the movie. They are inexpensive though.

Paige Thompson

Great pricing, small place. Went to see a recently released film and was the only one in the theater. Decent nachos.

Lynsie Lundstrom

Cheap, clean, quiet theater. Looking forward to the upgrades they have pending.

Nate Coe

excellent giant pretzels. still needs a face lift, but less grungy than in years past. will bring in food that you order like pretzels and burgers if its not ready before your film starts. a great value if you want to go out for a movie, but don't want to pay the prices required of the giant reclining chairs by the mall.

TheSupreme Don

Place was very clean.

Bill Wildman

Really good prices and a pleasant movie viewing experience.

Josh Willard

I felt like I was going to get aids sitting in that chair. Going to the doctor's to get tested tomorrow.

Rider Nation

Cant wait for renovations!

Bob h

Limited snacks, but good prices. It is an old style theater, with old style seating, so prepare for that.

Colleen Conners

Can't beat the price. But the theater was FREEZING!!!!! Sitting through a movie with 2 kids, had to keep jackets on and zipped up. Told man up front, he just turned and walked away. Not very customer friendly

Daniel Sinclair

Prices here can't be beat.

Morgan Clark

I love this place!! Nothing like supporting a maine family business!!! This is the only place I'll go with my family ( I have 6 kids) and we all enjoy it and I can afford to get them drinks and food with the money I save from not going to the mall cinema! I'm very proud of this place and love that it's maine family owned!!!!!

Sarah Sill

Enjoyed overcomer movie very much.

Mac Voyager

Oh God! The movie we saw, which was Toy Story 4 at the same, did not have any AC in the actual movie room. The building itself had AC, but not the movie viewing section. It was hot, hot, hot! Popcorn and the like we're all overpriced, but gotta make that overhead back somehow. Used to be cheaper, but gotta get those newer nicer seats somehow.


Ok what's the first things you think of in a movie theatre? 1 a warm homie feeling place to chow down on expensive food and chill out with an oversized soft drink. This place is the total opposite of these things, it is cold and damp and they never turn the lights off and there is no food selection at all it's all dollar tree quality garbage ! And you still pay the same for as you would for food as the amazing theatre in Bangor mall!. This place is so garbage I could have spent a dollar on Redbox ordered pizza out and gotten ice cream and had money left over to use on something worth while besides this dumpster they call a theatre. Yes I'm salty as salty as the nasty popcorn that gave me a stomach ache. I would recommend doing something useful with your life and evaluate how much self worth you have before visiting here ever ever ever ever. And thus place is dirty disgusting I wouldn't bring a kid here unless you absolutely hate them I mean this is how to put anyone off going to the movies ever again. My advice stay home and read a book where it is warm and you know you can use the bathroom and eat the food without risk of health issues.

Aleicia Estey

Used to be a decent value. Prices went up with the switch from second run to first, but the quality of the building is still terrible. Cinema rooms are small and always cold, house lights never dim, the sound system is dated, and the seats are uncomfortable (and falling apart in some cases). The parking lot is in desperate need of repair and has no lights. The popcorn is made with coconut oil, which you can taste. Not a terrible thing if you like coconut. Only nice thing was seeing a popular, highly anticipated movie on a Saturday night in a room that was only at 1/3 capacity. In general, not worth the $2 you save by seeing a movie here rather than by the Bangor Mall.


Love this place.The attendents also have a great personality.The price is ridiculously cheap.Way better than the one in the Mall.

Jim Tyler

New Management and Owners. what a difference. Clean and a friendly staff w great ticket prices too.

Trisha Smith

The price is right, and it's nice to have more than one option in Bangor.

Justin McNeal

Although it is a small theatre it is very nice (as long as you can live without certain luxuries *cupholders*) its a nice place definitely will come back again!

Catakang Games

It's cheap, the popcorn Is nice and the theaters are ok. If don't want to spend a lot of money at the mall cinema, you can come here instead for a lot cheaper.

Kyle Ellis

This place has really cleaned up. Me and my son saw a movie for $12 combined with a huge popcorn total $17. Good selection of current films. Part of a family fun complex including arcade and bounce house. We watched secret life of pets 2 good size screen decent sound system

Sandy Hall

Loved the new seating and the way they are arranged

Wilfredo Mangandy Lincoln

Much nicer since it used to be cheap seats back in the day. Very happy about the change.

Jerrica Desjardins

It's ok but could use a cupholder

talia Harmon

Excellent service and best prices. We go here every time!

Zani Courbron

It's a great inexpensive movie alternative. It's more 'old school' feel with the seating being smaller and close together and the theater room smaller. Food is reasonable and lots of selections.

Liz L.

Great place staff are nice, prices are amazing, popcorn is always fresh.

Isaac Hebert

Theaters were freezing, screens are old, they have no food accept popcorn! Just spend a few more dollars and got to a better theater.

Larry Bunt

Very nice movie theater

Jeff H™

Great place! Wounderfull staff

Maryyvonne Searles

Has nice variety of movies and we watched Indivisible It captured all my emissions. I am proud to be an American was based on a true story Thank you for having a Family oriented movie Christian .Based .if I could give 100000 Star I would

Jasmine Neuhaus

Great price for current movies, Tuesdays are $3. Friendly service. It looks pretty old, but they're about to renovate and prices are supposed to stay the same. Not sure why people complained about parking, there's lots of parking and it's a safe area.

Bangor Motorsports

They are going to do updates but we had a good time and was worth going to and not that busy.

Shellee Jordan

The prices are amazing and so aren't the employees. We went Saturday night and every person working had a smile on their face and super friendly. From buying the tickets to ordering a ton of food to cashing out at the arcade they were exceptional the whole way through. Love the new arcade. I go here over the Bangor Mall Cinemas every time.

Jason Stephan

$5.00 for an afternoon movie. All in all, 2 movie ticketa and some snacks for under $20.

Ragnar Finland

Theaters themselves are awesome. Recliners and very comfy. Food prices are ridiculously high. It's 12 bucks for a popcorn and a soda lol

Beckey Colby

Love this place with all the different activities!

Marlene Wheaton

You can't beat the price of the movie ticket. They "get you" on the food, like any movie theatre. My only complaint is when the furnace or the A/C runs. You simply cannot hear the movie at those times. Wish they could fix it. Other than that, I will continue to see movies at Movie Magic Cinema!

Rick Guptill

Nice theatre, quiet place ,easy accessibility,affordable

Richard Cali

It is not the best-looking place but you can't beat the price! 5 bucks to watch Infinity War on a sleepy Monday afternoon. #boosh

Christie Fox

Sound system needs to be improved. Prices are cheap. Definitely a case of you get what you pay for.

matt howes

Quiet not packed decent priced

randy Grindle

wensday is only 3 dollar tickets such a good deal

Bobby lombardo

Price is bad for the food no cup holders 1.68$ for a cup of cheese when at spot light it’s 0.50$ Popcorn is gross they have a vent for the popcorn munchie to the seats it smells like oil

Mike Keene

Fairly decent.

Anthony Young

Good prices to take the whole family for a movie

Guy Morin

It was our first visit since the "remodel" and what I was present for was not it. The floors creaked and were unfinished and our seats were the old holdover seats from the previous theater with no cup holders. The room was an icicle with the temperature at a cool 62° so we had to tell someone to turn up the theater. At 1115 the lights went down and we were treated to 5 minutes of commercials with the sound working for every other 30 second commercial. But I give it a 3 star due to the sound actually sounding like surround sound and of good quality. The actual movie video was good and centered correctly which was also a plus. I may want to check out the theater again once it's actually remodeled with the seats that were present in the lobby but not in the actual theater for an opening weekend movie. A so-so experience with a much needed upgrade.

Haveabanana Productions

Used to be awesome but now it costs as much as other theaters for a much lower quality experience. You now have to walk through their super loud and headache inducing “fun zone” or whatever they’re calling it now just to get in, the seats are creaky as all get out, and the projectors often project onto the wall as well, cutting off parts of the screen. I can say that the new management is an improvement, even if the theater itself isn’t as good, and the service is still top notch, hence the score not being 1 Star.

Andrea Perry

No ads at the beginning! Better price than the mall cinema and owned by a family. Slowly renovating the place...

Galen Thompson

Reasonable price. We were the only 2 in the theatre.

Brandan Flood

It was Amazing

Alicia Welton

Westside Cinemas Theater is a good place to go out with your family-friends. You should go explore and check out the movie's, premiere and there are fun game's for the kids to play!

Ron Oldfield

Clean through out facility reasonable prices, fresh popcorn, friendly service!


Affordable and clean. Very nice staff

Roboghostrider Drangon

Its an amazing place. The people and staff there are always nice and kind, the prices are great, and the movie rooms give a really good, amazing movie experience. The arcade is also a great place to hang out and play games while waiting for a movie, after a movie, after school, and/or a place to have fun and kill time. Everything about Westside Cinemas is really great and amazing. Another plus side is the fact that it is also right next to Playland Adventures. I would definitely recommend this place to friends, family, and others. Renovations are happening soon too, so things like new seats with cup holders will be put it which will make the place even better.

Caleb Browne

Chairs were very loud and squeaky, theater was dirty, no cup holders so our drinks had to be set on the floor or held.. staff was friendly, the movie quality was average...

Annette Flotten

This place is really cheap ($5) but the seats are hard and you can feel the springs. If you are looking for a cheap place to see a movie and don't care about the comfort then this is the place to go.

Staraz Movies

What a wonderful place. by the way they are going to be renovating in summer of 2018

Blue Mustache

This exprerince was not as good as it would of been if I had gone to the other cinima near it, the sound quality was not only bad but I had to go back because my popcorn was not buttered enough

Michelle Richard

Great prices! Place was old but clean. Service people were friendly and quick. No problem getting seats for the early shows.

Ty Veno

The cinema did have a good selection of movies, even some that other theaters had stopped showing. Unfortunately, the seats weren't very comfortable, seemed as though they haven't been updated in a long while. The floor was rather dirty, and the screen we were watching on had some tears on it. Upside the sound is great.

Obsidian Diamond

An amazing place, started from the bottom and now it's climbing the latter of amazement.

Cameron Kilton

It's a quiet Cinema with not a whole lot of foot traffic but the amenities a great the movie was good and all in digital. Because it's a smaller system getting free drink refills and popcorn are pretty handy. Price is extremely reasonable compared to the big guys.

Lisa Greenleaf

Good frills!! Too bad you could hear the movie playing in the next theater and

John Baumgardner

Always a good time.

Benjamin Whitney

The price was ok. But while I waited for my movie, I sat in the lobby and the whole time I did the attendant was on his phone and was swearing and degrading certain minority groups. I was very disappointed in the fact I could hear him saying those things.

Bonnie Morton

Good movie , popcorn was really fresh , really good.reasonably priced

Ashlee Leavitt

Great place for the kids

April Michaud

Absolutely love this place. Great price for admission. Price for popcorn a little on the high side for my taste.

Pamala Pellon-irwin

The tickets are inexpensive as are the concessions. The theater was with trash all over the floor. The seats were dirty and many are in poor repair. The bathroom was dirty, the trash was overflowing, and all of the stall doors had broken locks. The movie and sound quality were good. Despite the cosmetic and cleanliness issues we will probably go back again some day.

Jenni Plum

We have been here a couple times and every time we are disappointed. There are no cup holders though they play a video at the beginning of the movie saying they are renovating and adding cup holders, they still have the old signs up from when it was movie Magic Cinemas years ago. The movie we went to see had subtitles but the projector was projecting them off of the screen so we could not read any of them. We told the management and they did not offer us any kind of refund. Said they might fix it tomorrow. The movie theater we were in wreaked of mold and there was water damage everywhere

Bethany Mckracherne

Over all I still continue to go to this place because the price is right! For the same movie you would be paying twice as much for at a their competition down the road that is even more over priced on food and movies for a similar experience, I'd say I'll go here anytime before and local compensation. So, they need a little more updates on chairs and things here and there, but I'd rather that then sit at their competition who's really no better and have to pay twice as much! Honestly I love that we have this place! They use to be a little cheaper, but with the newest renovations I'm happy to pay a couple more bucks! It's still cheaper than their competition!

Elijah Frost

WAYYYYY better than it used to be. The seats, and rooms are comfortable. The picture quality, and sound is great, and the food and service is good. The mall Cinemas may have free refills, but I just love the good ole Cheap Seats!!!!!


2019 I don't know what the prices are now. Original post 2016. Inexpensive first-run movies especially on $3 Tuesdays. Friendly staff who will meet your requests.

Christopher Childs

Awesome recliner style seating!

Neil Ashton

Older theater. They're shortly fixing it but it's locally owned and it's taking a while. The priced are a little better than the chain theater though. Best train to go there.

Scott Crockett

Never disappointed going here... Great price and awesome staff

Thomas Wright

Great prices. Fresh popcorn. Needs better lighting before the movie. Other than that. Can't complain.

Dawn Wilbur

Good ticket prices ,good deals on drinks&popcorn,plenty of chairs& space, and close to Bucksport.

Carol LaBree-Mayo

Comfortable seating with plenty of leg room.

Peggy Sisson

There was snacks and the movie was fine. But the snacks are a bit pricey.

Adais ViruetTorres

Really affordable and they have different snack packages too. Staff is friendly. Great place to take the family when on a budget!


Meh, much needed upgrade. Other than that it's okay

Rebecca Toner

So much fun! So much to do games, food, movies, and the staff is nice too.

Kristin e

I went to the playland adventures hadnt been sinced they moved it here. My lid had a great birthday here.

Caleb McGuire

Nice place. Sound system is pretty good. Sound insolation between theater rooms could be better. Sometimes one can hear other movies playing in the next room. Seats are fairly comfy. Maybe not as high class as some theatres in the area but they are my first choice due to the fact that it's affordable and not packed all the time.

nathan light

Good price. Not so good seats. Uncomfortable

Jeremy Mushero

Smelled weird in there. Looking forward to the renovations

Kille Branson

It's not very clean and it's more expensive than it ever should be. Used to be super cheap but the new owner have raised the price of EVERYTHING without making anything any nicer.

Marcus Thompson

Watched the End game for $5.00 sweet.

Alexandria Ashley-Rose

I use to go when it was only $3, i understand the price jump seeing how they have been trying to do improvements. However, for the same price you can go to the Bangor Mall Cinemas and have much more comfortable seats. Last night I went to see Captain America: Civil War. Got there half an hour early and went right in and saw the last couple minutes of the movie (completely our fault) In Between movies the employee there came right in and warned us it was about to get loud because he needed to use the leaf blower. Yeah....leaf blower to push all of the trash to the front row. We watched him race back and fourth as he made comments and dirty looks to the trash. He def was not happy with his job. He was in a hurry and clearly the place is understaffed. Felt bad for him. Half way through our movie we hear a familiar sound. It was a quiet part of the movie where I was already straining to hear what Captain and Iron Man were saying. It was the nose of the leaf blower in the theater beside us. Not impressed. Can no longer use the excuse for it being "Cheap Seats" because they are no longer cheap.

Donka Shane

It's cheap and hardly anyone is ever there so if you hate people this is a good place to attend. While sitting in one of the theatres and leaning forward I could move nearly an entire row of chairs as they were not all bolted to the floor! The place is in desperate need of updating and repair.

John Walsh

It's okay, they are working at making it better

Chrystal Campbell

Generic! One would think with a legend living here it would be better than a C rate theatre. Cheap tickets but the quality is also cheap. When it is 5 outside you should probably turn the heat on! Too cold to pay attention.

big game hunter 490

Fun good pop corn

Dan Colpitts

Its getting better there working on updates to the place

herbert rakestraw

One of the theater cellings is a faint mold clump. The bath rooms are gorss the only redeeming qualities that I can find are the price an the arcade

Reina Boudreau

Great Saw The Overcomer

Duane Edwards

Movie was great but the facilities seem to be getting run down.

Cindy Bridges

Prices are great... They also have deals for the snack bar

Sarah Luna

The price is great and the staff is friendly, but the seats are incredibly uncomfortable.

Farina V

Tickets are cheap, snacks and drinks are reasonable. Cinema is a bit outdated but they are renovating soon. They always have good movies, sound system is clear and crisp, place is always well kept by friendly staff. We love that it's attached to the arcade and Playland Adventures, because you can make it an all day affair. It's the only Cinema we use.

Vanessa Leavitt

Will be a much better experience once they renovate. They need to learn how to adjust the volume so that it will be a more enjoyable experience.

Madeline Tardif

Very good, though I suggest in summer to only keep the rooms cool. The theater was 66° F, I was cold through out the movie because in summertime you go into the theater in T-shirt and shorts, not expecting it to be chilly in the theater. Though other than recommending it to be a bit warmer I had a good expirience!!!

Bishop Family

Staff was super friendly, good prices and not crowded! Will be going back :)

Jessica Banks

Absolutely LOVE the new seating!! Gives the movie a real home feeling. Feels like I'm sitting in my own chair at home watching a great new movie.

Saoheng Young

I saw Jurassic world for $5. You really can't beat that price

Nick Hambrock

The service here is terrible. When I visited to watch Black Panther, I notice that the people at the front desk were rude and would not serve us right. The theater was cold and the seats were very uncomfortable. Another problem that arose was how there were no cup holders so I had to put the cup on the ground, which the theater gave me. The popcorn was stale and saturated in butter IF there was butter on it. The bathrooms could use some matinence and there was no soap. The interior of the theater rooms were not taken care of. Overall it is not a great theater but it was a good movie. Take this in to consideration.

Delta Verdin

Great theater...$3 tuesdays all day

Da_Frosty_boi _

The seats are small, No cup holders, they turn on the lights at random times, The roof inside is gross. My popcorn was stall and really chewy.

Melissa Peavey

Its was great

Donna Hunter

The food isn't really cheap but I would definitely come here when I could. The sound and picture when you watch the movie are outstanding!

Michael Brooks

Prices are affordable on the movies they offer. It's a small family owned theater which is why their selection is limited, however the sound and visuals are just as good if not better than bigger corporate owned places.

Daniel Sanborn

An older theater, friendly people, good value

Kenneth Rowe

They charge 3 dollars a slice for pizza. You would think for that kind of price gouging that the pizza would be fresh. Not the case, I tried to get a slice before and half way through the movie. Each time they tried 2 serve me old hard pizza. Twice they refunded me my money. Also seats are cramped and uncomfortable compared to the recliners at the Bangor mall cinamas. No cup holders or personal arm rests 2 say the least. noticeably uncomfortable sharing the only arm rest with a stranger. Not worth the money for only saving about 10 bucks on tickets.

Randy Field

Great movies at a great price

Clyde Simmons

The theaters are a little run down from lack of maintenence money. But they are working on them. The employees are friendly and easy to talk with. Not a big consession stand but not as outrages on their prices as your fancy movie theaters. But if you want to see a first run movie that has just come out on its first day for only five bucks. And for anoter 6 bucks for a small popcorn and a small drink and believe me that's a bargin these days. Then I recommend this place for a good 2 hour or longer fun time.

Ashley Dunn

Went to spend some time with my daughter and this place is falling apart. Staff was fighting with one another and there were no lights on before the movie itself started. The seats are really gross and the walls looked like they were falling apart. Enjoyed the movie and popcorn but will not go back. Toilets were all clogged or broken. Sink was falling off too and no changing station!

Daniel Hays

One of the worst movie theaters I have ever been to. The movie did not fit the screen (i.e. it wasn’t showing as large as the movie was made, top bottom and sides cut off) and the sound was almost unintelligible. I went to the front where a teenager was unable to do anything about it. I believe the hole theater is automatically controlled by a bunch of switches in the snack stand. (I.e. no projectionist.) The kid could to do nothing to help. As there are many movie theaters in the area all playing the same movies, I suggest somewhere else.

Catherine Breese

The lights stayed on for a bit of the beginning of the movie.


Did some work there for the owner.... full Alarm system with add on parts. Told me when the job was done i told him it was all free. Who.... works for free? i actually gave him a price on the extras and got the ok to install them and he refused to pay ....asked me to leave and i never got my money or the equipment back....Owner owes me money Period ! The 1 star was only so i could post this....That's it !

Tate Putnam

Prices are more reasonable than mall theaters. This includes admission as well as concessions. The building is older and very basic but chairs were fine and movie experience enjoyable.

Wendy Alliman

It's going to be amazing once construction is complete.


Great place to go for inexpensive movie with great quality and sound. Good experience with the staff person and worth the price and time to visit.

Vanessa May

The prices are lower than the big theater, the movies are current releases and are great and not too crowded. The staff is friendly and fun , the seats and a few other things could use some updates , but we had a great time!

Kirk Wood

Dated theater, but you can't beat the price. If you want a nice atmosphere, this isn't your place. If you want to catch a quick flick for cheap, this is your place. A showing at night (ticket + lg. popcorn) only cost me $13. It's even cheaper during the day or on Tuesday's (tickets are only $3!).

sara russell

Very nice theater close to home reaonably priced!

Cathy Fraser

Great ticket price. Seats quite squeaky and annoying, though there are to be updates soon.

Laura M

They are in the process of upgrading so waiting for new seats...but hoping that doesn't increase the prices. Also the parking lot is atrocious! Great movies, friendly staff! Always a good time!

Christophe Cochenet

This Cinema has really turned around ! The play place looks very cool and I wish I had kids young enough to go experience it. LOL. However, the VR is the coolest thing to come to Bangor in my opinion. The prices are right and just a lot of fun ! Everyone should experience it at least once...but then they'll be hooked. Can't wait for the rest to be renovated.

Rob Powell

I like the popcorn

Corinne Ness

Lots to do besides the discounted movies!

Kaylie Thornhill

They are still pretty cheat for movie theater, they are remodeling the place too

Jeffrey Egolf

The new VR is so much fun! I wish they had more space for more stations though. The addition of Playland adventures and the revamping of the arcade has really brought this place back to life.

Tracy Kinkade

Cheap and not crowded. Movie was great.

I'm SaTan uwu

Excellent place for children

Michael Emery

Easy ti get to. Short lines. Helps by leaned out cleaning supply so kids can clean up their mess on request of chaperone.

Lindsay Williams

Parking lot and building are both in considerable disrepair. The building has essentially no flooring, minimal decoration and the theater itself had an unpleasant musty smell. One of the sconce lights in the theater (of course the light closest to the screen) flickered throughout the movie. An air vent from the HVAC system above my seat periodically dripped water onto my armrest/arm. The projection was not calibrated properly to the screen size, so a strip of the image on the left (often including the first word of any subtitles) was not visible. The screen itself had some kind of dirt or liquid splashed onto it, which was evident whenever that area of the screen was mostly dark or light. During the action climax of the movie, a thunderstorm came through and the power flickered enough to cause the projector to reboot (note the power did not go out, as all the other lights were still on). We were not able to locate any staff, in spite of knocking on several "employees only" and unmarked doors as well as calling the theater (this only provides an automated message with movie showtimes and no option to speak to someone). The movie was never restarted and we were unable get a refund. We did not try any of the food or drink, but the popcorn did not smell particularly appetizing.

Nichole Kelley

I love the prices for movies but the prices for popcorn and soda was crazy

Black Wolf

The snacks was not fresh and the theater wasn’t as dark as planned during the movie. Otherwise a decent calm small movie theater.

christopher cowin

This is great for fun activities for the family and/or children to go and play games and bounce house and bunggie swings their too

Josie Ford

Experience was terrible...Waited 20 min for the guy on staff to wait on me. He had left the theater to go get food and than locked himself out of the building so he knocked on the door for one of us customers to let him in.

Renee Partridge

Bought tickets last night for new avenger endgame got there tonight an there was No more seats in there left so we was out the money an didn't get to see the movie cause they over booked tickets not happy at all with this never again

Alex Stackhouse

The seats were comfy and the movie great. Food and drinks were average for a theatre

Mathew Nichols

A bit sketchy and poor sound quality. For the price though it's not a bad way to watch a movie

Nick Chambernator

I guess I should expect much when the ticket costs about the same as a bottle of water. But, the renovation still hasnt taken place. There are ads for their nee seats everywhere and have been for a year now. The theater in the lobby seems decent but in the movie its very gross. Clear mold issue, water damage, stains just about everywhere, and a nasty funky smell. The seats dont have cup holders hahaha thats a first for me. Will never return despite cheap ticket

Daniel Hughes

The seating was a little worse. But other than that it was good

Dalton Everett

It didn't get its nickname "Cheap Seats' for nothing really cheap tickets and really cheap popcorn and drinks but the seats are so bad you are guaranteed to need to make an appointment with you chiropractor

John Bissell II

Cinema okay and has arcade and bounce house stuff

Karin Warren

Love, love, love this place....great movies, excellent service,

Pete Honey

Nice syaff and prices. Deals too.

John Stutz

Nasty, sad situation. But, it's Maine so ya get what ya get.

Sonja Twombly

Looking forward to new seating. Tuesday reduced matinee prices are still a good deal!

Mandy Dow

The price is great, $5 matinee. you get what you pay for though, very low key!

Andrew Wilds

Cheap seats, clean, “austere”. You’re here to see a movie without breaking the bank, enjoy the bargain. Easy access, good parking, easy in/out.

Stephanie Morris Sinclair

Place is a little dated but can't find cheaper prices


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