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23 Cross St, Bethel, ME 04217

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REVIEWS OF The Gem Theater IN Maine

Grizzly Adams

The. Best. Place. EVER. To watch ski movies.

Jessica Marin

A very nice place


A smallish yet very comfortable theater. Has a small but varied enough selection of snacks plus beer is served for various showings. And you get to put the butter on your popcorn yourself.

tstanton_ _

Tommy G

I haven't been there since it was once the Casablanca. I figured it would just be the old Casablanca theater spruced up a little bit. Instead I found the old Casablanca theater dress down quite a bit. There are no movie posters promoting upcoming movies or honoring movies of the past. Just a bunch of local art ,old furniture, and bare floors. I have nothing against local art or any art but when I go to the movies I want a movie experience. My final disappointment is that I had to watch the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 in their small Screen Theater while it's in its opening week. They had the Smurfs in the Big Screen Cinema One. I don't understand but I don't need to. I I live in Berlin New Hampshire. Most theaters are about a half hour to 45 minute drive for me. I will stick to the Jax jr. Theater in Littleton New Hampshire. Big Marquee greeted with a ticket booth red carpet lots of Lights lots of posters spotless theater affordable concessions in the most comfortable seats . They have perfected it!!! I will give it 4 stars so I don't offend or hurt the ratings. It just feels like a place that happens to show movies.

Kimball Coolidge

Great place

jeff hebert

Great little theater with great owners and super reasonable prices.

Tara Daley

This place is great!!

Bill Lowe

Do yourself a favor and go see a movie at this local Gem.


Always amazing!

Karl Eisenhofer

Matches its name: a gem. Craft beer and wine delivered to your seats (bonus!). Very casual and comfortable lobby. Pricing is very reasonable.

Milojah Milojahstein

A wonderful local movie theater. Lots of artwork, and very nice staff. Does locally themed events as well.

Rochelle Jewell


Honestly not my cup of tea. They didn't have traditional fountain drinks, leaving my nephew with nothing to drink. The theater does not have a spot to park a wheelchair, so I had to struggle to get into a theater chair. I will never go again

Richard Record

GreT ole movie theater

Good Dawg

Went with a friend and my son to go see captain marvel...the Gem Theater changed since the last time I was in there and WOW what a place buffet was amazing...the staff are very yourself and your family a favor and go to the Gem you will be the superhero for the night...

timothy brockett

Small but really friendly people

Robert Wilson

Great theater!!!

Tony Jackson

Greg Marchand

So happy to see this theater surviving and thriving. Not big and fancy but a great community asset and very fair prices. Pizza, popcorn, beer, candy and kids drinks available.

niKols Viden

Love how they reopened this place, great place to catch a movie and popcorn! They don't keep the same movies for weeks at a time, they're turn over is great.

Noah Goldberg-Bohr

Braden Chagnon

Great little theater. Lobby is quite small and can get back up and bogged down. But the theaters are a good place to catch a movie, especially when the weather dips and would be positive all day.

Jaymie Farrar

To pricey

Kevin Colby

Nice theater. Not a big chain so they do things differently. They have special events and have a very different selection of concessions. They also serve wine and beer. I am happy that they have brought movies back to Bethel.

Bert Flower

Small , nice community theater that also hosts community events. Home cooking treats

Patricia Jaeger

Cozy movie theatre, also community events. Very friendly!

Alivia Chappie

The Gem is an awesome place to watch movies and do other events. It's a great place for local teens to come and hang out outside of school. The owners Wade and Bethany have innovated this space to make it a great area for all ages to come and hang out and have fun.

Joe Martin

Melanie Tilton

The most unique and hip movie theater I've been to in as long as I can remember. We were treated to a private showing of Suicide Squad thanks to a conference my hubs was attending at Sunday River. Fresh popcorn was served with an assortment of flavors to choose from to add to your own taste. Murals and cool art work adorned the walls and doors. Red carpet treatment from one of the owner. Can't wait to go back!!

pati jaeger

Great place, great people. Family fun!


A hidden gem

Janelle DeNormandie

From movies, special events (concerts, documentaries with discussions, fundraisers, etc), quality grade popcorn, snacks, pizza, craft beer/cider and a wonderful staff, this attraction is truly a gem in the Bethel area <3

Gneiss Spice

What a great local, independent theater! With only two screens, they try to offer a diverse program of films, rotating through blockbusters, kids movies, independent film and community events. It's worth a visit, just for the unique popcorn seasoning bar. Ticket prices are affordable (kids $6, adults $8) and they have regular concessions, plus some healthy bulk snack options. It's clear from the other neutral or negative reviews--those people have never been to this theater! These owners saved our old Casablanca theater by re-openings it in 2016 (it had been closed for 4 years) and brought new movies back to our tiny Maine village. Next time you are in Bethel, make time for a stop at The Gem. They are open Friday-Monday, and are willing to do group shows the nights they are closed (minimum 20+ people). Thanks Wade and Beth for getting this place running again!

Christopher Orff

A tourmalinean experience.

Kelsey Raver

The cutest movie theater. An awesome local hangout with great snacks.

Dhdjs Zzbs

Good movies

David Lestina

Friendly staff. Good popcorn. Better sound than I expected, full surround. Small screens. VERY affordable!

Danielle Marshall

Love the local beer options, delicious popcorn with REAL butter and spice blends, and small theaters with friendly staff.

Nice Guy Eddie

Cheap enough, but the sound system isn't the greatest...that's for sure.

Edward Fontaine

The best movie experience

Rogan Connell

Jill Morton

Ed P

Great place, great people

Carmen Villaseca-Crosbie

Ricardo Chiffon

Tonya Lewis

Kimball French

Nice place with a good vibe, get to spice up and butter your own popcorn.

Olivia Cordeiro

There are never many movies playing there. Today I looked and there are only three movies playing throughout the whole day. Also, they don't have the good movies playing. They need to play the movies that are new and popular, not the movies that someone will sleep through.

Karen Dauer

Great movie theater in ski country

Dan Pattee

Jill Elizabeth Powers

Love the friendly staff and great prices!

cameron anderson

Maureen Davis

Great little theater.

Bridgitte Clough

D. Berry

Nice old fashioned small theatre...Great treats and popcorn with different seasonings available. Can even have an alcoholic drinks to watch movie if you want. Only 3 screens so check times and showings before going!!!

Gregory Lavertu

I can't wait to see what's next!

Heather Landsfeld

miranda brackett

Just went to this theater for the first time in years. I now live in Ohio but come home to visit family and ski. It is so nice to have such a wonderful theater close to Sunday River. We went after a day of skiing and it was the perfect ending to our day! The popcorn was affordable, delicious, and the topping options were unique and fun! We loved that the popcorn was healthy and the bag was environmentally friendly. We also loved how unique the theater was! The local advertising was fun to read, the art in the lobby was beautiful, and I loved the play area for kids. We loved how community centered the theater was. also as someone who no longer drinks soda I loved that there were so many drink options! We will definitely come back every time we visit Maine! I wished I had visited sooner!

Tanner Martin

Great to have one back and would love it if they had the movie theater sodas in this big cups in the future other then that a fonomial place

David Hamel

Not a big theatre just a great local theatre withvthe BEST POPCORN!

KC Gandee

Awesome community run theater. Great variety, films you wouldn't expect to find in a small town. Always smiling! Good concessions, beer and wine available.

Moon Jang

Jesse Wall

Great small local theater with only 2 screens. Usually current films but sometimes fun local documentary films or specialty films. Great popcorn with real butter that you put on yourself and spice how you want!

Wendy Coffin

Love this place! Great community events and theater.

Jimmy Judson

Andrew Crowe

Great place to watch a movie. Good prices. Community feel. Real butter on the popcorn and you can buy a local craft beer for the movie.

Natasha Stone

Kyle Donelan

Beautiful small independent movie theater nestled between the mountains in Bethel Maine. Runs first run movies and more independent flicks! Offers beer and wine to enjoy during the movie and allows you to put your own butter on the popcorn! Great place to catch a movie!

Drew Lyon

Really great small locally owned theatre! The owner is really nice and would choose this over a bigger theater any day

Mackenzie Richard

Jim Armstrong

Great local movie theater in the town of Bethal. Amazing staff, scrumptious popcorn flavors, and a great place to chill and watch a movie.

Deb Webster

Will Leitch

Great movies, especially the indies and documentaries. Popcorn is amazing as is the draft beer from the local brewery, Steam Mill.

Lillian Botka

Very good but no 3D but still good to have local movies needs better chairs

zhang leo

Cute local cinema

Sheila Reardon

Love The Gem, because it is a gem for our town and all of our visitors. They go out of their way to make movie going an awesome experience. So happy with The Gem

George Adams

Nice simple setup, appreciated the food/drink choices with reasonable pricing. Will definitely be going back!

Matt Lamas

mary nason

Nicole Bunnell


Peter Bouchard

Nice place

Susan Lowe

Michelle Centeno

Very affordable with 3 children.. Nice clean place.. Love this theater... I recommend to everyone. ticket prices are affordable; drinks snacks are as well. Popcorn is organic cooked in coconut oil and sprinkles with Himalayan salt..realmelted butter.. yummy

Tiffany Scott

Gabrielle Pasternak

Van Helsing

Thank you so much for your dedication in bringing the movies back to Bethel !. Our family made good use of the two different age targeted movies running in parallel this past Friday. The theatres were clean , the staff friendly ( why do we have to be surprised by this today ? ) and overall we had a great evening out . See you again on our next non-ski weekend at Sunday River.

Michael Brunnick

The friendliest, cleanest, cutest little theater I've ever seen. Kids matinees, date nights, action movies with the boys, go and get a quality beverage or two and enjoy.

Lora Owings

Rian Gallant

Kim Desjardins


Faith Stanton

I know it's a new theater and everything, but it feels like I walked into the wrong place, with day-care toys everywhere. However the movie I watched ( Sucide squad ) was enjoyable so it wasen't a total loss.....

Linda Vachon

Friendly people

Carole Timberlake

Love The Gem!!! Great ladies night events!!! Great events for everyone!!! Popcorn and Gneisspices are the best!!!!

Willow Rayne

The gem theater is located in bethel. It is only open a few days a week. The theater is quaint and artsy. Decently priced, they are a spectacular place to visit.

Robert Vigneaux

John Poole

Awesome place with great snacks, pizza and drinks!

First name Last name

Shawn Mador


Great seating selection and very inexpensive refreshments.


Mike Browne

Jennifer Roberge

Very Nice And The Popcorn Is Great

Kellen True

Cool popcorn options, I hear nachos are coming in the future!!

Jessie Seymour Perkins

Joanne Mackay

Jude Gallant

Holidae House B&B

We love having a local theater! They show great movies and are a tremendous asset to the community.

Landon Fake

Becoming great community resource with wide diversity of films, social events, sake tastings and other cool stuff.

Madison Fillion

I saw the movie Sing and I loved it.

william bickford

daniel oster

A nice local place to see a movie. Lots of independent films, reasonably priced concessions, including beer and wine. Super friendly staff, and small sized theaters round out the experience.

Michael Hartai

Elizabeth Kane

Benjamin Liff

Amanda Brackett

I love the local hometown feel that this theater has. The Popcorn was awesome freshly made organic! They also had an assortment of popcorn topping. They had a good beverage selection including beer and mix drinks.. Super friendly staff very welcoming. We will come back next time we are in town :)

Jack Hoffman

jeff watkins

Quaint. I like it.

Ricco Call

Great theater with great people.

Tom Grimmett

Richard DeCarolis

Best Theater Popcorn anywhere.

Laura Lynn

I was there for business reasons. You can't go wrong with the genuine personable way they conduct themselves.

Anthony Palermo-Veilleux

Although there is a limited number of movies showing, there's nothing better then watching movies in that rustic feeling

Michael Santiago

Bruce S Pierce

The Gem Theater is an awesome local theater featuring first-run movies and awesome snacks and the best popcorn around

Jeanette Poole

Great movies, friendly staff and fantastic treats and pizza!

Isabel Chase

So glad to have a movie theater in Bethel again! Great food and the staff are helpful and kind. Also, thank you for supporting schools in our community.

Julia Agrodnia

Jessica Carr

Didn't really look like a theater at first,never been there before. But I'm so glad I went! Speaker's were loud and everything was awesome, I will go again!!!

Cassie Stevens

Ellen Law

Evan LeConey

Jonathan McCrum

Danielle-Marie Marshall

Ryan Knapp

Independently owned theater that shows a great mix of Hollywood hits as well as art house films. Pricing is done right for tickets and concessions. Plenty of parking nearby.

Ace X

Michael Wheeler

Nice seating affordable prices. Great place.

Susan White

Mark Brousseau

The gem it's not just a small town theater, it's quaint, friendly, loaded with goodies for pre-show and the staff second to none, makes this; Northern comfort...

Wes Mills

Nice, quiet, little theatre with good food, beer, &wine prices.

Marjorie Hutchinson

Great place...locally run and supported. Great addition to the area!

Robert St.Sauveur

Local theater no lines healthy choices

Aaron Sarnacki

Excellent little theatre, well priced and local beer on tap. Also an EV charger in the back parking lot (2x32A clipper creek station). Great place to catch a movie, some popcorn and a charge!


What an awesome Theater! Can't wait to go back again.


Chandler McGrew

Always great. Love being members.

Don Kelly

Small theatre with small town feel. Gets crowded fast on frigid days. Sells beer too.

Samuel Drew

(Translated by Google) Well (Original) Nah

Sarah Weafer

Wonderful owners, great vision, really good movie choices, loads of special events, amazing popcorn, and a GF pizza option!! We're so fortunate to have this Gem in our little town!

James Gibson

Great times

Fred Call

Best theater ever. More than the typical movie fare, with great space for community.

Drew Hoagland

Love this theater, great popcorn with great seasoning! Drink beer, eat pizza, and enjoy great popcorn all while watching the newest movies. Love going here


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