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REVIEWS OF Smitty's Cinema Topsham IN Maine

Wayne Ackley

Awesome as always just little pricey but will go again

Tony Johnson

Very clean and friendly. Movie and a meal, still cheaper then most places. Loved it

Clayton & Cindy Putnam

Turn from rt. 196 onto Topsham Fair Mall Road, Smittys at the end of the mall, with plenty of parking. Great place for the family, or kid birthday parties. Arcade games in the lobby, provide pleasant distractions while you buy tickets. Tuesday is $5 night for adults. Smittys provides usually 7 current movies, usually in the 5:30 to 7:15 PM time slots during most week days, and more afternoon time slots during the weekends. You should get there 20 to 30 minutes before your movie starts to look over the food menu. Yup, it's a light fare pub style menu. Most choices are appetizers with a few entrees . . . such as chicken wings, cheesy & bacon potatoes, fries, salads, burgers, three types of salads, steak tips, mac n cheese, etc. They serve soft drinks, shakes, beer, and wine. Not much of a beer or wine selection, I'd like to see a micro-beer list and several good red & white wines. Each theater is similar in layout. Usually one long counter in the middle of the theater, stretched from right to left, with 12 office rollie chairs. We usually sit here, facing the screen while we eat. The seats in front of this row, are usually individual tables of 4 rollie office chairs facing inward to each other over the table. When your food comes you kinda face the each other overlooking the table rather than the movie screen . . . twisting your head back and forth between your plate & the movie screen. Similar set up in the rear of the theater. Over-all Smittys offers a pleasurable experience, and a break from cooking. The wait staff are very efficient, when they have enough servers. Sometimes the numbers are down, and you don't get your food until the movie is half over. Usually we go during the week, and it's fine. Amy is great, she's waited on us several times . . . On a first name basis! ( Thanks Amy!) C & C in Topsham, Maine

Sage Gogan

Movie was great, though paying 4 dollars for purified water. Neh...

Christine Bernstein

Interesting concept. Would enjoy more if everything wasn't fried.

Julie lightworker

The 5 star rating is due to comfortable seating. The food is average and food prices are high like any theater.

Kelly E Andrews

Love Tuesday

CJ Kilton

One of the best movie experiences in the state

Lydia Woodworth

Great dinner. Great service and a movie. Will be going back again and again


The food is good, seats are comfortable.

Stephen Dobbins

Great place to see a movie and have a meal at the same time. Great food. Even better are the ticket prices.

Darlene Temple

good food, comfy seats.

Fred Flinstone

Reasonable price for movie and dinner :) always enjoy going

arlette Andersson

Employees are pleasant and professional. Nice place.

Valerie Griffeth

Amazing food!!! Kitchen is on fire!

lonnie lev

Much nicer now that renovations are complete

brian m

Always love to go to the movies here. There are not many places around here that you can order and eat your meal while watching a movie. The kids and my wife like it more than I do.

Linda Gray

Great place. Good food

Derek Keane

Beers, REAL food, comfy seats, and first run movies. Great, casual place to catch a flick.

David Carver

Definitely a good time.

Arthur Clark

Really fun theater Great layout with super comfy chairs and eating tables ,Visited from Ma while staying in nearby Georgetown Me on Vaca to see Lion King Kunamatata !!! Great theatre, perfect for families

Nate Koch

Great idea, food, drinks, movies. Good for family fun. Not a very secluded date night kind of setting. Should get some kind of award from the state for being one of very few options for entertainment in our lovely state.

Bart Simpson

Love this place. Food is good seeats r comfortable. Cinema screens r awesome. They could turn the volume down a bit. But overall a fun place to go.

Joe McBrady

It's too bad your chairs couldn't be like all the ones in the front row. Those buggers are very comfortable. Food is what food is food for fast food Cinema food. My kids like it I guess that's what matters. The movies are great though

Patricia Morris

Loved having seating around a table and being able to order a meal.

Jen fuu

Comfortable seats, and excellent food, and alcoholic beverages. Always a great time, arcade in the front. Great for family outings or a date night. It's a fun experience to eat good food and watch movies at the same time. Staff is always wonderful.

Ines Quinones

Love the place. Staff are friendly, and helpful. Food is good and bathrooms are clean!

Mark Fortune

The prices can be a little pricey but an overall awesome experience for a day or just a night out

David Johansen

Smitty's had never let our family down! Food has always been fantastic! Highly recommend

Vincent Ceccola

Best movie theater around, I wish the lights weren't as bright in the back, but with full service food and drinks, beer, wine, etc. All good!


Husband and I love coming here. The food isnt high quality or anything but it's still good! Services is always quick and friendly.

Sheryl Hudson

We don't go anywhere else now. Really like the seating. And the Philly cheesesteak is really good.

bagel dispenser

I love this place. It's so much fun to eat the yummy food and enjoy movies. I must say though I'd really appreciate it if you'd show 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' This year, It's celebrating it's 25th Anniversary! I really like the film and It's a milestone for it, and this theater would be PERFECT for it! You could do a throwback day. If so, I'd love for you to let me know when you'd show it. <3

Jeff Phelps

Great place to bring the family for a movie night. Menu is burgers, sandwiches, chicken tenders. Would recommend nachos and wings. Good beer menu and shakes are tasty. Nice to be able to have a beer while watching a flic. Seeing is comfortable with rolling and reclining high back chairs. Both bar type tables and 4 to 6 too low tables.


Seats are a little short there is a bit of noise the food isn't great the drinks are okay.

karen dube

Love going to see movies here. Food beer movie

Shawn Boulgier

Fun food with a movie. A little pricey for food but good service.

Virgil the dog

Nice place to bring kids

David Johnson

My family and I love this place. The food is a bit pricey, but it's good and the servings are very large. We usually split the meals in half.


Such Amazing Customer service. Wonderful food and drinks. And they have games for your Enjoyment. Great for children and adults. Highly recommend this place.

Eric M

A great place for dinner and a movie. They serve pub fare and the foods normally pretty good, although a little pricy for what you get. Comfortable seating, good sound and picture quality and clean bathrooms everytime I've been. Would recommend

Diane Simmler

I love having dinner and a movie all in one place! I had a burger and it was great! Clean. Comfortable seating. Good service.

Scott McMullin

Seats are comfortable and food is good

Kyle Green

Such an awesome atmosphere. The staff are super friendly, the concession stand prices are reasonable. The restaurant food is pretty good and the price is reasonable. A family of 4 can see a movie and get dinner for less than a hundred bucks which is awesome.

brody richards

A dinner and a show, great for a family night out, just a friend or two, or even a date. I've been here quite a bit, it's my new favorite theater. I will say it is a bit pricey, and the food isn't out of this world. (I personally recommend the "Superbad Combo") And yes all the food titles are movie related, and that is just great. But it is a great place to go if you can afford it. (P.S. I recommend you book seats online to see both pricing AND seat availability)

Kevin Sult

Totally great experience you get eat drink and watch a movie...

Vie Nadeau-Carney

Friendly staff, quick service (and good movie!)

Robert Moody

Good service, good food and good movie.


Best movie house experience -- film, food, and grog. Tables for 4 available. Tonight's film rolled on time without previews -- just when we thought it was safe to arrive late! You've been warned ...


They have decent food at a reasonable price. It's not anything special, but better than paying the crazy prices at other cinemas for just popcorn and candy. Here you can get an actual meal. The theatre's aren't as dark as others and the movies don't seem to be played as loud either, but I really liked being able to sit at a table and eat a burger while watching the film. You can even get beer, pitchers of beer and cocktails!

michael pass

came here for the first time a few weeks ago with my fiance and our oldest daughter and saw Transformers 5. I was very impressed. we just saw Valerian here and once again was blown away by the service and the theatre. we had Sean B. for a waiter and he was outstanding. very friendly, courteous and overall an outstanding waiter. (I feel bad that I didn't have enough cash and was $2 or so short for tip - he deserved much more and we'll definitely be making sure he gets it next time) this is the only theatre we'll go to in the tri county area. hands down they are the best!!

Mark Walker

The very best movie going experience EVER. We arrived an hour before our show was to begin, we were met by a smiling and pleasant young woman at the ticket counter. She answered our questions quickly and efficiently, we grabbed our menus and headed into the theater. We looked over the menu and ordered our meals. While we waited, I went to wash my hands and the restroom was sparkling clean, very impressed. To be honest, I was not expecting much out of the food. Boy ,was I wrong ,the cheeseburger I had was of 5 star resturant quality and probably one of the best burgers I have ever eaten. WOW!!! The movie was great and then the food Bill arrived. For the quality of the food we had the price was affordable and surprising. Thanks you to the staff for making our first experience so pleasant. We will be back soon.

Matthew Lee

If you're looking for dinner and a movie at the same time then Smittys is for you. They show all the newest movies while serving beer,soft drinks,bar food, and of course popcorn and candy. The chairs are high backed office style chairs and aren't as comfortable as many theatres, but they do have some big recliners in the front. Make sure not to sit in the very back. The projectors have a noisy fan that can drown out quiet dialogue in the movie. Smittys is a great place to bring the kids.

Denise Ranger

We Love Smitty's! A little smaller and very user friendly! Great popcorn or enjoy dinner and a movie! Smitty's has it all!

Amanda Moon

Always a good time here. Staff is friendly and quick.

Im_adam B90

Beer + movie = GREAT TIME


Always a great experience I go. Food service comfy chairs & a movie.... wow.

mathew grenier

Amazing place to watch movies and grab a bite to eat

Kevin Delong

Fabulous place to get a movie and dinner

Brandon Robert Levesque

Great ticket prices, awesome seats good food. It's bar food so not gourmet but hey, I'm not looking for a five course feast. Nachos are awesome and during football season you can catch a game there for free.

Katy Petrie

When asked about allergies the waitress said "I don't know but I wouldn't risk it." As in don't even try to order anything. Everytime I go I sit next to the world's most annoying family. This last time was a baby off and on crying for the first hour of the movie. The kid's meals are absurdly expensive. $8.29 for 2 chicken tenders and applesauce and a tiny cookie. $7.99 for a pitcher of soda is equally ridiculous. I avoid this place as much as possible, but seem to go back once a year, then remember why I never choose this place.

April Hurst

Our waiter was amazing, loved the chairs and the screen seemed bigger than most. My friends, kids and I just loved this experience!#

Ronald Valade

It's great to have a meal and drinks with a movie! Clean location with great deals like $5 Tuesdays. The staff is constantly rotating and I've only experienced a few pleasant servers. Though I suppose staff interaction isn't the point of a movie. But I digress. Quality sound system and projectors with no cross over from other theaters to interrupt what you're currently watching. Definitely a frequented location for my family and I.

Dan Goulet

Awesome experience. Great food at fair prices.

Suzie Kohler

Great venue! Nice sound & screen. Comfy seats & good food. The movie was the best. Pirates 5 Dead men tell no tales.

Bert Therrien

I'm an older man, so I didn't care for the setup geared to the younger crowd, with the seating arranged for eating as in a restaurant, and hiback chairs in front of each other in each row, which blocks the viewer from a good view of the movie if your behind the first chair.

Amber Kunzweiler

We love going here! The food is tasty and filling with amusing movies-themed titles. The pricing is fair in my opinion - especially considering what drinks and snacks are typically priced these days at movie theaters. The ticket prices are cheap! This is one of the wonderful benefits of movie theaters in general - there are few other places you can be entertained for two hours on ten bucks. The facilities are well cared for and clean and the seating is comfortable.

Dan Elder

Had a blast watching a movie and eating dinner!

Madelyn Smith

Smitty's is my favorite place to watch any movie. The seats are comfortable, the service is amazing, and the food is delicious! I absolutely recommend the Avengers Burger!! Smitty's Cinema is the place to go if you're looking for a great movie theater!

Justine Patrick

I have been to Smitty's Cinema in Topsham many times and have had a wonderful experience every time. We arrive at least an hour before the movie starts so we can order and eat before the movie begins. We only have had one time that we didn't get our food but the server was most apologetic and got the manager. The manager apologized as well and gave the two of us free movie tickets. I give the servers and service 4 stars. The food is pretty good, too! The employees that sell the tickets and popcorn are so friendly, welcoming plus have good senses of humor. I love the comfort of the seats and set ups. Prefer it over a regular theater.

Cristin Avery

Prompt service and not rude staff

Lance Brown

Nice place. Nice staff

Paul Fowler

Great food, services, and facility. They knocked this business out well! Love it here

David McCurdy

A fun combination of movies and dinner with the bonus being that they also serve beer. They occasionally also hold special events such as sports viewings .

percy hutchins

It was amazing. Love it every time I go

Savannah Harris

Absolutely love it here!

Carol Gardiner

A cool!

A.J. Bushey, Jr.

We've been doing movies wrong all these years. :)


Beer dinner and a movie all in one place.

Christopher Campbell

First time to Smitty's and thought it was a great, small town movie theater. Coming from a major metroplex where you have huge dine in theaters like Studio Movie Grill and Alamo Drafthouse, O knew I couldn't compare Smitty's to them as there isn't much competition. However, I was thoroughly impressed. The food was good and the service on point. Our waitress was great. The only reason I took off a star was because the lights were kept on during the movie and my almost $7 shake wasn't very big. However, due to the fact that they don't have a lighting system like SMG to alert your server, I understand why the lights were on. I will definitely go again!

David Ferrell

Comfortable seating, good food service (Sean). Chicken wings were lousy, so was the fish in the fish & chips meal. Milk shakes were ok, but tasted like they were from a pre-mix. Food was appropriately hot. Decent beer selection. I would pay more for better quality food, but will probably just get popcorn on another trip there. Too bad, would enjoy having a decent meal while watching a show there.

Sarah Pearce

Cool place, the wings were ok, the lights were a little bright during the movie for me.

Evonne Nova

Great date location. Good sit-down meal ordering during movie with reserved seating.

Tom Reno

We love this place


Brother and I have been coming here for years. The food is passable - it's not great but not terrible either. We don't really mind though, because watching a movie with dinner and a beer is awesome enough, and the staff is friendly and helpful.

In Human Creation Media

I am a fan of the seating and bring able to get drinks, but wish it would get just a touch darker during the actual film. It could be cleaner too...

Martin Bailey

Food good if a little pricey.

Amarie Fec

Came here last night for our first time; was a little disappointed. The movie screen seems so small for such a large theatre. It took over 20minutes to place our order, we actually had to leave our seats to grab a server. Food was okay, the gravy on the poutine was too thick & hardened up. Our sampler was good & so were our entrees. Unsure if we will return here.

Michael S

My first time at this location. Very clean and comfortable accommodations. Huge theaters with plenty of spacious seating. The food was delicious and priced reasonably. The staff was friendly as well. If you’re looking for a meal and a movie all in 1 this is definitely the place to go. The have ample parking too!

Sherri Young

Love it. Relaxing, good food, a good break after a long day.

Joyce Spicer

Who doesn't like a good meal while they watch a movie?

Jamie Spier

Love it here!

Hayley Clinton

Amazing place. Great menu to choose from while you watch your movie and the prices are very good value. If you visit, check out the kung fu panda shake and rogue burger... super yummy

Michael and Erika Frank

Love this place wish they had one closer to home

Ruth Hall

Great idea!

Charlotte Greene

Great place! A little pricey on some foods but very good experience. Its great to sit and have a meal n watch a new movie! Definitely will be going back!

Paul Gilman

Great food.

Jesse White

Food is good, and for a movie theater a solid enough beer lineup. Only knocks I can attribute is that there aren't many movies showing and it can be pricey.

Ian MacLean

Great food and a show. Very nice seats. Best movie theater in the area.

Catalina OC

Did opening night for the Lion King. The kids had a great time. There was trivia, prizes, parents and kids sang to the songs. We loved it. For a first time, great impression. The place is extremely clean and we had great service! Showed up 30 min before the movie showed, and was hard time find seating. But being a family of 7, we'll show up even earlier next time. Looking forward to our next movie night.

Dayton Schlosberg

Awesome movie and food place

Ian Halsey

Love the dine in setting to watch a big screen with surround

Leslie Jones

Food was a little pricey, but pretty good. The dinner and theater idea was great! However, before the movie starts make sure you distance yourself from families with small children in case their parents choose not to concern themselves with the movie and focus on feeding dinner to a child who screeches and runs around the table a majority of the time. Took my family for my youngest son's 11th birthday to see Peter Rabbit and I will NEVER go to a G or PG movie here again though it would be a great night out for a R or maybe PG-13 movie. I like kids, I have 2, but I don't like parents who don't correct their kids inappropriate behavior.

David Anderson

Movies are good here but I have noticed the Nachos are getting smaller with less toppings.

Scott Brown

Food leaves some to be desired

anjelica G

Good food, spend the same amount you would going out to eat before movies but can munch as you watch!

Brittney Brown

Great service and amazing food!

Adam Forest

Great service and great food

Walter Jones

Great movie experience, food can be ordered, great seats, tables and a great wait staff. Service is always amazing.

Kalina K

Smittys was a very pleasant place and very enjoyable

Dawson Davis

Great experience today at the Smitty's in Topsham. All of the staff were very friendly and helpful. Our server Sean B was incredibly friendly and professional. He did a great job, making us feel welcome and at home.

Brett Carter

I would give it 5 stars if they served cool, refreshing Natty Daddy’s. They definitely should consider adding it to their menu


It is nice to be able to not rush your meal to get to the show.

Dave Belyea

I loved it good food and service and very comfy seating

Joyce Lessard

Clean , not enough reclining seats, a little loud

Brandon gallagher

Great prices and acceptable food. Decent service. If you're a fan of sysco food I rate for you a 10/10 for those used to slightly higher quality food it's more about the novelty of the experience and hence the 4 star rating

Kay Ornella

Excellent service & good food while watching a great movie!

Guy Marsden

Great pub-style food and very comfortable

Jonathan Waldo

Comfortable seats, reasonable price, ok food.

Kenny Huntington

Great place for family fun

Elena Carter

Good movies and great family place. Food was pretty good too.


The seating is comfy and cozy. I haven't had any food I didn't like. The staff is awesome and attentive. The video games out are fun. From the front to the back, 5 stars all the way.

jermz chowder

Great food great place to be on a rainy day

Nicole Duchaine

An enjoyable night out. Staff is friendly, food was great and the seating was comfortable. All around great service. Even the line to get movie tickets was fast.

Josh Locke

Food was ok .fresh

James Harris

Always a good time this is our number one place to take the kids to. Everyone there is very polite.

Adam Clarke

Good food. Good seating. Great idea.


Super friendly staff. Great place to watch a movie and have dinner at the same time.

Jon Becker

It was a good time with the Family...Food not bad..alittle pricey

Jesse murray

Excellent staff

Lenny Perry

Great place for movies and food while you watch delivery to your seats

Mikayla Myers

Food is terrible and overpriced. Seats are annoying, uncomfortable and a general pain in the ass. Save your money and spend it going to a Regal Cinema with actual movie seats

Norma Roussin

Great movie and good food

Nicole White

Always a fun is good.

Jean Moffatt

Good food and drinks. Comfy seats. Nice employees.


I really enjoyed this place I went and saw stuber its was good one thing I noticed that did bother me was I could hear the bass rumbling from the theater next to us which I found very distracting and the food was a little pricey but all in all I would definitely recommend this place to anyone

stephanie hamlin

Always love the food.

Jason Sirois

It's just a cool theater. Beer , food, comfortable seats and of course the big screen.

Kirsten Plummer

Our new favorite theater! The staff are always friendly and accommodating, auditoriums are always clean, food has always been good. Never had a problem here!

Lia Richardson

My daughter and I Love Smitty's. The chairs are comfortable. The volume is good! The tables are a fair size. The Shirley Temple's are YUMMY! My daughter loves the chicken fingers! I love the food! Prices seem a tad high but doable. With popular, new releases movies can sell out fast so get their early in the day, long before the actual scheduled showing to get your tickets. We like this theater but be prepared to spend approximately $45 - $50 for dinner then add the cost of tickets to that! I give it 4 stars because of the cost.

A randy

Best place to eat and watch a movie

Julie Mackie

Very good movies.. comfortable seeats and delicious food!!!

Brittany Patenaude

The wait staff is very attentive and tries not to distract you from the movie much. Not many different choices for food, but it's decent. They have the regular movie theater popcorn. It is a neat movie theater/restaurant twist. Next time I'll have to try an alcoholic beverage!

Shakeila Harley

If you're gonna do dinner and a movie do dinner and a movie like this! Such a great experience. We were pleasantly surprised and a bit distracted for the first 15 minutes of the movie to be honest but it was overall enjoyable.

Kimberly3663 Diamond

Had a great time!! Good food & movies.

Jenn Fortin

They are always pleasant and the place is well maintained. It's nice to be able to have a meal and watch a movie. I've never been disappointed there.

nichole filion

Great food awesome movies and much cheaper than flagship!

Matt Craig

A place to enjoy most of the first run movies with a meal and a beer, wine, or mixed drink. Frequent specials and a rotating beer tap. Food is pub style and a great fit for anyone, young or elder.

Rachel McCray

Great prices. Comfortable seats and great food and drinks.

Elana VanBrocklin

I decided to take my Neice to see Mary Poppins & where I'm on a tight budget I thought we'll today is Tuesday, its $5 per person but when we purchased our tickets we were charged FULL PRICE!! I. COULDN'T just tell my Niece "NO!" That was not nice & it IS FAULTS ADVERTISING!!!! I could hear other customer saying " FAULTS ADVERTISING!" as well!! The food "SUCKED!" & was very exspensive!! Thanks for Bullcrapping us!! I won't be back!!

Jacob Wolkens

Smitty’s is a great place for a small group to catch a movie! The food is great, although a bit overpriced, and just about the only place in the area with full dining available in the theater. I will say the screens are a bit small if you’re sitting anywhere past the middle of the auditorium, but it’s not usually bad enough to pull you out of the movie. $5 movie nights on Tuesdays are always a hit, and they occasionally run specials for big movie releases for double features or unlimited food for a flat price, and those events are where you really get your money’s worth.

Larry Wawrzenski

The theater is a very unique theater they serve write to you at your seat they even serve beer and other alcoholic beverages the seating is very unique they have office chair seating in the back and middle of the theater they have reclining seating in the front of the theater the sound is very good very friendly staff and $5 matinees which cannot be beat it was worth a 30 minute drive to get there we will be back again in the future

Rabbit Run

What an absolute treat this place is! Love it!

Sheila Demers

Saw the new Avengers movie with my three kids the night it was released! Loved the theater, food, & service! I love the less expensive movie ticket prices when compared to the other local theater.

Jeff Knight

Food was good. Portions we're just right.

Kate Gurney

Pretty good movie/dinner combination location. Servers are pretty attentative and food is usually good and comes out hot during the movie.


Great place to relax and watch a movie. The seating was very comfortable. I will definitely keep going there to enjoy watching movies.

Sarah Adkins

Great family outing spot


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